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John Combs, Sr. of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, born bef 1725, died ca 1786, Stafford Co, VA; married before 1745, Seth (Harrison?) BULLITT, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth HARRISON Bullitt, born ??, died after 6 Jan 1810, (possibly) Stafford Co, VA (Stafford County Deeds Liber AA, 1809-1813, P. 70, LWT of their son, Joseph Combs III).

John Combs, Sr. was residing in Hamilton Parish, Prince William County by Jan 1750/51 when he is listed not only on the Rent Rolls, but found in the following record:

23 Jan 1750/51 (Prince William Book M:16) Edward LAWRENCE to John Combs, both of Parish of Hamilton, a negro girl… dated 1/23/1750. Wits: John De La SHUMATE, Benjamin BULLITT, John LAWRENCE. (Researcher Denise Morfortt, 20 Mar 1997)

John Combs was also listed on the Prince William Rent Rolls in 1753 and 1754, and it is believed probable that the Prince William land on which he resided was the following:

12 Mar 1739 (Prince William DB D:69-72) John & Margaret CLARK of St Mary's Parish, Caroline Co, to Joseph Combs of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, corner to Jeffery JOHNSTON, corner James PETERS, John CATLET; wits: Jonathon GIBSON, James BOWIE, John RALLS, S/John CLARK, Margaret CLARK (Prince William Deeds, incomplete reference)

Other deeds indicate that this land was on the Prince William-Stafford County Lines; however, John Combs, Sr. returned from Prince William to Stafford following a 1756 Deed of Gift from his father, Joseph Combs I of Stafford:

10/11 Sep 1756 - 12 Oct 1756 (Stafford Co DB P:126-129) Indenture made Sept. 10-11, 1756 between Joseph Combs the Elder of Stafford Co. and John Combs, son of said Joseph of Prince William Co., for natural love which he hath unto his sd. son John Combs and 5 shillings, doth grant all that land on which sd. Joseph Combs dwelling plantation now is, lying and being in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County on South side of Beaver dam run b/b North side of sd. run as high as Brent Town Road and then extending over the North bank of the sd. run so as to include all the land above the sd. road to the sd. Tract containing by estimatin 1000 acs. more or less together with the mill upon the sd. run & all the appurtances thereof… John shall possess the separate and sole use of the stream called Beaver dam run with all profits therefrom arising and shall enjoy the same together with the mill thereon without hindrance.
Wits: Evan WILLIAMS Clk. to Thomson MASON Gent. /s/ Joseph (mark) Combs
Oct. 12, 1756
. Deed proved and admitted to record (Stafford Co, VA Deeds, Sparacio)

Between 1756 and 1763, John Combs, Sr., was again living in Stafford County, although the proximity of the Combs' land to the Stafford-Prince William county line creates considerable confusion - both as to land location and as to the identities of the various John and Joseph Combs. The following record, however, leaves no doubt as to whether Joseph Combs I of Stafford in 1723 was the same whose son, John, was also of Stafford in 1763:

21 Jun 1712 - 31 Oct 1763 (NN Land Patent Book I:100) Mr. John Combs of Stafford Co. 180 A. Beaver Dam & Long Br. of Acquia in said county. Surv. Mr. John MAUZY. Adj. CARY or FITZHUGH (now Washington), grant of George SIMSON & Michael JUDD 21 June 1712, Joseph Combs, said Joseph COMBE, WALLER & WARNER now RALLS. 31 Oct 1763

Virginia North Neck Land Grants, 1742-1745, Vol. II, compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, GPC, Baltimore, 1987

The above land is the same referenced in the 1723 Aquia Creek, Stafford County rent rolls of John's father, Joseph Combs I - designated as “Land that was Michael JUDD'S.”

The identity and ancestry of John Combs, Sr.'s wife, Seth BULLITT, is documented by the will of her father, Benjamin BULLITT:

3 May 1766 - 27 Oct 1766 (Fauquier WB1:108) Will of Benjamin BULLITT. Dated 3 May 1766. Proved 27 Oct 1766. To son, Joseph, all that is now in his possession and 2 shillings, 6 pence sterling, no more. To son Thomas BULLIT, a tract of land in the Province of Maryland, purchased of one HUTCHERSON, where my father, Joseph BULLITT, was buried. To daughter, Sith Combs and her husband, John Combs, 1 shilling 6 pence. To son, Cuthbert BULLITT, 1 shilling 6 pence. To daughter, Elizabeth BULLITT, slave, silverspoons, feather bed. To wife Sarah and six sons, slaves. Names six sons, viz: William BURDITT (alias BULLITT), John, George, Benoni, Parmenas and Burwell BULLITT. Exrs: wife, sons Thomas and Cuthbert BULLITT. Wit: Jonathan GIBSON, William CONNAY, Alexander PARKER.

Abstracts of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages of Fauquier County, Virginia 1759-1800, J. Estelle Stewart King

In 1768, one John Combs was listed on the Stafford Co, VA Rent Rolls, presumably John Combs, Sr., and again in 1773. (Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789) Over the next few years, John Combs appeared in a number of the extant records of Stafford County:

Apr 1781( Stafford Co D&WB 8 May 1780 - 13 Mar 1786:49) Apr. __, 1781. I, John BREDWELL of Stafford Co. to his son Wm. BREDWELL land on the s/s of the Brent Town Road & n/s of the Beaver dam run of Aquia joining upon the land of Mr. John Combs.

Deed & Will Abstracts of Stafford County, Virginia, 1780-1786. Ruth & Sam Sparacio)

Date to be entered (Stafford Co WB 8 May 1780 - 13 Mar 1786:197-200) Wm. KING & Lettice his wife of Stafford to Wm. CARR of Pr. Wm. Co…land in Stafford Co…Beginning at a marked white oak corner to Joseph Combs, on the Beaver dam run of Acquia…

Deed & Will Abstracts of Stafford County, Virginia, 1780-1786. Ruth & Sam Sparacio

John Combs, Sr., died testate, Stafford Co, VA, 1785-1786:

17 May 1785 - 13 Feb 1786 (Stafford Co D&W Bk 8 May 1780-13 Mar 1786:302) Will of John Combs of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County.

To my grandson NIMROD, son of my son John Combs dec'd., 10 shillings sterling

To my heir at law called John Combs, tho not christened, son of my son John dec'd., 10 shilling sterling.

To my wife SETH Combs during her natural life the following fifteen slaves (named) which were given to her and myself by deed from her father Benjamin BULLET.

To my son CUTHBERT the land he lives on and which were conveyed to him heretofore by me, and also 1/3 part of the slaves devised his Mother and their future increase, after the death of his Mother.

To my daughter BETTY CALLMERS, Negro Tim, in the possession of her husband, which I formerly gave her, and 1/3 part of the slaves devised her mother, after the decease of her Mother.

To my daughter in law SALLY Combs, Negro James during her widowhood to support her children; & after her marriage or decease, I give said slave to her children to be equally divided among all her children and their heirs, which she hath had by my son John, as well those children born before as after marriage.

To all the children of my son JOHN, as well those born before as after marriage, their heirs, after decease of their Grand Mother 1/3 part of the aforesaid slaves devised her & their future increase.

To my son JOSEPH and heirs, Negroes Jerry, Melinda and Leah now in his possession and their future increase.

Lend wife SETH during her widowhood the plantation and lands I now live on on the south side of Beaver Dam run and after her marriage or decease I give the same to my son Joseph and his heirs.

To my son ENNIS and heirs, Negroes Harry, Venus, Hester and Dinah and their increase, and also the tract of land he now lives on, and 803 acs. of land in Kentucky, a part of the Negroes are now in his possession.

To my son BENJAMIN Combs

[This abstract stops here with the comment that pages 303 and 304 are missing.] (Sparacio)

Note: This is apparently either in error, or this will is also recorded in another county as an abstract by Combs Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews shows that following the last paragraph above (Benjamin Combs) are mentioned aditional devisees: son Fielding and daughter, Sarah. The will was witnessed by Cuth BULLET, James FORD, Robert ASHBY. A Copy or transcript would be very much appreciated. Please post to Webmaster

The will of John Combs, Sr., signed in 1781, was not proved until sometime before 13 Feb 1786:

(Stafford Co D&W Bk 8, May 1780-13 Mar 1786:359-360) Appraisement of slaves and personal est. of John Combs, Sr., dec'd. Total: 863/10/10. Josh: Combs, Exr. Appraisers: Baily WASHINGTON, Wm. PHILLIPS and Jno. HARDY
At Court held for Stafford County Feb. 13, 1786, this inventory was ordered to be recorded. Added by Order of Oct. Ct. 1786, the crop of tobacco…3733 lbs…Ditto corn, 60 barrels.
/s/ Jos. Combs, Exr. (Sparacio)

John Combs, Sr. may, however, have been deceased by 1 Sep 1784 based on the following record in which his son, Benjamin Combs, at that time a resident of Frederick County, VA, deeded land (possibly a share of his inheritance?) to (his brother?) Joseph Combs:

1784 Sep 1 (Stafford Co D&W Bk 8 May 1780-13 Mar 1786:348-349) Sept. 1, 1784. Benjamin Combs & Sarah his wife of Frederick Co. to Joseph Combs of Stafford, 100 pds. for 190 acs. in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, upon long branch, b/b lands of Robt. KNOX, John Combs and land leased to Richd. READ.
/s/ Benja. Combs, Sarah Combs
Wits: Marquis CALMESE, Betty CALMISE
William BELL, Henry CATLETT

Nov. Ct. 1784. Above deed ordered to be Certified and at Court held in Sept. 1786 also acknowledged and ordered to be recorded.
Sarah Combs' relinquishment of dower was taken in Frederick Co. Sept. 15, 1784.

Note also that the above deed was witnessed by Benjamin Combs' brother-in-law and sister, Marquis and Betty Combs Calmes (See Below)

Known Issue of John and Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr.
(in the same order they are named in his will)
John Jr. (Luttrell)Cuthbert T. (Evans)Elizabeth (Calmes)Joseph III
Ennis (Rousseau)BenjaminFieldingSarah (Blanton)
  1. John Combs, Jr., born bef 1745, died 6 Oct 1780, Fauquier Co, VA, married 1773-1777, Sarah LUTTRELL, daughter of Richard LUTTRELL.
  2. Cuthbert T. Combs, born 1745(?), died 25 Jun 1815(?) married Sallie (EVANS?)
  3. Elizabeth “Betty” Combs, born ??, died ??, married Marquis CALMES, Jr., son of Marquis and Winnifred WALLER Calmes, Sr.

    4 Dec 1793 - 2 Apr 1794. (Frederick Co., VA Will Book 5, p. 475) Will of Marquis CALMES. Entire estate to wife: Betty CALMES. Nephew Capt. George CALMES, 500 acre grant on Shenandoah River, stipulation that 20 acres around the family burying ground to be reserved and never sold; nephew Capt. William CALMES (son of brother, William), living in Kentucky, 20 shillings in toto; nephew Marquis Calmes Combs, now living with me, son of Benj. Combs, 450 acres in Kentucky on Lulbegrud Creek and 80 acres more of Kentucky land (part of 400 acres that was to be procured by Marquis, Benjamin BERRY, Benjamin Combs, Cuthbert Combs and nephew Marquis). Nephews: Richard and Samuel PRICE (sons of Samuel PRICE), 700 acres of Kentucky land (one-half of Ledees Mount); Exrs: wife and nephew Capt. George CALMES. Wit: Robert CATLETT and George CATLETT. (Researcher Rhoda Fone)

    Were Richard and Samuel PRICE, sons of Samuel PRICE, kin to Reuben PRICE who married Dolly CODY, daughter of William and Sinai STACY Cody, and/or Anjer and Jane PRICE Price - both of which PRICE families were living in Warren Co, TN in the early to mid-1800s?

    24 Feb 1784 - Jul 1784 (Stafford Co WB 8 May 1780 - 13 Mar 1786:274-275) Indenture made Feb. 24, 1784 between Marquis CALMES Junr. in Hampshire Co., Gent., & Wm. PHILLIPS of Stafford…rent 300 acs. a part of it now in possession by a lease from Wm. CALMES Gt. Deceased the other part formerly the possession of McCULLOUGH lying & being one half on the s/s & the other half on the north run of Acquia commonly called Cannon's Dividing run up branch to line of the Grand Patent…white oak in a head of a Swaner…poison field…by HANSBROUGH'S gate…thence to CUMMING'S Spring Branch to the Branch that formerly divided McCULLOUGH and Jeremiah STARK… to hold during term of his natural life & the natural life of Elizabeth PHILLIPS his now wife & of John Sidenham PHILLIPS his son, or longest liver, paying every year on Sept. 29th 1500 lbs. of cropt tobacco.
    /s/ Marquis CALMES Junr., William PHILLIPS
    Wits: Wm. HARDING, Henry (X) REILY, John STARKE, Cuthbert HARDING. Rec. Stafford Co. July Ct. 1784 (Deed & Will Abstracts of Stafford County, Virginia, 1780-1786. Ruth & Sam Sparacio)

    Note: Marquis CALMES is same who married Betty Combs. See also Stafford Co VA & Hampshire Co VA.

  4. Joseph Combs , born 1749-1751, died 1810, Stafford Co, VA; married Mary (ROUSSEAU?) Sally or Rebecca PRITCHETT (Weedon?) Source for spouse?
  5. Ennis Combs, married 20 Feb 1779, Fauquier Co VA, Margaret ROUSSEAU, daughter of William ROUSSEAU of Fauquier Co, VA:

    Fauquier Co VA Marriage Bond 20 Feb 1779. Ennis Combs & Margaret ROUSSAU, dau of William ROUSSAU; Bondsman John Combs (Researcher Becky Goodin)

    Ennis and Margaret ROUSSEAU Combs are also named in the will of Margaret's father:

    19 Jun 1792 - 25 Jul 1798 (Fauquier VA WB1:130) Will of William ROUSAN [aka ROUSSEAU]. Wife Prsicilla to have land during her life, at her decease to be divided between 3 children - Henry, Margaret Combs, Nancy PETERS. Sons, John, William (wife Lydia), Henry (wife Sarah). Grandson, William ROUSAN (son of William), a Negro. Daughter Margaret Combs (wife of Ennis), a Negro. Dau. Susannah PAYNE and husband, Benjamin PAYNE, to have possession of a Negro. Daughter Nancy and husband, John PETERS, to have a Negro woman. Gr. Dau. Betsy KERR to have slave after decease of wife. Exrs: wife, son Henry, Ennice [sic] Combs

    Abstracts of Wills, Admins & Marriages of Fauquier Co, VA, 1759-1800, King, GPC, Baltimore, 1980

    “LUCKETT. - Thomas LUCKETT was a native of Maryland, but removed to Virginia, and settled there. He married Elizabeth DOUGLAS, and they had ten children --John, Richard, Thomas, William, Nathan, Joanna, Nancy, Polly, Elizabeth and Ignatius. William married Nancy Combs, daughter of Ennis Combs and Margaret ROUSSEAU and settled in St. Charles county, Mo., in 1835. He served in the War of 1812. He had six children - Elizabeth D., Thomas H., Jane N., Gibson B., John C., and Benjamin D. (PIONEER FAMILIES OF MISSOURI, by Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose.) See Also St. Charles Co MO & Fauquier Co VA

    Will of Ennis Combs

  6. Benjamin Combs, born abt 1749, Stafford Co, VA; died 10 Dec 1838, Winchester, Clarke Co, KY; married Sarah RICHARDSON, daughter of William and Izabella CALMES Richardson. (See Also Gen. Leslie Combs & Clarke Co KY)
  7. Fielding Combs
  8. Sarah “Sally” Combs, married (Richard?) BLANTON. See Also Fayette & Clarke Cos KY.

To Be Continued…