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Important! This Report is still incomplete!

Hawkins County was established in 1786-1787 from both Sullivan County and, "north of Holston," the latter area including some of what had been early Washington and Russell Cos VA (present-day Scott Co, VA), some of which later became Virginia again.* In 1792, Jefferson was est. from Greene and Hawkins; and Knox from Greene and Hawkins. In 1796, Grainger was est. from Hawkins and Knox, and in 1801, Claiborne was est. from Grainger & Hawkins Cos. In 1844, Hancock was est. from Claiborne and Hawkins. In 1870, Hamblen was est. from Grainger & Hawkins.

*Disputes over the state line were ongoing between North Carolina and Virginia, but in fact, both states originally recognized land that was north of the Holston River as being Virginia. See Also Frontier Combs of Tennessee.

1792 Michael & Leticia GRIGSBY Roark removed to Hawkins Co, Tennessee from Rockingham Co VA in 1792 according to his RW pension of 1832. According to Michael's will and Dickey Diary Interviews, their daughter, Sallie, m Elijah "8" Combs, Sr., s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. and gs/o Mason COMBS, Sr.  (See also Combs of Clay and Perry Cos KY)

04 Dec 1792 [S&R] (Hawkins Co, Tennessee DB2:97) John PARTIN of Hawkins to Mashack STACY of same.. 200 acres on s side Holston R joining PAYNS entry on Dry Creek (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Mathews)

4 Dec. 1792 - 4 Dec. 1792 Hawkins County, Tennessee DB2:45.  John PARTEN sold 200a in Hawkins Co. to
Mashack STACY on the south side of the Holston on Dry Creek joining PAINE'S entry…wit: Jas MAYBERRY, John PAYNE. (Combs Researcher Sue Elfving)

BM Notes: Meshack (a.k.a. Mason) STACY, s/o John & Lucy SKAGGS Stacy (See Cody-Combs-Stacy Connections, Russell Co, VA, 1810 Green Co, KY will of Lucy's father, Henry SKAGGS, Sr., who also named daughter, Polly Combs). Meshack sold the above tract in 1793.

SE Notes: Mashack STACY is a son of John STACY JR [II] and Elizabeth ASHBY (brother of Simon STACY who m Judith TOLSON). Mashack first appears in records of Washington > Russell Co, VA, then to Hawkins, then back to Russell > Scott Co, VA where he died. He married Agnes BAILEY.

Note: The above conflicts are in midst of correction -- the web editor confused series of postings and will fix as soon as possible. Note

09 Sep 1793 - 14 Mar 1795 (Hawkins DB2:186) . Joseph ROGERS to William Combs, both of Hawkins Co, TN, £50, 200 Acres in Hawkins Co. "on south side of Holston River on Honeycutts Creek commonly called the Drye branch joining PAYN 400 acre entry." s/Joseph ROGERS; Wit: Thos JACKSON, Jas HAGAN (Abstracted by TN Researcher Billie R. McNamara)

Notes: What was the disposition of this land? Was this William Combs, h/o Sitha STACY, formerly in Surry Co, NC; then Montgomery Co, VA (with the SKAGGS and STACYS); then Sullivan Co, TN, and later in Russell Co, VA? Or was he William COMBS who removed to Green Co, KY (or both)?

02 - 20 Mar 1795 (Hawkins County, Tennessee DB2:213) Robert KING to Mason Combs, both of Hawkins County, £47, 150 Acres in Hawkins Co, TN "… at conditional line running parelell [sic] with Bays Mountain; to a line; to Bays Mountain; along said mountain; along a conditional line…" [land on Beach Creek]. s/Robert KING, Wit: Jno. THOMPSON, Wm. STAMPS. (Abstracted by Billie R. McNamara. See Also FHC microfilm #972798)

Mason Combs was possibly Mason Combs, Jr., s/o Mason Combs, Sr. and brother of William Combs (h/o Sitha STACY). Who was John THOMPSON? Kin to David & Nancy CODY Thompson?

