Kay County was renamed from "K" Co in 1895, and "K" Co from the Cherokee Outlet in 1893; and several COMBS Families are found in this county - all apparently unrelated thus far in our research. Among those families are:

* Peter Anderson COMBS, b Dec 1830, (probably Allen Co), Kentucky; d Coyle, Payne Co OK, a resident of Kay Co OK; m (1) ca1856 in Southern Indiana, Samanthy WARD; (2) in 1856 in Allen Co KY, Keziah A. "Louannie" LANCASTER. This family also found in Gibson Co IN in 1860 (and see also Posey Co, IN) and Sumner Co, KS in 1880. *Mary COMBS, b 28 Sep 1847, Lawrence Co MO; d 11 Apr 1930, Kay Co OK; d/o Thomas & Rachel ELMORE COMBS; m Zephania Robert ICKE of Cass Co IL. *John Cuthbert COMBS, b 11 Jan 1855 in Powell Co KY, 1838, d 1938, Kay Co OK; m Sallie Price HARDIN 14 Sep 1882 in Fulton, Calloway Co, MO. John was the s/o Marcus Alfred & Susan ADAMS COMBS, gs/o Cuthbert B. & Sallie DANIELS COMBS, Jr.; and ggs/o Cuthbert & Sarah "Sallie" EVANS COMBS, Sr. (See Also Family Bible and Barbara Rivas' Combs Family Tree)

1893 September - 1897 August Kay County Oklahoma Marriage Records, Volume 1

PAGE 47 #279
Groom: Perry SPURGEON (22)
PB: Missouri
RES: Kaw Reservation
Father: A. D. SPURGEON
Mother: Sarah E. SPURGEON
Bride:Minnie COMBS (14)
PB Kansas
RES Kay County
Father: P.A. COMBS
Mother: Susan Combs <sic>
ISSUED: *18 August 1896; SOL: *18 August 1896 At Newkirk BY J.A. GILES J.P.; WIT: J.T. HOWARD and A. G. COMBS; Application was signed by G.T. COMBS (21)

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License their gg niece)

BTM Notes: This is same marriage as listed in Kay County Records, this is from different source. A.G. COMBS is Minnie's brother Albert Grant Combs, and G. T. COMBS is her brother George Thomas COMBS. * double wedding of brother and sister Minnie and George COMBS copy of licenses in file of submitter.

PAGE 47 # 280
Groom: G.T. COMBS (21)
PB Iowa
RES: Kay County
Father: P.A. COMBS Mother: Susan COMBS
Bride: Nettie SPURGEON (16)
PB: Kansas
RES: Kaw Reservation
Father: A. D. SPURGEON
Mother: Sarah E. SPURGEON
ISS * 18 August 1896; SOL *18 August 1896 At Newkirk by J. A. GILES J.P.; Application was signed by Perry A. SPURGEON Aged 22

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License their gg niece; copy of the above license is in file of submitter Birdie (Totty) McNutt.)

BTM Notes: On the 1850 Allen County, Kentucky Census, a John GILES was living next door to Mark ANDERSON and Lovey (unk) LANCASTER ANDERSON also living in Mark and Lovey's hh was some LANCASTER children, then found living in John GILES (age 103) household was A. LANCASTER age 6. Find this very interesting to have J. A. GILES J.P. to sol. marriage of G.T. COMBS who was a son of Kesiah (Ann?) "Luana" LANCASTER who would have been 10 not 6 in 1850. Could John GILES be kin, Lovey? (unk, possibly GILES?) LANCASTER ANDERSON?

PAGE 3 # 17
Groom: J.S. HALE (22)
PB: Tennessee
RES: "K" County
Father: J. K. HALE
Mother: Mary A. MARGOTT
Bride: Mary J. PROBASCO
PB: Cowley County Kansas
RES: "K" County
Father: Nathan PROBASCO
Mother: Susanna CARR.
ISS 1 January 1894; SOL 1 January 1894 At Newkirk by W.L. BARNUM J.P.; Susanna STROM Swore that she was acquainted With J. S. HALE

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License their gg niece; copy of license in file of submitter Birdie (Totty) McNutt.)

BTM Notes: Mary J. PROBASCO is sister of Hulda May PROBASCO COMBS; Nathan and Susanna (CARR) PROBASCO, are their parents.

2 September 1897-28 March 1900 Marriage Records Vol. 2

PAGE 35 #206
Groom: G. M. PROBASCO (22)
PB Kansas
RES Kay County, O.T.
Father: Nathan PROBASCO
Mother: Susan CARR
Bride: Birdie HARRIS (21)
PB: Texas
RES: Kay County, O.T.
Father: left blank
Mother: Angela BARTHOLOMEW
ISS 16 July 1898; SOL 16 July 1898 at Newkirk by Robert A NEFF J.P.; WIT Alta SPURLOCK and Hollie HARRIS OF Kay County, O.T.

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License their gg niece; copy of license in file of submitter Birdie (Totty) McNutt who adds: This is Hulda May PROBASCO COMBS' brother George Miller PROBASCO and their parents Nathan & Susan CARR Probasco)

PAGE 35 # 207
Groom: Bert COMBS (22)
PB Kansas
RES Oklahoma
Father: Issac COMBS
Mother: Minerva Alice HASTY
Bride: Iva HOY (20)
PB: Missouri
RES: Oklahoma
Father: G. D. HOY
Mother: Patience GROVE
ISS 20 July 1898; SOL 20 July 1898 at Newkirk by Robert A NEFF J.P.; WIT Lennie SEARS and Mrs. Eva SEARS of Newkirk

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License)

BTM Notes: The SEARS family are connectioned to my CARR, PROBASCO Combs family through Susannah CARR Probasco's brother, John Franklin CARR, her 2nd great Uncle who married Sarah A. SEARS.

PAGE 49 # 288
Groom: Henry SPURGEON (22)
PB Kansas
RES: Kaw Reservation
Father: A. D. SPURGEON. Mother: Sarah CULVER
Bride: Lydia PAPPAN (16)
PB: Kaw Reservation
RES: Kaw Reservation
Father: Stephen PAPPAN
Mother: Alice NORBURY
ISS 21 December 1898; SOL 21 December 1898 at Newkirk by Robert A. NEFF J.P.; WIT Ira HILL and Jessee JOHNSON Kay County O.T.; Application signed by Alice PAPPAN (her mark) Aged 39 - "Is my Daughter and has my consent to Marry."

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License)

1900 Kay Co, OK Census

Note: Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie McNutt who had two source films, one for Kay Co OK, the other the 1900 Soundex. The two do not agree in all cases, as noted below

Longwood Twp

Kaw City

p. 975

175 Peter A. COMBS age 68 Dec 1830 KY KY TN Farmer Owned Farm LL172
Luana age 59 Jan 1848 IL KY VA (m: 40 years) 10 children, 9 living
William H. age 35 May 1865 IN KY IL
Marion E. age 28 Feb 1871 IA KY IL
Jessie F. age 22 Oct 1877 IA KY IL
SPURGEON, Minnie age 17 Jul 1882 KS KY IL
Ida, M age OK KS [???]

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt except that a second transcription does not include middle initial of "F." for Jessie)

176 Albert G. COMBS age 31 Jan 1869 IN KY IL married 8 years Farmer Rent L4
Cela A. age 22 Jan 1878 NE IA Canada
Acy age 06 Jul 1894 OK IN NE

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

Ponca City

397 Peter A. COMBS age 30 Feb 1862 IA IN KY m: 16yrs
Elinore age 33 Spet 1866 IN IN IN
Dollie age 13 June 1887 KS IA IN
William age 09 Mar 1891 KS IA IN
?Matty age 06 Dec 1894 KS IA IN

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)

Kaw Indian Reservation?

George COMBS May 1878 22 KS
Netty W May 1882 19 MO
Amos S Apr 1898 02 KS
Jacob UPCHURCH ? ? ? 45 KY
A. J. SHIELDS SE May 1872 28 KY
Maud MCLIN SE Mar 1882 18 MO

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)


George COMBS May 1878 22 Kaw Indian
Nettie May 18?? ?? MO
Amos Apr 1898 2 Kaw Reserv
UPCHURCH, Jacob Jan 1855 45 KY
SHIELDS, A. J. May 1872 28 MO
McLIN, Maud Mar 1882 18 KS

(Transcribed from Soundex by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt who adds: The transcriber most likely ran out of room on Card on wrote only Kaw Indian and did not finish with Reservation.


Edward F. COMBS Oct 1884 15 KS Laborer
[in hh of Charles A. DILWORTH]

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)

Blackwell Twp

D. C. COMBS Aug 1879 23 Virginia
N. B. W May 1878 21 KS
Ray S Sept 1898 02 KS
May D Sept 1899 01 KS

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)


D. C. COMBS Aug 1877 20 VA
W. B. May 1878 21 KS
R. Sept 1898 2 KS
May Sept 1899 KS

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)

Alice M. COMBS Aug 1858 41 IA
Bertha B. D Jan 1880 20 KS
Essie E. S Jul 1882 17 KS
Frank F. S Sep 1884 15 KS
Clyde A. S Nov 1886 13 KS
Ned N. S Apr 1889 11 MO
Roy L. S Mar 1892 08 MO

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)


Ross Ave

Alice COMBS Aug 1858 41 IA
Bertha B. Jan 1880 20 KS
Essie E. Jul 1882 17 KS
Frank F. Sep 1884 15 KS
Clyde E. Nov 1886 13 KS
Ned N. Apr 1889 11 MO
Roy L. Mar 1892 8 MO

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt from Soundex)

176 Albert G. COMBS age 31 Jan 1869 IN KY IL married 8 years Farmer Rent L4
Cela A. age 22 Jan 1878 NE IA Canada
Acy age 06 Jul 1894 OK IN NE

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

Kay Co, Oklahoma Marriage Records Book 1902-1904

17 April 1904 PAGE 86 # 512
Groom: Ray LISH (25)W
PB: Kansas
RES: Silverdale, Kansas
Father: Charles LISH
Mother: ---------BRADLEY
Bride: Minnie SPURGEON (22)W
PB: Kansas
RES: Kaw City, OT
Father: P. A. Combs
Mother: ---------------------
Date ISS: 17 April 1904; Date SOL: 17 April 1904 At Kaw City By C.H. ST CLAIR, Justice of Peace WIT: L. A. COMBS and W.H. COMBS

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License their great grand niece)

BTM Notes: Minnie COMBS Spurgeon was the daughter of Peter Anderson Combs and Luana COMBS, who may have been one of the witnesses L. A. COMBS, W. H. COMBS was her brother William Henry COMBS. Copy of License in file of submitter Birdie (Totty) McNutt

8 May 1904
Albert Grant COMBS (35)
PB: Indiana
RES: Kaw City, OT
Father: Peter A. COMBS.
Mother: ______LANCASTER
Bride: Hulda M. PROBASCO (24)
PB: Kansas
Res: Uncas, OT
Father: Nathan PROBASCO
Mother: (left blank).
Issued: 7 May 1904; Sol: 8 May 1904 at Joseph Standing by Noah SIPE Minister M.E.Church; Wit: Abbie SIPE and Ethel SIPE

(transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from copy of original License their great grand-daughter)

The Blackwell Sun
Blackwell, Oklahoma
December 01, 1904

G. D. Hoy has received a telegram from Colorado Springs, stating that his daughter, Mrs. Ivy Combs had died of consumption. The telegram contained no details and said nothing about the funeral, but Mr. Hoy thinks the remains will probably be buried there

Note: Bert and Iva Combs are residing in Wyandotte Co, KS in 1900

12 February 1905 Kay County, OK. Birth of Birdie Lorena Combs daughter of Albert Grant COMBS and Hulda May PROBASCO Combs.

(Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

3 Feb., 1911 Kaw City Tribune Vol IX No. 31 DIED. Nettie Francis SPURGEON was born in Newton County, MO, May 19, 1881, and was married to George COMBS, August 18, 1896. To them was born six children, of which four are living to mourn the loss of a mother. Mrs. COMBS died at 6:00 a.m. February 1, 1911, age 29 years, 8 months and 12 days. Besides her husband and children she leaves a father, five brothers and one sister to await the call from this life. She departed with a prayer on her lips for her children and loved ones. The funeral service was conducted at the home by Rev. STORY and shw was laid to rest in the Oak Grove Cemetery."

(Extracted and Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt her great grand niece, who adds: This is the wife of George Thomas Combs, son of Peter Anderson COMBS and his wife Kesiah Luana LANCASTER.

