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Morgan County was established in 1823 from unorganized land (Greene County) Sangamon County. In 1837, Cass was established from Morgan, and in 1839 Scott was established from Morgan.

1830 Morgan Co, IL State Census Index

P. 7
David Combs

P. 8
Samuel Combs

P. 12
John Combs

P. 54
Jacob S. Combs

5-10-1835 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. A-35 Mary Combs & Eli N. GODDARD

9/11/1830 IL Federal Land Sales. Morgan Co. Combs, Samuel (Index to Combs IL Land Sales)

Extracted from US BLM Land Patent Site:

5/11/1839 Patent Description IL0510__.459. Cancelled: N Document Nr. : 4050 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: Combs, SAMUEL Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 05/11/1831 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: SPRINGFIELD Legal Land Descriptions: Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties;: 1 W½SW 8/ 16-N 11-W N 3RD PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 80 MORGAN


Combs, SAMUEL 05/11/1831 4050 IL0510__.459
BRACKENRIDGE, CALEB 03/20/1837 9786 IL3230__.200
HENDERSON, JOHN 03/20/1837 9931 IL3230__.344
SHREWSBERRY, MICHAEL 03/20/1837 10411 IL3240__.321
SHREWSBERRY, MICHAEL 03/20/1837 10552 IL3240__.460
MCCONNEL, MURRAY 03/30/1837 11385 IL3260__.279
JOHNSON, JOHN W 11/01/1839 17864 IL3380__.405
SMITH, ISAAC 11/01/1839 15275 IL3330__.449
VAN EATON, JOSEPH 11/01/1839 17992 IL3390__.031
GOODPASTURE, ANDREW J 03/03/1843 20091 IL3430__.275
ADALMAN, LEOFRIED 01/01/1849 21415 IL3460__.103

SW: Breckenridge

1840 Morgan Co, IL Census Index

P. 462
Malan Combs

Notes: Record needed. See Revolutionary War Pension Application of Mahlon Combs of Loudoun Co, VA and Licking Co OH, which includes the fact that a son is living in Illinois (Neither the son, nor the county are named), and this Mahlon is not listed on the 1850 Morgan census.

2-29-1844 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. B-41 Richard Combs & Martha SHELDON


Sep 1849 Morgan Co, IL. Died: John Combs, male, b VA, age 52, cause of death: Cholera (1850 Morgan Co, IL Mortality Schedule, extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton)

1850 Morgan Co, IL Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Also Note: The Census Index also includes a Mary COMES on p. 170 of Jacksonville District.

pg 295

1749/1790 Richard Combs 38 M farmer England
Martha 30 F England
William 5 M IL
George 4 M IL
Mary 2 F IL
Ann 1 F IL

Notes: Richard and Martha SHELDON Combs who m 29 Feb 1844, Morgan?

pg 307

1918/1964 Elizabeth Combs 50? F Va
Mary 24 F Va
Angeline 22 F Va
Monroe? 20 M farmer Va
Francis 16 F Va
Alexander 15 M farmer Va
Sophia 12 F Va

Notes: Possibly widow of John Combs who d Sep 1849, Morgan?

12-08-1852 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. B-87 Frances Combs & James J. CAMPBELL

5 Nov 1856 Coumbs, Richard - BISHOP, Mary Ann 11/05/1856 vol.B p.115 License #3591 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

12-10-1857 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. B-124 Angeline E. Combs & John V. CAMPBELL

2-10-1859 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. B-132 Sophia Combs & Hiram EMMIS

1860 Morgan Co, IL Census

Lynnville - Lynnville P.O.

1113/1083 Richard Coms 46 Farmer England
Mary A. 35 IL
William 15 IL
Mary 12 IL
Ann 10 IL
Thomas 9 IL
Henry 7 IL

Note: Second wife of Richard Coumbes Mary Ann BISHOP married 5 Nov 1856.

12-23-1860 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. B-144 Mary Combs & Joseph BELK

4-25-1861 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. B-148 Charles Combs & Elizabeth B. FOSTER

11-28-1866 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-33 Mary Combs & John V. RICHARDSON

6-9-1868 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-45 Marquis Combs & Mary Combs

12-01-1869 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-56 Elizabeth B. Combs & S. W. MULKEY

4-10-1870 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-59 Anna Combs & William H. WATSON

1870 Morgan Co, IL Census


113/112 Combs, Richard 56 M Farmer England
Mary 44 Tenn
Thomas 19 at home IL
Henry 17 at home IL
Lizzie 9 IL
Maggie 6 IL

1-31-1871 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-65 Joseph K. Combs & Anna W. RAWLINGS

6-29-1875 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-96 Marcus E. Combs & Mary E. DAWSON

05 Dec 1878 COMBES, Thomas B - DUDHOPE, Euphemia 12/05/1878 vol.00C p.0124 License #00001538 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

9-16-1879 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-130 Henry Combs & Fannie REES

1880 Morgan Co, IL Mortality Census

Jan 1880 Death: Combs, Elizabeth (ED 174), 76, f, w, widowed, b. Va, Father b. Va, Mother b. Va, occup: none, res: 35yrs, cause: Dropsy

Notes: Possible widow of John Combs who d. 1849. See her previous census records.

1880 Morgan Co, IL Census


190/190 Coumbs, Thos. m 29 IL Eng Eng
Euphemina f 26 wife keeping house IL Eng Eng
Iva Lee f 5 daughter IL IL IL
Annie B. f 1 (born in June) daughter IL IL IL

Note: Thomas B. Coumbes married to Euphemia DUDHOPE (12/05/1878 Morgan Co, IL) [Family Bible submitted by Kendra Coumbes]

Lynnsville & Woodville Precincts

93/93 Coumbes, Richard m 67 farmer ENG ENG ENG
Mary A. f 55 wife keeping house ETenn ETenn ETenn
Lizzie f 18 daughter IL ENG ETenn
Maggie? 16 daughter IL ENG ETenn

Note: Father of Thos. Coumbes (above).

9-12-1882 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. C-160 Drucilla Combs & Jeremiah TIMBERMAN

10-17-1888 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. D-10 Lizzie Combs & Allinson THOMASON

27 Feb 1894 COMBES, Edward - LOUGHARY, Ida 02/27/1894 vol.D p.96 License #6125 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

04 Aug 1897 Combes, Mary (Mrs) 08/04/1897 City: Lynnville Age: 71 Yr Sex: F vol.2 p.190 certificate #5726 (Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre-1916)

Note: Wife of Richard Coumbes, Mary Ann BISHOP

4-15-1899 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. D-172 Belle Combs & Joseph DEEN

12-12-1899 Morgan Co, IL Marriage Records. D-178 John Combs & Myrtle M. FANNING

Note: John William Coumbes, son of Thomas B. Coumbes (see 1880 Census). Born after 1880. (Kendra Coumbes)

1900 Morgan Co, IL Census

Woodson - District 104

125/126 Combs, John W. Nov 1881 19 IL IL IL farm laborer
Myrtle wife Feb 1882 18 IL IL IL

Lynnville - District 96

7/7 Coumbes, Richard Mar 1813 87 Widower ENG ENG ENG Year of Immigration 1838 - 62 years in US
Margret M. daughter Dec 1863 36 single IL ENG TENN
DUN, James laborer July 1863 36 single Ireland day laborer Year of Immigration 1889 - 11 years in US

27 Jul 1905 COMBES, Edward J - RAGON, Nancy 07/27/1905 vol.D p.268 License #20 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

29 Nov 1905 COMBES, Clark - FANNING, Bessie 11/29/1905 vol.D p.274 License #134 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

2 Mar 1910 COUMBES, George F - Glossop, Alice, 03/02/1910 Vol.D p.346 License #1453 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

05 May 1923 COMBES, John Howard - CHILDERS, Charlotte Belle 05/05/1923 vol.E p.39 License #5222 (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives