Washington County, VA was organized from Fincastle Co VA in 1776-7 (Note: The records of Fincastle Co VA, an abolished county, are in Montgomery Co VA). In 1786, Russell Co, VA was est. from Washington, and in 1814, Scott from Washington, Russell and Lee. Note: We do not yet have a “handle” on the Combs of Washington Co, VA, although see also The Carlton Combs Letter.

Also note the following from Combs Researcher Debi Houser:

The problem with Washington Co & other Virginia counties that border Tennessee is that due to a state line dispute, by law, what is on the books for the latitude of Virginia's southern border with NC & TN, including the cities of Kingsport, Sullivan Co; Church Hill, Hawkins Co; & Shady Valley, Johnson Co, Tennessee, not to mention all of the city of Bristol (now split between Sullivan Co, TN and VA, should actually be in Virginia; and the towns of Twin Oaks, Alleghany Co; & Mt. Airy, Surry Co, NC should be border towns with Virginia. Some of the people who lived in these disputed areas refused to pay taxes to either state. Virginia made several legal attempts to “get parts of the line re-established”, but the courts have held -as did the Supreme Court in 1903, for instance- that “we will just have to learn to live with the surveying errors of the past”

(Excerpted from Families of Washington County and Bristol, Virginia 1776-1996 compiled by the Holston Territory Genealogical Society)

Washington Co, VA Personal Property Tax List 1782-1827 for COMBS & Related Families
1782-1805 FHC Microfilm #1905744, 1806-1827 Microfilm #1905745
Source: Original tax lists on microfilm from FHC, Abstracted and submitted by Sue Elfving

Virginia Tithables and Age

SE Note: The following is my understanding of the age requirements for white males being tithable and, in some years, just recordable, in the State of Virginia. This breakdown comes from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799, and seems to correspond to the labels on the tax lists although some lists are confusing. I have not checked these against the Virginia Statutes. At times I have found discrepancies. Females were listed only if they were the head of the household with taxable property or taxable dependents.

1759-1780 All white males 16 and over
1781-1786 Only heads of households
1787 All 16 and over with those under 21 so noted
1788-1799 All 16 and over, minors not noted

SE Note: This abstract tracks some of the families known to be related or associated with the COMBS families. Not all surnames were abstracted for every year (e.g. SKAGGS ); however, it does include all STACYS found and all COMBS. The surname COMER was tracked intermittently from 1782 to 1827 with all occurrences of a new given name or definition of a relationship (e.g. son of). Also included are names for some of the early notable families or pioneers found in the various stories about Indian Atrocities that occurred in the area (see Rootsweb Russell Co, VA website).


Captain BARNETT'S Precinct
[included the Big Moccasin Creek (later Russell Co) families]

Selected Names:
SKEGGS Zachariah 1wm, 4horses, 6 cattle
SKEGGS Aaron 1wm, 3hr, 4ctl
ROARK James 1wm, 8hr, 10ctl
BROWN Frances 1 wm, 3hr, 4ctl
SKEGGS Henry 1wm, 4hr
SKEGGS Charles 2 wm, 16hr, 15ctl
& son Archibald
CAIN Jesse 1wm, 9hr, 8ctl
COWAN Andrew 1wm, ?hr, 15hr
KILGORE Charles 1wm, 7hr, 20ctl, negroes Bill J Nan
TATE Robert 1wm, 9hr, 13ctl
DAVISON James Senr 1wm, 10hr, 16ctl 1 slave
HUSTON William 1wm, 21hr, 34ctl 1 slave Phil
DAVISON James Junr 1wm, 2hr, 8ctl
DAVISON Joseph 1wm, 3hr, 9ctl [next door to Jacob CASTLE]
HAMLIN Daniel 1wm, 5hr, 16ctl 3 slaves Frank, Jacob & Bett
WOOD Jonathan 1wm, 10hr, 21ctl 1 slave Ene
DAVISON Daniel 1wm, 4hr, 11ctl
FARRIS, Elisha 1 wm, 1hr, 6ctl
HERRELL Jeremiah 1 wm, 2hr, 3ctl 
STAPLETON Edward 1 wm, 2hr, 4ctl

Capt. FULKINSON'S Precinct

CALLAHAN Edward 1wm, 13hr, 10ctl

Major DYSART"S Precinct

PORTERFIELD, John Senr 1wm, 5hr, 6ctl
PORTERFIELD, John Junr 1 wm

Major MARTIN'S Precinct

Simon COCKRELL 1wm, 5hr, 19hr
James ROARK 1wm, 8hr, 10ctl


Capt. Alexander BARNETT'S Return

TATE, John, 1wm, 11hr, 12ctl
CAINE Jesse 1wm, 15hr, 8ctl
TATE, WM 1wm, 5hr, 10ctl
DAVIDSON James Junr 1wm, 5hr, 10ctl
DAVIDSON Joseph 1wm, 5hr, 10ctl
WOOD Jonathan 1wm, 14hr, 29ctl
DAVIDSON Jas Senr 1wm, 10hr, 17ctl 1 slave
HAMLIN Daniel 1wm, 5hr, 16hr
TATE Robert 1wm, 9hr, 17ctl
HUSTON Wm 1wm, 20hr, 40ctl, 1 slave
DAVIDSON Danl 1wm, 7hr, 9ctl
FERRIS Elisha F 1wm, 3hr, 5ctl 
PANE, John 1 wm, 4hr, 5ctl

Major Thomas MARTIN'S Return

COCKRELL, Simon 1wm, 11hr, 24 ctl

Capt. Samuel RITCHIE'S Return

RICHIE Alexr 1 wm, 7hr, 16ctl
RICHIE Saml 1 wm, 4hr, 11ctl, 1 slave
KILGORE Winny 0wm, 9hr, 19ctl

SE Note: These are the RITCHIES who moved to Eastern Ky. According to History and Families Knott County Kentucky, p. 341, this Alexander RITCHIE, born 1739, was married to Mary WILSON. Their son was Alexander Crockett RITCHIE, b. 1778, who married Elizabeth Susan “Betsey” GRIGSBY, the daughter of Nancy COMBS and Benjamin GRIGSBY. The identity of this Nancy COMBS? has yet to be determined. The Alexander RITCHIE Junior of the 1785 tax list may be Alexander Crockett RITCHIE, but if he is, then a 1778 date of birth is in error.

Capt. Robert CAMPBELL'S Return

SUMMER, John 2 wm, 6hr, 12 ctl

Capt. William COWAN'S Return

HERL Jeremiah 1wm, 2hr, 1cow
FRILEY Fred. 3wm, 7hr, 21ctl
STAPLETON, Edward 1wm, 2hr, 7ctl
HAMLIN Henry 1wm, 4 slaves, 4hr, 30ctl
BUSH, James 1wm, 5hr, 10ctl
NEESE, Henry 1wm, 1hr, 3ctl 

Major James DYSART'S Return

PORTERFIELD, Seth 1wm, 1hr, 0ctl
PORTERFIELD, John 1wm, 5hr, 6ctl
PORTERFIELD, John 1wm, 3hr, 4ctl

Capt. James FULKERSON'S Return

CALLAHAM Edwd 1 wm, 16hr, 11ctl
BENHAM John 1wm, 4hr, 24ctl 3 slaves
CRABTREE Hannah 0wm, 5hr, 8ctl
PORTERFIELD, Jas 1wm, 4hr



John BENHAM 1wm, 4hr, 26ctl, 3 slaves 

Alexander BARNETT'S Return

Jas DAVIDSON Senr 2wm, 6hr, 15ctl 1 slave
Jas DAVIDSON Junr 1wm, 4hr, 9ctl
Danl DAVIDSON 1wm, 4hr, 12ctl
Jos DAVIDSON 1wm, 4hr, 8ctl
Elisha FERRIS 1wm, 7hr, 7ctl
Wm HUSTON 1wm, 16hr, 16ctl, 3 slaves
Henry HAMLIN 1wm, 7hr, 27ctl, 4 slaves
John PAYNE 1wm, 4hr, 3ctl
John TATE 1wm, 3hr, 14hr
Robert TATE 1wm, 9hr, 14hr
Jonathan WOOD 1wm, 11hr, 21ctl, 1 slave

Henry SMITH's Return

SKEGGS No data
Simon COCKRELL 1wm, 12hr, 26ctl, 1 slave

Robert CAMPBELL'S Return

Reuben PRICE 1 wm, 1hr [future husband of Dolly CODY, d/o Wm CODY]
John STACY __ wm, 1hr [first year and possibly exempt- see 1785] 

SE Note: Reuben PRICE was the future husband of Dolly CODY, the dau of William CODY. This John STACY, since he was not tithed, was likely John STACY Senior [styled as John STACY Junior of Frederick Co, VA records. See 1785 tax records. This STACY is the first of this surname to show up in Washington Co, VA tax lists.

Wm SCOTT'S Return

Edw STAPLETON 1wm, 4hr, 4hr


Wm BOLEN 1wm, ?hr, 6ctl
James BUSH 2wm, 4hr, 9ctl
Jospeh WHITELEY 1wm, 1hr, 2ctl [in Alexander Barnett's Dist in 1785]


Aaron LEWIS'S Return

John PORTERFIELD 2wm, 4hr, 10ctl

COWAN'S Return [begins in the middle of M's so is incomplete]

John STACY Junr 1 wm, 2hr, 5ctl
John STACY Senr __ wm, 1hr, 2ctl

SE Note: This year's return establishes that John STACY Senior had definitely arrived in Washington Co, Virginia. Since he is styled as “Senr”, I think he was the John with no tithes in the 1784 tax list. Furthermore, since he was often not tithable once he settled in Washington/Russell Counties, I think we can say he was elderly (probably over 60) or infirm or both. The births of some of this John's children are recorded in the Overwharton Parish Records which establishes his wife's name as Elizabeth. According to Barbara STACY Mathews, Elizabeth, wife of this John STACY, was an ASHBY. He was a brother to Simon STACY who married Judith TOLSON. It is also a possibility that the John STACY Junior who appeared in 1785 with John Senior is the one who married Lucy SKAGGS instead of John STACY, son of Benjamin STACY who did not show up in Russell Co. until 1789.

