Stafford County, VA was established in 1664 from Westmoreland Co VA (although no Combs have been located in records of Westmoreland prior to late 1600s). Descendant Counties include Prince William in1730-1 (Fairfax > Loudoun, and Fauquier). Important! In 1777, major exchanges took place between Stafford & King George Counties. (Note map above and see also Combs County Line Land maps)

Because the Combs were so early to Stafford Co VA, and also because we're “stuck” with so many lines in Stafford County (both backwards and forwards), this is one of the most important counties for our southern Combs researchers. As a result, not only is Combs Land of Stafford part of our Combs Research Deed Mapping Project, but our Stafford County VA Combs Reports are stuffed with additional records and background information on a number of Combs-Associated Families. (See Also below) Also note that it appears that almost, if not all, Combs of Stafford Co VA lived in or near the Aquia Creek area bordering Prince William


In addition to original research by our Combs Researchers, other Primary Sources include:

Stafford Co VA Records Series, published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA; hereinafter Sparacio

“Stafford County, Virginia Tithables. Quit Rents, Personal Property Taxes and Related Lists and Petitions 1723-1790,” in two volumes compiled by John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr., Iberian Publishing Company, c.1990, and extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff with permission from John Vogt, author and publisher, t.c. 31 Mar 1998; hereinafter Stafford VA Tithables…

“The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genealogical Notes,” Compiled and Published by George Harrison Sanford King Fellow, American Society of Genealogist, Fredericksburg, VA, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1961; hereinafter Overwharton Parish Register…

See Also our Combs Bibliography for more Stafford Co VA resources.

Index to Combs &c. Records of Stafford Co, VA
Combs Families of StaffordStafford Records (1785-1799)
Combs-Associated Families of StaffordStafford Records (1800-19?? )
Stafford Records (1665-1755)
including sources
Combs Land of Fauquier, Prince William & Stafford
Stafford Records (1756-1784)

Combs Families of Stafford Co VA

I. The earliest Combs records located in Stafford Co VA are in the spring of 1665 when Archdale COMBS I appears, and later that same year, is recorded in the records of Old Rappahannock Co VA, the parent county of Richmond, Essex, King George and Caroline. Two of Archdale Combs I's grandchildren, Mason Combs, Sr., and Elizabeth COMBS (w/o William KENDALL), both children of John Combs of Richmond VA, also resided in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA, although Mason Combs, Sr., like Jane Combs Ashby and Joseph Combs II, later removed to Frederick Co VA (until the 1760s when he moved on to Rowan > Surry NC).

II. Not including “non-residents” (see below), after the early Archdale Combs, the next Stafford Combs record is not until 1723 when Joseph Combs I appears on rent rolls of the Aquia Creek area in Overwharton Parish. Also found in this county's early records are Joseph's daughter, Jane Combs (w/of John ASHBY), and two known sons, John Combs, Sr. (h/o Seth BULLITT) of Stafford & Prince William and Joseph Combs II (h/o Elizabeth HARRISON) of Stafford, Frederick, Loudoun and who-knows-where-all-else that man may have lived (let alone how many of him there were). The relationship of Joseph Combs I of Stafford to Archdale Combs of Stafford & Old Rappa., if any, remains unknown; although he is believed to have been kin to Archdale Combs I. Later Stafford Co VA records also include (among others) Cuthbert Combs, Sr., (d Clark Co KY) and Joseph Combs III, both sons of John Sr., as were John Combs, Jr. ( h/o Sarah LUTTRELL, d 1781 in Fauquier Co VA), as well as Ennis, Benjamin (father of Gen. Leslie Combs), and others. See Also Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas' Combs Family Tree and Early Combs to Frontier Kentucky.

III. Yet another Combs found in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA is the unidentified (so far) RW William Combs, Sr. h/o Sarah MILLION (Robert & Keziah HOLLIDAY Million), whose son, William Combs, Jr. is later found in Russell Co VA.

Combs-Associated Families

Because several of our early Combs of Stafford Co VA appear “out of thin air,” we are studying with particular intensity, the neighbors, in-laws, fellow churchgoers, and others found in the records with Combs. These early families, to varying degrees, include (but are not limited to) Allerton, Anderson, Barnes, Beach, Brown, Butler, Calmes, Cook, Green, Harrison, Judd, Kendall, Million, Pritchett (Pritchard), Simpson, Stacy and Toulson, Travers, Waller, Wickliffe, Williams

Combs &c. Records of Stafford Co, VA (1665-1759)

The earliest record located of any Combs in the Burnt (to nearly a crisp) County of Stafford is that of Archdale COMBS I, who was of Old Rappahannock Co VA later this same year:

05 Apr 1665 (Stafford OB, 1664-1668) Court held 5th Apr 1665.
No. 104. Whereas Mr. Henry MEESE did arrest Hmp. BAYLY to this Court & did not appear to prosecute his accon the Court doth order that the said Mr. MEESE be nonsuited and pay 50 pounds of Tobacco with costs of Suite to the said BAYLY the 10th 8ber ali Execution.
No. 105 Ditto [ch: Phillip?] CARPENTER agst Mr. William BROWN.
No. 106 Ditto Archdale Combs agst Ditto BROWN
No. 107 Ditto John WITHERS against Ditto BROWN
No. 116 At a Court held for the County of Stafford the 6th June 1665, Archdale Combs sat on a jury that included Wm. OWSING, Robert BUTTERFIELD, Wm. BULLOCK, Robt. STREETE, Jno. WILLIAMS, Wm. HOWARD, Tho: BOURNE, Stephen LUND, Wm. GREENE, Jno. CHILES, Wm. WELLS.

