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Hardeman County was established from Hardin and Madison in 1823.

1830 Hardeman County, TN Census

P. 376 (Selected Entries)

L02 Margaret DONNELL
L03 Martin LAURENCE 0010301-1210101
L04 Martin VAUGHN
L05 William TAYLOR
L06 Martin SAVAGE
L07 Hambleton SAVAGE
L08 Joseph HOOPER: 001000001-002200001
L09 Richard HOOPER 31001-10002
L10 Alsey DEAN 02000001-1012201
L11 Henry HOOPER
L12 John McGILLL 001000001-1001001
L13 Charles D. SMITH
L14 Aquilla Combs: 230011-11001
L15 Stephen DAVIS 00001-00010001
L17 Cornelius CAIN

(1830 West TN Census, Sistler and Associates, Nashville, TN)

Notes: The above Aquilla Combs, was b 06 Mar 1791, Shenandoah Co, Virginia (s/o RW Gilbert & Christianna DENTON Combs); m 23 Dec 1813, Botetourt Co, Virginia, Elizabeth RIDDLE. See Also Martin LAWRENCE of Warren County, Tennessee and RW Henry MARSH (neither the same as above). Aquilla is not found on 1840 census, but may have removed to Perry Co, IL.

25 Oct 1837 Elijah Comer to Mary Wood 10-25-1837 Book 1 P105 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

1840 Hardeman Co, TN Census

P. 03
William Combs

Coombs, William
1m 20-30, 1m 40-50
1f 40-50

Note: Same as previous?

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1 Sep 1842 Louisa C. Comer to Wilson S Sanderlin 09-01-1842 Book 2 P029 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

25 Oct 1842 Henry M. Comer to Lucy E. Daniel 10-25-1842 Book 2 P040 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

1 Jan 1844 Elizabeth Comer to Joseph B. Teague 01-01-1844 Book 2 P052 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

20 Nov 1845 Harriet Comer to Braxton H. Kierman 11-20-1845 Book 2 P066 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

25 Mar 1847 William Combs to Louisa Granby 03- 25-1847 Book 2 P 082 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

1850 Hardeman Co, TN Census

p. 247

795 Combs, William 56 Farmer Real Estate 500 SC
Louisa 45 NC

p. 279

1010 Combs, Sarah, 35 TN
Jane, 14 TN
Rebecca, 12 AL
Levi, 11 AL
David, 9 AL
William, 7 AL

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

(1850 Census - Tennessee, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint)


p. 80b, 29 Aug 1850

175/175 ADAMS, George G. 48 M Hotell Keeper RE=$2,500 b. VA
Precilla, 44 F VA
Beecher, 20 M Clerk TN
Andrew, 18 M Clerk TN
Christiana, 15 F TN
James, 12 M TN
Camelia, 8 TN
George, 4/12 M TN

(Source: USGenweb Hardeman Co., TN 1850 census transcription)

Notes: According to biographical information (see below) on the ADAMS family, George G. ADAMS married Precilla aka Priscilla Combs, sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs of McNairy Co, TN, and therefore the d/o of RW Gilbert Combs and Christina DENTON. The bio states that Priscilla's parents came with George and Priscilla to Tennessee (from Virginia). Gilbert stated in his RW Pension Application that he relocated first to Hawkins Co, TN. Priscilla's brother Aquilla Combs was in Hardeman Co by 1830. Priscilla's widowed mother Christeana aka Christina Combs, 88, died in Hardeman in May of 1850 (Mortality census). Husband RW Gilbert Combs d 13 May 1836 in McNairy Co., TN. The below biographical article is the only record discovered that identifies Priscilla as a d/o of Gilbert and Christina DENTON Combs; however, George and Priscilla ADAMS (m. 22 Dec. 1825) were mentioned in the pension file but no relationship stated. See the The Combs of Powell's Fort, Shenandoah Co, VA Report for more information on this family (also includes Monmouth, NJ; Culpeper & Botetourt VA; Hawkins & McNairy TN & more.

Comer, William age 8 male born abt. 1842 TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

May 1850 US Census, Hardeman Co, TN, Mortality Schedule. Combs, Christeana 88, W, born VA, cause of death: palpitations . (Extracted by Researcher Jean JLWLRob from "TN Mortality Schedules, Sistler & Associates, Nashville, TN)

Notes: Christianna DENTON Combs, b 30 Mar 1762, m RW Gilbert Combs who d 13 May 1836 in McNairy County, Tennessee. It is not yet known in which HH Christianna DENTON Combs was living in 1850; nor have the above Combs been identified as yet(?). Note, the 1794 South Carolina birth state of William Combs and see Early Combs of Frontier Tennessee

5 Dec 1855 Sarah Comer to W. T. Jones 12-05-1855 Book 3 P036 (Tennessee Early Marriages HARDEMAN COUNTY - 1823-1859 - Sistler extracted by Phyllis Combs)

1860 Hardeman Co., TN Census

Junction District No. 1

p. 151 Bolivar PO, 1 Jun 1860

25/25 ADAMS, G. G. 59 M Collecting VA RE=$25,000 PP=$6,000
Priscilla, 53 F VA
James, 20 M TN Ticket Agent RR
Cornelia B., 17 F TN

Residing in Hotel

Notes: According to Adams biographical information, GG ADAMS removed to Luka, Miss. where he died 6 June 1868.

Page 192

Combs, William 67 M W Farmer 100 2600 SC
Louisa 56 F NC

District 17

Page 273

Mahundro, Jas. 35 M Farmer 700 1400 born KY
Nancy 17 F Born NC
Mary J 1 F Born Miss Combs, Nancy A 10 F Born Miss

District 16

Comer, Henry 58 M W Farmer 1800 800 Born VA
MG 63 F W Born TN
J E 25 M W Born TN
Elvira 17 F W Born YN

Note: J. E Comer married Elvira McCarley January 1870

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1880 Hardeman Co, TN Census

District 16

Comer, James W M 35 Farmer born abt. 1845 TN
Elvira W F 30 born abt. 1850 TN
Elizabeth W F 6 born abt 1874 TN
Mattie W F 4 born abt. 1876 TN
Jasper W M 2 born abt. 1878 TN
Fannie W F 6/12 born abt. 1879 TN

Jackson, J M 55 Farmer born TN
Mary A 44 Keep H born TN
John 25 Loborer born TN
Rufus 20 Laborer born TN
Comer, Emma 19 Keep H born TN
James 1 born TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1900 Hardeman Co, TN Census

T 623 Roll 1576

District 1

Page 11 June 1 1900

Combs, Joe Head B M Aug. 1865 35 M 16 TN UN SC Farmer R Farm 99
Mary Wife B F Feb 1867 33 M 16 6-5 TN TN TN
Eddie Son B M Jan 1885 15 S Laborer TN TN TN
Wesley Son B M Mar 1887 13 S Laborer TN TN TN
Hattie Dau B F Jun 1890 9 S TN TN TN
Leroy Son B M Jun 1894 6 S TN TN TN
Emma Dau B F Aug 1897 2 S TN TN TN Prewitt, Dorry sis-in-law B F Dec 1877 22 S Laborer TN TN TN Paterson, Lillie niece B F Sept 1886 14 S Laborer TN TN TN

Notes: Wesley Combs married Carrie McNeal June 1911; Hattie May Combs married Willie B Griggs Dec. 1908

District 8

Combs, Ed Head B M July 1863 36 M 8 TN TN TN Farmer O F F 75
Agniss Wife B F Jan 1874 26 M 8 4-4 TN TN TN
Lela Dau B F Feb 1886 14 S TN TN TN
Edmonia Dau B F Apr 1888 12 S TN TN TN
Elizabeth Dau B F Jun 1893 6 S TN TN TN
Susie Dau B F Dec 1895 4 S TN TN TN
Elmore Dau B F Jan 1897 2 S TN TN TN
Ollie Dau B F Jan 1900 TN TN TN

Notes: Ed Combs Married Agnes Robinson March 1892; Ollie Combs married Frank Hartsell Jan 1920; Susie Combs married Paul Polk March 1929;

Goodall, Andrew Head B M Jun 1855 41 M 2 Tn TN TN Farmer R F 112
Anna Wife B F Jan 1875 25 M 2 1-1 TN TN TN
Cornelia Dau B F Sept 1883 16 S TN TN TN
Mary Dau B F Apr 1887 13 S TN TN TN
Moses Son B M Apr 1889 11 S TN TN TN
Chester Son B M Nov 1899 6/12 TN TN TN

Note: Ed Combs married Mary Goodall daughter of Andrew and Anna Goodall March 1910

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1910 Hardeman Co, TN Census

District 6

Combs, Ed Head M B 49 M 17 TN TN TN Farmer F 75
Agnes Wife F B 38 M 17 6-6 TN TN TN
Bessie Dau F B 16 S TN TN TN Farm laborer
Susie Dau F B 14 S TN TN TN Farm Laborer
Elane Son M B 12 TN TN TN Farm Laborer
Ollie Dau F B 10 TN TN TN
Myrtle Dau F B 8 TN TN TN
Infant Son M B 3/12 TN TN TN

Note: Myrtle Combs married Hardy M. Sain Jan 1920

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1920 Hardeman Co, TN Census

T 625 Roll 1745


Page 33 January 13, 1920

Combs, Joe Head O H M MU 54 M TN TN TN Carpenter House wage
Mary Wife F MU 52 M TN TN TN Laborer Farm
Mattie Lou Dau. F MU 14 S TN TN TN
MORGAN, Evraline Mother-in-law F MU 75 WD TN TN TN
PERRY, Elly Border F B 30 R TN TN TN Teacher Puplic School

District 6

Page 195 - Feb. 5, 1920

Combs, Ed Head O F M MU 58 M TN TN TN Farmer General Farm OA
Agnes Wife F B 45 M TN TN TN
Susie Dau. F MU 22 S TN TN TN
Ollie Dau. F MU 20 S TN TN TN Laborer Home farm
Murtle Dau F MU 18 S TN TN TN Laborer Home farm
Lawson Son M MU 9 S TN TN TN
McKinley Son M MU 7 S TN TN TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1930 Hardeman Co, TN Census


Combs, Agness H Head O F Yes Neg 64 WD 20 TN TN TN Farmer Farm 185
Lotten Son Neg 20 S TN TN TN Laborer Farm
Elwood Son Neg 16 S TN TN TN None
WEANER, Annie Head Neg 65 WD TN TN TN Farmer Farm 190
Combs, Austin Nephew Neg 20 S TN TN TN Laborer Farm

Note: Austin Combs married Willie B Polk Nov. 1935

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

McNairy County Independent April 11, 1924 and REMINISCENCES of the EARLY SETTLEMENT and EARLY SETTLERS of Mc Nairy County, Tennessee by Gen. Marcus J. Wright, Published in 1882 The Adams Family By T. L. A.

Source: USGenWeb McNairy Co., TN Archives, contributed for use by: Douglas H. Prather, excerpted and submitted to Combs &c by Phyllis Combs

The ADAMS Family…

The second son of Jeremiah Adams, George C. Adams came to this county following his brother, B. S. Adams. He had married PRISCILLA COMBS in Virginia, her parents being the father and mother of TOM, GILBERT AND JACK COMBS. This George G. Adams located on the old stage road, at what is called the JOHN GILBERT COMBS place. It was at this place that the old stage stand was located. Before the war with Mexico, and before the Texas war for Independence, this old place was familiar one too the travelers of that day. G. G. A., the second son of Jeremiah A., come out to Purdy, Tenn., in the year 1827, being married in Virginia to MISS PRISCILLA COMBS about two years before he moved. He brought his father and mother-in-law with him, two very intelligent and pious old people; the parents of Tom, Gilbert and Jack Combs, all good citizens, who moved out soon afterwards. There were also two daughters who come out, MRS. PARMER PEARSON and MRS. BETSEY STANLEY, both estimable ladies. Mrs. Stanley still living in McNairy; Mrs. Pearson is dead. The old man COMBS lived to the age of seventy-six and a half; old lady eighty eight, then died. G. G. A. was man of excellent morals and good business qualities. They lived in and around Purdy until all of their children were born -- eleven in number; four sons and two daughters, all who grew up to be men and women of good standing. G. G. A. left Purdy in 1852; moved to Bolivar; in 1858 to Grand Junction Tenn.; then to Luka, Miss. All the time in good active business. He was noted for his morality. I have heard him say he never swore an oath, chewed or smoked tobacco, drank a dram, or loved but one woman. He lived at Luka, Miss, up to his death, June 6, 1868. He was born November 26,1801, in Bedford county, Va.

Marriage Records -1824-1950

Combs, AustinPOLK, Willie B.Nov 1935
Combs, EdROBINSON, AgnesMar 1892
Combs, EdGOODALL, MaryMar 1910
Combs, Edd M.SAIN, Annie MaiMar 1934
Combs, WesleyMcNEAL, CarrieJun 1911
Combs, William GRUNBY, LouisaMar 1847
Comer, AlfJOBY, Graft AnnaFeb 1906
Comer, ElijahWOODS, MaryOct 1837
Comer, Henry C.SPIKE, Mary JaneFeb 1867
Comer, Henry M.DANIEL, Lucy E.Oct 1842
Comer, J.E.McCARLEY, ElviraJan 1870

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

ALLEN, JoshCombs, IddaJan 1907
BANKSTONE, T.A.B.McComm, Sarah R.Nov 1867
DAVIS, L.L.McComm, Willie L.May 1906
DICKERSON, JesseMcComm, MinervaAug 1876
DIXON, J.C.McCommon, M.J.M.Jan 1861
DUNCAN, A.J.McComm, Ida E.May 1900
FORBS, ElvisCombs, Annie MaySep 1924
FORTUNE, W.F.McComm, Margaret J.Feb 1877
GRAHAM, CharlesMcComm, ElizabethDec 1888
GRIGGS, Willie B.Combs, Hattie MayDec 1908
HARDIN, J.L.McCommon, DiceyDec 1872
HARRIS, JesseComer, FrancesJan 1864
HARTSELL, FrankCombs, OllieJan 1920
HUDSON, BarneyMcComm, BerthaOct-24
HUDSON, TomCombs, AgnesMar-29
LANCER, HoseaMcComm, JuliaFeb 1876
MITCHELL, NathanMcComm, Martha C.Sep 1842
MOODY, J.A.Comer, DavieJan 1899
PARK, John F.McComm, M.E.Jan 1867
PATRICK, AndrewMcComm, Elizabeth J.Jul 1867
PATRICK, R.D.McComm, D.A.Feb 1868
PATTERSON, WillisCombs, AdalineDec 1873
PEELER, JacobCombs, RachaelJul 1885
PERRY, NazerethMcCommon, CatherineNov 1853
POLK, PaulCombs, SussieMar 1927
RAINES, William H.Combs, Louisa M.Dec 1870
RAINEY, William T.McComm, Tabitha C.Oct 1848
ROWLAND, T.D.McComm, OlaJan 1908
SAIN, Hardy M.Combs, MyrtleJan 1920
SAIN, WalkerCombs, OpheliaMay 1909
SAIN, WilsonCombs, BessDec 1915
SOUTHALL, W.L.McComm, Mary A.Feb 1875
SPAIN, Horace B.McComm, WilsieOct 1910
STREET, H.H.McCommon, S.A.Oct 1870
STREET, T.J.McComm, CynthiaDec 1860
THOMAS, JohnCombs, HarriettMar 1870
THOMPSON, George W.McCommon, Sarah A.Jan 1851
TIMS, J.W.Comer, LelaNov 1894
WILLIAMS, B.J.McComm, Jane A.Mar 1863
WILLIAMS, W.G.McComm, OraJun 1891

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

Hardeman County, TN Cemeteries

Bailey Cemetery

Combs, Louisa 9 Jul 1803-6 Oct 1875; w/o C. William Combs

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

Liberty Hill Cemetery

Combs, Joe Raimer 1881-1895 s/o Joe and Mary Combs

Submitted by Phyllis Combs