David WARD'S Return

James COPE 1 wm, 1hr, 5ctl
Thomas TATE 0wm, 1blk>16, 0hr, 5ctl
William TATE 1wm, 1blk<16, 2hr, 13hr
Thomas FRANCIS 1wm, 3hr, 13ctl [adjacent to the TATES]
Philip NANCE 1wm, 7hr, 3?ctl

Saml RITCHIE'S Return

RITCHIE Alexander Senr 1wm, 2hr, 7ctl
RITCHIE Alexander Junr 1wm, 3hr
RITCHIE James 1wm, 1blk>16, 2blk<16, 1hr, 4ctl
RITCHIE Saml 1 wm, 1blk>16, 2hr, 6ctl
HAMLIN Henry 4wm, 9hr, 10ctl
CRUNK John Watts [did not abstract data]

Alexander BARNETT'S Return

DAVIDSON Daniel 1wm. 5hr, 18ctl
DAVIDSON James Senr 2wm, 1blk>16, 4hr, 15ctl
DAVIDSON James Junr 1wm< 4hr, 8ctl
DAVIDSON Joseph 1wm, 5hr, 9ctl
FARRIS Elisha 1wm, 5hr, 7ctl
HUSTON Wm 1wm, 2blk>16, 1blk<16, 16hr, 16ctl
PAYNE, John 1wm, 4hr, 4ctl
TATE John 1wm, 4hr, 4ctl
TATE Robert 1wm, 6hr, 15ctl
WHITELEY, Joseph 1wm, 2hr, 4ctl
WOOD Jonathan 1wm, 1blk>16, 13hr, 16ctl
KILGORE Robert 1wm, 5hr, 5ctl
KILGORE Charles 1wm, 3hr, 0ctl
KILGORE Winzer 0wm, 4hr, 4ctl [Winny KILGORE]

William COWAN'S Return

James BUSH
Frederick FRILEY
William BOLIN
Austin BUSH

[Last year to include what became Russell Co. in 1787]

Alexander BARNETT'S Return
[not alphabetized this year]

Joseph WHITELEY 1wm, 3hr, 4ctl
William HUESTON 1wm, 2blk>16, 2 blk<16, 17hr, 16ctl
John TATE 1wm, 6hr, 23ctl
Robert TATE 1wm, 6hr, 11ctl
Henry NEESE 1wm, 2hr, 9ctl
Jacob NEESE 1wm
James DAVIDSON Senr 1wm, 1blk>16, 1blk<16, 1or 7hr, 16ctl
Jonathan WOOD 1wm, 1blk>16, 3hr, 15ctl
James DAVIDSON 1wm, 4hr, 6ctl
Joseph DAVIDSON 1wm, 5hr, 8ctl
Daniel DAVIDSON 1wm, 3hr, 10ctl
Edward STAPELTON 1wm, 2hr, 4ctl [duplicated in Samuel Ritchie's list.
James BOUSH [did not abstract data]
William BOWLIN

Samuel RITCHIE'S Return

Alexander RITCHIE 1wm, 3hr, 8ctl
Samuel RITCHIE 1wm, 1blk>16, 4hr, 9ctl
Edward STAPLETON 1wm, 2hr, 4ctl

James DYSART'S Return

Thomas FRANCIS 1wm, 3hr, 12ctl 
Philip NANCE 1wm, 3 hr, 6ctl
William TATE 2wm, 1blk>16, 3hr, 19ctl
Thomas TATE 1wm, 2blk>16, 6hr, 19ctl

Robert CAMPBELL'S Return

HERALD James Senr 1wm, 9hr, 8ctl


SKEGGS No data
COPE William 1wm, 4hr, 4ctl 

Andrew COWAN'S Return

STACY John 1 wm, 1hr, 5ctl
STACY Mesheck 1 wm, 2hr, 2ctl [believed to be son of John Senr]
STACY John Senr 1 wm, __hr, 3ctl [tithe probably for nortorious son Peter]
BREEDING John 1 wm, 1hr, 4ctl


SE Note: 1786 was the last year that includes both Washington Co. and what was to become Russell Co, Virginia; therefore, a lot of folks dropped off the Washington list due to the formation of the new county. 1787 is an important list because it first lists the individual charged with the tax, and then names individual white males over the age of 21 and the numbers of white males between the ages of 16 to 21.

Land & PP “A” List

4/25 CALLAHAN Edward (chgd), Edward Callahan (>21), 0wm 16-21, 2blk>16, 12hr, 19ctl
8/1 WHITELEY John (chgd), John Whiteley, 0wm 16-21, 3hr, 8ctl

Land & PP “B” List

7/5 FRANCIS Thomas (chgd), Thomas Francis & son, 0wm 16-21, 4hr, 11ctl


PP List “A”

SE Note: For the next several years, most entries showed no tithable males. The poll tax on white tithable males was repealed. I assume the listed individual to be an “of age” male or the “head” of the household. Sometimes, the white male > 16 category does have numbers so these may be other male members of the household over sixteen enumerated for totals, etc. This year is also the first for the CORNETTS.

7 June CORNET Nathaniel 1hr
7 June CORNET Samuel 1hr
20 Oct CORNET William [no data]
20 Oct CORNET Rodger [no data]
20 Oct CORNET the Old Man 1hr

SE Note: The “Old Man” CORNETT probably refers to the father [William?] of William, Samuel, etc. The William CORNETT should be the same who married first Rhoda GILLAM (Wash. Co, VA marriage records) and second Mary EVERAGE (RW widow's pension file). Samuel CORNETT married first Mary BENHAM (Wash. marriage recs) and after their divorce (Russell Co, VA court recs) married Mary, reputed daughter of RW Soldier Daniel DAVISON. The 1790 tax list show an untithable William CORNET Senr

PP List “B”

28 June FRANCIS, Thomas 2wm>16, 3hr


PP List “A”

Just Edward CALLAHAN and the CORNETS. Edward CALLAHAN still in Washington Co in 1801.

