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Sangamon Co IL was established in 1821 from Madison & Bond Cos. In 1821 Morgan Co was established from Sangamon and non-county area; in 1824, Sangamon lost land to non-county; and in 1825 non-county "attachments" to Sangamon were transferred to Peoria. In 1837 Dane (renamed Christian in 1840), Logan and Menard Cos were est. from Sangamon, and Macon gained from Sangamon. In both 1843 and again in 1847, Menard gained from Sangamon.

Note: Except where otherwise noted, source for all marriages is Index to Combs Marriages of Illinois; and source for all land sales is Index to Illinois Combs Land Sales.

See also Combs Land of Cass, Menard and Sangamon Co, IL

11 Sep 1826 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Jesse, 2 Parcels (US GenWeb, Illinois Land)

11 Sep 1826 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Samuel (US GenWeb, Illinois Land)

Notes: The above may be the Samuel Combs who m (2) Jane HASH 15 Oct 1804, Green Co, KY. His relationship to Jesse & Jonah Combs remains unknown. Likewise, any possible relationship to Thomas & Rachel ELMORE Combs.

11-05-1829 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 1 51) Combs Ruth & PLUNKETT Robert

See Richland Baptist Cemetery below.

26 Nov 1829 Federal Sale (Higher Ed Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Samuel (US GenWeb, Illinois Land)

20 Feb 1830 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Jesse (US GenWeb, Illinois Land)

1830 Sangamon Co, IL Census Index

p. 135/268

ln. 4 Jeƒse Combs
2 m < 10; 1 m 20-30
1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30

ln. 11 Jonah Combs
1 m 30-40
2 f < 5; 1 f 5-10; 2 f 20-30

ln. 14 Samuel Combs
1 m 5-10; 2 m 10-15; 3 m 20-30; 1 m 50-60 (b c1770-1780)
1 f 5-10; 3 f 15-20; 1 f 20-30; 1 f 40-50

p. 155

ln. 28 Elliot Combs
1 m 15-20; 1 m 20-30; 1 m 40-50
1 f 20-30

p. 180 (repeat of p. 155)

ln. 26 Mason PAIN
1 m 5-10; 1 m 20-30
1 f < 5; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30

Note: s/o Daniel & Sylvy Combs Payne

(Extracted by Combs-Payne Researcher Robert Richardson who adds that Mason PAYNE also was enumerated in Macon Co IL this same year. Update (details) by Sue Elfving.)

09-09-1830 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 1 63) Combs Martha & SPOUSE William [SPROUSE?]

23 Sep 1830 (Sangamon Co IL Marriage Records) Thomas Combs m: Sept 23 1830, Sangamon Co, IL, Rachel ELMORE (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Janet Hoyle from copy from Illinois Marriage Record Index, Illinois State Historical Society)

Notes: According to the 1930 Kay Co, OK DC of Mary Ann Combs, widow of Zephaniah ICKE, she was the d/o Thomas & Rachel ELMORE Combs* and was b 9/28/1847 in Cass Co, IL.** Rachel ELMORE Combs d 21 Feb 1898, Cass Co, IL.
*Undocumented family tradition that Mary Ann was part Indian and adopted child of Thomas and Rachel
**DC of Mary Ann's son, Robert, indicates she was b in Lawrence Co, MO, not Cass Co, IL.

01 Dec 1830 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Jonah (US GenWeb, Illinois Land)

13 Nov 1831 Sangamon Co, IL Marriage Records) Asa Combs & Rebecca ROZER.

Notes: Could this be the same as Asa and Rebecca Combs of Washington Co, AR? Also note that members of the Combs-Hash families removed from Green Co, KY to Sangamon Co, IL and also removed from Sangamon to Washington Co, AR (See above).

11 Jun 1833 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Thomas (US GenWeb, Illinois Land)

12 Feb 1838 "Mrs. Dorothy Combs, mother of Mrs. [Verlinda, w/o Abraham] DUFF, came to Curran Twp] Sangamon county with her daughter, and died at her house Feb. 12, 1838, aged eighty-five years. Her husband, Bennett Combs, died in Virginia [sic]."

(Early Settlers of Sangamon County by John Caroll Power, 1876 p. 270)

Notes: We do not know why the above report shows Bennett Combs as having died in Virginia, as all records for him thus far are in South Carolina (See Greenville and Pendleton) After his death (between 1800 and 1803), his widow, Dolly is next found in Butler & Warren Cos, KY, then Gibson Co, IN. See also The Life of Dorothy and Bennett Combs (manuscript) as well as other records in this county.

