Loudoun County was organized on 01 Jul 1757 from Fairfax Co VA. So far as is known, no Combs were already residing in Loudoun at this time (research in progress). Two (Church of England) parishes were part of Loudoun Co, VA: Cameron and Shelburne (See Virginia Parish Histories and Descriptions).

Beginning about 1740, a group of families, primarily Quakers, from Bucks Co, PA, began to settle in what was originally Prince William Co (then Fairfax, now Loudoun) The migration was spearheaded by Amos JANNEY a Quaker surveyor from Bucks Co, Pa., who emigrated in 1732 to Virginia to survey land for Lord Fairfax. Amos acquired 400 acres of land (in lieu of a surveying fee) that was part of a 703 acre survey. Francis HAGUE, his brother-in-law, bought the remaining 303 acres. The JANNEYS (Amos, Abel, Jacob, Mahlon) were accompanied by the HAGUES, HOUGHS, MEADS, and CLOWS to name a few and also by non-Quaker Francis WILKS, formerly of Plumstead Twp, Bucks Co. Amos JANNEY acquired an additional 4,875 acres, and John HOUGH, another Bucks Co. Quaker surveyor, acquired 5,451 acres. The south fork of the Catoctin runs through Janney’s original property that sat about 10 miles south of the Potomac across from Old Monocacy in Maryland. The Quaker community grew and the village (now Waterford but earlier known as Janney’s Mill and Fairfax) was located between the original Janney and Hague tracts. The Friends met in the settlers' homes before the first Meeting House was constructed in 1743. It took the name of the Fairfax Meeting. Jacob JANNEY settled about 8 miles from Janney's Mill and another community was established (now known as Lincoln) that included a second Friends Meeting (Goose Creek). These families are well-documented in Quaker records and regional and county histories. Major Lawrence WASHINGTON had land adjoining that of the first Amos JANNEY, surveyor.

The JANNEY family originally came from Cheshire, England. Abel JANNEY, born 1671 (Cheshire), married Elizabeth STACY in Trenton, Burlington Co, NJ, the d/o of Mahlon and Elizabeth (Ely) STACY (History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania by William Watts Hart Davis, p. 57). This marriage may have introduced the given name Mahlon into the Janney family. Sarah, daughter of Mahlon STACY, married Joseph KIRKBRIDE Sr (his second wife) in 1702 (Falls M M), the KIRKBRIDES being a family where we also see the given name Mahlon. Another family where we see the given name Mahlon is the Coombs family of Tonoloways,

Of particular interest is the close association of one Samuel Co(o)mbs (b c1728) of Loudoun Co, VA, who was a neighbor of Samuel MEAD, tanner, and Francis WILKS, formerly of Bucks Co. Samuel MEAD first married (25 Aug 1737 per Falls Monthly Meeting, Bucks Co, PA) Mary DOWNEY, the d/o of James DOWNEY and Hannah ELLET, d/o of William ELLET and Mary BURT. In 1706 (Falls M M) one Andrew ELLET married Hannah MEAD. In March 1713, Samuel Combe married Hannah ELLET, widow (Falls MM). Quaker records show the ELLETS, MEADS, CO(O)MBS and DOWNEYS were closely associated in Bucks Co. Samuel MEAD later left his wife Mary [per Falls M M records] and remarried by 10 March 1746 to Margaret MEAD. Many years later, their daughter Ruth married one Joshua Co(o)mbs in Salem Co, NJ. It is not yet known if there is a connection between the Loudoun Co Samuel Coombs and the much earlier Bucks Co Samuel Combe (of Bristol, England, and Corke, Ireland).

Additionally of interest is Samuel Coombs, brother of Andrew Coombs of Tonoloways, who is named in his brother's Loudoun Co, VA will. This Samuel Coombs married first, Miss WILKS and secondly, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, widow of Thomas WILLIAMS. He named one son Amos (definitely a JANNEY name). DNA findings confirm the Tonoloways connection. It "appears" that the Samuel Coombs who was a neighbor to both Samuel MEAD and Francis WILKS and who also lived in the Goose Creek Quaker community was the same whose DNA findings matched that of the Tonoloways group. Refer to his 1760 land record where his wife is shown as Mary and his son Samuel is age 1. Samuel of Tonoloways did have a son Samuel and a son named Amos. Tax records for Loudoun Co only show one Samuel Co(o)mbs in Loudoun Co. Research ongoing…

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Loudoun Co, VA Resolution of 1774 (Complete, Annotated)
RW John COMBS (s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways) Research Report
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Samuel COMBS I (s/o Joseph I of Tonoloways) William F. Coombs Manuscript
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Joseph COOMBS I of Coombs Fort, Tonoloways Settlement
Combs-Harrison Connections in Virginia and Maryland

Most of the Combs of Loudoun Co, VA appear to have been descended from either Joseph COOMBS I of Coombs Fort, the Tonoloways Settlement (then Bedford > Cumberland Cos, PA and Frederick Co, MD) or Capt. Joseph COMBS II of Frederick Co, VA (s/o Joseph COMBS I of Stafford VA), although at least one more early Combs-Coombs Line, that of Richard COMBS III of Frederick Co, MD, also came to Loudoun in the 1760s.

Tax Lists: Except where otherwise noted, sources for Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists is Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786, Vol. 1: [1749], 1758-1769, Vol. 2: 1770-1778; and Vol. 3: 1779-1786, compiled by Marty Hiatt & Craig Roberts Scott, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1995; Vol 2.

A secondary source for Loudoun tax lists was the “Index to Tithables of Loudoun County, Virginia and to Slaveholders and Slaves, 1758-1786,” compiled and Edited by Margaret Lail Hopkins, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, ©1991, hereinafter Hopkins.

Note: It appears that neither Hiatt nor Hopkins is complete. In some instances they even appear to be conflicting. This may be in part due to the fact that a list might be titled “1764” yet mean ‘for the year 1763’. Reminder: Some men were exempted from paying taxes while active military during the RW (1776-1783), and many collectors omitted their names entirely instead of listing them as levy-free.

Loudoun - The Earliest Years

1754 Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways was in Loudoun (then Fairfax) Co VA by 1754 according to the RW pension application of his son, John COOMBS, who stated in 1823 that he was born in Loudoun that year. Frederick Co, MD records for this same year, however, indicate that Andrew was still at the Tonoloways Settlement at this time (See Nov 1760 below). 

19 Aug. 1755. (LC-DBP:128-130) Indenture between Francis WILKS, Father, and John WILKS, Son, land bought of Thomas CLOWES. Witnessed by Samuel MEAD.

2 Tues, Aug 1757 Loudoun County, Virginia Court Order Book A., Pg 2.  John ELLROY and Samuel COMBS are appointed as Constables. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs from  LDS film #0032347)

1758 (dates to be added) Loudoun Co, VA Court Orders (included) Samuel COMBS (sp.?) as a juror and Samuel COMBS (sp.?) taking on apprentice, William CRAWFORD, as a Shoemaker. (Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

Notes: This was apparently Samuel, brother of Andrew, and a resident of the Tonoloways Settlement in Sep 1756. Samuel is the first Combs found of record in Loudoun Co, VA thus far. He m (1) pre-1760, Mary WILKES; and (2) post-1787, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas WILLIAMS, according to the manuscript of his grandson, William F. Coombes (See also next).

Also Note: According to the Combs Family File, Thomas Balch Library, Leesburg, Loudoun Co VA, a tax list thought to have been from the 1760s, but not found in Hiatt, lists Andrew COMBE, 1; Samuel COOMBS, William CRAWFORD, 2; and Richard COOMES, 3. No tax list including a William CRAWFORD has been located in Hiatt for any of the years 1758-1786.

1758-1759 Loudoun Co, VA. Although no Combs/Coombs, etc. were found in the 1758-1759 Loudoun Co, VA tax lists, the lists for these years are incomplete/missing according to Hiatt

(See also 1758 above, however, re Hiatt possibly having been incomplete).

10 April 1758 (Falls Men's Minutes pp 288-289) The minutes record a letter written to the Friends in Virginia, in response to a request from Virginia desiring comments relative to Samuel MEAD's behavior while a member with the Falls M M. The letter states Samuel had been permitted to marry among Friends and had behaved orderly for some time afterwards. Soon he found “the way of truth too strait for him…” He left his wife and then married another. He served the King in the last Spanish War and “his whole conduct seemed to be a continued series of folly and vice…” While he deserved their censure, his speedy removal to another place prevented the Falls M M from dealing with Samuel in the regular manner. It was their recommendation that he be testified against and not returned as one of our religious society. Signed by Mahlon KIRKBRIDE and James MASON, the 6th day of 1758.

Notes: The above is a short summary of multiple transcriptions of this letter and action taken by Falls M M upon the request from the Virginia M M. See Falls M M records (Bucks Co, PA) where Samuel's second wife Margaret MEAD spoke of her disorderly marriage and asked for a certificate for Virginia. Samuel's first wife was Mary DOWNEY of Makefield Twp, the d/o of James Downey and Hannah ELLET. They married 25 Aug 1737 at Falls Monthly Mtg, Bucks Co., PA. Samuel was styled as being of Falls M M. Among the many witnesses to this marriage was one Margaret Come (Falls Monthly Meeting 1731-1767, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, p. 185).31 March 1759 (Goose Creek M M) "Samuel MEAD having resigned within the verge of this meeting for many years past and in some degree appeared as a friend, though his common conduct and conversation have been inconsistent with friends principles, both here and in their parts as well as in Pennsylvania which has been signified by Friends of the Falls Monthly Meeting (PA) by letter to this, in which they request that we should testify against him, which advice has been signified to him, by Friends here, and he had nothing to object against the same, but allowed it reasonable. Therefore this meeting appoints Francis HOGE and John HOUGH to draw a testimony against. him.