PP List “B”

6/9 FRANCIS Thomas 1wm, 3hr [last year - see Russell Co next]
6/9 FRANCIS John 1wm, 0hr [adjacent to Thomas - note his tithables has dropped to 1

1790 -1799 PP List

No new related or associated surnames appear. CORNETTS still around but start to disperse to other areas in the early 1790s.


James DUFFEY Return List “B”

COMER John 1wm, 1hr
COMER John Jr 1 wm
COMER Richard 1 wm, 3hr


James DUFFEY Return List “B”

[COMERS on list]


No COMERS found


No new names found


PP Tax List Lower District List “A” Mathew Willoughby

COMBO, William 1wm, ?# blk>16, 2blk<16 5hr

PP Tax List List “B” William SNODGRASS

COMER John Senr 1wm, 2hr
COMER Richd 1wm, 4hr
COMER John Junr 1wm, 2hr


PP Tax List William SNODGRASS List “B” Lower District

COMERS (John Sr, Jr, and Richard)


No tax list for this year in Virginia


PP Tax List William SNODGRASS List “B”

No names, only COMERS

1810 PP Tax List

No names

1811 PP Tax List

No names


PP Tax List William SNODGRASS List “B”

COMERS (John Senr, John Junr, Richard)


PP Tax List William SNODGRASS List “B”

COMER John Senior 1wm, 2hr, grist mill
COMER John Junior 1wm, 1hr
COMER Richd 1wm, 1hr
COMER John (s/o Richd) 1wm 1hr

1814 - 1817 PP Tax List

No names


PP Tax List Robert EDMONDSON List “A”
[incorrectly labeled as “B”]

COMBO Wm 1wm, 3hr [not in 1817]
COMBO or COMBS Polly ____, 2hr [first year for Polly, clearly COMBS in 1820 ]

1819 PP Tax List



PP Tax List Thomas FULKERSON List “A”
[incorrectly labeled as “B”]

24 Mar. COMBS, Polly 1wm, 2hr


PP Tax List Thomas FULKERSON List “A”

COMBS Robt 1hr
COMBS Polly 1hr


PP Tax List Thomas FULKERSON List “A”

COMBS, Polly 1hr
COMBS, Robt 1hr


PP Tax List Thomas FULKERSON List “A”

19 Feb COMBS Robt 1hr

PP Tax List Wm SNODGRASS List “B”

COMERS (Jonathan, Jesse, Richard Senr, John Junr)


PP Tax List Thomas FULKERSON List “A”

COMBS, Robt R 1hr
COMBS, Polly 1hr

1825 PP Tax List List “A”

COMBS, Polly 1hr

1826 PP Tax List List “A”

COMBS Polly 1wm, 1hr


PP Tax List List “B” Edw LATHIM

21 Mar. COMBS Thomas 1wm, 1hr
21 Mar. COMBS Robert 1wm, 1hr

Chronology of Records

1788 (Montgomery Co, VA tax list) Taxes for the 1787/8 tax year. Tax Commissioner James NEWELL wrote: “A List of persons charged with tax in Montgomery County for the year 1787 who have removed before same could be collected”: (included) “Samuel SUMNER (kild, and his wife gone to Wash.)”

Notes: This may be the Samuel SUMNER whose widow, Winnifred COMBS, m next Robert HICKS, Sr. Robert & Winnifred COMBS (Sumner) Hicks, Sr. are found in Russell Co VA in 1800 and Clay Co KY by 1807. Clay Co KY) Others on Newell's list who are named as having “gone to Washington” are Jesse BROWN, Joseph DIXON and Morris SULLIVAN.

7 May 1790 Washington Co, VA Marriage Records

William CORNET to Rhoda GILAM by Rev. John FROST

(Summers Annals of Southwest Virginia, Vol. 2, p. 1258)

Notes: RW William CORNETT m (2) Apr 1796, at the house of George (and Polly WOOD?) Morrison, Sullivan Co, TN, Mary EVERAGE, ward of Simon & Judith TOULSON Stacy, Sr., two of whose children m children of Mason & Sarah COMBS, Sr. of Surry Co, NC (William COMBS, Sr. m Seth STACY and Ann COMBS m Benjamin STACY).

1795/08/10. Washington Co, VA DB1:422

1795/08/10. Michael STAR and Catharine his wife to Jacob MILLER, L100. 100 a. on both sides of the S. Fork of Holston River.

(Summers' Annals, Vol. 2, p. 1310)

Note: Michael STARR (also aka STARE) removed to Sullivan Co TN where aft 1816, he m Michal TRAYLOR, widow of RW William COMBS of Wilkes Co, NC, Charlotte Co VA and Sullivan Co, TN where he d in 1816.

ca 1798 John & Sarah MABRY Combs (m 1772, Guilford Co, NC) removed from Abingdon, Washington Co, VA to Jefferson Co TN.

(Carlton Combs Letter)

1810 Washington Co, VA Census

COMBS, Mary Washington, Page 232, Age ranges in household : 20000-20010-00

(Census Index CD, males-females)

Notes: Source record still needed, the above census CD is defective. Mary is the only COMBS listed on the 1810 Washington Co, VA census, and remains unidentified. It appears however, that she had two young males and two young females in the HH who may be among the Combs marriages that follow?