23 May 1838 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Cass/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Thomas (USGenWeb, Illinois Land) (See Also Cass Co IL Land)

28 Mar 1839 (Combs Sangamon Co IL Marriage Records) Combs, John & Leah M. PEARCE (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Joyce Kahre from microfiche at IL State Capitol Archives, 1997)

03-28-1839 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages ) Combs John N. & PEARCE Leah M. (ibid.)

1840 US Census Index, Sangamon Co, IL

No Twp

P. 032
Duff Combs
Ebenezer DUFF

(1840 Indiana, Iowa & Illinois Census Index taken from CD 153 U.S. Census Index; Mid-West, Great Lakes. from Automated Archives, Inc. c 1994)

Notes: This is probably Combs DUFF rather than Duff Combs (See 1850 Sangamon Co, IL census); however, see also Abraham D. [Duff?] Combs of 1847 Gibson Co, IN

12-28-1841 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 2 143) Combs Sarah & Bissell Van S.

Note: The above Sarah Combs may have been a widow. See 1850 Sangamon Co, IL Census.

12-08-1842 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 2 165) Combs Lucy Ann & PLUNKETT Joseph M.

Notes: Not found in 1850 Sangamon

11 Sep 1846 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Jonah (USGenWeb, Illinois Land)

11 Sep 1846 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Menard/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Samuel (USGenWeb, Illinois Land)

1850 US Census , Sangamon Co, IL

(Sangamon Co, IL GenWeb, 1850 Census)

P. 156

414-414 Sarah BISSELL 36 F VA Cannot read & write
Combs, Nelson 14 M IL sch
Julian BISSELL 7 F IL sch
James CLEMENTS 22 M IL Cannot read & write

Note: This is apparently Sarah Combs who m 28 Dec 1841, Sangamon Co, IL, Van S. BISSELL. The presence of Nelson in her HH suggests she was a widow. If so, of whom? No Sangamon marriage seems to “fit”.

P. 179

746-746 DUFF Ebenezer 52 M Farmer 4,000 SC X
DUFF Sarah 50 F KY X
DUFF Julia 23 F MO
DUFF Andrew 20 M Farmer IL
DUFF Sarah 18 F IL
DUFF David 15 M IL

Notes: According to Researcher Marilyn Duff, Ebenezer DUFF was the youngest brother of Abraham DUFF who m bef 1798, probably in Pendleton SC, Verlinda Combs, d/o Bennett & Dorothy Combs (See next and 1838 Sangamon).

P. 199

1019-1019 DUFF Greenbury 34 M Farmer KY
DUFF Elizabeth 26 F KY X
DUFF Cornelia 6/12 F KY
DUFF Abraham 73 M Farmer 3,600 VA

Notes: Abraham DUFF, widower of Verlinda Combs.

P. 200

1023-1023 DUFF Combs 42 M Farmer KY
Mary 40 F TN X
Matilda 19 F IL
Mary 17 F IL
Amanda 15 F IL
Abraham 12 M IL
John 10 M IL
Richard 8 M IL
George 6 M IL
James 4 M IL
Emma 1 F IL

Notes: Extracted by Combs Researcher Loren Archer from "The Duffs", John and Judy Duff, 1993, self-published, "Benjamin Combs "Combs" DUFF, s/o Abraham and Verlinda Combs Duff, b 4 Jul 1807, Kentucky, d 13 Dec 1875; m 21 Apr 1830, Sangamon Co, IL, Mary (Polly) HURLEY, d 26 Feb 1876. Combs and Polly's 10th child Bennett Combs DUFF was named for his great-grandfather, Bennett Combs d. 4 Mar 1801 SC. This may be the Duff Combs of the 1840 Sangamon Co, IL census index. Also Note: There are other DUFF families not yet extracted from this census.

1034-1034 BROWN Joshua 58 M Farmer 3,000 SC X 19
Mary 65 F NY
HILLIS Zilla 28 F IL
Joshua 6 M IL
Ann 5 F IL
James 1 M IL
Prucilla 16 F --

Notes: Included due to SC birth location and because Denise goes nuts whenever she spots a Joshua BROWN due to her Cicey BROWN (d/o Joshua and Alice LUNSFORD Brown of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA) having m William KENDALL, gs/o William and Elizabeth Combs Kendall.

Page 228

1405-1405 RAY Saml. 32 M Farmer KY
RAY Elsey 29 F IL
RAY Susan 11 F IA X
RAY Mary 7 F IL X

Notes: An unsourced FGS lists the marriage of Samuel and Alice Combs Ray on 17 Jul 1828 in Sangamon Co, IL. Since the above Elsey (Alice?) would have been only 7 years old, not possible, however, was she a Combs? If so, when and where married and who were her parents?

P. 233

1489--1489 SLINKER Frederick 56 M Farmer 2,600 VA
Elizabeth 45 F KY
Sarah 20 F IL
Laura 15 F IL X
Mary 8 F IL X
NATION Francis 8 M IL

Notes: See 1828 Green Co, KY marriage of Frederick SLINKER and Elizabeth Combs. The same?

Page 243B

1622-1622 PLUNKETT Robt. 40 M Farmer 2,000 SC X
GATELY Herilda 32 F IL X
GATELY Joseph Ann 11 F IL X
GATELY Laura 4/12 F IL

Notes: Robert PLUNKETT widower of Ruth Combs, b 15 Nov 1814, d 23 Feb 1844, buried Richland Cemetery, Sangamon Co, IL (see below).

07-12-1851 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 3 33) Combs Margarit & DENNEY John E.

03-09-1852 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 3 47) Combs John A. & DENNY Margaritt E.

19 Nov May 1853 Federal Sale (Federal Land Sales, Jefferson/Sangamon Cos, IL) Combs, Thomas (US GenWeb, Illinois Land) (See Also Jefferson IL Land)

05-06-1857 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 3 215) Combs Nelson Hamilton & DUNCAN Sarah Jane

1860 US Census Index, Sangamon Co, IL

Chatham P. O.

P. 494
Combs, J. P.

(Census Index: U.S. Selected States/Counties, 1860)

10-22-1863 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages ) Combs Nelson & BAWNER Clarissa

01-04-1865 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages ) Combs Nelson & WILKINSON Jane

03-09-1865 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages ) Combs William & MCMURPHY Isabel

10-26-1865 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 00B 154) Combs John P. & THURMAN Fannie A.

Notes: Is this supposed to be John Milton [sic] Combs who m Fannie A. THURMAN (source?)

03-02-1868 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages ) Combs Carrie & MCCORMICK William C.

09-09-1872 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 4 520) Combs Elizabeth & WITHROW Lewis P.

04-04-1875 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 5 45) Combs John M. & SCIMSHEN Emma

03-06-1878 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 5 182) Combs Nannie & MAINS Jeremiah L.

12-24-1880 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 5 316) Combs Lila & GOODWIN James (Jacob)

10-28-1884 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 6 21) Combs Johnson E. & STOUT Mary E.

11-16-1884 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 6 24) Combs Mattie E. & SCOTT Frank C.

12-26-1886 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 6 140) Combs Hattie & MURRELL William N.

29 Aug 1896 (Central IL Miscellaneous Obituary Records) Combs, Sarah 29 Aug 1896 age 59 wife of Nelson C. Combs, Sangamon Co, IL.
(Central IL Chronicles 977.3 D25ce v. 1, extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Burr)

Notes: Sarah Jane DUNCAN Combs from 1857?

03-31-1897 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 7 152) Combs Elza M. & LOCKBAUM Annie

10-12-1899 (Sangamon Co, IL. Marriages 7 325) Combs Charles W. & ALLEN Katie

Richland Baptist Cemetery, Pleasant Plains

(Purviance , Plunkett, Irwin, and Combs family cemetery where Ruth and Robert lived, and is on a blacktop road that runs between Salisbury and Pleasant Plains. It has a little country church that still is active, a lovely old cemetery and family still takes care of it . When we went over this summer, Mr. Blakeman came out and showed us inside the church .They are very nice people and welcome you to their town. Combs Researcher Marge Combs.

Nelson Combs b. Mar. 11, 1820 - d. Sept. 5, 1843.

Ruth PLUNKETT - wife of R S PLUNKETT b. Nov. 15, 1814 d. Feb. 23, 1844.

Daniel Combs b. Aug. 1, 1772 d. Feb. 5,1842

Jane Combs d. Jan. 7, 1870 age 88 years 7 mon.

MC Notes: Robert PLUNKETT m Ruth Combs Nov. 5, 1829 in Sangamon Co, IL. Also, a monument to men who served in the Rev. War , Civil War , and W 1 lists, among others a N. H. Combs but find no additional info. Was Jane neè HASH and the widow of Samuel Combs (m 1804 Green Co, KY)? Who was Daniel? Is this actually Samuel (same death date as listed for Samuel Combs in unsourced FGS which states d Menard Co, IL, not Sangamon).

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