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Rives County was established in 1834 from Lafayette Co MO. In 1841, the county's name was changed to Henry.

1840 Rives Co, MO Census

Updates by Sue Elfving, Source: Heritage Quest Original Census images, Series: M704 Roll: 229 Page: 364/5

p. 364
Westley Combs 10001-11001
1 m< 5; 1 m 20-30
1 f< 5; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30

Note: Living 2 doors from a John B. Scaggs and 2 doors from Jeƒse Combs

p. 365
Jeƒse Combs 22100001-00230001
2 m< 5; 2 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 50-60
2 f 10-15; 3 f 15-20; 1 f 50-60

SE Note: Jesse Combs's (ancestry unknown) will was probated 19 Feb 1848 in Henry Co, Mo. (Heirs: Son Wesley, son Alfred, son James, heirs of son William Combs Des. son Jesse, daughter wife of Isam ADAMS, dau, Rebecca wife of Elliet RUCKER, dau. Lucy Ann wife of John RUCKER each to receive one Dollar, Dau Mary Ann Combs and son Clemmy Combs to divide the estate. Wits: James PREWETT and Asa HENDRICK Exec. "my friend George S. GILLETT). Witness Asa Hendrick was a neighbor of Jesse Combs per the 1840 census. Wesley is in Benton Co., MO in 1850, and Isham and Martha ADAMS, Charles and Mary Ann BILDERBACK, Jesse Combs, and Clem Combs are in Cass Co., MO in 1850, and Eliott and Rebecca RUCKER are in Jasper Co., MO in 1850, and John and Lucy Ann Rucker are in Newton Co., Mo., in 1850.

See the "extra" Jesse Combs in Clay and Perry Cos, KY in the 1820s and 1830s, note that Wesley is also a common given name among the families of East KY, and that there are some unexplained MO births in Perry Co, KY in 1850, and see next.

Two sons of Henry BANTA and Wilmoth Combs (d/o of William “8” Combs) of Madison Co, KY also migrated to Henry Co. See Henry BANTA and Wilmoth Combs Family Report for more information about this family.

2 Aug 1836 First court for Henry Co. held at the house of Wm GOFF. Abraham BANTA appointed appraiser of Philip CECIL decd. (Source: Henry Co., MO Probate Records, v. A 1836-1854, original image, FHC Microfilm #0946616).

SE Note: William J. BANTA (s/o of Henry BANTA JR) married Margaret GOFF. James L. Combs married Sarah Jane GOFF. Is it a coincidence that we find both the BANTAS and COMBS marrying into the GOFF family?

01 Apr 1845 (Henry Co MO Marriages) COCHNHAM [COCKERHAM?], David & Combs, Elizabeth ("Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: See David Roland COCKERHAM who m bef 1850, Rebecca Massie BURRUS Combs, widow of David Bullock Combs (s/o John and Betsy Bingham BULLOCK Combs m 1805 Clark Co, KY), d 1841 Johnson Co MO. A comparison of the Johnson Co MO records with the 1850 Hempstead AR census creates speculation that David COCKERHAM may have married two Combs women, the first having possibly been the above, unidentified as yet, Elizabeth Combs. (This marriage record has not yet been obtained). Moreover, the DAR File of Mildred Combs Stotts states that John & Elizabeth Bingham BULLOCK Combs were both buried in the Montrose Cemetery in Henry Co, MO. Cemetery enumerations needed.

6 Aug 1847 - 19 Feb 1848 Henry Co, MO. Will of Jesse B. Combs. Heirs: Son Wesley, son Alfred, son James, heirs of son William Combs Des. son Jesse, daugter wife of Isam ADAMS, dau, Rebecca wife of Elliet RUCKER, dau. Lucy Ann wife of John RUCKER each to receive one Dollar, Dau Mary Ann Combs and son Clemmy Combs to divide the estate. Wits: James PREWETT and Asa HENDRICK Exec. "my friend George S. GILLETT. page 92,232. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Cheny)

Notes: Of Jesse's children:

  1. Wesley is listed on the 1850 Benton Co, MO census;
  2. Alfred and
  3. James not yet located;
  4. the deceased William's family not yet located;
  5. Jesse B. Combs is on the 1850 Bates Co, MO census and likely the same who patented land in that county in 1853-4;
  6. Martha aka Patsy Combs Adams is on the 1850 Cass Co, MO. census;
  7. Elliot and Rebecca Combs Rucker m 21 Mar 1841, Jasper Co, MO and are found in that county in 1850;
  8. John and Lucy Combs Rucker marriage not yet located,but couple found in Newton Co, MO in 1850
  9. Clem Combs is living with his sister Martha Combs Adams on the 1850 Cass Co, MO census; and
  10. daughter Mary Ann Combs BILDERBACK and her husband Charles are also found on the 1850 Cass Co, MO census.