(Source: Bogue/Meade pages, Ancestry/Rootsweb/Freepages)

29 April 1758: The Women's Meeting inquired to Margaret MEAD “How she stands clear of her daughter's outgoing in marriage”. Later, on 29 July 1758, the committee reports that Margaret is “clear on her daughter's marriage our of unity”.

Notes: The above mentioned daughter would have been Samuel's daughter Elizabeth by his first wife. Elizabeth WILKS (formerly MEAD) reported on 24 June 1758 for marrying out of unity (mou)…"she being unwilling to make satisfaction." She was disowned on 30 Sept 1758

(Source: Fairfax M M, Hinshaw, v1:580). Elizabeth married John WILKS, s/o of Francis WILKS


Notes: John WILKS (s/o of Francis WILKS) and his wife Elizabeth MEAD migrated to Bedford Co, VA by 1773 and then to Oglethorpe Co, GA by 1793. John and Elizabeth named a son Amos.

28 April 1759 Samuel MEAD was disowned from the Society of Friends…formerly of Falls but now of Goose Creek…for disunity.

(Source: not known if from Falls M M or Fairfax M M or Goose Creek M M)

June 1759 Order that Thomas CLEWS Francis WILKS and Jeremiah FAIRHURST or William JANNEY or any three thereof being first sworn before a Justice for this County view the most convenient way for a road from William's Gap to Leesburgh and mark the same and make Report thereof to the Court. Clews, Wilks, and Fairhurst sworn in on 31 July 1759

(Source: Miscellaneous Road Cases, Loudoun County, Virginia 1758-1782, Robert Costantino, “Road Case No. 38”, p. 3-6, original source: Loudoun Co Circuit Court Archives)

30 June 1759 Friends appointed have produced a testimony against Samuel MEAD which was read here and signed. Israel THOMPSON and Jacob JANNEY are appointed to show him the same and give him a copy ifhe desires it."

28 July 1759 The Friends appointed to show Samuel MEAD a testimony against him, report they have, which he had no objection against. The same is ordered to be read at the close of some public meeting of worship at Goose Creek by Jacob JANNEY. (VA Friends records - Fairfax or Goose Creek)

24 Sept 1759 The testimony against Samuel MEAD was read. Samuel's wife MARGARET and his children Sarah, Richard, Samuel, Ruth, Margaret Jr., continued to be members of the society. Son, Benjamin MEAD left and re-entered the Society of Friends in Virginia.

1760 Loudoun Co, VA. Tax Lists

"The List of Tithables Taken by Jas. Hamilton 1760"
page 018:2 Samuel COOMBE 1 tithe

24 Jun 1760 - 09 Sep 1761 (Loudoun DB C:346-50) Lease for Lives John PATTERSON, atty for Charles Earl of Tankerville of Great Britain to Samuel COMBS (COOMBS) age 32, wife, Mary, age 27, son Samuel, age 1. Land Described as in the Back line on Catoctian Creek… John PATTERSON'S reserve… 150 A with all houses Orchards… part of Catoctian Manour tract…

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Don King. See Loudoun VA Deed Mapping Project)

12 Oct 1761-10 Nov 1761 (Loudoun VA DBC:64-5) Fairfax to Samuel COMBS (COOMBS). In Loudoun … Kittocton Mountain, drains of Sicolon Branch… NW corner of John HOUGH'S Sicolon Land.. corner to Samuel HEADMEAD… extending thence with said HOUGH'S line… to Richard WHITE… to Samuel WILKS … to Frances WILKS land then with his line… 140 A. part of Fairfax tract…

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Don King. See Loudoun VA Deed Mapping Project) SW: Sycolin

Notes: According to the William Franklin Coombs Manuscript, Samuel's 1st wife, Mary, was neè WILKES; her relationship to Francis WILKES, if any, remains unknown. See also Mary COOMBS Rogers (manuscript excerpt) re the possibility that Mary was instead neè CHESTNUT. See also additional Combs-Wilkes below. Samuel COOMBS, Sr. was brother to Andrew COMBS (See next and 1774)

17 Jun - 6 Nov 1760 Frederick County, Maryland Land Record Liber “F” pages 1146, 1147 & 1148. June 17, 1760. At the request of Jas DAWSON the following deed was recorded the 6th November 1760 to wit : This indenture made this seventeenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & sixty between Andrew COMBS of Louden County in the Colony of Virginia of the one part & James DAWSON of Frederick County in the Province of Maryland of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Andrew COMBS for & in consideration of the sum of seventy pounds current money of Maryland to him in hand paid or secured to be paid by the said James DAWSON, the receipt whereof he the said Andrew COOMBS doth hereby acknowledge, and thereof & of every part thereof doth acquit and discharge the said James Dawson, his heirs & assigns; hath given, granted, bargained, sold, confirmed and made over & by these presents doth give, grant, bargain, & sell, & make over unto the said James DAWSON, his heirs and assigns for ever, all that tract or parcel of land called Conoloways Lick lying and being in Frederick County afsd. Beginning at a bounded white oak standing on the west side of Little Conoloway Creek being a draught of Potomack River, about two miles from the mouth of said Creek, just before the lick, and running thence south sixty eight degrees west one hundred and eight perches, then north six degrees west thirty three perches, then north forty seven degrees east fifty six perches, then north twenty two degrees west sixty perches, then north nineteen degrees east eighty six perches, then north six degrees west forty six perches, then north fifty seven degrees east forty perches, then south twenty three degrees east eighty two perches, then by a straight line to the beginning tree. Containing and now laid out for one hundred acres of land more or less, together with all & singular the houses, out houses, gardens, orchards, conveniences & advantages thereon or thereunto belonging or in any way appurtaining; to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land called Conoloway Lick & premises afsd. with the appurtenances unto him the said James DAWSON, his heirs & assigns forever, and to the only proper use & behoof of him the said James DAWSON, his heirs & assigns & to no otherine intent or purpose whatsoever, and the said Andrew COOMBS doth for himself & his heirs covenant, promise, grant & agree to & with the said James Dawson, his heirs and assigns that he the said Andrew COOMBS and his heirs, the afsd. tract of land & premises afsd. with the appurtenances unto him the said James DAWSON, his heirs and assigns forever from and against all other person or persons whatsoever claiming from by or under him or them, will well & truly warrant & defend; and the said Andrew COOMBS for himself & his heirs doth further covenant, promise, grant & agree to and with the said James DAWSON, his heirs & assigns & every of them that he the said Andrew COOMBS & his heirs shall & will from time to time and at all times hereafter at the reasonable request & at the proper costs & charges in the law of the said James DAWSON, his heirs and assigns make do suffer & execute & cause & procure to be made done suffered & executed all & every such further & other lawful acts, deeds, conveyances & assurances whatsoever for the further & better conveying and assureing the hereby bargained land & premises unto the said James DAWSON, his heirs and assigns. Be it by acknowledgement or ___olment or by any other ways or means as by his or their council spearned in the law shall be reasonably advised or required, provided such further deed or instrument of writing contain no other warrantee than is hereby already expressed. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above written…SSigned, sealed & delivered in the presence of us…Jos WOOD…Mos CHAPLINE : Andrew COOMBS (seal)

On the back of which deed was the following indorsements to wit : June the 17, 1760 then received of James Dawson the sum of seventy pounds current current money of Maryland being the consideration money within mentioned. I say rec'd. by me…Andrew COOMBE
Witness Jos WOOD….Mos CHAPLINE

June the 17, 1760 then came before us the subscribers two of his Lordships Justices of the Peace for Fred County the within named Andrew COOMBS & acknowledged the within deed to be his act & deed and the land & premises therein mentioned to be the right & estate of the within named James DAWSON, his heirs & assigns forever according to act of Assembly in such cases late made and provided; and at the same time came Mary COOMBS wife of the within Andrew COOMBS, who being by us privately examined out of the hearing of her husband, relinquished all her right of dower to the within mentioned land & premises & acknowledged the same to to be the right & estate of the within mentioned James DAWSON, his heirs and assigns forever. Willingly & freely without being induced thereto by fear or threats or ill ways of her said husband or for fear of his displeasure….Acknowledged before…Jos WOOD…Mos CHAPLINE

6th November 1760 received from James DAWSON four shillings sterling as an alienation fine on the within mentioned one hundred acres of land by order of Edward LOYD Esq. agent of his Lordship the right honorable the Lord Proprietary of Maryland… John DARNALL
Duly paid Jno DARNALL (Transcribed from copy of original by Combs Researcher Bob Combs who adds that only change has been capitalization of surnames)

BC Notes: Andrew COMBS d testate in 1774 in Loudoun Co, VA (see below). Not only is the above land part of the Tonoloways (a.k.a. Conolloway) Settlement, but the land description appears to be the same as the 24-5 May 1754 Frederick Co, MD deed which, although it describes the tract as “Carbury Luck” is also described as having been on the “west side of Little Conoways Cr. a draught of Potomac R about two miles from mouth of creek.” Also note that Joseph WOOD also signed the 1754 deed, and see Joseph CHAPLINE of 1796 Frederick records with Mary COMBS Booker (Boogher). 

1761 The trustees of the town of Alexandria Virginia sold one lot formerly conveyed to Samuel MEAD on 20 Mar 1753 but he did not build according to Acts and the lot reverted back to the trustees.

(Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry)

12 Oct. 1761 LC-DBC:52-54. Date 12 Oct. 1761. Bryant FAIRFAX of Fairfax County to Samuel MEAD of Loudoun, 180a adj John HOUGH Samuel Coombs Thomas GORE. Wit: Gilbert SIMPSON, Samuel Coombe, Solomon HOGE. Recorded: 10 Nov 1761

(Source: published abstracts of Loudoun Deeds, p. 26)

12 Oct. 1761 LC-DBC:64-66. Dated 12 Oct 1761. Bryant FAIRFAX of Ffx to Samuel Coombs of Ldn. L/R 140a adj John HOUGH, Samuel MEAD, Richard WHITE, Samuel WILKS, Francis WILKES. Wit: Samuel MEAD, Gilbert SIMPSON, Solomon HOGE. Rec: 10 Nov 1761

(Source: published abstracts of Loudoun Deeds, p. 26).

