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Monroe was organized from Barren and Cumberland in 1820, the same year that the county gained land from Jackson and Overton Counties TN (See McFarlin's Creek below). In 1860, Medcalfe Co was established from Monroe, Adair, Barren, Cumberland and GreenCounties. Note: the following does not yet include all Monroe Co., KY data. See Also Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs of Loudoun Co., VA; and Lincoln Co., KY some of whose children lived in Monroe Co., KY.
Although the following records are pre-1820, thus include Cumberland and Barren Counties, KY as well as Jackson Co., TN, the land mentioned was primarily in Monroe Co, Kentucky by the time this county was formed:

06 Oct 1813, the Jackson Co, Tennessee land entry of one Simeon PENNINGTON mentioned 20 acs on the "…headwaters of McFarlin's Cr . near spring now used by the Widow Combs…"

10 Jan 1815(TN RG 50 29 505 14217) John DENTON .. Headwaters of McFarland's Cr including Joshua DENTON'S improvement. 10 Jan 1815. John PLUMLEE, Locator. (Neighborhoods)

30 Sep 1815 (TN RG 50 30192 15728) Simeon PENNINGTON .. 20 acs .. McFarland's Cr.. the spring now used by the Widow Combs .. to include her improvement. 30 Sep 1815. John PLUMLEE, Locator. (Neighborhoods)

15 Aug 1817( Cumberland KY Land Grant Book B:701) Survey. Grantee: John Combs 50 Acres, McFarlands Cr (Kentucky Land Grants, p. 509)

26 Apr 1821( Monroe Co., KY Land Grant Book U:32) Survey. 50 A. John Combs, McFarlands Cr (ibid.)

Notes: See Combs of McFarlin's Creek (Jackson TN and Monroe KY). If the above John Combs was the son of Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs, then perhaps Barbara ALLEN Combs was the "widow Combs of McFarlin's Creek."
1820 US Census Index, Monroe Co., KY

p. 191
p. 205
Stephen Combs
p. 215
p. 217
John Combs

Notes: Stephen & John Combs above are believed to have been sons of Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs. Aaron HARLAN m in 1800 in Lincoln Co., KY, Nancy Combs, daughter of Stephen & Barbara. John Combs (by family tradition?) is said to have m Mary Magdalene HESTAND (See Also Below)
pre-1820-1887 (Extracted from Rootsweb List: SOUTH-CENTRAL-KENTUCKY; Year: 1998, Message ID: Mill Creek (Old Mulkey) Membership Monroe Co., Ky
First Date is when joined, second date (if there), when left.
Pre 1820, Combs, Polly, June 1830
May 1805, COMER, Samuel
June 1820, Combs, John, June 1830, husband of Polly
Aug 1838, Combs, Catharien
July 1840, Combs, Nancy
July 1860, Combs, Marinda
Mar 1879, Combs, Willis T, May 1893
Aug 1887, Combs, Wesley S.
1830 US Census Index, Monroe Co., KY

p. 401 John Combs
p. 402 Martin COMES

Notes: None of the above Combs have been specifically identified as yet (Census records not yet obtained), but it is probable that they were "somehow" kin to the Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs Family, given that Aaron HARLAN, d 18 Oct 1847, Monroe Co., KY (m in 1800 in Lincoln Co., KY, Nancy Combs, daughter of Stephen and Barbara) was buried in the Stephens' Meeting House Burying Grounds in Tompkinsville. See Also Martin Combs marriage in Monroe Co., IN.
23 Jun 1837 ( Jackson [sic] Co., KY Land Grant Book 3:417) Survey. Wm. COMB, 35 Acres on Proctore & McFarlands Creeks (ibid.)
28 Sept 1838 Early Monroe Co., Ky Marriages (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser) Moses M. GUM to Elizabeth Combs

DH Notes: See 1860 Allen Co, KY will of Thomas Combs (below) who names daughter, Elizabeth, w/o Mitchel GUMM (perhaps Moses Mitchell?)
1840 Monroe Co, KY Census Index

P. 236
John Combs
Solomon Combs

P. 238
Daniel H. Combs
John Combs

1850 Monroe Co., Ky Census (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

p. 385 HH 234/244 John Combs 59 farmer TN
Mary 54 f TN
Nancy 26 f KY
Lurane 18 f KY

P. 385 HH 239-252 Dan H. Combs 32 farmer 200 Ky
Belinda 32 (place of birth blank)
Willis 9 Ky
Jefferson 8 Ky
M. 6 Ky (female)
James 5 Ky
Altimera 3 Ky (female)
Catherine 2 Ky

DH Note: Daniel H. Combs married Melinda [sic] POINDEXTER according to (a) the 1860 Monroe Co, KY Census and the 22 Oct 1931 Monroe Co, KY death certificate of his son, James P. Combs, born 1845 died 1931, whose parents are listed as D. H. Combs & Melinda POINDEXTER.
21 Mar 1860 ( Allen County, Kentucky Deed book 2 page 562) Thomas Combs of Allen Co., KY names children, including "… Zur Combs, James Combs, Eligah Combs, William Combs, Robert Combs, A. J. Combs, Samuel Combs and to my Daughters Sarah LANE wife of Booker LANE late Combs, Jinnie HALTER [HATLER?] wife of F. A. HALTER, Elizabeth GUM wife of Mitchell GUM, Martha ORE wife of Allen L. ORE and my grand children Elizabeth, Melvina, Rutha, Jane & Debora children & heirs of Debora dau & wife of Benjamine GAUSNELL late Combs, all of the county of Allen and State of Kentucky except Zur Combs, Sarah LANE & Malina Daughter of Benjamin GAUSNELL who intermarries with William BARTON & F. A. HALTER wife Jinnie HALTER, Martha ORE lives in Monroe County Kentucky & Elizabeth GUM who lives in Macon County Tennessee. William, James & Elijah who lives in Morgan Co. & in Camden Co MO & Robert who lives in Arkansas…"

Notes: See Also Barren Co., KY, Morgan Co., MO, and note Combs-Ore families of Grainger & Jefferson Counties, TN. Also note that Macon Co., TN was established from Smith & Sumner in 1842, and that no Combs by surname have been located in Macon as yet (not researched).
1860 Monroe Co, KY Census

HH 100/100 Mary Combs 64 F 400 150TN
Nancy 38 F -- 325 Ky

HH 107/107 Danl. [Daniel] Combs 43M farmer 1000 800 KY
Malinda 43 F not known cannot read or write
Willis 19 M farm labor Ky attended school
William SPEAR 4 M Ky
Jeff Combs 18 M Ky attended school
Marinda 16 F Ky attended school
James 15 M Ky attended school
Altamira 14 F Ky attended school
Catharine 12 F Ky attended school
Isaiah 11 M Ky attended school
Nancy 9 Ky
Barton 5 Ky
Johnn 1 Ky

Notes: Daniel H. Combs m Melinda POINDEXTER (22 Oct 1931 Monroe Co, KY death certificate of son, James P. Combs, b5 May 1845)

HH 323/323 John W. Combs 31 M constable -- 300 TN
A. 26 F TN cannot read or write
L. J. FULKS 13 F KY attended school

Notes: Could this be John Washington Combs, son of William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs, m 24 Aug 1850, Washington Co, TN, Abigail MITCHELL?
1870 Monroe Co., KY Census (Extracted by John D. Baldwin & provided to Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Precinct 2; 14 July 1870

page 39

HH 75/75
Jacob N. COMBS 24 mw common laborer $0 $100 TN
Sarah A. 19 f w keeping house TN
John C. 4 m w TN
George N. 1 m w KY

Note: Jacob was the son of William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs of Washington Co., TN. Jacob was married to Sarah COX. See Jacob N. COMBS' Bible Record and his sons John Calvin and WilliamJ. COMBS' 1939 & 1937 Barren Co., KY Death Certificates.

page 42
HH 96/96
John W. COMBS 41 m w farmer $700 $663 TN
Abigal 37 f w keeping house TN
John FORD 14 m w at home KY

Note: John was the son of William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs of Washington Co., TN and was married to Abigail MITCHELL there in 1850.

Precinct 6, 8Jun 1870

page 134

Daniel H. COMBS 52 m w Farmer $800 $800 KY
Belinda 52 f w Keeping House KY
James P. 25 m w Farm Laborer $0 $486 KY
Marinda 26 f w KY
Allamira 22 f w KY
Catharine 20 f w KY
Isiah 18 m w At Home KY
Nancy 16 f w KY
Barton H. 15 m w At Home KY
Joshua K. 11 m w At Home KY

Note: Daniel's son Joshua is listed as "Johnn" in 1860. See Joshua's 1935 Barren Co., KY Death Certificate. Was Daniel the son of John and Mary M.?HESTAND Combs? Was Mary M. the same person listed (see below) as Mary A. COMBS, daughter of Daniel HESTAND, who also had a son Joshua K. HESTAND?
1870 Monroe Co., Ky Deaths (extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser): PRECINCT #6 - taken by Samuel MARTIN: Mary M Combs, 74, f, w, widow, KY, Aug, general dropsy.
Oct 1879 From the History of Mill Creek Baptist Church (" Pioneer Baptist Church Records of South-Central Kentucky and the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee,1799- 1899," C. P. Cawthorn & N.L. Warnell, 1985, reprinted 1987, Church History Research & Archives, 220 Graystone Drive, Galatin, Tennessee, 37066 (615) 452-0341 or 452-7027, Publishers of Ecclesiastical Histories (Write for a list of our other works)

"Mill Creek Baptist Church... earliest record September 11, 1798, John MULKY and John WOOD were chosen as delegates to the association... 128 members ... Phillip MULKY, Clerk... in Constitution of Green River Association in 1800... of Stockton Valley Association in 1805... May 1800 Benjamin GIST called topastoral care of the Church, and John WOOD ordained to the ministry...In May, 1805, a James HARON [HERRON?] was ordained Deacon. November, 1809, the Church split and a part went off with John MULKY, he advocating the doctrine of A. CAMPBELL. In May 1812, John B. LONGAN... October 1879, W.T. Combs was chosen Clerk...

"Messengers 1803: John MULKEY, Thos. SULLIVANT, Joseph GHIST.
"Messengers 1804: JohnMULKEY, Joseph GIST, Isaac MEANS, Jr.
"Messengers 1812: Ephraim ELLIS, Ezekiel SPRINGER

Note: W. T. Combs has not yet been identified; however, see Barren Co., KY re Isham COOMBS of Hardin Co., KY who died in Barren Co., KY at the home of his son, W. T. Combs, in 1887. See Ezekiel SPRINGER of Lawrence Co., TN with Combs-Johnson Families.
13 Sep 1883 GENERAL AFFIDAVIT.(transcribed and submitted by Myra Britt)

State of Kentucky, County of Allen ss in the matter of the original invalid pension claim No. 286,274 of Louisiana Combs mother of Samuel Combs Corpl Co "K" Inf Vols.

On this 13th day of September A.D. 1883; personally appeared before me a Clerk of the County Court in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths Zur Combs aged 78 years, a resident of near Fountain Run in the County of Monroe and State of Kentucky well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declares to relation to aforesaid case as follows:

That Louisiana Combs, who was his wife and the claimant for Pension in this case is dead. That she died of disease of liver and stomach at home in Barren County, Ky. On the 3rd day of the present month, September 1883. That he now therefore desires to appear in this case as claimant and requests that this case proceed in his name hereafter. And he hereby appoints E. Scott Brown of Scottsville, Allen County, KY his attorney to continue the presentation of this his claim and to do every act or thing necessary to be done in the p..(?) and also requests that he be furnished with the condition & requirements of said claim and what further evidence if any is necessary to complete the same.

His Post Office Address is Fountain Run, Monroe County, Kentucky. Affiant furthers declares that has interest in said case and is concerned in its prosecution, being now the claimant as aforesaid.

Isaac C. McClure (?) Zur Combs
Fisters W. Spilman (?) (Signature of Affiant)
If a Affiant sign by mark two persons who can write sign here
1886 (IR) (Monroe Co, KY) Isaac RUSH was born February 29, 1856, in the southern part of Monroe County, Ky., where he grew to manhood and has always resided. His father, Hiram C. RUSH, also a native of Monroe County, was born in 1818; was a soldier in the Fifth Kentucky Federal Cavalry, and died in 1863. He was the son of Benjamin RUSH, who died in Monroe County. Hiram C. RUSH was twice married; first, to Easter Combs, and their offspring are Ezekiel, Mary (CARTER) and Daniel H. After the death of his first wife, he married Rutha L., daughter of Thomas PITCOCK, of Monroe County (born in 1828), and from their union sprang James T., Isaac, Rebecca A. (MOORE), Martha and Rachel (twins). Isaac RUSH has secured a business education by his own efforts. In 1880 he commenced merchandising under the firm style of GREEN & RUSH, at Boles, and has been successful in business. He is not connected with any church, but is friendly to all Christian denominations. October 25, 1885, he married Mary E. CRAWFORD, daughter of Isaac CRAWFORD, at Clementsville [Clay Co], Tn. This lady was born November 9, 1862, and is a member of the Christian Church. In politics Mr. RUSH is a Republican."(Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin,3rd edition, 1886)
1886 Joshua K.HESTAND was born January 7, 1812, in Cumberland (now Monroe) County,Ky., where he grew to manhood and has always resided. His father, Daniel HESTAND, a native of Virginia, removed in childhood with his parents, to east Tennessee, and in 1799 located in Monroe County, Ky., where he died in 1858, at the age of eighty-three years. He was the son of Abram HESTAND, whose father came from Germany. Daniel married Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony MOSIER, and their offspring are John, Mary A. (Combs), Margaret (MOORE), Abram, Elizabeth (RUSH), Catherine (WHITE), Daniel, Phillip M. and Joshua K. March 31, 1832, our subject married Elizabeth, daughter of William and Martha (BASS) Cole, of Cumberland County, born February 29,1816, and to them have been born James C. (deceased), Anthony M., Levesta (HAMILTON), Susan M. (THOMPSON and ODEL), George C. (deceased), Jarrett H. (a soldier, killed by guerrillas after his discharge from the army), John B., Martha (BAXTER), Preston B. (deceased), Thomas R. B. Mr. HESTAND has had to work his own way in the world, beginning at the bottom of the ladder, but by industry, frugality and careful attention to business has secured an ample competency. In politics he is an Andrew Jackson Democrat. He is engaged in merchandising, and owns 130 acres of well improved and productive land, and has given his children 330 acres." (Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd edition, 1886)

Notes: According to several undocumented later sources, a Mary Magdalene HESTAND, b 13 Jun 1796, married a John Combs, b 1791, who is said to have been the son of Stephen and Barbara ALLEN Combs of Loudoun Co., VA; NC; and Lincoln and Barren Counties, KY. Could Mary Magdalene and Mary A. above have been the same individual? Seeking earliest source for this marriage.
1900 Census Monroe Co., KY (transcribed by Myra Britt)

7th Mag. District (Gum) Enumerated 1st day of June, 1900
5 5 Temple, Camila Head w f Oct 1871 28 W \ 5 3 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Temple, Bertha J. Daughter w f July 1890 9 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Temple, Thomas H. Son w m Oct 1892 7 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Temple, Mary D. Daughter w f June 1895 4 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Temple, Mimmie Step Daughter w f July 1882 17 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Temple, Virgie E. Step Daughter w f Oct 1884 15 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Temple, Louisa Step Daughter w f Nov 1888 12 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky

MB Notes: Camila Combs Temples Stinson was the daughter of Samuel Combs, Allen Co., KY (GDaughter of Thomas Combs, Allen Co., KY). She married 1st to Joel Franklin Temples (born June 9, 1858 according to headstone, Akersville Cemetery, Monroe Co., KY; Died 21st of January 1898 and buried 23rd of January 1898 (per family bible of Camila Combs and headstone). See her in the 1910, 1920, and 1930 census in Allen Co., KY.
22 Oct 1931 Kentucky Death Certificate #25233 of James P. Combs; white male widow; Age: 86 yrs 5 mos 13 ds; occupation: farmer; born: 9 May 1845 Ky; died: 22 Oct 1931 Monroe Co., Ky of Paralysis; buried: Combs Cem. 23 Oct 1931 by Leonard YOKLEY of Tompkinsville, Ky; son of D. H. Combs born Ky & Malinda POINDEXTER, born Ky; informant: D. H. Combs of Tompkinsville, Ky; filed 23 Oct 1931 Susie E. LESLIE registar.

Notes: See Dan H. & Belinda [sic] Combs on 1850 Monroe Co, KY census with son, James, age 5; and Daniel Combs and son, James, age 15, on 1860 Monroe Co, KY census with with wife Melinda.

25 May 1945 Kentucky Death Certificate #9175 of James Henry Combs white male widower resides: Macon Co., Tn occupation: farmer born: 23 June 1879 Ky died: 25 May 1945 Allen Co., Ky of congestive heart failure buried: Akersville [Monroe Co], Ky 26 May 1945 funeral director Ben L. HOOPER Hartsville [Sumner Co], Tn son of Samuel Combs born Ky & Mary BERGEN born Ky informant: J. H.Combs Rt. 2 Westmoreland, [Sumner Co] Tn filed 29 May 1945 Feruadine? HOLLAND registrar (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)