10 May 1848 This day came George S. GILLETT Executor of the last will and testament of Jesse B. Combs and filed herein his refusal which is approved by the court (p. 310). He presented the last will and Testament of Jesse B. Combs which is proved by the oaths of ____ HENDRICKS and Samuel PREWITT which is approved by the Court (p. 311) . The clerk of this court presented the bond taken in vacation, signed by James PREWITT as admr. of the estate of Jesse B. Combs in the penalty of $700 with James F. HENDRICKS Samuel PREWITT and Charles BELDERBACK securites conditional according to law which bond is approved by the court (p. 312, Source: Henry Co., MO Probate Records, v. A 1836-1854, original image, FHC Microfilm #0946616).

SE Note: The Charles BELDERBACK who provided security for the administration of the estate suggests he is the same who married Mary Ann Combs on 6 Jan. 1848.

Research Note: It is possible to order the probate file (COMBS, Jessie B. - 1847 - file#: 473 ) from the Henry Co., Mo. Museum Library.

Jesse Combs' ancestry is unknown. Wesley, the eldest son and child to be located, states in his census records he was born (c1811/12) in Ky. All the rest of the children (except Jesse B) state they were born in Illinois and Wesley's eldest known daughter Elizabeth was also born in Illinois. Rebecca Combs RUCKER's 1880 and 1900 census record states her parents were born in NC. Jesse, with a son born as early as 1811/12 was born by 1790 and probably a few years earlier.

06 Jan 1848 (Henry Co MO Marriages) BILDERBACK, Charles married Combs, Mary Ann on 06 Jan 1848 in Henry County, Missouri (Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

1850 Henry Co MO Census

No Combs

Springfield Twp

p.15, Sept. 1850

190/109 Henry BANTY, 42, m, Farmer, RE=$1000, KY
Frances, 40, f, North Carolina
Elizabeth, 21, f, KY
Elbert, 19, m, MO
Christopher C, 17, m, Farmer, MO
William, 15, m, Farmer, b. MO
Wilmoth, 14, f, MO
Tillitha, 11, f, MO
Louisa, 8, f, MO
Minerva, 7, MO
Octavia, 5, MO
James C., 1, MO

(Source: Original image,, submitted by Sue Elfving)

Note: Henry BANTA, son of Henry BANTA and Wilmoth Combs, born 30 May 1808 in Madison Co, KY. He died 29 Jan. 1892 in Calistoga, Napa Co, CA. Henry moved to Tennessee and married Frances “Fannie” CARLOS in 1826. She was born in Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN. He was in Boone Co, MO, by 1830, in Cole Co, Clinton township, by 1833, in Cooper Co, MO by 1837 where his land was in the same section as that of Carter M. (Don) Carlos. In 1850, 60, and 1870 he is shown as being in Springfield township in Henry Co.. In the 1870ís, he was running a boarding house in Nevada Co, CA, and by 1880 he was in Sutter Co, CA. (Source: RJ Turnerís website). In 1880 he was in Nicholaus, Sutter Co, CA, census. (Sources: RJ Turnerís website).

194/202 Abraham BANTY, 49, m, Farmer, Re=$1500, KY
Elizabeth, 41, f, KY
William J., 19, m, Farmer, KY
Thomas H., 16, m, Farmer, KY
Henry, 14, m, MO
Zachariah, 12, m, MO
John, 9, m, MO
James M., 7, MO

(Source: Original image,, submitted by Sue Elfving)

Note: Abraham BANTA, son of Henry BANTA and Wilmoth Combs, was born 28 Sep. 1800 and married Elizabeth THORPE on 29 Dec. 1825 in Madison Co, KY. He died 15 March 1882 Henry Co, MO. [Sources: dob, dod, and date of marriage in Abraham Banta Family Bible in possession of Sandi Goldstein].