17 May 1914 The Democrat Newspaper Obituary Kaw City Oklahoma

DIED. Sunday night at 11:30 o'clock Mrs. Susana STROM age seventy-five years, nine months and twenty-three days. Her death was very sudden and unexpected being caused by heart failure. On December 30, 1854, she was married to Nathan S. PROBASCO , who died Jan. 28, 1884. To this union fifteen children were born, six of whom survive her. June 10, 1890, she was married to Joseph STROM who also survives her. Mrs. STROM was a very lovable and sweet woman and her husband and children and neighbors will miss her kindly ministrations and loving sympathy. The names and address of the surviving children are as follows; Wm. PROBASCO, Silverdale, Kansas; N. S. PROBASCO, Hamilton, Kansas; Mrs. Ellen MILLER, Ponca City, Mrs. Susan CHANDLER, Wichita, Kansas; Mrs. Mae PASLEY, Newkirk, Okla. She also had forty-five grandchildren and ninteen great grand-children. Funeral services were held at the home Monday afternoon after which the remains were laid to rest in the Oak Grove Cemetery. After a long and useful like she sleeps well.

(Extracted and Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt great great grand-daughter, who adds: Susannah CARR PROBASCO STROM was the mother of Hulda May PROBASCO Combs, dec'd wife of Albert Grant COMBS and grandmother of Birdie Lorena COMBS.)

25 May 1914 Kay Co., OK Death Certificate of Susanna CARR PROBASCO STROM, mother of Hulda May PROBASCO 2nd wife of Albert Grant COMBS, grandmother of Birdie Lorena COMBS. Susannah CARR was married to 1st) Nathan S. PROBASCO (grand father of Birdie Lorena COMBS); 2nd) Joseph STROM. CERTIFICATE OF DEATH; OKLAHOMA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH; BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS; OKLAHOMA, OKLA; Registered No. A 3607;

  2. FULL NAME Susana STROM;
  3. SEX Female;
  4. COLOR OR RACE White;
  5. S-M-W-D LEFT BLANK [widowed];
  6. DATE OF BIRTH July 22, 1838;
  7. AGE 75yrs 9 mos. 24 days;
  8. OCCUPATION Housewife;
  11. BIRTHPLACE donk know [PA];
  13. BIRTHPLACE OF MOTHER Donk know [NY];
  14. The above is true to best of my knowledge.; INFORMANT Mrs. May PASLEY; ADDRESS Newkirk, Okla;
  15. blank;
  16. DATE OF DEATH May 17, 1914;
  17. DEATH OCCURRED AT 11:30 PM; CAUSE OF DEATH Heart weakened by age, crowded by gas pressure from stomache suffering from indigestion, ceased to beat. sudden, dead 20 minutes when I arrived. Previous fair health. Signed: E. H. Suhl M.D. May 25, 1914 (address) Uncas, Okla.;
  18. Length of residence blank;
  19. place of burial blank;
  20. undertaker blank; date of burial blank.

(Transcribed from certified copy of DC by Combs-Anderson researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt (her great-great grand-daughter) who adds: Informant May PASLEY was the daughter of Susannah CARR PROBASCO STROM)

04 Jul 1914 Payne Co, OK Death Certificate of Peter Anderson COMBS (res. of Kay Co OK). Certificate of Death. Oklahoma State Board of Health. Bureau of Vital Statistics. Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Registered NO. A6026.

  1. PLACE OF DEATH County Payne. Township Paradis or Village N. of Coyle, Okla.
  3. SEX Male
  4. COLOR White
  5. M-W-S-D Widowed
  6. DATE of BIRTH [blank]
  7. AGE 83
  9. BIRTH PLACE Kentucky.
  10. NAME OF FATHER Thomas Combs
  11. BIRTH Place of father Kentucky.
  12. Maiden name of mother [blank]
  13. BIRTH Place of mother [blank]
  14. The above is true to the best of my knowledge
    INFORMANT...... T. J. BOTTHIS. ADDRESS Coyle, Oklahoma
  15. [No entry or number 15]
  16. Date of Death Month..July..Day..4..Year.. 1914
  17. Physician Statement: I HEREBY CERTIFYthat I attended deceased from June 27, 1914 to July 2, 1914 that I sawhim alive on July 12, 1914, and that death occurred on the date stated above at July 4, 1914. THE CAUSE OF DEATH, Was as follows: Valvular disease of the heart, contributory to old age. SIGNED: T. J. BOTTHIS M.D. Address Coyle, OK
  18. Length of Residence [This area is Blank]
  19. Place of Burial Oak Grove Cemetery
    or removal near Kaw City, Oklahoma
    Date of Burial July 7, 1914. address Coyle, Ok

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie McNutt, his great-granddaughter)

9 July 1914 KAW CITY DEMOCRATE. Vol. 3., No. 15. DIED.

'At the home of his son Henry, near Coyle Oklahoma, Saturday July 4th Peter A. COMBS age eighty three years five months and two days, passed away. Mr. COMBS was born in Kentucky, Dec. 2nd 1830. In early manhood he moved with his family to Southern Indiana, where in June 1856 he was married to Miss Samanthy Ann WARD, to this union one child was born, who in early infancy together with the mother died. Mr. COMBS then returned to the home of his boyhood, where he later married during the year 1859 Miss Luanie LANCASTER, to this union were born nine sons and one daughter all of whom survive him, but the first born. Mr. COMBS came to Oklahoma with his family, at the opening of the Cherokee Strip and settled near Kaw City, where he lived until a few years ago, when he moved to the locality in which he died. The remains were brought to Kaw City Monday evening and at 2 o'clock p.m. Tuesday after appropriate services at the Christian church conducted by Rev. D. L. AMMONS pastor, attended by a large concourse of relatives and friends interment was made in Oak Grove cemetery by the side of his wife who had preceeded him. The surviving children are, Anderson COMBS, Wichita Kansas, Henry COMBS, Coyle Oklahoma, Valentine and Albert, Kaw City, Marion, Franklin, George and Jessie, Lincoln Arkansas and Mrs. Minnie LISH of Coyle Oklahoma, all of whom were present at the funeral except Franklin and Jessie. Mr. Combs enjoyed comparatively good health until recently, was a man of splendid habits, was a good neighbor and numbered his friends by his acquaintences. The Democrate joins the friends of the bereaved ones in sympathy in their . . . . .[end of page missing]

Provided, Extracted & Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt great great grand-daughter

Copy of Peter Anderson COMBS' obit. from Kay County, OK (name of paper not shown):

"On July 4, 1914 Peter A. COMBS age 83 years 5 months and 2 days passed away. Mr. COMBS was born in Kentucky December 2, 1830. In early manhood he moved with his family to Southern Indiana, where in June 1856 he was married to Miss Samanthy Ann WARD. To this union one child was born who in early infancy together with the mother died. Mr COMBS then returned to the home of his boyhood where he later married during the year 1859, Miss Louanie LANCASTER, to this union were born nine sons and one daughter, all of whom survive him but the first born. Mr. COMBS came to Oklahoma with his family at the opening of the CHEROKEE STRIP and settled near Kaw City, Kay County, Oklahoma. The surviving children are Peter Anderson Combs, William Henry COMBS, Valentine COMBS, Albert Grant COMBS, Marion Combs, Franklin COMBS, George COMBS, Jessie COMBS and Minnie (Combs) Lish."

(Provided by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt who notes that his birth date doesn't calculate above since the age and date of death would give him a birth date of 02 Feb 1931)

9 July 1914 Article from Cimarron Valley Clipper dated July 9, 1914:

"Old Mr. COMBS, who has been visiting a son three miles north of Coyle, died Saturday from dropsy and a complication of disease brought on by old age. He came here a few weeks ago in apparently fair health, but became suddenly ill a few days before his death. The remains were embalmed and shipped to Kaw City Tuesday morning where interment was made beside the wife of the deceased."

(Provided by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

22 June 1917 THE KAW CITY WEEKLY REVIEW. Kaw City, Kay County, Oklahoma. "Mrs. Jess COMBS and children of Crescent, Logan Co., Okla. are here visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary HOISINGTON.

(Submitted by Tina (Hoisington) Knapp)

BTM Note: From this two line Article we get the above Mrs. Jess COMBS mentioned is Ada A. HOISINGTON, daughter of Daniel Jesse HOISINGTON and Mary HATFIELD, also sister/sister-in-law of Freddie F. HOISINGTON and Birdie Lorena COMBS
Ada A. was married to Jesse F. COMBS brother of Albert Grant COMBS, and son's of Peter and Luana Combs. Ada also had a sister Pearl who married William Henry HOISINGTON, son of George Thomas COMBS and Nettie SPURGEON.

1920 Kay County, OK Census

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

Longwood Twp

Kaw City

52 Jesse COMBS m w 42 M Iowa KY ILL. Laborer oil & gas co. Rent
Ada A. f w 31 M
Dorothy C. CHADWICK f w 8 S
Peter A. COMBS m w 9/12 S

53 Valentine COMBS m w 52 M ? KY Driver Service Car
Caroline f w 64 M
Claude WARRENBURG m w 33 S Barber
Guy COMBS m w 26 S Teamster oil & gas

66 Albert G. COMBS m w 51 M
Effie R. f w 40 M KS AR KY
Charles C. SPEARS m w 16 S KS KS garage
Birdie L. COMBS f w 14 S OK IN
Esther R. f w 01 S KS IN KS
Albert G. m w 5/12 OK IN KS

Ponca Ward 2

?? Luther A Combs 43 MO MO MO
Audry F 45
Uel W 20
Ruby I 17
Woodson O 13
Luther L 4

Note: Luther/Archie s/o William Harvey Combs previously found in Henry Co, MO

Submitted by Barbara Rivas

3 June 1922 Kay County Oklahoma Marriage Records listed in Book 13, page 561. Kay County, Oklahoma. BRIDE: Birdie COMBS. GROOM: Freddie F. HOISINGTON. DATE OF ISSUE: 3/6/1922

(Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

11 Apr 1930 (Oklahoma Vital Statistics) Death Certificate for Mary Ann [Combs] Icke. Certificate of Death. Oklahoma State Board of Health. Bureau of Vital Statistics. Oklahoma City, Okla. Register No. 862. [354 stamped right underneath this heading to the left]. Registration Dist. No 36253/Primary Dist. No. 3604.

  1. PLACE OF DEATH County: Kay. Township or Village [both blank] City: Tonkawa No, Street ,Ward [blank]
  3. Sex: Female
  4. Color or Race, as White, or Black, Mulatto (or other negro descent) Indian, Chinese, Japanese or other: White
  5. Single, Married, widowed or Divorced. Widowed
  6. DATE OF BIRTH: Sept 28, 1847
  7. AGE: 52 yrs 6 mos 13 days
  8. OCCUPATION: Housewife
  9. BIRTH PLACE: Cass Co., IL [this information was reported by her daughter, who is now deceased, but those who are still living believe she was born in Lawrence Co., MO]
  11. BIRTHPLACE OF FATHER: Va [gb: we believe this is incorrect as well, and that his birthplace was Green Co KY]
  14. The above is true to the best of my knowledge. Informant: Mrs Ava [Eva] MORLAND. Address: South 3rd St Tonkawa
  15. Filed: May 1, 1930 [ two names not readable] MCCAFFERTY, Registrar MEDICAL CERTIICATE OF DEATH
  16. DATE OF DEATH: April 11, 1930
  17. I, HEREBY CERTIFY that I attended deceased from April 9, 1930 to April 11, 1930 and that I saw her alive on April 9, 1930 and that death occurred on the date stated above at 1:00 p.m. THE CAUSE OF DEATH was as follows: [unreadable word] coma (chronic nephritis) [all the information about the duration and contributory, seconday & duration is blank] (Signed) [nothing readable except a J] M.D. [dated] 4/11/30 (Address) Tonkawa, OK
  18. LENGTH OF RESIDENCE (for hospitals, institutions, transient or recent residents) [blank]
  19. PLACE OF BURIAL OR REMOVAL: Fairvalley Cemetary near Freedom Okla.
  20. UNDERTAKER: C.E. McCafferty Date of Burial and address: [blank]

(Transcribed by COMBS Researcher Gayla Bailey [GB])

GB Notes: Mary Ann COMBS Icke had a daughter Mary Ann who was b in Cass Co, IL, and I believe that's where the confusion of here birth lies. Mary Ann m (Amamond, not sure what this name means, nickname or what) m: Zephaniah Robert ICKE. Zephaniah b: March 5, 1839 Yatesville, Morgan Co, Illinois. d: Sept 25, 1914. No record of birth found in Cass Co, IL. (See son's birth certificate) Family tradition is that Mary Ann was full-blooded Indian, possibly of the Osage Tribe, and adopted by the COMBS. Birth certificate for son, Robert Zephaniah ICKE states that he was the 8th child of this mother. Date and place of birth: March 3 Oregan (?) precinct Cap (must now be Cass Co?). This birth certificate list the birth place of Mary Ann COMBS as Lawrence Co MO. Occupation of father: farmer. Age of father: 41."

1930 Kay County, OK Census

Ponca Ward 2

Luther A Combs 54 MO
Audry F 55
Ruby I 27
Woodson O 24
Lane L 14

Submitted by Barbara Rivas

5 Oct 1934 (Transcribed from Copy of Certified Death Certificate in possession of Submitter Birdie (Totty) McNutt his great grand-daughter. CERTIFICATE OF DEATH. OKLAHOMA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS. 385 REGISTER NO. 26.

  1. PLACE OF DEATH County Kay. City Kaw
  2. FULL NAME Albert Grant COMBS
  3. SEX Male
  4. COLOR or RACE White
  6. DATE OF BIRTH Jan. 2, 1869
  7. AGE 65 years 10mos, 5 days
  8. OCCUPATION Carpenter
  9. BIRTH PLACE Indiana [Posey County, IN]
  14. INFORMANT Jess COMBS. The above is true to the best of my knowledge. address Kaw, Okla.
  15. FILED Oct. 6, 1934
  16. DATE OF DEATH Oct. 5, 1934
  17. CAUSE OF DEATH Akpoplexy. signed J.T. B. WIDNER, M.D. DATED Oct. 5, 1934. ADDRESS KAW, OK
  20. UNDERTAKER Geo. Alberti., Newkirk.

Copy of Obiturary notice:

"On October 5, 1934 Albert Grant Combs age 65 years 10 months and 3 days passed away. Mr. COMBS was born January 2, 1869 in Posey County Indiana. His first wife Cecilie bore him two children Asa Zibina COMBS and Harley Edmond COMBS. Harley Edmond and his mother passed away after his birth. His second wife Hulda Mae (PROBASCO) Combs, bore him two children, Birdie Lorena COMBS, and Claudie Miller COMBS who died at the age of one month, and his mother Hulda Mae passed away 10 days after his birth from her cerserion operation. His third wife Effie Rocene (HAYCRAFT) COMBS who passed away 28 Jan 1935 at the age of 55 years from a hernia operation, bore him four children; Alfred Noah COMBS, Esther Lucy Rosine COMBS, Albert Grant COMBS, Lewis Franklin COMBS and a step son Charley SPEARS."

6 Oct 1934 Kaw City NEWS Saturday


KAW CITY ------ Albert Frank COMBS, 65, died Friday evening her. Funeral services will be hald at 2 o'clock. Monday afternoon from the Christian Church, with the Rev. George CARTER, pastor giving the sermon. Burial will be in the Oak Grove cemetery at UNAS. COMBS was a carpenter by trade he was born in Indiana in 1869, and came to Kaw City several years ago. He leaves his widow, of Kaw City, two daughters, Mrs. F. F. HOISINGTON of Kansas and Mrs. P. BERGMAN of Ponca City, three sons, Asa, Grant, and Lewis, all of Kaw City, a stepson, Charles Spears, Kaw City, seven brothers, Anderson COMBS of Wichita; Henry COMBS of Wellston; Frank COMBS of Ft. Worth Tx and Voley, George, Marion and Jess COMBS of Kaw City, a daughter<sic> Mrs. Theodore WAYMIRE of Blackwell. COMBS was a member of the Methodist church for several years, then joined the Salvation Army.

BTM Note: The above was a mistake by the newspaper, the name should read ALBERT "GRANT" COMBS, "NOT", Albert "Frank" COMBS and his "sister" Mrs. Theodore WAYMIRE "NOT" his daughter which was also printed in error.

13 Oct 1934 KAW CITY NEWS Saturday Oct. 13

Funeral service were conducted at the Christian Church Friday for Albert Grant COMBS, a pioneer Kaw City resident. Service were conducted by Rev. George Carter and attended by a large crowd of relatives and friends. Interment was made in Oak Grove cemetery by the side of his father and mother who preceeded him in death. Mr. COMBS was one of the community's old settlers, pre-empting in 1893 the farm now owned by Ellis RIDDLE and has lived in or near Kaw since that time.

OBITUARY. ALBERT GRANT COMBS was born January 2, 1869 in Posey County Indiana and died October 5, 1934 at the age of 65 years, 10 months and 3 days. He united with the Baptist church in 1888 and a true member. He is survived by his wife and five children: Asa J. COMBS, Birdie Lorena HOISINGTON, of Kaw, Esther BERGMAN, Ponca City, Albert Grant COMBS, Jr., and Lewis Franklin COMBS both of Kaw. Seven brothers and one sister, survive, Peter A. COMBS, Wichita, Kansas; William H. COMBS, adress unknown, Valentine COMBS, and Marion COMBS, Kaw, J. F. COMBS address unknown, Minnie WEIGHMEYRE, Blackwell and one step-son, Charley SPEARS of Kaw City. He was preceeded in death by three children *Harvey E. COMBS, Claudie Miller and Alfred N. COMBS. He enjoyed reading the Bible was a firm believer in GOD and his last request was that the song "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" be sung at his funeral.

(Submitted by Birdie (Totty) McNutt, great grand daughter, who adds: In the obit 2 brothers were left out in error; George Thomas COMBS and Lewis Franklin COMBS. Albert Grant's son was *Harley Edmond COMBS, NOT Harvey E.)

6 Oct 1934 Kaw City NEWS Newspaper Article placed by family of Albert Grant COMBS. CARD of THANKS. Kaw City____ We wish to sincerely thank the many friends and neighbors for their many kind words and acts during the sickness, death burial or our beloved husband and father. Mrs. Effie R. COMBS and family.

Jan 1935 Kaw City NEWS Newspaper Article placed by Birdie L. HOISINGTON.

*In Memory of Our Father and Mother*
Two precious ones from us has gone;
The voices we loved are stilled;
Two places are vacant in our home;
Which never can be filled;
GOD in His Wisdom has recalled;
The boon His love had given;
And though the body slumbers now;
The Soul is safe in Haven.


BTM Note: The above Poem submitted and printed in the Kaw City News was written by Albert G. and Effie R. COMBS' daughter Birdie Lorena COMBS Hoisington in memory of their love and affection to their family.

28 Jan., 1935 Kaw City NEWS Newspaper Obituary (Special to The News)

Mrs. Effie COMBS of Kaw City Dies Here

KAW CITY ---- Mrs. Effie R. COMBS 55, who underwent a major operation about two weeks ago, died early Monday evening at a Ponca City Hospital. She had been in critical condition since the operation. Funeral Services probably will be held Thursday, but definite arrangements had not been completed Tuesday morning. The rites will be conducted at the Kaw City Christian Church. Survivors are a daughter Mrs. J. BERGMAN of Hutchinson, Kansas; three sons, Charles SPEARS and Lewis and Grant COMBS of Kaw City; step-daughter Mrs. Fred HOISINGTON of Kaw City and a step-son Asa COMBS also of this city.

Newspaper Obituaries From the Ponca City News, Kay Co, Oklahoma provided by COMBS Researcher Barbara Rivas [BR] who adds: I don't know the exact name of the paper - nor the date (they clipped, but didn't save, all the information).

Obituary of John Cuthbert COMBS who died 8 May 1938 Ponca City, Kay Co., OK

JOHN COMBS Funeral Held This Afternoon

"Last rites for John C. COMBS, longtime Poncan, were being held Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist church, with the Rev. V. A. HARGIS, pastor, officiating. Pallbearers were to be Ralph Dunlap, Paul Long, R. O. Martin, D. D. Webb, L. J. Geb and J. E. Patterson. Interment was to be in the I.O.O.F. cemetery with the Miles funeral directors in charge. COMBS, who was 83 years old, succumbed at his home, 519 North Osage street, at 6:30 o'clock Sunday morning. In the immediate family, his widow, two sons and three daughters survive"

JOHN COMBS, Longtime Ponca Citian, is Dead

JOHN C. COMBS, 83, longtime resident of Ponca City, died at 6:30 o'clock Sunday morning at his home, 519 North Osage street, of complications of age. Funeral services will be conducted from the Methodist church, of which he was a member, at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, with the Rev. V. A. Hargis, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in the I.O.O.F. cemetary under the direction of the Miles funeral home. The body wil be taken this evening to the home whre it will lie until time for services. Born in Stanton [Powell Co], Ky., COMBS later lived for several years in Missouri, and came to Ponca City in 1906 from Fulton, Mo. Surviving are his wodow <sic>; three daughters, Mrs. Alvie GINGERICH, Mrs. George WARREN, and Mrs. Ray KIZER, all of Ponca City; two sons, Ed COMBS of the home, and Ralph COMBS of Kilgore, Texas; two sisters, Mrs. Rosa MEADE of Ponca City, and Mrs. Frankie WILFLEY of Fulton [Callaway Co, MO]; a brother-in-law, Tinsley HARDIN, who made his home at the COMBS residence; 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren."

18 May 1943 Ponca City NEWS Newpaper Article

Two Are Held After Poncan Murdered

Ed COMBS was stabed, Dies After Altercation at Edge of City. Two Ponca City men were held in the county jail at Newkirk Monday for investigation in the fatal stabbing of Ed COMBS, 56, 519 North Osage Street early Sunday morning. Two men arrested were O.A. HULL, 64, 508 North Elm Street, and his father, Peter HULL, 85, who lives in the 200 block on South Franklin Street. Investigating officers state they took a blood stained pocket knife from the younger HULL.

Police are Called

About two hours later police were summoned to the rear of the George VANWEY residence, 913 East Grand Avenue, where COMBS' body was slumped in a car parked in the back yard. VANWEY, who had been with COMBS during the evening, said he was in the care during the altercation, after which COMBS walked over and got inside, Shortly after they drove off COMBS slumped down in the seat, but VANWEY said he thought little of it because "I thought the man was intoxicated and had passed out".

Receives Several Wounds

After trying to revive COMBS, VANWEY drove to the rear of his house, where he said he tried again to revive COMBS and then notified the police department and a doctor. An examination showed that COMBS had received several knife wounds in the chest. The investigation was conducted by Sheriff D.F. H. HARSH, Deputy Sheriff Harold MEAD and County Attorney Wayne STEVENs since the altercation occurred outside the city. Detective Ivan E. WEBB of the police department assisted the county officers. A Coroner's jury was called at 4 o'clock Sunday morning by acting Coroner Charles D. REED, but adjourned pending further information.

Services Are Tuesday

Funeral services for COMBS will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Miles Memorial chapel. The Rev. Phil DESCHNER, assisted by the Rev. E. L. CONLEY, will officiate. COMBS was born Nov. 15, 1886, near Fulton, Mo., and came to Ponca City in 1900. He was an assistant pipeline superintendent for the Marland Oil company for 17 years. He was a employee of the Ponca City Milling Company at the time of his death. Survivors include Mrs. COMBS, a son, Lee COMBS, Jefferson City, MO., a brother Ralph COMBS, Wichita,; and three sisters, Mrs. George WARREN, Mrs. Alva GINGERICH, and Mrs. Ray KIZER, all of Ponca City; mother Mrs. J. C. COMBS, Ponca City. Burial will be in the 100F Cemetery.

(Extracted & Transcribed by COMBS-Anderson researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt who adds: This is the son of John Cuthbert and Sally Price HARDIN COMBS)

28 Nov. 1947 Kaw City News page 10 Newspaper Obituary.


KAW CITY--Funeral services for Marion E. COMBS, 76, will be held in the Assembly of God church at 2 p.m. Sunday with the Rev. W.R. REDDOUT, pastor, officiating. Burial, under the direction of the Whitlock Sons funeral home, will be in the Grandview cemetery. COMBS, who was born Feb. 15, 1871, in Iowa, came to this locality with his parents a number of years before the Cherokee Strip was opened to settlement and had lived here all his life since then. He was married to Miss Etta JONES in Newkirk on Dec. 13, 1925. In poor health for a number of years, COMBS had been bedfast for the past year and a half. He died Thanksgiving morning at his home. Survivors include his wife, three sons, Merle, Jimmy and Alvin COMBS, four daughters, Mary, Loretta, Marie and Alice Faye COMBS, all of the home; two step-sons, Joe SMITH of Kaw City and Frank SMITH of Fort Jackson, S.C.; one step-daugher, Mrs. Paul ROBERTS of Cunningham Kan.; a grandaughter, one sister; Mrs. Minnie WAYMIRE, of Wichita, Kan., and two brothers, Jesse COMBS and Valley COMBS, both of Kaw City.

(Extracted & Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt)

BTM Notes: This is the son of Peter Anderson COMBS and Kesiah LuAnna LANCASTER COMBS. which names his wife Etta JONES COMBS. Valley <sic> should be Volley COMBS aka Valentine, mentions also his bro Jesse COMBS and sister Minnie COMBS SPURGEON LISH WAYMIRE.

1 Aug 1948 Ponca City NEWS Newspaper Obituary

Mrs. COMBS Rites to be Held Today

Mrs. J. C. COMBS, 84, died shortly after midnight Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alva GINGERICH, 501 South Thirteenth Street. The Rev. P. T. STANFORD will conduct funeral services Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in the First Methodist Church. Burial will be in the I.O.O.F. cemetery under the direction of the Miles Funeral Home. Last October, Mrs. COMBS fell at her home, 519 North Osage Street and fractured her hip. After being hospitalized for six weeks, she was dismissed to the home of her daughter. Mrs. COMBS was born April 16, 1864, near Springfield, ILL. She received her eary education there and moved with her parents to Fulton, MO., where she was married on Sept. 16, 1882. They farmed near Fulton until 1905 when they moved to Ponca City. COMBS was employed by the Old Marland Oil Company. He died in 1938. Mrs. COMBS was a member of the Methodist church and the W. C. T. U. Surviving her are a son, Ralph COMBS, Tulsa, and three daughters, Mrs. Ray B. KIZER, Mrs. George WARREN and Mrs. GINGERICH all of Ponca City, and one brother, Tinsley HARDIN, also of this city. Fourteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren also survive. Two sons and her husband preceded he in death.

(Extracted & Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt who adds: This is Sally Price HARDIN COMBS, she was wife of John Cutbert COMBS of Ponca City who preceeded her in death. She was also the mother of the above Ed COMBS who was murdered in Ponca City, Okla.)

16 Aug 1948 Kay County, OK. No. 12,341.A. Decree in the Matter of Determining Death of Sally P. COMBS. Husband: J.C. COMBS (deceased) Children: Allie M. GINGERICH, Clarence E. COMBS (desceased), Hattie B. WARREN, Ralph E COMBS, Rosabell KIZER. Grandson: Leo Edward COMBS, son of Clarence E. COMBS, dec.

(Transcribed and provided by COMBS Researcher Barbara Rivas)

Feb 1949. Kay Co OK No. 12,152-A. Petition and Final Account in the matter of the estate of J. C. [John Cuthbert] COMBS, Deceased. Feb. 1949, Kay County, OK. No. 12,152-A. Allie M. GINGERICH, administratrix. Widow: Sally P. COMBS. Children: Clarence E. COMBS, Allie M. GINGERICH, Hattie B. WARREN, Ralph B. COMBS, Rosabell KIZER.

(Transcribed and provided by COMBS Researcher Barbara Rivas)

27 May 1951 Ponca City News OBITUARY


Valentine COMBS, 84, 616 North Osage Street, pioneer Oklahoman and long-time Kaw City resident, died early Satuday morning at the Ponca City Hospital where he had been a patient since Tuesday. Services are to be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Miles Memorial Chapel with the Rev. P. T. STANFORD, Ponca City, Officiating. Burial will be in the Blackwell I.0.0.F Cemetery. COMBS was born Feb. 14, 1867, near Des Moines, Iowa, amd received his education there and at Arkansas City, Kan. He was married to Carolyn HATFIELD at Winfield Kan., Jan. 25, 1892. In 1893 he made the Cherokee Strip Run and claimed a farm near Longwood. In 1903 he and Mrs. COMBS moved to Kaw City where he worked as a carpenter. Following his wife's death April 13, 1920. COMBS continued to make his home in Kaw City until 14 months ago when he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, At that time he came to Ponca City to make his home with a son, Carl J. COMBS, Sr., 616 Osage Street. COMBS was a member of the Pentecostal Church and was active in the I.0.0.F. lodge at Kaw City. Also surviving are a stepson, J. F. MORRIS, Richmond, Calif.; a sister, Mrs. Minnie HARGRAVES, Wichita Kan.; a brother, Jesse COMBS, Richmond, Calif.; six grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

(Extracted & Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt who adds: This is the son of Peter Anderson COMBS and his wife Kesiah Luana LANCASTER COMBS, also mentions brother Jesse and his sister Minnie COMBS-SPURGEON-LISH-WAYMIRE this being a fourth husband now of record<G>.

8 April 1960 The Ponca City NEWS Page 2 Friday APRIL 8, 1960

David COMBS, 91, Is Taken by Death

David E. COMBS, 91, former pioneer resident of Osage County, died Thursday evening at the Ponca City Hospital after an illness of one week. His home was at 725 South Twelfth. He was born July 7, 1869, at Deep Water, Mo., the son of Mr. and Mrs. James COMBS. He received his education at Deep Water and in 1901 moved to Osage County, settling near Fairfax. He farmed there until 1932 when he moved to Ponca City. COMBS was married to Opal GIST in September 1906 at Fairfax. She died in 1932. He was a member of the Baptish Church. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Beatrice SPITLER, of Greeley, Colo., Mrs. Esther LOLOFF, South Twelfth, Mrs. Mary Lucille FROGGATTE, Garden City, Kan., Mrs. Davisene WENS of Litteton, Colo.; three sons, Lewis of Oklahoma City, Cledith of San Leandro, Calif., and Roy of Gresham, Ore., 24 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be 9 a.m. Saturday in the memorial chapel of Miles Funeral Home with the Rev. Bill McCloud, pastor of the Oklahoma Avenue Baptish Church, officating. Burial will be in the Foraker Cemetery.

(Extracted and Transcribed by COMBS-Anderson researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt who adds: This is son of James Wesley COMBS b 1833 and Mary Jane MCCLEARY COMBS, and asks: Is this the James COMBS b. 1833 listed on same census of Anna B. ANDERSON COMBS and Peter Anderson COMBS in 1850 Gibson County, Indiana Census?

15 Sept. 1975 Ponca City NEWS OBITUARY


A former longtime rancher at Foraker in Osage County died Friday at his home south of Stillwater at the age of 90. Funeral service for Frank COMS<sic>, 90, will be 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in the Strode Funeral Home Chapel, Stillwater, with the Rev. James E. Still officiating. Interment will be in Susset Memorial Gardens there. COMBS was born Dec 11, 1884, in Oseola, Mo., son of A. B. and Mollie COMBS. He came to Oklahoma in 1901 and in 1908 married Rosetta COLLINS at Newkirk. They lived at Foraker, where he ranched until 1943. He married Edna STONE at that time and they resided on a farm 4 miles south of Stillwater. Mrs. COMBS died in 1960. A son Harold also preceded him in death. COMBS, who had retired from farming, is survived by a son, of Stillwater, 2 daughters of Cherokee, and Fairfax, and a sister of Clayton, Mo.; 13 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

(Extracted and Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt who adds: This may have been the son of Alexander B. COMBS, son of James Wesley COMBS b. 1833, and his wife Mary Jane MCCLEARY.)

BLACKWELL - Clyde Norse Combs, 72, of Blackwell, died Dec. 12, 1999, at St. Mary's Hospital in Enid, Okla.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at the First Freewill Baptist Church. The Revs. Wayne Bookout and Richard Hood will officiate. Burial will be in Blackwell Cemetery. Hackler Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Combs was born Jan. 14, 1927, in Foraker, Okla., to James T. and Amanda E. (Collins) Combs. When he was 11 years old, the family moved to Shidler, Okla., where he resided for four years, then moved to Arkansas City. He moved to Blackwell in 1952.

On Feb. 4, 1954, he married Gladys Sayre in Newkirk. She died Nov. 16, 1994.

Combs worked for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation as assistant supervisor for Kay County for 21 years. He retired in May 1989.

He was a member of the First Freewill Baptist Church where he had taught Sunday school.

Survivors include two sons, Warren D. Combs, Blackwell, and Richard L. Sayre, Bartlesville; a daughter, Janie Marie McConnel, Enid; a sister, Marie Peterson, Winfield; nine grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

http://www.winfieldcourier.com/obit/o991217.html Kansas newspaper. He is a grandson of James Wesley and Mary Jane (McCreary) COMBS.

Later Kay County, OK Marriage Records

Name/Date of Issue/Book/Page *private = bef. 1930

GROOMBRIDEDate of IssueBook/Page
COMBS, Albert G.Probasco, Hulda M.5-8-19044/546
COMBS, Alvin G.Stevens, Glenda J.private50/562
COMBS, BertHoy, Iva7-20-18982/207
COMBS, Carl J., Jr.Murphy, Ladema L.private35/366
COMBS, CharlesFirrell, Blancheprivate18/132
COMBS, CharlesVenns, Jantieprivate25/628
COMBS, Clyde N.Bowker, Violetprivate35/633
COMBS, D. E.Gist, Opal6-15-19087/27
COMBS, Earnest E.Carter, Marie L.private5-348
COMBS, FrankCollins, Rosetta3-22-19097/259
COMBS, G.M.Penard, Opalprivate21/64
COMBS, George T.Spurgeon, Nettie8-10-18961/280
COMBS, HaroldLee, Gloriaprivate37/343
COMBS, James F.Lesh, Velma Aliceprivate51/358
COMBS, Jimmy L.Sanders, Joyceprivate42/155
COMBS, Kenneth L.Barns, Isabelle4-27-191811/226
COMBS, Lester R.Gayski, Lucilleprivate27/227
COMBS, M.E.Smith, Henryetta12-19-192821/315
COMBS, RalphLee, Blanche7-12-191912/28
COMBS, Richard A.Morrison, Bessie B.private38/129
COMBS, TurnerRodgers, Dona B.5-23-192516/592
COMBS, William C.Riesen, Elizabethprivate36/185
COMBS, William H.Hoisington, Pearl M.4-17-192415/543
COMBS, WinstonJohnston, Anoleprivate42/293
Moody, EdwardCOMBS, Aliceprivate52/150
Lewis, FredCOMBS, Bettie2-13-19076/234
Hoisington, Freddie FCOMBS, Birdie3-6-192213/561
Nail, Robert JamesCOMBS, Francis L.private53/520
Warren, George Y.COMBS, Hattie4-8-19086/560
Schroder, Gary N.COMBS, Hazel P.private54/107
Nosbury, Jerry L.COMBS, Lois A.private53/333
Smith, RonaldCOMBS, Loretta R.private47/281
Spurgeon, PerryCOMBS, Minnie8-18-18961/279
Love, Robert H.COMBS, Orie5-17-192415/598
Bellinghauser, Francis COMBS, Roseprivate35/264
Pontious, CharleyCOMBS Rosie8-19-192922/201
Rodman, Charles A.COMBS, Susan6-27-193023/82
Singhisen, EdCOMBS, Vernie7-12-192315/47
Sitton, W. W.COMBS, Winnie3-28-19026/259
Black, MartinCOOMBS, Esther7-27-192922/155

(Extracted by COMBS-Anderson researcher Birdie Totty McNutt 6-1998)

Cemetery Inscriptions of Kay County, Oklahoma

Oak Grove Cemetery, Kaw City, OK

Albert COMBS: 1869-1939 [BTM: This is error, DC shows dod 1934]

Effie F. COMBS; no dates

Marion E. COMBS; Feb. 15, 1871 - 1948

Nettie F. COMBS, May 19, 1881 - 1920

I.O.O.F. Cemetery Blackwell, OK

Carl J. COMBS, Sr., June 2, 1896 - Mar. 7, 1976; Married Sep. 20 1919. Cpl. U.S. Army WWI

Daisy B. COMBS; Feb 10, 1902 - Feb. 26, 1977; married Sep. 20 1919

Earl Raymond COMBS; Dec. 10, 1913 - Mar. 17, 1976. TSGT U.S. Army WW II

BTM Note: Daisy Bird WOOLEY was the wife of Carl J.[efferson] COMBS and Carl J. COMBS was the son Valentine COMBS and Caroline M. HATFIELD who was brother of the above Albert Grant and Marion E. COMBS who were 3 sons of Peter A. COMBS & Luana LANCASTER The above Carolyn M. HATFIELD was the dau of Thomas J. HATFIELD and Sarah A. JONES and sister to Mary Elizabeth HATFIELD and Daniel Jesse HOISINGTON, was also the father in law of Birdie Lorena COMBS who married his son Freddie Franklin HOISINGTON. There were inter marriages between children of both Peter COMBS and Daniel J. HOISINGOTN's two families. Peter A. COMBS and Daniel Jesse HOISINGTON were the 2nd Great Grand-father's of the submitter Birdie (Totty) McNutt

Grandview Cemetery, Kaw City, OK

Helen Marie COMBS; March 1932 - August 1950

Raymond Lee COMBS; March 5, 1965 - March 8, 1965

I.O.O.F. Cemetery Ponca City Ok

Archie Luther COMBS; Dec. 25, 1876 - Oct 20, 1950; adjoining Audry Frances, Ruby Inez

Audry Francis COMBS; Sep. 4, 1874 - Jan 12, 1945; adjoining Archie Luther, Ruby Inez

E. C. COMBS; 1885 - 1942

John C. COMBS 1856 - 1938; wife Sallie

Ruby Inez COMBS; May 15, 1902 - July 23, 1963; Adjoining Archie Luther, Audry Frances

Sallie P. COMBS; 1864 - 1948; husband John

Notes: The above are John Cuthbert COMBS and his wife Sallie Price (HARDIN) COMBS

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