24 Oct 1816 Hannah COMES m Evan MINTON 24 Oct 1816 by J. JONES, Babtist, Widner's Valley

(Washington Co, VA Marriage Book, Holston Genealogy Society, Abingdon, Virginia, 1995)

1820 Washington Co, VA Census

COMBER, Robert, p. 200
COMBS, Polly, p. 202
MOSS, Wilbur, p. 222

(Census Index CD, source record still needed)

Notes: Were Mary COMBS of the 1810 Census and Polly (nickname for Mary) of the 1820 Census one and the same? See Also Wilkins MOSS below.

26 Jul 1823 Dorcas COMBS married Wilkins MOSS 26 Jul 1823, Rev. Stephen BOVELL, Presbyterian, at Sinking Springs Church, Washington Co, VA

(Washington Co, VA Marriage Book, Holston Genealogy Society, Abingdon, Virginia, 1995)

See Also Wilkins MOSS, 1830,Floyd Co KY and (widow?) Darcus COMBS of Wilkes Co NC

02 Jun 1828 (Washington Co, VA Minutes of the Board of Overseers of the Poor, 1826-1863, p. 25)

Claim of William MILLS for entertaining Keziah COMBS who was delivered of child at his house, and sending for a midwife, was presented for allowance which was examined, considered, and rejected.

(WASHINGTON COUNTY VIRGINIA MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF OVERSEERS OF THE POOR, 1826-1863, By Jack Hockett, Holston Pathfinder, Vol. 16, No. 2 (p. 61-32))

Notes: The above Keziah COMBS has not yet been identified, but her name in conjunction with William MILLS may be of interest due to the William MILLS who was administrator of the estate of George COMBS, deceased, in 1800 in Wilkes Co NC. No Combs have been located as heads-of-household on the 1830 Washington Co, VA census, and no COMBS have been found in Washington Co, VA cemeteries as yet with a ca1828 birth year.

1840 US Census Index, Washington Co, VA

Thomas COMBS, p. 204

1 Oct 1840 (Washington Co, VA)

Sarah COMBS m David GRANT, by David JESSEE, Baptist in Scott Co. Va.

(Washington Co, VA Marriage Book, Holston Genealogy Society, Abingdon, Virginia, 1995)

Notes: Sarah COMBS remains unidentified. The 1840 Washington Co, VA census/index not yet checked. See Russell Co VA as Sarah may have been kin to the Combs of Russell (from which Scott in 1814-15)

1850 Washington Co, VA Census

412/412 Thomas COMBS 50 NC farmer cannot read or write
Prissilla 48 VA " " " "
Wm. 14 VA
Jane 10 VA
David 6 VA

1999/1999 Calvin COMBS 25 TN farmer
Rosanna 26 VA

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Census Microfilm Records: Virginia, 1850 (#309) by Broderbund)

Notes: (1) Thomas COMBS, ancestry unknown, m Priscilla MOSS, d/o RW Soldier Wilkins MOSS (See Below) But who was Calvin COMBS? (2) See Calvin and Rose Ann COMBS of 1880 Johnson Co, KY. See also 1860 Sullivan Co TN Census re Calvin COMBS, age 23, TN, possibly a s/o John & Mary BOOKER Combs.

October 10, 1853 Washington County, Va. DB23:309-311

This deed made this tenth day, of October in the year of our lord One thousand eight hundred and fift three, Betweeen James C. GIBSON and Jerusha his wife, Charles H. GILMER and Frances his wife, Joseph B. GILMER and Caroline his wife, Daughtry GILMER and Nancy his wife, Reynolds S. SHOEMAKE and Rachel his wife, Abram BUCKES and Rebecca his wife, Phip REYNOLDS and Elizabeth J. his wife and George R. TODD and Sarah his wife, heirs of William GILMER decease of the county of Rusell and State of Virginia of the one part and Thomas COMBS of the county of Washington and state a foresaid of the other part, Witneseth, That the said parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sumof Fifty dollars current money in hand paid, do grand, bargain and sell unto the said Thomas COMBS all the right, titl, interestand claim which they have in and to a certain tract, apiece or parcel of land, lying and being in the said county of Washinton in Little Moccasin Gap and on both sides of the Rusell road containing by estimateion about four hundred acres, being the balance ofacertain tract of land, conveigned to the William GILMER deceased by David CAMPBELL by deed bearing date the 28th day of September 1835, and of record in the county of Washinton, after deducting there from one hundred acres sold and conveyed by the said William GILMER, deceased to Martin PHELPS and John PHELPS by deeds bearing date on the 3rd day of September 1841, and of record in the county court of Washintom reference to the said deeds being had will more fully appear. And excepting also from the said tract of land any lands which were sold and conveyed by the said David CAMPBELL to other persons previous to the conveyance aforesadi to the said Wm GILMER, and any other lands which said William GILMER deceased may in his life time have sold out of the tract aforesaid and all lands containin in the boundaries mentioned in the deed aforesaid from David CAMPBELL to William GILMER which may be held by older or better rights than that of said CAMPBEL only and right title and claim as the said William GILMER deceased had in and to said land at the time of his death. And which descended to the said parties of the first part. And the said parties of the first part covenant with the said COMBS that they will warrant generally the interests in the said land hereby conveyed. Winess the following signatures and seals.

Philip J. Reynolds (SEAL) Nancy Gilmer (SEAL) Elizabeth J. Reynolds (SEAL) Abram Buckes (SEAL) Daughtry, Gilmer (SEAL) George R. Todd (SEAL) Sarah A. Todd (SEAL) Rebecca Buckkles (SEAL) James C. Gibson (SEAL) Reynolds Shoemaker (SEAL) Jerusha Gibson (SEAL) Rachel Shoemaker (SEAL) Charles H. Gilmer (SEAL) Joseph B. Gilmer (SEAL) Frances Gilmer (SEAL) Caroline V. Gilmer (SEAL)

State of Virginia

Rusell County to wit: I Harvey T. Gibson a justice of the folage in the county and state a foresaid do certify that James C. Gibson, Charles H. Gilmer, Joseph B. Gilmer, Daughtry Gilmer, Reynolds S. Shoemaker, Abram Buckes, Philip Reynolds and George R. Todd, Whose names are signed to the foregoing writing bearing date in the 10th day of October 1853, have acknowledged the same before me in my county a foresaid. Given under my hand this day of Oct 28th 1853.

Harvey P. Gibson J.P.

Rusell County to wit:

We Harvey P. Gibson and S. Kidmore Munsey justice of the piece in the county and State a Forward, do certify that Jerusha Gibson wofe of James C. Gibson, Frances Gilmer wife of Charles H. Gilmer, Caroline Gilmer wife of Joseph B. Gilmer, Nancy Wife of Daughtry Gilmer, Rachel Shoemaker wife of Reynolds S. Shoemaker, Rebeca Buckles wife of Abram Buckles, Elizabeth J. Reynold wife of Philip Reynolds and Sarah Todd wife of George R. Todd, whose names are signed to the foregoing writing bearing date on the 10th day of October 1853, personally appeared before us in the county aforesaid and being examined by us pick by and apart, from their husbands and having the writings a fore said fully explained to them, they the said Jerusha Gibson, Frances Gilmer, Caroline Gilmer, Nancy Gilmer, Rachel Shoemaker, Rebecca Buckles, Elizabeth J. Reynolds and Sarah Todd each acknowledged the said writing to be her ac, and declared that they each had willingly executed the same and do not wish to retract it. Given under our hands this day of October 28th 1853.

Harvey P. Gibson J.P. S. Kidmore Munsey J.P.

State of Tennessee,
Margo [Maury?] County

This day came S.R. TODD and Sarah Todd before the undersigned justices of the piece in and fore said county and ackenowledged the asignment of the foregoing deed and the said Sarah Todd seperatedly and apart from her husband George R. Todd acknowledges that she signed the same freely and of her own accord with hbeing coaxed by her said husband that after fully understanding the same. Given under our hands and seals this 10th day of March 1855.

WM B. Rupell J.P. (SEAL) W.H.Hunter J.P.

The foregoing Deed was delivered to the Clerk of Washington County on this 11th day of March 1857 and admitted to record. Tested John G. Kreger D.C.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher JD Hysler)

10 Jan 1855 Pressella/Pricisla/Priscilla/Priscelle COMBS signed a power of attorney. on 10 Jan 1855, Washington Co, VA to agent to apply for pension of her father, Wilkins MOSS, witnessed by Hugh and William JOHNSTON. His bounty land application was rejected. Priscilla mentioned her fathers wife's death date was 3/1826 and soldiers death date was 2/6/1836.....

(RW Pension File: R7460, Reel 1781 F-R7460; Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Volume 3, p. 313;. Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files, Virgil D. White, 1995)

Notes: It appears that Dorcas COMBS who m Wilkins MOSS in 1823 in Washington Co, VA was a second marriage for him - either that or a different Wilkins MOSS? Perhaps a son? Priscilla MOSS Combs was the wife of the Thomas COMBS in the 1850 census record above. A Wilkins MOSS is listed on p. 94 of the 1830 Floyd Co KY Census Index. The same? He is not found on the 1820 Census Index, but a Wilbur MOSS is listed on p. 222 of the 1820 Washington Co, VA Census. Was he actually Wilkins MOSS?

1860 Washington Co, VA Census

(Transcribed by Researcher Milly for Debi Houser)

Western District
Post Office Abdingdon

#258 Thomas COMBS 52 M farmer 1,000 200 NC
Pricilla [MOSS] 42 F housekeeper VA
William 24 M farmer Va
Sarah 19 F weaver VA
David 16 M farmer VA

Notes: Thomas has aged only 2 years in 10, and Priscilla has grown 6 years younger in 10. Sarah was Jane in 1850.

#277 Francis COMBS 28 M farmer 700 200 Va
Sarah 27 F housekeeper Va
Calvin 9 M Va
George 8 M Va
Jane 7 F Va
Mary 5 F Va
Ellen 3 F Va
Eli 2 M Va

Notes: Who is Francis?

September 26, 1866 Washington County, Virginia, DB46:323

This deed mad this the 26th day of September 1866 Between Isham PRICHETT and Sarah Jane, his wife of the first part and William H. COMBS of the second part, Witnesseth, that in consideration of the sum of Thirty Dollars the said Isham PRICHETT and Sarah Jane his wife doth grant unto the said William H. COMBS all their right, title and interest of Thomas COMBS, Died, seized and possessed of the fourth of an undivided interest in the Real and personal estate of said COMBS deed lying and being in the county of Washington, --- and state of Virginia Little Moccasin Gap joining the lands of John H. SCOTT, David LILLY, Martin PHELPS and others. Witness the following signatures and seals.
Enter lined before signed

his Isham X PRICHETT (SEAL) mark her Sarah Jane X PRICHETT mark

Washington County to wit
I James PHELPS a Justice of the county aforesaid in the State of Virginia do certify that Isham PRICKETT whose name is signed to the writing above bearing date the 26th day of September, 1866 has acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid; Given under my hand this the 26th day of September, 1866.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher JD Hysler)

JDHNotes: Thomas COMBS' four children, William COMBS, Sarah Jane COMBS Pritchett, David COMBS and John L. COMBS each inherited a one-fourth of their father's Moccasin Gap land.

Apr 1890 Washington Co, VA Death Records, Page 11. Died: COMBS, Prsicilla. Date of death: April 1890

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Barbara S. Mathews from Death Records Indexing Project, Virginia Genealogical Society)

May 9, 1894, Washington Co, VA. Chancery Order book 1892-95 Pg 332

J.L. COMBS Vs W.H. COMBS Complt. Defendant

This cause came on this 9th day of May 1894 to be further heard upon the papers formerly read and the report of R. BUCHANNAN, John PHILLIPS and Abram Lilly COMBS filed on the 18th day of January 1893; and was argued by counsel , upon consideration whereof there being no exceptions to said report, it is adjudged, ordered and decreed that the same be and it is being confirmed, and it further ordered that the clerk of the court do certify a copy of the order here to fore entered in the cause appointing said commissioners, a copy of their said report and a copy of the ordered to the clerk of the county court of Washington County for recordation in his office. It is further ordered adjudged and decreed that J.L. COMBS who is hereby appointed a commissioner for the purpose do make sale of the one half interest the insane defend and David COMBS in the tract of land containing 141 acres in the bill and proceedings mentioned at such time, place and upon such terms as he may deem most advisable but said commissioner shall not make sale of said interest for a less sum than $500.00 which sale may be made privately or publicly and if made publicly said Comr. Shall give notice to the time, place and terms of sale by written hand bills posted in two or more conspiscians places in the neighborhood of said land and one on the court house bulletin at Abingdon. Said Comr. However shall not act under this decree until he shall have executed bond in the penalty of $200.00 before the court conditions as required by law, and he will report his action to the next term of this court and this causes is continued.
Ordered that court be adjuourned until tomorrow morning at 9 O'clock. Jno A. KELLY

At a circuit court continued & held for Washington Co, at the court house there of on Thursday May the 10th, 1894. Present Judge as on yesterday.

Page 334

J.L COMBS Gdn & e Complt. Vs W.H. COMBS et al Defendant

Upon motion of complainant the order of coninuance entered in this cause on the 9th day of May 1894 is set aside and upon motion of J.L. COMBS, Comr. He is permitted to file his report in this cause and it appearing to the court that the sale reported as of this day May 10th 1894 is an advantageous one for the insane defend and said report of sale is confirmed and the said J.L. COMBS is hereby authorized to take and hold the purchase money as committee of said David COMBS upon his executing before the clerk of this court, bond with good security to be filed in the cause with condition faithfully to account for said money as such committee and he is appointed a comr. for the purpose of making a conveyance of said ½ interest in said 141 acre tract to G.W. NUNELY the purchase thereof, which conveyance he shall make with convent of special warranty & he will report to the court.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher JD Hysler)

May 10, 1894, Washington Co. Va. DB55:15

This deed made this 10th day of May 1894 by and between J. L. COMBS Commissioner of the first part and G.W. NUNLEY of the second part, both of Washington County Va. Witnessith; That whereas by a decree of the Circuit court of Wash. Co. entered on the 9th day of May 1894 in the Chancery caused of J.L. COMBS Guardian of W.H. COMBS et al so the said J.L. COMBS was directed to make sale of the hereinafter described parcel of land. And by decree of said court entered on the 10th day of May 1894, the report of said J.L.COMBS, Comr' reporting the sale of said land was confirmed and said J.L. COMBS was appointed aspecial Commissioner to makea conveyance of said land. Now for and in consideration of the sum of $200.00 Cash in hand paid the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged the said party of the first part hereby bargained, sells and conveys to the said part of the second part a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Wash. Co. - on the Washinton and Russell Turnpoike [Turnpike?] adjoining the lands of CUMMINGS, PHELPS and MORRISON, & PATRICK, being the one half interest of David COMBS in the tract of land set aside to David COMBS and J.L. COMBS by partition in the suit of J.L.COMBS Guardian vs S.H. COMBS et al [W.H. COMBS?] so in the circuit court of Wash. Co. and the part of the first part warrants specially the land hereby conveyed. Witness the following signatures and Seal. J.L. COMBS, Special Comr' (SEAL)


JDH Notes: David COMBS was the s/o Thomas & Priscilla MOSS Combs, and was mentally retarded. William and John L. COMBS were his brothers. [John L. not on 1860 census?]

Washington Co, VA General Deed Index Extractions

(Provided to Combs Research by Researcher Aline Combs Greer)

Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt, copy in possession of Combs Researcher Joyce Kahre:

Washington Co, VA General Index to Deeds No. 1 1778-1841

Robert COMBS from Henry BOGGS DB9:709
Robert COMBS to James TODD DB10:234
Robert COMBS to William SARGEANT DB11:70
Robert COMBS from William MILLS DB9:606

General Index to deeds No. 2 1841 -1877

Thomas COMBS from James C. GIBSON & others DB23:309 [see above]
Thomas COMBS to John J. SCOTT DB25:12
Joseph COMBS from John McQUOWN DB27:612

General Index to deeds No. 3 1877-1890

John L. COMBS & James F. COMBS from Priscilla COMBS DB39:36[edge]
Joseph COMBS to A. D. RREYNOLDS DB40:548
D.A. COMBS from Smith KEYS DB43:4
H. P. COMBS & James F COMBS from Priscilla COMBS DB43:296
James S. COMBS from J. W. OWENS DB38:330
John COMBS to A. D. REYNOLD DB42:356
J. S. COMBS to R. R. Railroad Co. DB42:448
J. T. COMBS to J. F. COMBS DB44:53

General Index to deeds No. 4 1890-1895

H. P. COMBS to John L. COMBS DB46:461
H. P. COMBS to Mary MILLER DB46:461
J. L. COMBS to James Morrison DB47:359
J. W. COMBS to Garrett & Pemberton DB51:272
J. & L.M. COMBS to M. E. Church South DB51:401
James S. COMBS from John Gobble DB52:526
William H. COMBS from Isom PRICKETT DB46:323 [see above]

General Index to deeds No. 5 1895-1900

John W. COMBS from L. F. Garrett DB53:84 & 85
James S. COMBS from Peter Worley DB53:141
James S. COMBS from Frank Walling DB53:141
James S. COMBS from Amelia Doane DB53:207
James S. COMBS from Worley DB53:208
J. W. COMBS from McCullock DB53:534
James S. COMBS from Fields DB54:80
Joseph COMBS - deed of homestead DB54:304
J. L. COMBS to G. W. NUNLEY DB55:15
James S. COMBS from Countiss DB57:35
C. J. COMBS to Steel DB53:344

Washington Co, Virginia Cemetery Records
(partial listing):

Greenwood Cemetery

COMBS, Stephen C. 1834-1919
COMBS, Amanda C. 1842-1912

Note: The above couple are Stephen Clark and Amanda C. PAYNE Combs. Steven was the s/o Joseph & Caroline WELLS Combs of Carroll Co, VA.

Mountain View Cemetery

COMBS, David Cicero 13 Feb 1876-24 Dec 1948
COMBS, Thomas F. 1864-1950
COMBS, Sarah E. 1866-1945
COMBS, Bessie H. 1893-1950
COMBS, James S. 1857-1939
COMBS, Margaret Ellen 11 Jan 1879-30 Sep 1965
COMBS, Robert Lee 18 March 1869-29 Oct 1931

East Hill Cemetery

COMBS, Joseph M. 16 Feb 1826-31 May 1901
COMBS, Nicey A. OSBORNE, w/o Joseph COMBS, 11 Nov 1835-4 Jul 1916
COMBS, Sallie A. w/o Jas. S. COMBS, 18 Jan 1862-4 Feb 1888
COMBS, Charles Joseph 1864-1933
COMBS, Cora Lee BLEVINS, w/o Charles Jos. COMBS, 1866-1952
children of C.J. & C.L. COMBS;
COMBS, Trula H. 27 Jun 1887-21 Jul 1887
COMBS, Clifford E. 8 Aug 1888-14 Aug 1888
COMBS, Clyce L. 7 Nov 1889-11 Jun 1890
COMBS, Cora E. 28 Oct 1890-19 Jul 1891

(High on a Windy Hill by Catherine Sanders McConnell, the preface of which includes the statement: “no attempt was made to copy all epitaphs, however identifying data other than dates were taken for this record”.)

Notes: See Nicey A. OSBURNE and Joseph M. COMBS in Russell Co VA

Holston Valley Baptist Church Cemetery

(From Abingdon, route 75 south to Green Springs Community, then right (west) on VA state route 665 approximately three miles w/church and cemetery on the left (south) side.)

COMBS, (double stone) Blanche G. 1901 - 1964, James W. 1896 -1962
COMBS, Charlotte, Sept. 10, 1838 - Oct. 10, 1930
COMBS, Clifton W., son of D. A. & L.A., Dec. 14, 1894 - Apr. 1, 1915
COMBS, David A. “Father” Aug. 29, 1863 - Apr. 9, 1928, next to
____________ “Mother” (no name visible) died Dec. 4, 1933
COMBS, (double stone) David C. 1903 - 1971, Mary E. 1903 - 19?
COMBS, Mandy, Oct. 22, 1840 - Apr. 15, 1928
COMBS, William M. 1861 - 1946

(Holston Valley Baptist Cemetery, Enumerated February, 1997 by Troy Taylor, Holston Pathfinder, Vol. 15 No 4 (June, 1997), published by the Holston Territory Genealogical Society).

Washington Co, VA Obituaries

July 3, 1998. Bristol Herald Courier Obituary.


Charles Harmon COMBS, 80, died Wednesday, July 1, 1998, in Bristol Regional Medical Center. He was a lifelong resident of Washington County, VA, and a U.S. Army veteran of World War II having served in the Pacific. He was a member of Patton Crosswhite VFW Post No. 6975, of the McCabe Lodge No. 56, Odd Fellows and of the Woodmen of the World Lodge. Mr. COMBS was retired from the Virginia Highway Department after 42 years of service, and was a former board member of Virginia Highlands Community College. After retirement, he was involved with polled Hereford cattle and the Polled Hereford Association, where he was a member of the Board of Directors and a past president. He was awarded a plaque for Breeder of the Year in 1979. His favorite pass time was raising Texas Longhorn Cattle. He was a member of North Bristol Baptist Church and a member of the Fellowship Sunday School Class. Survivors include one brother, Jim C. COMBS, Bristol; two nieces, Patricia King and Sarah Haderer, both of Bristol; three nephews, Jim A. COMBS, Joe W. COMBS and John E. COMBS, all of Bristol. Weaver Funeral Home is in charge.