16 Nov 1853- 16 Nov 1854. US Land Sales, MO, Vol. 10:26) William H. Combs, Clinton Abstract, Henry County, T41NR28WS19 S1/2, Lot #2, SW1/4. 44 acres, 23 poles. (Combs Land of MO)

16 Nov 1853- 16 Nov 1854. US Land Sales, MO, Vol. 10:109) William H. Combs, Clinton Abstract, Henry County, T41NR28WS17 SW1/4SE1/4. 40 acres. (Combs Land of MO)

BOWDEN, JOHN H 06/01/1859 51184 MO1990__.203
BOWDEN, JOHN U 11/03/1857 49420 MO1940__.199
Combs, WILLIAM H 11/15/1854 39001 MO1770__.086
FELLOWS, HARVEY 11/03/1857 49441 MO1940__.219
HORSLEY, SIMEON S 11/03/1857 49387 MO1940__.166
HORSLEY, SIMEON S 11/01/1859 53067 MO2050__.164
MARTIN, LAWSON C 06/01/1859 47854 MO1980__.466

1860 Henry County MO, Census

Springfield Twp

Calhoun PO

p. 1/775 , 6/1/1860

2/2 George W. Combs, 39 m Farmer RE=$3500 PP=$1250 KY
Martha, 31 f IL
Leslie B, 13 m MO
Hiram L, 10 m MO
Eliza J, 9 f MO
Pheba E, 7 f MO
Henry B, 6 m MO
George W, 4 m MO

3/3 John W. Combs, 32 m Farmer RE=$2100 PP=$1300 KY
Matilda E, 31 f NC
Mary A, 7 f MO
C???ford, 5 m MO
Susan J, 2 f MO
Barnard E, 5/12mos m MO
Susan HOPPER 19 f NC
Jane M (or W) 15 f NC
Henry HAUFFMAN, 23 m farmhand Tenn (?)

Note: John W. Combs was next door to Ephraim GOFF and close to other GOFFS and 3 households from Christopher BANTA.

6/6 Christopher C. BANTA, 27 m Farmer RE=$2630 PP=$3865 MO
Mary, 28 f MO

Note: Son of Henry BANTA and Frances CARLOS. See 1850 census above.

Calhoun PO

p. 3/777 - 6/2/1860

16/16 William H. Combs, 42 m Farmer RE=$1200 PP=$1900 KY
Elizabeth B., 31 f KY
James L., 20 m MO
George W., 19 m
William H., 4 m
Manerva A, 3 f
David DUNCAN, 11 m
Manerva BECKWITH, 44 f VA

(Transcribed by Researcher Pearl Combs, updated by Sue Elfving)

PC Notes: William Harry Combs died testate (transcription pending). His ancestry has not yet been determined, nor has he been found in KY (DC of son William indicates William's birth in VA, see below).

Leesville PO

p.10/784 - 6/7/1860

66/66 Henry BANTA, 52, Farmer, RE=$3400, PP=$2732, KY
Frances, 50, KY
Elbert S, 30, Farmer, PP=$570, NC
Louisa, 16, MO
Maranda, 15, MO
Octavia, 13, MO
Erastus J, 11, MO
Carter M.(?), 8, MO

Calhoun PO

p. 21/795 - 6/12/1860

138/138 Abraham BANTA, 55, m, Farmer, RE=$6000, PP=$1942, KY
Elizabeth, 50,
Zachariah, (21 or 24), m
John, 18, m
James H., 16, m

(Source: Original image, Heritage Quest, submitted by Sue Elfving)

31 Jan 1861 Henry Co, MO Marriage Book C (small) pg. 182. James L. Combs was married to Sara Jane GOFF by Charles ARWOOD, pastor. (Researcher Pearl Combs)

PC Notes: James L. Combs, s/o William H. Combs, was killed in Civil War-battle of Big Blue 23rd October 1864. Have copy of Military Records. Mustered in Aug. 2, 1862. James had rank of 2nd Lt. with Company C, 7th MO Calvery. Lt. Combs is buried at Ft. Leavenworth Military Cemetery, Ft. Leavenworth KS, Officers section A, grave 216. (taken from Record of Interment) (visited grave site summer of 1998) James L. Combs had one son James W. Combs born abt. 1865. All references I have found site the James Combs buried at Deepwater, Henry Co, MO. I first thought this was the James Combs I was looking for, later found the real one (see below).

1870 Henry Co, MO Census

Springfield Twp

Clinton PO

p. 337/17; 29 Aug 1870

122/123 Combs, William 52 m w Farmer KY
Elizabeth 41, f KY
William H, 14 m MO
Minerva A, 13 f MO
Lewis L, 9 m MO
Mary, f MO
BURKWITH Minerva 55 f VA

p. 18

127/128 BANTA, Abraham 70 m Farmer RE=Blank PP=$21,200 KY
Elizabeth, 60 KY
James H, 26 RE=$2000 MO
Nancy, 23 MO
Rilda, 3 MO
Henry, 2 MO
Larinda, 4/12mos MO

(Source: Original image, Heritage Quest, submitted by Sue Elfving)

Grand River Township

PO Clinton

p. 87; Jun 23 1870

642/653 Combs George M. 49 wm farmer $15000-$2000 KY
Susan M. 41 wf keeping house KY
Henry D. 16 wm MO
George M. 14 wm MO
Alice 5 wf MO

p. 87

643/654 Combs Hiram L. 21 wm farmer $0-$500 MO
Sarah M. 19 wf keeping house IL
Robert 1 wm MO
Baby 3/12 wm MO born May

p. 88

647/658 Combs John W. 43 wm farmer $15000-$2000 KY
Matilda 41 wf keeping house NC
Mary 17 wf MO
Crawford 14 wm MO
Susan 12 wf MO
Erving 10 wm MO
Addis 8 wm MO
Elizabeth 6 wf MO
Euphrates 3 wm MO
HARPER Susan 26 wf NC
Jane 22 wf NC
KNOP Fitzhugh 25 wm farm laborer MO

Henry County MOGenWeb

1880 Henry Co, MO Census

Henry County MOGenWeb

Deer Creek Twp

p. 1; Jun 1 1880

7/9 Combs William H. head m 62 wm farmer KY KY PA
Elizabeth wife m 51 wf keeping house KY KY KY
Lois D. dau s 18 wf at home MO KY KY

Note: Is Lois D. 18 wf same as Lewis L. 9 wm in 1870 census?

p. 2

8/10 Combs Harry W. head m 24 wm farmer MO KY KY
Emma R. wife m 25 wf keeping house MO KY MD
Archie L. son s 3 wm MO MO MO
Ollie dau s 1 wf MO MO MO

Note: [William H in 1860 census] s/o William (7/9) H. Combs. Also, according to MO DC William Harvey Combs s/o William Harvey Combs, see below.

p. 8; Jun 5 1880

54/56 SETTLES F. M. head m 34 wm farmer MO KY MO
SETTLES Jane M. wife m 32 wf keeps house TN NC NC
SETTLES Charles M. son s 6 wm MO MO TN
SETTLES Leroy son s 4 wm MO MO TN
Combs Crawford nephew s 24 wm farm laborer MO KY NC

Note: Possibly Crawford s/o John W. & Matilda E. HOPPER Combs (transcribed as C???ford in 1860). If so, which relationship makes him nephew? Is Jane the sister of John W. Combs or are wives of each sisters?

p. 13; Jun 8 1880

82/84 Combs Matilda head widow 51 wf farming NC NC NC
Susan dau s 22 wf MO KY NC
Ewing B. son s 20 wm MO KY NC
Ada dau s 18 wf MO KY NC
Lizzie dau s 15 wf MO KY NC
Euphrates E. dau s 13 wf MO KY NC

Note: Widow of John W. Combs (died 05 Sep 1870).

p. 15

101/103 Combs H. L. head m 31 wm farmer MO KY MO
Sarah M. wife m 29 wf keeps house IL TN IA
Robert son s 11 wm MO MO IL
Charles son s 16 wm MO MO IL
Hiram son s 4/12 wm MO MO IL born Feb.

Note: Hiram Lowe Combs s/o George W. & Martha S. MARTIN Combs (103/105)

p. 15

103/105 Combs G. W. head m 59 wm farmer KY KY PA
Martha S. wife m 51 wf keeps house KY VA KY
George son s 24 wm MO KY KY
Sarah A. dau s 16 wf MO KY KY
ETTINGSWORTH Eliza dau widow 29 wf MO KY KY
James g-son s 6 wm CO MA MO

1900 Henry Co, MO Census

Deer Creek Twp

?/? William H Combs 44 Aug 1855 M24Y
Emma R 45
Ollie L 21
Merrell D 18
Edgar D 13
Willie M 2

?/? Luther A Combs 23 Dec 1876 M3Y
Andria 24
Ewel 1

Note: Archie L. in 1880 HH-8/10

Submitted by Barbara Rivas

1910 Henry Co, MO Census

Fairview Twp

Apr 19 1910

Combs, James head 74 m1 50Y IN IN IN
Mary J. wife 65 m1 50Y 12ch 9liv IN TN IN
Rachel P. dau 39 single MO IN IN

Note: Previously in St. Clair Co, MO.

Bethlehem Twp

Luther A Combs 33 MO MO IL
Audry F 34
Uel W 12
Ruby I 7
Oscar W 4

Note: Luther/Archie next found in Ponca, Kay Co, OK.

