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 of Cumberland Co., KY

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Cumberland Co., KY was established in 1799 from Green. In 1801, Wayne was established from Pulaski and Cumberland, and in 1820, Monroe was established from Barren and Cumberland. In 1826, Russell was established from Adair, Cumberland and Wayne; and in 1836, Clinton was established from Cumberland and Wayne. In 1860, Metcalfe was established from Adair, Barren and Cumberland.
1799 Cumberland Co., KY Tax List (Extracted from Second Census of KY, 1800, GPC, Clift)
Byram Combs
Martin SIMS

Notes: The above Byram Combs is believed to have been the same who was earlier a Tory of Surry Co., NC and later in that part of Cumberland which became Wayne Co., KY in 1801.
1810 Cumberland Co., KY Census transcribed by Sue Elfving from images of original census

p. 170, No Twp

John JACKSON, 101 101
1 male under 10
1 male 16-26
1 female under 10
1 female 16-26

Jesse Comb, 1001 001
1 male under 10
1 male 26-45
1 female 16-26

John NANCE Senr 00001 00001
1 male over 45
1 female over 45

SE Note: Jesse Combs is listed between John JACKSON and James NANCE Sen. The identity of this Jesse Combs has yet to be determined. It is not known if he was related to the Byram Combs of the 1799 tax list (who is next found in Wayne Co., Ky.), or to the John Combs of the 1817 Ky. land grant (see below). One John JACKSON married Winny STACY per their 27 Feb 1800 Green Co., KY marriage record. Bondsman was Biram STACY and consent given by her parents Benjamin & Ann STACY. JACKSON is a common surname and may only be a coincidence. There is also a 31 May 1779 marriage for COMBS, John & Biddy NANCE in Wilkes Co., NC., and another marriage on 8 Jan 1801 for Combs, Jessey & Polley PRICE, Jonathan HAYES, bondsman. In the same year in Wilkes we find this land record dated 15 Jan 1801 (Wilkes DB F1:309) from John STANDLEY to John NANCE for 100 A on waters of Hunting Creek which places at least one NANCE family among the Combs of Hunting Creek. In 1805 and 1808, Jesse Combs sells his land in Wilkes and does not appear in records again in that county. One William NANCE witnessed a deed for Jesse Combs. There was also a large NANCE family in Green Co., Ky., and Cumberland was established from Green Co. Jesse does not appear in the 1820 census for Cumberland Co. In looking at Jesse Combs in other states, there is a Jesse B. Combs in the 1830 Shelby Co., ILL census who is not yet identified. Illinois land records show this Jesse B. Combs was styled as being of Fayette Co., ILL, as early as 1824 when he obtained land in Shelby Co., ILL. There are indications that the Jesse B. Combs of Shelby Co., ILL is the same as who migrated to Rives Co., Mo. by 1840 and whose will was probated in 1848 in Henry Co., Mo. Wesley Combs (Benton Co., Mo.), son of Jesse B. Combs of Henry Co., Mo., states he was born in Ky. and his 1850 and 1860 census records show he was born 1811. It is also possible that Jesse had a son older than Wesley. Jesse's daughter Rebecca Combs RUCKER states her parents were born in NC which is interesting in light of the NC marriage to Jesse Combs and Polly PRICE. According to the 1810 Cumberland Co., Ky., census, Jesse Comb(s) was born between 1775-1794. Since he was married with a young son, it was likely he was at least born by 1790. If he was the same as the Jesse B. Combs of the 1830 Shelby Co., ILL census, he was born between 1770-1780, and if he was the Jesse Combs of Rives Co., Mo., he was born between 1780-1790. We also have an older Jesse Combs in the 1820 Clay Co., Ky. census who has yet to be identified and who disappears after the 1820 census. A review of the Cumberland Co., Ky. tax lists might provide more definitive information as to when Jesse first appeared and when he left.
15 Aug 1817 Kentucky Land Grantee: Combs, JOHN; Acres: 50; Book: B, Page: 701; Date Survey: 8-15-1817; County: Cumberland; Watercourse: McFarlands Cr (Kentucky Land Grants, Jolson, p.509)

Notes: This land probably became part of Monroe Co., KY in 1820.
1820, 1830 Cumberland Co., KY Census Index: No Combs
1870 Cumberland Co., KY Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

Kettle Creek Pct p. 061
HH 51/51
Squire RANEY, 64, M, Farmer, $400, $250, KY
Sarah, 55, F, Keeping house, KY, cannot write
Lucinda COMBS, 34, F, no occupation, $200, $100, KY
Squire MADISON, 11, M, at school, KY
James, 10, M, at school, KY
William, 7, M, at school, KY
Albert MEDOURIS, 18, M, Farm Hand, KY
Important: All Combs records for this county may not have been added here as yet.