10 Mar 1795 - 17 Aug 1795 (Hawkins Co, Tennessee DB2:242) Robert KING of Hawkins to Peter STACY of same..50a on Fowlers Crk. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

14 Mar - 17 Aug 1795 (Hawkins Co, Tennessee DB2:243) Peter STACY to Mason COMBS, both of Hawkins County.. £12, 50 acres in Hawkins County on Fowless(?) Creek on Bays Mountain to a markt line, along said line. s/Peter STACY. Wit: Thos. JACKSON, Poydextor PAYNE (TN Researcher Billie McNamara)

14 Mar -14 Aug 1795 (Hawkins County, TN DB2:243) Peter STACY of Hawkins to Mason Combs.. 50a on Fowlers Crk stake on Bays mtn.) (Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathew who adds: Part of 200a sold by Mason Combs' heirs on 9/9/1807 Hawkins Co, Tennessee DB2:242 - DB6:51)

Notes: Peter STACY was s/o John STACY, Sr. He appears to have been the same found the following year in Russell Co, VA, and later in Clay Co, KY (where he was killed in 1818).

25 Feb 1796 (Hawkins County, Tennessee DB??) Mason COMBS to Daniel JONES, both of Territory South of the Ohio River, land on Beach Creek… conditional upon JONES building a mill. (Microfilm 972799. Remainder of record still to be extracted.)

Abstracted from (1) "Families of Hawkins Co, TN," 1993, submission of Researcher: Donald R. BEAN, Rockville, MD; and (2) Revolutionary War Pension File S1915 of RW Daniel JONES:

Daniel JONES, Sr., b Mar 1757, enlisted at the age of 22 [ca 1779] in the Revolutionary Army at Hillsborough [Orange Co], North Carolina; served as a Private under Archibald LYTLE'S N.C. Regiments. He was taxed in Hawkins Co. in 1789 for a spotted boar (Knoxville Gazette 1792) and appears in account book of Thomas AMIS' store in 1794. He owned 144 acres on both side of Beech Creek. Applied for his pension 29 Aug 1832, Hawkins Co, TN, d 27 Jul 1841, Knoxville, Knox Co, TN.

1797 Hawkins County, Tennessee DB2:466 [or 422?] Robert BROWN to Martin JOHNSON, dated 12/26/1797, recorded 12/26/1797, registered 1798 (March Session)
THIS INDENTURE, Made this 26th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven BETWEEN Robert Brown of the County of Hawkins and State of Tennessee of the one part, and Martin Johnson of the County and State aforesaid of the other part, WITNESSETH that the said Robert Brown for and in consideration of the sum of ninety pounds to him in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, HATH, and by these presents DOTH grant, bargain, sell, assign, infeoff and confirm unto the said Martin Johnson his heirs and assigns forever, a certain Tract or Parcel of LAND, containing one hundred and fifty acres, be the same more or less, lying and being in the county of Hawkins on Dodsons Creek being the place where Miles Barret & Jno. Willis now lives on and holds by a deed from James Dodson and Raleigh Dodson in that bounds joining John Payne and Jacob Lauson with all and singular the woods, waters, water courses, profits, commodities, hereditaments, and appurtenances whatsoever to the said Tract of Land belonging or appertaining, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents and issues thereof, and all the estate, right, title, interest property, claim and demand of him the said Robert Brown his heirs, &c of, in and to the same and every part and parcel thereof either in law or equity TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said one hundred and fifty acres of Land, with the appurtenances unto the said Martin Johnson his heirs and assigns FOREVER against the lawful title, claim and demand of all and every person or persons whatsoever, SHALL and WILL WARRANT and FOREVER DEFEND by these presents.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said Robert Brown hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.
Signed, sealed and delivered s/Robert BROWN
in presence of
Jno PAYNE Jno. LAWSON [sp?]
(Transcribed by C. Hamet, 1995 from LDS Microfilm )

Notes: Martin JOHNSON, s/o James & Elizabeth UNKNOWN Johnson (Murrell), m by 1797, Sarah Combs, ancestry unknown. The grantor was RW Robert BROWN, who later removed to Knox Co, TN, then later to Warren Co, TN (as did the Combs-Johnsons, except some directly and some by way of Jackson Co, TN). Miles BARRETT, John WILLIS and Jacob LAWSON were also Revolutionary War Pensioners, all having previously resided in Henry County, Virginia, as had, probably, the Rev. Thomas MURRELL of Hawkins Co, TN, step-father of Martin JOHNSON, Sr. Raleigh and Mary DODSON, formerly of Richmond and Pittsylvania Cos, VA, and Caswell Co, NC, were close associates of the Rev. Thomas MURRELL in east Tennessee. John and William PAYNE are believed to have been brothers of Daniel PAYNE, husband of Sylvia Combs, also later of Warren Co, TN.

18 Feb 1801 Hawkins County, Tennessee DB1:337 dtd 2/18/1801 Martin JOHNSON to his son, William JOHNSON, reg March Session 1801, p. 337. Deed of Gift Martin JOHNSON to William JOHNSON Trans from Leber E Registered 1st March, 1801 Page 252. This Indenture made this 18th day of February, 1801 between Martin JOHNSON of the County of Hawkins in the state of Tennessee of the one part and William JOHNSON, son of the said Martin of the other part. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the love and affection that the said Martin bears unto the said William Johnson and for Divers other considerations as well as also for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings have given and granted on and by this present doth give and grant align convey and confer unto the said William JOHNSON his heirs and assigns forever the tract or parcel of Land on Dodsons Creek where Miles BARRETT and John WILLIS formerly lived containing one hundred and fifty acres joining John PAYNE Jacob LAWSON & others beginning on a Birch tree running west one hundred and ten poles then with the conditional line and patent line to the beginning. Also all the horses cattle household furniture & farming utensils that I am in possession of and all which said tract of Land and personal Estate as [is?] also warranted and is hereby warranted & defended from the claim of all and every person or persons whatsoever unto forever the said William JOHNSON and his heirs &c forever.

Signed Sealed Delivered s/Martin JOHNSON
in presence of

State of Tennesse
Hawkins County This Deed of Gift was proven in open court
by the Oath of David HYLER a Outstanding
Witness Hereto recorded ???? Session
Richard MITCHELL Clerk of Hawkins Cty
by Edw SCOTT his Deputy
(Transcribed by C. Hammett, 1995 from LDS Microfilm )

Hawkins County, Tennessee Deed Book 3, p 29, Martin Johnson to Jacob Lawson, registered 2nd February, 1802, Trans from Leber E page 245: THIS INDENTURE, Made this 14th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eighteen hundred and one BETWEEN Martin Johnson of the County of Hawkins & State of Tennessee of the one part, and Jacob LAWSON of said County and State of the other part witnesseth that the sd. Martin JOHNSON for and in Consideration of the sum of Five hundred Dollars to him in hand paid the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, asign, infeoff, convey and confirm unto the said Jacob Lawson his heirs and assigns forever, a certain Tract or parcel of Land containing one hundred and fifty Acres lying and being in the county of Hawkins on Dodsons Creek it being the same Land that Martin JOHNSON Ocupies and the same that said JOHNSON bought of Robert BROWN being one hundred & fifty acres more or less and With all and Singular the woods waters water courses profits commoditys, hereditaments, and appurtenances Whatsoever to the said Tract of Land belonging or appertaining and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents ? and issues thereof, and all the Estate, Right, Title, interest property claim and Demand of him the said Martin Johnson his heirs and assigns forever of in and to the same and every part & parcel thereof Either in Law or Equity To have and to hold the said one hundred and fifty Acres of Land with the appurtenances, unto the said Jacob LAWSON his heirs & assigns FOREVER against the Lawful Title claim and Demand of all and every person or persons whatever, will warrant and forever Defend by these presents.

In Testimony whereof the said Martin JohnSon hath hereunto set his hand and seal the date above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered s/Martin Johnson
in presence of
Raleigh DODSON
(Transcribed by C. Hamet, 1995 from LDS Microfilm)

22 Feb - 01 Nov 1802 (Hawkins County, Tennessee DB3:69) Dtd. 2/22/1802 Reg. 11/1/1802. Trust. Mason Combs to his Wife & Children. Registered 1 November 1802 Trans from Leber E, page 385. Know all men by these presents that I Mason Combs of the county of Hawkins and State of Tennessee for devers Good Causes & reasons well known, I do give & bequeath unto my wife Dorothy Combs Two Choice Cows all the Hogs & Sheep,two Sorrel mares all the beds & Furniture that now belongs to me to dispose of at her will after my decease the Tract of Land that I now live on I give and bequeath to my two Sons Simeon & Jeremiah to be Equally Divided between them Simeon to have the Lower end and Jeremiah Combs to have the upper End only Reserving to the use of their mother Dorothy Combs Ten acres out of each half when divided as She thinks proper to choose also the use of what Timber She may want for her use during her the two boys to have all the profits arising from Said Lands and their Mother to have the privilege of Renting and Seeing to the Said Land untill the boys comes of age [---] for all my Goods & chattles of every kinds whatsoever that now belongs to me I leive to my wife Dorothy Combs during her life or widowhood for the use and benefit of my children in Trust at the end of which it is to be Equally Divided among my surviving children only Simeon is to have the first Colt that the Big Sorrel mare brings and Jerry is to have as his own the yearlin colt now belonging to the Roan Mare Ther mother to have the charge & care of them untill the boys become of age and the Increase of sd colts young to Dispose of as She thinks fit. All these things I do Give and Grant as before mentioned and do hereby confirm.

In Witness of which I here unto set my hand & seal this 22nd day of February in the year of our Lord 1802. s/Mason [his M mark] Combs (Seal). Signed sealed and Delivered in presence of Wm PAINE, Jacob MANUS, Martin JOHNSON.
State of Tennessee)
Hawkins County) August Session 1802
Then the within Deed was proven in open court by the oaths of William PAINE Jacob MANUS and Martin JOHNSON. Richard MITCHELL-clerk (Transcribed by Combs Researcher C. Hammett, FHC Microfilm 972798 & 9)

Notes: (1) Shortly hereafter, witness Martin JOHNSON and his wife, Sarah Combs, removed to Jackson Co, TN, thence White Co, TN, thence Warren Co, TN (by 1812 at latest). In Jackson Co, TN, Martin JOHNSON is found as a near neighbor of William RIDGE, Jr. (m 1797, Surry Co, NC, Sarah HORN, d/o Richard), and s/o Tory William RIDGE, Sr. by his wife, Winnifred Combs, d/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Jr. (2) William PAYNE was 'somehow kin' to Daniel PAYNE, h/o Sylvia "Sylvy" Combs; (3) Jacob MANUS was earlier found in Montgomery Co, VA during same time period as Mason Combs. In his will dated 14 Aug 1814, and proved in Hawkins County, Tennessee (no date), Jacob MANAS (MANUS) named wife, Margaret; sons Daniel, Ephraim, Elijah; daughters Elizabeth MANAS Heirs [not specified], Sarah PAINE, Annas JONES, and Nancy VARNUM. The will was witnessed by Edwin HAMBLEN, H M.BUSSELL and John JONES. 

09 Sep 1807 - 30 Apr 1808 (Hawkins Co, TN DB6:51) 1808. Dorothy Combs S Combs Jeremiah Combs to Henry BURAM reg. April 30, ----. This Indenture made this ninth day of September one thousand and --- eight hundred and seven Between Dorothy Combs Simon Combs and Jeremiah Combs of the County of Hawkins of the one part & Henry BURAM of the other part and same County and state. Witnesseth that we the said Doroty simon and Jeremiah Combs for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred Dollars to us in hand paid by the said BURAM the Recipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged hath granted Bargained & sold ----- and sold and confirmed unto the said BURAM his heirs or assigns forever one certain parcel or tract of Land containing two hundred acres the same --- more or less lying and being in the County of Hawkins afforesaid on the south side ---- of Holston river and on the North side of Bays Mountain on both sides of ----- Branch -- adjoining land surveyed for said --elling Beginning at a white ash lying arond --- line and turning then paralel with Bays Mountain North forty ----- East two Hundred and -- fifty two poles to a chestnut Thence south forty seven west two Hundred and fifty two poles to a station [?] thence north forty five ---- along a conditional line and hundred and six poles to a poplar then said courses twenty poles to the Beginning and the said Doroty Simon & Jeremiah Combs Doth by these presents ------ to warrant and oblige themselves the-- heirs, Executors or administrators to warrant and forever defend the right and title of the said lands. and ----ements with the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said Henry Buram his heirs or Assigns In fee simple against the lawful Claims & demand of all and every person or ----- whatsoever. In Witness whereof we the said Doroty Simon And Jeremiah Combs hath hereunto Set Our hands and seals the day and date above mentioned. Dorothy [x] Combs (Seal). Simon Combs (Seal). Jeremiah [?] Combs (Seal). Signed sealed & delivered in the presence of us William ROWAN (Jurat), John WEBSTER, William ROWAN Senr., Peter BURAM (Jurat)
State of Tennessee)
Hawkins County ) Feby Session 1808
Then the within was proven in open court by the oaths of William ROWAN --- and Peter BURAM and ordered to be ------ (Transcribed by Combs Researcher C. Hammett, 1997, from a barely legible microfilm copy)

Notes: The above 200 acres is believed to be (a) the 150 Mason was deeded by Robert KING in 1795; and (b) the 50 a. Mason was deeded by Peter STACY in 1795. See Also RW Phillip KING of Sullivan, Hawkins and Warren Cos, TN w/daughter, Catherine BURUM(?). Following sale of this property both Simon and Jeremiah also removed to Warren Co, TN where they are found living adjacent to Daniel and Sylvia Combs Paine and Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson.

28 Aug 1810- 20 Jan 1811. Hawkins Co., TN, DB 6 pg. 284, Edward SIZEMORE'S heirs to William BROTHERTON; Grantor deed; George SIZEMORE, Wm. STACY, Myram SIZEMORE, Wiliam SIZEMORE, Byram STACY, and Edward SIZEMORE, all of Hawkins County, Tennessee to William BROTHERTON of Green County, Tennessee, for $300, 109 1/2 acres of land in Hawkins County, on a branch of Beech Creek, being the place where Wm. STACY now lives, adjoining Wm SIZEMORE and FIELDS. Wits: William PAINE, Jacob MANIS. (Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews from abstract provided by Aletha M. Fields)

BSM Notes: William STACY (possible s/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy) m Dolly (Dorothy?) SIZEMORE; and Biram STACY (s/o Benjamin & Ann Combs Stacy?) m Milla SIZEMORE. Milla (Millie?) and Dolly were d/o Edward SIZEMORE. In 1820, Biram is on the 1820 Jackson Co, TN census.

09 Sep 1815 (Hawkins TN WB:240) Dtd 9 Sep 1815. Prv. (not given). Will of John HERRELL of Hawkins, being old and knowing the frailty of man and the uncertainty of this life… daughter Polly ten dollars and all my housel [sic] goods at my wife's death… rest of my property, including negroes to be sold at discretion of my executors.. moneys when collected divided between my daughters Sally NORMAN, Tish NORTH, Lidy COMES and Polly HERREL. (Frank and Samuel WOODS my grandsons) between the two to have an equal part with my daughters which I have named and my sons Enock HERREL & John HERREL & my daughters Betsy SNARK and Winney PARROTT I have heretofore given their shares -- the boys in the way of land and the girls a negro apiece which I hope they will be content with, and I do appoint John HARREL [sic] and Jacob MILLER Executors… s/John [x] HARREL (ELS). Wits: David HENSHAN [?], Jesse McWILLIAMS, John GROVE and L. WILSON. (excerpted by C. Hammett, 1996 from Hawkins Co, TN Wills Vol. 1 (1786-1864), Eugenia L. Messick, Mtn Press, Signal Mtn, TN, 1992; Transcription of original wills re-copied by the County Court Clerk After the Civil War and Microfilmed by Tennessee State Library and Archives, Technical Services Section, Nashville, Tennessee, 37129, Microfilm Roll No. 31, Hawkins Co, TN)

Notes: Date of probate not extant. Lydia HERRELL (a.k.a. HARRELL, HERALD, etc.) m by 1800, George Combs, d 1822/3, Perry Co, Kentucky, named as one of the "eight" who first went to E KY, and a s/o John & Nancy Combs, Sr. of Floyd Co, KY. (See also Dickey Diary Interviews) The Combs & HARRELLS are found together as early as 1758 in Frederick Co, Virginia. The Identity of John's daughter who m a WOODS remains unknown; however, see also WOODS of Frederick Co VA and George & Polly (WOODS?) Morrison of Sullivan Co, Tennessee and Russell Co Va.

1820 US Census, Hawkins Co, Tennessee - not extant

1830 US Census, Hawkins Co, TN
p. 45
L21 MORRISON, Robert 210001-10001
L22 HICKS, Joel 112100001-0202101
L25 HICKS, David 11001-10001

p. 46

L04 COMBS, Thomas 100011-00001
L05 VAUGHN, John 0110101-0101101
L17 GIVENS, Charles 11020001-111001
L18 CLOUD, Joseph 20003-00011

Notes: This may be Thomas Combs, b 1796, s/o RW Gilbert & Christianna DENTON Combs (See next).

1832 McNairy Co, Tennessee. RW Pension Declaration of Gilbert Combs (s/o Thomas & Martha Combs Combs of Monmouth Co NJ, h/o Christianna DENTON of Shenandoah Co, Virginia) stated he came to Hawkins Co, Tennessee in 1832 [from Botetourt Co VA], and removed to McNairy County, Tennessee shortly thereafter. Could the 1830 Thomas Combs above have been his son? (He was in McNairy by 1850)

1832 RORK, Michael, born 9/29/1746. Bucks CO., PA, enlisted 1781; Rockingham Co., VA, in VA regiment…enlisted there again and; unnamed brother subbed for him to finish out his term of service.; Moved 1792 to Hawkins Co., TN where he pensioned in 1832. Soldier; died 1/9/39 Shenandoah Co., VA [sic]. Married Letty who pensioned age 90; Hawkins CO., TN. in 1840.; John KITE affidavit there then age 73 he; knew soldier and wife prior to their marriage; Nancy COMBS affidavit; 1839 age 87 Perry Co., TN [nb: should read Perry Co, KY] she was at soldiers wedding and resided; near them then, per that Co. Court Clerk Jesse COMBS. Widows son; John affidavit 1845 Hawkins Co, TN mother died there 6/24/44. her; children 1846: James (resident MO), Michael (resident MO), Sally w/o Elijah COMBS (resident KY), Betsy w/o Thomas WOLF (Green Co., TN), Rebecca w/o; William TUNNEL (resident Roane County, Tennessee), Hannah w/o George REYNOLDS (resident. McMINN Co., TN), Judith w of John KIRKPATRICK (resident Hawkins CO, TN); Polly wife of George MORRISSETT (resident Hawkins Co., TN), & John (resident Hawkins Co., TN). F-W5720 Reel 2083. (Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Volume 4, Patrick Wardell, p. 255-6)

Nancy [GRIGSBY] Combs above was the wife of Nicholas "8" COMBS, Sr.; Jesse COMBS was the son of Elijah and Sally ROARK Combs. Michael ROARK named his daughter, Sally, in his will:

25 Aug 1834 - 04 Feb 1839 (Hawkins TN WB:422-3) Dtd 25 Aug 1834. Prv. 4 Feb 1839. Will of Michael ROARK of Hawkins, somewhat weak of body… son, James RORK [sic] one dollar no more; daughter Sally COMBS who intermarried with Elijah COMBS one dollar no more; son Michael RORK one dollar no more; daughter Rebecca TUNNEL who intermarried with William TUNNEL, one dollar and no more; daughter Betsy who intermarried with Thomas SELF, one dollar no more; dau Sally [sic] REYNOLDS who intermarried with George REYNOLDS, one dollar no more; dau Julia KIRKPATRICK who intermarried with John KIRKPATRICK one dollar no more; dau Polly MORRISETT who intermarried with George MORRISETT one dollar no more; I wish that she remain on plantation on which I now reside as long as I or my wife survive should she choose to do so; … my wife should she survive me is to remain on my plantation, use and enjoy it as long as she lives; to my well beloved grandson, James RORK (son of John RORK) the tract on which I now reside.. but not to have possession of it until death of myself and wife, reserving use of it for our maintenance. Also bequeath to him all my personal effects of every description…; to my well beloved son John RORK, I bequeath four shares of the tract of land I bought of the heirs of Charles CAMPBELL joining the tract I live on and containing abt 150 acres; appt my well-beloved son and my beloved grandson James RORK my executors .. no bond required…s/Michael RORK; wits: D. ALEXANDER, Joseph MOONEY. (Hawkins County, Tennessee Wills Vol. 1 (1786-1864), Eugenia L. Messick, Mtn Press, Signal Mtn, TN, 1992, Transcription of original wills re-copied by the County Court Clerk After the Civil War and Microfilmed by Tennessee State Library and Archives, Technical Services Section, Nashville, Tennessee, 37129, Microfilm Roll No. 31, Hawkins Co, TN, excerpted by C. Hammett)

Notes: Elijah and Sarah ROARK Combs, Sr. m bef 1798, by which time they were living in Tennessee according to the birth and census records of their son, Jesse. By 1803, they were residing in Clay Co, KY, that part which became Perry Co, KY in 1820-21. According to their grandchildren, Michael ROARK m Lettie GRIGSBY. See his Revolutionary War Pension File which includes declaration by Nancy GRIGSBY, w/o Nicholas "8" Combs, Sr. of Perry Co, KY (brother of Elijah Sr.) which states she was at their wedding (When and where did they marry?). See Also mention of John KITE in Nicholas COMBS, Sr.'s Report. Also note that Thomas SELF was (wrongly) referred to as Thomas WOLF in Michael ROARK'S RW Pension File. George REYNOLDS and wife, Susan [sic], are later found in McMinn Co, TN.

1840 US Census, Hawkins Co, TN Census

No Combs

"Rogersville Review" Jan 30, 1896. "One Letitia ROARK, 93, widow of Michael ROARK, lived on Dodson's Creek, South Fork, in the Roark and Louderback Neighborhood." (1840 RW Pensioners, Hawkins Co, TN article)

1850 Hawkins County, TN Census

No Combs

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives