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Washington County was first Washington District, then Washington County, and originally comprised all of Tennessee (except along the Virginia State Line - see Earliest Combs to TN), and was the parent county of most of early East Tennessee, created by an act of NC general assembly on 18 Dec 1777, organized 23 Feb 1778.

The following series of records appear to be those of a John COMBS (probably Tory) of the Mason COMBS, Sr. line who removed from Surry NC to Greenville SC:

10 Nov 1784 (Washington Co, Tennessee Deed Book 3, pp. 148-9, copied from “Old Book A” starting with page 311) John THOMAS to Joseph MELVEN; 150 acres on the south side of Nobb Creek. Cons: 150 lbs. For: NC to John CALLEHAM 10 Nov. 1784; CALLEHAM to THOMAS. Sig: John THOMAS. Wit: Charles DUNCAN, John COMBS. (Washington Co, Tennessee Deeds 1775-1800, abstracted ed by Loraine Rae)

20 Sep 1787 (Greenville Co., S. C. DB A:213-214) Power of Attorney. Sept. 20, 1787. I, John COMBS of Washington Co., N. C. [now East TN], appoint my trusty and well beloved friend John MOLIN of Greenville Co., S. C., Gent., my true and lawful attorney, and in my name to sell, etc., a tract of land lying on Beaverdam Creek on the W. side of the N. fork of Saluda River, joining the lands of William GUDLOW, sd. land being surveyed by James SEABORN for sd. John COMBS, containing 400 acres. s/John COMBS. Wit: Allen GOWEN, John GOWEN. Rec. Feb. 20, 1788 (Some South Carolina County Records, Vol. 2. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Editor)

09 Feb 1788 (Washington TN Deed Book 3, pp. 150-151). William McBEE to Samuel DENTON; 152 acres on Knob Creek. Cns: 100 bs. Adj: John CARR, GRESHAM, GIBSON. Sig: William McBEE. Wit: Thomas GIBSON, John CARR, John CARR Jun'r. (Some South Carolina County Records, Vol. 2. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Editor)

19 Jan 1789 (Washington Co, Tennessee Deeds) Joseph DUNCAN of “Granville Co SC” to James MELVIN, 320 A on Boone's Creek. NC Grant to DUNCAN dated 10 Nov 1784. (Combs-Duncan Researcher Gloria Bogart Carter)

06 Aug 1789 (Washington TN Deed Book 3, pp. 151-3) 8/6/1789. John CALLIHAM-(& CALAHAM & CALLAHAM) of Greenville County, SC, his NC grant of 10 Nov. 1784 to Samuel DENTON; 150 acres on the south side of Nob Creek. CONS: 100 lbs. SIG: John CALLAHAM. Wit: Charles DUNCAN, JohnCOMBS. (Some South Carolina County Records, Vol. 2. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Editor)

Notes: The above John COMBS has not yet been specifically identified; however, the company he keeps is illuminating: Charles DUNCAN was the s/o Marshall DUNCAN - both are found in the records of Surry Co, North Carolina where in 1774, Marshall DUNCAN tithed himself and Joel and John CALLAHAM. Charles' son, Joseph DUNKLIN [sic], is found on the 1790 Greenville SC Census. Also in Surry Co NC were the COMBS-GOING-RIDGE Families where one John GOWEN was brother-in-law to William RIDGE, Sr., h/o Winnifred COMBS (d/o Mason COMBS, Sr.). How the GOANS/GOING/GOWAN/GUINN (etc.) were kin to William RIDGE, Sr. is not yet known, but that this John COMBS was earlier from Surry NC, and a member of Mason COMBS Family seems almost certain - the main question being which John COMBS? See Also Greenville Co SC and Gloria Bogart Carter's Duncan Families. Also note that this John COMBS was probably close kin to Nicholas COMBS, Sr. of Shenandoah Co, Virginia and Sullivan Co, Tennessee. See also (another? the same?) John COMBS on the 1788 Sullivan Co, Tennessee Militia List of Capt. Thomas VINCENT of Washington Co, Tennessee. Also note that there was significant movement in SC between Spartanburg and Greenville Cos. Joel CALLAHAM is on the 1790 Spartanburg SC Census whereas DUNCANS are on the 1790 Greenville Census. However, in 1789 in Spartanburg, William HAMMETT deeded property to John DUNCAN with five acres reserved for Mary McBEE. (See Also Hammett Families)

5 Nov 1787 (WC-COMB1:296) Jury empaneled that included Solomon Combs and Thomas DENTON.

(Source: Original images from Washington Co, TN Court Minute Books 1778-1809, FHC Film #825510, abs by SE who adds that Minute Book 1 for the Court of Pleas and Quarters contains a cover page stating dates 8/1778-Oct 1799 but it covers many more years and has a sizable and seemingly thorough index)

Notes: This Solomon COMBS m 11 Jan 1781 in Shenandoah Co, VA, Elizabeth MARR. He was the s/o Job COMBS of Monmouth Co NJ and Shenandoah Co VA, and d bef 1793, possibly in Greene Co, TN.

(C/F__) 1787 (SC-COMB1:316) Court ordered the suit Benj COBB vs Edward CALLAHAN be set for trial tomorrow morning.

(Source: Original images from Washington Co, TN Court Minute Books 1778-1809, FHC Film #825510, abs by SE)

1787 Washington Co, NC Poll List

#336 John COMBS

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Wayne Combs from Tennessee Ancestors, Vol 5, 2 Aug 1989, page 100)

03 Sep 1788 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriage Bonds) Thomson (or Thompkins) ODDLE marr Abigail COMBS 3 Sep 1788. bondsman: Jacob TIPTON. (Extracted By Combs Researcher Gloria Bogart Carter from ODELL: LOST AND FOUND membership Murray C. Combs, 1025 Sharon Dr., Glen Burniem MD 21061).

Notes: This marriage record has been transcribed variously as both Thomson (Thompson) and Thompkins and Thompkin, and other records have been located showing given name spelled both ways. He was the s/o Caleb & Alice (THOMPSON? THOMPKINS?) Odell (a.k.a. O'DELL) from Shenandoah Co, Virginia. Abigail COMBS is thought to have been the same who was d/o Job & Deborah UNKNOWN Combs of Shenandoah Co, Virginia. See also Thompkins ODELL of Brimstone Creek, Jackson County, Tennessee in 1816.

9 Feb 1790 (WC-COMB1:430) List of men appointed the view the best way for a road...includes road from Indian Ridge to Sullivan County line near the mouth of Wautagua....and to make returns to the next court....The list included, among others, William DENTON Sr, Samuel DENTON, John Combs, John MELVIN

(Source: Original images from Washington Co, TN Court Minute Books 1778-1809, FHC Film #825510, abs by SE)

Notes: This John Combs not identified.

27 Aug 1800 (Washington Co, Tennessee DB6:571-2) McSemelian/McSamelion/McMillion RECTOR, of Jefferson Co. to John RHEA[RAY], Sullivan Co; 180 acs on Big Limestone; cons $300; adj. Andrew THOMPSON; sig McMillion [x] RECTOR; wit: Thily COMBS, James NOLAN. (Washington Co, Tennessee Deeds 1775-1800, Abstracted by Loraine Rae, SHP, Easley SC, 1991)

Note: Possibly Philip COMBS? No other Thily found elsewhere. See Maximilian [sic] RECTOR on 1800 Jefferson Co, Tennessee Tax List (Capt. Brazelton's Returns) with John COMBS.

1814 Washington Co, Tennessee Tax List

Michael STARR

(Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists, Sistler and Associates, Nashville, TN)

Notes: See Michael STAR [sic] on 1812 and 1814 Sullivan County, Tennessee tax lists. In 1809 RW William COMBS, who served in a Wilkes Co, North Carolina militia unit, arrived in Sullivan County, Tennessee from Charlotte Co VA. He died in 1816; and afterward, his widow, Michal TRAYLOR (a 2nd wife) removed to Washington County, Tennessee, possibly the result of her re-marriage to Michael STAIRE [STARR?]. Note also, however, that in 1830, Michael STARR is on Jefferson County, Tennessee Census.

