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Unfortunately, the early change by the descendants of Aodh CAOMH to O'NOONAN presented certain difficulties when attempting to research the earliest Combes of Ireland (barring changing our name to "O'Noonan &c."), and it is not yet known whether any of the early Combs of Ireland were Celts, nor or if all those using this surname came from England (not yet researched).

During the early and middle 1600s, at the same time that the English were creating companies for the purpose of "planting" settlers (from which the word, plantation) in the American Colonies, "adventures" (euphemistically-speaking) were also taking place in Ireland, and at present most active research of Ireland is of the English "adventurers" (a.k.a. "invaders"), followed by the Friends (Combs Quakers are found in both Counties Cork and Antrim by the late 1600s).

Note: Research of Ireland is severely hampered by the loss of most government records in 1922 (during the Irish Civil War). It was that year also that the Republic of Ireland was created, including all but six of the nine counties that formed the ancient province of Ulster (northern Ireland), these voting to remain part of the United Kingdom, and consisting of the northernmost counties of Antrim and Londerry, the central counties of Fermanagh and Tyrone; and the southernmost counties of Armagh and Down (with the Ulster province counties of Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan voting with the Republic).

Because, however, both the northern counties and their southern neighbors were so long under the rule of the British, many records pertaining to Ireland are to be found in English repositories. See GenUKI, Ireland for numerous specific resources. See Brian Randell's Irish County Map, and IreAtlas provides a Townland Database if you don't know the name of the county.

Also Note: Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff reports that extant Drapers Company records for Ireland are now in Belfast.

Index to Irish Counties

Among the Combs and Combs-associated families being most actively researched at the present time are:

The Archdales were involved in the early 17th century settlements of Ireland (John's land in Fermanagh granted in 1613) whereas it appears thus far that neither Combes, nor Lovetts became involved until after the onset of the Civil War in 1641, the year in which Edward ARCHDALE (s/o John and Frances HONINGS) and most of his family were massacred (son William ARCHDALE survived).

In order to finance the invasion of 1649, land was promised to both those who would fight (soldiers) and to those who contributed funds or soldiers (including numerous London merchants).

In 1884, John O'Hart published a book titled Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, which included numerous lists referencing land grants and forfeitures (M. H Gill & Son, Dublin), not only for 1649, but including grants into the 1700s. Because of the fire of 1922, the lists in this book is the only remaining extant source in many cases of Ireland's land records.

Note: Unfortunately, the source for the following is an online "for fee" scanned copy, which has never been proofed, thus impossible to know the accuracy without comparing it to a hard copy. Only a few of the entries have been extracted, and even those on a "hit and miss" basis. More complete lists will be added shortly.

English and Scotch Planters in Ireland, temp. Queen Elizabeth
English [versus Scotch]

  1. Earl of Shrewsburie
  3. Thomas Blennerhassett
  4. Sir Hugh Woorall
  5. Thomas FLOWERDEN
  6. Edward Ward
  8. Thomas Barton
  9. John Ledborough
  10. Robert Calvert
  11. Robert Boggas
  12. John ARCHDALE [1613]

A second list also titled "IN FERMANAGH" includes the following additional names:

  1. Sir John DAVIS*
  2. Captain Samuel HARRISON
  3. Piers Mostyn
  4. Sir Henry Folliott
  5. Captain Atkinson
  6. Captain Coale
  7. Captain GOARE [GORE]

*Perhaps Sir John DAVIES of Englefield, Berks who became Attorney General of Ireland. (Visitations) His sister, Mary, married 1591, Thomas COMBE of Tisbury, Wilts

Yet another list is of the “Forty-Nine Officers” (also the “49 Lots”), these being those who served as officers in 1649, them being given first priority in land distribution (Acts of 1661-1665?):

“The List of Forty-Nine”

From a list titled Names of Persons in the Grants, under the Acts of Settlement (in the reign of Charles II (generally 1661-1665):

From a list titled Soldiers of the Commonwealth in Ireland, the names of those in the Catalogue of the Reports and Schedules addressed to the Court of Claims, who claimed as, or in right of, soldiers serving in Ireland in the Commonwealth period (1649-1660); and the Counties mentioned in the Reports.

BUTTERFIELD,(*) Patrick, Queen's Co.
(???) Bernard, Meath
CODD, Nicholas, Meath and Wexford
LEVELIS, Francis, Queen's County [now Laois]
LOVETT, Christopher, Kilkenny
(???) as assignee of John TEMPEST, Tipperary
LOVELACE, Thomas, Sligo

No Combs, but this particular list's scan is in very bad shape, and would appear to be missing, for example, all entries beginning with the letter "A." Also note that it appears that in most, if not all, instances where there is a (???) in place of the surname, that rather than this being the author's insertion, that it may be the scanner's failure to recognize the word, ditto (do or ") or somesuch; i.e., the entry immediately below that of Christopher LOVETT may indicate that he was the assignee of John TEMPEST for land in Tipperary (which see).

According to the Index to John Hart's Irish Pedigrees, Vol. II, NAMES OF THE CROMWELLIAN ADVENTURERS FOR LAND IN IRELAND, the "Surnames of the Adventurers for Lands in Ireland, under the various Acts and Ordinances of Subscription; commencing with the Act of 17 Charles I. chap. 33, A.D.1642, and ending in 1646; When all further subscription ceased..." included the surnames COMB, COOMB and COOMBS. No ARCHDALES or LOVETTS appear on this list and the land granted to Christopher LOVETT in County Kilkenny may have instead been the result of his service (as an officer?) with Robert MOWLESWORTH (who also does not appear on this list). There is also, however, a LEVIT, which may be a mis-transcription.

According to Irish Ancestors

Full government censuses were taken of the whole island in 1821, 1831, 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 1901, and 1911. The first four, for 1821, 1831, 1841, and 1851, were largely destroyed in 1922, in the fire at the Public Record Office; surviving fragments are detailed under the county source-lists. Those for 1861 1871 1881 and 1891 were completely destroyed earlier, by order of the government.

This means that the earliest surviving comprehensive returns are for 1901 and 1911. Because of this, the normal rule that census returns should not be available to the public for 100 years has been suspended in the Republic of Ireland, and the original returns can be consulted in the National Archives.

A full microfilm copy of the 1901 census is available at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City…

The census data included here is derived from an index at the National Archives of Ireland. All 32 counties are indexed in this project.

1656 Census

1656 Extracted from “A Census of Ireland circa 1656”, Seamus Pender ed. , Stationary Office, Dublin , 1639, by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall who adds that there were no Lovetts or Kendalls in this source):


Nicholas COMBES, gent. (p. 365)

County of Lowth

Nicholas COMBES (p. 623)

County of Tyron

Mattew COMBES (p. 646)

Fermanagh County

Frances ARCHDALL gent and Cpt. Wm COSBY (p. 116)
Manor Archdall, William ARCHDALL (p. 114)
William ARCHDALE (p. 645)

County Mayo

William ARCHDALE (p. 625)

Miscellaneous Records

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll from the " Consolidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.i. pages C-61 and C-62:

COMBE; ms 223-54 BETHAM Will abstract ( bwa) Lodge 4/52
COMBES; ms 5-526 Irish coats of arms p. 105
COMES " by c. 1661" ms 64-79, Funeral Entries v. 4, 14,16
COMBS; ms 223-54 bwa 18/344 and 25/52.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll from the " Consolidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.iii. p L-54:

LOVET; bwa 4/163, 5/85, 9/30, 13/172, 17/282, 18/179, 24/367, 26/20 "3 or 8", 31/285. Lodge 3/115, 5/238, 8/24
ms 125 Heraldic sketches p. 53

Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll from the " Consolidated Index to the records of the Genealogical Office of Dublin Ireland. Virginia Wade McAnlis Compiler. Issaquah Washington. 98027, 1994, v.iii. p. K-9:

KENDALL; ms 103-111 a-h
Grants and confirmations of Arms v. 103 p 27
Bwa 3/225 and 22/366

1591 Tisbury, Wilts. Married: Thomas COMBE and Mary DAVIES, the latter daughter of John DAVIES of Tisbury, and sister to Sir John DAVIES, of Englefield, Berks, Attorney-General for Ireland. (Combs &c. Visitations)

It is not yet known whether Sir John DAVIES actually resided in Ireland, nor if he might have brought any of his Combs nephews or nieces over.

1651 Thomas LOVETT, Maynooth, Ireland gentleman (Extracted from Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

County Kildare or County Armagh?

1732/3 John COOK, a native of Ireland, d 1732/3 in Stafford Co VA where he owned land adj. to Joseph COMBS of that county. His will was proven in Dublin:

JOHN COOK of the parish of Over Wharton and County of Stafford in the Colony of Virginia, gent. Will 26 December 1732; proved 11 April 1733. To be buried as his executrix thinks fit. To wife Elizabeth COOKE for life a plantation on Potomack river side of 462 acres and 40 acres adjoining and negroes Corkpegg and Charlott, at her decease to my son Traverse COOKE, in default of issue to my 3 daughters Ann, Hannah and Million, land on Cedar River 400 acres to son Traverse, 1664 acres to 3 daughters Ann, Hannah and Million. Negro Slave Dublin to son Traverse. Slave Sarah to daughter Ann, Slave Will to daughter Hannah, Slave Tomboy to daughter Million. Money in Ireland to wife and children. Land: 1500 acres on north side of the Bever dams to Samuel TIMIONS of Stafford County on payment of 1261 lbs of tobacco due to my estate. Executrix: Wife Eliazbeth. Overseers: Rev. Alexander SCOTT, Mr. Rawleigh TRAVERSE. Witnesses: Wm ALLISON, Rawleigh TRAVERSE, Nath. SMITH, Robt SMITH, Mary ROW. Codicil 27 December 1732. Negro Slave Ann Versper to wife. Witnesses: Simon PEARSON, Wm BRENT, Benj BRENT, Rawleigh TRAVERSE.

Proved at Stafford County Thomas CLAIBORNE, C. Cur. William Henry TERRETT, clerk of Thomas CAIBORNE certifies copy. Witnesses: Henry WASHINGTON, Chandler FOWKE, as justices according. witnesses: James NICHOLSON Jo. GILL junr. Robt. JACKSON.

Perogative Court of Ireland, Will Book 1735, filed will.

Notes: Though neither the will of John COOKE, of Youghall, nor that of his son Thomas COOKE, of the same place, names the Virginia COOKES of Stafford Co, it is evident that they belonged to the same family. John COOKE, a native of Ireland, settled in Stafford County, VA, early in the Eighteenth Century and married Elizabeth, daughter of Raleigh TRAVERS of Stafford County and his wife, Hannah, daughter of Joseph BALL. she was half sister of Mary BALL, mother of George WASHINGTON. Mrs. TRAVERS married secondly Simon PEARSON, and in her will, proved December 13, 1748, names her daughter Elizabeth COOKE, and her grandchildren, Travers and Hannah COOKE. John COOK of Stafford, died in 1732 his will was among the portions of the Stafford records destroyed by Federal Soldiers during the Civil War; but a copy of his will was proved in Dublin from which the abstract given here was made. In this will he refers to his money in Ireland. Besides several daughters, one bearing the peculiar name, Million, which was derived from the TRAVERS family. He had one son, Travers COOKE of Stafford County. The will of the latter, dated December 1759 and proved June 13, 1759, is of record in Stafford. His legatees were his wife, Mary, and his sons John and Mott. He states there is ""A large balance due me by my uncle Thomas COOKE, of Youghall in the Kingdom of Ireland for the rents and profits of my estate there."" He directs that his son should have as good an education as his estate would afford. The inventory of his personal property amounts to lb947.14.4 and includes a set of Spectators at lb18, Tattlers at 14 shillings, two Guardians at 5 shillings, 4 prayer books at lb1.5, and a parcel of ""old books"" at 7 shillings 6 pence. Evidently the appraisers, were fond of the essayists. As Thomas COOKE of Youghall died in 1750, without issue, it is probable that Travers COOKES uncle Thomas, was the ""Cousin Thomas Cooke"" who was the ""cousin Thomas Cooke"" who was the residuary legatee of Thomas of Youghall. A proper examination of wills and other records in Ireland would doubtless furnish a satisfactory pedigree. There is a notice of the COOKES of Stattford in Hayden's Virginia genealogies, p 300. (Contributed by Combs Researcher Pat Orton)

Also Note: The Rev. Alexander SCOTT had m Sarah GIBBONS, widow of William BRENT whom she had m in 1709 in London. By BRENT, she had son, Capt. William BRENT, d 1742, and to whose estate Mason Combs (s/o John, gs/o Archdale of Old Rappa) paid rent from at least 1746-1751.

25 Jan 1724/5 Registry of Deeds, Dublin 426 Charles NICHOLSON, Lieut. and adjutant in Col. Wm. COSBY'S Regiment. 25 Jan. 1724-5. Précis, 1/2 p., 30 May 1730. His cousins and sisters Frances [wife of] FARRELL and Margery [wife of] ORMBSY, daughters of Capt. Wm. NICHOLSON of Castle Baldwin [testator's uncle]. Arthur KNOX of Castle Rea, Co. Mayo, mortagee. All his estate in the counties of Leitrim and Mayo, his effects in the Island of Minorca and Dublin. Witnesses: Owen YOUNG, Castlereagh, John BULLINGBROOKE of same, James MAGRAH of same, all in Co. Roscommon. Memorial witnessed by: James MAGRAH, Charles RUTLIDGE, Castlereagh. Frances FARRELL als. CARY (seal) 62, 424, 43487 Margery ORMSBY (seal) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745 " 1956. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996)