Full Extract

30 Aug 1665 (Stafford OB, 1664-1668) At a Court held 30th August 1665:
No. 169
Whereas it doth appear to this court that William LICENSE did forwarne Cha: WOOD that he shuould goe to his land and that the sd WOOD hath abused the said License in several particulars which was put to a jury. It is the verdict of the Jury that Charles WOOD pay 100 lb. Tobo. to the sd. LICENSE for breaching the Kings Peace and pay the charges of Court the 10th 8ber else exe. Jurors: Mr. William GREENE, Mr. Arch. COMBS, Jos. EDMONDS, Mr. SANDERS, Mr. Hen: PICTOE, Robert BUTTERFIELD, Wm. THOMAS, Phill CARPENTER, Ffra. JOURDAN, Hen. WALKER, Mr. MASSEY, John MATTHEWS. The Court doth order that William LICENSE pay to Thomas ROWLAND 60 lb. Tobacco for 2 days att. at the Court. Ditto Elizabeth ROWLAND. Ditto William WALLER, do John ANIS peticon. It is the Verdict of the Jury that Charles WOOD pay to Thomas ROWLAND 10 groats for sheading of blood and 100 lbs. Tobacco for breaking the Kings Peace and Pay the charges of court the 10th 8ber else exe. [same session, same jurors] The Court doth order that the verdict of the Jury be enter'd for Judgment and that Charles WOOD pay all the charges of Court the 10th 8ber next else exe. Whereas it doth appear to the Court that Charles WOOD did arrest Wm. LICENSE and had no cause of accon the Court doth order that the said WOOD be nonsuited and pay the sd LICENSE 50 lb. Tobacco with costs of Suit the 10th 8ber next else exe.

(Extracted by C. Hamnet from Stafford County, Virginia, Order Book Abstracts, 1664-1668. 1689-1690, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1987)

Before the year was out, Archdale COMBS disappeared from the records of Stafford Co VA, reappearing in Old Rappahannock County, however, although records of him in Stafford are sparse, several items may be of interest in regard to the above: (1) At the time, to sit on a jury, one had to be a property owner in the county; thus, even though we've been unable to locate it, Archdale COMBS must have owned property in Stafford County; (2) His association with William BROWN, pleasant or not, is of interest due to the fact that both his sons, William & John of Richmond, later lived adjacent to BROWNS; and (3) the appearance of John MATTHEWS on the same jury with him.

Although we have no record indicating how or when Archdale COMBS may have acquired land in Stafford, we may have located some/all of the land itself. Although the following record is for 1756, the deed immediately below it verifies that the Combs' transaction referred to herein took place prior to 1688:

03-04 Apr 1756 (Stafford Co DB P:98-101) Apr. 3 & 4, 1756 between Henry FITZHUGH of Stafford Co., Gent., & John FITZHUGH of same, Gent…land in Overwhartonn Parish bounded to the east on the upper or west side of John PEAKS patent along south line thereof and to the west on the upper most side of WILKINSONS patent on that line which in the said patent is called north easterly including the plantation whereon sd John FITZHUGH now lives to the north…Thomas SUDDON and on the South by Henry FITZHUGH'S land which is now leased to James WAYTON it being part of tract containing 1450 acs. granted by Thos. WILKINSON out of his grand patent of 6000 acs. above the head of Potomack creek to John MATHEWS his heirs forever & the said 850 acs. was by MATHEWS sold to Archibald COOMS [sic] & heirs…and by said COOMS to David ANDERSON & his heirs forever…

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from copy of original who notes that the given names Archdale and Archibald were frequently confused by court clerks)

Thomas WILKINSON'S “grand patent” was dated 10 Jun 1658; thus the sale to MATTHEWS and thence to COMBS was after that date, yet before 1688 by which time, David ANDERSON had sold the land to Magne BARRETT who had then sold it to John WEST:

11 Oct 1688 (Stafford County Deeds & Wills, 1699-1709, pp. 278-279) Know all men.. that I John WEST of Stafford County Planter have sold unto John WAUGH of Stafford County for valuable consideration in hand reced a parcel & dividend of land lying & being on the head of Potomack Creek being the Moiety of 850 acres of land formerly sold by Mr. David ANDERSON to Magne BARRET & by ye Magne BARRET'S consent granted unto me by Rappa Records for and of ability in Magne BARRET to make payment of the purchase of the land. Therefore I John WEST do sell unto John WAUGH 425 acres of land lying & being as above specified & abutting upon the land of John PEAKE…this 11th of October 1688.
s/John WEST.
Presence of Simon STACY, Willm. WINFORD

(1987 Virginia County Court Records. Deed and Will Abstracts of Stafford County, Virginia (1699-1709), Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

No deeds have been located to assist us in further narrowing the time frame for the Combs transaction; and we are left not knowing if Archdale Combs held yet more land in Stafford; however, two more items are of interest in reference to the above transaction:

  1. See David ANDERSON in same area as Joseph Combs in 1723;
  2. In later Richmond Co VA, Archdale's son, John, was a close associate of one John ANDERSON whom he named co-executor of his 1716 will; and
  3. the appearance of Simon STACY in the above record, which lends credence to the possibility that the Combs-Stacy relationship may have been of longer standing than heretofore thought.

To wit:

The above Simon STACY, b in 1638, in Petherton, Somersetshire, England, removed to the Virginia Colony between 1661 and 1665, resided in Lancaster Co VA in 1667-1668; in Calvert Co MD between 1674 and 1686, thence to Stafford Co VA until 1688-1690, and by 1690, married to Elizabeth WATTS (sister of Thomas WATTS of Stafford Co VA), he removed to York Co VA where he d 23 Jan 1718/1719 (Stacy Research provided by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews, author of the Stacy Journal) Years later, his grandson and namesake, Simon STACY (h/o Judith TOLSON), is found in the records of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA, following which he and Mason Combs, Sr. are found together in the records of Frederick Co VA, then later yet his widow and children are found with Mason Sr. and his family in Rowan > Surry NC, by which time two of Simon's children have married two of Mason's. The Combs-Stacy families are found closely associated with each other from at least the 1740s until well into the late 1800s throughout the American Frontiers. (See Below)

10 Oct 1666 Stafford County, Virginia Order Book, 1664-1668. No. 331

[Roads to be cleared] “…from pastenare to the filly at Potomack Creek and from thence to the Ferry at Acquia and from then to Chopwamsick Cr. The Court doth order that John MATHEWS and William HARRIS be surveighors from Paspetanze to Potomack Creek and Mr. Edward SANDERS and Wm. WITHERS from thence to Aquia and Mr. Robert MOSLEY and Mr. William BEACH to Chopmowamsick…”


See Edward SANDERS above with Archdale COMBS and see Edward SANDERS died ca 1699 Charles County, Maryland with lands in Virginia. Also note:

31st Aug., 1671. -- --, --. (Annapolis, Maryland Land Office. Judgements. 28:7)

Will of Giles BRENT, Esq., The Retirement, Staford Co., Va. To dau. Mary FITSHERBERT, personalty. To son Giles and hrs., lands, rights and reversions of lands in either England, Virginia or Maryland, and for lack of such hrs., to hrs. at law of father Richard BRENT, Esq., Lord of the Mannors of Admington and Larke Stoke in Co. of Gloucester, in England. Exs. to pay from personal estate 3000 lbs. for pious uses, and certain legacies to Edward SANDERS and John HOWARD, both of Stafford Co., Va., who are to act for exs. until they shall otherwise order. Residue of personalty to son Giles at age of 21. Exs.: Son Giles and bros. Richard and William, both in England.

(Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 7)

The next record of a Combs in Stafford Co VA is actually not that of a Stafford Co VA Combs, but Berkshire EN:

02 Oct 1690 (Stafford Co VA DB D, Part II, p. 47)

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Richard HUMPHREY of Abingdon (185-) in the County of Berks Black Smith Brother and Heir of Thomas HUMPHRY (186a) late of Potomack in the County of Stafford in Virginia Planter deced have made my Loveinge Friends George MASON of Potomack aforesaid Gentl. and John WAUGH of the same Clerke my lawfull Atturneys joyntly & severally for me to enter into all the lands conteyninge five hundred forty and seven acres or thereabout in Paspitanzie in the County of Stafford in Virginia wt was late ye lands and plantacon of the said Thomas HUMPHREY and full possession of the same to take and convey the said lands to Nicholas BATTINGE of Oarston vth in the Parish of Plympstock in the County of Devon Marriner & his heires. In Wittness whereof I have set my hande the second day of October in the Second yeare of ye Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady King Wm. and Queen Mary over England & Anno Dom 1690. s/Richard HUMPHREY. In presence of Hen. KNAPP, Andrew EFFY.

In Testimony that said RICHARD HUMPHREY hath signed these psents in presence of us the Major Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Borough of Abindgon in the County of Berke within the Kingdom of England Wee have hereunto putt our hands & comone Seale the day & yeare above

(p. 48)

pp. The Borough of Abingdon in the County of Bercks wthin the Kingdom of (185a-185a-) England Wee the Major Bayliffs and Burgesses of the Borough of Abingdon doe 186 hereby certifie that Richard HUMPHREY of the Borough of Abingdon aforesaid Blacksmith came this day before us and declared that Thomas HUMPHREY late of Virginia Planter deced was the Elder Brother of him the said Richard HUMPHREY and that hee is the onley Surviveinge Brother and Heir of him the said Thomas HUMPHREY, In Testimony wee have sett or Comon Seale the Second day of October in the second yeare of the Reigne of or Sovereigne Lord & Lady KING WM. & QUEEN MARY 1690
Robert SELWOOD, Major James CORDEROY, Simon HAWKINS, John CLACKSON, William HAWKINS, George DREW, Thos: KING, Bayliffe, Anthony COMBE [sic], Thomas SPARKES, Edward ALLAM, Henry SLUDGER, Mich. RAWLINS, Thomas DICKARD.

Recorded in ye County Court records of Stafford March the 12th 1690/1

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that wee George MASON & John WAUGH of Stafford County Atturneys Lawfully appointed by Richard HUMPHREY of Abbinton in the County of Berks Blacksmith Brother & Heir of Thomas HUMPHREY late of Stafford County by vertue of a full Letter of Atturney bearinge date the second day of October in the second yeare of or Sovereigne Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary over England 1690 confirme unto Nicholas BATTINGE of Oarston in Parish of Plyimpstock in the County of Devon Marriner all that tract of land in the County of Stafford and on ye East side of the maine runne of Pazbetanzy Creeke commonly called Thomas HUMPHREYS Lande Containinge Five hundred forty and seven acres of land granted by Pattent dated March the 18th 1662 to Thomas HUMPHREY and Thomas TOPPER and continued in ye said Thomas HUMPHREY as Survivor of ye joint purchasers and from said Thomas HUMPHREY descended to the said Richard HUMPHREY his Brother & Heir att law said lande is bounded beginnings at a marked Beach att ye Westermost Corner of ye lande of Gerrard FOUKE and Extendinge up the Southermost branch of Pasbitanzie Crieeke South by West unto a marked white oake standing in Roger PERFETT his line thence E: by S: to a marked red oake standings by the Path that leads from Nasatico to Mr. FOUKES his House thence NW by W: alonge ye said Path to Mr FOUKE to ye first station To Have and To Hold to him the said Nicholas BATTINGE.

In Witness whereof we have sett or hands & seales ye twelfth day of March 1690/1.
s/George MASON, John WAUGH
In presence of ED: MADDOCKE, James MUSSON, Theodirick BLANDE JOHN WAUGH.

The above sale of lande was acknowledged unto Nicholas BATTINGE by George MASON & John WAUGH in the County Court of Stafford on the 12th day of March 1690/1 and was then recorded

(Deed & Will Abstracts of Stafford Co, VA, 1689-1693. Ruth and Sam Sparacio. [contains abstracts from Stafford County Deed Book D, Part II])

Note: Anthony Combs' presence in this record is probably not significant to Stafford Co VA Combs, but will perhaps provide a future “clue” for researchers of the Berkshire EN Combs.

The next record of a Combs in Stafford Co VA is that of Joseph Combs I of Stafford (including selected additional entries):

1723 - 18 Jul 1724 (Stafford Co VA Rent Rolls)

“From the Stafford Co, VA rent roll for the year 1723 Returned by James CARTER, July ye 18th, 1724” (alphabetized by 1st letter of surname)

David ANDERSON, 300 acs., “Lawfully demanded”
Isaac ALLERTON, 1052 acs., “Reputed to belong to Hancock LEE”
James BUTLER, 550 acs, “Paid 132 lbs. Tobacco”
Richard BYRAM, 200 acs., “Pays in King George County”
Alexander BEACH, 400 acs., “Can't hear of him”
Joshua BUTLER, 100 acs, “Not demanded”
Peter BYRAM, 190 acs, “Paid 48 lbs. Tobacco”
John BROWN, 200 acs.
Thomas BOTTS, 198 acs., “Paid 48 lbs. Tobacco”
John CATLETT, 358 acs., “Promised payment”
Marquis CALMEUS [sic], 700 acs, “part of Stephen FULLERS Land”
Jos. Combs, 243 acres, Paid 59 lbs. Tobacco. Land that was Michael JUDD's”
John CREEL, 100 acs, “Part of William Spiller's land”
John GRIGSBY, 940 acs, “Paid 224 lbs. Tobacco”
Thomas GARNER, 2,000 acs., “Paid 480 lbs. Tobacco”
William GOIN, 266 acs. “Taken away by Colonel LEE'S survey.”
Captain Thomas HARRISON, 1,629 acs.; Paid 1781 lbs. Tobacco
Burr HARRISON, 200 acs, “Pd 96 lbs. Tobacco. Paid 2 years. Part of Capt. HARRISON'S Land”
Richard JOHNSON “for WHEELER'S heirs,” 125 acs
John MARR, 100 acs, “not demanded”
William RIDOLE'S orphans, 106 acs, “land unknown” [RIDDLE?]
John de la SHOEMAKE, 200 acs, “not demanded” [later SHUMATE]
John STONE of King George Co., 150 acs, “Part of James BUTLER'S land

(Overwharton Parish Register…)

Notes: See earlier David ANDERSON record in ref. Archdale/Archibald Combs. Isaac ALLERTON I of the Plymouth Colony was brother to Sarah ALLERTON whose daughter, Sarah (by Digory PRIEST), m ca1630 in Plymouth Colony, John Combs. Isaac ALLERTON II, b 1630, Plymouth Colony, d 1702, Westmoreland Co VA; m Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY (d/o Thomas; widow of Simon OVERSEE and George COLCLOUGH) by whom he had Mary (w/o John NEWTON, Jr.), Sarah (w/o Hancock LEE, widower of Mary KENDALL), Frances (w/o Samuel TRAVERS), and son Willoughby (m Hannah KEENE, widow of John BUSHROD). John CATLETT was the s/o John & Elizabeth UNDERWOOD (Taylor) (Slaughter) Catlett (Butler). Marquis CALMES' grandson, Marquis, later m Elizabeth Combs, d/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr. Ann HARRISON, d/o Burr & Ann BARNES Harrison, later m Joseph Combs of Loudoun Co VA.

1724 Tobacco Tenders - “A List of the Tithables Allow'd to Tend Tobacco and Quantity of Plants in the Precincts Between Aqui and Quantico [Creeks] Viz.”

(excerpted from Overwharton Parish Register…)

Note: 6,000 plants permitted per “laboring person” plus 3,000 for males 10-16 yrs of age, plus “Housekeepers” could tend up to 10,000. [in order of appearance]

Michael JUDD, Michael JUDD, Junr., William JUDD, Benjamin MACULLY, William WHITE, Isaac JUDD, age 10; 5 tithables; 20,000 plants

At Mr. Alexander SCOTT'S Quarter; Edward WATERS, Scott ANDERER, 3 negroes; 5tithables, 29,975 plants

Joseph Combs, James CEED, Sofias ROGERS, Patrick BARRAWAY, 2 Negroes: 6 tithables, 36,000 plants

At Mr. John FITZHUGH'S Quarter: James QUIDLE, Alice PARKER, William TRAVIS; 4 negroes; 7 tithables, 30, 270 plants

Note: The above four entries are consecutive. Seeking to ID Ceed, Rogers and Barraway.

At William FENWICK, 2 negroes; 2 tithables, 11,000 plants

At Bunch ROE, 5 negroes, 6 tithables, 21,500 plants

John HOLMS, Thomas HOLMS, James HOLMS, Christopher HOLMS, Gabriel LAVEY, ? HOLMES, age 14, Edmund HOLMES, age 11; 5 tithables, 12,710 plants

William BETHELL; Edward BETHELL, age 14; (?) BETHELL, age 12; 1 tithable, 2,880 plants

At. Capt. Thomas HARRISON: Thomas HARRISON, Jr., Nat JACOBS, Thomas QUIN, 2 negroes; William KELLY, Jacob WHITE (boy), 2 negro boys; tithables not given, 44, 929 plants

John CATLETT, John CATLETT, Jr. (# of tithables not entered), 16,000 plants

William SIMSON, Moses GESS, William SIMSON, Junr., William GESS, 2 tithables, 12,000 plants.

At Edward FEAGINS, 3 negroes, 3 tithables, 18,000 plants

Robert ASHBY, tithables not entered, 2,586 plants

Marquise CALAMEES, no. of tithables, not entered, 3,925 plants.

Henry HARDIN, Zenony WILLSON, William JENKINSON, John LEECHMAN, age 15, Henry HARDIN, Jr. age 10, number of tithables not entered, 10,035 plants

At Col. MASON'S Quarter in ye fork of Aquia Run: John MOORE, 3 Negroes, # of tithables not entered, 7,041 plants

Abraham BRIDWELL, William BRIDWELL, John BRIDWELL, age 13; tithables not entered, 7,084 plants.

Abraham BRIDWELL, Jr., tithables not entered, 7,925 plants

Benjamin BULLETT, Philemon DERMOT, James BURNE,3 tithables, 17,259 plants

Burr HARRISON, Michael McCORMICK, A Negro, # of tithables not shown, plants 11,042

(Overwharton Parish Register…)

Note: Benjamin BULLITT, b 1693 in Charles Co MD, d 1766 in Fauquier Co, VA; m (1) Elizabeth HARRISON (d/o Thomas HARRISON & sister of Burr) by whom he had Seth, who later m John Combs, Sr. Although we yet to learn more about those who are listed above with Joseph Combs, we do have additional, and possibly significant, data in regard to the “land that was Michael JUDDS:”

12 Sep 1711- 21 Jun 1712 (Stafford - NN Land Patent Book 4:91)

George SIMSON of Stafford Co. Wrnt. 12 Sept. last. He assigned to Michaell JUDD, Jr. of said Co., half of land 21 Mar. last. Surv. by Mr. Thomas HOPPER. Grant to SIMSON & JUDD for 243 A. on Beaver Damn Run of N. Runn of Ocquia Cr. in said Co.

(Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694-1742, compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, GPC, Baltimore, 1987 VNNLG hereafter)

Notes: It is believed that the above Michael JUDD was either the same as, or possibly the s/o Michael JUDD of Baltimore Co, MD, whose wife(?) was named Jane, the same name that Joseph Combs I gave to his daughter. Also note the mention of Thomas HOPPER, presumably the same who was a partner to Thomas HUMPHREYS of Abingdon, Berkshire, England in 1690 with Anthony Combs above. It is not known as yet when or how Joseph Combs came to acquire this land as the first land record located for Joseph Combs is not until 1726, a record indicating he already owned land at the time:

19 Mar 1725 Stafford Co, VA. Warrants & Surveys.

Joseph Combs, no warrant, surveyed 19 Mar 1725; 576 a. in fork of Long Br & Beaver Dam Run of Acquia; COMB'S house on plat; adj. his own land, the 100 a. of Dissimus Phillius AMBLER, opposite Samuel TIMMONS across the crk. Surv. Thomas BARBER.

(Joyner, Vol III, p. 151).

09 Aug 1726 (Stafford Co NN Pat Bk A:211)

Joseph COMBE of Stafford Co., 576 acs. in sd. county on Acquia Creek adjacent COMBE'S land.

(Virginia State Library & Archives - transcription or abstract still needed)

Note: The above is one of the land patents on-line at VSLA that is in need of transcription for our Combs Deed Mapping Project. Ditto for JUDD & SIMPSON'S patent, and all patents for adjacent property.

28 Sep 1726 (Westmoreland DB?:68-70)

Wm. KENDALL, planter, of Stafford County to Jeremiah MURDOCH, Hanover Parish, King George, consideration 2,622 lbs. good tobo. all that tract… sd plantation where William KENDALL inhabited late… 60 and 2 acres of land being in county of Westmoreland, part of 200 A of land formerly lived and inhabited and lease of William HARVEY… sold by Maj. Frances WRIGHT and John WRIGHT his son unto Thomas GOFF of King George County deced as by his records of the sd. Westmoreland County court will appear… 62 A bounded as follows: beginning … Spanish Oak, along Thomas ROBBINS line, dividing this land from the land of Thos. GOFF dividing this land from Thomas HUGHES, first mentioned station with all houses, orchards… sd William and Elizabeth his Wife… 28 Sep 1726… Wm. KENDALL personally appeared… Wm. [W horizontal-K] KENDALL, Elizabeth KENDALL, wife of Wm. KENDELL… Elizabeth [C] KENDELL
At a Ct. held for sd. Co. 28 Sep 1726 at the inst. of Maj. George ESKRIDGE on this behalf of Jeremiah MURDOCH the letter of attorney from Elizabeth KENDALL to Neil McCORMICK… 12 Jan 1726/7 Wm. KENDALL affirmed. Wits: Isaac ARNOLD & John JETT.

(Abstracted by Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise Mortorff)

Notes: William & Elizabeth Combs Kendall apparently removed to Stafford VA between 1723 and 1726, Elizabeth the d/o John & Hannah “Ann” (MASON?) Combs of Richmond, and grandchild of Archdale Combs I of Old Rappahannock Co VA.

18 Oct 1727 (NN Pat Bk B-:98)

Joseph Combs of Stafford Co. 535 A. on Town Run in said Co. adj. Geo. CROSSBY, Michael DORMENT. 18 Oct 1727. This Deed for lands granted Henry NORMAN Bk. A fo. 109.


26 Feb 1728/9 (NN Land Patent Book B:188)

William KENDALL of Stafford County “containing 402 acres situated, lying and being in Stafford County binding on ye land of Coll. CARTER, Nicholas BRENT, Henry BRENT and Maurica LINAH”. Dated 26th day of February, in ye second year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second of Great Brittian, France, and Ireland KING defender of the faith ANNO DOMINI 1728/9.
William Kendall Deed for four hundred and two acres of land in Stafford County

(Researcher Denise Mortorff)

9 Sep - 28 Oct 1728 Stafford Co, VA. Warrants & Surveys.

William KENDALL, 9 Sep 1728 - 28 Oct 1728; 402 a. adj. Colo CARTER, Nicholas BRENT, Henry BRENT, Maurice LINAH. Surv. John WARNER

(Joyner , Vol III, p. 161).

16 Feb 1729 (NN Pat Bk C:25)

Feb. 16, 1729. John COOK of Stafford, 1,514 acs. in Stafford on Beaverdam Run of Acquia adj. Joseph Combs, Great Rocky Run, CARY'S line, Br. of Chappawomsick, Wm. BRENT, Mr. John LEE.


Note: John COOK, b in Ireland; d ca1732, Stafford VA, had m Elizabeth TRAVERS, d/o Raleigh & Hannah BALL Travers. Raleigh TRAVERS' widow (mother?*), Elizabeth, later m Robert BECKINGHAM of Lancaster Co VA whose 1695 will named his sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth & John CUMBE. Elizabeth TRAVERS Cook m next Simon PEARSON of Stafford. The children of John & Elizabeth TRAVERS Cook were Travers, Million and Hannah. The above William BRENT has not been specifically identified; however, see below re Mason Combs and Capt. William BRENT. *Need help re TRAVERS Family and which was on first.

05 Apr 1730 (NN Pat Bk C:55)

Apr. 5, 1730. Thos. BARBER of Richmond Co., 161 acs. in Stafford adj. Joseph Combs on Beaverdam Br. of Acquia.


06 Jun 1731 (NN Pat Bk C:152)

June 6, 1731. John COOK of Stafford Co., 1,665 acs. in Stafford on Beaverdam Run of Acquia adj. CARY'S Patent under which Geo. FITZHUGH claimed, ALLERTON'S Patent, Nicholas BRENT, John WARNER, path from CALAMEZE to COOMBS'S Mill, Joseph COOMBS.


Note: The above record places Joseph Combs adj. or very near to Isaac ALLERTON, cousin to the Combs of Plymouth Colony (See above)

1732 Overwharton Parish Register. First year that Negro slave(s) owned by Joseph Combs were recorded.

(Overwharton Parish Register…)

Notes: The recording of slave births was required in order to ensure owners were taxed when the slaves came of age to be tithable. The OPR has not been read as yet, and our only source at present is King's OPR which notes that, as with free persons, entries prior to 1738 were sparse.

13 Mar 1733/4 (Stafford Co WB M:131-132)

Mar. 13, 1733. John PEYTON, Joseph Combs and Benoni WILSON bound in sum of 300 pds. sterling. Condition: above bound John PEYTON is guardian of Katherine FINNACEY…
/s/ John PEYTON
/s/Joseph (mark) Combs
/s/ Benoni WILSON.
Wit: Wm. Henry TERRETT


Note: “In Prince William, by deed dated 22 Jun 1740, Thomas HARRISON of Prince William, Gent., confirmed to Wm. Henry TERRETT, a sale made to Simon PEARSON, father of Mrs. TERRETT, Mar 13, 1718, for 289 acres, part of 4,639 patented Dec. 23, 1706, by John WEST, John PEARSON, William HARRISON, and the said Thos. HARRISON.” (Genealogies of Virginia Families, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, “Harrison of North Virginia,” Vol. 3:673)

By 1738, although he continued to reside in Stafford Co, VA, Joseph Combs I also owned land in Prince William Co VA, land which he later distributed to his children (See Below). Reminder: Prince William (parent county of Fauquier) was a descendant county of Stafford, and distances between various locations were not great. As an example:

“John RALLS, Senior, advertisement in the Virginia Gazette for sale of his 780-85 acre plantation in Overwharton Parish, 1 Aug 1771, describes same as: “convenient to Trade, lies fourteen Miles from the Falls of Rappahannock, twelve from Dumfries, on Potomack, seven from Aquia Warehouse, the same distance from Aquia Church, six from the Quaker Meeting House, five from the Baptist Meeting House, in Fauquier County, four from Chapwasmick Meeting House, in Stafford County, and not quite three miles from Two Grist Mills.”

(Virginia Gazette, Overwharton Parish Register…, p. 196)

1/10/1737/8 (Stafford Co, VA WBM:255)

William KENDALL, George CROSBY, and Peter BYRAM, appraisers of the estate of Henry HARDING I.

(Combs Researcher Sue Elfving)

Notes: William KENDALL m Elizabeth Combs (d/o John Combs of Richmond). Henry HARDING II (s/o Henry I) m Wilmouth GEORGE, and their daughter, Nancy, m John Combs (s/o Mason Combs, Sr., gs/o John Combs of Richmond). See also Peter BIRAM with Mason Combs, Sr.

28 Nov 1739 (Stafford) Charles HARDING of Stafford County 269 acs. in said County, Mr. WARNER to survey. Adj. Capt. John LEE, Samuel TIMMONS now PEYTON'S, Joseph COMBES, near South Run of Chappawamsick, Brent Town Road.

(VNNLG) also (Northern Neck Land Grants Page E-113 [Harding Families of the Northern Neck of Virginia and Rockingham Co., North Carolina p. 63] )

There is some question as to whether Joseph Combs I might have been of a faith contrary to the Church of England as, with the exception of his daughter, Jane Combs Ashby, neither his children nor grandchildren are recorded in Register of the Overwharton Parish. This is in opposition to the children of both Elizabeth Combs Kendall and her brother Mason Combs. The Combs (& Descendant) entries in Overwharton Parish were:

Born: Jesse KENDALL, son of William KENDALL, Jr., 04 Nov 1740
Died: Jesse KENDALL, 18 Nov 1740
Born: Combs, William, son of Mason and Sarah Combs, Nov 28 1740.
Married: ASHBY, John and Jean Combs, May 11, 1741
Born: Thomas KENDALL, son of William and Jemima KENDALL, 27 Mar 1742
Born: Combs, Ann, daughter of Mason and Sarah Combs, 18 Mar 1743.
Born: ASBEE, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Jean [Combs] Asbee, July 9, 1742
Born: KENDALL, George 13 Jan 1744, son of William and Jemima KENDALL
Married: KENDALL, James to Mary COFFEY, 25 Feb 1745.
Born: Combs, Sarah, daughter of Mason and Sarah Combs, 25 Feb 1745.
Born: KENDALL, Ann, daughter of William & Jemima KENDALL, 06 Dec 1745
Born: Combs, Mason, son of Mason and Sarah Combs, 21 Feb 1747.
Born: KENDALL, Jesse, son of James and Mary KENDALL, 19 Jun 1747
Born: KENDALL, John, son of William and Jemima KENDALL, 02 Mar 1748
Married: KENDALL, William and Jemima KIRK, 10 May 1748 [sic]
Married: KENDALL, George and Margaret KELLY, 5 June 1748.
Born: KENDALL, John, son of James and Mary KENDALL, 26 Feb 1749
Married: KENDALL, Joshua and Catherine SMITH, 04 April 1749
Born: KENDALL, William and Samuel, sons of William and Jemima KENDALL, 30 Aug 1749
Born: KENDALL, Henry, 25 Dec 1749, and baptized 04 Feb 1750*
Died: POWELL, Mary at William KENDALL'S, 21 Nov 1750
Died: KENDALL, Jesse, son of James KENDALL, 17 Apr 1750
Born: KENDALL, Jesse, son of Joshua KENDALL, 21 Aug 1751
Born: Combs, Wilmot, daughter of Mason Combs, 5 Oct 1751
Married: KENDALL, John and Catherine KEES 09 Jan 1752*
Born: KENDALL, Mary Ann dau of William and Jemima KENDALL, 09 Apr 1752
Born: KENDALL, Jess, son of James and Mary KENDALL, 20 Sep 1752
Born: KENDALL, Daniel, son of John and Catherine KENDALL, 1 Jan 1753
Born: KENDALL, Joshua, son of Joshua and Catherine KENDALL, 27 May 1753
Born: KENDALL, Lizy, dau of William and Jemima KENDALL, 01 Apr 1754,
Born: KENDALL, Charles, son of John and Catherine KENDALL 7 Sep 1754
Born: KENDALL, Bailey, son of James and Mary KENDALL, 08 Oct 1755
Born: KENDALL, Nancy, daughter of Joshua and Catherine KENDALL, 19 Dec 1755
Born: KENDALL, Jeremiah, son of William and Jemima KENDALL, 06 Feb 1758
Born: KENDALL, Nelly [Eleanor?], daughter of Joshua and Catherine KENDALL, 11 Feb 1758
Born: KENDALL, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Catherine KENDALL, 27 Feb 1758

(Overwharton Parish Register…)

Notes: Mr. King converted the Gregorian Dates to Julian, and it is not known if his conversion was years only, or dates as well).

*Author's footnote (Sources not stated): Catherine's maiden name was probably KEY which spelling has been interchanged with KAY; she had a grandson James Key KENDALL. John KENDALL died testate in Stafford County, December 9, 1808; his wife survived him. Their children were: (1) Moses; (2) Daniel; (3) Aaron of Fayette County, Ohio; (4) Charles; (5) Elizabeth married Peter KNIGHT and moved to Harrison County, Virginia; (6) Mary (1759-1858) married Captain William STARKE (1754-1838) of Stafford County; (7) Ann married Henry STARKE (died intestate in Stafford County, 1803), and predeceased her father leaving five infant children; (8) Sarah married Enoch HARDING of Stafford County, Virginia.

Note: According to compiler George Harrison Sanford King, although the Overwharton Parish Register begins in 1723 and terminates in 1758, an earlier Register for the period 1723-1738 is missing. No entries are found for the period 1723-1735, and only a few for the period 1735-1738, during which time the parish was the sinecure of Rev. Alexander SCOTT (d 1738). Only when the Parish became that of Rev. MONCURE in 1738, do Register Entries appear to have been recorded in full. Dates in the original Register entries were Gregorian-style; however, Mr. King altered those to Julian (See Calendar for explanation). Those entries, as published by Mr. King, have been restored (by the Combs Research Group) to the original Gregorian- style dating. Given this information, it is clear that Mason Combs, Sr. may have married Sarah and had older unrecorded children born in Overwharton Parish prior to 1740. Also of import when studying the records of the Overwharton Parish Register is understanding that Overwharton Parish was Church of England, and that certain legal” allowances” had been made by England in regard to Catholics residing in Stafford County, including special exemptions and dispensations in regard to payment of tithes to the Church of England, and registration of births, baptisms and marriages in Stafford County's parishes. A notable example of this is in regard to the Catholic BRENT Family of Stafford County, who appear nowhere in the Overwharton Parish Register.

1734-1735 Stafford County, Virginia Will Book (liber M)

1729-1748, Page 224-225: The estate of Michael JUDD Deced .. to funeral expences, rent pid Capt. BRENT 1734 to Benjamin STROTHER, William HATTIN, Marques CHALMES, Michael MOORE, Robert LING, Nicholl BUNTINE, John JACKSON, James SEATON, 1735 Nathaniel CHAPMAN, 1734 - paid William CLIFT for SEBASTINE, William CHAPLIN, Hugh DUNAHAN, Jarod MASTERS .. Errors Excepted p William WRIGHT

Contra - one note rec'd of Mr. Alexander SCOTT. Overcharge Marques CHALMES 100 instead of 10s/ Ballance due to Wm. WRIGHT made oath and produced the vouches agst Estate of Michael JUDD Deced which the Court upon examination allowed of and valued the Tobacco at 14 s p pct.

(Combs Researcher Barbara S. Mathews)


8 Jun 1742 (Stafford Co VA WB M:331-332)

Admitted to Court June 8, 1742. Inventory of estate of Thomas BOTTS deceast by W. BLACKBURNE, Joseph (mark) Combs and Wm. JOHNSON.

(Stafford Records, Sparacio)

Question: Was W. BLACKBURNE kin to Christopher BLACKBURN found in Combs Records of Old Rappa. Co VA? Was Thomas BOTTS kin to the family of the same name who lived by the Combs of Prince George > Amelia Cos VA? See Archdale-Combs-Blackburn-Harris of Oxfordshire, EN

27 Aug 1742 Stafford Co, VA. Warrants & Surveys.

Joseph Combs, assignee of George BYRN, assignee of _____ JOHNSTON; no warrant, surveyed 27 Aug 1742; 225 a. adj. his own land, Mr. COCKE, ye Late Mr. John WARNER. CC - Cha CORNWALL & John TOBEY. Surv. Geo BYRN.

(Joyner, Vol III, p. 145).


1742. Quitrent Roll. “County of Stafford”

Combs, Jos. 1753 acres 1 pound/15 s./0 3/4 d.

(Stafford Co, VA Tithables…, Vol. 1, “Miscellaneous eighteenth-century Stafford records to 1785,” p. 50. Original source: Virginia State Library, Archives Division. Miscellaneous Reel 444b [Stafford County Quitrent Roll, 1729]. [Original in Huntington Library {Brock Collection BR297(2), San Marino California}).

16 Sep 1746 “In one volume of the Stafford records is included accounts with the estate of Captain William BRENT, deceased, beginning Sept. 16, 1746. Included in these is a list of rents belonging to the estate [It is uncertain whether the figures refer to acres of land or to rent in pounds of tobacco.] James BOLLON [BOLLING?] 630, George BRENT 680, Mr. Charles BRENT, 2100, John PURNELL 548, Mason Combs, 315, Benjamin DERRICK 830, Charles CARTER 950, Griffin JONES 830, William KNIGHT 630, Edmund KELLY 630, William KIRK 536, Benjamin BERT 630, Jonathan MOORE 265, John MERCER, Gent., 3000, Daniel MEATZ 630, Alexander NELSON 630, John WATERS 630, John RHODES 630, Mary CARBERRY 630, Andrew ATCHISON 315, Rev. Mr. STUART 2000, Duncan SIMPSON 630, John MONTGOMERY 630, Mr. George BRENT, 1800, John MONTGOMERY 830, Peter CASH 830, Wm. CHAMPE 630, Peter HEDGMAN 1000, Mr. MASSEY 400, Silvester MOSS 630.”

(Genealogies of Virginia Families, From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, submission of W. B. Chilton, Washington, D. C., Vol.2, GPC, Baltimore, 1981, pp. 326-7).

Mason Combs paid yearly rent to the Estate of Capt. William BRENT in 1746, 1747, 1748, 1749, 1750.”

(Stafford Co, VA Will Abstracts of 1748-1767.)

“Capt. William BRENT d 17 Aug 1742 at Acquia.”

(Overwharton Parish Register…)

14 Mar 1748 (Stafford Co. VA WB O:48)

Admitted to Court Mar. 14, 1748. Inventory of the estate of Ann PARSONS dec'd. by Thos. GREEN, Robt. GARRATT and Mason Combs.

14 Aug 1750 (Stafford WB O:133)

Court of Aug. 14, 1750. The est. of Ann PARSON. Funeral expenses; tobo paid Mason Combs; pd John PEYTON, Ben STROTHER, Chas. HARDING; pd. Geo. ASHBURY. John WILSER, executor.

(Stafford Co, VA Will Abstracts of 1748-1767, Sparacio)

Notes: The Overwharton Parish Register includes two PARSONS entries: Sarah PARSONS, born to William and Anne PARSONS, 26 May 1745, and Ann PARSONS, d 26 Nov 1745. Not known if above; however, presumably, Mason Combs and the other two appraisers resided near to Ann PARSONS. One Robert GARRETT with a wife, Mary Ann, named children Byram (b 28 Nov 1747, d 18 Dec 1748), and Winifred (b 21 Mar 1753), and a Daniel GARRET m Mary Ann HOLLIDAY 04 Sep 1745, all in Overwharton Parish Register… See Also William & Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, the latter d/o Robert & Keziah HOLLIDAY Million. See also Combs Land of Old Rappa. Co VA re William GARRETT patent

Oct. 13/14 1755. Stafford Co, VA Deed Book, 1755-1756, P:86-89

Henry HARDING & Willmouth his w. of Frederick Co. to Geo. HARDING of Stafford. Co… 24 pds. current money of Va. for 200 acs. in Stafford on the main run of Aquia on n/s sd. run to line of marked trees belonging to sd. Henry HARDING… along the meanders of sd. run.
/s/ Henry (mark) HARDING, Willmouth (X) HARDING.
Wits: Willm. DOBSON, William COOK, Henry SMITH.
Ack. by Henry in Stafford Court.

(Sparacio's Deed Abs. of Staf. Co., Va. 1722-1728; 1755-1756.)

Continued… Stafford Records (1756-1784)