Note: FAIRFAX also sold land to Samuel Wilks the same day. Mahlon KIRDBRIDE also in Loudoun records at the same time.

12 Nov 1761 (FC-LC Bk A:38) Samuel Mead, Solomon HOGE, William WILDMAN, William HATCHER, Francis and Samuel WILKS et al..petition for a road to be opened "From Jacob JANNEY'S to Andrew Adams's Mill on Sekolon.

1761 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists

“List of Tithables Taken by Jas Hamilton for 1761”

Page 031
Saml COMBES 1 tithe

“A List of tythables taken by Josias Clapham 1761”

Page 056:2
Nehimiah FARGUSON tithed Richard COOMER 2 tithes

Notes: No other Richard COOMER entries located in other years; however, see Richard COOMBS of 1763-1772 Loudoun. The same? Also note that in 1769, Joseph COMBS tithed a Nehemiah FORGUSON, overseer.

5 Aug 1762 (LC-DBC:358,360) (made 5 Aug 1762, rec 10 Aug 1762) John HOUGH of Ldn To Solomon HOGE of Ldn, L/R of 200a adj. Samuel MEAD, Samuel Combs, Assheer CLEYTON, William MORLAN, Richard WHITE; Wit: Jo HOUGH, Benjamin BURSON, Isaac SINCKLER

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 33)

1762 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists

“A List of Tithables taken by Jas. Hamilton 1762”

Page 064
Andrew COOMBES 1 tithable

List of John McIlhaney (Identified by his handwriting) 1762

Page 080:02
Saml COMBS 1 tithable

Notes: Brothers Andrew and Samuel COMBS (Andrew's 1774 Loudoun Co, VA will)

13 Jul 1762 (dated) Loudon Co VA Deed Book C Part I pp 320-322 records an indenture from William WEST Jr and Mary his wife “of county Loudon” to “Richard COOMES of Province of Maryland” … lot or half acre of land lying in county of Loudon and Town of Leesburg binding on one side with Kings Street and Cornwells Street…and numbered thirty six…”

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from copies of originals at county courthouse)

Notes: Richard COMBS III of Frederick Co, MD.

1763 Loudoun Co, VA Order Book B:196. Levy Free. Joseph COOMBS, “age and infirmities”.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hammett from Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786, Vol. 3: 1779-1786, Compiled by Marty Hiatt & Craig Roberts Scott, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1995)

August 9, 1763 Loudoun Co, VA Court Orders - 1763 Book B, pg. 196 - “Joseph COOMBS on his Petition is …discharged from the Paiment [sic] of Levies & Taxes for the future.”

(Extracted from The Historian's Guide to Loudoun County, Virginia Volume I Colonial Laws of Virginia and County Court orders, 1757 - 1766 by John T. Phillips, II, by Combs Researcher Bob Combs, p. 412)

Notes: No extant tax lists this year according to Hiatt and Scott; however, Hopkins lists Andrew, Richard and Samuel COMBS for this year. Who was the above Joseph? Was this Joseph father of Andrew and Samuel? Of Richard? Or, might this have been Joseph COMBS I of Stafford, last found in the records of Stafford in 1756? He was not Joseph COMBS II (s/o Joseph I) who was still in Frederick Co, VA until 1764. Also Note: Once this Joseph COMBS was declared levy-free (non-tithable) he would not have appeared in later county tax lists even if still resident unless he was tithing others (sons, overseers, slaves, etc.).

15 Feb 1763 Loudoun Co, VA Deed Book D Part I. Indenture between John MINOR and Elizabeth his wife … to Richard COOMBS of same county… lot…numbered forty five being in Leesburgh … and binding on King Street and Cornwell Street.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from copies of originals at county courthouse)

5 Nov 1763 (LC DB D:95-96) Indenture dated 5 Nov 1763 between Samuel MEAD of Loudoun County, Tanner, and Francis WILKS, Jacob JANNEY, Thomas CLOWS, Thomas GORE, Solomon HOGE, William MORLAND, Samuel Coombes, Richard WHITE, William HOLMES, and Jeremiah FAIRHURST…Samuel MEAD in consideration for the esteem he bears for a school and good will to his neighbors…the aforesaid Francis WILKS…he granted one (1) acre of land beginning at a poplar in Edmond PHILLIPS line corner to the said Mead and Coombs land bought of Bryan FAIRFAX Gent…In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 13th day of Dec 1763.

(Source: Abstracts of Loudoun Co, VA deeds from Descendants of William Mead and other Wilks-Mead related pages found on Ancestry/Rootsweb/Homepages)

14 Feb 1764 (LC DB B:271) Samuel MEAD acknowledges a Deed of Trust wherein he conveys land to the use of a Quaker Meeting, with Francis WILKES, Jacob JANNEY, Thomas CLEWS, Thomas GORE, Solomon HOGE, William MORELAND, Samuel Combs, Richard WHITE, William HOLMES, and Jeremiah FAIRHURST as the Trustees of the Property.

Notes: These two records involving Samuel MEAD and Samuel Coombs document that the land donated by Samuel MEAD for a school borders that of Samuel Coombs and Francis WILKS and also shows that Samuel Coombs was living amongst the Quaker community, most of whom were from Bucks Co, PA. Samuel MEAD is getting ready to remove to Salem Co, NJ. An earlier record shows that Samuel apprenticed a young man named William CRAWFORD to be a shoemaker which would be convenient since Mead had a tanyard on his property (see 1765 advertisement record).

14 Feby 1764 Loudoun Co, VA Clerk's Fee Book 1764

Feby 14
Christopher HOPWOOD & Martha COOMBS Marr Lic. 1.0.0

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from copies of originals at county courthouse)

Notes: Christopher HOPWOOD is found in no Loudoun tax lists, but in 1765 is listed in Prince William Co, VA.

March 14, 1764 ………At a court continued and held for Loudoun County at the courthouse on this day the fourteenth day of March one thousand seven hundred and sixty four before his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county, to wit: James HAMILTON, Nicholas MINOR, Lucas CAMPBELL, Levin POWELL,Gent. ……Richard Coombs being convicted of unlawful gaming on the 17th day of February last past at the house of John Maginnis a licensed ordinary, before Nicholas Minor, Gent. a Justice of the Peace of the County from whose judgement the said Richard appealed to this court, and on hearing the evidences and arguments thereon, it is considered by the court that the judgement given by the said Nicholas Minor be affirmed, and that the churchwarden of Cameron Parish recover against the said Richard, for the use of the poor of the said Parish, the sum of five pounds current money with costs….And it is ordered that the said Richard give security for his good behavior for the space of one year from this time, and thereupon the said Richard, with James ABBETT, came into court and acknowledged themselves indebted unto our soveriegn Lord George the Third, King of Great Britain, etc. in the sums following, that is to say the said Richard Coombs in the sum of forty pounds, and the said James Abbett in the sum of twenty pounds of their respective lands and tenements goods and chattles, to be levied, and to our said Lord the King, his heirs and sucessors, rendered yet upon this condition, that if the said Richard Coombs shall be of good behavior towards the King and all his liege people for the space of one year as is aforesaid, the the recognizance to be void.

(Source: Loudoun Co COB:B, pgs. 280 & 281(Mar.14,1764), submitted 2/20/2000 by Bob Combs)

APRIL 11, 1764: (LC Book B:339) Samuel MEAD and Francis WILKS are referred to as being "of Fairfax County."

Notes: Possible there are numerous records for Samuel MEAD in Fairfax Co prior to his move to Salem Co, NJ. There may even be some more records for Francis WILKS in Fairfax Co.

2 May 1764 (LC-DBD:286-288) (dated: 2 May 1764, rec: 12 Sept 1764) Innkeeper Thomas CORDERY and wife Mary (d/o John LACEWELL dec’d) of Hallefax Co GA to Planter Joseph Combs of Frdk VA, 465a on NW fork of Goose Creek about 1 mile above Blue Ridge Road. Wit: James LITTLE, Stephen SOUTHARD, Stephen CANTREL, John BURNSIDE, James LINDSEY

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 49)

01 Jun 1764-23 Dec 1790 (Loudoun Co. VA NN Grants V, pp. 60-61) … Joseph COMBS granted a tract or parcel of land containing 206 acres, by survey bearing the date (1 Jun 1764), in Loudoun County, on the branches of Goose Creek and bounded as follows- beginning at two white oaks corner to Major {Thomas} WARING and beginning corner to George GRIGG {GREGG}, thence running with said WARING line south 15 degrees West 188 poles to a block marked R S in line of Col John CARLYLE and Captain DALTON, then with their line North 30 degrees West 71 poles to a stake in a ------ field corner to said CARLYLE and DALTON still running and bending with their line West 160 poles to a red oak there (corner?) crossing a branch 118 poles at … the mountain road at 140, then the same course off West continued 30 poles to a line of Col Catesby COCK{E}, then bending with his line north 15 degrees west 70 poles to a red oak on a branch, this corner still bending ……… north 45 degrees west ……. poles to two black {oaks?}, the north side said …. corner to said COCK{E}, thence with his line North 11 degrees East 25 poles to a white oak corner to Mary McGEACH, thence bending with her line, North 84 degrees East 180 poles to a stake in a ……. field corner to George GRIGG {GREGG}, thence with his given line, South 75 degrees East 174 poles to the beginning.

