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Gibson County was created from Knox Co IN in 1813. In 1816, Orange Co was created from Washington, Knox and Gibson Cos.

16 Mar 1815 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Book A, No. 61) Mary Combs & Larkin BURCHFIELD married on Mar. 16, 1815, Gibson Co, IN, Hazeal PUTMAN officiating. (Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb, Princeton, Gibson Co, IN Courthouse)

HGH Notes: Mary Combs may have been d/o Bennett & Dolly Combs of Pendleton SC (See Simpson Co, KY). Hazeal PUTMAN m 180 Oct 1806, in Warren Co, KY, Isabel Combs, also a daughter of Bennett & Dolly. In 1810, Dolly was on the Warren Co KY census and in 1820 on the Butler Co KY census index, where also is found a Larkin BERCHFIELD [sic].

17 Apr 1817 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Book A) Elijah PUTMAN & Elizabeth DUFF (Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb, Princeton, Gibson Co, IN Courthouse)

Notes: Elijah PUTMAN was the s/o Daniel & Prudence SKELTON Putman (see below); and Elizabeth DUFF the d/o Abraham & Verlinda Combs Duff, the latter d/o Bennett Combs & Dorothy "Dolly" UNKNOWN of Pendleton SC, Warren KY, Butler KY, Gibson IN and Sangamon Co IL. Elijah's brother, Redding PUTMAN, m 06 Jun 1812 in Knox Co IN, Stacy Combs, also a child of Bennett & Dorothy Combs.

17 Apr 1817 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Book A) Prudence PUTMAN & Landon KEY (Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb, Princeton, Gibson Co, IN Courthouse)

Notes: Prudence SKELTON, widow of Daniel PUTMAN was m/o above-noted Elijah and Redding PUTMAN.

1820 Gibson Co, IN Census Index

P. 238
CUMES, Sarah

Notes: Who is this?

September 21, 1822 Item 3, from the Original Minutes Book of the Providence Regular Baptist Church, Francisco, IN. "Larkin BIRCHFIELD licensed to preach anywhere."

(Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb who adds: I did not copy his date of joining the Church because we were not looking for his name at the time.)

21 Sep 1822 James Combs joins the Providence Church by experience, September 21, 1822. [Same Church Minutes as above.] (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Herbert G. Holcomb)

29 Dec 1822 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Book A, No. 377) James COMES to Elizabeth STRICKLAND 29 Dec 1822 by Rev. Alexander DEVIN officiating (Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb, Princeton, Gibson Co, IN Courthouse)

HGH Notes: The ancestry of James Combs remains unknown. This same year Dolly Combs moved to Gibson County in the company of Reding PUTMAN.

24 Jul 1823 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Book A) John HOLCOMBE & Dorothy WOOLBANKS, by Alex JOHNSON (Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb, Princeton, Gibson Co, IN Courthouse)

Notes: Dorothy WOOLBANKS d/o Reuben & Jane/Jean Combs Woolbanks who m in Warren Co KY 01 Oct 1807. Reuben WILBANKS [sic] m 2nd 12 Feb 1817 in Sumner Co TN, Nancy BARRETT (See also Simpson Co KY).

24 Aug 1824 [Providence Church Minutes, August 24, 1824.] Joseph Combs applied for letter of dismission along with others including John HOLCOMB which letters were granted with the purpose of moving to Fulton County, IL. (Transcribed by Combs-Holcomb-Wilbanks Researcher Herbert G. Holcomb.

HGH Notes: A Joseph Combs (unidentified) is found in the 1820 Butler Co KY Census (where Combs, BURCHFIELDS, DUFFS, HOLCombs, DILBECKS, PUTMANS and others are also found), and it was to Fulton Co IL that Redding and Stacy Combs Putman also removed, with Stacy dying there on 16 Dec 1827. Joseph MANNING and wife, Leah MANING, are founding members of the above Church, March 24, 1822. MANNING is another family name associated with the Combs; however, the relationship, if any, remains unknown. (See 1825 Fulton Co, IL State Census, includes Joseph Combs and John HOLCOMB.)