Deer Creek Twp

Wm H Combs 54 MO MO KY
Clara 43
Willie 12
Fred Wiese 21

Submitted by Barbara Rivas

1914 Death Certificate-James Combs b. Jan 30, 1833 IN, d. March 25, 1914 Deepwater, Henry Co MO. He was listed as common laborer on death cert. Father listed as J. W. Combs b. IN Mother-don't know name but b. IN. Cert. filled out br C. F. HOWARD who was a physician in Deepwater and signed by Registrar J. J. RUSSELL also Deepwater resident. James Combs was buried K. P. Cemetery in Deepwater, MO. James died of "cystitis" and "dropsy" as listed on cert. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Virginia Winn Parker from copy of death certificate)

VWP Notes: See 1860 Posey Co IN marriage of James Combs and Mary Jane McCREARY. According to his Civil War Pension File:

Certificate #653652 states wife of Jas Combs was Mary Jane McCRARRY [sic] Combs. Married Mt. Vernon [Posey Co] IN Recorded in Mt. Vernon IN. The 5th question was re: living children. This is what is on the certificate:

Alex B Combs b. Dec 18, 1861; Magret (ie: Margaret) E. Combs b. May5, 1866; Mary A b. 8 March 1868; David E and Rachel P twins b. date unreadable on this paper; and Elizabeth J b Feb 26, 1873. Martha Combs 16 Aug 1875, Emmay (ie: Emma) May b 11 April 188? unreadable, and James Combs b. May 25, 1884

Widow's pension application:
State of Mo, County of Henry on 31st day of March 1914 Mary Jane Combs aged 70 applied for widow's pension as widow of James Combs, who served as Private in Co A 65th Reg. of IN Infantry. He held pensioner certificate #653652 with the Pension Agency at Topeka KS and the last pmt of his pension was made on 4 Feb 1914 and that he died 25 March 1914. Widow's name is Mary Jane McCREARY and she was m. in Mt. Vernon IN 8 Oct, 1860 by Adam N. BURLESON She was not previously married and James Combs was not previously married. Her post office address is Deepwater, Henry Co MO. Info Attested by Charles STRAW, C. E. OVERTURF (?). they stated they had known her for years and 4 years respectively. This document also has a Pension Office stamp on it dated 8 April 1914. signed by Frank A HUSTON, notary public.

Letter from War Dept, Adjutant General's Office, Washington DC, dated 25 August 1887:

"Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions
James Combs, a Private of Company A 65th Regiment Indiana volunteers, was enrolled on 21 July 1862 at Mt. Vernon, Ind (3 yrs) and is reported on Roll from enrollment to Oct 31, 1862 present, Nov and Dec 1862 absent on detached service Aug 22 1862-same to April 30th 1863 etc---(dates of being there and active service) Mustered out with company June 22, 1865 at Greensboro NC. Records of this office furnish no evidence of disability. Signed R B. DREWER? with a co-signature. looks like last name is EWING. There are seven other pension applications and/or papers in this bunch.

VWP Note: The death certificate (in my possession) of my great-grandmother, Mary Ann Combs Steele, dtr of James and Mary Jane McCURRY Combs; and wife of John Riley Steele, indicates:

Born March 9, 1868 Lineville [Warrick Co] Ind to James W. and Mary Jane McCURRY Combs. Died 14 March, 1940 , of Pulmonary Edema in Pawhuska, Osage Co OK. Buried Osage Co. Info not put on certificate by family member but by resigtrar. Doctor was John F DALY MD, Pawhuska Okla. Stats: female, white, widowed age 81 yrs and 6 days. parents names and birth places not known and noted as such. Informant was P. B. NORMAN of Chillicothe [Livingston Co] MO. Mary Jane died Sept 3 1843 and was buried Sept 10, 1843 at Edgewood Cem in Chillicothe. P.B. NORMAN was undertaker. She died of Ileocolitis; senility noted also.

08 Dec 1935 Death Certificate of William Harvey Combs

Born 01 Aug 1855 Lewis County, Missouri to William Harvey Combs, of Virginia and unknown. Died 22 Dec 1893, of Chronic intestinal nephritis in Calhoun. Buried Combs Cemetery. Stats: male, white, widowed age 80 yrs, 4 months and 6 days. Informant was Mrs. L. H. George of Calhoun, MO. Wilkinson Funeral Home of Clinton, MO was undertaker. Filed on 9 Dec 1935.

Missouri Digital Heritage

Important: This is a new report, and all Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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