Scott County was established in 1814-5 from Russell, Lee and Washington Cos, VA, and was adj. to Sullivan Co, TN.

1815 Scott Co, VA. According to The Combes Genealogy…, William Combs, Sr. is last mentioned in an 1815 deed. The author does not state if it was in Russell Co or Scott, but implies it was a Scott deed, which would probably place it in the county's first deed book. The author also does not state whether the deed involved a land transaction or if William was a witness, etc.: "Last mention of old William Combs is in 1815, and he may be presumed to have died no great while thereafter." Unfortunately, this source may have also had the wrong William (more than once) so... research continues... See Russell Co, VA for more re William and Seth STACY Combs, Sr., who may have removed to Clay Co, KY well before 1810, in which case the above deed may not refer to him at all.

1818 Scott Co, VA Tax List

(Jeffrey Weaver's Transcription - Selected Entries)

No Combs by surname

CODY, William - - 1
CODY, Zedekiah 1 - 4
CODY, Thomas 1 - 1
DAVISON, Daniel 1 - 1
DAVISON, James, Jr. 1 3 2
DAVISON, Samuel 1 - 1
GODSEY, Daniel 1 - 1
GODSEY, John 1 - 4
GODSEY, James 1 - 4
GODSEY, Clinton 1 - 3
ISOM, Gideon 1 1 8
ISOM, Isaac 1 - 2
ISOM, Archibald 1 - 6
ISOM, Charles 1 - 1
ISOM, Isaac, Jun. 1 - 1
SMITH, John 1 - -
SMITH, John 1 - -
SUMMERS, John 2 - 4
STACEY, Meshack, Jun. 1 - 2
STACEY, Meshack, Sen. 3 - 5
SPEARS, Robert 2 - 3
SMITH, Benjamin, Jr. 1 - 3
SMITH, James 1 - 2
SMITH, Benjamin 1 - 2
WOOD, Jonathan 1 7 9
WOOD, John 2 4 11
WOOD, Henry 2 4 6

See Russell Co, VA and/or Clay Co, KY re most of the above. William & Sinai STACY Cody earlier resided on Crabtree Br. of Big Moccasin Cr. adjacent to William and Seth STACY Combs (Sinai and Seth having been sisters, d/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy).

1820-1840 Scott Co, VA Census

No Combs by surname

26 Apr 1826 Scott Co, VA Will of James DAVIDSON (abstracted). I James DAVISON of Scott Co., Va etc. To wife: Margaret DAVISON. To daughter Allice DULANEY (wife of William L. DULANEY) slaves and $658.00. To son Goldman DAVISON land on Clinch whereon he lives. To Grand daughter Drusilla DAVISON $200.00. To children of Robert DAVISON "which he had by Cynthia CHADWELL" the tract of land on which the said Robert died. To Elizabeth STACY the tract of land whereon she now lives. I desire after my dathe, all property, real and personal including slaves, except such as herein before disposed of, be sold at public sale on a credit of twelve months, etc. and the balance to be divided among my children in such manner as to put them all on an equal footing with each other etc... to wit: Ruth TATE $950.00; Elizabeth STACY $1,063; Katherine GOFF $650.00; Robert DAVISON $900.00; Polly MARTIN $650.00; Sally FUNKHOWSER $883.00; Peggy FISHER $765.00; Goldman DAVISON $990.00; And Allice DULANY the sum of $658.00 which includes the slave herein before willed her etc...
Executors: Goldman DAVISON and Margaret DAVISON.
Signed 26th April 1826.
Witness: J.W. MORISON, Thompson G. MARTIN, John S. MARTIN

At a court held for Scott County the 9th day of May, 1826 -- The last will and testament of James DAVISON Dec'd was exhibited in court and proven by the oaths of Jonathan W. MORISON, Thompson G. MARTIN and John S. MARTIN the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
Attested: John S. MARTIN, D.C.

(Provided by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

BSM Notes: Elizabeth DAVISON (a.k.a. DAVIDSON) was the widow of Simon STACY, Jr. (s/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy (Pettit), Sr.), b ca 1762, d ca 1822, Perry Co, KY. Simon's brother, Benjamin STACY, m Ann Combs (d/o Mason Combs, Sr.), and his sister, Seth STACY, m William Combs, Sr. (s/o Mason Combs, Sr.) Ruth DAVISON was the first wife of Capt. James TATE, s/o Robert TATE and near neighbor to the DAVIDSONS in Russell Co, VA. James TATE later removed to Warren Co, TN where he is found on the 1812 Warren Co, TN Tax Return of James COOPER (which includes numerous additional former Russell Co, VA men); and in 1814 was the Capt. of a Warren Co, TN Militia Company whose Sergeant, Martin JOHNSON, was the h/o Sarah Combs of Hawkins Co, TN. Joseph DAVIDSON (s/o Robert & Cynthia CHADWELL Davidson), b ca 1827, VA, m 23 Jul 1844, Perry Co, KY, Alice "Elsie Dutch" Combs (d/o Jesse & Polly BOLLING Combs, Sr.)

1 Oct 1840 Sarah Combs was married to David GRANT on 1 Oct 1840 by David JESSEE, Baptist, in Scott Co. Va.

(Washington Co VA Marriage Records)

Notes: What happened to David and Sarah Combs Scott? They are not found on the 1850 Scott Co, VA census. Where did they go next and when?

1850 Scott Co, VA Census

(no Combs by surname)

399-399 Robert H. GODSEY 26 M farmer 110 Va
Siatha 24 F Ky
Mary A. 6 F Ky
Augustus 2 M Ky
Charles 5/12 M Va

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Brenda Daniels)

Notes: Robert H. GODSEY, s/o James GODSEY) m bef 1849, location unknown, Seth (a.k.a. Sithe, Sythia, Syntha, etc.) Combs, d/o Jeremiah C. and Syntha SUMNERS Combs, and granddaughter of (paternal) Nicholas and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr. and (maternal) Samuel and Winnifred Combs Sumner (d/o William and Seth STACY Combs, Sr.). Winnifred Combs Sumner m second Robert HICKS, Sr. Robert & Winnifred are found in Russell Co, VA in the early 1800s, then in Clay Co, KY, that part which became Perry in 1820. Given that son, Augustus, was b in KY in 1848-9, and that Robert & Sith were back in Perry by 1852 (birth record of dau, Harriet), they were not long in Scott County. An excellent question might be why they were in Scott, and whether it involved any estate settlements and/or land distributions. Also, although not indicated in this record, Mary Ann was a Combs, not a GODSEY, born to Seth prior to her marriage to Robert H. GODSEY, father unknown (See 10 Oct 1859 Perry Co, KY marriage record for Marannie Combs & Riley GEARHEART). See also Robert H. Godsey History

8? 1855 Scott Co. Va. Marr. Register. Elkanon Combs (24) son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Combs to Harriet GODSEY (19) dau. of James and Dicey.

(Provided by Researcher L. Manlove from transcription of C. P. Kelley in 1959 from microfilm (reel 23) of original register.)

Notes: Elhannon Combs s/o Nicholas & Elizabeth Combs Combs, Jr. See 1850 and 1860 Perry Co, KY Census and 1868 Scott VA. Also note conflict between this record and the history of Robert H. GODSEY, which lists his mother as Harriet (two wives for James GODSEY or one record in error?). See also next.

29 Jan - Jun 1868 Scott Co, VA Will Book 6, page 38

Know ye by all these present, that I, James GODSEY of the county of Scott and state of Virginia, farmer being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament. 1rst I give and bequeath to my son Drewry S. GODSEY the following described tracts or parcels of land to wit: All the land I own on the north side of Big Moccassin Creek and known as the Stony Ridge lands containing in all one hundred and eighty three acres be the same more or less on his paying to me eight hundred and thirty dollars-at my death with out interest- in the manner and as required by a portion of written agreement between him and myself on the 4th day of October 1857 which said agreement is witnessed by James O. and H. C. WOOD and left in the pocession of the said J. O. WOOD to hold for us until my death at which time a settlement is to be made by my executor with said D. S. GODSEY who is to allow said D.S. GODSEY such sums with the interest theron till the day of death as shall appear to be due for me to said D. D. GODSEY under said agreement and if on making said settlement it shall appear that more than the above sum of $183.00 is due from me to said D.S. GODSEY then I direct my executor after named to have land enough valued and laid off my home farm by two disinterested persons as will be sufficient to pay said D. S. GODSEY whatever balance may appear from said agreement to be due from me to him and after the same shall have been laid off as above directed I then direct my executor to convey the same to said D.S. GODSEY by proper deed: Best if on settlement with said D. S. GODSEY by my said executor it shall appear that I am not indebted to said D. S. GODSEY under said agreement as much as the sum of $1830.00 then the said D. S. GODSEY is to pay whatever balance is due me under the said agreement , to my executor, out of his interest in the balance of my estate or in money. Second, I give and bequeath to my children viz. John GODSEY, Frances HAMILTON, Elizabeth FUGATE, Austin GODSEY, Robert GODSEY, Drewry S. GODSEY, Harriet Combs, Clarinda SALYER and my grand-daughter Sally GODSEY and the children of my son Clinton GODSEY all my lands lying south of Big Moccassin Creek to be divided among them as follows to wit: John GODSEY one-ninety, Robert GODSEY one ninety, to D. S. GODSEY one-ninety, to Harriet Combs one-ninety, to Clarinda SALYER one ninety, to Sally GODSEY one-ninety, and to the childrn of my son Clinton GODSEY dec'd one-ninety , to my daughter Frances HAMILTON one-ninety reserving the right to have her majority assigned to her so as to include her improvement, the improvement is not to be estimated against her in value. 3rdly and last having no other land or property to dispose of and having made provisions for my wife I hereby nominate and appoint Charles QUILLEN Executor of this my lasy will and testament. In testimony wherof I have here unto sey my hand and seal, and publish this to be my last will and testament in the presence of the witnesses below they all being present at this time this 29th day of January 1868.
James (his X mark) GODSEY.
Wits: Thomas J. FULLER, Whitley F. FULLER, S. H. MORRISON. Probated June, 1868

(Provided by Researcher L. Manlove)

1870 Scott Co, VA Census

Roll M593_1677

De Kalb

Page: 462B

198/196 Daniel Combs 26 m farm Labor KY
Easther L 26 f Keeping house KY
James F 4 m VA
Lydia SEXTON 13 f domestic servant VA

Submitted by Deb Coombs

1880 Scott Co, VA Census

Roll T9_1389; Family History Film: 1255389

De Kalb

Page: 169A

391/411 Daniel Combs m 36 m farm laborer KY KY KY
Estar F. f 36 wife m keeping house KY VA VA
James F. m 14 son s VA KY KY
Nancy J. f 8 dau s VA KY KY
Hannah F. f 6 dau s VA KY KY
Daniel m 4 VA VA VA

Note: The above is apparently John Daniel Combs, son of Francis Combs in the 1850 and 1860 Census in Perry Co, KY and 1910-1920 Hamilton Co, TN

Submitted by Deb Coombs

Nickelsville Baptist Church Cemetery, Scott Co, VA

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Scott County, Va Cemetery Records compiled by Phyllis L. Willits Peterson)

Dicey PERRY Combs w/o Alexander 15 Nov 1830 5 Dec 1887
Alexander Combs 1795 1868

Notes: Alexander Combs was b in Loudoun Co VA, but had removed to Russell Co VA by 1830. He is said to have m Lodecia "Dicey" PERRY (d/o William & Nancy PERRY Johnson). See also Alexander Combs with the same dates listed in the Snapp Cem. in Hancock Co, TN (temporarily included below)

Robert Combs 17 May 1832 2 June 1888 [s/o Alexander & Dicey]
W. E. Combs 1865 [s/o Samuel A. & Elizabeth, b Russell VA]
Alpha B. Combs 1875/9? 1931
Duary Ed Combs 1895 1965
John F. Combs 1897 1967
Willie E. Combs 29 Aug 1916 1 May 1923
Elizbeth Combs w/o S. A. Combs 19 Oct 1841 20 Jun 1901

Notes: Probably Samuel A. Combs, s/o Alexander & Dicey (See Russell Co VA)
(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from "Scott Co., Va Cemetery Records" compiled Phyllis L. Willits Peterson)

Snapp Cemetery

Mary Combs 4 Dec 1829 11 Feb 1902
W. M. Combs 26 May 1829 3 Dec 1913
Alexander Combs 1795 1868

Note: There is an Alexander Combs with the same dates listed in Nichelsville Baptist Church Cem. in Scott Co, VA

Poebe Combs 24 Sep 1867 8 Jun 1894
M. A. Combs 8 May 187- 10 Aug 189-
Albie W. Combs 26 Apr 1876 17 Jan 1964
Robert N. Combs 1862 1950
Charles B. Combs Tn Pvt 157 Depot Brig. 22 Jun 1922
William M. KINDERICK 13 Nov 1837 4 Feb 1908
Elizabeth Combs KENDRICK w/o W. M. 7 Jan 1855 7 Oct 1941
A. A. KENDRICK 14 May 1897 24 Jun 1897
W. M. KENDRICK b & d 15 Feb 1895
Hack KENDRICK s/o J. F. & Hettie GILLIAM 29 Nov 1921 5 July 1922

Vaughn Cem. Hancock Co., TN

"Calad" V. Combs 6 May 1850 29 Aug 1888

Note: listed as hard to read