7 Oct 1829. (Gibson Co, IN Ct Records) Redding/Reding PUTMAN had sold a piece of property to John WEATHEROW. Mr. WEATHEROW sued Reding because he stated "Reding had sold him the wrong parcel of land." Dolly Combs of Gibson Co, IN deposed that she had overheard the transaction and Mr. WEATHEROW had gotten the piece of property the he had negotiated for with Reding PUTMAN. (Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt who adds that (1) Reding PUTMAN was the h/o Stacy Combs and son-in-law of Dolly Combs, widow of Bennett Combs (d Pendleton SC), that he won the case, and after Dolly Combs gave the deposition and case was won, Reding took her back to Fulton Co. Illinois with him; and (2) that she does not have a copy of this deposition, but only notes as to the date and place. Copy of record needed in order to determine if Redding is listed as "of Fulton Co, IL" at this time).

Notes: Following the death of Stacy Combs Putman, Redding and second wife, Phoebe MARSH, along with his again-widowed mother and other family members, possibly including some of his Combs In-laws, removed to Washington Co AR where is found by 1840 near a Levi Combs, b in Wilkes Co NC who is also believed to have been kin (somehow) to this family (See also Fulton IL).

23 Jan 1830 [Part of Item 3 of same Original Minutes Book of the Providence Regular Baptist Church, Francisco, IN, January 23, 1830.] Larkin BIRCHFIELD and Mary BIRCHFIELD were granted letters of dismission to join another church. (Transcribed by Herbert G. Holcomb)

1830 US Census Index, Gibson Co, IN

No Combs

1840 Gibson Co, IN Census Index

Johnson Twp

BURCHFIELD, Larken, p. 036 [h/o Mary Combs]
DUFF, Abraham, p. 055 [h/o Verlinda Combs]

14 Mar 1846 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Records) Mary Ann Combs & Margan GRIMM (Pre-1850 Combs Marriages of Indiana) SW: Morgan

Notes: Not identified; however, note the Combs and GRIMM families in Sumner Co TN where ANDERSON, Combs and WILBANKS families are also found and see below.

14 Sep 1847 (Gibson Co, IN Marriage Records) Abraham D. Combs & Margaret KIRKPATRICK (Pre-1850 Combs Marriages of Indiana)

Notes: Is this Abraham Duff Combs? (See Abraham & Verlinda Combs Duff above)

1850 Gibson Co, IN Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Barton Township

pg 99

74/74 Larkin BURCHFIELD 59 M R. Bell farmer $1500 NC
Mary 55 F Ky
Larkin 24 M farmer IN
Altamyria ASHLEY 9 F IN

Notes: Larkin BURCHFIELD m 16 Mar 1815, Gibson Co, IN, Mary Combs.

pg 100

85/85 Larkin Combs 27 M farmer $200 IN
Elizabeth J. 24 F IN cannot read or write
Mary 4 F IN
Elizabeth 2 F IN
Joseph Combs 54 M farmer SC

Notes: No marriage record located. Larkin Combs probably s/o Joseph, who m 4 Nov 1817, Butler Co, KY, Mary BAKER. Given Joseph's SC birth location, and marriage location, and church records indicating migrating with Combs-Holcomb-Burchfield, etc., probably s/o Bennett & Dorothy Combs.

90/90 Morgan GRIM 25 M farmer $150 VA
Mary Ann 25 F IN
Lewis 2 M IN

Note: Margan GRIMM [sic] m 14 Mar 1846, Gibson Co, IN, Mary Ann Combs.

Columbia Township

pg 128

30/30 Abraham Combs 30 M farmer $600 IA
Margaret 23 F IA
William W. 8/12 M IA Notes: Abraham Combs m 14 Sep 1847, Gibson Co, IN, Margaret KIRKPATRICK.

Johnson Twp

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt except where otherwise noted)

Census taken 14th day of October by census taker B W. CRISWELL (Partial extraction)

54 Joab ELIOTT 42 Farmer TN
Elisabeth 39 F
Almerinda 13 F
Nancy E. 08 F
Reubin 06 M
Hosea L. 03 M

55 Reubin STALLINGS 34 M Farmer 600
Mahala 34 F
Jasper 10 M
Catharine 08 F
Nancy J. 07 F
Mary F. 06 F
Moses R. 02 M

56 Henry HOLCOMB 44 M Farmer SC
Sarah 50 F IA
Lebetha 20 F IA
Jeremiah 18 M Farmer IA
Elisabeth 17 F IA
Cyntha 16 F IA
Sarah 14 F IA
Perlina 17 F IA
Martha E. 04 F IA

Page 110

57/57 James SKELTON 35 M farmer $200 IA cannot read or write
Louisa 33 F IA cannot read or write
Larkin 09 M IA
Lucy Ann 03 F IA
Alviry Combs 17 F IA

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Note: James SKELTON m 19 Jul 1838, Vanderburgh Co IN, Louisa Jane Combs. Also note that Redding PUTMAN, h/o Stacy Combs, was s/o Daniel & Prudence SKELTON Putman. Relationship?

58 Jacob WINKLEMAN 40 M Farmer 1500 Germany
Catharin 30 F IA
Henry J. 07 M IA
Frederick 03 M IA
Mary 01 F IA
Margaret OHOY 27 F Germany
Jacob MILLER 35 M IA Farmer

59 Augustus BUHMIN? 31 M Shoemaker IA
Leasethe 32 F IA
Caroline 03 F NY
Fredericken 02 F IN
Peter BACKHOUSEN 40 M Shoemaker Germany

enumerated on 14 day Oct 1850 by census taker B. W. CRISWELL for Johnson Twp, Gibson Co., IN.
(Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt May 8, 1998)

Patoka Twp

p. 005
EMBREE, Joshua

Montgomery Twp. (Index)

p. 053

p. 061
HECK, Joseph

Wabash Twp

Census Taken by B W CRISWELL 2nd day October 1850

p. 101

1 Andrew I POWELL 26 M Farmer 200 IA Can not read or write
Nancy 21 F IA
Al - ny -a? 9/12 F IA
Polly POWELL 15 F IA
Finley POWELL 19 M IA

2 Baley GRIGSBY 37 M Farmer KY
Malissa 24 F AR
Malinda 05 F IA
Thomas I 03 M IA
William 6/12 M IA

HH# 3 Jane WARD 42 F KY 500 Can not read or write
Martha 18 F IA
Susan 16 F IA
James C. 14 M IA
George W. 13 M IA
Louisa 07 F IA
Sarah 05 F IA

4 Harrison H. GARRITT 38 M IA Farmer
Sarah Ann 40 F KY can not read or write
Horatio 19 M KY can not read or write
Baley 17 M KY can not read or write
Molinda 16 F
Patsey 12 F
Sarah 11 F
Elias 09 M
Presley 06 M
Elizabeth 04 F
George 02 M
Polly Ann 01 F

5 Thomas AULDRIDGE 45 M Farmer
Jane 30 F
Huldia 10 F
James L 09 M
William 09 M
Alexander 08 M
Sisilda? ALUDRIGE 08 F
Malinda AULDRIGE 17 F

6 Charles LOVELLETT 43 M IL Farmer
Margaret 40 F IA
Elizabeth 18 F IL

p. 102

William 13 M IL
July Ann 11 F IL
Charles 09 F IL
Mary Ann 07 F IL
Peter 05 M IL
Joseph 02 M IL
Henry REED 40 M Grocer GERMANY

7 George W. WARD 34 M Farmer 500
Elijah 20 M Farmer
Susan 13 F
Jane A. 12 F
Thurza Anna 09 F
Thomas 07 M
Elijah PAULEY 20 M Farmer

8 Crawford WARD 27 M IA Farmer 750
Telitha I 23 F IA

9 Thomas J. JORDON 35 M IA Farmer 250
Mary 30 F IL
William 17 M IA Farmer
Clarenda 04 F IA

10 Oliver LUCAS 39 M IA Farmer
Mary Ann 38 F IA
Zachery 16 M IA Farmer
Cathasim 14 F IA
John 08 M IA

11 Jane JORDAN 40 F KY 200
Peter 16 M IA
Elizabeth Ann 12 F IA
Abraham SEARS 13 M IA

12 Permelia DENBY 25 F IA
Elisa 9 F IA
Julia Ann 7 F IA
John JORDAN 18 M IA Farmer

13 Volentine RACHEL 34 M KY Farmer 300
Martha A. 20 F KY
Sarah Ann 3 F IN
Louisa 10/12 F IN
Eliga JORDON 10 M IA
William T. DENBY 05 M IA

Note: Valentine RACHELS m 29 Dec 1844 in Posey Co IN, Martha Ann Combs. See Also 1859 Allen Co KY deed and Ann Combs HH below.

BTM Note: HH#14 through 22 missing will go back and research

p. 103

23 Jessie W. HARMON 25 M IA Farmer
Matilda 22 F IA
John 01 M IA
Reasen GENTRY 65 M Laborer SC
Me---va? HARMON 55 F SC
Elisabeth E. HARMON 22 F IA
James HARMON 19 M IA Farmer
Jacob RUFHETY? 10 M IA

24 Elisabeth JORDAN 45 M Farmer GA
Dysia 39 F Farmer TN
James 18 M Farmer IA
Elisabeth 16 F IA
John 11 M IA
Mary M 09 F IA
Martha J 05 F IA
Cornelas WAGENER 16 M IL
Dysia Ann SUMNERS 11 F MO

25 Alford JORDAN 23 M IA Farmer
Sarah Ann P. 22 F IA
Martha GENTRY 26 F IA

26 James COLVIN 26 M Farmer IA
Lucy 22 F IA
James A. 03 M IA
James COLVIN Snr 68 M SC Farmer
James R. HARRIS 18 M IL Farmer

27 Stewart NEWSAM 30 M Farmer IA
Margaret 19 F IA
Sarah Ann GARRETT 10 F IA

28 James WILLIAMS 28 M Farmer IL
Elisabeth 22 F IA
Sarah M. 06 F IA
William M. 03 M IA
John 01 M IA
Abijah DAVIS 20 M IA

29 John FIFER 50 M 4000 PA
Lucinda 48 F KY
William 21 M IA
James 19 M IA
Moses 17 M IA

Wabash Twp, Gibson Co., IN

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt)

p. 104

enumerated on the 4th day of October by B. W. CRISWELL

29 continued
Levi 15 M Farmer IA
Pricilla 12 F IA
Maston WILLIAMS 16 M 2500 IL

30 Isaac WILLIAMS 45 M IA Farmer 1000
Martha 33 F IA
Elisabeth N 16 F IA
Daniel J 12 M IA
Mel--na? 10 F IA
Josiah 08 M IA
Charles N 04 M IA
Lucy Ann 6/12 F IA

31 R. B. WILKINS 28 M 350 IA Farmer
Rachel 24 F IA
Nancy 7/12 F IA
Mary E. HUNT 16 F IA
Henry SEARS 16 M IA
Nimrod J. SEARS 12 M IA

32 Abner LEMAR 22 M IA Farmer
Louisa 17 F IA
Samuel LEMAR 25 M Farmer IA

33 Young LEMAR 46 M KY Farmer 1800
Jane 46 F VA
Moses 18 M IA
Enoch 16 M IA
Sampson 10 M IA
Isac 14 M IA
Leroy 02 M IA
Samuel BRAMBLE 18 M Farmer IA
Leftridge HARRIS 17 M IA
George PECK 21 M IA

34 A. J. COOPER 33 M 300 NY Farmer
Patsey 23 F IA

35 John CASABOUGH 46 M KY Farmer 800
Martha A. 33 F IA
Jacob 05 M TN
Cabel H. 7/12 M) IA
Nancy Ann 7/12 F) IA
William E. WILLIAMS 06 M IA

End of page

Wabash Twp

Page 104

enumerated on the 4th day of October by B. W. CRISWELL (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt)

36 William SHORT 55 M Farmer VA
Jacob SHORT 21 M Farmer IA
Sylvester SHORT 15 M Farmer IA
Rachel SHORT 03 F IL
Sally SHORT 15 F TN

37 Samuel GRIGFFIN 21 M Farmer IA
Amanda 18 F IA

38 Charles PERIGO 25 M Farmer 600 IA
Jane 30 F IA
Mary 02 F IA
John 01 M IA

39 Lemuel HARMON 45 M VA Farmer 700
Elisabeth 33 F IA
Robert M. 06 M IA
Sarah J 03 F IA
Susanah CANTRELL 21 F IA

40 David LEMAR 40 M Farmer TN
Elisabeth 30 F IL
Lucy 10 F IA
Malinda Ann 07 IA
Sarah E. 04 F IA
Sinlda J 06 F IA
James M? 01 M IA

41 Wiliam WILKINS 30 M Farmer IA
Rebecca 30 F IA
John 07 M IA
Josephina 06 F IA
Emoline 02 F IA
John DAVIS 22 M IA Farmer
Madison DAVIS 24 M IA Farmer
Elisabeth TAYLER 17 F IA
Jacob TAYLER 62 M IA Farmer

41 Alfred HUNT 30 M Farmer TN
Hester 22 F IA
Louisa WILKINS 02 F IA
Ellen HUNT 5/12 F IA

43 Mary HICK 63 F KY
Henry 19 M IA
Matila Ann 12 F IA

44 John TAYLOR 28 M IA

end of page 104

page 105

Polly 28 F KY
Caroline 01 F IA

45 Anna Combs 50 F KY
Peter 19 M KY Farmer
James 17 M KY Farmer

Notes: Anna Combs was in Allen Co KY in 1838, apparently already widowed, when she purchased land from one Peter ANDERSON. The above was Peter Anderson Combs, b 02 Dec 1830, KY, s/o a Thomas Combs according to his death certificate (See Kay Co OK). According to his obituary, he m (1) a Samanthy WARD in "Southern Indiana" and (2) Louannie LANCASTER, marriage record in Allen Co KY dated 09 Jul 1859. That same year, Peter Combs purchased from Valentine & Martha Ann Combs Rachel "of Posey Co Indiana" (HH#13 above) her "undivided half interest" in the tract of land purchased by Ann Combs in 1838. Martha Ann was described as "one of the heirs at Law of said Ann B. Combs and James W. Combs." Two Thomas Combs are on the 1830 Allen Co KY census, one of them possibly the h/o Ann, who may have been an ANDERSON - possibly the same who m in 1829 in Sumner Co TN (increasing the possibility that this family was kin to the Pendleton SC Combs?). Based on the birth year of ca 1837 for the above James Combs, Thomas appears to have d 1837-1838. By 1860 both Peter Combs and Martha Combs Rachel were back in Gibson Co, IN (See Below).

46 William WILLIAMS 24 M Farmer IL
Crissa 21 F TN
Levi 05 M IL
William D. 02 M IL
James TAYLER 24 M TN Farmer

47 Joseph TAYLER 23 M IA Farmer
Sarah 20 F IA
Mary J. 6/12 F IA

48 Levi JORDAN 22 M IA Farmer 300
Sally Ann 22 F IA
Jacob TAYLER 09 M IA
Louisa WILKINS 03 F IA

49 Harvey BARNETT 35 M IA
Thurza 22 F IA
William P. 8/12 M IA

50 Thomas ASHLEY 65 M Farmer SC
Sarah 52 F GA
John 24 M 500 Farmer
July Ann 16 F
William MANCAN 17 M Farmer

Page missing HH#51 - HH# 53

top of page 106

Rebecca ? 23 F
John B 19 M Farmer
Sarah 17 F
James P. 14 M
Mary Ann 11 F

54 Peter HECK 22 M Farmer
Parmelia 20 F
Mary E. 01 F

55 Thomas SMITH 23 M 250 Farmer
Patsey 20 F

56 Peter SMITH 20 M
Nancy W. SMITH 22 F

57 John T. CANTRELL 30 M Farmer 100?
Hethey 20 F
Sylvester W. 03 M
Nancy C. 02 F
Jane M. CASH 18 F
Wlson HARMAN 22 M Farmer

58 John J. HARMAN 22 M. WIS Farmer
Jemiza 23 F IA
Eliza J 01 F IA
Mary Ann FRAZIER 15 F IA
Levi J EMBRY 25 M Farmer IA
Juliza EMBRY 28 F IA IA
Sarah E. EMBRY 03 F IA
James MCCLISTER 30 M IRE Farmer 200

59 Mary JORDAN 70 F 350 NC
Calvin JORDAN 14 M IA
William JORDAN 12 IA
Sally EMBRY 21 M IL
James W. EMBRY 02 M IA

end of page 106

Wabash Twp, Gibson Co., IN

5th day of Oct. Census taken by B. W. CRISWELL
Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt May 8, 1998

Whiteriver Twp. (Index)

p. 75

McINTIRE, William

1850 Gibson Co, IN Mortality Schedule

Joseph Combs, male, 1 year of age, died July. Cause of death: Worms.

(Combs &c. Death Records by Combs Researcher Pat Orton)

1860 Gibson Co, IN Census

The 1860 Gibson Co, IN Census records below were transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt [BTM], descendant of Peter ANDERSON & Louianna LANCASTER Combs:

Wabash Twp

census taken by Jas. M. DAVIS 11 Aug 1860.Page 1129

p. 934

1172/1176 Abram SEARS 26 M IN Farmer 450/250 married w/i yr
Casander 22 F IN
Abigail DAVIS 29 F IN
Rebecca STOW 24 F PA
Jackson STOW 20 M OH
George W. 18 M OH
Marith 16 F OH
Francis 12 M OH
William LOW 23 M OH Farmer

1173/1177 Jessie W. HARMON 34 M IN Farmer 200
Matilda 28 F IN
John I 10 M IN
Mary I 08 F IN
Alford 10/12 IN

1174/1178 Jas I CALVIN 36 M IN Farmer 1200/800
Lucy 35 F IN
Jas A. 13 M IN
Young C<sic?> 09 M IN
Jas W. EMBRY 14 M IN Bound
Euphavas HEDY 16 M IN
nb: Surname? Or is his name Jas Calvin HEDY?

1175/1179 John PFIFER 60 M PA Farmer 6600/2000
Levi 25 M IN Farmer 300
Peter A. Combs 30 M KY [no occupation listed]
Louianna 21 F KY

Notes: See 1850.

1176/1180 Moses PFIFER 26 M IN Farmer 100
Susan 24 F IN
John 04 M IN
Jessie 01 M IN
Sarah WARD 15 F IN

1177/1181 F. M CASH 28 M IN Farmer 200
Sarah 27 F IN
Wm 07 M IN
Martha E. 05 F IN

1179/1185 Brighton JOHNSON 64 M NC Farmer 150
Mary 53 F NC
Jas. B. 21 M TN Farmer 50
Little E. 03 IN


1180/1186 William McINTIRE 28 M IN Farmer 150
Nancy 27 F IN
Henry 12 M IN
Calvin 06 M IN
Sylvester 11/12 M IN

1180/1184 Martha HILL 17 F IN Domestic

1181/1185 Joshua EMBRY 46 M IN Farmer 150/
Elizabeth 45 F KY
Wm. W. 22 M IN
Rachael E. 21 F IN
Frncilc<sic>? 13 M IN
Rosetta 11 F IN
Henry L. 09 M IN
George W. 06 M IN
Elpha GORDON 19 M IN Farm Hand
Elizabeth "" 19 F IN

1183/1187 Daniel PFIFER 30 M IN Farmer
Mary 28 F IN
Emily 11 F IN
Sarah 09 F IN
Harris 03 M IN

1183/1187 Pemelia TAYLOR 41 M IN Farmer
Julia A. DANBY 15 F IN
Wm T. '' 14 M IN

1184/1188 Joseph HECK 37 M KY Farmer
Elizabeth 30 F IN
Mary A. 12 F IN
W. H. 10 M IN
Peter 08 M IN
Joseph S. 07 M IN
John W. 01 M IN
Margaret 04 F IN

1185/1189 Levi JORDAN 32 M IN Farmer 70
Martha 32 F IN
Sarah A. 09 F IN
Wm 05 M IN
Samerville<sic> 02 M IN

1186/1190 Elizabeth WHITE 31 F IL Farmer 1600/240
Henry C. SMITH

1187/1191 Sarah BAILY 33 F IN Farmer 400
Thomas 15 M IN
Susannah 12 F IN
Wm. G. 07 M IN
John BAILY 05 M IN

