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Combe, Comber, Archdale, Lovett &c.
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Worshipful Drapers Company of London
"The Master and Wardens and Brethren and Sisters of The Guild or Fraternity
Of The Blessed Virgin Mary of The Mystery of Drapers of the City of London"

A Special Report Prepared by Archdale-Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise K. Mortorff
(with Additional Combs Research References and Records as noted)
Ed. Note: In the course of researching the ancestry and descendants of one John COMBE who married in 1587 in London, Margaret ARCHDALE, d/o Thomas ARCHDALE, Draper; and one John COMBE, Draper and subscriber to the Virginia Company in 1609 (now documented as having been one and the same), Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise K. Mortorff opened the doors to a wide new research field ripe for harvesting by Genealogical Researchers. Not only did Ms. Mortorff find herself immersed in the records of the Drapers Company (Guild), but also in the history of this Company, one of England's most important -- both politically and economically.

See also Ms. Mortorff's report, The History, Function and Records of the Drapers Company, which includes both legends and full citations for many of the records included herein. This report and Combs &c.'s Freedom of the City and London Livery Companies are both recommended reading, not only for source citations, but also in order to comprehend the full and complete meaning of the records.

All records collected thus far have been excerpted, transcribed, and re-organized (chronologically by the first record for each individual), with each identified as to source. Many also include annotations and references to other on-line reports. These records comprise only a portion of extent resources while research continues.

A Chronology (by date of first record)

Richard GOUN
GOUN, Ric.. Apprenticed: 1436. (Boyd's Roll)

COMPE, Jas. Bound as apprentice: 1439. Living: 1441 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, Tho. Freedom by gift or purchase: 1506 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, Thomas. 1506 gent. Wardens' Accounts. (Boyd's Notes)
Ed. Note: Thomas COMBES has not been identified. His becoming a Warden the same year that he achieved his freedom would appear to indicate special circumstances (not yet researched).
COMBES, Rob Bound as apprentice: 1558
Living: 1576 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, Robert. Binding as an apprentice 1558 to Agnes ROBARDES.
1567 Oct. Admission to Freedom by Agnes ROBARDES +256.
1576: frees Apprentice John OWEN.
1571 June 18: loan of L50 +256.
1572 Nov 5: dispute with Gilbert GLOVER draper +256
1576 frees Apprentice Thomas AYNSWORTH. (Boyd's Notes)

COMBES, Ric [sic] Freedom by apprenticeship: 1567 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, Richard [freedom] 1567 Oct by Robert AGUELT?? (Boyd's Notes)
DKM Note: According to Penelope Fussell, Drapers Company Archivist: "The Warden's accounts record that Robert COMBES [not Richard] was made free of the Company in October 1567 by 'Agnes ROBARDES'; the minutes record that he was made free by 'Agnets' … The reference +256 refers to a minute book of the Court of Assistants for the period 1567-1574. The Court of Assistants is the governing body of the Company." What is an apparent error by Boyd is the reference to Robert as Richard in the last two 1567 records above (She adds that she cannot explain the discrepancies, but that it appears that there was no Richard COMBS, Draper). About Robert's apprentices, the Drapers Rolls show nothing additional about John OWEN other than that he was freed in 1576. Thomas AYNSWORTH was freed in 1576, his will dated and proved that same year.

Ed Note: In 1570, one Robert COUMBE married at St. Margaret Lothbury, London, Margaret BARNAM. The Combs &c. Index to the PRO, State Papers, includes mention of a Thomas BARNHAM, citizen and draper of London in 1598, about whom nothing more is known at this time.

In regard to both Thomas and Robert COMBES, although their relationship to each other and to later Combs remains unknown, consideration should also be given to the possibility that they are members of the family of mid-16th century Combes of Tottenham, Middlesex (given names Thomas, Robert and John), who may be members of the same family as John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe of Edmonton, Middlesesex (only one mile from Tottenham) and St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London where an unidentified early Thomas COMBE is also found (See also below and see in Middlesex, Agnet ROBARDS of Twickenham Parish where COMBES and PALMERS are also found.
ARCHDALE, Tho. Freedom by apprenticeship: 1559. Approximate date of death: 1611 (Boyd's Roll)
From extracts provided by Penelope Fussell, Drapers Company Archivist, from Boyd's register relative to Thomas ARCHDALE:
1559 freed by apprenticeship to Thomas DUFFIELD (+255 Sep 20 1No/CS; 8756)
1566: frees by apprenticeship Richard WARCOPPE (1No/CS*)
1578 Hustings Roll 263/2
26 Sep 1580 elected master bachiller (+257)
1580 frees by apprenticeship Mathew ARCHDALE (1No/CS*)
1581 frees by apprenticeship, Richard RIPTON (F)
1593 W4
1598 wan to Queen, 15 pounds
1601 W2
1593 to 1604 court
31 Oct 1568 married Mary CLIFTON, St. Antholin [Budge Row, London]
29 Dec 1583 married Blith WILFRED
1611 [Will] PCC 102 Wood; sentence 57 Fenner; cit & dr of S Antholin & S John Walbrook (DA Note: see page 3).
DKM Note: On the reverse side of this note is a form that includes both genealogical and Draper Data. Genealogical data from other sources has already been added under St. Antholin Budge Row and St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London reports, as well as to our Thomas Archdale Family Report from other sources, thus is not included here. Thomas ARCHDALE, Merchant and Draper of London, was the s/o John ARCHDALE of Staffordshire. He m at St. Antholin Budge Row, London, (1) in 1568, Mary CLIFTON; (2) in 1583, Blith WILFRED. His daughter, Margaret, m in 1587, St. Antholin, John COMBE, also a Merchant and Draper, of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London, and Edmonton, Middlesex. The 1609-11 will of Thomas ARCHDALE of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury includes bequests to his "cousin" Richard RIPTON, and Matthew ARCHDALE was his younger brother. (See also below). See also Thomas and Em HALEY (a.k.a. HEYLY) Duffill of Tottenham Parish, Middlesex, where Thomas ARCHDALE owned a messuage by 1589; and WARCUPPS of neighboring Edmonton Parish, Middlesex.

Ed. Note: The specific definition of a "master batchelor" has not yet been determined; however, freemen who had not yet been promoted to the next level of company membership were sometimes termed yeomen or bachelors (Sources For Tracing Apprenticeship And Membership In City Livery Companies And Related Organisations, Guildhall Library Guide)
26 Jun 1577 The will of Nicholas WILBORE of Essex, woollendraper, names brother, Edward COMBES.
DKM: No early Nicholas WILBORE (or WILDBORE) is listed in the Rolls. A later Nicholas WILDBORE was apprenticed in 1634, living in 1662.

ARCHDALE, Math. Freedom by apprenticeship: 1580. Approximate date of death: 1599 (Boyd's Roll)
From extracts provided by Drapers Company Archivist, Penelope Fussell, from Boyd's register relative to Mathew ARCHDALE:
19 Sep 1580 freed by apprenticeship to Thomas ARCHDALE (3844b)
12 Jul 1596 Richard ARCHDALE freed by Apprenticeship to Mathew ARCHDALE (3544b)
1598 Livery wan to Queen 15 pounds
citizen and draper
PAB of St Michael Paternostie?
[St. Michael Paternoster Royal, a London parish]
DKM Notes: Genealogical data omitted as same is entered under Combs Counties of Record and The Archdale-Combs Families.

Ed. Note: Matthew ARCHDALE was the s/o John ARCHDALE of Staffordshire, and younger brother of Thomas ARCHDALE of 1559 above. Richard ARCHDALE was their nephew, s/o Barnard and Anne FERNE Archdale. In his 1599 will (see St. Michael Paternoster Royal), Matthew names his brother Thomas ARCHDALE as executor; names his nephew, Richard ARCHDALE, frees his "cousin" Richard RIPTON of all debts, and names his niece, Margaret [ARCHDALE] Combe, wife of John COMBE who follows.
Richard RIPTON
RIPTON, Richard freedom by apprenticeship to Thomas ARCHDALE in 1581. (Boyd's Roll)
DKM Note: No other information is given on Richard in the Rolls. The only earlier Draper RIPTON was a Thomas who was living in 1554 and 1570. There is an IGI entry for a Richard RIPTON who married 7 Dec 1615, London, Bridget CLARE (FamilySearch.Org). It is not known if this is the same Richard RIPTON, nor if it is relevant that among the Drapers in this period are a Hum CLARE (freed 1598 and warden 1620), and an Arlington CLARE (apprenticed 1616), and a William CLARE (apprenticed 1617). A Martin CLARE apprentices in 1702. A Humphrey CLARE is in the IGI as marrying a Mary BARNES 2 February 1603 at Saint Benet Fink, London (See also Joseph and Barbara ARCHDALE Barnes). The IGI lists the marriage of an Arlington CLARE to a Thomasine DERICKE on 23 January 1625 at St. Andrew Plymouth, Devonshire> where Combes are also found, but again, not known if relevant.

Ed. Note: It is possible Richard RIPTON was the son of Elizabeth ARCHDALE, sister of Thomas and Matthew (not yet researched). One Thomas REPTON married 17 Sep 1553, St. Martin Pomeroy's Church, London (FamilySearch.Org, St. Martin Pomeroy's Church Parish registers, 1539-1885). Not known if the same.
"COMBE, Jn. Freedom by apprenticeship: 1583. Approximate date of death: 1610. (Boyd's Roll).
From extracts provided by the Drapers Company Archivist, Penelope Fussell, from Boyd's register relative to John COMBE:
15 Jul 1583 freed by apprenticeship to Thomas PULLISON
1598 Livery wan to Queen 20 pounds
1604-1606 Livery
1605 Apprenticed Ellis COMBE
1606-1610 Court
1606 W3 [Warden; 3 committees?]
07 Sep 1610 buried, merchant, Common Counsell man, St. Mary Aldermanbury
19 Sep 1616, buried Mrs. Margaret widow, St. Mary Aldermanbury; Com. Serj. Index I 314,436; b widow Margaret; chn Archdale John William.
Extracted by Jim Sewell, City Archivist, Corporation of London Records Office, from "London Citizens 1550-1603," R. M. Benbow, un-published, available at the Corporation of London Records Office:*
"In 1583, John COMBE was admitted to freedom, City of London. Company: Drapers. In 1596, Court of Orphans Recognizances included John COMBE, recognitor for £350. Suretors: Thomas ARCHDALE 03, Matthew ARCHDALE 03, William PALMER 10. In 1596, John COMBE was suretor for £350 with Robert PALMER 02, William PALMER 10, and Matthew ARCHDALE 03. In 1598, John COMBE was suretor for £350 with Matthew ARCHDALE 03, Robert PALMER 02, and William PALMER 10. (Total involvement of John COMBE as recognitor/suretor was £1050). In 1598 also, John COMBE entered the livery. In 1606, John COMBE was first elected Warden, Parish Church: St Mary Aldermanbury. He served as an auditor of the Church Warden Accounts; was assigned to three committees. This is a rough count which seeks to indicate the degree of activity as a Commoner. John COMBE was Commissioner of Assurances.** In 1607, John COMBE entered the ... Court of Assistants [governing body of the Drapers]. In 1610, he died, buried as a Common Councillor."
* Paraphrased. Bracketed words are by Combs &c., not Mr.Sewell. See 27 Dec 2000 Combs List posting by Researcher Denise Mortorff for original.
** City of London Court of Policies of Assurance. See also Freedom of the City

By way of further explanation and clarification, Mr. Sewell also provided the following additional information (excerpted and paraphrased - see 4 Jan 2001 Combs List posting by Ms. Mortorff):
1. The only archive sources cited in Benbow's notes concerning the entry of John COMBE are the three recognizances made in the Court of Orphans in 1596 and 1598. These original documents are held by the Corporation of the City of London Records Office (CLRO). Ref.: Orphans Recognizances Vol. 2, 1590-1633.

2. A recognitor was the person who entered into a bond in this case before the Court of Orphans, by which they engage themselves to perform some act or observe some condition; also to pledge a certain sum of money as a surety for such a performance.The Recognizee is the party to whom the bond is made. To secure an inheritance the Court of Orphans insisted that three or four sureties give a recognizance, or promise, guaranteeing that the child would be paid his or her patrimony when he or she came of age.The Recognizances were usually taken by the Common Sergeant, the City official who had responsibility for much of the administration of the Orphan's Fund. Ref: The Court of Orphans by Charles Carlton, Leicester University Press, 1974, pp.24-26.

3. The correct term for a member of the Court of Common Council is Common Councilman. Common Councillor is a colloquial, but incorrect alternative title for the same position.
Note (1) that there appear to be conflicts between the two sources, Boyd's Notes and Benbow's Index (research in progress); and (2) that learning the identity of the orphan whose estate John was handling may be another "clue" to his ancestry.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll from "Calender of State Papers , Domestic Series, of the reign of Elizabeth, 1591- 1594," PRO, HMSO, 1867. London. p. 53-55)
p.53: "John COMBES the Draper of London" wrote* the Lord Secretary asking to be admitted to the Levant company (State Papers Domestic).

John COMBES reasons whie ( sic) he sould be admytted it to the company (Levant)

p. 54: Where as there is company intended for trading for those places in th Levant. That I John COMBES of London .................... being free of the Drapers do determine to be admitted in the said company for those reasons following:

Firstly I will be as ready as nay among them attend to my abillitie to contribute to anything that shall promise by the said company by...................... or otherwise.

Secondly I being free of the company trading Spain and Portugal am excluded form the said trade reason of the troubles Soe being free g.......e other companye as of Flanders ........land a... Barbarie coast(?) I employ my self of .......... likewise for ............ many merchants that we noe ................. one by another

Thirdly I have been adventured to sundrie places within the straights ever since October 1584 and 85 as to Marsalles to Lingee (?) and to Napels and to Venice in company with Thomas FARINGTON as shall be proved and have her maiestie [majestie] coustom as sometime........... by the said Thomas FARRINGTON and me the same of(?) the stone(?) .............. within ........is adn add for my one half. And for voyages I have shipped goodes before by sea and overland and the ways of the Gambonne (?)........ since the 10th day of December 1586 n the ............................... [JMK: the rest needs to be translated . He seems to be saying that the revenues from the customs will be reduced if there is a monopoly.]

p. 56: Fourthly I have shipped ...... voyuoged by sea in October 1588 in the che....byn of London in .......... ................. and cons...ed them to so..... Jon do wall(?) as I am ...... has amon........ and wont have some more ....... of them(?) .......... have sufficed (?) me to find in .............. Shipping(?)
*JMK: Copy of original from microfilm, possibly in his own handwriting, including a signature. Permission is needed from the PRO to reproduce these pages for publication. I hear this is not a problem. And it may be a good idea as there is every possibility that this document was originally penned by John Combe the Draper.
Secondly, "John COMBES of the East India Company" signs the original petition next to a Thomas FARRINGTON, and thirdly, Ellis COMBES is also a member of the East India Company (In the Charter of the company special privileges are granted to the children, apprentices and factors of the original members)." Ed. Note: Still needed: Remaining dates and citations for above East India and Levant Company records.
Transcribed from City of London Court of Requests, PRO REQ2/276/15; by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff:
9 Oct 1598 folio 3; ix die octobris anno Regni Regini Elizabeth xliij Thomas

"The joynt and severall aunswers and dermerners (reioynders?) of Thomas FFARINGTON and of John COMBE defendents to the Bill of Complaint of Thomas TAYLOR Complainant The sayed defendente by protestacion nott confessinge anie thinge materiall in the sayed Bill of Complaint to be true, in suche manner and forme as the same are therein set forth and declared Sayeth at the sayde Bill of Complaint is devised and framed of purpose and of mallice to vex and trouble them for the sayed defendent and to put them to wrongfull and needles coste charges and expence in the lawe without anie goode or iust cause of grounde soe to doe And that the matters therein alledged are verie interfaime (?) and insufficient in the Lawe.......... [Points made]

Thomas FFARINGTON had dealings with TAYLOR on his own.

Thomas FFARINGTON also had "for himselfe and the saide John COMBE th'other defendante his partener haveing had divers dealings and contracte withe the saide Complaynant from Anno Domini 1584 forward for divers wynes (?) by then sold to the Complaynant....."

".....by his saide Bill of Complaynt pretendeth that he in the thirtieth yere of the Queen's Majesties reign [ca 1587] that nowe is, at the request of the saide defendent Thomas FFARINGTON did assign a lease of a howse called the Ship in the Bill mentioned to the saide defendente in Trust, To that bothe the saide defendente saie that they saide Complaynant being as they take at, aboute the tyme aforesaide possessed of the saide lease, and being endebted to their defendentes, of the some of fourscore poundes or thereaboute by speciality, they their defendente did ioyntluie to their remembrance in or about the thirtieth yere of her Majesties reign prosecute sente(?) for the same against him the saide accounte in her Majesties Courte helde bifore the Maior and aldermen of the city of London and obtained Judgement in the same suite against the Complaynant and such execution uppon the same Judgement......."

FFARINGTON and COMBE: "…entered into and uppon the saide howse called the Ship and afterwards...about a yere and a halfe now paste sould and assigned all their interest therein unto one Henry FFRYTHE citizen and Vintner of London as by the deed of assignment thereas........" [The case reaffirms the joint interest in the house called the Ship by Thomas FFARINGTON and John COMBE. The complaint seems to be that there was wine taken or sold of TAYLORS that was in the house and he accuses FFARINGTON and COMBE of such. John COMBE was concerned about his good name in that he noted:] "....as he the sauid John COMBE th'other defendent by and for himselfe saith that he for his parte never intended or ioyned with the said Thomas FFARINGTON th'other of his defendent in anie unconscionable or crewell practice or prcidings tending to th'undoing on the same Complainant As he the said Compainant supposedly with has, or hath he the saide John COMBE at anie time bin privie to anie such unscionable practice or precedings, as he the said Complainant surmiseth neither did or hath he the said John COMBE meddles or ioyned in anie dealings or matters with the saide Thomas FFARINGTON with any way concerned him the saide Complaynant otherwise then as being Apton(?) with the said FFARINGTON...."

23 Oct 1598 folio 2 xxiiij die octobris de rr Elizabeth xliij e 42nd year of Elizabeth. Summary of Record: Indicates the complaynant is declaring he had an interest in the "messuage" stated as the "Schipp" for which he was owed money by the defendants. Also, the wine is sometimes referred to as "bad".

27 Nov 1602 folio 1 27 die November ann rr Eliz xlv. Summary of Record: Also refers to the house as the "messuage called the Shippe".
DKM Note: Thomas FARINGTON (FARRINGTON, etc.) was not a Draper according to the Company's rolls, which show that a Rauf. FARYINGTON was apprenticed in 1497; Henry freed in 1571; John apprenticed in 1615 (alive in 1620), John apprenticed in 1647; and Anthony apprenticed in 1660. An entry in the PRO Index includes "John REDYNG, clerk of the 'Averey' of the king's household. v. The sheriffs of London: Action of debt brought by Thomas FARRYNGDON, of London, glover. Corpus cum causa.: London." (Combs &c. of the PRO, Series C -1, C 1/66/99) [Search: REDDING, FARRINGTON]

Ed. Note: See also the 1598 Combe-Farrington marriage in St. Andrew, Chardstock, Devonshire (then Dorset).

In Apr 1609, following receipt of a request by the Lord Mayor of London that the Worshipful Company of Drapers participate in the "plantation in Virginia," the Court of Assistants (on which John COMBE sat), voted to "adventure" the sum of 150 pounds, to be paid to Sir Thomas SMITH, treasurer of the newly-formed Virginia Company. In addition to the 50 pounds invested by the Company, another ten members (whose names appear on a list headed by John COMBE) invested 5 pounds each:
7 Apr 1609. Minutes of the Court of Assistants, Drapers Company, Vol. 131, ff.64.ro. "Meeting of the Court of Assistants, 7 April 1609. A precept received from the Lord Mayor asking for participation in the plantation in Virginia. It is agreed that £150 shall be adventured by the Company and paid to Sir Thomas SMYTH and that a bill of adventure for the £150 shall be taken under the seal of the Company." (Virginia Colonial Records Project, Virginia State Library and Archives Survey Report No. 00878 (986), 5 Jun 1957, Repository: Drapers' Hall, London, E.C. 2)

1608-1609 Wardens' Accounts, Drapers Company, ff.42ro. Ready Money received.

- "Items received of Mr. John COMBE, of Mr. Allen COTTON, of Mr. John RANY, of Mr. John SHAW the elder, of Mr. Richard HUSBANDS, of Mr. William ESSINGTON, of Mr. Edward MEREDETHE [1], of Mr. William BANISTER, of Mr. John ROSE and of James MALLETT 5 pounds apiece to be adventured in the voyage for the plantation in Virginia... £50." (Virginia Colonial Records Project, Virginia State Library and Archives Survey Report No. 991 (00883), 7 Jun 1957, Repository: Drapers' Hall, London, E.C. 2)

1608-1609 Wardens' Accounts, Drapers Company, ff.50ro. Extraordinary Payments.

- "Item payd unto Richard BARNARD for a searche made in the Guihald (sic) for the several (?) names of the wards of London about the Virginia business... VIJd [7 pence]."

- "Item payd unto Sir Thomas SMITH Trer. for the Company of Virginia the some of 150 pounds whereof 50 pounds was collected of certen Bretheren of our Company for the plantation in Virginia -Ětheir names are in the former part of this accompte in the last leafe of the Charge... £150░ (ibid.)
Added notes and references by the VSLA Surveyor:
1. Ref ff42.ro: A. H. Johnson's "History of the Worshipful Company of Drapers of London," Vol. IV., p. 87, "gives John instead of Edward MEREDITHES. Otherwise his list agrees with the above except for small variations of spelling."

2. Ref ff64.ro: Folio 64 verso (ff.64.vo) contains the names of l0 persons who each adventured £5 with the house and not in their own names which is included in the above £150.

3. Ref ff64.ro: A. Brown's Genesis of the United States, p. 857, "gives no figure for subscription to the Virginia Company but states the payment was £150. Also that twenty drapers contributed about £800."
In 1612 (by which time John COMBE was deceased), Sir Thomas SMITH made an "urgent" request that the Drapers invest in a Virginia lottery, and in 1614, the King's Privy Council requested that the Drapers participate in yet another Virginia lottery:
15 Jun 1612. Minutes of the Court of Assistants, Drapers Company, Vol. 131, f83vo. "The urgent request of Sir Thomas SMYTH to the Court that this Company should adventure some good portion of money in the present lottery towards Virginia. It was agreed to adventure £30." (Virginia Colonial Records Project, Virginia State Library and Archives Survey Report No. 00878 (986), 5 Jun 1957, Repository: Drapers' Hall, London, E.C. 2)

11 May 1614. Minutes of the Court of Assistants, Drapers Company, Vol. 131, ff.lOlro and vo. "Request of His Majesty's Privy Council to share in the lottery for Virginia. The Company ordered that £30 should be adventured in this business 'besides what any particular brother of their own accorde would be pleased to adventure.' " (ibid.)
Added notes and references by the VSLA Surveyor:
1. A. H. Johnson, History of the Worshipful Company of Drapers of London, 5 vols., Oxford, 1914-1922; Vol. III, pp. 54-61; Vol. IV, pp. 85-89.

2. A. Brown, Genesis of the United States, pp. 250

3. "A letter belonging to the Drapers' Company which commends the lottery of 1614 for the advancement of the Colony of Virginia, and is signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and others, is at present [5 Jun 1957] on loan by the Company to the Jamestown Festival."
Ed. Note: See John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe family and the records of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury and see Ellis COMBE below. Only one John COMBE was a Draper of London during this time period, the h/o Margaret ARCHDALE. He was buried at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London, in Sep 1610, thus was not the John COMBS who sailed to Virginia on the Ship Marigold in 1619-20 (Earliest Combs &c. to the Virginia Colony). Re Thomas SMITH, Treasurer of the London Company, one question that has arisen is whether he was kin to Thomas SMITH, Draper, who was admitted to freedom by patrimony in 1565; will, 1593 (who may have been Thomas SMITH, Lord of Campden Manor, Campden, Gloucestershire).

Of those who also contributed five pounds in 1609, Allen COTTON, possibly the same who is listed on the second Virginia Charter (1609) and/or Lord Mayor of London in 1625.
27 Apr 1589 The will of Lawrence MIDLETON of Stratford Langthorne in West Ham, Essex, gentleman, mentioned "to COMBER my black cloak" and overseers William SHATSWELL and Richard BENNETE. Witnesses included: Richard BENNETT draper, John COMBER and Robert ANDROWES scribe.
DKM Note: There are numerous Richard BENNETT, Drapers: One freed in 1571, will 1608; one freed in 1584, and another in 1600. One Richard BENNETT was apprenticed in 1605, one freed by patrimony in 1608; and another apprenticed in 1626. (Rolls)
ARCHDALE, Ric. Freedom by apprenticeship: 1596. Still Living: 1636. (Boyd's Roll)
From extracts provided by Drapers Company Archivist, , Penelope Fussell, from Boyd's register relative to Richard ARCHDALE:
12 Jul 1596 Freed by Apprenticeship to Mathew ARCHDALE (3544b, 4516)
before 1604 to 1613 livery
1603/8 takes apprentice Nicholas TENCH
1608 takes apprentices Pope ALVIE
1608 takes apprentices Robert BOULES?
1612 takes apprentices William HALL
1613 W4
1613 to 1636 court
1617 member of Levant, Spain, Portugal & E. Indies Cos.
18 Jun 1617 takes apprentice Lyson SEYE
1618 W2
18 Jun 1618 mortgage to Richard ARCHDALE draper (Home Counties Magazine XIV 76)
9 Oct 1622 takes apprentice Samuel DAIRS
1624 takes apprentice Alexander SHEPPARD
1628 W1
Extracted from correspondence from Penelope Fussell, Archivist, Drapers Guild, to Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff, 1998:
"Few personal details are known of Richard ARCHEDALE, but he would appear to have become a member of the Drapers' company in 1596 and to have had tenements, possibly a warehouse, in Elbow Lane (also called College Street) in addition to family and property in Oxfordshire. He traded extensively in wine, chiefly French and Spanish, cloth, dried fruit, oil and spices, with customers in London, Westminster, and Southwark. Among his customers were many prominent City merchants and individuals involved in government, including Lord Mayor Richard DEANE (1628-9) and alderman Richard GARWAY. The documents were formerly part of the Downshire collection in the custody of the Berkshire Record Office. They were sold by the Marquess of Downshire at a Sotheby's auction on 14 December 1989, and purchased by Guildhall Library. There are three manuscripts in the collection. The first is Richard ARCHEDALE'S Journal of receipts and payments, 1623-30 (Guildhall Library Ms 23953). The second manuscript is his Ledger of business accounts (customers,stock, interest, cash) and personal accounts of property in Elbow Lane and in Oxfordshire, 1628-37 (GL Ms 23954). The final manuscript is his Business and personal accounts and papers, including details of expenses incurred by his father's funeral in 1638, extracted loose from Ms 23954. 1629-39 (GL Ms 23955)."
Notes: Richard ARCHDALE, h/o Judith THORPE (d/o Richard & Judith BROOKE Thorpe) and s/o Barnard and Anne FERNE Archdale, d 1638, Chipping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. His daughter, Elizabeth, married (1) 19 Sep 1633, Chipping Wycombe, John FLEETWOOD (s/o William); and (2) Robert LEE (by whom daughter Katherine LEE who married Henry ALEXANDER, Earl of Stirling).

Among those whom he took on as apprentices, Pope ALVIE, b ca 1590, was Richard's nephew, s/o Arthur and Alice ARCHDALE Alvey of Knotting Parish, Bedfordshire. Pope ALVEY'S descendants are later found in the records of St. Mary's County, Maryland with Abraham COMBES, earlier of Old Rappa County, Virginia. None of the other apprentices have been identified as yet; however, see also: Mary STAMPE (d/o John and Dorothy ARCHDALE Stampe) who m Unknown HALL; and Combs Research Archives, 1997, Baltimore MD re William PALMER and Thomas TENCH, although much later..
William COMYN
COMYN, Wm. Freedom by apprenticeship: 1597 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBE, Ellis. Bound as apprentice: 1605. Freedom by apprenticeship: 1616. (Boyd's Roll)
From extracts provided by Drapers Company Archivist, , Penelope Fussell, from Boyd's register relative to Ellis COMBE
3 Jan 1605 [1605/6] Ellis COMBE was apprenticed to John COMBE
(later note: "a merchant in Aldermanbury 7 years at his house")
15 Jan 1616 freed by apprenticeship
1620-1621 pays quarterage "Coleman St" "Woolsack Alley" at Fwr. Carrier's house at the lower end of Aldermanbury at the end of Bamshaw near the Wall
2 Apr 1633, buried "Ellis COUMES, St. Mary Aldermanbury"
1633 [Will] PCC.27 Russell
Notes: Although their exact relationship is unknown, that Ellis COMBE and John COMBE were somehow related is documented by the 1629 Orion College, Oxford University will of William COMBS (s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe) which refers to Ellis as his "kinsman." See Also St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, and also St. Peter Pauls Wharf, London, where on 09 Aug 1617, Ellice COMBE of Aldermanbury, Draper, married Judith BARGAR.
Francis COMBER
COMBER, Frn. Bound as apprentice: 1606
Francis COMBER has not been actively researched. No birth or christening record has been located as yet for any one of his estimated age (born ca 1589-91?), whether COMBES or COMBER.
LOVETT, Tho.. Bound as apprentice: 1616
Living, 1647 (Boyd's Roll)
Note: Thomas LOVETT has not yet been identified, nor has the first of two Francis LOVETTS on the Drapers Rolls (apprenticed in 1623). Their estimated birth years (based on apprenticeship at age 15) would be 1601 and 1608 respectively. A search of Combs ↦c. records and IGI returns five Thomas LOVETTS christened between 1596 and 1606, and two Francis LOVETT's christened between 1603 and 1613:
7 Apr 1596 Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Thomas LOVET, s/o Jeames and Mary LOVET*
10 Jan 1596/7 Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire. Thomas LOVATT, s/o Rici. LOVATT
10 Feb 1597 Saint Nicholas, Hereford, Herefordshire, Thomas LOVET, s/o Thomas and Margery LOVET
5 Aug 1599 Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Thomas LOVET, s/o Willm. and Margarite LOVET*
8 Oct 1603 Colsterworth, Lincoln, England.Thomas LOVETTE, s/o (blank)
25 Mar 1603/4 Tring, Herts. Fra___ LOVAT, s/o Henry LOVAT
27 Mar 1607 St. Mary Bothaw, London. Francis LOVET, s/o John LOVET

* Combs-Lovett &c. of Chesham, Bucks also includes two early Christopher LOVETTS (see below). William LOVETT married Margaret HAARE, both of them servants to Mr. Thomas ASHFIELD. No marriage record has been located for James(?) and Mary as yet (their first child baptised in Chesham was Jeames, born in 1592/3).
Nathaniel WADE
02-13 Jun 1620. The will of Nathaniel WADE, citizen and draper of St. Mathew Friday Street, London, names, among others, friends, Rd. COMBES and Josephe STACYE and "my sist. and bro. PALMER and my godson, their son, John PALMER
DKM Note: According to the Draper Rolls, Nathaniel WADE was freed by apprenticeship in 1604. Earlier WADES included Anthony, apprenticed in 1556, John in 1548, Thomas in 1546, and Anthony in 1542 (freed in 1550). Edmond WADE was freed in 1606 and living in 1641, and Andrew, apprenticed in 1612.

Ed. Note: One Nathaniel WADE was christened 30 Nov 1578, Saint Matthew Friday Street, London, s/o Thomas WADE.
Francis LOVETT
LOVETT, Fran.. Bound as apprentice: 1623
Living, 1634 (Boyd's Roll)
Note: This Francis LOVETT has not yet been identified. See Thomas of 1616.
COMYN, Jn. Bound as apprentice: 1628 (Boyd's Roll)

LOVETT, Rob.. Freedom by gift or purchase: 1639
Living, 1641 (Boyd's Roll)

Francis LOVETT
LOVETT, Fran.. Bound as apprentice: 1640 (Boyd's Roll)

21 Nov 1640 "Francis LOVETT son of Robert of Solbery Bucks mil, apprenticed to Richard LOEFIELD a mercer in Gracechurch Street, liverman 8 years" (Correspondence #2 from Penelope Fussell, Archivist, Drapers Company to Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff, dated 16 Apr 1998)
DKM Note: No more is known of Francis. Richard LOEFIELD was freed by patrimony in 1623; will dated 1646 (Boyd's Roll)
Stephen GOMME
GOMME, Ste. apprenticed 1633 (Boyd's Roll)

Christopher LOVETT
LOVETT, Cris. Apprenticed: 1646

08 Jul 1646 Christopher LOVETT son of Robert of Liscombe Bucks mil dec, apprenticed to Robert MOWLSWORTH, 8 years, Dna Anna LOVELL [sic] of Solebury Bucks 200 pounds.
15 Mar 1653 Christopher LOVETT Freed by Robert MOWLSWORTH. Roger LAMBERT (2nd Master)
1655 App. John BRISTOW
1656 apprenticed Archadell COMBES
1662 pays quartage Dublin, Ireland.
Christopher, who, at the time of the Restoration [May 1660], was settled in Turkey as a merchant, buty removed, in 1660, to Dublin, of which city he became sheriff and lord mayor. He m. Frances O'MORE,* and had issue, Notes: Elizabeth LOVETT, also a child of Robert LOVETT of Liscombe, Soulbury, Bucks, m there in 1630 to John COMBE, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe. Following the death of her husband in 1652 in Sparsholt, Berks, Elizabeth removed to Oxford where she was residing in 1656 when she apprenticed her son, Archdale COMBS (baptized in 1641 in Soulbury, Bucks), for eight years, to her (brother?) Christopher who was in Dublin Ireland by 1658. Drapers Company records in London do not reflect whether the Apprenticeship was completed; however, those records may be in Ireland (See Above re Irish Drapers Company records. Research in progress. See Also Archdale COMBS below)

Also note that another earlier Christopher LOVETT was an adventurer according to the following source:

"...In August, 1622, [Sir Ferdinando] GORGES and [John] MASON took a patent for Laconia, the country between the sea, the St. Lawrence, the Merrimack, and the Kennebec; a company of English merchants was formed, and under its auspices, in 1623, permanent plantations were established on the banks of the Piscataqua. Portsmouth and Dover are among the oldest towns in New England. In the same year an attempt was made by Christopher LOVETT to colonize the county and city of York, for which, at a later day, collections were ordered to be taken up in all the churches of England...." ("History of the United States of America From the Discovery of the American Continent," Bancroft, George, Rev. ed., Vol. 1, Part 1, Ch. 13, 1882)

No more is known of this earlier Christopher LOVETT as yet, but Sir Ferdiando GORGES was the grandfather of Ferdinando GORGES who married 22 May 1660, St. Brides Fleet Street, Mary ARCHDALE, daughter of Thomas and Mary NEVILLE Archdale and granddaughter of Richard ARCHDALE, Draper, and Judith THORPE (see above and below). See also Chesham, Bucks re Christopher LOVETT who married 25 Nov 1560, Margariet HARDINGE [Margaret HARDING]; Christopher LOVETT, son of William and Margaret LOVETT, baptised 7 Jun 1601; and Christopher LOVETT who married 11 Oct 1632 (wife's name not given).
COMBES, Jn. Bound as apprentice: 1652 (Boyd's Roll)

John COMBES, son of John of S Olaves Southwark butcher dec. 1652 Nov 24: Binding as an apprentice to Thomas WARD, 8 years (Boyd's Notes)

ARCHDALE, Jn. Bound as apprentice: 1656. (Boyd's Roll)
From extracts provided by Drapers Company Archivist, , Penelope Fussell, from Boyd's register relative to John ARCHDALE son of Thomas of Loakes Chipping Wickham Bucks Arm.:
16 Jul 1656 apprenticed to Nathaniel LOWNDES m. adv. 8 years
Ed. Note: John ARCHDALE, b 06 May 1642, s/o Thomas and Mary NEVILL Archdale, d Jul 1717; m widow Ann DOBSON Cary Dec 1673, St. Matthew's, Friday Street, London; was a Quaker, Adventurer and early Governor of North Carolina. His sister, Mary, m Ferdinando GORGES 22 May 1660, St. Bride's, London.
Archdale COMBE
COMBES, Archadd. Bound as apprentice: 1656. (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, Archadell son of John of Sparsholt, Berks Arm dec. 1656 April 10: Binding as an apprentice to Christopher LOVETT 8 years. Elizabeth COMBES of Oxon widow, £1000 [undated] (Boyd's Notes)
DKM Notes: According to additional notes provided by Drapers Company Archivist, Penelope Fussell, Elizabeth of Oxon was the widow of John COMBE of Sparsholt, Berkshire by whom she had, among others, Archdale COMBS, b 1641, baptised Soulbury, Buckingham whom she apprenticed to LOVETT in 1656 for the above-noted fee of £1000, a consideration payment to Christopher LOVETT on the binding of her son as apprentice to cover expenses of the apprenticeship (e/g/ food and clothing). According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language (Third Edition copyright © 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company), an armiger is defined as "1. A bearer of armor for a knight; a squire; and 2. A person entitled to bear heraldic arms." See also Armiger John COMBS of London in 1603.

Notes: John COMBE was the s/o Margaret ARCHDALE and John COMBE I, Draper and Merchant of London (See Above), and h/o Elizabeth LOVETT who he m in 1630 in Soulbury, Bucks where, as noted by the Drapers' Archivist, their son, Archdale, was baptised in 1641. John COMBE d in 1652, buried in Apr of that year in Sparsholt, Berks. Christopher LOVETT was brother to Elizabeth LOVETT Combe and was in Dublin, Ireland by 1658. Archdale COMBS, whose apprenticeship would have ended in 1664, is believed highly likely to have been the Archdale COMBE who appeared in the records of Virginia Colony for the first time in 1665 in both Stafford and Old Rappa Counties, Virginia.
LOVETT, Sam., apprenticed: 1661 (Boyd's Roll)

23 Oct 1661 Samuel LOVETT son of Nathaniel of Eastham, Essex gen dec was apprenticed to Robert COOPER for 7 years (Correspondence #2 from Penelope Fussell, Archivist, Drapers Company to Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff, dated 16 Apr 1998)

COMBER, Jas. Freedom by gift or purchase: 1672.
Still living: 1720. (Boyd's Roll)

COMBER, Tho. Bound as apprentice: 1701.
Freedom by patrimony as son of a Draper: 1710. (Boyd's Roll)
Ed. Note: Apparently the son of James COMBER above?
COMBES, Sam. Bound as apprentice: 1704 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, Samuel son of John of Daventry N'hants mil. 1704 May 10: Binding as an apprentice to John SILVESTER stockmarket. Intern 7 years (Boyd's Notes)
Ed. Note: See the Combs &c. Visitations of London. This appears to be Samuel COMBES, Esqr., baptised. 13 Aug. 1689, at Daventry, Northamptsonshire, buried there 29 June 1732, s/o John COMBS of Daventry and the Middle Temple of London & Catherine THORNTON
COUMBE, Hen. Bound as apprentice: 1715 (Boyd's Roll)

COUMBE, Henry son of William of S. James Westminister. Haberdasher of small wares.

1715 May 3: Binding as an apprentice to John STUART 7 years (Boyd Notes)

William COMBES
COMBES, Wm. Bound as apprentice: 1737.
Living: 1810 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, William son of Robert of Stained [Staines] Middlesex chapman dec. 1727 [sic] Dec 22: Binding as an apprentice to George RING L35 7 years. 1741 May 5: Transferred over to John JONES cit & distiller of same trade. 1761 Mch 18: Admission to Freedom by same. Mercer Chandois Street near Covent Garden. 1764 to 1785: livery. 1785 to 1810: court. 1785: W4. 1795: W2. 1796: W1. 1798: Master. Chandois Street: 1764 to 1765. Strand: 1773 [??] to 1728. Chandois Street: 1779 to 1798. Henley on Thames: 1799 to 1810. 1761 Mch 26: takes off Vaughan LINDSELL. 1784: poll book Covent Garden. (Boyd Notes)

William LOVETT
William LOVETT son of Daniel of [St. Botolph Bishopsgate [London] coachman was apprenticed 6 Mar 1764 to James HARRIS nil 7 years; 1764 July 5 T.O. to Ann HOLLOWAY widow of Thomas HOLLOWAY; cit blacksmith nil; 1766 Mch 6 T O to Thomas CHARLES cit blacksmith nil (Correspondence #2 from Penelope Fussell, Archivist, Drapers Company to Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff, dated 16 Apr 1998)

CUMBER, Tho. Apprenticed 1768

William COUMBE
COUMBE, Wm. Bound as apprentice: 1781
Freedom by apprenticeship: 1790 (Boyd's Roll)

COUMBE, William son of William of S. Paul Covent Garden, gent. 1781 July 23: Binding as an apprentice to John MUNT ? halter. Leadenhall Street, S. Andrew Undershaft L5 Christ Hop? 7 years. 1790 Feb 9: Admission to Freedom by John MUNT. Hatter Poultry. (Boyd Notes)

William COMBES
COMBES, Wm. Freedom by patrimony as son of a Draper: 1785 (Boyd's Roll)

COMBES, William. 1785 Dec 20. Admission to Freedom by Patrimony. Son of William (bound 1737/1727). Testimony father. Mercer Chandois Street [London] (Boyd)

Miscellaneous Additions
(more distantly associated surnames)

Tho. [Thomas] PULLISON was apprenticed 1541, living 1616

Edw. [Edward] PULLISON freed by patrimony 1595

Mich. [Michael] PULLISON freed by patrimony 1607, living 1615

Tho. [Thomas] PULLISON apprenticed 1607

Tho PULESTON freed by apprenticeship 1615; will 1636

Rog. [Roger] PULESTON freed by apprenticeship 1623

Jn. [John] PULESTON apprenticed 1648
Thomas PULLISON of 1541-1616 apprenticed John COMBE ca 1575, and probably the same who was a resident of St. Antholin Budge Row from at least 1551-1572. He was an Alderman of London by 1581, Sheriff of London in 1582 and Lord Mayor in 1583. (Past Lord Mayors of London and History of the Office of Lord Mayor). Edward of 1595 was probably the same as Edward PULLISON, s/o Thomas, christened 5 Feb 1570, St. Antholin, and Michael probably the same as Mihill PULLISON, s/o Thomas, christened 8 Nov 1562 at St. Antholin. The identities of Thomas the younger, Roger and John PULESTON have not yet been determined

In May 1588, a Michael PULLISON served as a volunteer in the naval battle against the Spanish Armada on the ship Greyhound of Aldeborough, one of at least 34 ships that arrived voluntarily after the Armada had arrived off England's coast. Note: Not including coasters, only 34 ships of the British Navy participated in this battle. In addition to the above 'volunteer' ships, an additional 34 merchant ships were appointed to serve under Sir Francis DRAKE (Vice Admiral) and another 18 to the Lord High Admiral (HOWARD, Lord of Effingham), and thirty more ships were fitted out and paid for by the City of London. (Information on the Spanish Armada by Nathan D. Grand (no sources included)).

Abraham: Abr. Freedom by apprenticeship 1542, Living 1593
Thomas: Tho Freedom by apprenticeship 1575
Nicholas: Nic Apprenticed 1617, Living 1634
Phillip: Phil Apprenticed 1628
Thomas: Tho Apprenticed 1632
Richard: Ric Apprenticed 1638
See Sir John VEEL of Dublin, Ireland who married aft 1621, Katherine TEMPLE, widow of John ARCHDALE (s/o Martin and Barbara SEXTON Archdale); and see William VEALE who bequeathed land in Essex County, Virginia to Charles COMBE in 1693/4.

Drapers Company rolls include a John GEDENEY, living in 1408, will 1449; a William GIDNEY apprenticed in 1555; and a Thomas GEDENEY freed in 1591, and living in 1604. (Boyd's Register, extracted by Combs &c. researcher Denise Mortorff.) One John GEDNEY (probably the same?) was Lord Mayor of London in 1427 (reign of Henry VI) according to Past Lord Mayors of London, London Corporation. See Tottenham, Midlesex, re these records.


C 1/10/151 Robert OSBERN and Margery his wife, late the wife of Otys TRETHAEK. v. John LANGWYTH, draper, of London.: Bond. [LONGWORTH?]

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