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McNairy County was established in 1823 from Hardin Co, and in 1879, Chester Co was organized from Hardeman, Madison, Henderson and McNairy. McNairy Co, Tennessee lies on the Alabama border.

1830 Census, McNairy Co, TN


P. 144
L01 Thompkins ODLE 1000000001-0012101
L04 Moses JOHNSON 00010001-0000001

(1830 East TN Census, Sistler and Associates, Nashville, TN)

Notes: See 1788 Washington County, Tennessee marriage of Thompkin ODDLE and Abigail Combs. The same? See also 1816 Jackson Co, TN; 1824 Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Jul 1833 McNairy County, Tennessee. RW Soldier Gilbert Combs, b 05 Nov 1759, Freehold, Monmouth Co NJ, served in Monmouth Co NJ, then moved to Shenandoah Co, Virginia by 1781 when he m on 05 Apr, Christiana DENTON, d/o John & Margaret DENTON. He moved to Culpeper Co, Virginia ca1792, and then to Botetourt Co, Virginia in 1812, then to Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1830, and to McNairy Co, Tennessee in 1832. Gilbert Combs appeared on the 1835 Pension Rolls for McNairy County, Tennessee, listed as a private in the NJ Line. On 07 Jul 1845, his widow made an affidavit in McNairy Co, Tennessee at home before commissioners R. R. ADAMS and Joseph L. RUSHING. Family records included the listing of the marriage of G.G. ADAMS & Priscilla ADAMS on 22 Dec 1825 but their relationship to the family was not stated. (See Gilbert & Christiana DENTON Combs)

13 May 1836 Gilbert Combs died May 13, 1836, aged 76 yrs. 6m, 7days. He is buried in the Combs Family Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, McNairy County, Tennessee (N.S.D.A.R. book of "Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Tennessee")

1840 McNairy Co, TN Census

USGenweb McNairy Co, TN 1840 census transcription

p. 49

939 Comes John 2 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 4 0
2 m<5; 2 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 40-50; 1 f<5; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 10-15; 1 f 30-40; total 6 m; 4 f; 0 slaves

1850 McNairy Co, TN Census

From "1850 Census - Tennessee," transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint: Updated with USGenweb McNairy Co, TN 1850 census transcription


p. 5 P. 3/2a (Per Census Index)

029 Combs John G. 22 M Merchant 2500 VA
Margarett 18 F TN
Calvin 1 M TN

Notes: Identity?

11th District

p. 112a (223 Per Census Index)

1552 Combs John 53 m farmer 800 VA
Susannah 45 f VA cannot r/w
Kiza 23 (22 Sistler) f VA
Elijah 21 m school teacher VA
Robert 20 m farmer TN school
Christiana 18 f TN school
Elizabeth 16 f TN school
Gilbert 15 m TN school
Washington 12 m TN school
Susannah 10 f TN school
Jacob 7 m TN
Virginia 4 f TN

Note: John Combs, b 26 Apr 1798, Culpeper Co, Virginia, s/o Gilbert & Christiana DENTON Combs (RW Pension File), m 16 Dec 1822, Botetourt Co, Virginia, Susan ETTER (Botetourt Co, Virginia Marriage Records)

p. 113b

1576 PEARSON Parmer, 55 m farmer 800 VA
Margaret, 62 f VA
Gilbert, 27 m laborer VA
HIGGINS Elijah, 18 m farmer TN

Notes: Margaret Combs, d/o of RW Gilbert Combs and Christina DENTON, married Palmer PEARSON 11 Sept. 1817 in Botetourt Co, VA. Margaret born 30 April 1786 in Shenandoah Co., VA. per Gilbert Combs RW Pension File and died 14 Nov 1854, buried McNairy Co, TN. See Family Report for The Combs of Powell's Fort, Shenandoah Co, VA. Margaret is also mentioned as a sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs in an 1882 biographical article (see below) of the ADAMS family. Margaret's sister Priscilla married George G. ADAMS and they resided in Hardeman Co., TN.

p. 117a

1621 Combs Gilbert 49 m carpenter 2000 VA
Sarah 27 f TN
George 21 m farmer VA
Gilbert 19 m farmer VA
John 9 m TN school
Caroline 7 f TN school
Malenne 5 m TN
Charles 3 m TN
William 1 m TN

Note: Gilbert Combs, Jr., born 15 Mar 1801, son of Gilbert and Christiana DENTON Combs. (RW File W17), m Nancy POTTER 07 Apr 1824, Franklin Co, Virginia. (Marriage CD - Source Record still needed). He is listed on the 1830 census of that county. Maiden name of 2nd wife?

1622 STANLY Elizabeth 45 f 1000 VA
Goun 18 m farmer TN
Christiana 14 f TN
Gilbert 12 m TN
Sarah 10 f TN idioti
Elizabeth 6 f TN idioti
Thomas 21 m farmer VA
Lucinda 18 f TN
SKILLMAN Benson 17 f TN
Joel 1 m TN
SEWELL Hiram 22 m laborer U

Notes: Given the names of her children, possibly the same as Mrs. Betsey STANLEY (sister to Priscilla Combs ADAMS and therefore a d/o of Gilbert and Christina DENTON Combs) who married a Mr. STANL(E)Y. An 1882 biographical article (see below) of the ADAMS family refers to a Mrs. Betsey STANELY (still living) of McNairy Co., TN who came to Tennessee with her sister Priscilla Combs ADAMS.

p. 235/118a

1638 Combs Thomas 54 m farmer 4000 NCVA (Sistler)
Catherine 44 f VA

Note: Thomas Combs, born 6 Feb 1796 in Culpeper Co, VA was a son of Gilbert and Christiana DENTON Combs. (RW Pension File W17) . Marriage Record? Possibly same who was in Hawkins Co, TN in 1830?

29 Sep 1859 McNairy Co, Tennessee Bible Record: George Washington Combs and Sarah Catherine BIRCHETT (Combs of Powell's Fort)

1860 McNairy Co, TN Census

[Not all Combs surnames extracted]

District No. 13


p. 498

T. C. STANLY (age 28 or 29) & wife Lucinda) - not extracted

p. 504, 9 Oct. 1860

2303/2307 R G STANLY, 31, m, farmer, b. TN, RE=$2000, PP=$5505
Orlena, 31, f, b. TN
William W., 2, m, b. TN
Chrissianna, 9/12, f, b. TN
Eliza, 61, f, b. VA
Gilbert P, 22, m, b. TN, Idiot
Sarah A, 18, f, b. TN, Idiot

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images)

Notes: Appears to be Elizabeth aka Eliza aka Mrs. Betsey Combs STANLY, d/o of RW Gilbert Combs and Christina DENTON per the 1882 Adams Family biographical article.

District No. 15


p. 514, 8 Oct. 1860

2157/2161 Thomas Combs, 65, m, farmer, b. VA RE=$6000, PP=$1446
Catherine, 53, f, b. VA

1870 McNairy Co, TN Census

[Combs surname not extracted]

Thirteenth Civil District
Purdy PO

p. 355, 1 June 1870

55/55 STANLY, Green 38, m, w, farmer, b. TN, RE=$12,000 PP=$500
Orlena 36, f, w, Keeping House, b. TN
William W., 12, m, w, b. TN
Chrisiana, 11, f, w, b. TN
Thomas, 6, m, w, b. TN
Robert ? L, 3, m, w, b. TN

62/62 STANLY, Elizabeth 66, f, w, Keeping House, b. NC
Gilbert P, 34, m, w, b. TN, Idiot
Sarah A, 28, f, w, b. TN, Idiot

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images)

02 Dec 1876 (McNairy Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) Harry Combs m. Jennie JENNINGS, Dec 2 1876, McNairy County, Tennessee (Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)

Dec 1879 McNairy County. Died: Combs, Gilbert, Miller, age 79, M, born: VA; Father born: PA; mother born: VA. Cause of death: pneumonia (Extracted by Researcher Jean JLWLRob from "TN Mortality Schedules" by Sistler)

Notes: The above is Gilbert Combs, b 15 Mar 1801, Culpeper Co VA, s/o Gilbert & Christianna DENTON Combs. According to this record, his father was born in Pennsylvania, not New Jersey. See Jonathan Combs, b ca1775, PA, d 1850-9, Sullivan County, Tennessee for potential significance. Also note that Gilbert was buried in Crump Cemetery in Hardin Co, TN.

1880 McNairy County, Tennessee Census

Not yet fully extracted, and still very much needed based on the above record.

4th Civil District

John C. COMB, 37, TN VA VA, cabinetmaker
Louisa Combs, 28, TN TN TN
Della D. Combs, 7, TN VA TN

(Combs Researcher Bob Massengill)

BM Notes: Della D. (Dee?) Combs, born 20 Nov 1872 in Tennessee; died in Clovis, Curry Co., New Mexico, 05 Jun 1913; married Charles Adkins MASSENGILL 20 Jun 1893 in McNairy Co., TN. Not yet found in earlier census records.

15 District

p. 155c

R. G. STANLEY, Self, M, M, W, 48, Farmer Or Wool Carder, b. TN VA VA
Orlena STANLEY, Wife, M, F, W, 39, Keeping House, b. TN TN TN
W. W. STANLEY, Son, S, M, W, 22, Farmer, b. TN TN TN
C. C. STANLEY, Dau, S, F, W, 20, At Home, b. TN TN TN
T. H. STANLEY, Son, S, M, W, 15, Farmer, b. TN TN TN
R. E. L. STANLEY, Son, S, M, W, 13, Farmer, b. TN TN TN
E. D. STANLEY, Dau, S, F, W, 10, b. TN TN TN
R. G. STANLEY, Son, S, M, W, 8, b. TN TN TN
C. F. STANLEY, Son, S, M, W, 6, b. TN TN TN
St. Elmo STANLEY, Son, S, M, W, 2, TN TN TN
Elizabeth STANLEY, Mother, W, F, W, 76, At Home b. VA PA PRUS
Sarah M. STANLEY, Sister, S, F, W, 38, At Home, b. TN VA VA

(Source: FHC 1880 Census transcription)

Notes: Elizabeth Combs STANLEY states her father (RW Gilbert Combs) was born in PA and her mother (Christina DENTON) was born in Prus(sia). Elizabeth is refered to as Mrs. Betsey STANLEY, sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs in 1882 (see below) biographical article on the ADAMS family. Elizabeth's brother Gilbert Combs who died in Dec 1879 (McNairy Co. TN 1880 Mortality census) also stated his father was born in PA and mother born in VA.


Notes: According to biographical information of the ADAMS family, George G. ADAMS married Precilla aka Priscilla Combs, sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs of McNairy Co., TN., and therefore the d/o of RW Gilbert Combs and Christina DENTON. The bio states that Priscilla's parents came with George and Priscilla Combs ADAMS to Tennessee (from Virginia). Gilbert Combs stated in his RW Pension Application that he relocated first to Hawkins Co., TN. Priscilla's brother Aquilla Combs was in Hardeman Co. by 1830. Priscilla's widowed mother Christeana aka Christina Combs, 88, died in Hardeman on 13 May of 1850. Husband RW Gilbert Combs d 13 May 1836 in McNairy Co., TN. T George and Priscilla ADAMS were married 22 Dec. 1825 in Botetourt.The article also names a deceased Mrs. PEARSON and a living Mrs. Betsey STANLEY as sisters to Priscilla. See the The Combs of Powell's Fort, Shenandoah Co, VA Report for more information on this family (also includes Monmouth, NJ; Culpeper & Botetourt VA; Hawkins & McNairy TN & more.

McNAIRY COUNTY, TN - BIOGRAPHIES McNairy County Independent April 11, 1924 and REMINISCENCES of the EARLY SETTLEMENT and EARLY SETTLERS of Mc Nairy County, Tennessee by Gen. Marcus J. Wright, Published in 1882
The Adams Family By T. L. A. [Source: USGenWeb McNairy Co., TN Archives, contributed for use by: Douglas H. Prather, excerpted and submitted to Combs &c by Phyllis Combs]

The ADAMS Family.....

The second son of Jeremiah Adams, George C. Adams came to this county following his brother, B. S. Adams. He had married PRISCILLA COMBS in Virginia, her parents being the father and mother of TOM, GILBERT AND JACK COMBS. This George G. Adams located on the old stage road, at what is called the JOHN GILBERT COMBS place. It was at this place that the old stage stand was located. Before the war with Mexico, and before the Texas war for Independence, this old place was familiar one too the travelers of that day. G. G. A., the second son of Jeremiah A., come out to Purdy, Tenn., in the year 1827, being married in Virginia to MISS PRISCILLA COMBS about two years before he moved. He brought his father and mother-in-law with him, two very intelligent and pious old people; the parents of Tom, Gilbert and Jack Combs, all good citizens, who moved out soon afterwards. There were also two daughters who come out, MRS. PARMER PEARSON and MRS. BETSEY STANLEY, both estimable ladies. Mrs. Stanley still living in McNairy; Mrs. Pearson is dead. The old man COMBS lived to the age of seventy-six and a half; old lady eighty eight, then died. G. G. A. was man of excellent morals and good business qualities. They lived in and around Purdy until all of their children were born -- eleven in number; four sons and two daughters, all who grew up to be men and women of good standing. G. G. A. left Purdy in 1852; moved to Bolivar; in 1858 to Grand Junction Tenn.; then to Luka, Miss. All the time in good active business. He was noted for his morality. I have heard him say he never swore an oath, chewed or smoked tobacco, drank a dram, or loved but one woman. He lived at Luka, Miss, up to his death, June 6, 1868. He was born November 26,1801, in Bedford county, Va.

24 Dec 1884 Bible Record. Married: James Josiah Combs and Emily Effie LANE (Combs of Powell's Fort)

26 Dec 1888 Bible Record. Married: James Josiah Combs and Sarah Elizabeth CATHCART (Combs of Powell's Fort)

1904 Obituary

C. A. Combs died Nov 28, 1904 at his home in Adamsville, Tenn., at the age of 58. A wife, one son and one daughter survive him to mourn. We extend sincere sympathy. Bro. Combs was baptized into Christ by R. P. Meeks and was one of thirteen members who constituted our first organization here in 1879. He has served as elder for about twenty years and was instructive and useful to our congregation. -- Adamsville, Tenn. G. A. Sipes

(Source: Christian Standard, January 14, 1905, submitted by Linda Berney)

1920 McNairy Co, TN Census

T 625 Roll 1751

Dist. 10

Page 118 - January 29-30 1920

127 127 Combs, Lina Head R F W 66 Wd TN TN TN Farmer Farm 116
Lesorie Dau. F W 39 S
Dee Son M W 33 Wd TN TN TN Farm Laborer
Alphie Son M W 25 S TN TN TN Laborer

T 625 Roll 1747

Dist. 10

Page 68 - January 29-30 1920

300 Combs, Arch A Head O F M W 45 M TN TN TN Farmer Farm 261
Mollie Wife F W 43 M TN TN TN
Millie Dau. F W 20 S TN TN TN
Edna Dau F W 18 S TN TN TN
Gilbert Son M W 16 S TN TN TN

Dist. 8

Page 88 - January 9, 1920

Fm 66 66 Combs, Marvin Head O F M W 41 M TN TN TN Farmer Farm 51
Gilon Wife F W 27 M TN TN TN

Adamsville Dist. 15

Page 166 - January 14, 1920

95 95 Combs, Guy Head O F M W 36 M TN TN TN Blacksmith Own Shop
Sarah L Wife F W 37 M TN NC TN
Elma V Dau. F W 9 S TN TN TN

Dist. 15

Page 167 - January 14, 1920

Fm 113 113 Combs, James J Head O F M W 52 M TN TN TN Farmer farm 37
Mattie V Wife F W 40 M ARK ALA GA

Dist. 7

Page 79 -January 3-31, 1920

15 15 Garner, Marvin Head R M W 19 M TN TN TN Farmer operate Farm 19
Grace Wife F W 24 M TN TN TN
Combs, Helen Step dau. F W 6 S TN TN TN

Fm 17 17 Combs, Will S Head O F M W 59 M TN TN TN Farmer farm 00-22
Luritta Wife F W 42 M TN TN TN Laborer Farm
Crumo Son M W 17 S TN TN TN Laborer
Blanche Dau F W 12 S TN TN TN
Tom Son M W 9 S TN TN TN
Haze Son M W 7 S TN TN TN
Thelma Dau. F W 3 S TN TN TN

Page 85 - January 16, 1920

123 124 Combs, Johnie Head O F M W 61 S TN Va TN None

Submitted by Phyllis Combs