20 Jun 1816 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) COMBS, Betsy marr. STAR, David (File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives)

08 Feb 1817 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) COMBS, Sarah marr. STAR, John (File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives)

Notes: Could the above be an instance of step-siblings marrying? Children of Michael STARR marrying children of RW William COMBS? See 1830 Jefferson Co, TN Census for David & Betsy COMBS Star and Michael & Michal TRAYLOR (Combs) Star. John STAR not found in 1830; however, see Sarah STARE of 1820 Williamson TN?

1820 US Census, Washington Co, TN:

Not Extant.

19 Nov 1822 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) COMBY, [Judah*] Judy married IRVIN, George (File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives) *Sistler

Notes: Was there a COMBY or COMBAY family in Washington Co, Tennessee or was Judy neè COMBS?

5-6 Sep 1827 William COMBS to Nancy CONKIN md 6 Sep 1827 by Nathan SHIPLEY J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: See the 1838 Washington Co, Tennessee will of John ROCK re his daughter, Caty (a.k.a. Kitty) CONKLIN [sic], granddaughter, Nancy COMBS, and grandson, John Washington COMBS; and the Bible record of William K. COMBS, s/o William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs. Could the above William COMBS have been the son of RW William and Michal TRAYLOR (or TAYLOR) Combs of Wilkes Co NC, Charlotte Co, Virginia and Sullivan Co, Tennessee? Despite his death in Sullivan Co, Tennessee in 1816, it appears, based on her RW Pension Application that his widow afterward resided in Washington Co, Tennessee, not Sullivan. Based on proximity to John ROCK on the 1830 census, William & Nancy CONKIN (Conklin? Conkin?) Combs appear to be the following:

1830 Washington Co, TN Census

p. 213

L16 VANCE, Solomon 001000001-0000001
L17 ROCK(?), John 0000000001-00001001
L18 COMBS, William 20001-00001
L19 RUBLE, John 1110001-0110001
L20 DRAKE, Ephraim 1102001-122101
L21 SIMPSON, James 20001-00001
L22 JOBE, Enoch 000010001-00022001
L23 ODELL, Mary 00003-00001001
L24 ISBELL, Hickman 000000001-0
L25 RUBLE, Henry 11211001001-00100010001

(1830 Census, East TN, Byron Sistler & Associates, Nashville TN)

Notes: Also note the close proximity to ODELLS and DRAKES, both(?) part of the migration Combs migration from Monmouth Co, New Jersey to Shenandoah Co, Virginia to Tennessee?

28 Jul 1838 - 09 Dec 1838 RW Soldier John ROCK, Continental & VA Line, applied 27 May 1818 in Washington Co, TN aged 64, enlisted in Augusta Co, Virginia, in 1820 had wife & 7 children who had left him[?]. A copy of his will is in the file dated 28 Jul 1838 in Washington County, Tennessee in which he names his wife Nanch [sic] and at her death the stock & perishables to be sold & the money divided equally between “my Caty CONKLIN'S children” & that Jane DICKESON should live with his wife Nancy during her life (as written), sol had m Nancy BRYAN (also referred to as O'BRIEN) daughter of John BRYAN then dec'd & Rachel BRYAN on 1 Jul 1789 or 1790 in Washington Co, Virginia & in that year they moved with her sis Katharine & her mother Rachel BRYAN to Ross' Iron Works in Sullivan Co, TN. He died 9 Dec 1838 in Washington Co, Tennessee & his widow applied in that county on 25 Jun 1839, aged 72, and was still there in 1848. She died 10 May 1854. He and wife had 7 children but the only child named was Kitty the eldest who was b 27 Mar 1791. In 1838, his grandson, John Washington COMBS, was aged under 21 yrs. In 1844 a granddaughter, Mrs. Nancy COMBS, aged 35, the daughter of Caty CONKLIN, made affidavit in Washington Co, TN. (RW Pension File W985, BLW #1112-100, Genealogical Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, Virgil White)

Notes: See Also the William K. Combs Family Bible

1840 US Census Index, Washington Co, TN

P. 98
COMBS, Willaim

9 Jul 1841 Will of Nancy ROCK 9 July, 1841. Jane DICKSON-pots, pans. Nancy COMBS. Nancy Jane COMBS. Margaritha DICKSON-a coverlid. Catherine COMBS-quilt. Emaline COMBS-coverlid. Caty COMBS-little wheel. Nancy WHITE. James, Margaret, John and Sarah CONKIN-$1.00 each. Executors: Samuel DOUGLAS & Chase HALE. Test: George J. JACKSON, Samuel COX, John GUIN. signed Nancy X ROCK (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Wills 1777-1872 by Goldene Fillers Burger, copyright 1983 by Southern Historical Press, Inc.)

Notes: Nancy O'BRIEN, widow of Rev Sol John ROCK, d 10 May 1854, Washington Co, TN. Relationship to the DICKENSON/DICKSON family not known. Nancy COMBS was her granddaughter (d/o Caty ROCK Conklin and w/o William COMBS). Nancy Jane and Catherine were her great-grandaughters (d/o William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs). Emaline COMBS has not been identified, but see the 1853 marriage of Emeline to Jesse J. HARRISON and the 1855 will of Michal TRAYLOR who m (1) Jun 1800, William COMBS; and (2) abt 1823, Michael STARR, in which she names Emeline HARRISON.

1850 Washington Co, TN Census

4th Subdivison E Dist; Jos S Rhea

p. 474; 11 Dec 1850

1893/1936 Jamichael [sic] STARR 60 laborer VA
Martha 29 TN

p. 491/247; 14 Dec 1650

2024/2066 COMBS, Wm. 46 Farmer 500 TN
Nancy 42 TN
John W[ashington]. 21 Student
Elijah 20 "
Catharine H. 18
Michael 16 "
Moses S. 14
Wm. K. 13
Nancy J. 11
George A. J. 9
Mary A. E. 7
Jacob N. 5
Noah W. 2

(Washington Co, TN Census (transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint)

Notes: Jamichal STARR appears to have been Michal TRAYLOR Combs Starr (b 1778) with what appears to be her unmarried daughter, Martha (by Michael STARR). The above are William & Nancy CONKLIN Combs. Is it coincidence that he named a son, Elijah COMBS, given Elijah COMBS, Sr. of Perry Co, Kentucky? Catherine H. possibly named after Catherine ROCK Conklin. Michael possibly namesake of Michael STARE/STARR? The other children? Is the above Martha STARR daughter or wife of Jamichael? Was Jamichael male or female? (no marriage record found). Is the above Martha STARR the same who was daughter of Michal TRAYLOR Combs Starr? (See 1855 below) Neither David & Betsy COMBS Star or John & Sarah COMBS Star have been located after 1830.

24-27 Aug 1850 John W. COMBS to Abigail MITCHELL md 27 Aug 1850 by Young DOUGLASS J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: John Washington COMBS, s/o William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs. Are they possibly same who were in Monroe Co, KY in 1860?

08 Mar 1852 William COMBS , h/o Nancy CONKLIN, deceased this date per family bible record of their son, William K. COMBS

21-27 Mar 1853 Jesse J. HARRISON to Emeline COMBS md 27 Mar 1853 by R. S. FERGUSON J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: Emeline COMBS Harrison was apparently the daughter or granddaughter of RW William COMBS & his wife, Michal TRAYLOR Combs (Starr) per her 1855 Washington Co, Tennessee will and that of Nancy O'BRIEN Rock (1841). Emeline has not been found on the 1850 census as yet.

29 Jan 1855 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriages) William K. COMBS & Elizabeth MULKEY (Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott Combs)

29 Jan 1855 - Aug 1857 William K. COMBS to Elizabeth MULKEY md __ Aug 1857 by J.M. HUNT J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: See William K. COMBS Bible Record.

10 Jan 1855 - 1857 (Washington Co, Tennessee Wills) Will of Michael STAR Children: Polly GALLOWAY, Martha STARR-beds and drapes. George GALLOWAY-$1.00. Catherine COMBS, Emaline HARRISON. signed: Michael X STARR. Wit. William W. DEAKINS, James DEAKINS. Probated _____, 1857. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Wills 1777-1872 by Goldene Fillers Burger, copyright 1983 by Southern Historical Press, Inc.)

Notes: Michal TRAYLOR m (1) 1800, William COMBS; (2) aft 1816, Michael STARR. Emaline COMBS m Jesse J. HARRISON 27 Mar 1853, Washington Co, TN. Neither found on 1850 census as yet. Several Polly and George GALLOWAYS found - not known which. Catherine COMBS appears to be William COMBS' daughter (See next)

12-14 Sep 1856 William W. DEPEW to Catherine COMBS md 14 Sep 1856 by J.W. HUNT J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: See William K. COMBS Bible Record. Catherine H. COMBS Depew was d/o William K. & Nancy CONKLIN Combs.

Jan 1860 Washington County, TN Mortality Schedule. Died: COMBS, Elizabeth, Domestic, age: 27, M, born KY. Cause of death: fever. (Extracted by Researcher Jean JLWLRob from TN Mortality Schedules by Sistler, and from 1850-1880 Mortality Schedules, CD, extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton, which lists Elizabeth as female, occupation: Housekeeper).

Notes: Could this have been Elizabeth MULKEY who m William K. COMBS in 1855? Except see his Family Bible Record

04 Apr 1860 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriages) Moses S. COMBS & Lucinda BACON (Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott Combs)

4 Apr 1860 Moses V. [sic] COMBS to Lucinda BACON md 5 Apr 1860 by Enos KINCHELOE J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: Moses S., s/o William and Nancy COMBS Conklin?

1860 Washington Co, TN Census

103-86 William COMBS 56
Nancy [CONKLIN] 51
Nancy J. 21
George A. J. 19
Mary A. E. 17
Jacob N. 15
Melvina 9

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott Combs)

Notes: Noah & Michael COMBS are missing from this census. Deceased? Jacob N. was Jacob Newton COMBS according to his Family Bible Record. He later married (date unknown) Sarah COX, b Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee (See also 1937 Barren Co, Kentucky Death Cert of William Jacob COMBS, s/o Jacob Newton and Sarah Ann COX Combs. (See his sister(?) Nancy Jane COMBS Cox 1860 below). Could Mary A. E. be a.k.a. Emeline who m Jesse J HARRISON?

Hoggards District

Jonesborough P. O.

p. 102, August 1, 1860

660/660 COMBS William 22 M W Carpenter 120 Tn
Sarah E. 22 F W Domestic Yn
Nancy A. 11/12 F W Tn

p. 103

661/661 COMBS, Nancy 51 F W Farmer 1651 425 Tn I
Nancy J. 21 F W Domestic TN
George A. 19 M W Farmer TN
Mary A. 17 F W Domestic TN S
Jacob N. 15 M W Farmer TN S
Melvina 9 F W TN S

Note: William missing in this transcription; I=illiterate; S=attended school

662/662 COMBS, Elijah 30 M W Farmer TN I
Elizabeth 27 F W Domestic KY
Mary M. 3 F W TN
Wm. E. 1 M W --

See marriage (below) on 1 Oct 1860; does that mean these two children are not Elizabeth's, or illegitimate?

Two BACON familes between these households

665/665 BACON, Edmond 44 M W Farmer 2850 525 TN
Lydia 43 F W Domestic TN
Enoch 21 M W Farmer TN
Nancy 16 F W Domestic TN
Amanda J. 14 F W TN
Martha E. 12 F W TN
Sarah E. 8 F W TN

COMBS, Moses 22 M W TN M
Lucinda [BACON] 22 F W TN M

Note: M=married within the year; (see 04 Apr 1860 above).

[USGenWeb Census Project]

01 Oct 1860 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriage Records) Elijah COMBS & Elizabeth MURRAY (Early East Tennessee Marriages Vol 1 & 2 by Sistler, 1987)

Notes: s/o William & Nancy CONKLIN Combs

27-28 Oct 1860 Nathan J. COX to Nancy Jane COMBS md 28 Oct 1860 by R.S. FERGUSON J.P. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: Nancy J., age 21 in 1860 HH of William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs?

9 Jun 1861 Elijah COMBS to Jane L. CONNER md 9 Jun 1861 by R.S. FERGUSON (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: Are both marriages the same Elijah COMBS? S/o of William & Nancy CONKLIN Combs?

01 Jan 1862 (Washington Co, Tennessee Marriages) George A. J. COMBS & Amanda Jane BACON (Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott Combs)

Notes: s/o William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs.

7 Feb 1865 Jarot N. Comas, P. 136 to Sary Ann Cox - 02-07-1865 E. Keebler JP (Tennessee Early Marriages WASHINGTON COUNTY 1780-1870 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

11 Jun 1866 - Apr 1869 Washington Co, Tennessee Wills) Will of Jesse RIGGS 11 June 1866. Wife Hannah-167 1/2 acres farm where we live adjoining John WHITLOCK, dec'd. heirs, Charles BACON, Endymion YOAKLEY, and Uriah HUNT. Son William-land. Granddaughter Elizabeth COMBS. Daughter Elizabeth MURRAY decd. and husband Jesse MURRAY sold their interest in my estate during her lifetime. signed: Jesse RIGGS. Executor: Henry LADY. Test: Nathan SHIPLEY, Elbert S. SHIPLEY. Probated April Term, 1869 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Wills 1777-1872 by Goldene Fillers Burger, copyright 1983 by Southern Historical Press, Inc.)

Notes: Elizabeth COMBS not yet identified; however, see Elizabeth MURRAY m Elijah COMBS in 1860. Could Elizabeth COMBS be the granddaughter, and Elizabth MURRAY a widow when she m Elijah? Note that Elijah appears to have remarried in 1861, thus Elizabeth (RIGGS?) Murray deceased?

20 Feb 1868 Amon HALE to Lucinda COMBS md 19 Feb 1868 [sic] by Jesse RIGGS M.G. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: Lucinda COMBS not yet identified. Could she have been neè BACON and the wife of Moses S. COMBS in 1860?

1-7 Jun 1868 Elbert CROUCH to Amanda J. COMBS md 7 Jun 1868 by J.F.D. SHERFY M.G. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burger)

Notes: Could this be Amanda J. BACON who m George A. J. COMBS in 1862?

1870 Washington Co, TN Census

District No 8


p. 17; 28 th July 1870; D. C. Presnell

114/120 DUNCAN, John 44 MW Farmer 250 200 NC
____ Margaret 44 FW Keeping House NC
____ Sintha 20 FW At Home NC
____ William 19 MW Works on Farm NC
____ Nancy 17 FW At Home NC
____ Seena 15 FW " " NC
____ John 13 MW Works on Farm TN

p. 18; 29th Jul 1870

DUNCAN Julia A 12 FW At Home NC
____ Franklin 9 MW do TN
____ Geo. W. 7 MW do
____ Wesley 5 MW do
____ David 3 MW TN
COMBS, Jonathan MW 45 Day Laborer 400 - TN
____ Riley 14 MW do TN

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Scott Combs)

Notes: See Also Sullivan Co, Tennessee and Carter County, Tennessee

13th Distric

Haus x Roads (Haws Crossroads?)

p. 7[309]; 21 Jul 1870

44/43 Combs, Nancy 60 FW Keeping House 500 405 Tenn
Mary A. 21 FW
Melvina 19 FW
Mary M. 13 FW
William E. 10 MW Works on Farm

Note: Mary M. & William E. in HH of Elijah (next door to Nancy) in 1860 Census.

1900 Washington Co, TN Census

8th Civil District

SD: 1; ED: 147; 19 Jun 1900

87A; Sheet 8

183/184 Combs, Walter head M Dec 1872 27 m 4 VA VA VA
____ Vica wife w F May 1879 21 m 4 2 2 TN TN TN
____ John son w M Jan 1897 3 s TN VA TN
____ Guy son w M Feb 1899 1 s TN VA TN

SHG Notes: There are notations apparently written after the fact (i.e. not the same hand writting) on this page. By Walters name is 4 - 1 over pf - 4 and by head is 2C. Also by the household 186/187 is crossed out and 183/184 is put in. John Walter Combs' father Mandeville Jackson Combs found in 1900 Unicoi Co, TN Census.

Civil Distric No. 13

SD: 250; ED: 154; 12th Jun 1900

Sheet 4

75/77 Combs, Mary A. Head WF Feb 1840 60 S TN TN TN Farmer

Note: William HULSE family living nearby [73/75] (see next entry).

22nd Jun 1900

Sheet 8

149/151 Combs, William E. Head WM Feb 1859 40 M 5 TN TN KY Farmer
____ Amanda wife WF Dec 1864 35 M 5 0 0 TN TN TN
____ Enos J. Son WM Jan 1883 17 S TN TN TN Farm Labor
____ Birtie E. Dau WF Dec 1884 15 S TN TN TN At School
____ Bessie Dau WF Mar 1886 14 S TN TN TN At School
HULSE, Gilbert H. Boarder May 1893 7 S TN TN TN

Note: A second marriage for William E. Combs (s/o Elijah & [?, Elizabeth MURRAY] see 1860 census note above). Could Gilbert be a child from previous marriage of Amanda?

17 Sep 1942. Johnson City Press, Johnson City, Washington Co, TN Tennessee. MRS. VICIA LEACH COMBS
Mrs. Vicia LEACH Combs, 65 died at 12 o'clock noon Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ray McQUEEN Austin Springs. Survivors are her Husband, J. Walter COMBS, Five sons, John of Portsmouth Va., Guy of Kingsport and William, Clyde and Albert COMBS. all of Washington, D. C.; three daughters, Mrs. Paris (Winnie) SAYLOR, Mrs. Ted (Rosa Lee) FORD and Mrs. Ray (Anna Ruth) McQUEEN, all of Johnson City; three Brothers, Dave, W. P. (Pleasant) and George LEACH, all of Jonesboro; three sisters. Mrs. Betty TAYLOR of Jonesboro, and Mrs Will (Pheobe) LEAB and Mrs. Henry GOODMAN, both of Johnson City; 17 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 3 p. m. Friday at the Austin Springs Methodist Church, with the Rev. J. C. Wine in charge. Burial will be in the Monte Vista cemetery. The body was to be removed late today to the daughter's residence at Austin Springs from a Jonesboro funeral home.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Steven H. Gilley - See next)

Nov 1958 Johnson City Press, Johnson City, Washington Co, Tennessee. REV. JOHN W. COMBS
Rev. John W. COMBS, 85 of Austin Springs, Rt. 4, died Friday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Paris SAYLOR, in Baltimore, Md. A native of Giles County, Va., he was the son of Mandville Jackson and Heneretta MARTIN Combs, and was the husband of the late Lowicie Jane LEACH, who preceded him in death Sept. 17, 1942. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Paris SAYLOR of Baltimore, Mrs. Fred FORD of Austin Springs and Mrs. Ray MCQUEEN of Johnson City; four sons, John R. of Kingsport, Charles W. of Johnson City, Walter Clyde and Albert L. of Austin Springs. 17 grandchildren and 38 great- grandchildren; one brother, Joseph P. COMBS of Hot Springs [Garland Co], Ark., two sisters, Mrs. Mae CARPENTER and Mrs. Fannie BRUMETT of Johnson City. Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home is in charge.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Steven H. Gilley from Obituary of John Walter COMBS, published in in the Johnson City Press, Johnson City, Tennessee, exact date unknown Nov 1958)

SHG Notes: This is copied just as it appears. Mandville Jackson COMBS is Mandeville Jackson Combs s/o John COMBS and Penninah Jane BELLER of Raleigh Co, WV. John COMBS was the s/o Zedekiah (& Elizabeth JOHNSON?) Combs of Grayson Co, VA. Heneretta MARTIN is Henrietta E. MARTIN d/o John MARTIN and Elizabeth WAGGONER. They m 27 Jul 1871, Giles Co, VA. Lowicie Jane LEACH is Lavisa Jane LEACH, b. May 1878 d/o Elisha LEACH and Sarah L. TAYLOR. Mrs. Paris SAYLOR is Winnie COMBS b. 25 Mar 1902. d. Dec 1970 m. Paris SAYLOR b. 12 Apr 1899 d. May 1969. Mrs. Fred FORD is Rosa Lee COMBS b. 16 Aug 1908 d. Jun 1986 m. Theodore FORD b. 19 Jul 1908 d. Apr 1970 Mrs. Ray MCQUEEN is Anna Ruth Combs b. 27 May 1912 d. 26 Dec 1974 m. Dewey NOE (date unknown) m. Herman Raymond MCQUEEN b. 24 Aug 1909 d. 19 Sep 1960. Joseph P. COMBS, b. unknown sometime after 1880. Mrs. Mae CARPENTER is Mae COMBS b.7 Jul 1895 d. Aug 1966. Mrs. Fannie BRUMMETT is Fannie COMBS b. 26 Feb 1898 d. Oct 1973.

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