Transcribed & excerpted 1998 from copy of original by Combs Researcher Dick Field, 1998 who adds: Names contained in {} are based on further research

Note: The above Joseph COMBS, the only early Joseph found in Loudoun Co, VA, and later referred to as Capt. Joseph COMBS, was Joseph COMBS II, s/o Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co VA who termed him “Joseph the Younger of Frederick Co, VA” in a 1756 deed of gift for land, part of which he and his wife, Elizabeth, sold in ???, Joseph is believed by some researchers to be the same who m Elizabeth HARRISON (according to bible record of her brother, Cuthbert HARRISON, which we are seeking! See Combs-Harrison Connections). See also Combs Land of Loudoun Co VA, particularly on Goose Creek, part of the new Combs Research Group's Deed-Mapping Project. Also note the reference above to Mary McGEACH as owning adjacent property, and the James McGEACH who witnessed the 1773 Loudoun VA will of Andrew COMBS below. Joseph's relationship, if any, to the Andrew & Samuel COMBS Families remains undetermined. 

14 June 1764 (LC-DBD:281-283) (dated 14 June 1764, rec:11 Sept 1764) Henry PEYTON and wife Margaret of Dittp to Joseph Combs of Frdk Co VA. L/R of 385a on north side of Goose Creek. Wit: Timothy PEYTON, Henry PEYTON, James Gwatkin, W ELLZEY, Francis DADE, John BALLENDINE, Leven POWELL

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 49)

24 Nov 1764 Rachel MEAD, daughter of Samuel, was reported for “leaving home clandestinely with a young man apprenticed to her father” and marrying out of unity. She was disowned by the meeting

(Source: Fairfax M M, Hinshaw, v1:533)

Notes: Rachel married John OSBORNE Jr per Osborne researchers. This would be Samuel's second daughter who married out of unity. The other was Elizabeth.

1764 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists

“Nicholas Minor's list: taken June 10th 1764”

Page 131b
Richd. COOMBS 1 tithable

Note: Only the lists of MINOR and TURNER are extant for this year.

14 Jun 1764 Loudoun Co, VA Clerk's Fee Book 1764

Richard COOMBS Ordinary License 2.15.0

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from copies of originals at county courthouse)

Notes: Richard III was also an Innkeeper in Frederick Co, MD.

5 Oct 1764 (VA NN Land Pat. Bk I:121) Maj. James HAMILTON of Loudoun Co. 41 A. in said Co. Surv. Mr. John WAUGH. Adj. Kittoctan, said HAMILTON, Col. John COLVILL, Andrew COMBS, CRUTCHER, Capt. Lewis ELZEY.

(Virginia North Neck Land Grants, Vol. II, 1742-1775, Gertrude E. Gray, GPC, 1988)

November 14, 1764 (Loudoun Co, VA Court Orders - 1764 Book B, pg. 500) “Joseph COOMBS [who was a witness in] Evidence for Levin POWELL, in the Suit of Josias MYLES [sic] …travelling thirty (30) Miles from Frederick County,” Virginia, to Leesburg.

(Extracted from The Historian's Guide to Loudoun County, Virginia Volume I Colonial Laws of Virginia and County Court orders, 1757 - 1766 by John T. Phillips, II, by Combs Researcher Bob Combs, p. 520)

Notes: Is this probably the date that Joseph COMBS II was ordered paid? When was the suit of Josias MILES?

1765 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists

Nicholas Minor (Identified by his handwriting) 1765

Page 184a
Richard COOMS 1 tithable, no acreage

“Levin Powell's List 1765”

Page 201
Joseph COMBS tithes Joseph HARDEN {Overseer}, Negroes Jimmy, Bountain, Solomon, Bosen, Sall. 7 tithables, 845 acres

Note: Joseph COMBS II, s/o Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co, VA, newly arrived from Frederick Co, VA. According to The Historian's Guide to Loudoun County, Virginia Volume I Colonial Laws of Virginia and County Court orders, 1757 - 1766 by John T. Phillips, II, p. 260, extracted by Combs Researcher Bob Combs, in 1765, among Loudoun Co, VA's 101 Largest Landowners were: Mahlon JANNEY 1350 acres at Waterford; N. fork of Goose Creek; Joseph COMBS 845 acres NW fork of Goose Creek; and Jacob JANNEY 800 acres NE, NW forks of Goose Crk. According to Hopkins, Joseph COMBS was listed as a Captain this year, and also present was a John COMBS.

“List of Tithables taken by Jas Hamilton for 1765”

(May be original. Clerk's copy also extant)

Page 220:1
Saml COMBES tithes Francis ALERAFT 2 tithables, 120 acres (140 a. per Clerk's Copy)

Page 220:2
Andrew COMBS 1 tithable, no acreage

“John McIlhaney's List of Tithables 1765”

(Clerk's Copy)

page 197
Thomas GAGG {332 acres} tithes James FITZPATRICK and Daniel COOMBS 3 tithables

Note: The above is the first appearance of Daniel COMBS in Tax Lists. As later records show, Daniel was in Cameron Parish whereas all other Combs were in Shelbourne Parish. Nothing is known of Daniel other than the smattering of records found herein, and thus far there is no indication that he was related to the Shelbourne Parish Combs.

13 Feb 1765 (LC-DBD:517) (dated 13 Feb 1765, rec 11 June 1765) Henry PEYTON and wife Margaret to Joseph Coombs. CoE for sale of 385a. Wit: John BAYLIS William CARR

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 56)

21 March 1765 Pennsylvania Gazette: Item 35424. Advertisement of Land owned by Samuel MEAD. A large and valuab[l]e plantation, containing about 200 acres of land, well watered, situate about 12 miles from Leisburg. Also another plantation whereon I reside, situate about 4 miles from Leisburg, containing about 180 acres, 50 of which is winter grain; there are sundry other improvements on said place, besides a good well accustomed tanyard, to be sold at reasonable rates, for ready money or short credit, by Samuel MEAD, on the last mentioned premises in Loudoun Co, Virginia.

(Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry)

8 Jul 1765 Loudoun Co, VA Fee Book for 1765. Richard COOMBS Ordinary License 2.15.0.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from copies of originals at county courthouse)

7/8 Aug 1765 (LC-DB D-II:548-552) Indenture dated 7 Aug 1765 between Samuel MEAD and Margaret his wife of Loudoun, of one part and William HOLMES…Lease/Release180 acres of land on Kittoctin Mtn on Drains of Secolons Branch, adj. John HOUGH, Samuel Coombs, Thomas GORE, part of a larger tract of land conveyed by Bryan Fairfax by deed bearing date of 13 Oct. 1761 and recorded 12 Aug 1765 in Loudoun County Clerks's Office (DB C:54)

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 59)

Aug. 1765 - Oct. 1767: Page 200: Richard Coombs a Witness for Alexander Weldner against William Baker having attended four days in this Cause. Ordered that the said Alexander Weldner do pay him one hundred pounds of Tobacco according to Law for the same.


TM Note: Other witnesses for Alexander Weldner were Joseph Abbett [sic], 4 days at 100 lbs of tobacco; Richard Thompson, 4 days, 100 lbs of tobacco; Richard Syeuart six days at 150 lbs of tobacco. Appearing for William Baker was John Mullens, six days at 150 lbs of tobacco.

28 Sep 1765. Sarah Mead, daughter of Samuel, requested certificate to Salem MM NJ. Certificate was granted 26 Oct 1765

(Source: Fairfax M M, Hinshaw, V1:533).

26 Oct 1765: Margaret MEAD, the Wife of Samuel MEAD, the wife of Samuel and three of her minor children, Ruth, Richard, and Margaret JR. were granted certificates to Salem M M in New Jersey. Margaret and these three children were later received by certificate in Salem, NJ on 26 Oct 1767.

21 Dec 1765 Samuel MEAD Jr requested certificate to Salem MM NJ. Certificate was granted 25 Jan 1766.

1766 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists are incomplete per Hiatt. All lists missing except Philip Noland's and William Carr Lane's. No Combs.

6 June 1766 (LC-DBE:094) (dated: 6 June 1766, rec: 14 July 1766) Saddler Martin ZEHORNE of Lds to Taverkeeper Richard Coombs of Ldn. BoS of farm and household items. Wit: John MINOR and John FANNIN

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 66) .

August 7, 1766 Loudoun Co., VA Deed Book E page 106. Indenture between “Thomas HENDERSON and his wife Frances of the County of Loudoun and the Colony of Virginia ….. and Andrew COMBS of the same County and Colony” ; 150 acres for 65 pounds current money. Land described as follows “ in the County of Loudoun and on the Beaver Dam of Goose Creek …. on the north side of the said Beaver Dam …. to [Francis SANDERS' gate] thence …. corner to James BUCKLEY, then with his line ….. the east side of the said branch of Goose Creek, then with said [SANDERS] line …. to beginning”

(Abstracted from copy of original by Combs Researcher Bob Combs who adds: While Beaverdam creek today extends to the far west side of the county, the close proximity to Samuel COMBS land on Sycolin Creek makes it most likely that this land of Andrew COMBS was near todays Beaver Dam Creek & Reservoir midway between Leesburg and Dulles airport…still researching).

Aug. 12, 1767 …"Richard Coombs brought before the court a servant boy belonging to him, named James BRIGLAND, who is adjudged to be fourteen years of age."

(Source: LCCOB:C:302 (Aug.12, 1767), submitted by Bob Combs 2/17/2000)

Aug. 12, 1768 …"Richard Coombs, plaintiff, vs. Richard STEWART, defendant, - trespass on the case…dismissed."

(Source: LCCOB:D:112 (Aug.12, 1768), submitted by Bob Combs 2/17/2000)

Aug. 12, 1768 …"Richard Coombs vs. Reed"…[BC: not researched]

(Source: LCCOB:D:112 (Aug.12, 1768), submitted by Bob Combs 2/17/2000)

Aug. 12, 1768 …"Richard Coombs, plaintiff, vs. Thomas AMBREY, defendant, - petition on a note of hand. Plaintiff to recover four pounds and 12 shillings and 6 pence, plus interest."

(Source: LCCOB:D:113 (Aug.12, 1768), submitted by Bob Combs 2/17/2000)

14 Aug 1766 COOMS V JACOBS: The petition of Richard COOMS against John Jacobs is dismissed.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

19 Aug 1766 (LC-DBE:189-191) (dated: 19 Aug 1766, rec: 9 Sep 1766) Samuel WILKS and wife Rebeccah of Ldn to Francis WILKS of Ldn. L/R of 60a on Kittoctain Mt; adj. Mary JANNEY, Richard WHITE, Francis WILKS, Samuel Combs. Wit: William HOLMES Daniel JONES Benjamin HEAD [MEAD]

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 67).

Notes: This Samuel WILKS is a son of Francis WILKS. He removed in a few years to Montgomery Co, VA. as did descendants of Samuel Coombs of Tonoloways.

11 Sep 1766 COMBS WELDNER: Richard COOMBS a witness for Alexander Weldner against William Baker having attended four days in this cause, Ordered that the said Alexander Weldner do pay him one hundred pounds of Tobacco according to Law for the same.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

Sep. 12, 1766 …"Richard Coombs, a witness for Thomas AMBREY at the suit of John and Fleming PATTERSONS, having attended two daies, ordered that the said Ambrey so pay him for the same, fifty pounds of tobacco, the cause being continued at his cause."

(Source: LCCOB:C:204 (Sep. 12, 1766), submitted by Bob Combs 2/17/2000)

12 Sep 1766 COMBS AWBREY: Richard COOMBS a witness for Thomas Awbrey - 2 days 50 lbs tobacco to be paid.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

16 Dec 1766 (LC-DBE: 283-284) Power of Attorney from Samuel MEAD, residing in New Jersey, to John WILKS , son-in-law, and Wm BAKER…“to ask, demand, and receive all debts due and demands that shall be due to me.” Wit: Nich MINOT, Chris PERFECT, Abel JANNEY Jr. Rec: 12 Jan. 1767.

(Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry & (Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 70)

12 Oct 1767 (LC-DBF:189) (dated: 12 Oct 1767, rec: 12 Oct 1767) Jacob SHILLING of Lds to Richard and John Thomas Combs of Ldn. BoS of farm animals. Note: Another record shows Jacob SHILLING of Lsbg [Leesburg?]

(Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 76)

Sep. 14, 1768Richard Coombs, plaintif vs. Joseph Combs, defendant - in trespass on the case -
The attachment awarded against the defendants estate being returned executed on one pewter spoon, and the defendant failing to appear and replevy the same, although solemnly called. On motion of the plaintiff, by his attorney, it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant seven pounds, two shillings, and four pence three farthings, for his damages by him sustained by occaision of the non-performance of a certain promise and assumption by the said defendant to the said plaintiff lately made, and that he also recover his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended. And the said defendant in mercy, etc. And it is ordered that the Sherif make sale of the attached spoon according to law and render the money arising thereby to the plaintif towards satisfying his judgement aforesaid."

(Source: LCCOB:D:123 (Sep. 14,1768), submitted 2/17/2000 by Bob Combs)

BC Note: This is probably Joseph of Frederick…or maybe Joseph brother of Andrew & Samuel…or their father][ any other guesses?]

BC Note re: Loudoun Co. Court Order Books: There are no other Richard Coombs listed in the Court Order Books Indexes. But the indexes are ONLY alphabetized by name of Plaintiff, so there are likely other listings not yet researched.

10 Nov 1766. Loudoun Co VA OB C, p. 219. “HARRIS, William. His widow, Hannah HARRIS, relinquishes admin. of his estate in favor of Joseph COMBS.”

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Note: This record has been taken by some researchers as an implied marriage record. More information needed. See also below re Combs-Harris.

Combs &c. Question: Has the relationship of the Combes and the Harris' been pursued? Has work been done on the Harris family in particular? Any Harris chancery suits been pursued? See also 22 Oct 1772

3 Feb 1767. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Bonds. Daniel FEGIN (FEAGINS) & Violet COMBES, dau of Joseph COMBES, Christopher METCALFE, bondsman. 3 Feb 1767

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Note: Mahlon COOMBS was a private in the company of Revolutionary War Capt. Daniel FEAGAN m Violet “Lettie” COMBS, d/o Capt. Joseph COMBS II.

20 Feb 1767 (Loudoun Co VA DBF:25) Jeffrey JOHNSTON and Rachel his wife of Fauquier County sold for 60 pds. to Barbary BERKLEY of Loudoun 297 acres which joined land formerly Thomas to a corner HOOPER…with Hooper…then with a line of said Barbary BERKLEYS by agreement with Joseph REED and Jeffrey JOHNSTON to a red oak in SANFORD'S land…part of tract given the said Rachel JOHNSTON by last will of George WALKER


Notes: Rachel JOHNSTON and Barbary BERKLEY were daughters of George (and Winnie?) WALKER of Westmoreland Co VA. The JOHNSTONS removed from Fauquier Co VA to Wilkes Co NC where they lived adjacent to Edmond DENNY who named RW George & Ann (DENNEY? BALTRIP?) Combs, all of that county, in his 1801 will. 

1767 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists.

Missing are Joseph COMBS and Daniel COMBS

Tax List of Nicholas Minor

(Identified by handwriting)

Described in Loudoun VA Order Book C, pp. 273-4 as: “From the Limestone to Goose Creek, Potomack River and Kittocton Creek.”

Page 354:2
Richard COOMS
1 tithable
Samuel COOMBS tithes Richard TAVENOR 2 tithables, 140 ac.
Andw COOMBS tithes John BAKER 2 tithables, 150 a.

Note: Samuel and Andrew are listed adjacent to each other. 

August 12, 1767: Richard Coombs brought before the Court a Servant Boy belonging to him named James Brigland and who is adjudged to be fourteen years of Age

John Craig, Senr. on his Petition is discharged from the Payment of Levies and Taxes for the Future by reason of his Age and Infirmities.

William Carr Lane,Gent. , Plaintif,
Simon Triplet, Defendant.
In Traver for a Gelding.

This day came the Parties aforesaid by their Attornies and thereupon came also a jury to wit: Benjamin Edwards, Jonathon Davis, James Sanders, William Stanhope, James Allen, Richard Stephens, Strephen Thatcher, William Langfit, Thomas Pritchard, Absalom Fox, Joseph Jones, and Thomas Watson, who being Elected Tried and Sworn to speak the Truth upon the Issue Joined Do say upon their Oath that the Defendant is Guilty in manner and form as the Plaintiff complains against him in his Declaration and they do Also for the Plaintifs damages by Occasion thereof To Ten pounds besides his costs. It is therefore considered by the court that ther Plaintif recover against the Defendant his Damages aforesadi by the Jurors in their Verdict aforesaid and his costs by him about his Suit in this behalf laid out and expended and the said Defendant in Money &c.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

1768 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists.

Missing are Andrew and Joseph COMBS. Hopkins lists Daniel, Henry and Samuel COMBS in 1768, but this may refer to the 1769 tax for the year 1768 (see below).

“James Hamilton's List taken for the year 1768”

(A Clerk's Copy also extant)

Page 386a
1 tithable

(Clerk's Copy lists as Richard COMBS)

Page 388
Samuel COMBE tithes Daniel HARRIS 2 tithables (Clerk's Copy lists as Samuel COOMBE)

“A List of Tithables taken 1768 - Levin Powell”

(Identified by handwriting. A second copy of this list is termed “copy by C. Binns.")

Page 403
George CHILTON tithes Elisha COMBS, N. Ben, Fender 4 tithables

Note: Elisha may have been the same as Alx COMBO.

1768-9 (Fauquier Co., VA Deed Book 3, pp. 205 & 373). Joseph COMBS, and his wife Elizabeth, of Loudon County sell 100 acres on Brenttown Road to Original YOUNG. The land was part of a gift of land given to him in 1756 by his father, Joseph Sr. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Jeff Duvall from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799: Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute, Deed, and Will Books, and Others by John P. Alcock

(Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994)

Notes: In 1756 when deeded the above land by his father, Joseph COMBS I of Stafford, Joseph II ("the Younger") was of Frederick Co, VA.

12 Aug 1768 COMBS REED Joseph Combs, administrator of William Harris, plaintiff, v. Elisha Reed and Chichester Curtis, defendant, in debt. Parties failing to appear, suit dismissed.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

August 12, 1768

Richard Coombs, Plaintif.
Richard Stewart, Defendant.
Trespass on the case. Dismissed. Joseph Combs, Admr of William Harris Plt; Elisha Reed & Chichester Curtis, Defts. In Debt. The Parties failing to appear It is Ordered that the Suit be dismissed. (LCCOB:D:112)

Submitted by Thom Mont.

TM Note: Richard Coombs appears several times in this book. The number and type of appearances may relate to the fact that Coombs owned a tavern in Leesburg

August 12, 1768

Richard Coombs, Plaintif;
Thomas Anbrey, Defendant.
Petition upon a Note of hand. This day came the Parties by their Attornies who being fully heard, It is considered by the Court that the Plaintif recover against the said Defendant four pounds twelve Shillings and six pence current money with lawful Interest thereon after the rate of five per centum per annum, to be computed from the fifteenth day of June One thousand seven hundred and sixty seven to the time of Payment and his costs by him in this behalf expended. (LCCOB:D:113)

Submitted by Thom Mont.

12 Aug 1768 COMBS AWBREY: Richard Coombs plaintiff v. Thomas Awbrey, defendant. Petition upon a note of hand, awarded to Coombs 4/12/0, with interest computed from 15 June 1767.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

14 Sep 1768 COMBS COMBS Richard Coombs plaintiff v. Joseph Combs, defendant in trespass. Attachment against the defendant's estate being returned executed upon the pewter spoon and the defendant failing to appear and replevy the same. On motion of plaintiff by his attorney to recover 7/2/4 and 3 farthings for non-performance of a certain promise, ordered that the sheriff make sale of the spoon.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

October 12, 1768

Richard Coombs
Thomas Blincoe,
Upon a Complaint for a breach of the Peace. The Complainant not appearing and failing to further prosecute, It is ordered that the same be dismissed and that the said Thomas recover against the Complainant his costs by him in this behalf expended.

(LCCOB:D:139) Submitted by Thom Mont.

13 Oct 1768 COMBS BLINCOE: Richard Coombs v Thomas Blincoe, upon a complaint for breach of the peace. Plaintiff not appearing, suit dismissed. Plaintiff to pay defendant's costs.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

October 12 & 13 1768

Thomas Anbrey, a Witness for Leven Powell at the Suit of James McCall and Lydia his wife having attended Court two days Ordered that the said Leven Powell do pay him for the same Fifty pounds of tobacco. [Witnesses for McCall included William Jenkins, three days, seventy five lbs of tobacco; Sarah McGinnis, wife of John McGinnis, three days, seventy five pounds of tobacco, and Philip Noland, Gent., two days, Fifty pounds of tobacco.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

COOMBS SHEPARD Richard Coombs v. John Shepard: Shepard to give security for his good behavior. James Leith his security. 50 lbs for John Shepard and 25 lbs for James Leith for one year good behavior.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

April 11, 1769

Upon hearing and considering a compalint of Richard Coombs against John Shepard. It is Ordered that the said John give security for his good behaviour. Thereupon the said John Shepard together with James Leith his Security acknowledged themselves indebted to our Sovereign Lord King George the third the said John Shepard in the sum of Fifty pounds and the said James leith in the sum of twenty five pounds current money to be made and levied of their and each of their Goods and Chattels Lands and Tenements and to the Use of our said Lord the King his Heirs and Successors rendered Upon conditionthat if the said John Shepard shall demean and behave himself Peaceably and Quietly towards all his Majesties Leige Subjects but more especially towards the said Richard Coombs for one Year then this Recognizance to be void.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

September 12, 1769

ORDERED that Fleming Patterson, Gent., John Merryford, Robert Hamilton and William Neilson or any three of them being at first sworn before a Justice of the Peace for this county, do Inventory and Appraise in current money the Personal Estate and Slaves [if any] of Richard Coombs, deceased, and that the Administrator do return the same to the court.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

1769 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists.

Missing: Andrew COMBS and Richard COMBS.

List of William Lane

(Identified by his handwriting)

Page 448
Danl COMBS 1 tithable

Notes: On p. 447a of Lane's list is Mrs. Barbara BERKLEY neè WALKER (See above)

"A List of Tithables taken by Jas Hamilton" (Undated, but 1769 confirmed by other records)

Page 489:
1 Henry COMBES 1 tithable

Notes: Who is this?

“List of Tith taken 1769” Levin Powell

(Identified by his handwriting)

Page 469
Joseph COMBS tithes Nehimiah FORGUSON {Overseer}, Negroes Tom, Soloman, Bountin, Nan. 6 tithables

Page 470a
George CHILTON tithes Elisha READ, Alx COMBO {Overseer}, Negroes Ben, Fender, Milly. 5 tithables

Notes: See Nehemiah FERGUSON/FORGASON in 1761 with Richard COOMER (COOMBES). Also note that Alx (Alexander?) COMBS may have been aka Elisha COMBS, and was transcribed by Hopkins as Alais COMBS. This same source listed Joseph COMBS as Capt. Joseph. See also 9 Feb 1769 Fauquier Co, VA record listing Joseph and Elizabeth COMBS of Prince William Co, VA.

List of Craven Peyton

(Identified by his handwriting)

Page 503:2
Samuel COOMBS 1 tithable

13 Mar 1769 - 10 Jan 1771 Loudoun Co, VA Deed Book N 1779-1784, pp 145-147. Indenture. Dated 10 January 1771 between William HATCHER and Mary his wife, wheelwright of Cameron Parish to Philip NOLAND, “being all that lott or half acre of land lying and being in the Town of Leesburg and numbered forty five… which… was conveyed to said William HATCHER by Richard COOMBS and Mary his wife… by their deed bearing date the thirteenth day of March (1769) and was by said Richard COOMBS purchased from John MINOR and Elizabeth His wife..(February 15, 1763).

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from copies of originals at county courthouse)

Notes: By Mar 1773, Richard was deceased (Loudoun records); however, it is not certain whether he died in Loudoun, particularly since he is missing from the 1769 Loudoun tax lists.

1770 Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists.

Note: Clapham's and Minor's lists are missing in 1770 (Minor's may have been that labeled 1769, but no Combs on it).

A List of Tithables taken by Stephen Donaldson for the year 1770

p. 510a
Samuel COOMBS {5s} 1
Samuel WILKES {15s} William HARRIS, Amon UPDIKE 3

Note: The above two are listed adj. to each other

A List of Tyths, Wheel Carriages & Scalps, etc, 1770

(Levin Powell) [Identified as Leven Powell's List by his handwriting]

p. 518
Joseph COMBS {45s}, Robert COMBS, Thomas GRYMES, John COMBS, N. Tom, Jack, Bountain, Solomon, Nan 9

p. 518a
George CHILTON {25s}, Elisha COMBS, N. Ben, Fender, Mill 5

p. 519
Danl FEAGAN {15s}, Michl GAHAGAN, N. Bobb 3


  1. RW Robert COMBS was probably the s/o Joseph COMBS II and possibly the Robert COMBS alias ASBHY of Fauquier Co, VA records (see below). Was John COMBS also a s/o Joseph? See Johny COMBS, s/o Joseph COMBS of 1762 Frederick Co, VA Shenandoah Store Day Book Accounts. Relationship of Joseph to Thomas GRYMES if any?
  2. Alais a.k.a. Alx COMBS (COMBO) of 1769 and the above Elisha COMBS were quite likely one and the same. See also Elisha and Joseph COMBS of Frederick Co, VA in 1773. See also George CHILTON-CHELTON-SHELTON of Halifax Co VA. An article in The Virginia Genealogist (Vol. 15, The Chilton Family) states that in 1768 and 1770, Elisha COMBS was tithed with George CHILTON whose nephew George CHILTON was the same who married 18 Dec 1783, Luvaney COMBS in Halifax Co VA.
  3. This is Daniel FEAGAN'S 1st appearance in Loudoun lists.

Also Note: According to Hopkins, Joseph COMBS was Capt. Joseph COMBS.

6 March 1770 (LC-DBG:232-233) Deed between Samuel MEAD Sr of Salem Co, Province of West New Jersey, Farmer, and Benjamin MEAD his son for love and affection and for the better support and maintenance…

(Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry)

Notes: Benjamin MEAD remained in Virginia.

16 Aug 1770 COMBS MCCAFFREY: Joseph Combs Plaintiff v. Hugh McCaffrey Defendant. In Debt. Suit dismissed, defendant to pay plaintiff's costs.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

1770 John Combs vs. RICHARDSON [see 1772 record: John Combs assignee of Ariel Martin Plaintiff, v. Joseph Richardson]

(Source: LCCOB:E:472 (8/1770-4/1773)

1771 Loudoun Co, VA Order Book E:117. Levy Free for reason of “age and infirmities,” Andrew COMBS.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hammett from Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786, Vol. 3: 1779-1786, Compiled by Marty Hiatt & Craig Roberts Scott, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1995)

Notes: Andrew was missing from tax lists from 1768-1770. Was he perhaps already levy-free, or out of county?

13 May 1771 COMBS Levy free.: Upon a petition of Andrew Combs it is ordered that he be discharged from paying public and county levies for the future by reason of his age and infirmities.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

Note: See above record from Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786, Vol. 3: 1779-1786

1771 Loudoun Co VA Tax Lists

Note: In 1770, Shelburne Parish was established (See VA Parishes) and in 1771, for the first time, the Loudoun Co VA tithables began to appear in separate lists by parish. Also Note: Missing from these lists is Samuel COMBS

List of Leven POWELL - Shelburn Parish -1771

p. 553
, Michl GOAHAGEN, N. Bob 3

p. 555
Simon TRIPLETT Tiths Elisha COMBS {Overseer}, George & Harry {2 servants}, N. Dublin 4

p. 557a
Joseph COMBS {8s}, Robt COMBS, Ralph MOORE, Edwd TAYLOR, John COMBS, N. Tom, Solmon, Bountain, Tom 9

Notes: John COMBS is again tithed by Capt. Joseph COMBS II, but his listing (also again) below those with other surnames continues to give rise to questions as to their relationship. This is his last year in Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists. According to The Virginia Genealogist, microfilm, Volume 17, Loudoun Co., Va 1771 Tithable List, extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser, the two servants George & Harry were George HARRY and the negroe Dutton (4 tithes and the servant notation clarifies that George & Harry were two individuals. Other lists document that Mountain was Bountain). According Hopkins, Joseph COMBS was listed as a Capt. this year.

List of John McIlhaney, Shelburn Parish 1771

P. 546
{5s} 1

Notes: No other COORN or CORN found in Loudoun. Possibly COOMBS, but more likely CORRAIN

“The List of Tithables taken by Simon TRIPLETT in the Parish of Cameron”

p. 582
Daniel COMBS {5s} 1
Amos FOX {5s} 1

Note: Amos and Daniel are not adj. Also on this page is Ambress [Ambrose] Fox. Is this the same as Amos FOX of Fairfax Co, VA who is said to have m Anna COMBS in 1762? If so, is it possible that Daniel was also earlier of Hunterdon Co, NJ? Also note that a considerable portion of Cameron Parish in Loudoun was transferred to Fairfax in the 1790s. Did this include the land of Daniel COMBS and Amos FOX? According to The Virginia Genealogist, microfilm, Volume 17, Loudoun Co., Va 1771 Tithable List, extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser, this list was dated 9 Sep 1771.

1772 Loudoun Co VA Tithables.

Note: Hopkins lists all with surname sp. COMBS and only one Joseph, entered as Capt. Joseph COMBS.

A List of Tythables Taken by Thos Lewis for Shelburne Parish 1772

p. 601
Daniel FEAGAN, Michl GOHAGAN, N. Bobb 3
Joseph COOMBS, Robert COOMBS, Anis COOPER {Overseer}, N. Tom, Jack, Nan, Ralph, Bountain, Solomon, Silva 10

p. 603a
Simon TRIPLETT, Elisha COMBS {Overseer}, William HEATERS, George RUTTER, Joseph CLAYTON, Henry _____ [sic] N. Dublin, Judah 8

Notes: The John COMBS tithed by Joseph II in 1770 and 1771 is gone, never identified (so far), and never to return. Elisha COMBS is now overseer for Simon TRIPLETT instead of George CHILTON.

Leven Powell's List of Tithables for 1772, Shelburne Parish

p. 608a
Andrew COOMBS {Levy Free}, Joseph COOMBS, Thos MATHES 2

Notes: Andrew was declared levy-free in 1771. This is the first appearance of his son, Joseph COMBS, who was probably, therefore, born ca 1751.

“A List of Tithables taken in Shelburne Parish 1772, Craven Peyton's List”

p. 633:1
, William CRYER, Robt CAMPBELL, Jesse HARRIS 4

1772 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry) 1772. “Ordered that the church wardens do endeavour to agree with Francis HAGUE and Joseph COOMBES for a certain tract of land in the North Fork of Goose Creek …”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

Notes: According to “Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia by Bishop Meade , Vol. II, 1857, p. 276, a “List of the Vestrymen of Shelburne Parish (Loudon County, VA) from the year 1771-1806 [included] Jos. COMBS.” According to The Combes Genealogy…, Joseph COMBS II was a vestryman for Shelbourne Parish from 1771 until 1806, and “died shortly thereafter, around 1808.” Was Joseph COMBS actually a vestryman through 1806 or during this time period? When was Joseph last found in Shelburne Parish records? Was the estimate of his death year in The Combes Genealogy… based on an incorrect assumption?

Thursday, 5 Mar 1772 (Richmond, VA, Journal of the House of Burgesses) A Petition of Thomas LEWIS, Administrator of the Estate of Richard COOMBS, deceased, setting forth that Mary COOMBS, for whose Appearance at a Court of Oyez and Terminez, in December 1767, as a Witness against James GOULDING, a Criminal sent from the County of Loudoun, to be tried before the said Court, the said Richard COOMBS, her Husband, was bound by Recognizance, appeared accordingly, and was examined; but that her allowance for Travelling and Attendance was not levied; and therefore praying, that the fame may now be levied for the petitioner, Were severally presented to the House, and read. (Journals of the House of Burgesses of VA, 1770-1772, Edited by John Pendleton Kennedy, Richmond, VA, p. 215) Monday, 9 Mar 1772 (Richmond, VA, Journal of the House of Burgesses) Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Commttee, that the petition of Thomas LEWIS, Administrator of the Estate of Richard COOMBS, deceased, to be allowed for Mary, the wife of the said Richard, her travelling to, and attending the Court of Oyez and Terminez, in December, 1767, as a Witness for the King against James GOLDING [sic], a Criminal from Loudoun County, is reasonable; and that the petitioner ought to be allowed six hundred and eighteen Pounds of Tobacco for the same.

(ibid., p. 223)


  1. All felonies in VA were tried in Richmond by the state, not in the counties in which the crime occurred; thus, (a) the crime may not have occurred in Loudoun County (although probable); and (b) Richard and wife Mary COMBS may not have resided in Loudoun County (however, see 1760s Tithables above);
  2. What was the relationship of Thomas LEWIS to Mary COMBS, if any?

29 May 1772 GOLDING COMBS:: James Golding, Plaintiff v. Richard Combs defendant: Trespass, assault and battery. The defendant being dead, the suit abates.

Note: Same for the following suits Thomas Awbrey v. Richard Coombs, trespass; Richard Coombs v. Thomas Blinco, trespass, assault and battery; Thomas Blinco v. Richard Coombs trespass;


James Butler v. Richard Coombs, trespass, assault and battery. It should be noted that Richard Coombs was from Frederick County, Maryland and was a tavern keeper, heir of Richard Coombs of Sam's Creek, Maryland


Submitted by Thom Mont.

20 Sep 1772 COMBS CARLYLE ADAM:: Joseph Combs paid as a witness for Carlyle and Adam, 75 pounds of tobacco for 3 days court.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

22 Oct 1772 Goose Creek Friends MM, Loudoun Co, VA. Samuel COMBS witnessed marriage of William HARRISS and Elizabeth HOLMES.

(Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery)

Notes: The above William HARRIS was the s/o Quakers William & Hannah HARRIS. In 1766, Joseph COMBS (apparently Joseph II) assumed administration of est. of William HARRIS, Sr. from widow, Hannah HARRIS. Was Samuel COMBS a Quaker? Normally only Quakers attended Quaker weddings. Who else witnessed the wedding? (See Also Quaker Sarah RICHARDSON Combs of 1799 Loudoun). William HARRIS, Jr. (s/o William & Hannah HARRIS, Sr.) of Fairfax MM, Loudoun VA, was b 19 Oct 1748, d bef 23 Mar 1782 when his widow, Elizabeth HOLMES Harris was reported as having married out of unity to Samuel OLIPHANT. She was dismissed 27 Jul 1782 and reinstated 27 Sep 1786. Samuel & Elizabeth HOLMES (Harris) Oliphant removed to Bedford Co VA in 1787, thence to Campbell Co VA, and were later recorded in Westland MM [Washington Co] PA prior to removing to Ohio. Both Wm. HARRIS and Elizabeth HOLMES were “of Loudoun” in the Friends Minutes.

(American Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Virginia, Vol 6, W. W. Hinshaw, 1950) Also see below re possible Combs-Nixon Quakers. See also 10 Nov 1766 Re: HARRIS

02 Nov 1772. Loudoun Co VA Records. Suit brought against Elisha COMBS at the General Court in Loudoun Co, VA by William ALLISON, Mercht for Debt. “I do by these presents, bargain, sell, make over and deliver in plain and open Markett, the following things for his Security - Viz. Three feather beds and furniture and bedsteads, three pewter dishes one cow and yearling ..?.. of Thomas OWSLEY, half a dozen pewter plates, one leather trunk and one tea table two iron potts, washing tubs, pails etc and all and singular my Effects that I am at this time possess'd of which Effects I do by these presents Warrant and Defend from the claim of me my heirs Exctr and administrators and from all and every other person and persons except and it is hereby agreed that the said goods and Effects is to be subject to pay and satisfy any Debt that the said COMBS shall owe or fall in arrear to Simon CHAPLETT/TRIPLETT (?) on a Settlement of the Acct between them at this time. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 2d day of Novemr 1772.”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Don King)

27 Nov 1772 COMBS RICHARDSON:: John Combs assignee of Ariel Martin Plaintiff, v. Joseph Richardson, Defendant. 1st case, defendant failed to appear, judgment to plaintiff for three pounds, ten shillings, plus costs. Case no. 2, defendant failing to appear, judgment to plaintiff for 4 pounds current money plus costs.


1773 Loudoun Co VA Tithables.

Note: Hopkins transcribes all as Combs sp.

List of Tithables Taken by James Hamilton 1773, Shelburne Parish

p. 655
, Robert CAMPBELL, Jesey HARRIS 3

A List of Tithables taken for Shelburne Parish by Thomas Lewis in the year 1773

p. 667
Joseph COOMBS, Robert COOMBS, Wm CONSTABLE, Ralph MOOR, N. Tom, Solomon, Bountain, Nan, Jack, Thos COOPER {milwright} 10
Daniel FEAGAN, Stephen COOMBS, Michl GAHAGIN, N. Bobb 4

p. 671
Joseph COOMBS {son of Andrew} 1
Elisha COOMBS 1

Notes: Capt. Joseph COMBS and son-in-law, Daniel FEAGAN, are not listed adjacent to each other. This is the first appearance of Stephen (believed to have been s/o Joseph II) on Loudoun tax lists and probably indicates he was born ca 1752. Joseph COOMBS, s/o Andrew is not listed adj. to Elisha who is listed adjacent to Henry VANOVER. This is the last Loudoun Co, VA tax list on which Joseph, s/o Andrew, is found (See Dec 1773 below).

A List of Tithables in Cameron Parish taken by Samuel Love in 1773

p. 702:2
Daniel COMBS
, William TENELL 2

11 May 1773 COMBS Injunction - Relates to Joseph Combs, dated


Submitted by Thom Mont.

13 May 1773 COMBS TRIPLETT: Ordered that Simon Triplett pay unto Elisha Combs twenty-five pounds of tobacco according to law for his attending court one day as a witness for him against Bishop.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

25 May 1773- 14 Mar 1774 (Loudoun Co VA WBB:91-92) In the name of God Amen. I Andrew COMBS of the County of Loudoun in the Colony of Virginia being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God therefore calling unto mind the Mortality of my Body & knowing that is appointed for all men one to Dye do make Ordain this my last Will & Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it & for my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like & Decent manner at the discretion of my Executors and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to Bless me in this life, I give Devise & dispose of in the following manner.

Imprimis It is my Will & I do order that in the first place all my Just debts & funeral charges be paid and satisfied. Item I give and Bequeath unto my well beloved wife Mary COMBS all my land and moveable Estate during her natural life or widowhood toward maintaining and Educating of my children and at her marriage or death the land may be sold and the money ariseing from the sale thereof and my other Estate may be Equally divided among my six children Joseph COMBS, Andrew COMBS, John COMBS, Mailon COMBS, Israel COMBS & Rebekah COMBS to them & their heirs & assigns forever and if any or either of my said children shou'd happen to die before they come of age my Will & desire is that such childs part as shall happen to Dye may be equally divided among the Survivors of them & their heirs & assigns forever and lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my well beloved Wife Mary COMBS Executrix with my Trusty & beloved Brother Samuel COMBS Executor of this last Will and Testament. …In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty Fifth day of May 1773. Andrew COMBS. In the presence of James MEGEACH, Gilbert VANSIKLE, Joseph McKEE.

At a court held for Loudoun County the 14th day of March 1774 This last Will & Testament of Andrew COMBS deced was proved by the Oath of Joseph McKEE Witness thereto and at another Court held for the said County the 8th day of August 1774 was fully proved by the Oath of James McGEACH another of the witnesses & ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Mary COMBS the Executrix therein named Certificate is granted her for obtaining a Probate thereof in Due form she having sworn to the same & given Bond & Security according to Law.

(Virginia County Court Records, Will Abstracts of Loudoun County, Virginia, Will Book B (9 March 1772 - 9 December 1782), Edited and Published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1320 Mayflower Drive, McLean, Virginia 22101, Copyright 1988)

Notes: See Also the Mary McGEACH (MEGEACH) who owned property adjacent to Joseph COMBS of the 1764-1790 land record above.

10 Jun 1773 COMBS ONEALE: Ordered that Ferdinando Oneale pay unto Elisha Combs two hundred and twenty five pounds of tobacco for the said Elisha's attending court eleven days as a witness for him against John Simms.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

June 16, 1773 Loudon County Court Order Books. Ferdinand ONEAL to pay Elisha COMBS 225 lbs. of tobacco attending court 11 days as witness against John SIMMS.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from courthouse copies)

10 Nov 1773 COMBS v GOFF: JOHN COMBS PLAINTIFF against JAMES GOFF Defendant: John Jones and Ignatius Byrne came into court and undertook for the defendant that if he should be convict in the action aforesaid that he shall satisfy and pay the condemnation of the court or surrender his body to prison in execution for the same or on failure thereof they will do it for him.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

16 Nov 1773 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry)” Nov. 16, 1773, The vestry proceeds this day to lay levy as follows:

* * * * * *
Joseph COOMBS, his balance of Glebe LAND -- 62,650

* * * * * *
Samuel COOMBS -- 7.0

* * * * * *
Church wardens pay Joseph COOMBES 40,000 lbs tobacco”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

05 Dec 1773 - 27 Nov 1790 (Fayette Co., PA Book A, page 354, item 434) Joseph COMBS of Loudan County in the colony of Virginia sells land in Springhill Twp. of then-Westmoreland Co, PA (became in 1783), that was surveyed in 1770 by a 1769 order (at which time the land was in Cumberland Co, then in 1771, Bedford Co, PA).

05 Dec 1773 - 27 Nov 1790 (Fayette Co, PA Book A, page 354, item 434) Joseph COMBS of Loudan County in the colony of Virginia sells land in Springhill Twp. of then-Westmoreland Co, PA, that was surveyed in 1770 by a 1769 order.

(Note: In 1769, this land was in Cumberland Co, PA; in 1771 in Bedford Co, PA; in 1773 in Westmoreland Co, PA and in 1783 in Fayette Co, PA)

Notes: Two Joseph COMBS were on Loudoun Co, VA tax lists in 1772-1773: Capt. Joseph COMBS II (s/o Joseph I of Stafford), and Joseph COMBS (s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways). The younger Joseph of the Tonoloways Families disappears from Loudoun after 1773, and is next identified in Franklin Twp. of Fayette Co, PA in 1785. Joseph of Springhill Twp. was not, however, the same as Joseph of Franklin Twp. since Joseph of Franklin (Andrew's son) made a mark, and Joseph of Springhill signed his name. Also note that there was a Joseph COMBS in Springhill Twp. in 1783 who was not Capt. Joseph COMBS II since the latter was still in Loudoun (through at least 1791). 

1774 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables.

Joseph, s/o Andrew I, is missing. Note: 1774 lists may be incomplete

>A List of Tythables Taken by William Douglass for the year 1774

p. 718
Samuel COMBS
Jesse HARRIS 2

Levin Powell's List - 1774

p. 722a
Joseph COMBS, Robert COMBS, Stephen COMBS
, Wm CONSTATELI, Danl. FOWLER, Michl LEONARD, N. Tom, Bowson, Ned, Solomon, Mountain, Jack, Hannah, Nan, Nan [sic], Patt 16

Notes: Hopkins listed Joseph as Capt.

A List of Tithables & wheels Taken by Thos Lewis for Shelburn Parish 1774

p. 724
Dal FEAGAN, N. Bobb 2

p. 728a
Wm ALLEN, George ALLEN 2

p. 729
Reuben TRIPLETT, Elisha COOMBS {Overseer}William DANIEL {servt}, N. Syrus, Alice 6

Notes: The only other ALLEN in Loudoun in 1774 was James ALLEN, tithed by John HATTOCKS on p. 743 of Saml. Love's list. The above William ALLEN would appear to be “likeliest candidate” to have been father of Barbara ALLEN who m Stephen COMBS in Loudoun in 1775 (research in progress). See also 1786 Frederick Co, MD marriage of a Reuben TRIPLETT to Rebecca COMB, and 1787 Loudoun when Mahlon COMBS is tithed by a Reuben TRIPLETT.

George Summer's List 1774 Cameron Parish

p. 760

Notes: Hopkins transcribed as Daniel COMBS

1774 A Loudoun Co, VA Resolution condemning the British Parliament and agreeing to sever connections untill they repeal the discriminating tax, etc… was signed by Joseph, Robert, & Stephen COMBS, apparently Capt. Joseph COMBS & his two sons.

(1774 Loudoun Co, VA Resolution, Annotated)

14 March 1774 COMBS WILL: The Last Will and Testament of Andrew Combs was Presented in Court and Proved by the Oath of James McKee a Witness thereto and ordered to be certified.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

From: Virginia Wills Before 1779 by William Montgomery Clemens, 1924, The Biblio Company, Inc., Publishers

Page 21:

Loudoun Co, Va. Will filed March 14, 1774.

Wife Mary
s. Joseph Combs
s. Andrew Combs
s. John Combs
s. Mailon Combs
s. Israel Combs
d. Rebecca Combs

Submitted by Linda Berney

20 Dec 1774 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry) Dec. 20, 1774, Vestry proceeds to lay the levy as follows (in pounds of tobacco) [includes]:

"Joseph COOMBES for balance of building Ketockton Church 48,000”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

20 Apr 1775 (Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co, VA) Personal Acct. Book of Rev. David GRIFFITH. Stephen COMBS marriage to Barbara ALLEN.

(Combs Researcher J. Reynolds) 

British Mercantile Claims 1775-1803 “Claims of Wm. Cunningham & Co. due on open account of Elijah COMBS of Loudoun. 3 pounds, 7 shillings due with interest from 1767. Combs died about 20 years ago, insolvent.

(Va. Genealogist, v23#4 Oct.-Dec. 1979 p. 278)

SE Note: This entry seems to fit with the Loudoun probate records.

1775 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables

Note: Hamilton and Peyton's Lists are missing for 1775. Among those missing is Elisha COMBS who died this year according to the 13 Dec 1779 declaration of his widow, Martha.

A List of Tythables for Shelburn Parish taken by Thomas Lewis 1775

p. 779
Daniel FEAGEN, Wm LEE, John RANDALL, N. Bobb 4

Note: ALLEN and FEAGAN were not listed adjacent. The only other ALLEN on Loudoun lists in 1775 was also on this list: James ALLEN [sic] who was tithed by Joseph HUTCHINSON, p. 778a

List of Tithables taken 1775 “Leven Powell's List, Shelburne

p. 791
Joseph COMBS, Robert COMBS, Wm CONSTABLE, Timothy KENNEDY, Danl JAMES, Ralph MORE, N. Ned, Tom, Solomon, Jack, Nan, Hannah, Poll 13
Stephen COMBS
{Servant} Isaac, N. Bountain, Nann 4

Notes: In 1774, Joseph had tithed Stephen and Negroes Bountain and two Nan's. It appears likely that Boutain and one Nan were either gifted or lent to Stephen upon his marriage to Barbara ALLEN. The transcriptions of both Hopkins and Combs Researcher Ray Mont lists Joseph as a Capt. Ray's transcription lists Daniel JAMES as Danl JONES (Hopkins not known).

A List of Tithables for Shelburne Parish 1775 Stephen Donaldson's List

p. 799h
Samuel COMBS, Jesse HARRIS 2

1775-1781 RW Robert COMBS enlisted twice in 1775 in Loudoun Co, VA in the mounted militia company raised by Capt. Levin POWELL; and in 1776 in the Loudoun company of Capt. Simon TRIPLETT (later Minute Men). In 1777, he enlisted in the company of Capt. McMICKENS under Col. CLAPHAM, and later in the company of Capt. McMICKENS under Col. CLAPHAM, and later yet in the company of Capt. Simon HANCOCK under Col. COLEMAN. By the Spring of 1781 he was in Fauquier Co, VA where he was drafted into the company of Capt. JENNINGS under Col. Elias EDMONDS, and later that same year, still in Fauquier, in the company of Capt. James WINN under marched under Capt. James WINN under Col. Elias EDMONDS. In 1781, his company was transferred to the command of Capt. Lynn SHARP, regiment of Maj. WELCH.

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