Frederick County was established in 1738-43 from Orange Co VA, but in 1753, the Fairfax Line was re-established, causing the southern line of Frederick Co to extend ca30 miles further south than earlier, with the new territory being acquired from Augusta Co VA. In 1753-4, Hampshire Co VA (now WV) was est. from Frederick Co, and in 1772, Dunmore (renamed Shenandoah in 1777) and Berkeley were created from Frederick. In 1836, Clarke was est. from Frederick, and Warren from Frederick and Shenandoah (No Combs are found on either 1840 or 1850 Clark or Warren Co, VA census indices).

Note: Except where otherwise noted, all Frederick Co, VA Court Orders were extracted and transcribed by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who has graciously provided them to Combs Research. Source: Frederick Co., VA Court Order Books 1 through 15 (1743-1772) from microfilm at Family History Center, Salt Lake City (Legend: FC-COB1:190 = Frederick Co., VA Court Order Book 1, p. 190) Sue adds that she only extracted Combs (and var. sp.) by surname and that the court orders undoubtedly include more Combs entries.

At least five Combs Families are found in early Frederick Co, VA, three of them earlier from Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA:

  1. Jane Combs, d/o Joseph Combs I, m 11 May 1741, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Va, John ASHBY.
  2. Joseph Combs II, s/o the above Joseph Combs I.
  3. Mason Combs, Sr. of Overwharton Parish, s/o John & Hannah (MASON?) Combs
  4. Robert Combs, father of Job Combs and grandfather of RW Gilbert Combs, came to Frederick by 1763-4 from Monmouth Co, NJ.
  5. Joseph Combs of Warm Springs Run

Notes: Both Mason and Robert Combs' lands were apparently in that part of Frederick that later became Dunmore-Shenandoah Co, whereas the land of Joseph Combs II and John and Jane Combs Ashby remained part of Frederick until into well into the 1800s. The land of Joseph of Warm Springs Run became part of Berkeley Co, VA in 1772 and Morgan Co, VA (WV) in 1820 (See below).

Jost HITE and Robert McCOY Chancery Suit (1749, 1771, 1786) and related Virginia Northern Neck land patents

1735/6 Jonas DENTON, John DENTON, and Thomas PALMER (who was styled as being of Maryland) received a Guarantee Bond from Jost HITE, dated 26 March 1735/36 for a 3100 acre tract of land in Augusta Co. on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. HITE was unable to procure the patent so, instead, the DENTONS and PALMER requested a grant from Lord Fairfax who had contested Hite's grants of land. Jost Hite and Robert McCoy finally filed a suit in 1749 in Chancery court to protect their interests and those of their partners from Lord Fairfax's claims. Later, patents (see below) were issued as a result of the lawsuit, and they do confirm the purchase of this 3100 acre tract in 1735. This suit was not settled until 8 May 1786 in the Appeals Court in Richmond.

The following are excerpts submitted by Jane McCann Walsh from Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia by Cecil O'Dell who quotes from a 1771 Court Decree in response to the lawsuit filed by HITE and McCOY in 1749.

“Whereas heretofore that is to say at a General Court held at the Court house in the City of Williamsburg aforesaid on Tuesday the tenth day of October which was in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty nine Joist Hite and Robert McCoy Plaintiffs exhibited their Bill of Complaint unto this Honourable Court of Chancery against the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland the honourable Thomas Lee Esquire President of his Majesty's Council and Commander in Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and the rest of the Judges of the General Court in Chancery.” (p. 20).

In a section on the DENTONS (pp. 383-384), O'Dell writes: “Jonas Denton, John Denton, and Thomas Palmer purchased 3,100 acres from Robert McKay, Jost Hite, William Duff, and Robert Green. The Dentons and Palmer received a Guarantee Bond (dated 26 March 1735/36) from Jost Hite to furnish a patent from the Governor of Virginia within 21 months. . . . Hite was unable to procure the patent; therefore, they requested a grant from Lord Fairfax. The grant was issued in six separate tracts totalling 3,117 acres.”

O'Dell includes a large, separate map with this book and numbers each tract. Also, inside are smaller sectional maps which show the later, smaller tracts. O'Dell cites “Joyner, Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, Frederick County, pp 15, 16, George Bowman.” The large map shows this 3,117 acre tract as being in what later became Shenandoah County. It appears that it was in Augusta County in 1738. It borders the Shenandoah River for approximately five air miles. In that area the river has a tremendous number of omegas. When this tract was later subdivided into six tracts, most of them had a portion on both the western and eastern sides of the Shenandoah.

The later patents (1750 & 1751 see below) stated the 3100 acre tract was in Augusta County. Part of Augusta Co. was included in Frederick Co. when it was created.

This 1771 Court Decree mentions the names of landholders, including the following in sequence: “ . . .Jonathan DENTON, John DENTON, Caleb ODELL, William WOOD, Francis McFELL, Robert COMBS and Job COMBS…” (p.22). This list of landholders apparently reflects the period circa 1770 since the COMBS, Francis McFELL, and William WOOD do not appear in Frederick Co. records until the 1760s.

What is most interesting here is the 1771 Court Decree lists Robert and Job COMBS as landholders but no patents have been located for them, and the first record we have for Job COMBS is an 1764 Frederick Co, VA. entry. While the DENTONS and a Samuel ODLE are in early Augusta Co., records, the Combs, and other land holders mentioned in the decree are not in Augusta records. Thomas PALMER, when he received his patent, was styled as being of Maryland. Is it possible that the “other landholders” bought or obtained their land from Jost HITE, PALMER, McCOY, DUFF, GREEN, or the DENTONS? A review of the original case file records would be interesting to see the actual date for this listing of landholders.

Per Jane, there is only one other mention of a Francis McFALL. He is listed in a “partial list” dated “by 1780” of land owners of a 6,460 tract which was due east of the DENTON tract, and straddling Passage Creek. Several of the Dentons are in this list, too, as is Caleb ODELL. The puzzling one is the parenthetical inclusion “sold to Joe Combs in 1763” after the name of Darby McCARTNEY. That is the only mention of a Joe or Joseph Combs in this book. There is a John REED, listed as “son of William REED,” and a Robert GRAY. Joseph Combs (~1727-1803) of the Tonoloway brothers had daughters, Mary and Sarah, who married a Daniel Gray and a William Reed, respectively. Sarah's husband Wm. REED was b. 1764 so of a different era, but this might possibly suggest that this “Joe Combs” was their Father or perhaps a little more likely, their Grandfather who is also believed to have been a Joseph Combs/Coombs.

The DENTONS, ODELLS, and Combs are found together in Frederick Co. & Shenandoah Co. records and branches of the same families migrated south into Jefferson Co., TN where they remained closely associated. Gilbert Combs had married Christina DENTON.

1739 December 13. Reward for runaway convict servant, Bartholomew Fryet, from Richland Farm, belonging to Charles Carter, Esq of King George County, Virginia, in the company of a servant, John Collins owned by Thomas Ridge of King George County. [Virginia Gazette, No. 177, Friday 14 December Friday 21 December 1739]

Thomas Ridge later moved to Rowan County, NC and was the father of Tory William Ridge, husband of Winnifred Combs of Surry County, NC. One of the tracts of land in Anson/Rowan County that Thomas owned was called Richland. Godfrey Ridge, father of Thomas, lived in St. Prince William Co, VA adjoining Col. Carter.

Submitted by George Baumbach

20 Oct. 1750 Northern Neck Land Grant to Captain John DENTON.
Right Honorable Thomas Lord FAIRFAX grants [417 acres] to Captain John DENTON of Augusta County a certain part or moity of land in 3100 acres..being on the North Forkof River of Shannondoah which he together with John DENTON Senior and Thomas PALMER of Maryland purchased in the year 1735 of Jost HITE as part of his Order of Council… Signed FAIRFAX. (Source: NN Land Grant Book G462/3, original image, VSLA Land Grant Digital Database).

21 May 1751 Northern Neck Land Grant to Thomas PALMER of Maryland.
Right Honorable Thomas Lord FAIRFAX grants [534 acres] to Thomas PALMER of Maryland a certain tract or moity of land in 3100 acres..being on the North Fork of River of the Shannondoah River which he together with John DENTON Senior and John DENTON Junior purchased in 1735 of Jost HITE as part of his Order of Council…beginning at a white oak corner to Benjamin DENTON…Signed FAIRFAX. (Source: NN Land Grant Book G:496/7, original image, VSLA Land Grant Digital Database).

22 May 1751 Northern Neck Land Grant to Thomas PALMER of Maryland
Right Honorable Thomas Lord FAIRFAX grants [500 acres] to Thomas PALMER of Maryland a certain tract or moity of land in 3100 acres..being on the North Fork of River of the Shannondoah River which he together with John DENTON Senior and John DENTON Junior purchased in 1735 of Jost HITE as part of his Order of Council…beginning at a white oak corner to Jonathan DENTON…Signed FAIRFAX. (Source: NN Land Grant Book G:498, original image, VSLA Land Grant Digital Database).

SE Note: Augusta Co. records (per Chalkley's Augusta Chronicles) show that John DENTON, Capt. John DENTON, Benjamin DENTON, Robert DENTON, Samuel DENTON, a Jonas and Jane DENTON, and a Samuel ODEL were inhabitants. See Frederick and Shenandoah Co. records for more information. No Thomas PALMER or Combs appeared in Augusta records; however, Job and Robert Combs, Caleb ODELL, Francis McFALL and William WOOD start appearing in Frederick in the 1760s.

Sept. 1766 Northern Neck Land Grant (Frederick Co.) to Francis McFALL for 240 acres in Powells Fort adjacent William WOOD (LPB N:184).

15 Sept. 1766 Northern Neck Land Grant (Frederick Co.) to William WOOD, 100 acres on Powells Fort (LPB N:219) HITE, GREEN, DUFF, and MCCOY patent

6 June 1797 Orange County, Grantee(s): Hite, Joist; Green, Robert; Duff, William; and McCay, Robert -- Representatives of.
James WOOD Governor…For consideration of the ancient composition of thirty five pounds Sterling paid into the Treasury of this Commonwealth, also in conformity to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery dated eighth day of May one thousand seven hundred and eighty six made in pursuance of a decreetal [sic] order of the Court of Appeals of the Sixth of the same Month. Between the Representatives of Jost HITE, Robert GREEN, William DUFF and Robert McCOY in the said decree named plaintiffs and the Executors & Heirs at law or other representatives of Thomas Lord FAIRFAX decd. and other defendants, there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto John HITE, Isaac HITE, and Abraham HITE sons & devisees, and the said John heir at law of Jost HITE decd, said John and Isaac HITE also being surviving Executors &c of Jost HITE. John HITE jr., William HITE, and Thomas CARTMILL and Anne his wife which John jr. William and Anne are Children and Devisees of Joseph HITE decd.who was a devisee under the will of Jost HITE which said John Jr. is heir at law of Joseph HITE, Mary HITE, Theoderick SEE [or LEE] and Catherine his wife and Alexander Pitt BUCHANAN and Sarah his wife which said Mary Catherine and Sarah are daughters and co-heirs of John HITE decd. eldest son & Heir at law of Jacob HITE decd. one of the sons and devisees of Jost HITE decd. George HITE Executors &c of said Jacob HITE decd. which said Jacob HITE deceased was Executor of Joseph HITE decd. Andrew McCOY eldest son & Heir of Robert McCOY who was eldest son and heir of Robert McCoy the elder James McCOY and Zachariah McCOY sons and devisees of the elder Robert McCOY decd. Isaac McCOY Son and Heir of Isaac McCOY decd. who was Son and Heir of Moses McCOY decd. son and devisee of the said elder Robert McCOY Sarah LEITH daughter & devisee of said Robert McCOY the elder Enoch JOB eldest Son and Heir of Margaret JOB decd. a daughter and devisee of Robert McCOY the elder George HOLLINGSWORTH eldest Son and Heir of Abraham HOLLINgSWORTH eldest son and heir of Hannah HOLLINGSWORTH decd. a Daughter and devisee of Robert McCOY the elder, John GREEN, James GREEN, and James WILLIAMS and Eleanor his wife only daughter and Heir of Moses GREEN decd. which said John, James, and Moses are devisees of William DUFF decd. Eleanor GREEN widow devisee & Executrix of Robert GREEN the elder decd. Robert GREEN eldest Son and heir of Nicholas GREEN decd. son and devisee of the said Robert GREEN the elder decd. a certain tract or Parcel of land containing seven thousand acres by survey bearing date eighteenth day of December one thousand seven hundred and thirty five lying and being in the County of Orange on South branch of Shanando River…begining at a black oak and white oak on the north side of said River above the land where Robert McCOY now lives…dated [6 June 1797].

(Source: VSLA Digital Image of 6 June 1797 patent issued to heirs of original grantees of 1735 patent, Northern Neck Grants X, 1795-1797, p. 550-553 (Reel 303, Recorded survey available. Northern Neck Surveys No. 4, 1795-1796, p. 545-546 (Reel 315, Original survey exists., Abstracted and submitted by Sue Elfving).

Notes: Survey for the above found on p. 545. There was a second patent for 2200 acres in Orange issued to same grantees on the same date by decree of the same court order (p. 546-550). The original 1739 patent shows Robert McKAY; however, the 1797 patent clearly shows the name to be McCOY. A 1735 patent for William DUFF shows him as being of King George Co., Virginia (Land Office Patents No. 16, 1735, p. 30). William DUFF also obtained land in Spotsylvania Co. and one Robert Green styled as being of St. Mark's parish in Spotsylvania Co. was also granted land in Spotsylvania in 1733. Robert McKAY aka McCOY Sr. must have been pretty old because there is an 1734 grant to Robert McKAY Jr.

Additional note about sources: For researchers interested in these families, the above referenced Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia by Cecil O'Dell is recommended. It also appears that the original case file for the Chancery suit are housed at the Virginia State Library. Digital images of record surveys (indices for case file) may be found at the Virginia State Library and Archives website in their Special Collections/Government Records/Historical Records/Virginia Colonial Records Project.

26 Dec 1749 Frederick Co, VA DB2:80. [Lease] Jeremiah CLOUD of Frederick County planter to Henry HARDIN of County aforesaid… Grant lease to farm Lett… all that tract of land joining to Jeremiah CLOUDS plantation… from the River to the Waggon Road … term of ten years… agree to pay sd. Jeremiah CLOUD Five hundred weight of Cropp Tobacco Yearly during the sd. Term of Ten Years. s/Jeremiah CLOUD. Wits: Marquis CALMES, Rebuen PAXON, Tho. WOOD. Rec. 13 Feb 1749. (Extracted from Frederick Co, VA Deed Book Series Volume 1, Deed Books 1,2,3,4, 1743-1758, Abstracted, Amelia C. Gilreath, Nov 1989, by Combs Researcher Carole Hammet who adds: no release found.)

Notes: Henry HARDIN m bef 1741, Wilmoth GEORGE, d/o Nicholas GEORGE. They were residing in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA when daughter, Wilmouth, was b 14 Apr 1741, and their son, Nicholas, 6 Jul 1743. Their daughter, Nancy, m John Combs, Sr., s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr. Both Henry and Wilmouth died testate in Shenandoah Co, VA, with each naming their daughter, Nancy Combs.

1749-1753 The RW Pension declaration of Robert Combs, made 21 Aug 1832 in Fauquier Co VA, includes the statement that he was b in 1753 in Frederick Co VA “near Berry's Ferry on the Shenandoah River.” Robert states that by the start of the Revolutionary War (1776), he was living in Loudoun Co VA. In 1770, a Robert Combs was tithed by Joseph Combs II, who was also earlier of Frederick, and if the same Robert he was probably born ca 1749.

14 Aug 1750 Joseph Combs, on petition, is granted an ordinary license for his home for one year. (FC-COB3:293)

1751-1753 Augusta Co VA. Mason Combs (Sr.) is recorded as a resident of Brush Bottom Ford, Southside Shenandoah River, located in that part of Augusta County which became part of Frederick County in 1753 when the Fairfax Line was used to adjust the Frederick/Augusta Co VA line.

1753 North Neck VA Warrants and Surveys. Bartholomew Combs Chain Carrier in survey of Alex WHITE assignee of James MCMILLEL; Bartholomew Combs chain carrier in survey of lands for Simon TAYLOR forfeited from John DYER (Extracted from ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA'S NORTHERN NECKWARANTS AND SURVEYS ((Extracted from North Neck VA Warrants and Surveys (Frederick Co VA) 1747-1780, vol. II; comp by Peggy S Joyner; Portsmouth VA 1985, by Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

TM Notes: See also Bartholomew of 1748 Charles Co, MD; 1753 Prince George's Co, MD and 1762 Frederick Co, MD.

1753-1754 Hampshire County was established from Frederick.

2 Sep 1755 Page: 7 “At a court martial held for Frederick County on Tuesday the 2d day of Sep. 1755Joseph Combs of the Company commanded by Capt. Edward Rogers be fined five shillings or fifty lbs. tob(acc)o for absenting himself from one private muster within twelve months last past.”

(Frederick Co., VA Militia Records by Barbara Little) submitted by Bob Combs

28 Dec 1755 Then Col. George WASHINGTON writes Capt. John ASHBY, h/o Jane Combs, in reference to both his wife, and his brother-in-law, Joseph:

To Captain John ASHBY of the second Company of Rangers:
I am very much surprized to hear the great irregularities which were allowed of in your Camp. The Rum, although sold by Joseph COOMBS, I am credibly informed, is your property. There are continual complaints to me of the misbehaviour of your Wife; who I am told sows sedition among the men, and is chief of every mutiny. If she is not immediately sent from the Camp,- or I hear any more complaints of such irregular Behaviour upon my arrival there; I shall take care to drive her out myself, and suspend you.

It is impossible to get clothing here for your men. I think none so proper for Rangers as match-coats; therefore would advise you to procure them. Those who have not receive clothing, for the future will receive their full pay without stoppages; and those already made, will be repaid them.

Those who have been clothed must either return them or allow stoppages. I would have you consult your men, and fall upon some method to supply them immediately. I have heard very great complaints about the mens pay; and that it has been misapplied: to prevent any for the future

I Order, that you have your accompts with the men properly stated against I come up. And always after you make payments hereafter, to take two receipts from each man: one of which you are to have entered in a Book kept for that purpose, for your own use; the other must be taken upon a sheet of paper, and transmitted to me monthly.

I have sent you one of the mutiny Bills which you are (as far as it relates to the men) to have frequently read to them. Further; acquaint them, that if any Soldier deserts, altho' he return himself , he shall be hanged.

Given Ye. at Winchester: December 28. 1755.

(George Washington Papers, Ashby Letter)

Notes: The above were Joseph Combs II and his brother-in-law and sister, Joseph and Jane Combs Ashby. See also (present-day) Fayette Co PA where George Washington, Joseph Combs and Jeremiah KENDALL (grandson of William and Elizabeth Combs Kendall) are found in the late 1760s.

20 Apr 1756 Capt. Henry HARRISON Company. Col. George WASHINGTON letter to Capt. Henry HARRISON congratulating him on having reached Fort Edwards [having earlier placed him in command of the fort “if it could be reached” on Cacapon River in Hampshire Co, the fort about 20 miles from Winchester [then-Frederick Co. VA]. (George Washington Papers)

Notes: Identifying the above Henry HARRISON could be helpful to those researching the line of Henry (Harrison?) Combs, b 1765-8, probably in Frederick Co, VA (s/o John and Nancy HARDING Combs and gs/o Mason Combs, Sr.)

4 Aug 1756 (Frederick Co. VA COB7:98) Charles BUCK and James McCOY Execd [?] Pltf agst Henry HARDIN and Jeremiah CLOUD } on petition. The defendants failing to appear…produced their note of hand…Judgment granted the pltfs in the amount of 4pds 4s plus costs.

1757 Town of Winchester, Frederick Co, VA Fees

[TM: Measured in Pounds of Tobacco] for Anno 1757

Margt. CALMES 65
Joseph Combs 140
Joseph Combs for BOWEN 95.

(Extracted from WINCHESTER VIRGINIA AND ITS BEGINNINGS 1743-1814; Katherine Glass Greene; Shenandoah Publishing House; Strasburg, VA 1926, Chapter XXVII, p 388, by Combs Researcher Thom Mont who adds that Marquis CALMES appears on the list just prior)

1758 Frederick Co VA Rent Rolls.

Joseph Combs

(Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789, possibly the poll that follows? Source Unknown)

1758 From Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774, Murtie June Clark, 1983, extracted by by Combs-Kendall researcher Denise Mortorff, and all believed to have been Frederick Co, VA Records for Joseph Combs II:

Bill from Joseph Combs to John KEATING, 10 May 1758
Joseph Combs, on list of Regimental Disbursement made to Geo. WASHINGTON'S Reg.15 Jun 1758
Jo:h Combs, poll taken in Frederick Co. 24 Jul 1758
Jo:s Combs, poll taken, Frederick Co 24 Jul 1758

Note: According to Virginia Historical Magazine Vol. 6, page 164, Joseph Combs was among those who voted for Col. George WASHINGTON on the 24th of July, 1758 as candidate for the House of Burgesses, from Frederick County, VA. The Bill from Joseph Combs to John KEATING was for a “gallon of corn” (George Washington Papers)

2 May 1758 We the Grand Jury do present Joseph Combs for wrong and cohabitating in fornication with Sarah ASHBY within the past 12 months by the knowledge of two of us. FC-COB8:29

5 Jul 1758 Grand Jury issued presentment against Joseph Combs for fornication. FC-COB8:62

Notes: See 1753 above. Sarah ASHBY (unidentified) was probably the mother of Joseph's natural(?) son, Revolutionary Soldier, Robert Combs alias ASHBY. See also 1759 below.

3 Jul 1758 - 5 Jul 1758 (Frederick VA DB4:369-70) Lease & Release. John HARROLD, Jun. of county of Frederick [to] John Combs of sd. County… land on south side of Shanando River the same being purchased by sd. John HARROLD Jun. from Aaron HARROLD by Deeds of L & R in County Ct. of Frederick, corner to James HARROLDS Land… 78 acres… s/John HARRELL [sic] Wits: Hugh WEST, Jno LINDSEY Jun., James WOOD Jun. (Frederick Co, VA Deed Book Series Volume 1, Deed Books 1,2,3,4, 1743-1758, Abstracted, Amelia C. Gilreath, Nov 1989)

Notes: John Combs (Sr.), elder son of Mason Combs, Sr., m Nancy HARDING. This land was in what became Dunsmore Co in 1772 (renamed Shenandoah in 1778), and was adjacent to HARDING Lands (See Shenandoah). Also note that George Combs, believed to have been one of John & Nancy Combs' sons, married, probably in Hawkins Co, TN, Lydia HERALD, d/o John HERRELL (a.k.a. HARRELL also) who d in Hawkins Co, TN. The relationship of the above John HARROLD to John HERRELL, if any, remains unknown (HARRELL, HERREL, HERALD, HARROLD, etc. are synonymous).

14 Sep 1758 Frederick Co VA Militia Payments, resulting from Act passed by Virginia Legislature authorizing back payments for [French and Indian War] Service included “… to the Militia… and for Provisions furnished by sundry Inhabitants of the said County, viz… Frederick County” (included):

“To Thomas SPEAK, captain, £2.14s.; John HARDIN, lieutenant, £1.4s., Magnus TATE, ensign, 14s; Charles LITTLETON, serjeant, 12s; John CHAMPAIN, do. 9s.4d,

“To Daniel JOHNSON, Stephen SUTHARD, James LINDSEY, Thomas LINDSEY, Jacob PRICKET, Thomas PRICE, Robert STEWART, Stephen JOHNSON, Isaac LINDSEY, John REGAN, Edward TIMONS, John HAMPTON, John COLSTON, Solomon LITLETON, Thomas ROBINSON, Edward DEGELL, 9s. each

“To Francis McCRIMAR, Gasper BEWTOOLE, Hugh STEPHENSON, Edward HAVEN, John HUDSON, Benjamin FULLOM, John VANCE, John STEPHENSON, Josiah Combs, James MORRIS, 8s. each

“To John LAMAN, James LEGAT, John DICKSON, Holaway PERRY, Joseph PIERCE, Henry VANMETER, Lawrence LENDAR, Edward MERGEE, Joseph VANMETER, Jacob MERGEE, Remembrance WILLIAMS, Josseph POLSON, William FIELL, Nicholas McINTIRE, Edward LUCAS, Robert BUCKUS, Benjamin SWEET, John TAYLOR, and Anthony TURNER, 7s. each (VA Statutes at Large, 7 Henings 171, 179, and 215) Search Words: McGEE, FIELD, LEGGITT, TIMMONS, SOUTHARD STEVENSON McCRAMER LEHMAN

Note: Other payments were made to men of Frederick Co VA under this act and on this date, all for back payments; however, the above list of men were listed completely and exactly in the order shown, and “appear” to have probably all been of the same company, with variations in payments based on the number of days served. The above Josiah Combs was probably the same whom Josiah H. Combs, author of The Combes Genealogy…, believed (for reasons still unknown to us) was an undocumented elder son of Mason Combs, Sr., having written that Mason's son “Josiah was in the Frederick militia in 1758, French and Indian War, and may have been in the Revolution…” Also note that later Van METER connections are found with the Monmouth Co, NJ Combs of Frederick-Shenandoah; and that a Stephen SOUTHER, said to have been b in Rockingham Co VA, is also said to have married Mary BUSSELL, and d in 1780 in Wilkes Co NC, his son, Jesse having m on 01 Apr 1800 in Wilkes NC, a Jane (a.k.a. Jean) Combs (ancestry unknown). Another possibility to be considered, assuming we find no additional records for a Josiah Combs, is that there never was a Josiah, and that the above was actually Joseph Combs II (See above, and also note that in both Richmond & Middlesex Cos VA, it appears that the given names of Joseph, Joshua & Josiah may have been either confused or interchangeable(?))

27 Oct 1758 Page: 19 “At a court martial held for Frederick County on Fryday the 27th of October 1758Joseph Combs of the Company commanded by Capt. Marquis Calmemus be fined ten shillings for absenting himself from one private muster within twelve months last past.”

(Frederick Co., VA Militia Records by Barbara Little) submitted by Bob Combs

08 Nov 1758 (Frederick Co, VA Court record book B, page 141) 8 Nov 1758. Lewis STEPHENS assignee of John ROTHER vs John STACEY, Maxamilion BUSH, Simon STACEY. Bail provided by Moses McKAY and Mason Combs. (Abstracted by Barbara Stacy Matthews)

06 Dec 1758 (Frederick Co., Court record book B page 180) 6 Dec 1758: Lewis STEPHENS assignee of John ROTHER who was assignee of John BARNS vs John STACEY, Maxamilion BUSH, and Simon STACEY. Bail by Moses McKAY and Mason Combs. (Abstracted By Barbara Stacy Matthews)

Notes: These are the earliest actual Frederick Co VA records located thus far for Mason Combs, Sr. In Overwharton Parish of Stafford Co, VA, during roughly the same years as Mason (1740-1751), are found the family of Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy (Pettit), two of whose children married, probably in Frederick Co, VA, the children of Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.; i.e., William Combs m Sith STACY and Ann Combs m Benjamin STACY, with all found in Rowan Co NC by 1768.

25 Jan 1759 Mary DUNN, Peter FORMAN, and Thomas COOMBS on behalf of Sarah his wife of said county acknowledge themselves each in debt to King George II for 100pds each in case they do not personally appear at the next General Court in Williamsburg to give evidence against Mary MURRY [sp?]. Mary DUNN had been robbed of 14 spanish dollars. FC-COB8:187

Notes: Thomas & Sarah COOMBS have not been identified. Could he have been the Thomas KUME below? See also Thomas COOMBS of Culpeper Co, VA in 1756.

5 Jun 1759 Court ordered that Joseph COOMBS Ferrykeeper keep a boat sufficient to carry a wagon and two horses with two able hands and that he enter into a bond which he did with John ASHBY his security. He was also granted a certificate for a license to keep an ordinary at the Ferry and he entered into a bond with John ASHBY his security. (FC-COB8:257)

5 Jun 1759 Larkin PIERPONT, pltf., agst John COOMBS, dft. } In case. Alias capias issued for the defendant, returnable to the next court. FC-COB8:258

9 Aug 1759 Larkin PIERPONT agst John COOMBS } In case. Deft did not appear. Judgment against the defendant and his bail William BAILEY. FC-COB8:297 & 309

SE Note: The above is the first court record I have found for John COOMBS (or Combs).

6 Sep 1759 Sarah ASHBY agst George STACY and Jemima his wife} In case. The plaintiff being married since the commencement of this suit , the suit abated on motion of the plaintiff. FC-COB8:319

SE Note: Could this be the same Sarah who cohabited with Joseph Combs? ASHBY may not be her new married name since this suit was obviously filed before her marriage.

2 Oct 1759 William MELDRUM and Mary his wife agst John Combs} In case. The court ordered an alias capias issued against the defendant. FC-COB8:322

9 May 1760 The Revd William MELDRUM and Mary Magdalena his wife agst Patrick Combs } In case. Continued to next court. FC-COB9:44

4 Jun 1760 The Rev. William MELDRUM and wife Mary Magdalena agst Patrict Combs. Defendant not found, suit ordered to be dismissed. FC-COB9:67

Notes: Presumably the first record was for John Combs, Sr., but who was Patrick Combs? Who were the MELDRUMS? No other Patrick Combs is found in early records anywhere in the US!

5-7 Feb 1759 Frederick Co VA DB5:204-9. Joseph Combs to Peter CATLETT, both of Frederick, consid. 5 shillings. Parcel of land containing 300 acres situate in Frederick and purch. by sd. Joseph Combs of Thomas HOOPER… corner to Adam FUNK… Rent: one Ear of Indian Corn on last day of said Term. Dated: 5 Feb 1759. s/Joseph Combs. Wits: John NEAVILL, Marquis CALMES. Release. Dated: 6 Feb 1759. Consid: L80. [same as above] Rec 7 Feb 1759 (Frederick Co, VA Deed Book Series Volume 2, Deed Books 5, 6, 7, 8, 1757-1763, Abstracted, Amelia C. Gilreath, 1990)

05 Mar 1759 (Frederick Co VA Loose Papers) I promise to pay or cause to be payd. unto John COUNTS his eares or a sines the full and just sum of six punds current money of vergenea on or before the ------- 25 day of December as witness my hand this 5 day of March 1759
test Mason Combs
John X STACY (his mark)

(Transcribed by, and copy in possession of, Researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews who writes: “This is a hand written document, in Simon's own hand, found in the loose papers of Frederick Courthouse”. Barbara has provided a copy of this record under Documents: Simon Stacy, 1759)

Notes: See Combs-Counts-Stacys together again in 1761, and yet again in the 1790s in Russell Co VA

1 May 1759 We of the Grand Jury present Joseph COMES for living in Fornication with Sarah ASHBY within the last twelve months by knowledge of two of us. FC-COB8:234

1759 Frederick Co VA Rent Rolls

John Combs

(Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789, Source Record Still Needed!)

Notes: It is not known why Joseph Combs was not on the 1759 Frederick County Rent Rolls. Might he and Sarah ASHBY have ‘skipped town’?

Nov 1760 North Neck VA Warrants and Surveys. Balsar Combs chain carrier in for survey of Geo. KELLER lands.

(Extracted from North Neck VA Warrants and Surveys (Frederick Co VA) 1747-1780, vol. II; comp by Peggy S Joyner; Portsmouth VA 1985, by Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

NOTE: Research provided by Cheryl Bloomfield indicates that Balser Combs is likely the same as Balsor COUNTS of Frederick Co, Va., who obtained a Northern Neck grant for 471 acres on a branch of McNishes Run adjoining the land of Charles Huddle on 1 Sept. 1766...(S=Northern Neck Grants N, 1766, p. 172 (Reel 295). He is later found in Rockingham Co, Va. records. The last name is shown as Counts, Counce, Koon(t)z, and other variations. Balser may have evolved from Balthazar. No relationship has been found between this Kuntz family and the Counts family of Shenandoah Co who later migrated to Russell Co, VA, and was allied with the Stacy family.

3 Dec 1760 Mason Combs agst John ALLEN and Elisha JOB} In case. Alias capias ordered issued against the defendant returnable to the next court. FC-COB9:215

Notes: See Combs-Allen in Surry Co, NC, and also note Mason Combs and Caleb JOB of Brush Bottom Ford in early Augusta Co, VA records (See also Oct 1761 below).

3 Dec 1760 William JENNINGS and wife Mary agst John Combs. Alias capias ordered issued against defendant and returnable to next court. FC-COB9:217

5 Dec 1760 Larkin PIERPONT agst John Combs} on petition. FC-COB9:246

5 Dec 1760 Thomas HARRISON agst John Combs. Court ordered alias capias issued against defendant and returnable to next court. FC-COB9:253.

1761 Town of Winchester, Frederick Co, VA Fees

William CALMEES 70
Joseph Combs 160

(Extracted from WINCHESTER VIRGINIA AND ITS BEGINNINGS 1743-1814; Katherine Glass Greene; Shenandoah Publishing House; Strasburg, VA 1926, Chapter XXVII, p 392, by Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

3 Mar 1761 John COUNTS agst John STACEY} on an attachment. John Combs and John ALLEN came to court and undertook for the defendant. FC-COB9:263

SE Note: This entry connects the John Combs in the Frederick Co. VA records with the STACYS, ALLENS, COUNTS and Mason Combs. See 3 Dec 1760 and 4 Mar 1761 re Mason Combs and John ALLEN; and 5 Mar 1759 re Mason Combs, John COUNTS and Simon and John STACY.

4 Mar 1761 William JENNINGS and his wife Mary agst John Combs} In case. Parties agreed and the suit was dismissed. FC-COB9:285

4 Mar 1761 Mason Combs agst John ALLEN and Elisha JOB} In trespass. Defendant did not appear, continued to next court. FC-COB9:285

6 May 1761 Joseph Combs is appointed overseer of the road from the forks of the river to the ferry landing in the room of John Reno. Ordered that the tithables three miles on each side of the said road work on same. FC-COB9:307 (Submitted by Bob Combs)

26 May -1761 - ????? - December 13, 1781 Shenandoah Co, VA. [Lease] Between Henry HARDIN, Sen. and Wilmouth his wife of County of Shenandoah to Reuben PAGDET, Jr. of same place… Consideration of five shillings…certain tract or lot of land…on the banks of the South river…there is contained 84 acres of land part of a larger tract granted to William RUSSELL by certain letters and patten 16th Dec 1735…said RUSSELL conveyed 2000 acres thereof to Thomas BINGHAM by his deed and bequeath same to his son, William BINGHAM by his last will dated 24th day, August 1737…said Wm. BINGHAM conveyed same to said Henry HARDEN by his deed 26 may 1761…rent of one pepper corn on ladyday next… Signed: Henry HARDEN, Sr. Wilmouth HARDEN. Wit: John NETHERTON Samuel PERRY Theopilus [Theophilus?] PAGETT. Recorded: 8/30/1781 [sic]

(Combs Researcher Butch Hicks)

????? - December 14, 1791 [sic] Shenandoah Co, VA Deeds. [Release] Between Henry HARDEN, Sr. and Wilmouth his wife of County of Shenandoah to Reuben PAGETT of county aforesaid…Consideration of two hundred and fifty pounds…84 acres (same as above) Wit: Same as above Signed: Henry HARDING Recorded: 8/30/1781 [sic] Wilmouth HARDING.

20 Aug 1761 - 2 Dec 1761 (Frederick Co, VA DB6:423-4) Methusalem EVANS and Ann his wife to Henry HARDING, both of Frederick Co, 2000 A, east side of South Branch of Shenando. s/Methuslem EVANS. Wit: Wm. GREEN, Frederick CONRAD, Jno. GREENFIELD.

(Frederick Deed Books 5-8, Amelia Gilreath, Nokesville, VA, 1990)

10 Oct 1761 “A court martial was held in Frederick Co., Virginia on 10 Oct 1761. It was ordered that John Combs of Capt. Henry SPEARS Co. be fined for absenting the last General Muster. It was ordered that Henry HARDIN Sen. Of Capt. Henry SPEARS Company on the motion of Lt. Abraham KELLER be discharged of further duty at musters.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Frederick County, Virginia Deed Books 17 and 18 1775-1780 plus Early Troop Records, 1755-1761, abstracted by Amelia C. Gilreath, March 1993, p.229)

SE Note: Henry HARDIN Senior was the father of Nancy Combs, and the husband of Wilmouth GEORGE (See 1779 Shenandoah Co, VA). Also note that this record places Henry HARDIN and John Combs in the same neighborhood (same militia company), and see 1751 Augusta Co, VA records showing Mason Combs, Sr. and Henry SPEARS both in Brush Bottom Ford area (of what would become Frederick Co, VA) and both also later in Surry Co, NC.

1762 Town of Winchester, Frederick Co, VA Fees

William CALMEES 90
Joseph Combs 200

(Extracted from WINCHESTER VIRGINIA AND ITS BEGINNINGS 1743-1814; Katherine Glass Greene; Shenandoah Publishing House; Strasburg, VA 1926, Chapter XXVII, p 395, by Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

May 1762 - July 1762 Shenandoah Store Day Book. Town of Winchester, Frederick Co, VA (present-day Clark Co). Selected Entries. Ed. Note: Words in [brackets] after names are common spellings for search engine purposes]

Mr. ALLON(sic) [ALLEN]
Capt. John ASHBEY
Nimrod ASHBEY & wife
Capt. Robert ASHBEY
Stephen ASHBEY
James BARNETT & wife
Benjamin BERRY
Joseph BERRY
William BILBRO
Lewis BURNATS & wife [BURNETT]
Capt. CALIMES(sic) & wife [CALMES]
Capt. Marqus CALIMES(sic)
Mr. William CALIMES
Henry CARTER & wife
Peter CATTLET & wife
Mr. Henry CHILES
Joseph Combs & son Johny
Joseph Combs & wife
Elijah Combs
Elisha Combs
William COOK
Andrew DAVIES Jr
Robert DAY
Bayles EARLE
Samuell EARL
George FARROW & wife
Achialls FOSTER
Thomas HILL
Frances HOWELL
William HOWELL
Landon HURST
Sandie HURST
Benjamin KELY & wife [KELLY]
Matthew KELY
James KING
Coll Fielding LEWIS
William LOVE
Daniell MORGAN
William REDMAN
Capt Edwrd RODGERS [Edward]
Edward RODGER Jr
George RUTE(sic) [RUDD]
George ROUTE
Peter ROUTE & wife
George SMITH
Taliferro STRIPING
William TAPE
Richard THRISHER & wife [THRESHER]
John TIMMONS & wife
Samuell TIMONS & wife
Thomas WATTS
Jonethan WOLFE
Mr. Peter WOLFE & wife
Jeremiah WOOD & wife
James WOOD
William WOOD Sr & wife, & son Johny
William WOOD & son William
John YOUNG & wife

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from the “Allason Papers Shenandoah Store Day Book, 3 November 1761-5 November 1763, Accession No. 12, Business Records, Archival and Information Services Division, Library of Virginia (microfilm reel 10 of 12 reels)

3 Jun 1762 Mason Combs agst John ALLEN and Elisha JOB} In trespass. The plaintiff asks the court to acknowledge the previous judgment and asks the jury to set the damages. FC-COB10:42

3 Jun 1762 The petition of Larkin PIERPONT agst John Combs is dismissed. FC-COB10:60

5 Aug 1762 Combs vs. Morgan
The petition of Joseph Combes (sic) against Ezekiel Morgan being agreed by the parties and ordered to be dismissed. FC-COB10:108

6 Aug 1762 Marquis Calmes vs. Hugh Fox
[not transcribed] FC-COB10:128 (submitted by Bob Combs)

8 Sep 1762 On the motion of Judith STACY who made oath according to law, certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration of the Estate of Simon STACY deceased, she having together with William HURST and Shadrach PARLOUR her securities entered into and acknowledged a bond of $500 for her due Administration of the said decedent's estate. FC-COB10:167.

8 Sep 1762 Mason Combs agst John ALLAN and Elisha JOB} In trespass. Jury sat and found for the plaintiff. FC-COB10:190

Notes: According to The Combes Genealogy…, the last record found for Mason Combs in Frederick Co VA was in 1762. This is not accurate based on records found in 1763 and 1764, but it may have been the last record of Mason as a resident of Frederick. The next recorded residence of Mason Combs, Sr. is in 1768 in Rowan Co NC, although either he or his son, Mason, Jr., may be the Mason Combs of Pittsylvania Co VA in 1767. Judith TOLSON, widow of Simon STACY, had also removed to Rowan Co, NC by 1768 - as had Benjamin and Ann Combs Stacy and William and Seth STACY Combs (children of Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr. and Simon and Judith TOLSON Stacy - See Combs-Stacy Connections).

11 Sep 1762 Michael and Lodorrick RHINEHART agst Mason Combs} trespass. The plaintiff by his attorney asks for an attachment against the estate of defendant. FC-COB10:289

4 Mar 1763 Michael and Sodowick RHINEHART, infants under 21 by Matthias TOLSER their guardian and next friend agst Mason Combs} In trespass. An attachment awarded by last court was executed and returned to the court to include 2 dishes, 6 plates, 4 pales, 3 iron pots, 1 frying pan, 12 wooden plates, 2 pr poll hooks, 1 pewter quart and 1 tin pint. Defendant did not appear . Jury to assess the damages at the next court and the sheriff to sell the items at public auction. FC-COB11:30.

4-6 May 1763 (Frederick Co VA DB8:392-5) Lease. Right Honourable Thomas Lord FAIRFAX Barron of Cameron in the part of Brittain called Scotland, Proprietor of Northern Neck of Virginia, to Joseph COMBES of County of Frederick Yeoman… Consid. of Rents and Covenants hereafter Reserved… Granted to farm lett unto said Joseph COMBES… Tract of Land Containing by Estimation Eleven Hundred [1100] Acres lying and being on Potomack River near the Warm Springs and joining to Lands of Joshua BAKER late Thomas BERWICKS… for and during the Term of Twenty one Years… Yielding and paying Yearly and every Year on the first Day of January the sum of Twenty Pounds. Dated: 4 May 1763. s/FAIRFAX. Joseph COMBES. Wits: John DALTON, Peter HOG, Gabriel JONES. Rec: 6 May 1763. (Frederick Co, VA Deed Book Series Volume 2, Deed Books 5, 6, 7, 8, 1757-1763, Abstracted, Amelia C. Gilreath, 1990)

The above land is further identified by the following patent:

11 Jan 1768 North Neck VA Patent Book O-113. George William FAIRFAX, Bryan FAIRFAX & Thomas Bryan MARTIN Esqs. 12 A. on Warm Spring Run in Frederick Co., part of Tract surv'd & reserved for His Lordship's use. Adj. Joseph Combs. (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol. II, Gertrude Gray, GPC, Baltimore, 1988)

Notes: Warm Springs Run of the Potomac River is almost directly across from the mouth of Little Tonoloways Creek at Hancock, Maryland, and only a few miles south of Coombs Fort of the Tonoloways Settlement. In 1772, Warm Springs became part of Berkeley Co, VA and in 1820 part of Morgan Co, VA (now WV). In 1763, the town of Hancock was in Frederick Co, MD, but in 1776 became part of Washington Co, MD. The land of Joseph Combs was adjacent to that of FAIRFAX, and he was probably the same as the Sep 1767 “Mr. Combs” listed in George WASHINGTON'S Accounts below. Also note that Thomas Bryan MARTIN was the s/o Frances, sister of Lord FAIRFAX, replaced George William FAIRFAX as agent of the Proprietorship.

? May 1763 Joseph Combs agst John ALLEN. FC-COB11:141

Notes: Is this the same John ALLEN who is in earlier Frederick records with both Mason and John Combs?

7 May 1763 Joseph Combs vs. Allen & Wingfield
……dismissed vs. Owen Wingfield as agreed by the parties… John Allen (deft.) did not show and was ordered arrested. FC-COB11:148 (submitted by Bob Combs)

? May 1763 Samuel BAILEY agst Mason Combs} In trespass. Defendant did not appear. FC-COB11:178

7 Jun 1763 (Frederick Co VA DB8:428-30) Lease. Darby MCCARTY to Job COMBES, both of Frederick. 5 shillings. 400 acres, land situate in Frederick … at the foot of a Hill on the west side of Pasage Creek… Rent of one Ear of Indian Corn at the feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel… s/Darby (O) MCCARTY, Hannah (H) MCCARTY. Wits: Paul FROMAN junr., Jacob FROMAN. [same as above] Release. Consideration L150. . Rec: 7 Jun 1763. (Frederick Co, VA Deed Book Series Volume 2, Deed Books 5, 6, 7, 8, 1757-1763, Abstracted, Amelia C. Gilreath, 1990) SW: Passage

Notes: Job Combs s/o Robert Combs of Monmouth Co, NJ (See 1764 below).

9 Jun 1763 Joseph Combs vs. John Allen
William Helm appeared in place of Allen.
FC-COB11:201 (submitted by Bob Combs)

01 Nov 1763 (Frederick County Record Book 11 page 343) 11/1/1763. John STACY, Thomas WILLIAM, Gilbert GORDON, Gersham KEYS, Gerrard SMITH, Thomas CROS, Daniel HUGHES ord to appear in Williamsburg court to give evidence against William COMES. (Abstracted By Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews. Sue Elfving adds that the surname of William on her copy is not clear in that the first two letters CO were clear but the last letters (2 or 3) were really flattened down into almost a fat flat line.)

Notes: The reason for the above court order remains undetermined; however, this may have been William Combs, s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr., and h/o Sith STACY, the only record of him found in Frederick Co VA thus far. He is next found in the records of Rowan Co NC in 1768 with his father, Mason Combs, Sr., and the STACY Family.

3 Nov 1763 Woodrow & Neilson vs. Combs
Messrs. Woodrow & Neilson (pltf.) agt. Elisha Combs
This day came pltfs. & their atty. but deft. Elisha came not, made default, whereupon it is considered by the Court that that (sic) the plaintiffs recover against the said defendant (and Joseph Combes who was returned bail for his appearance) the sum of twelve pounds twelve shillings and one penny, the debt in the declaration specified, and their costs by them about their suit in this behalf expended; and the said defendant in mercy, etc…but this judgement is to be discharged on payment of six pounds six shillings and one half penny with the interest thereon to be computed after the rate of five per centum per annum from the twenty fifth day of July 1763 till time of payment and costs.
FC-COB11:416 (submitted by Bob Combs)

6 Oct 1763 Thomas KUME agst John Combs} in debt. William WHITSON was bail for defendant. FC-COB11:299

Question: Could Thomas KUME have been the same as Thomas COOMBS of 1759 Frederick?

6 Oct 1763 Wodrow J WILSON agst Elisha Combs. Defendant being arrested and not appearing. If defendant does not appear at next court, judgment shall be given the plaintiff. Joseph Combs entered as bail for defendant. FC-COB11:313 [SW: Woodrow]

Notes: See Joseph and Elisha Combs in Winchester in 1762 and later in Loudoun Co, VA. Was Joseph father of Elisha?

1764 Frederick Co VA Rent Rolls

John Combs
Job Combs

(Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789, Source Record Still Needed!)

Notes: The above John Combs is apparently the same who purchased the 78 acres in 1758. Job Combs was the s/o Robert (& Mary ROBERTS?) Combs of Monmouth Co, NJ.(See Below) Why is Mason Combs not included on the above list? Both of the Joseph Combs?

1764 Frederick Co, VA Court Orders. “Joseph [Combs] is authorized by the County Court at Winchester “to keep a ferry boat on South River (South Fork of the Shenandoah) sufficient to carry a wagon and two horses.” (The Combes Genealogy…)

Notes: This order has not yet been located. The above reference is to Joseph Combs II . The author also notes (accurately) that this was the area where Mason Combs, Sr. had resided. This is also the year that Capt. Joseph Combs II is first found with a land survey in Loudoun.

7 Mar 1764 Samuel BAILEY agst Mason Combs} In trespass. Parties by their attorneys came to court and a jury heard the case. Judgment for the plaintiff. FC-COB12:33

SC Note: This is the last reference I found for Mason Combs who may have already left Frederick by this time (last found recorded as a resident of the county in Sep 1762).

-- May 1764 John COUNTS agst John Combs} In trespass. Defendant not found . Alias capias issued and returnable to next court. FC-COB12:117

Notes: Where was John Combs at this time? He appears to have possibly been out of the county?

10 Aug 1764 The court ordered the church wardens to find Samuel CONMES a baseborn child to John WRIGHT till he becomes of age. He is to learn to read and write. FC-COB12:160

Notes: Who was John WRIGHT? The father of Samuel, or the man to whom he was apprenticed? What happened to Samuel Combs? Who were his parents?

11 Aug 1764 Andrew COCKRUME agst John Combs [sc: followed by what looks like a junr. I could not read the entry]. (FC-COB12:179) SW: COCKERHAM, COCHRAN

14 Nov 1764 (Loudoun Co, VA Court Orders - 1764 Book B, pg. 500) “Joseph COOMBS [who was a witness in] Evidence for Levin POWELL, in the Suit of Josias MYLES [sic] …travelling thirty (30) Miles from Frederick County,” Virginia, to Leesburg. (Extracted from The Historian's Guide to Loudoun County, Virginia Volume I Colonial Laws of Virginia and County Court orders, 1757 - 1766 by John T. Phillips, II, by Combs Researcher Bob Combs, p. 520) SW: MILES

5 Apr 1765 Maxamillion BUSH vs Frederick COMBES. [sc: may have been COMBER] FC-COB12:376

Notes: See Maximilian BUSH in 1758 with Mason Combs, Sr. No other Frederick Combs has been located in this area, however, whereas there was a Frederick COMBER in early Virginia (See also 1800 Greenbriar Co, VA where a John Combs and Frederick COMBER are found on adjacent land).

4 Aug 1766 Court date Aug 5 1766) Combs pet. rejected……… Upon the petition of Joseph Combs praying for leave to erect a grist mill upon the Warm Spring Run , and that he may have an acre of land on the opposite side of the stream, belonging to the estate of Joshua BAKER, condemmed for the use of the said mill; to which Elizabeth BAKER, the widow of Joshua Baker, objected; and on hearing the parties, by their attorneys, the same is dismissed, it not appearing (sic) to the Court that the lease made by Lord Fairfax to the said Joseph Combs did not reach to the Run where he proposed to erect a mill, and for that the said Joshua [Baker] purchased the land for that purpose & that he had since enlarged the tract with that view; from which said judgement the said Joseph [Combs] prayed an appeal, which was over ruled.

Van Swearigen [Clerk]

FC-C OB13:128 (Full Extract submitted by Bob Combs)

Notes: See Joseph Combs of 1763 Warm Springs Run land adjacent that of Joshua BAKER.

7 Oct 1766 Indenture of Lease and release between John Combs and Simon CARSON and acknowledged by the said John and ordered to be recorded. FC-COB13:217

SE Note: There was no mention of a wife. The transaction is recorded in Deed Book 11:204-5. The deed was made on 8/5/1766 and recorded 10/7/1766.

Ed Note: According to the Merry Stacy papers this land was the same as that purchased by John in 1758 (not yet researched). This is the last record located thus far for John Combs, Sr. in Frederick (See 1758 above and 1795 below), although he is later found in Shenandoah Co, VA (Dunmore-Shenandoah est. in 1777 from Frederick).

1767 (Frederick Co VA Wills) Will of Henry COMB (Virginia Wills and Administrations, Torrance)

Notes: This Record Not Found and Badly Needed! Might Mason and Sarah Combs, Sr. have had a son named Henry?

BC Note: I have personally checked the Wills records in the Winchester Judicial Center and found none for any such or similar from 1743 thru 1841. Can someone recheck the 'Torrance' source for spelling, etc……this appears to be a typo or mis-read by author.

07 Apr 1767 (Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 11, Pages 349-350) [Lease] Between Caleb ODELL of Frederick County [to] Robert Combs of the county aforesaid…consideration of five shillings sterling …One hundred and twelve acres of land situate lying and being in the county aforesaid …rent one ear of Indian Corn at the feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel…Witness: none. Caleb ODELL. Recorded 7 April 1767 Alex [X} ODELL.

(Frederick DB Book 11, Page 350) “[release] .. Between Caleb ODELL of Frederick County [to] Johnathan Combs aforesaid [Note Lease said Robert Combs] consideration of forty pounds…112 acres [same as above] …on the East side of Passage Creek… [rest same as above]

03 Aug 1767 (Frederick DB11, Page 478 and 479) Dated 3 August 1767. [The following seems to be a correction of the earlier entries.] “[Lease] Between Caleb ODELL and Alice ODELL his wife of Frederick County [to] Robert Combs of County aforesaid.. consideration of five shillings … one hundred and twelve acres of Land situate lying and being in the County aforesaid…on he east side of Passage Creek in the Job Combs line… rent of one ear of Indian Corn at the Feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel [sic] … Witness: John NEWMAN. S/Caleb ODELL, Alice [X] ODELL. Witnesses: John NEWMAN, Johnathan Combs.

Recorded: 4 August 1767. [Release] Same date as above.. All the same.. consideration of forty pounds, etc. Same Witnesses. etc.

(Abstracted primarily by Researcher Mary A. Sampson of IL, and provided by Combs Researcher Darlene Gleason who adds: Jonathan Combs must have been another person with Robert Combs and somehow was mistakenly listed on the release)

Combs Notes: Robert Combs came to Frederick Co VA from Monmouth Co NJ. The above Job Combs was his son; however, Jonathan Combs has not yet been identified. The Combs, ODELLS and DENTONS are next found in the records of Shenandoah Co VA where Robert Combs d in May of 1781. A number of descendants later removed to Early East TN where they are later found in the counties of Sullivan, Washington, Jefferson and Anderson/Campbell. (Thompkins (a.k.a. Thompson?) ODELL, s/o Caleb & Alice (THOMPKINS?) Odell m Abigail Combs in Washington Co TN on 03 Sep 1788. Ancestry of Abigail Combs remains unknown. Caleb ODELL d in 1796 in Washington Co TN. See Also Jonathan Combs of Sullivan Co, TN and Solomon Combs of Shenandoah VA to Early East TN. See also Combs-Odell of Prince George's Co MD

As will be seen by the records of Shenandoah Co VA and Sullivan Co TN, the New Jersey Combs and two (at least) different Stafford Co VA Combs Families, as well as (probably) an Amelia Co VA Combs Family, become almost inextricably intertwined, following many of the same migrations, and, eventually, some of the same naming patterns.

6 Sep 1767 Warm Springs, Frederick Co, VA. “Expenses in going to, from, and at the Springs”

To Messrs. Combs and HEREFORD [HAREFORD?] for Oats. 0.10.0 Maryland [currency]
David WHITE Pasturage & Butter 0.15.0 Maryland
William HEATH Ditto & Oats &c. 4.4.1 Maryland
BAKER the day we came away 0.1.? Maryland
RAWLINGS feed & horses 0.3.9 Maryland
[Paid] By George Wm. FAIRFAX Esq. for one half. By Geo. WASHINGTON for the other.

(George Washington Papers)

Ed. Note: See Joseph Combs (& the BAKER Family) of Warm Springs Run of 1763 and 1766, whose property was adjacent to that of George William FAIRFAX. Who was HEREFORD? (See also Combs-Harrison Families re Jane BARNES Hereford, sister to Anne BARNES Harrison).

From The Virginia Gazette (Rind transcription)

12 Jul 1770 - Williamsburg, VA;
Run away on the 19th of June from the subscriber [Bartholomew Fryatt], living on Middle Creek, Frederick County, Virginia, a servant man [not a slave] named Thomas Mulrain, of a swarthy complexion, about 25 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, born in St. Kitts in the West Indies, but chiefly bred in Scotland,; has a down look, wants one of his foreteeth, and had a mole on the side of his neck; had on when he went away a ragged shirt, tow trousers, an old felt hat, a lappeled country cloth jacket of a yellowish colour, new shoes, steel buckles. He served 7 years, and has 5 more to serve; he has been formerly a servant to John Combs, on Shannadore [Shenandoah River], in said county. It is supposed he went to some sea port, in order to ship himself for the West Indies. Whoever takes up said servant, and brings him home, shall receive twenty shillings reward, if taken up in the county, besides what the law allows; and if taken up out of the county, forty shillings, besides what the law allows; and if 100 miles from home, four pounds. Bartholomew Fryatt

Note: This John Combs on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, VA in 1765-1770 is up for discussion. It seems also possible the former master could have been a “Joseph” instead of ‘John’ Submitted by Bob Combs

1772 Dunmore (renamed Shenandoah in 1777) and Berkeley Counties were established from Frederick this year. The land of John & Nancy HARDING Combs and that of the Combs of Passage Creek all became part of Dunmore (Shenandoah) and the land of Joseph Combs of Warm Springs became part of Berkeley.

1776-1783 See Shenandoah Co VA re Combs & Combs-Associated Men who Served in the RW from Frederick and/or Shenandoah Cos VA

1782 Clark Co, KY Deed Index 3:296 & 299. Agreement of Divisions. Combs, Cuthbert &c. with Combs, Benjamin &c. 5800 A… Marques [Marquis] CALMES, Marques J. CALMES, Benj. A. PERRY [BERRY] were all of Frederick Co, VA and Cuthbert Combs of Stafford Co, VA.

01 Sep 1784 (Stafford Co VA D&W Bk 8 May 1780-13 Mar 1786:348-349) Sept. 1, 1784. Benjamin Combs & Sarah his wife of Frederick Co. to Joseph Combs of Stafford, 100 pds. for 190 acs. in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, upon long branch, b/b lands of Robt. KNOX, John Combs and land leased to Richd. READ. /s/Benja. Combs, Sarah Combs. Wits: Marquis CALMESE, Betty CALMISE, William BELL, Henry CATLETT
Nov. Ct. 1784 . Above deed ordered to be Certified and at Court held in Sept. 1786 also acknowledged and ordered to be recorded. Sarah Combs' relinquishment of dower was taken in Frederick Co. Sept. 15, 1784. (Stafford Co, VA Records, Deed & Will Book, 08 May 1780-13 Mar 1786, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

Notes: Benjamin Combs was the h/o Sarah RICHARDSON, s/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr. of Stafford Co VA. His sister, Elizabeth “Betty” Combs had married Marquis CALMES, and the Joseph Combs to whom he deeded land was probably his brother, Joseph Combs III. Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs were early residents of Frontier Kentucky, that part which later became Clark Co KY. When or how they acquired land in Frederick Co remains unknown (not researched?). That they were in Winchester, Clark Co, KY by 1794, is know from the will of Marquis CALMES (See Below)

1787 Frederick Co VA Personal Property Tax Lists

No Combs

14 Dec 1793 - 2 Apr 1794 Frederick Co, VA Will Book 5 pp. 475-478.

Will of Marquis CALMES of Frederick County, Virginia. In the name of God amen. I Marquis CALMES of the County of Frederick and Commonwealth of Virginia, being sick and weak of body but of Perfect Mind and Memory thanks to given unto God Calling unto mind the Mortality of my body and knowing that is appointed for all man once to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and commend my Soul into the hand of Almighty God that Gave it and my Body. I commend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors. Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall reclaim the same again by the Mighty Powers of God and as same Worldly State where with I hath pleased God to clasp me in this Life. I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Imprimus I give and bequeath unto my Dearly beloved Wife Betty CALMES /a Daughter of Seth Combs my whole Estate both real and personal of Every Kind by her freely to be possessed and Enjoyed during her the said Betty CALMES Natural Life and at her Death the said personal Estate is to be devided and Given away and Disposed as she my said Beloved Wife Betty CALMES may see cause and think most proper to do. But as my said real or Landed Estate after the death of her my said Beloved Wife Betty CALMES five Hundred Acres of Kentucky Land out of my Nine Hundred and Fifty Acres Tract lying on Lulbegrud to her and her Heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Nephew Marquis Combs that now lives with me and is a son of Benjamin Combs living in Kentucky Four Hundred and fifty Acres of my said Kentucky land on Lulbegrud which is the remainder of the above described Nine Hundred and Fifty Acre Tract to him and his Heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my said Nephew Marquis Combs Eighty Acres more of Kentucky Land it being one fifth part of an undivided four Hundred acre tract taken up in Company by me, Benjamin BERRY, Benjamin Combs, Cut Combs and my Nephew Cap't Marquis CALMES and whereon…there is a Mill Seat and is Adjoining the said Lulbegrud Tract to him and his Heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Nephew Rich'd PRICE and Samuel PRICE and are sons of Samuel PRICE in Kentucky seven hundred Acres of my Kentucky Land it being Half of a Tract of Land called Leedes Mount to them and to their Heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Nephew Capt George CALMES all and singular my Tract of Land of Land wheron I now Live Called Calmeses Neck Containing upward to Five Hundred Acres and Lying on the South Side of the Shenandoah River /but in Case my said Nephew Capt George CALMES or his Heirs should ever Sell the same that then and in that Case I do reserve twenty Acres out of said and to be Layed off around the Family Burying Ground that will be made here after to him and his Heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Nephew Capt. Marquis CALMES living in Kentucky and who is a Son of my Brother William CALMES twenty Shillings Lawful money of Virginia and no more of my Estate and Lastly I do Appoint my said Dearly Beloved Wife Betty CALMES Executor and my said Nephew Capt. George CALMES Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disallow make and Disannul all and every other former Testaments Wills Legacies Bequest and Executors by me made in any wise before named Willed and Bequeathed satisfying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. In Witness where of I have unto set my hand and Seal this 14th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand and Seven Hundred & Ninty three.

Signed Sealed Published Marquis Calmes /SS/

Pronounced and Declared By the said Marquis CALMES as His Last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who in his presence have hereto …subscribed our names:

George NOBLE



At Court Continued and Held for Frederick County the 2nd day of April 1794. This Last will and Testament of Marquis CALMES dec. was Proved by the Oaths of Robert CATLETT and George CATLETT two of the Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded. By the Court. Ja. KEITH Clk. Crt


(Transcribed from a copy of the original in Virginia State Library, Richmond Obtained by Phyllis Clendaniel & Transcribed by Calmes Researcher Eugene Cox)

Notes: Marquis CALMES III m Elizabeth “Betty” Combs, d/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr. The above land on Lulbegrud Creek was in Clark Co, VA. Calmeses Neck is in present-day Clark Co KY. See also 1799 and 1804 below. Seeking to identify ancestry and family of Samuel PRICE, Sr.

16 Jun 1795 - 15 Feb 1796 (Hampshire Co VA Deeds, Leases, Mortgages and Other Instruments) William McPHERSON of Hampshire Co VA to John Combs of Frederick Co. 200 a. on Beans Run . Wit.: Elias POSTEN, Thomas WHITE, Andrew WODROW, James CANDY (Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens from Early Records of Hampshire Co., VA, Clara McC Sage & Laura S. Jones) Search Word: WOODROW Note: Indexed as MCPHERESON

15 Feb 1796 - 15 Feb 1796 (Hampshire Co VA Deeds, Leases, Mortgages and Other Instruments) John Combs of Frederick Co [VA?] to William McPHERSON of Hampshire Co. [VA]. 200 acres Hampshire Co. Wit: none (Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens from Early Records of Hampshire Co., VA, Clara McC Sage & Laura S. Jones)

Notes: The above John Combs has not been identified; however, see also (1) 1782-3 Shenandoah Co, VA John Combs-Andrew WOODROW records; (2) later Hampshire records and (3) Combs-McPherson Connections in King George Co VA; Loudoun Co VA; Charles Co MD and Fayette Co, PA.

21 May 1799 Frederick Co VA Deposition of Marquis Calmes Combs, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Combs Richardson, and nephew of Elizabeth Combs, w/o Marquis CALMES, d 1794 (See above)

(Augusta VA Circuit Court Judgments - Causes Ended) John GRAVES of Frederick vs. CALMES - OS38, NS 13. Bill Filed 20 Sep 1794. In 1769 orator leased a tract from Fairfax who directed his surveyor, Wiliam HUFF, to make the survey near Marquis CALMES. HUFF lives in Loudoun. Marquis CALMES died testate, widow Elizabeth, nephew George CALMES. The land was granted by Fairfax to Marquis CALMES' father, grandfather of George. William HOUGH, aged about fifty-six (56) years, deposes in Frederick, 21 Jun 1800. He requested Col. Marquis CALMES in May, 1764 to show the corner. Thomas LLOYD, aged 56, deposes in Frederick, 21 Jun 1800. John GRAVES, Jr., aged abt 33 years, deposes in Frederick, 21 Jun 1800. Capt. Benjamin ASHBY deposes in Frederick 21 May 1799, aged abt 50 years. Thomas LLOYD, Jr. aged about twenty-nine (29), deposes in Frederick, 21 May, 1799. Marquis Combs, aged twenty-seven years (27); Richard JOHNSTON, aged seventy-seven years, deposes in Frederick, 21 May 1799, that he was chain carrier when HOUGH first surveyed. (Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkley, Vol. II, GPC, Baltimore, 1974, p. 79)

23 Sep 1804 - 3 Dec 1804 Frederick County Will Book 8, pp. 13-14.

Will of Betty CALMES of Frederic County, Virginia. Dated September 23, 1804 Proven December 3, 1804. In the name of God Amen. I Betty CALMES do make ordain and declare This Instrument which is written to be my last Will and Testament Revoking all others.

Imprimus- after all my Just debts are paid

Item I give and bequeth to my Nephew John Harrison Combs all my lands which I possess in the State of Kentucky also all of my Stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs & Sheep together with all my crops now growing also all my household furnishings & plantation utensials. I also appoint Nathan JACKSON and Joseph VINCENT my Executors to this my last Will & Testament as ascribed by my hand and Seal.

This twenty third day of Setember One Thousand Eight and Four.

Betty (her X mark) CALMES

{Seal}. Wit: Daniel POOL, Philip SMITH, Henry WIGER.

At Court held for Frederick County the 3rd day of December 1804. This last Will and Testament of Betty CALMES was proven by oaths of Phillip SMITH and Henry WIGER Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Nathaniel JACKSON and Joseph VINCENT the Executors Therein named & present to take on themselves the duties of Executors thereof wish the instrument to be certified and on the motion of John H. Combs who made oath according to Law. Administration is granting him with the Will arrangement of the said Estate. By the Court. Ja KEITH CC

(Provided by Calmes Researcher Eugene Cox. Transcribed by Calmes Researchers Bill Clendaniel and Eugene Cox from a copy of the original in Virginia State Library in Richmond and obtained by Phyllis Clendaniel)

Notes: Elizabeth “Betty” Combs Calmes was the widow of Marquis CALMES and d/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr. John Harrison Combs was the s/o Betty's brother and sister-in-law, Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs. He was in Clark Co, KY by 1817 (or earlier).

1830 US Census Index, Frederick Co VA

Eastern District

p. 049
Henry COUM

Notes: Unidentified, and no Combs found in 1800-1820, nor on the 1840 and 1850 Frederick Co, VA records.