1188/1192 M. W. SIMPSON 35 M KY Farmer 400
John 29 M KY Farmer 200
Holly SANDERS 26 F KY Domestic
George SIMPSON 05 M IN
Levina 03 F IN
Wm. E. 02 M IN

1189/1193 Henry BALDWIN 30 M IN Farmer 30
Julia <sic?> A. 28 F IN

1190/1194 Wm. PFIFER 31 M IN Farmer 600
Hulda 31 F IN
Moses 07 M IN
Samuel McELLEN? 10 M IL

1191/1195 V. RACHEL 45 M IN Farmer 1600/700
Martha A. 30 F IN
Sarah A. 12 F IN
Lewis 10 M IN
Francis 08 M IN
Alonzo 07 M IN
George 06 M IN
Wm 04 M IN
Francis 03 M IN
Sarah BAILY 08 F IN
Thos. 05 M IN

Notes: Valentine and Martha Ann Combs Rachels (See 1850)

1192/1196 Thomas ABHBY 75 M GA Farmer 600/400
Sarah 60 F TN
Levina TAYLOR 12 F TN
Lucinda MARTIN 15 F TN

1197/1197 ??? GARRETT/GOSSETT? 29 IN Farmer 200
Wm. T. 16 M IN
Amos 15 M IN
Henry 13 M IN
Jas. S. 12 M IN
Albert 09 M IN
Jessie 04 M IN
Mary 1/12 F IN

BTM: This name could be GOSSETT or GARRETT - was hard to read and make out exact spelling

Barton Twp

210/910 James R. SKELTON 24 M IN Farmer 600
Mary I. 24 F IN
Mary C. 12 F IN
Sarah C. 11 F IN
Joel H. 08 M IN
John W. 02 M IN
Henry C. 2/12 M IN

911/911 Larkin COOMBS 27 M IN Farmer 250/250 Mar. w/in year
Jane 22 F IN married w/in year
Mary 12 F IN
Catherine 11 F IN
Julia 08 F IN
Solomon STRICKLAND 12 m IN
Nancy 11 F IN
Wilson 07 M IN
James 04 M IN

912/912 Abram COOMBS 29 M IN Farmer 2,000/625
Margaret 28 F IN [KIRKPATRICK]
Wm 09 M IN
Nancy A. 07 F IN
James W. 04 M IN
John W.(twin) 02 M IN
Elizabeth (twin) 02 F IN
Nancy KIRKPATRICK 45 F SC (Mulatto)
Robert 22 M SC (Mulatto)Farm Hand
Jane 21 F SC (Mulatto)
Wm [btm: forgot to write down info]
Nancy L. [btm: forgot to write down info]
John 12 M IN
Sarah M. 10 F IN
James 07 M IN

Notes: Were Larkin and Abraham Combs brothers? Possibly sons of James & Elizabeth STRICKLAND Combs who m in 1822?

915/915 Wm GOUNDY<sic?> 41 M SC Farmer 800/800 [btm: hard to read]
Margaret 42 F SC
John 21 M IN
Thomas 18 M IN
Samuel 14 M IN
Jane 11 F IN
Joseph 07 M IN
Wm. 02 M IN

916/916 Thos. W. MCMILLEN 28 M IN Farmer 200/200
Mary 26 F IN
Agnes 12 F IN
Ebenezer 09 M IN
Mary A. 04 F. IN

918/918 James B. McCLARRY 40 M IN Farmer 1000/400
Mariah R. 40 F IN
Wm. W. 20 M IN
Jas. W. 19 M IN
Zadock M. 15 M IN
Mary C. 15 M IN
Ann M. 10 F IN
Dicy M. 02 F IN

919/919 Malionda HUNTER 45 F IN
Wentes<sic?> W. 22 M IN Farm Hand 1500/1500

920/920 David MARTIN 54 M SC (m) Farmer 200/741
Nancy 48 F SC (m)
Eliza 20 F IN
Martha 18 F IN
Catherine 17 F IN
Seba 16 F IN
John 15 M IN
Laura 10 F IN
Allace 09 F IN
Hillen 07 F IN
Flora 04 F IN

?? Jas. M. HENDERSON 24 M MO (m) Farmer 150/
Angis M. 24 F OH (m)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives