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Jefferson County was established in 1792 from Greene & Hawkins Co, Tennessee, part of the Hamilton District as of 1793. Descendant Counties include Sevier in 1794, Cocke in 1797, and Hamblen in 1870. See Also Early Combs of Frontier Tennessee
See also Jefferson Co, TN Land Records

Background: At least three, possibly four, Combs Families were in early Jefferson County, Tennessee:

  1. John & Sarah MABRY Combs of Guilford Co, NC (See also Carlton COMBS Letter of 1885)
  2. Job COMBS of Shenandoah Co, Virginia
  3. Children of RW William COMBS of Wilkes NC, Charlotte Co, Virginia and Sullivan County, Tennessee
  4. possibly descendants of Mason COMBS, Sr. of Surry Co, North Carolina.

30 Jun 1798. Jefferson Co, Tennessee Deed from John COMBS to Lewis RICHARDS, 100 acres for $200. Beginning at two post oaks on Anthony MOORS line, then along said line 106 poles and a half to two Chestnuts. Thence north 150 poles to a small post oak, thence west 106 poles and a half to a spanish oak, thence south to the beginning, in pursuance of a deed of Conveyance made to me by William TYRRELL. “Testor Adam PECK S. [Sr.?] and Ann PECK” Recorded 17 Jan 1799 (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)


From Jefferson County, Tennessee Land Records Deed Index:

June 1798 - Jan 1799 Jefferson County, Tennessee Land Records. Vol. Q p 178 Grantor - COMBS, John to Lewis RICHARDS 100 acres

June 1798 to Jan 1799 Jefferson County, Tennessee Land Records. Vol D p 284. COMBS, John to L. RICHARD 100 acres (Researcher Pauline Combs who has copy of this deed)

Notes: John COMBS m Sarah MABRY in 1772 in Guilford Co NC. According to Carlton COMBS, John and Sarah came to East TN from Abingdon, Washington Co, Virginia.

11 Jun 1799 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) COMBS, Deborah & COONS, Joseph (US GenWeb Archives)

Notes: The above Deborah COMBS Coons (or COONZ per Sistler transcription) is thought to have been the daughter of Job COMBS by his first wife, Deborah (d 1786, Shenandoah Co, Virginia).

16 Jul 1799 - 19 Apr 1800 (Jefferson Co, TN Deed Book E, p. 212) Mark MITCHELL of Hawkins Co. to Samuel WHITE, 42 acres, $70 on the waters of Bent Creek adjoining Dr. ___ERWIN, John CUDE, Samuel WHITE. Test: Frederick PANGEL, John CUDE. Signed: Mark MITCHELL. Recorded 04/19/1800.

16 Jul 1799-21 Apr 1800 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Deed Book E, p. 213). Mark MITCHELL of Hawkins Co. to John CUDE, 38 acres 100 Poles, $57.00 on the waters of Bent Creek (I have sold six acres out of this deed, which six acres I do not sell in this deed, nor am bound only to the first sale). Test: Frederick PANGLE, Solomon MITCHELL. Signed: Mark MITCHELL. Recorded 04/21/1800.

16 Jul 1799-21 Apr 1800 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Deed Book E, p. 213) Mark MITCHELL of Hawkins Co. to Frederick PANGLE, 153 acres, $300 in Jefferson Co. Adjoining Dr. ___ ERWIN, Samuel WHITE, John PANGLE, John CUDE. Test: John CUDE, Solomon MITCHELL. Signed: Mark MITCHELL. Recorded 04/21/1800.

16 Jul 1803 - 22 Jan 1803. (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Deed Book F, p. 473) John CUDE of Grainger Co., to John PANGLE, 155 acres 100 poles, $400 on HANESES Branch of Bent Creek. Test: Wm HORNER, Sr, Jessee JAMES. Signed: John CUDE. Recorded 01/22/1803.

Researcher George Baumbach Notes: This John CUDE (CODY) was apparently connected to the CUDE'S (CODYS) of Hickman Co., TN, and I suspect he was related to Pierce CODY of Orange & Spottsylvania Cos VA whose Tory sons, Godfrey, Thomas and William CODY of Surry Co, North Carolina, were closely associated with the Mason COMBS, Sr. and HAINES Families (See also William RIDGE Estate File).

Ed. Notes: (1) Sarah "Sallie" COMBS, d/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs, m Eli HORNBECK in Jefferson County in 1806 (See Below), and they later removed to Hickman County, Tennessee. See Also John CODY in Grainger County, Tennessee with other children of John & Sarah MABRY Combs. (2) Mark MITCHELL was also original owner of property ultimately owned by Martin and Sarah COMBS Johnson of Hawkins County, Tennessee and later Warren County, Tennessee, where their daughter, Elizabeth JOHNSON m John MITCHELL daughter of RW Mark MITCHELL (thought to be two men, but??????? - report to be completed shortly)

1800 Jefferson Co, Tennessee Tax Lists

Taxable Property in Capt. William BRAZELTON'S Company.
John COMBS 2 Black Polls, 500 acres.

(Early East TN Taxpayers, Polly Creekmore)

Notes: The above is believed to have been John COMBS, h/o Sarah MABRY. This tax list is alpha by 1st letter of surname. Other possible names of interest on this list include: William CALDWELL, Dudley COX, Jere. DUNCAN, Joel ELMORE, William ELLIS, John GREER, John JOHNSTON, Samuel JACKSON, William LACEY, William MURPHY, Benjamin NEEL, Adam PEEK, Maximilian RECTOR, Deborah SMITH (100 A., no polls), David WILLIAMS, Edward, Isaac and Joshua WRIGHT, Benjamin & John WILLIAMS, and the addition July term of Caleb WITT [minister of Bent Creek Baptist Church in now-Hamblin County, Tennessee].

Also Note: Dudley COX m Leanne NEIL, d/o Benjamin NEIL. Their daughter, Dorcas, m John C. COMBS, s/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs 11 26 1826 in Grainger County, Tennessee. See 1813 below. See Also Maximilian RECTOR of Jefferson Co, Tennessee with Combs in Washington County, Tennessee in 1800.

Taxable Property in Capt. COPELAND'S Co
COMBS, Job 300 acs, 1 white poll

(Early East TN Taxpayers, Polly Creekmore)

Notes: Job COMBS came to Tennessee from Shenandoah Co, VA where he was last taxed in 1797. He was probably also the same Job COMBS who appears on the 1802 Anderson County, Tennessee tax list. Other names on this list of possible interest include: DENTON, Jacob, Senr., Jacob, Junr., Joseph & Jacob; GRAHAM, George; GORE [a.k.a. GOWER], Ambrose; LEWIS, Amos, Jr. & Sr., Jacob, George & William; OSBURN, Solomon; ROBERTS, George; ROULSTONE, Mathew, Moses & William; SWAN, Samuel; SEXTON, William; TAYLOR, Parmenas; TURNLEY, George & John; THOMAS, John; VINCENT, Thomas; Wright, Isaac & Robert. (See Also Deborah COMBS Marriage of 1799 above. See Also Capt. Thomas VINCENT'S 1788 Sullivan Co, Tennessee Militia which included a John COMBS. See Also Matthew ROULSTONE with Combs, Johnson, Ridge & Stacy Families in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Land records show that in 1801 Job Combs of Jefferson Co. sold 10 acres and the house where he lived, including some personal property, to Jacob LOUGH. In 1804, there is a record regarding a Bill of Sale for land from Job Combs to Jacob DENTON with Thomas Combs as a witness. This Thomas Combs is styled as being of Jefferson Co., TN. and has not been identified. He is too old to be Thomas, son (born 26 Feb. 1796) of RW Gilbert Combs and Christianna DENTON. Could he possibly be a son of Job Combs? Also in 1804, Job Combs sells land where he lives (excepting the 10 acres and house he lives in) to Thomas Combs. This transaction seems to indicate the sale to Jacob LOUGH may not have been completed as Job seems to still be living in the house on the 10 acres that he previously. It also tells us that Thomas Combs is at least age 21 (b. by 1783). By 1808, there is a land grant for Job Combs for 24 acres on Indian Creek, south of the French Broad and Holston Rivers. He sells this land to William AUSTELL in 1814. In 1821 Aquilla Combs, probably the son of RW Gilbert Combs, obtains a grant for 75 acres on the waters of Indian Creek, South of French Broad and Holston Rivers. In 1824, William Combs, assignee of James NORTH, obtains a 50 acre grant that borders the land of Joseph COON, Samuel LOWERY, and Thomas and Aquilla Combs. The Joseph COON might be the same as Joseph COONS who married Deborah Combs in 1799 in Jefferson Co., TN. This Deborah is believed to be the daughter of Job Combs and named therefore after her mother Deborah. The William Combs has yet to be identified. Could have also be a son of Job Combs? In 1809, one Job Combs married a Sarah LOVE (see marriage record below). Jacob DENTON was a surety with Job Combs. It is not known if this Job was the elder Job or a younger Job Combs and whether or not he is the Job Combs of the 1808 land grant. There is a published family tradition from the brothers Michael and Job Combs that states their father was Job Combs and their mother was Abigail Coons to wit: "Biographical Sketches of the Pioneer Preachers of Indiana" by Madison Evans, Philadelphia, J. Challen & Sons, c 1862, 445 pages. Long article about the life and ministry of Michael Combs is found on pages 139-157. Page 139: "He was born in East Tennessee, February 17, 1800. His father, Job Combs was of Scots descent and of the Presbyterian faith.....His mother's maiden name was Abigail Coons. She was of German descent....The mother of Elder Combs died when he was quite young, whereupon he and his brother Job were placed in the family of a maternal uncle who was a strict Baptist of the Calvinistic dye."

If the 1821 Aquilla Combs is the son of RW Gilbert Combs, it is the first record we have of him in Tennessee. At this time, it is not known where Thomas and William Combs went after they dropped from Jefferson Co., TN records. On 23 Dec 1813 (Botetourt Co VA Marriage Records) Aquilla COMBY [sic] married Elizabeth RIDDLE in Botetourt Co, VA. By 1830 Aquilla is in Hardeman Co, TN and appears to be same as in Perry Co, IL by 1840. He was deceased b 1850 and his widow Elizabeth is found in the 1850 census with several children, including Burrell, Aquilla, Romeo, and a Thomas D. Combs.

RE: Land records for Job, Aquilla, Thomas, and William Combs.

These records were transcribed by Wayne Combs from original Jefferson Co. records on microfilm and submitted by Wayne Combs who states "This and other records were copied from microfilm. I have made ever effort to transcribe the record verbatim with misspelled words, missing punctuation and over use of capital letter." Records are interspersed below in their proper chronological order.

Recap of records:

Bill of Sale Job Combs to Jacob LAUGH, Book Q, Page 388 and addendum Book EF, Page 221

Bill of Sale Job Combs to Jacob DENTON, Book Q, Page 486

Bill of Sale Job Combs to Thomas Combs, Book E, Page 211

Bill of Sale Job Combs to William AUSTELL, Book M, Page 10

These record of the Job Combs land grant was from Deed Book 1, Aquilla Combs was from Deed Book 12 and William Combs was Deed Book 13.

09 Sep 1801. The Tennessee Gazette 1800-1803, Vol. 2, No. 71. "Jefferson County, Tennessee, Collection District No. 5. The following tracts of land are being sold for nonpayment of a direct tax within the United States on the second Monday in November next.
Samuel COMBS 50 acres Indian Creek

("Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers," Sistler & Associates, Nashville TN)

Notes: Was this land actually in Jefferson Co, Tennessee or is this part of the Indian Creek land of Jackson County, Tennessee where a Samuel COMBLES [sic] is found on an 1800 tax list? In the meantime, this Samuel COMBS unidentified.

31 Jul 1804 Patience Jones 1804 Deposition Jefferson Co., TN. mentions Combs: John, William, Mason, Jerimiah, Biram.

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge (George's Genealogical Research Filing Cabinet, George A Baumbach)

25 Oct 1806 Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriages. Sally COMBS to Eli HORNBACK

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott Combs from Early East Tennessee Marriages Vol. 2 Brides by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, TN 1987, p. 74.

Note: Where there are two dates first is license issued, second is solemnized.)

25 Oct 1806 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) NANCE, Nancy married SMITH, William on 25 Oct 1806 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

("Early American Marriages: Tennessee to 1825, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: The above Sarah "Sallie" COMBS Hornbeck was the d/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs. They are later found in the records of Hickman County, Tennessee. The NANCE/SMITH marriage is included due to the Combs-Nance families of Wilkes Co, North Carolina, the marriage of Sarah COMBS Hornbeck's brother, Lewis COMBS, to Jane "Jennie" SMITH in Grainger County, Tennessee; and the pre-1800 marriage, possibly in TN, of Richard & Rebecca COMBS Smith, later of Clay Co, KY.

Jan 18, 1808 - Jefferson Co., TN Bond #8, page 3, $1500 - Deceased: John COMBS, Administrator: Sarah COMBS & John SANDERS (son-in-law).

(Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

07 Oct 1808 (Jefferson County Tennessee Will Book 1, page 322) Sarah COMBS and John SANDERS Administrators. Inventory of goods and chattles of John COMBS deceased taken this 4th day of Apr 1808 which we pray to return to _____Court of Jefferson County. One negro women two stills and 71 vessels 3 horses 6 cows and calves. One work stear 6 head of sheep 14 head of hogs 1 loom and 3 stays, 1 plow l hoe 2 kpr of drawing chains 1 clevis, l iron weg, 2 axes and 2 mattocks 4 spinning wheels 3 beds and bedsteads and furniture, 1 table and 4 chairs, 2 pots and 1 oven and skillet, one tramil, 2 hand irons, l pewter dish 2 basons and 4 plates, 6 pewter spoons, 1 cutting knife, 1 iron shovel, 2 pr of pot hooks 1 looking glass, 1 candle stick and candle moulds l iron ladle 1 pr of sheep shears 3 sickles. Sarah X her mark COMBS, John SANDERS, Administrator. Property sold for $427. Test David BARTON DC. 7 Oct 1808

(Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)

Jul 10, 1808 Record of sale of property & settlement of estate. "Sarah COMBS and John SAUNDERS, administratrix and administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels of that were the property of John COMBS deceased pray to return to the worshipful court of Jefferson County the amount of the sale of the property of the deceased that came to their hands as appears from the Inventory by them heretofore returned. The property that was inventoried sold by order of County $427. Sworn to in open court, July Session 1808.

(LDS/SLC 024714 by Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

Oct 7, 1808 Jefferson Co Will Book 1, 1792-1810, Page 323, Sarah COMBS and John SAUNDERS, Adm -"Agreeable to an order of court. We John NEELEY, Dudley COX and James HARWORTH met at the house of Sarah COMBS and on examination of the papers found the amount of the sale to be $426.66 cents amnt of which sum the said Sarah COMBS and John SAUNDERS Ex have paid to John KENNEDY $22. dollars and $5. dollars to the Attorney and $2. dollars clerks fees, and the balance we find in their hand to the amount of $397.66 cent. /s/ John NEELEY, Dudley COX, Jas HARWORTH"

(Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

Notes: Sarah MABRY Combs was the widow of John COMBS and the above John SANDERS was her son-in-law, husband of her daughter, Mary COMBS.

19 Apr 1808 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) COMES, Abraham married HUGGINS, Sally on 19 Apr 1808 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

("Early American Marriages: Tennessee to 1825, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: This marriage records not included among those extracted by the US GenWeb. The identity of the above Abraham COMBS is unknown, and no other early Abraham COMBS records located in Tennessee. Could he have been a.k.a. Abiram or Byrom COMBS (See Biram COMBS of Surry Co, NC and Clay Co, KY). No other HUGGINS marriages are recorded in early Jefferson County.

25 Oct 1808 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) COMBS, Joseph married WOODALL, Nancy on 19 Apr 1808 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

(Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

Notes: This marriage record is not included among those extracted by the US GenWeb. John & Sarah MABRY Combs had a son, Joseph COMBS, whom Carlton COMBS stated married a Nancy THOMASON [THOMPSON?] Could he have been mistaken in regard to her surname, or she a widow? (This family not traced.) According to Carlton, b 17 Jun 1809, they removed to IN early, and following the marriage of Joseph & Nancy THOMPSON Combs' daughter, Lucinda, "who was but a few years my senior, married an uncle of Henry and Smith MILLER. They went to Texas about 1830, when the government, the then nation of Texas offered a league of land to each family who would migrate to and settle in Texas…Soon after Lucinda married and left Uncle Joe also left Indiana and moved to Clark Co., Ill. where his wife died after a residence of some 8 to 10 years. Uncle married again and I think 2 more children were born to him…" No Lucinda COMBS m to a MILLER has been found in Indiana. Could he have been a maternal uncle to the MILLERS? Could he have been a SMITH (as in Lewis COMBS m Jane SMITH in Grainger County, Tennessee)?

14 January 1809 “Know all men by there presents that we Job Combs & Jacob Denton of Jefferson County and State of Tennessee, our heirs Executors & Administrators are held & firmly bound unto John Sevier Esquire Governor of said State for the time being and to his Successors in office in the Sum of Twelve Hundred & fifty dollars to be void on condition there be no legal cause to obstruct the marriage of Said Job Combs with Sarah Love. Witness our hands & seals this the 14th day of January 1809. Signed & Sealed: Job Combs, Jacob Denton (and clerk of court - name is not clear)”

(Source: Transcription of the marriage bond by Wayne Combs)

Notes: The DENTON family was closely associated with the NJ Combs in Frederick and Shenandoah Cos., VA. This 14 Jan. 1809 marriage (see below/next) has also been found in compiled marriage records as having been between Job Combs and Sarah Jones; however, the above transcription of the actual record indicates the bride was Sarah LOVE. The entry listing the bride as Sarah JONES is likely in error.

14 Jan 1809 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) Job COMBS married Sarah JONES on 14 Jan 1809 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

("Early American Marriages: Tennessee to 1825, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: This marriage records not included among those extracted by the US GenWeb. The above Job COMBS has not been identified. Probably kin to the earlier Job & Deborah COMBS with Shenandoah Co, Virginia roots?

17 Mar 1809 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) Elizabeth COMBS married Wilson ORE

("Early American Marriages: Tennessee to 1825, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: d/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs.

23 Oct 1810 Jefferson Co, Tennessee WB1:350-355 George IRVIN Admr. An inventory of the perishable estate of Isaac LAMBERT-James Harle IRVINE M.D. deceased late of Jefferson County this 23rd day of October 1810;

Notes on hand for: Robert MITCHELL, Sam'l KENNEDY, John COLTHARP, John CHAMBERLAIN, James JOHNSON, John LEA, James FURGESON, Aquilla LANE, John GASS, Adam PECK, Robert NELSON, Sam'l LANE, Thos. LANE, Douglass PUCKETT, William MOFFETT, John WILLIBY, James CHESTNUT, Miss STRICKLIN, James ALLEN, Wm. HUNTER, Micajah LEA, Chas. T. PORTER, Esqr, Wm. BASSETT, James ROAN, Miss Sarah A. INMAN, Abraham GAGER, Patrick NENNY, David BYLOR, Wm. STORES, Robert MALONEY, Spencer LAKE, Hugh HERCHEY, Thomas CROSBY, Wm. INNIS, Sam'l FRAZIER, Robert LEE, Spencer GRIFFIN, Wm. PERKINS, James KEEL, Jacob WILLIFORD, Henry L. SHAFFY, Washington BALCH, Henry GOODMAN, John GLASCOCK, Ralph FORD, Wilkins KIRKPATRICK, Miss Mathy BLACK, Pleasant JOHNSON, Richard LANE, Shadrach INMAN, Thos. HORTON, Wm. LEE, James LEE, Jesse CAPHORNER, Joseph QUIGLEY, Wm. WILSON, Benj. McFARLAND, John IRALAND, John TRASEY, Alex OUTLAW, Esqr., Nahan LEE, Joseph HALL, Jonathan NEWMAN, Wm. RAMSEY, James CARMICHAEL, James HARRISON, James McFARLAND, Wm. WILLIAMS, Esquire COPLAND, James HOLLINWORTH, Wm. DONELSON, John HARRISON, Mrs. ALLISON, Mr. BULL, Isaac WALKER, James SCOTT, Charles CARTER, Wm. BLACK, Vinson JACKSON, Maj. Wm. CONWAY, Mr. RUSSELL, David BLACK, Benj. FLATE, John HALE, Moses NEU----, Mason COMBS, Thos. MAYS, Joseph MOONEY, John LUSTER, John RICHMON, John ALLEN, Isaac RODGERS, Edward CORMACK, Thos. SHADDEN, Mr. McCORMACK, Jedediah HOBERT, Waller EDWARDS, Joseph WEBB, John DYER, Mary CALLEY, Wm. WILSON, Becky TANNER, Elizabeth TANNER, Benjamin McFARLAND, Miss ALLEN, Sarah BEAVERS, Jonathan WATKINS, Wm. HOUSE, Sr., Andrew SUTHERLAND, John DENNISTON, George BATS, Stephen CRAB, Sam'l SMITH, Mr. MORROW, James ROBERSON, Wm. BOLDEN, Wm. WALKER, Benj. BRADFORD, Mrs. SMITH, Gideon MORRIS, John CANADY, Sam'l MOORE, Ephraim ANDREWS, Sam'l RIGGS, Thos. EPPERSON, Thomas KING, Sam'l HAIL, Thos. HORTON, John COWAN, James COWAN, Daniel LEMMONS, James MOMAN, Nimrod WAGAS, John JONES, Jacob HORN, Richard SULLENS, Richard MITCHELL, Jesse FORTINER, Thomas LEE, Mr. THOMPSON, Jacob HARMON, David WINDLE, James HARRISON, Wm. SMITH, John FLOWER, Daniel INMAN, Hugh CUMNING, Lewis DOMARS, John MOFFETT, Isaac LENARD, Patrick CELLY, John CROCKETT, Peter SELLERS, Col. OAR, John H. BEAN, John BEAN, Stephen BEAN, Isaac WRIGHT, David McCLANAHAN, Jane DYER, Jacob WILLIFORD, Wm. ROBERSON, Charles PARTONS, David WILSON, Charles HOGGES, James CARMICHAEL, James GUTTERY, Ann MARTIN, Alex. MARTIN, Alex. WILSON, George EVANS, John GARRISON, Wm. WILMOT, Wm. MOORE, Joseph PARKS, John DODD, Hugh KIRKPATRICK, Col. BILLENS, Peter WILLIAMS, Wm. COCKE, Miss Elenor McADOE, Wm. DAVENPORT, Joseph LONG, Timmon BARKER, Gideon BLACKBURN, Wm. MARTIN, David KIRKPATRICK, Wm. BLACKBURN, Mr. MOORE, Mr. McCULLOUGH, Mr. HACKLEY, James LEA, Jacob CONNELL, Rob't EATON, John CANTWELL, Mr. CALWELL, Peter BECKRAN, Henry McBROOM, Spencer HANY, Richard WHITE, Ambrose TIMMONS, John CARLENS, Hugh JOHNSON, Wm. DAVIS, John W. BLACKBURN, James CAMPBELL, George COPPAR, Andrew SMILEY, Matthew READING, Jacob HISS, Wm. WHITE, Sr., David ADAMS, Joseph EPPERSON, Elizabeth SMITH, David HUGHS, Richolas [nb: Nicholas?] HAYS, Henry MERRICK, Sr., Henry MERRICK Jr., Rev. W. CASSON, Rigdon BEDVERA, John TALBIRD, Mr. ARMSTRONG, Blackston HOWARD, Loe TODD, John WEST, Chas. CAMPBELL, Moses CARSON, Thos. CONWAY, Joab LANE, Sam'l RUSSELL, Phelps REED, John GIVENS, John ROSE, Sam'l HADOX, John WEBB, George WEVER, John GIBSON, Alex. MILLER, Capt. McCORMACK, Capt. McCORMIC Green County, Edward CLINGAN, James JOHNSON, Patrick RYAN, Joseph WHITE, Jimima HENSLEY, Wm. HOUSE, John HOUSE, Mary SPRING, Mrs. WEBSTER, Elisha INMAN, and Wm. WHITE.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Jefferson County Tennessee Will Book 1 1792-1810" by James L. Douthat)

Notes: This Mason COMBS has not been identified. Since this is an inventory, the age of the notes is not known, and most may have been the result of medical treatment. Question: When did Dr. James Harle IRVINE die? Is this Mason COMBS, Jr. of Hawkins Co, TN?

08 Mar 1813-16 Dec 1813 Jefferson Co, Tennessee WB2:43-44 Inventory of the Estate of Dudley COX. Filed in court March 8, 1813, received by J. HAMILTON, Clerk, Book Accounts due the estate from: Arthur CAMPBELL, William DAVISON, Abner FRAZIER, Phillip MOORE, Robert and Solomon MASSENGIL, Reed COX, James RUSSELL, William BRAZELTON, Lewis HARMON, Thomas N. CLARK, Robert MASSINGILE, Benjamin NEAL, George CARLTREK-Chickaswaw, Leny CORLBUT-Chickasaw, John BROWN-Cherokee, John ROSS, William ADIER of Huntsville.

Late discoveries of debts due from: Moores HAMMONDS and Phillip COMBS, William WALRONS, William FRAZIER, Thomas SMITH, David TATE, John CRAFFORD, Samuel WEST, Calik RUSSELL, Thomas AUSTIN, Ephraim PRIGMORE.

Pg 44-51 Sale of the Estate of Dudley COX December 16, 1813 by Thomas SNODDY, Benj. THORNBURG, Adam MEEKS, Comrs.
Buyers: Hugh MARTIN, Harvey TALBOTT, Charles F. KENT, James ELLIS , J.P., George M. COMBS, James AIKEN, Greenbury TAYLOR, William McBEE, John HILL, Jame NEELY, Michail MASSENGILE, Richard RANKIN, John RENTON, Harry TALBOTE, Sheriff, Susannah COX, Jothan WILLIAM pd for coffin, Wilson ORE pd to go to School South West Point to attend to Thomas N. CLARK'S account. Paid to Carl WHITE for expenses. Paid to Thomas G. WATKINS for attending to Dudley COX in last illness.

Notes held on: George CALBURT, a half breed Chickasaw, John CAFORT, Ephraim PRIGMORE-lives in Cherokee NATION, Caleb RUSSELL, Thomas SMITH, Lewis THOMAS, James RUSSELL, Abner FRAZIER, Phillip COMBS, Levi COLBERT, half breed Chickasaw, John BROWN, half breed Cherokee, John LOWERY half breed Cherokee.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Jefferson County Tennessee Will Book 2 1811-1826" by James L. Douthat)

Notes: Dudley COX m Leanne NEIL, d/o Benjamin NEIL. Their daughter, Dorcas, m John C. COMBS, s/o George Mabry and Agnes ORE Combs, 11 26 1826 in Grainger County, Tennessee (See 1813 below). Phillip and George Mabry COMBS were both s/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs. Also interested in MASSINGILLS due to Massingill Martin COMBS, s/o Mason & Jane "Jennie" RICHARDSON Combs of Wythe Co, VA and Perry Co, KY.

June 1813. Jefferson County, Tennessee Court Minutes (Mar 1812-1818) Hugh MARTIN vs COMBS, COX & ORE - Judgement for plaintiffs $347.27.

(Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

Feb 1814 - Aug 1815 Jefferson County, Tennessee Land Records. Vol M p 173. Grantor COMBS, George M. Grantee COX, WM. 514 acres Cox's Mill Creek

(Extracted by Researcher Pauline Combs from LDS Film 968 316 Jefferson Co. TN, Land Records)

15 Dec 1814. Jefferson County, Tennessee Court Minutes (Mar 1812-1818) Geo M. COMBS for use of Joseph ORE vs Wm COX Executor of Dudley COX, deceased

(Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

Jan 1819-22 Jan 1822. Jefferson County, Tennessee Court Minutes. Geo COMBS for the use of Joseph ORE vs Benjamin NEEL, Guardian of the heirs of Dudley COX, deceased.

(Combs Researcher Wayne Combs)

04 Oct 1819 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Record) #1420: Wm Combs to Catherine GREGORY, married by William WIN, J. R. (p. 142, original marriage register, no marriage book id given)

( Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2008. Original data: Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm.
About Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
This database contains marriage records from the state of Tennessee from 1780-2002. Marriage records found in this database include marriage licenses, applications, bonds, and certificates)

04 Oct 1819 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) William COMBS married Catherine GEORGEY

("Early American Marriages: Tennessee to 1825, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: The above William COMBS has not been identified. Might he be the same as the William COMBS who appears on the 1816 Maury Co, TN tax list or is he more likely the William of 1822 below?

1820 US Census

Not Extant

1822 Jefferson Co, Tennessee Tax Lists

Joseph COMBS
William COMBS

(Early Tax Lists of Tennessee, Byron Sistler & Associates)

Notes: This entry is incomplete. Eli WILSON has been included due to the James W. COMBS Letter. Presumably, the above Joseph COMBS was the s/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs(?); however, William COMBS remains unidentified, although probably the same who m Catherine GEORGEY in 1819?

29 Dec 1823 (Jefferson Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) Nelson T. COMBS & Sarah TALBOT ("Early American Marriages: Tennessee to 1825, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: The above Nelson T. COMBS was the s/o George Mabry & Agnes ORE Combs. He was b 17 Jun 1799, d at age 30 (ca 1829). According to Carlton COMBS: … Nelson married Sally TALBOTT, a short thick heavy woman, but of strong natural intellect and considerably cultivated. They also had 3 children [not named]. Nelson died at age of about 30 and his widow (I think) moved either to North Alabama or the Forked Deer County in Tenn.
See Aug 1830 Grainger Co, TN record of administration of estate of Nelson COMBS, deceased to John TALBOT (and see 1850 below)

7 Dec 1824 - 8 Jan 1825 State of Tennessee Jefferson County
In pursuance of an Entry made in the office of the Entry taker for the county aforesaid in Dandridge No. 386 dated December 7th 1824 under the act of 1823. I have surveyed for Aquilla Combs fifty acres of land lying in the country aforesaid on the South side of French Broad river on the waters of Indian Creek. Beginning on a sugar tree in a hollow called Beasons Sugar Camp Hollow and on the line of said Combs seventy five acre survey running with the line of the same North seventy degrees West ninety three poles to a white oak on the side of a knob thence South twenty degrees West eighty eight poles to a dogwood and sanvice bush thence South twenty degrees East ninety three poles to a white oak & ash thence North twenty East eighty eight poles to the beginning. Surveyed 8th of January 1825

Aaron Lichyter S.C.B. Wm. Taylor, County Surveyor
Sharod James S.C. B.

The following is quoted from the Journal of the Jefferson County Genealogical Society, Jefferson County, Tennessee, Volume 23, Number 1, April 2007, Page 18

Note: This entry is accompanied by a plat plan that is roughly a rectangle to confirm to the measurements. I think the act of 1823 referred to public land granted to Revolutionary War veterans or their descendants. Wayne Combs

1830 Jefferson Co, Tennessee Census

P. 288
L01 Benjn. DAVIS
L03 Jeremiah HOLDAWAY
L04 Peter BAKER
L05 James & wife - slaves 9-0
L06 Alexander ANDERSON
L07 Moyers D. COLICK
L08 Jesse Y. REED
L10 Charles T. PORTER 020000001-00001001
L11 Michael STAR 01111000001-01101001
L13 James MATHIS
L15 Elias WESTER
L16 William MITCHELL: 020001-01010001
L17 John FOX
L18 Nancy HAMMONS: 0001-00010001
L21 William HAYNES 2101001-022101
L23 James WHITE 0013201-1310001
L24 Archabald AUSTIN
L 25 Archy AUSTIN 00000000100001001
L26 Robert McFARLAND 010001-21002
(1830 East TN Census, Sistler & Associates, Nashville TN)

Notes: Michael STAR [a.k.a. STARE, STAIRE] m abt 1823, Michal TRAYLOR [or TAYLOR], b ca1776 Chesterfield Co, Virginia, d aft 1853 (of Washington TN), the widow of RW William COMBS of Wilkes Co, North Carolina (at enlistment) and Charlotte Co, Virginia where they m in 1800. They moved to Sullivan TN in 1809, and he d in that county in 1816 (Michael STAR is on 1812 Sullivan County, Tennessee Tax List in same district as Nicholas COMBS, Sr.). She does not state in her application if she had children by either STAR or COMBS, but it appears likely given the two Combs-Star marriages in Washington County, Tennessee. Might John & Sarah COMBS Star be the younger couple in this HH? (See Also Below) Also Note that one Robert McFARLAND m a Mary COX 31 Aug 1805 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. See Also HAMMONDS, HAYNES and PORTERS with Combs of Wilkes Co, North Carolina.

P. 291
L05 William COX 0000001-00000001
L19 David STAR 001001-220001

Notes: One David STAR m 20 Jun 1816 in Washington Co, Tennessee to Betsy COMBS. Might they have been step-siblings? Children of Michael STAR & Michael TRAYLOR Combs respectively? (See Above)

P. 295 (excerpts):
L03 Hopkins M. COX
L04 Joseph NEWMAN
L05 Humphrey MOUNT
L06 John CHACE
L07 Mathew GAUT
L08 John BAKER 011001-020001
L09 Solomon WHITE 110001-12001
L 11 Joseph McCUISTAN
L12 Nathan GREEN 11001-12001
L13 John C. COMBS 00001-20001
L13 Adam K. MEAK [MEEK?] 020001-300001
L14 Joel DUNKIN 11101-10011
L15 Charles B. GOFORTH
L 16 John B. INGRUM
L18 James MILLS
L19 Alexander DOUGLAS 0000001-200001
L20 John BALES
L21 William KELLEY

(1830 East TN Census, Sistler & Associates, Nashville TN)

Notes: John C. COMBS was the s/o George Mabry & Agnes ORE Combs of Grainger Co, Tennessee, and gs/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs. He m between 1825 and 1828, Dorcas COX, d/o Dudley & Leanne NEIL Cox, the latter d/o Benjamin & (Elizabeth?) NEAL. (See Combs-Cox-Neal Suit) See also Duncan Families re an earlier Joel DUNCAN with Combs Connections in Washington Co, TN

1830 Jefferson Co, Tennessee Census

P. 309
L04 Susan SWINK
L05 Nicholas YATES
L07 Richd. HAWORTH
L10 Thos. DAVIS 11001-00001
L11 Philip BABB
L12 Wm. YORK 0101001-222001
L13 Wm. W. HAYS 00002-21001
L14 Anderson CATE
L15 James DAVIS
L16 David PROPHIT: 00010010001-00002001
L18 Alfred S. COMBS: 00001-0
L19 Joseph GWINN 2210001-011311
L20 John F. BOYD 00001-00001
L21 Lanty A. BRAZELTON 00011-21001
L22 Cason HARRELL 000200001-00200001
L23 Moses L. PECK
L24 Elijah RICHASON 00001-11001

(1830 East TN Census, Sistler & Associates, Nashville TN)

Notes: Alfred Sterling COMBS was the s/o George Mabry & Agnes ORE Combs of Grainger County, Tennessee. Anderson CATES [sic] m 27 Dec 1823 in Grainger County, Tennessee, Elizabeth COMBS, d/o Phillip & Rebecca ORE Combs and gd/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs. Lanty A. BRAZELTON had m Mary COX, sister of Dorcas COX who had m Alfred's brother, John COMBS. One Thos. DAVIS m Polly YEATS 12 Aug 1807 in Grainger County, Tennessee. (See Also Cox-Neal Chancery Suit) Who was Elijah RICHASON? Was he kin to Amos of Grainger County, Tennessee? Was Cason HARRELL kin to John HARRELL of Hawkins County, Tennessee? Were David PROFFIT and James DAVIS kin to Evan & Elizabeth PROFFIT Davis of Perry Co, Kentucky whose daughter, Tempie, m Henry COMBS, Jr. ? Or to Libby PROFFIT who m 17 Sep 1801 in Wilkes Co, North Carolina to Joshua SOUTHER whose brother, Jesse, m Jane COMBS in that county on 01 Apr 1800? Was William W. HAYS kin to Keziah HAYES who m Thomas Hicks COMBS in Wilkes Co, North Carolina on 03 Feb 1801?

1840 Jefferson County, TN Census Index

No COMBS found, but all possible variant spellings not yet checked. No variant spellings found in USGenWeb Census Project Transcripition.

01 Jan 1849 Marriage of William CARDWELL and Mary G. Combs (Source: Tennessee State Marriages, 1765-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm per Rand Cardwell).

1850 Jefferson Co, TN Census

13th District

p. 75 p. 749

649/671 TALBOT, John 48 MS
" Burshabe [Beersheba?] 35 MS

COMBS, Belvade 19 f MS

(1850 Census - Tennessee, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint)

USGenWeb Census Project transcribes as John & Barehabe Talbott and “Beliasado” Combs on pg 375A

Notes: See 30 Dec 1823 marriage of Nelson T. and Sally TALBOT. Might Belvade have been d/o Nelson and Sarah? See also Combs-Talbot of Wilkes Co, GA.

13th Dist

821/848 Wilson ORE 23 m Farmer b TN
Elizabeth 55 f TN
William 26 m Laborer TN
James 20 m Laborer TN
Loana (?Joana) 18 f TN

(Transcribed by Pauline Combs and provided to Combs Researcher Joyce W. Kahre for Combs Research)

Notes: Elizabeth COMBS, d/o John and Sarah MABRY Combs, m 17 Jan 1809, Jefferson Co, TN, Wilson ORE. Also note that Carlton COMBS stated that she was b in Abingdon, Washington Co, VA.

28-29 Aug 1850 Jefferson County, Tennessee. Belendra [sic] COMBS to John M. WATKINS (Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott COMBS from Early East Tennessee Marriages Vol. 2 Brides by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, TN 1987, p. 74. Note: Where there are two dates first is license issued, second is solemnized.)

Note: Goodspeeds' History of East Tennessee, Jefferson County biographies, p. 1192, states that Belvadra [sic] N. COMBS married John M. WATKINS and that both were natives of TN. No indication of her ancestry, but note that she is in a TALBOT HH and the above marriage of Nelson T. COMBS to Sarah TALBOT. The 1850 Census Index lists her as Indexed as Belvarsdae COMBS.

Dec 1916 - Jan 1917 Jefferson County, Tennessee Land Records. Vol 53 p 25. Grantor, COMBS, George W. and wife Rachel. Grantee, Dr. G. M. KINDER, 8 acres Dist 4 Cumberland Hollow Rd.

(Extracted by Researcher Pauline Combs from LDS Film 968 316 Jefferson Co. TN, Land Records)

Apr 1920 Jun 1928 Jefferson County, Tennessee Land Records. Vol. 60 p 103 Grantor - COMBS, Horace and wife Sallie. Grantee John SEATON et __ 27 1/2 acres Dist. Mossy Creek & Black Oak Grove Rd.

(Extracted by Researcher Pauline Combs from LDS Film 968 316 Jefferson Co. TN, Land Records)

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Church and Miscellaneous Early COONS Records

Source: Jefferson County Genealogy & History Website

Names Appearing in the County Court Record Book Entitled Miscellaneous Bonds Administration, 1806-1814, Constables, 1806-1815, Maintenance (Bastardy), 1807-1857, Indentures, 1807-1828

The original, unindexed book was rebound several years ago. The title stamped on its spine at the time of rebinding was Bonds Blanks 1806-1857. The book has been microfilmed by the State of Tennessee Library and Archives (reel #A-344). A complete transcription was published in 1995 by Billie R. McNamara.


Michael Jr.

History of First Baptist Church of Dandridge in Celebration of the 175th Anniversary: 1786-1961

Transcribed from the original mimeographed booklet, published by the Church in 1961, by Doris Kinser Fountain.

The Church of Christ on the French Broad River was constituted March 25, 1786, three miles northeast of Dandridge in Coon's School House by Jonathan Mulkey and Isaac Barton with twelve members as follows:

Michael COONS Rebecca COONS

James Randolph Margarette Smith

Henry Haggard Sarah Cryder

John Cryder Dolly Haggard

Wesley White Tabitha Gentry

Charles Gentry Elizabeth Gentry

ALSO this note/answer from the webmistress in response to a query:

[Webmistress' note: *Michael Coons' will was executed in 1803, but it was not entered for probate until 1813. Except for unusual circumstances, wills in TN during that period were probated within a few weeks of the death.]

Historic Churches

Extracted from Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Jefferson County, Tennessee, © 1995 Billie R. McNamara. All rights reserved.

Early churches in Jefferson County were organized by the Quakers, Baptists, and Presbyterians. Perhaps because the region was initially settled by Scots-Irish, Presbyterians were the first to establish congregations in present-day East Tennessee, just as they did in Jefferson County.

The first Baptist congregation was established in 1786 as French Broad Baptist Church. It met at Coon's Meeting House, two and one-half miles east of Dandridge (property of Michael and Rebecca Coons/Koontz). This church has a complete record from its beginning. Dumplin Baptist Church was organized in 1797, its members having petitioned the French Broad Church for permission in 1794. John Cate, Sr., donated land for building the church, which was organized in 1797. Interestingly, 23 of the 27 charter members of Dumplin Baptist were women.

SE Notes: Is this COONS/KOONTZ family the same as that of Joseph COONS who married Deborah Combs, and is this family also related to the Abigail COONS who married Job Combs in Shenandoah Co, VA? It is interesting that later a Michael and Job Combs are born (perhaps Jefferson Co.) in East Tennessee, the reputed sons of a Job Combs and Abigail COONS and who may have been raised by a maternal uncle (COONS?). This COONS family was certainly part of an early religions environment which may account for the Rev. Michael Combs introduction to a life in the ministry. Perhaps Michael's was named after his grandfather (or an uncle perhaps) Michael COONS. If the COONS family was in the area as early as 1786, then Job Combs may have followed his wife's family to Tennessee. See Straightening out the Jobs Report.