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Loudoun - The Early Years 1776-1800

1776 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables

Note: All lists missing except Clapham and Lewis. Hopkins adds Daniel COMBS of Cameron Parish, but does not include the above Samuel.

List Tythables taken by Josias Clapham for 1776

Samuel COOMBS 1

1776 According to the 1832 OH RW Pension file of Isaac GRANT, he served as a Private in 1776 in the Loudoun Co, VA company of Capt. Joseph COOMBS, Col. Levin POWELL'S Virginia Regiment. Isaac GRANT was b in Prince William Co, VA; m Elizabeth EAST

(DAR Lineage, Vol. 58, of Florence Bellet Armstrong Castello of Tipton Co, IN (d/o Alexander C. & Sarah WINFIELD Armstrong, gd/o Thomas A. and Sarah GRANT Armstrong, and ggd/o Rev War Soldier Isaac GRANT, b Prince William Co, VA; d Clinton Co, OH).

Isaac is found on later tax lists tithed by Capt. Joseph.

1776 According to his RW Pension File, Mahlon COOMBS was a private in the company of RW Daniel FEAGAN (h/o Violet COMBS, d/o Joseph COMBS II) enlisted in 1776 at Loudoun County, VA (where he was born). 

1777 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables.

Note: All of the Shelburne Parish COMBS are missing from this year's lists as were Daniel FEAGAN and Thomas FOUCH; however, all lists appear to be extant?? Were all possibly out of the county, or were they absent due to Military exemptions?

A List of Tithables & Wheel carriages in Cameron Parish taken by Saml Love for the year 1776/1777 [sic]

p. 890 Daniel COMBS 1

Notes: Hopkins adds Samuel COMBS of Shelburne Parish.

1778 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables.

Note: Samuel and Daniel COMBS are both missing from these lists.

A List of Tithables taken by William Smith of Shelburne Parish in Loudoun County 1778

p. 842
Joseph COMBS, Capt., John JEWELL, Thomas HOLLAND, N. Tom, Ned, Solomon, Bountain, Jack, Ned, Fillis, Hannah, Poll, Charles 13
Stephen COMBS
, N. Nan 2

Notes: Stephen is listed immediately following Joseph. See also Fairfax Co, VA re Combs-Jewell Families. Kin to above John?

11 May 1778 Combs, Joseph Added to tithes list.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

08 Jun 1779 Loudoun Co VA Marriage Bond. Thomas FOUCH & Sarah COMBS. John, father of the girl, test. age. Sec. Joseph COOMBS [sic].

(Jewell's Loudoun Co VA Marriage Bonds, 1762-1850, p. 11, extracted by Combs Researcher Lourene G. Criddle)

8 Jun 1779. Loudoun Co, VA Marriage Bonds. FOUCH, Thomas & Sarah COOMBS, dau of Jno COOMBES. Joseph COMBS [sic], bondsman. 8 June 1779”

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

LGC Notes: Sarah COMBS, b 7 Feb. 1760, d. 8 Aug. 1828 in Loudoun Co VA; m Thomas FOUCH in Bedford Co PA in 1778 (Bible Record), or Loudoun Co VA (bond record above). According to the family bible record of William FOUCH (s/o Thomas and Sarah), started in 1838, with information written by her son, Sarah was “the eldest daughter of John and Alice Coombs” and she was married in Bedford Co. Pennsylvania, “…joined togeter in Holy Matrimony by Joseph Powel, a Minster of the Gospel……”

Note: John COMBS was the s/o Joseph COMBS I of the Tonoloways Settlement of th/bdf/en-bedford Co, PA, and Rev. Joseph POWELL the minister of the Tonoloways Church. See Also the Nelson Co KY will of Sarah's father, John COMBS, dated 12 Aug 1800, proved 14 Dec 1801 (Nelson KY WB1:598)

1779 Loudoun Co VA Tithables

Note: The Combs Family File, Thomas Balch Library, Leesburg, Loudoun Co VA, adds Daniel COMBS.

A List of Tythables taken for Shelburne Parish by Thomas Lewis in the year 1779

p. 884a
Capt. Joseph COMBS, John MURPHY, John BURK, Henson BURK, Isaac GRANT, Joseph ELLIS, Isaac VINNER, N. Ned, Sall, Hannah, Nann, Phillis, Tom, Solomon, Little Ned, Rose, Poll, Jack 18
Stephen COMBS, N. Nan 2

p. 885a
Nathan COCHRAN, John COMBS, William CRAIG 3

Notes: Joseph COMBS II is listed immediately between brothers-in-law(?) Col. Leven POWELL & Cuthbert HARRISON, the latter 3 entries above that of Stephen COMBS. Isaac GRANT appears to have been same who served with Capt. Joseph during the War. The Combs Family File, Thomas Balch Library, Leesburg, Loudoun Co VA, lists Isaac VINNER as VENNER. John COMBS was probably RW John COMBS (s/o Andrew I), who had apparently m Miss CRAIG (d/o James who d testate ca 1813, Loudoun VA, and sister of William (the above?)) and had three children by Oct 1781. See Bob Craig's by Craig Family of Loudoun Co, VA.

List of Tythables taken on 21 Aug 1779 (William Douglass)

p. 897a
Samuel COOMS {& son} Sam 2

Notes: Samuel COMBS, Jr. was born ca 1758 per this record (age 21), ca 1759 according to Loudoun DB C:346-50, but 7 Jun 1760 according to his headstone at Red Mills Cemetery in Hardin Co, KY. Since the above tithe was a charge, it is likely that his true birth date was 7 Jun 1758.

A List of Tythebles Taken by John Lewis for the year 1779

p. 919:1
Thos FOUCH 1

Notes: Listed immediately below Thomas was Isaac FOUCH who tithed himself and Wm FOUCH. Also on this list were Jacob FOUCH who tithed himself and Isaac FOUCH.

1779-1792 Virginia Publick Claims, Loudoun Co VA


(Extracted by Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise Mortorff)

Note: Except where noted elsewhere herein, these records of Public Claims for moneys and/or properties lost during the RW have not yet been extracted. The three Joseph COMBS were probably all Capt. Joseph COMBS II.

1779? (Fauquier Co VA Loose Papers, Land Records, Unrecorded Deeds, ID: 327, Record Location: 1779-003, Box #: 11) Joseph and Elizabeth COMBS of Loudoun Co VA to John COMBS. Fragmented. Date Missing. Synopsis: 242 ac. of land in Stafford Co. in Overwharton Parish on north side of Beaver Dam Run. Title History: remainder of greater tract bought by grantee of grantor

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Ann Musser)

1779 (Fauquier Co., VA Deed Book 7, p. 242, 1779). Joseph COMBS, and wife Elizabeth, of Loudoun County, sell 105 acres where Brenttown Road fords Dorrells Run to James HOLMES; “another part of 1756 gift by father.”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Jeff Duvall from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799: Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute, Deed, and Will Books, and Others by John P. Alcock (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994)

Notes: See 1756 Stafford Co, VA Deed of Gift from Joseph COMBS I to his son, Joseph COMBS the Younger, then of Frederick Co, VA. The 1785 Stafford Co, VA will of John COMBS, Sr. makes mention of land sold him by his brother, Joseph.

13 Dec 1779 Page 913 of 1779 Loudoun Co, VA tax list of Farling Ball. Letter and Inventory from Martha COMBS:

December the 13th 1779
To the Worshipful Court of Loudoun
Your Petitioner Humbly Sheweth that in the year 1775 that I had the Misfortune of my Husband's Death Leaving me in charge of Six Small Children which I have been a Strugling with ever Since Leaving with me only now what I will mention and a -torn- Due by my Husband and none of the -torn- ever thought -torn- Notice to Administer upon what little -torn- either appoint Captin Jacob REED to Sell the Estate and Discharge the Dets as far as it will reach or to Allow him to Administer __________. The Articles left with me are as followeth

Viz: A parcel of Feathers emptyed out of an old Bed in
two old Casks
two Bed-Steds
Three old Blankets
Five Pewter Plates
two Platters & three small Basons and a small Table and a Small Iron Pot a Small Piggen and a Small washingt Tub and an old Trunk and an Box Iron for Smoothing Linnen and an old Ax a Small Spinning wheel and a Large Spinning Wheel given under my hand the Day above Mentioned
Martha -torn- mark
{Martha COMBS}

Witness Present
Aram HAGERMAN {marks}

(Extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hamnett from Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786, Vol. 3: 1779-1786, Compiled by Marty Hiatt & Craig Roberts Scott, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1995, p. 1060)

Notes: No Combs were on Farling Ball's tax list. Rather, the above was added to the bottom of the list. Martha's husband's name is not stated, but a review of the back tax lists indicates that of the pre-1775 Combs, only Elisha (who was last found on the 1774 list of Thomas LEWIS as an overseer for Reuben TRIPLETT) has “gone missing” (1774 having been his last appearance on a tax list, with 1775 and 1776 both having been incomplete (plus military exemptions occurred during the RW years). According to VA Wills and Administrations, there is a Loudoun Co, VA estate inventory for Elisha COMBS in 1780 (still needed!). Based on the above letter, it appears possible that Martha may have not only done nothing in regard to Elisha's tithables during the period 1775-1779, but may also have failed to file for administration of his estate. The 6 children of Martha COMBS have never been identified (surely some guardianship records exist for them in Loudoun?), and it is not known if she remained in the county aft 1779-1780 (or even if she remained in the county aft 1775, for that matter).

1780 Loudoun Co VA Tithables.

Missing is Daniel of Cameron Parish.

Capt. Peyton Harrison's List

[Clerk's copy of original list]

p. 954a
{lives on COCKRANE'S plantation} 1

Note: John COMBS (s/o Andrew I) is listed immediately below Nathan COCKRAN [sic]. See John tithed by COCHRAN in 1779. There is a second copy of this list which is titled “Levin Powell's list of tithables taken 1780” [Clerk's copy of original list], but appears to be a duplicate of Peyton Harrison's List.

Taken by Cuthbert Harrison, Gt:

[Clerk's copy of original list. There is a second copy of this list included in this publication. Only differences are noted.]

p. 956a
Entry 5: Andrew COMBS, Mailand COMBS 2
Entry 13: Steven COMBS, N. Nan 2
Entry 14: Saml COMBS {Son &c} 3

p. 957
Entry 9: Jeremiah SANFORD, N. Joe, Furse, Frank 4
Entry 10: Thomas PALMER, John MARKS 2
Entry 13: James CRAIG, Absolem CRAIG, N. Tom 3
Entry 14: Joseph COMBS, Jno MURPHEY, Isaac VINNEY [VENNEY on 2nd list], N. Ned, Solomon, Ned, Resbin, Nan, Jack, Phillis, Hanah, Poll, Rose 13
Entry 15: Cuthbert HARRISON, George ROBINSON {Overseer}, N. Randll, Jack, Isaac, Dick, Harry, Patt, Milley, Dinah 10


  1. Mailand is listed as Mahlon, and Joseph as Capt. by Hopkins.
  2. First appearance of both Andrew COMBS II and his brother, Mahlon (s/o Andrew I). According to the RW Pension File of Mahlon COMBS, he was born ca 1759, thus 21 years of age this year. Andrew was the second son named by Andrew I in his 1774 will. If he named his sons in age order, Andrew II's birth year would have been 1752-1753 (Joseph b ca 1751, John b ca 1754), raising the question as to where Andrew was during the period 1773-1779 (not on Loudoun tax lists).
  3. See Isaac VENNER a.k.a. VINNER on earlier lists.
  4. Although the names on tax lists at this time could be listed in any order, the listing of Stephen (s/o Joseph II) adjacent to Samuel (s/o Joseph I of Tonoloways) and James CRAIG (father-in-law of RW John, s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways) seems more than coincidence????

Taken by John Alexander, Gent: (1780)

p. 958a
Isaac FOUCHE'S List, Isaac FOUCH, Wm FOUCH, Thos FOUCH 4

Tithables added by order of court to Shelburne Parish

p. 992:1
Alexander McMAKIN{son} Benja McMAKIN 2

p. 992:2
Isaac FOUCHE Senr's List [same as above]

28 Apr 1780 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry) Apr. 28, 1780. Thomas LEWIS and Thomas RESPASS, Gent., appointed church wardens. Appointed John LUCKETT and Joseph COMBS in the room of John LEWIS who has resigned, and Simon TRIPLETT, who had refused to take the oath of vestryman.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

Note: Shelburne Parish was Church of England and a branch of the British government so long as England was in power. Taking the oath was deemed by many Colonists to be treasonous. Following the end of the War, the constitutional separation of church and state in the United States stripped the Church of almost all powers (which included collection of levies, care of orphans, etc.). Eventually most Church of England properties were sold by county governments. Of those churches which continued to operate, most became Episcopalian, as did Shelburne Parish's church (See later records). 

Fall 1780 - Fall 1781 Mahlon COOMBS was a private in the company of Mahlon COOMBS was a private in the company of Capt. Daniel FEAGAN, Regiment of Col. STEPHENS of the Virginia Line according to declarations made by his brothers, Joseph COOMBS and Israel COMBS.

(RW Pension File of Mahlon COOMBS)

1781 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables.

Missing are Daniel of Cameron Parish, and Andrew, Mahlon and John of Shelburne Parish (three sons of Andrew I) and Samuel COMBS, Jr. (s/o Samuel I)

The List of Tithables Taken of Wm. Bronaugh in Shelburne Parish 1781

p. 1017:3
Stephen COMBS, N. Nan 2
Joseph COMBS, John MURPHEY, Isaac VINNER, N. Nedd, Hannah, Solomon, Nedd, Sharper, Charles, Rose, Mille 11

Note: This list is alpha by 1st letter of surname. Stephen and Joseph are listed adj. to each other. Hopkins lists Joseph as Capt. Joseph.

A List of Tithables taken for the year 1781 for Shelburn Parish (Cuthbert Harrison)

p. 1036
James CRAIG, Absolm CRAIGG, N. (man) 3

p. 1036a
Thomas FOUCH 1
Alexr McMAKIN, Benja McMAKINN. Jack 3

Note: Only one name separates the entries of Samuel COMBS and James CRAIG (father-in-law of Samuel's nephew, John COMBS, s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways). According to the Rev. War Pension file of Capt. Daniel FEAGAN (son-in-law of Capt. Joseph COMBS II), Absolom CRAIG m his daughter, Hethy [Beheathland?] FEAGAN. According to Craig researcher Bob Craig, the relationship of James and Absolom CRAIG is unknown (Absolom is not named in James' 1808 (dated) will). Only one name separates those of Thomas FOUCH and Alexander McMAKIN.

10 April 1781 Capt. John LINTON in a list of commissions for Loudoun Co militia officers awarded for 1776 & 1777 but not recorded until later

(Source: LC-OBGv1:332)

14 May 1781 (Loudoun County VA Minute Book) Joseph COOMBS sworn as vestryman in Shelburne parish.

(Extracted from the Loudoun County Minute Book by Combs Researcher Dick Fields)

15 May 1781 (Loudoun County VA Minute Book) May 15, 1781. Fines Joseph COOMBS


Spring 1781 - Oct 1781 RW John (X) COOMBS was drafted in the militia company of Capt. John HENRY under Col. John ALEXANDER of the Virginia Line, and subsequently under other officers. Maj. QUARLES and Col. DABNEY commanded him; he was discharged following the surrender of Lord Cornwallis in Oct 1781.

1782 Loudoun Co, VA Order Book G:470. “Conceals.” Daniel FEAGAN, William MARTIN, Thomas GREGG (wheelwright), William NELSON, William McKNIGHT, John OSBORNE, John GIBSON, Moses GIBSON, Thomas GIBSON, Joseph GIBSON, Thomas HUMPHREY, William HIBBS John ONEALE, Stephen ROSZELL, John DEANE, Joshua DUNCAN, William SOUTHARD.

1782 Loudoun Co, VA Order Book G:470. “Conceals.” Samuel CANBY, Nicholas MERILL, Thomas MATTHEWS, Robert McCULLY, Joseph COMBS, Jacob REED, Joseph REED, James MOREIN, Samuel DAVIS (Goose Creek), William RODGERS, John GREGG, Abel DAVIS, John MARKS, Senr, John OSBORNE, William HUTCHISON, Stephen McPHEARSON Senr., Nicholas BURNES, John MARKS Jr., Samuel RUSSEL, Daniel McPHERSON, James GIBSON.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hammett from Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786, Vol. 3: 1779-1786, Compiled by Marty Hiatt & Craig Roberts Scott, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1995)

Notes: When tithes were “concealed” (not given to list taker), the penalty was a triple tax.

1782 Following individuals with claims for supplies provided to the Continental Army and the local militia and recorded in Loudoun Co, VA Minute Book 1780-1783. Name followed by entry number. This is not a complete list. There were over 700 claims.

Source: Loudoun County, Virginia in the American Revolution 1774-1783

1782 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables

Note: Daniel of Cameron Parish is missing. Joseph COMBS and Daniel FEAGAN are missing (conceals).

List of Tithables taken by Simon Triplett

p. 1049
Stephen COMBS, N. Nan 2

Cuthbert Harrison's List of Tithables 1782 Shelburne Parish

p. 1065 (back of)
Entry 8: Samuel COOMBS 1
Entry 9: Cuthbert HARRISON [and others] 12
Entry 10: James CRAIG, William CRAIG, Absolem CRAIG, N. Tom 4

p. 1064
Andrew COOMBS, Mailon COOMBS, John COMBS
[sic] 2

p. 1066
“Dr. Sir. Above is a few tithables taken in since I returned my list to you & which I had not an opertunity to return you at the last Court as I was at that time in the lower end of Virginia, I am Sir Yr Obd Servt. Cuthbt. HARRISON 23rd Nov. 1782”


  1. Hopkins spells all surnames COMBS and sp. Mailon as Mahlon.
  2. The above note was at the end of Cuthbert's list. The “Lower end of Virginia” quite possibly indicated Kentucky where brothers-in-law, Cuthbert HARRISON, Leven POWELL and Joseph COMBS are found in Early Kentucky Land Records (See Nelson Co, KY). Is it possible that Joseph COMBS and Daniel FEAGAN were also down in KY during this time period, the reason they were listed as “conceals” this year?
  3. Andrew and Mahlon have returned, tithing John (their brother?). Also Note re entry for Andrew, Mailon and John: Is one of these 3 men levy-free for some reason or is this entry in error? The no. of tithables is listed aft Mahlon's name, but no tithables are listed aft John's name. This should possibly be two entries with Andrew tithing himself and Mailon and John tithing himself only - in which case, was it significant that John's surname was spelled COMBS?

A List of Tithables Taken by Thos Respess in the year 1782

p. 1079
Thos FOUCH, N. Humphrey 2

Note: The next entry is Wm FOUCH w/1 tithe.

Levin Powell's List 1782 Added to this List

p. 1083: 1
Entry 2: Thomas FOUCH 1
Entry 4: Alexr McMAKIN, Benhn McMAKIN 2
Entry 6: Elizabeth WILLIAMS'{son} James WILLIAMS 1

Note: Thos. FOUCH followed immediately the entry of Isaac FOUCH who tithed self, Wm and Isaac Jr. Elizabeth WILLIAMS was listed immediately below John WILLIAMS who tithed N. Ned, Tadge, Cate.

9 Apr 1782 COMBS HEADON:: Ordered that George Headon pay Daniel Coombs 25 lbs of tobacco according to law for attending court one day as a witness for him against William Bernard Sears.

NB Other witnesses for Headon included Joseph Ghant, George Headon, Jr., Elijah Miller and Joseph Lay or Say. TM


Submitted by Thom Mont.

9 Apr 1782 (Loudoun VA Court Records) Joseph COMBS payed by Loudoun Co Court for use of wagon and team for grain tax for revelution.

9 Apr 1782 (Loudoun VA Court Records) Samuel COMBS payed by the Loudoun co. court for 300 pounds of Beef for revelution.

(Provided by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery, apparently Publick Claims)

Apr 9 1782 (Loudoun VA Court Records) Daniel COMBS was at court

(Provided by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery - Incomplete)

13 May 1782 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry) May 13, 1782. Present: Josiah CHAPMAN, Thomas LEWIS, Jno ALEXANDER, Thomas RESPASS, Joshua GORE, Thos. SHORE, Joseph COMBS, Leben POWELL.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995) SW: Leven

13 May 1782 (Loudoun County VA Minute Book) May 13, 1782. “ REED v. AIKINS - Joseph COOMBS, a garisher [garnisher?], sworn declares he has nothing of the defendant's estate and is discharged.

Extracted from the Loudoun County Minute Book by Combs Researcher Dick Fields

10 Sep 1782 (Loudoun Co VA Court Records) Trial of Negro george a slave of Joseph COMBS charged with stealling a Horse

(Provided by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery)

25 Nov 1782 Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry. “Nov. 25, 1782. Present: William BRONAUGH, Thomas LEWIS, Leven POWELL, Thomas RESPASS, Thomas SHORE, Joshua GORE, Joseph COOMBS. The vestry proceedeth to lay the levy as followeth, ……”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

09 Dec 1782 (Loudoun County VA Minute Book) Deeds of lease and release from Andrew COMBS and John COMBS to Thomas MATTHEWS proved by Margaret and Rebekah COOMBS and ordered to be certified. Deed withdrawn.

(Extracted from the Loudoun County Minute Book by Combs Researcher Dick Fields)

13 Jan 1783 (Loudoun County VA Minute Book) Lease and release from Andrew COOMBS and Jno. COOMBS to Thomas MATTHEWS acknowledged by John COMBS as his part and certified as to Andrew COOMBS.


Notes: Andrew II and John were sons of Andrew I. Rebecca may have been their sister (one source shows Mahlon with wife, Rebecca NORTON so she is also a possibility). Who was Margaret? What land were they selling? Where are the other heirs if part of Andrew I's estate?

1783 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables

Missing are Capt. Joseph, Andrew, Mahlon, and John COMBS and Daniel FEAGAN.

A List of Tithables taken for Cameron Parish in Loudoun County for the year 1783 (Geo. Summers)

p. 1144
Daniel COMBS 1

Shelburn Parish List Tithables taken by Simon Triplett Sept 1783

p. 1155:2
Entry 6: Stephen COMBS, N. Nan 2
Entry 13: Thomas FOUCH 1

Note: Thomas FOUCH was listed immediately between Isaac FOUCH, Senr. (who also tithed Isaac Jr.) and William FOUCH (1).

07 Nov 1783 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry) Nov 7, 1783. Fras PEYTON, Levon POWELL, Thomas LEWIS, Gent., Colo Wm. BRONAUGH, Joshua GORE, Gent., Colo Simon TRIPLETT, Joseph COMBS, Gent., Thomas SHORE, Gent.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co, VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

1784 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables.

Notes: Hopkins lists as Capt. Joseph COMBS, does not include Daniel.

List of Tithables taken by Har Lane 1784 [Hardage Lane]

p. 1190:2
Daniel COMBS

A List of Tithables taken by Thos LEWIS 1784

Note: A Clerk's copy of this list is also extant & published by this source. Not included here as same.

p. 1170
Entry 8: Capt. Joseph COOMBS, Thos HOLLAND, Francis LINN {Overseer}, N. Rhode, Ned, Solomon, Hannah, Nell, Seviah, Ned 10

Entry 27: Stephen COOMBS, N. George, Nann 3

Entry 28: Mark KENTON, N. Jem, Lucy 3

Entry 29: Capt. Daniel FEAGAN, John MURPHEY, N. Tom, John, Lucy 5

A List of Tithables taken by Joshua Danniel for the year 1784, Sepr 15th

p. 1182:1
Entry 13: John TRUAX 2
Entry 14: Samuel COMBS 3

Note: DANIELS did not name all tithables, provided only numbers. John TRUAX is not found in either earlier or later lists. Is his appearance here coincidence or was he somehow kin to the Combs-Truax Families of Tonoloways?

A List of Tithables Tyaken [sic] by John Alexander in 1784

p. 1161a
Thomas FOUCH, N. James 2*
Alexander McMEKINS 1

Note: Thomas FOUCH was listed immediately preceding Elisha EDWARDS (Note Elisha Edwards COMBS, s/o Adin & Pamelia WILLIAMS Combs and g/so Samuel COMBS I). Isaac FOUCH Senr tithing himself and son Isaac Jr. was on p. 1161.

17 July 1784Catherine Combs Admin. of John Combs dec'd., Plaintiff vs. Benjamin ETHELL & Anthony ETHELL, Defendants…In Debt…This day came the plaintiff by Charles Simms, her attorney, and the defendants, altho again solemnly called, came not. It is therefore considered by the court that the last order herein be confirmed, and that the plaintiff recover against the said defendants and Winifred ETHELL, who was returned security for their appearance, eight pounds current money, the debt in the declaration mentioned, and her costs by her in this behalf expended. And the said defendants in mercy, etc. But this judgement is to be discharged by the payment of four pounds like money together with lawful interest thereon after the rate of five per centum per annum to be computed from the 26th day of April, 1783 to the time of payment, and the costs.

(Source: LCCOB H:352, (July 17, 1784), submitted by Bob Combs 2/17/2000)

BC Notes: Is this John Combs who disappeared after the 1771 Tithables? He is NOT the father of Sarah Combs Fouch?…He is NOT the son of Andrew I, since he lived on…OR is this another John?]

SE Notes: Could this be the RW Ensign/Lieutenant/Captain John Combs who was killed in the Revolutionary War? Is his wife/widow Catherine Combs the same Catherine Combs who married Robert ASHBY (see Fauquier Co, VA records), and then left him several years later. One Catherine Combs appears on the 1783 Fauquier Co tax list. Anthony ETHELL gave an affidavit in behalf of RW Robert Combs alias ASHBY for his RW Pension Application. A young Robert Combs (b 1779), styled as a cooper and also employed by Henry ETHELL, deposed as a witness for Henry ETHELL in his suit against William HORNER (see Fauquier Co. Chancery suit). It appears the ETHELLS were well acquainted with John Combs and Catherine and also with RW Robert Combs. According to Ethell researchers, Winifred Ethell would have been the mother of Benjamin and Anthony and Henry Ethell.

23 Oct 1784 (Fairfax VA Friends MM) Sarah FRED married “out of unity” (a non Friend) to Isaac COWGILL 23 Oct 1784; and was dismissed 25 Dec 1784. Later accepted by the Goose Creek Friends MM 30 Oct 1797.

(Loudoun Virginia) (Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Virginia, p. 483, 632)

Notes: COGHILL and COWGILL were interchangeable and see COGHILL-COMBS of Old Rappa. VA, which also shows some COGHILLS to Maryland.

1785 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables

Note: Missing are Joseph, Samuel, and Stephen COMBS, and Cuthbert HARRISON, etc. of Shelburne Parish. Although no lists appear to be missing, Samuel and Stephen were both recorded in Loudoun this year.

(Hardage Lane's List for 1785)

Note: Identified by handwriting.

Hopkins lists as Cameron Parish

p. 1240:2 Daniel COMBS 1

List of Tithables for Shelburn Parish taken by Simon Triplett 1785

p. 1246
Entry 9: Capt. Daniel FEAGANN. Vincent, James, Minta, Grace, Milly 2
Entry 22: Mahlon COMBS, Israel COMBS 2

Notes: Mahlon is back, tithing his brother, Israel (both s/o Andrew I). This is Israel COMBS' first appearance on Loudoun Tax lists, thus probably born ca 1762-64 (given that Mahlon was missing from 1783 and 1784 lists).

John Alexander's List of tithables taken for the year 1785

p. 1242
Thoms FOUCH, Saml WARD 2

Note: Thomas was immediately after Isaac FOUCH Senr tithing self and Isaac Jr.

27 July 1785. 10 Oct 1785 (Loudoun County, VA Wills) Will of Mark CANTON. To wife, Elizabeth CANTON, two-thirds of the estate on the western waters. Infant daughter Sarah. Exrs: wife, Daniel FEAGAN. Wit: William COCKE, Daniel JACKSON, Stephens COMBS.

(, J. Estelle Stewart King, p 168)

Oct 1785 (Loudoun Co VA ?? Book?) Jacob REID and Alexander McMAKEN post bond for Executors of Mark CANTON'S estate.

(Provided by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery - incomplete)

Notes: Mark was also a.k.a. KENTON. Was he kin to Simon KENTON, associate of Daniel FEAGAN?

1785 (Fauquier Co., VA, VA Deed Book 9, p. 18) Joseph COMBS the Younger and wife Mary, of Stafford County, sell all of their land in Fauquier County to Benjamin HARRISON, part of tract bought of Joseph COMBS, Sr. of Loudoun County.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Jeff Duvall from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799: Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute, Deed, and Will Books, and Others by John P. Alcock (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994)

Aug. 8, 1785 …"Catherine Combs Adm. Exe. of John Combs deceased, plaintiff vs. Benjamin Ethell & Joseph HARDEN, defendants…motion upon a replevy bond…this day came the plaintiff, and the defendants having legal notice of this motion were solemnly called, but came not. It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against them twelve pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence current money and her costs by her in this behalf expended, and the said defendants in mercy, etc…But this judgement is to be discharged by the payment of six pounds nine shillings and eleven pence like money (include debt and costs) with interest thereon, to be computed after the rate of 5 per cent per annum from the 22nd of July 1784, till paid, and her costs."

(Source: LCCOB:I:59 (Aug.8,1785), submitted 2/20/2000 by Bob Combs)

BC Note…Joseph HARDEN in the first case above was Joseph Combs overseer;…unknown which Joseph Combs is second case.]

Aug 8, 1785 also……"Israel THOMPSON, plaintiff vs. Joseph Combs, defendant…in debt…this day came the plaintiff by William Elbrey his attorney, and the defendant in his proper person acknowledged the plaintiffs demand. It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against him thirteen pounds three shillings and ninepence current money of Virginia, with interest thereon to be computed after the rate of 5 per centum per annum from the 27th day of April one thousand seven hundred and eighty four till paid & his costs by him in this behalf expended, etc. The said defendants in mercy, etc. Note the plaintiff agrees to stay execution on this judgement for three months."

(Source: LCCOB:I:59 (Aug.8,1785), submitted 2/20/2000 by Bob Combs)

11 Oct 1785 (Loudoun Co, VA DBO:429-432) Indenture between Samuel COMBS of Loudoun to Joseph BRADEN of same. Land leased by John PATTERSON attorney in fact for Charles Earl of Tankerville of the Kingdom of Great Britain 24 Jun 1760, unto the said Samuel COMBS, described as: Lying in the said County of Loudoun and parish of Cameron, now Shelburne … containing 150 acres of Land … to the said Samuel COMBS for and during the natural lives of him the said Sam'l COMBS, Mary COMBS & his Son Samuel COMBS Jr. and for & during the lives of the longest liver of them. Consideration: 70 pounds. s/Saml. COMBS [no witnesses]. Received of Joseph BRADEN the sum of seventy pounds as above said. As Witness my hand this 11th day of October 1785. s/Saml. COMBS. At a Court held for Loudoun County October 10th [sic] 1785 This Indenture and receipt under written were acknowledged by Samuel COMBS party thereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste Chas. BINNS C Clerk

(Abstracted from Sue Beach's Loudoun Co VA Combs) See also Loudoun Land Records.

1786 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables.

Note: Apparently numerous lists and/or portions of lists are missing this year. Hopkins sp. Mahlon COMBS.

A List of Tithables & Taxable Property for 1786

(Francis Peyton)Legend: (1) white 21y; (2) white >16; (3) black >16; (4) black <16

p. 1263
Mahlon COOMBS 0-1-0-0

p. 1264
Daniel FEAGAN, Thomas HOLLAND, N. James, Tom, Dave, John 2-0-4-0

Notes: Which Mahlon was age 16-21 (b 1766-1770), or was this an error? Also note that Mahlon's brother, Israel, is missing from both this tax list and the 1787 list.

12 June 1786: Samuel Combs bought one acre 3 roods and one pole from William and Abigail HOLMES. See 1794 sale below

(Source: need book and page reference).

02 Oct 1786 (Minutes of the Shelburne Parish Vestry) Oct 2, 1786. Francis PEYTON, Wm BRONAUGH, John TAYLOR, Thomas KENNAH, John ALEXANDER, Charles BENNETT, Thomas LEWIS, Stev. Thomas MASON, and Benja GRAYSON. Ordered that church wardens institute a suit against Joseph COMBS and his associates, upon their bond for building the upper church in this parish.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Dick Fields from Early Church Records of Loudoun Co., VA, by Mary Hiatt, 1995)

Notes: The above is the last entry for any COMBS in the Shelburne Parish Vestry Minutes from the above source (through 1800). See also (probably unrelated?) 1796 Nelson Co KY marriage of Walter & Anny COMBES Combs with one Benjamin GRAYSON their bondsman. Walter was descended from the Combs of Charles Co MD and Anna the daughter of Francis & Charity WOODS Combs of MD and Surry Co, NC.

1787 Personal Property Tax Lists of Loudoun VA.

Note: The tax collector visited the actual sites in 1787, thus the date visited is significant in identifying neighborhoods.

Legend: (1) White males above 16 and under 21; (2) Blacks above 16; (3) Blacks below 16; (4) Horses, mares, colts & mules; (5) Cattle.

(Extracted from 1787 Census of VA, Loudoun County by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis, Genealogical Books in Print, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA 22150).

Tithe List “A”

5/1/1787 Samuel COOMBS tithed self and Jonah COOMBS (1-0-0-5-10).

Also recorded this date were: Isaac BODINE, John BOLING, John BURCHETT, Finley CAMERON, Joseph CARR, Joseph CLEWS, Partrick CRANEY, Giles & James CRAVEN, James DIAL, Thomas EDWARDS, John HENRY, Sr., Solomon HOGUE, Charles & Nathan HOLE, Joseph & William HOLMES, Constanine HUGHES, David LEFLER, Charles & Wm. McMANNAMA, George & Jonathan NIXON, Mary NORTON, Andrew Jr., Sr. and Matthew ORRISON, John PARRIMON, Phillip SAUNDERS, George SAVAGE, Livy SELVERS, James SHAFTOR, Robert SHORT, George SQUIRES, John UPDIKE, Benjamin, Joseph, Richard and Tobit WHITE, William WILKINSON and Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

Notes: According to the Dr. William Franklin Coombs Manuscript, Jonah was the s/o Samuel and Mary WILKES Combs. Dr. Coombs stated that following the death of Mary WILKES, Samuel married next Elizabeth, widow of Thomas WILLIAMS. The same listed above?

Also Note: According to “Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, VA by Wilmer L. Kerns, Ph.D., Heritage Books, Inc. 1991, pg 237, extracted by Combs Researcher Sherry Marine: George NIXON, Sr., son of James and Sarah (EDWARDS) Nixon, was b 27 Mar 1687, Ireland. He md Mary JANNEY….three ch born to them included George NIXON II, b 25 Feb 1730, md 8 Mar 1750, Mary COMBS, d/o Jonah COMBS, of Clogh, Co Antrim, Ireland. Dr. Kerns does not include his sources; however, according to Nixon Researchers Valerie Robinson,, and Peter Nixon,, George NIXON II was born in Innskillen, County Ulster, Ireland; emigrated from Innskillen, County Ulster, Ireland ca 1757 with brothers, John and Jonathan NIXON w/George and John NIXON moving to Loudoun Co VA, and Jonathan NIXON to present-day Poolesville, Montgomery Co, MD (est. from Frederick Co, MD in 1776 and directly across the Potomac River from Goose Creek and Leesburg, Loudoun). According to Peter Nixon, on 27 Dec 1780, George & Mary (COMBS) Nixon were recorded as witnessing a marriage at the above Fairfax MM. Peter adds that a 1767 deed lists George NIXON as having been a Quaker witness (affirmed instead of sworn). George is also listed as having m 2nd Mary THOMAS (no date). See Bucks Co, PA re Quaker Combs and Janneys and the Janneys move down to Loudoun; and see 1791 below re Samuel COMBS as appraiser of estate of Jonathan NIXON; and 1797 re Thomas FOUCH (h/o Sarah COMBS), witness to the will of George NIXON II.

Tithe List “B”

3/15/1787 Samuel COMBS was tithed by Samuel WILKS (1-0-0-5-5)

Also recorded this date were: Preston & Vivian BECK, Arther BOYR, Isaac, James, Joseph & Moses GIBSON, Jessee GLASSCOCK, Benjamin & Hezekiah GUY, Daniel HARRIS, William KEYS, Whitman LEITH, Eiza LEWIS, Stephen McPHERSON, John, Lukener & Thomas MIDDLETON, Robert OSBURN, Robert POWELL, James URTON and Samuel WILKS.

Notes: This is apparently Samuel COMBS, Jr. (s/o Samuel I). Was Samuel WILKES kin to Samuel & Mary WILKES Combs?

3/26/1787 Joseph COMBS (0-8-7-3-8) tithed self and Thomas HOLLAND.

Also recorded this date were: James BEST, Aron BOORAM, Dawson BROWN, Elizabeth CANTON, Isaac COWGILL Jr., James DANIEL, Thomas DRAKE, Wm. FRANCE, Joseph & Joshua FRED, Thomas HOLLAND, Danl. McPHERSON, John MILNER and John ROMINE

Notes: Capt. Joseph COMBS II. Thomas DRAKE “is said to have been” father of Tacy who m pre-1794, Amos COMBS, s/o Samuel COMBS I.

3/30/1787 Stephen COMBS tithed self (0-3-0-1-2).

Also recorded this date: George BARR, George BETHELL, Simon DAVIS, Joseph FOX, Thomas FRED, Edwin FURR, Stephen FURR, John HARRIS, Israel JANNINGS [JANNEY], Forbus LEWIS, Ann MARLOW, John MURPHEY, Points OWSLEY, Jacob G. PIERCE, Lewis PIERCE, Luke RACY, Henry REYNOLDS, Thomas SOSBY, Abell TRIPLETT, Charles TYLER and Eliza VANHORN

04/07/1787 Amos COMBS tithed self (0-0-0-1-2).

Also recorded this date were: Frederick ANDREWS, Peter BOYLE, Susannah BUTCHER, Abraham COWGILL, John DIVERS, James GRADY, Charles HOFF, George MALLOW, Jonathan McVEIGH, Elisha MELLON, William MOORE, Spencer PEW, Peter ROMINE, Sr., Cuthbert STEEL, Joseph WEST

Notes: Presumably Amos, s/o Samuel & Mary WILKES Combs I.

4/14/1787 Andrew COMBS tithed self (0-0-0-0-0).

Also recorded this date were: Richard BIRD, Jonathan BOWEN, Isaac BROWN, James Jr., Josiah and William DILON, Aron FOSTER, Michael GEORGE, Jonathan GORE, Isaac, Levy & Thomas GREGG, Thomas GRIFFITH, Thomas HOPKINS, Hezekiah HOWELL, Thomas & Thomas Jr. HUMPHREY, Jonathan JAMES, Stacy JANNEY, Mary MANAWNEY, Wm. MARTIN, Nicholas MERRILL, Benja. OVERFIELD, William PATTEN, Cornelius, Daniel & Stephen REED, Edward RICHARDS, Abell SERJENT, Richard THATCHER, Abraham VICKERS, John WEST, John WILSON.

Notes: Presumably Andrew COMBS II, s/o Andrew I.

4/16/1787 John COMBS tithed self (0-0-0-3-6)

Also recorded this date were: Gideon CUMMINGS, Joseph & Silas GARRETT, Amos HIBBS, Thomas MATHEWS, Cornelius RINGO, Jacob SLACK, William SUDDUTH, David & Phillip THOMAS, William TUMLINSON, Jessee WHITE, and John F. WILLIAMS.

Notes: Presumably s/o Andrew COMBS I. SUDDITH and SOUTHARD have been documented by researchers of that line as synonymous - raising the question as to whether SOUTHER and SOUTHERN may not also have been variants also (See Wilkes Co NC). See also Combs-Sudduth of Loudoun Co VA in 1815.

Mahlon COMBS tithed by Reuben TRIPLETT
Thomas FOUCH tithed self (0-0-0-3-6) [h/o Sarah, d/o John & Alice Combs]

Also recorded this date were: Hanson and John BIRK, Joshua BOTTS, Henry BROWN, James & Samuel DAVIS, John DENNIS, Francis ELGIN, James HAGERMAN, Jacob HARRIS, Saml. HENDERSON; John HESS, Bartholemen HOLDRINE, Jacob IDEN, Daniel John, Elisha & Henry LLOYD, John MARTS, John MAYS, John McCLAIN, James McFARLING, Wm. MIDDLETON, Andrew MILBURN, George NICKOLSON, John PLASTER, William PULLIN, Jonah QUEEN, David REES, Cornelius SKINNER, William STEPHENSON, John SUTHARD, Thomas & William TAYLOR, Nicholas TUCKER, James WILLIAMS, James WILSON, and Travis WREN.

Notes: Mahlon s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways; Thomas FOUCH son-in-law of John I of Tonoloways (brother of Andrew I). See also 11 Jul 1786 Frederick Co, MD marriage of Reuben TRIPLETT and Rebecca COMB.

tithed self (0-1-0-5-4)

Also recorded this date were: Samuel ADAMS, Vincent BOGGESS, William BRONAUGH, John BRUMLEY, James & William CRAIG, Amos DILLON, Stephen DONALDSON, Henry DYKE, Robert D. FOWKES, Aaron GEORGE, Jacob GRANT, Jacob KAYSAR, John QUEEN, Jonathan REILEY, Caleb WHITACRE

Notes: Daniel, son-in-law of Joseph COMBS II. See the pre-1731 Westmoreland Co VA marriage of Phillip BOGGESS to Mary “Molly” COMBS, d/o Phillip & Catherine COMBS. Is the ancestry of Vincent BOGGESS known?

Tithe List “C" [Cameron Parish]

6/8/1787 Daniel COMBS tithed self (0-0-0-3-4).

Also Recorded this date: Daniel BRAWDLEY [sic], Joshuah HARRISON, Jane HATTEN, Thomas KIRBY, Patience PAGE, Henry STORTS, John THOMPSON, Richard THOMPSON, James WELCH, Thomas WOOD, John WREN

11 June 1787 Loudoun Co, VA DB 1787-1788:477-8. Joseph COMBS to Thomas LEWIS of Loudon Co. several slave children: Isaac, Markus, Lettice, Rachel, and Ned, ranging in ages from 14 (Isaac) to 3 (Ned).

(Combs Researcher Thom Montgomery)

1788 According to the Rev. War Pension File of Capt. Daniel FEAGAN, he removed ca 1788 to Simon KENTON'S Station, Mason Co, KY. According to Feagan Researcher Joyce Ulb: “After the Revolution, there was a large exodus of members of related families west to Kentucky. The FEAGANS went south west by barge. Along the way, they encountered Simon KENTON, the famed Indian fighter, who persuaded this group to lay over at Kenton Station because of suspected Indian problems. Others continued on and were all massacred downstream. The FEAGANS settled in Bracken County, Kentucky,* but Daniel lost most of the land and was forced to move his family across the river to Brown County, Ohio. I believe that there were members of the Combs family who moved into Kentucky with this band, but the Combs family stayed in Kentucky.”

*Mason Co, KY was est. in 1788-9 from Bourbon Co, KY. In 1796-7, Bracken Co KY (on the Ohio border), was est. from Campbell and Mason (See Earliest Combs to KY and also note the early Joseph COMBS of Mason Co, KY)

3 Apr 1788 Marriage contract between Samuel Combs and Elizabeth Williams states that "he will not meddle with her property during her coventure [a cooperative venture which is ended when the project is finished], he will provide for her, if he survives it is as if this agreement had never been made, they can sell his property together; she will share all debts and goods of Samuel, she can sell her property as if the marriage had never taken place, if she survives she is not to demand her dower or maintenance from his estate

(Source: transcription found on website, Original LC-DBV:54)

15 Oct 1788 Loudoun County Order Bk L. 1788-1790. Agreements between Samuel COMBS to Elizabeth WILLIAMS were proved by oath of Levi HOLE and ordered to be certified.

(Combs Researcher Deb Coombs who adds that this could be referring to an agreement of marriage, as according to the manuscript of William F. Coombs, M.D., 1893, Samuel COMBS married first a Miss WILKES and secondly to Elizabeth WILLIAMS. There were agreements of marriage listed in the early Court Order Books, but it could be referring to something else as well because it did not say an agreement of marriage.)

11 June 1789 (*LCVCOB:L:217) Ordered that Robert Irvine pay unto Elizabeth Combs and Walter Mudd Twenty five pounds of Tobacco each for cash of their Attending Court three days as Witnesses for the said Robert Irvine against Thomas Gregg [--ose??] the Cause being continued til the next Court at the Costs of the said Robert.

(submitted by Thom Mont)

[*LOUDON COUNTY, VIRGINIA COURT ORDER BOOK L Sept. 1788-March 1790: Page 217]

1790 (Fauquier Co., VA Deed Book 10, pp. 373 & 375) Joseph COMBS and wife Elizabeth, of Loudoun County, sell 265 acres on Dorrells Run to Joseph Jr. of Stafford County.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Jeff Duvall from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799: Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute, Deed, and Will Books, and Others by John P. Alcock (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994)

1790 (Fauquier Co, VA DB10:373 & 375) Joseph COMBS of Loudoun Co, VA to Robert ASHBY alias COMBS, 158 a. and to Henry WASHINGTON of Prince William adj. 163 a. [land in Fauquier]

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Jeff Duvall from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799: Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute, Deed, and Will Books, and Others by John P. Alcock (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994))

Note: Was Robert ASHBY alias COMBS the same as RW Robert COMBS, s/o Joseph COMBS II, who removed to Fauquier during the latter part of the Rev. War? If so, was he a natural son, possibly by Sarah ASHBY (See Frederick Co, VA Records).

19 Feb 1791 Loudoun Co, VA DB 1790-1792:78-79. Joseph COMBS of Loudon sold slaves Ned, age ca. 50, Hannah (wife of Ned) age ca. 40, Savior about the age of 24, Rachel about the age of 10, Ned about the age of 5, the “last three being Hannah's children,” Enoch about the age of 4, Hannah about the age of 2, both the children of Savior…” to Leven POWELL

(Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

6 Apr 1791 Indenture, April 6, 1791. Isaac HITE and Harriet HITE, his wife, of Jefferson County, to Leven POWELL of Loudoun County, for 4,000 £, the following, to-wit, one of 250 acres in Jefferson County on the waters of Chenowiths Run, a branch of Floyds Fork, part of 1,000 acres patented to John Peyton HARRISON and conveyed by him to HITE on April 6, 1791, bounded by John MINOR, Joseph COMBS, and John MAY as assignee of McCARTY. Also 250 acres in Jefferson County on Chenowiths Run, part of 1,000 acres patented to Joseph COMBS and by COMBS conveyed to HITE on April 6, 1791, adjoining the first tract. Also 162 acres in Nelson County, part of 1,000 acres granted to John Peyton HARRISON, conveyed by HARRISON to HITE on April 6, 1791. Also 338 acres in Nelson County on the east fork of Simpson Creek, patented to said HARRISON and by him conveyed to HITE on the same date, beginning at Clough OVERTON and Waller OVERTON'S corner, thence northeast. Also 120 acres in Nelson County, part of 1,000 acres patented to Matthew HARRISON and Cuthbert HARRISON and by them conveyed to HITE on April 6, 1791, on Simpsons Creek. Also 250 acres in Jefferson County, part of 1,000 acres patented to Nancy THOMPSON and conveyed to HITE on the same date, bounded by RICHEY. Also 250 acres in Jefferson County, part of 1,000 acres patented to Samuel THOMPSON and conveyed to HITE April 6, 1791, on the Kentucky River, adjoining the last tract, bounded by RICHEY. Also 250 acres on the waters of Cox's Creek, part of 1,000 acres patented to William MITCHELL and conveyed to HITE on the same date, beginning corner to Isaac COX in David COX'S line, thence southwest. Also 466 acres in Nelson County on waters of Simpsons Creek, part of 2,000 acres patented to Leven POWELL and conveyed by him to HITE on March 10, 1791, beginning corner to Cornelius DARKE opposite the mouth of Turkey Run, bounded by William TRUAX, William McCASHLAND, the mouth of Plumb Run, David COMBS, and Matthew and Cuthbert HARRISON. Witnessed by J. CHAMBERS, Stephen ORMSBY, George J. JOHNSTON, J. BUSH, George WILSON and William ROBERTS. Recorded June 13, 1791.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Kentucky Court of Appeals Deed Books Vol. IV Ky Records Series Vol. 9 by Michael L. Cook, CG and Bettie A. Cook, CG, pg. 338)

Notes: Matthew and Cuthbert HARRISON were brothers of Sarah, wife of Levin POWELL, and Elizabeth, wife of Joseph COMBS per Cuthbert's Family Bible. See also Joseph COMBS' 1784-6 patent on Plumb Run of Simpson Creek in Nelson Co, KY.

20 April 1791 Will of Richard WHITE; Wife Rebekah; sons: Benjamin, William, Daniel, Joseph, Samuel WHITE; executors: Wife, sons Benjamin and Daniel; Witness: Samuel Combs, George NIXON, Abel Janney; Proved on the oaths and securities of George Nixon, Samuel Combs;

(Source: Loudoun Co., VA Will Bk D; 1788-1793; p.190-192)

May 1791 (Loudoun Co VA Will Book “C” 1783 1788, Page 39) Inventory. Jonathan NIXON. Apprs: George NIXON, Samuel COMBS, Abel JANNEY.

("Index to Loudoun Co. VA Wills 1757-1850,” Hutchison)

Notes: Jonathan NIXON was the brother-in-law of Mary COMBS, 1st wife of Jonathan's brother, George NIXON.

August 13, 1791 According to an order of Loudoun Co., VA being first duly qualified, we whose names are under written have viewed and appraised the personal property of Richard WHITE, deceased, ……; George TAVENOR, Blakestone JANNEY, Joshua GORE, Benjamin Mead; At a court held for Loudoun County September the 12th 1791. This inventory & appraisement of the estate of Richard White deceased was returned into court to be ordered. Later information shows the will as dated July 1791, but proved on 9 Feb 1818 with witnesses: Wm CARR, Thomas CARR, and Joel NIXON. (Source: Loudoun Co., VA Will Bk D; 1788-1793; p.190-192)

SE Note: The land Samuel Coombs obtained in 1761 adjoined that of Richard WHITE among others.

September 12, 1791 Loudoun Co, VA Court. Ordered that George WHARTON pay unto Jacob REED John NORTON & Samuel DAVIS twenty five pounds of Tobacco each for their -?- the Arbitrators as -? ?- of James DOUGHERTY. A Lot of hands to work on the road from Canbys Mill to Peter Hanas warehouses -?- C? ONEALE James FITZSIMINDS Conrad LUKEY John LUKES hands John BOLING Peter HUNTMAN Samuel CANBYS hands George FOX William WILKINSON Ambrose FOXS hands Mahlon COMBS John COMBS William LUDDETH (SUDDETH?) Joseph FOX Richard LATHAN William CANWELL Matthew RUSTS hands and Elijah M? hands, And Ordered that Mahlon COMBS be Appointed Surveyor thereof in the room of John WILLIAMS who is discharged from that Place and that he keep the same in lawful repair.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from courthouse copies)

October 8th 1792 Loudoun Co, VA Court. Ordered that Samuel COMBS be appointed Overseer of the Road from George NIXON mill to the road of Edmund PHILIPS and he keep the same in lawful repair and the usual hands are ordered to work thereon.

11 Oct 1794 Deed from Samuel and wife Elizabeth to Andrew Redmond, 140 acres for 25 pounds, also a small lot of land adjoining same containing 1 acre 3 roods and 1 pole bought of William and Abigail HOLMES 12 June 1786

(Source: Original: LC DBV:432).

Note: This would be Elizabeth WILLIAMS, the second wife of Samuel Coombs.

1797 - 1801 (Loudoun Co, VA WBF:221) Will of George NIXON. Rebekah NIXON, Dau. Sarah WHITE, Dau. Patty TAVENDER, Dau. George TAVENDER, Son-in-law. Hannah NIXON, Dau. Joseph WHITE, Son-in-law. Elizabeth WHITE, Dau. John NIXON, Son, <21. Ann MYERS, Dau. Peggy HARRIS, Dau. Ruth NIXON, Gr-Dau., dau. of Jonah, <21. Joanner NIXON, Gr-Dau., dau. of Jonah, <21. Nancy NIXON, Gr-Dau., dau. of Jonah, <21. Jonah NIXON, Gr-Son, son of Jonah, <21. George NIXON, Gr- Son, son of Jonah, <21. Jonah NIXON, Son, dec'd. Georg NIXON, Son. Mary NIXON, Wife. Thomas FOUCH, Wit. James CARUTHIS, Wit. William HALL, Wit. Daniel WHITE, Wit.

("Index to Loudoun County, Virginia Wills 1757-1850” by Hutchison)

Notes: See 1787 re George NIXON whose first wife was a Mary COMBS per Nixon Researchers (their source unknown). Witness Thomas FOUCH m 8 Jun 1779, Sarah COMBS, d/o John & Alice JOLLY Combs.

18 Jan 1797 (Loudoun Co VA Marriage Bonds) John COMBS of Loudoun Co VA and Nancy VINNANDER, a widow. Signed by John and Mahlon COMBS [his brother]. John and Nancy were married in Loudoun by “George RAWSEL, a minister of the Gospel.”

(Marriage Bond and 6 Apr 1854 Declaration of Nancy COOMBS, RW Pension File of John COOMBS, s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways).

Notes: Nancy GREEN was married first on 02 Jan 1794 in Loudoun Co, VA to George VENANDER by John LITTLEJOHN, Methodist Minister.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Combs O'Dell from Virginia Historic Marriage Register, Loudoun County Marriages, 1760-1850 revised edition with index, compiled by John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr: Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia - p 237

Dec [??] 1793 (dated) - Dec 10, 1798 (recorded). Loudoun Co VA Records. Joseph CLAGGETT and wife Elizabeth to Mahlon COMBS, 4-½ acs in Loudoun Co, VA. Wits. included Stacy HAINS.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews from the Merry Stacy Research Papers; June 12, 1968 Research of Mrs. D.F. Hardesty of Frederick Co., VA for Mrs. Joseph E. Stacy of Sacramento, CA)

Dec. 1798 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B&S, Z, f. 34: Josiah and Elizabeth CLAGETT to Mahlon COOMBS 4 ½ acres for L15. Wit: Bernard TAYLOR, Stacy HAINS, Philip VANSICKLER.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont) See also 1809.

10 Dec 1798. Loudoun Co, VA Records. Bernard TAYLOR to Mahlon COMBS. Wits. included Stacy HAINS. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews from the Merry Stacy Research Papers; June 12, 1968 Research of Mrs. D.F. Hardesty of Frederick Co., VA for Mrs. Joseph E. Stacy of Sacramento, CA) See also 1806 Loudoun Land of Mahlon.

See below from VSLA website.


GRANTEE Combs, Mahlon. grantee.

DATE 2 September 1806.

NOTE Location: Loudoun County.

NOTE Description: 3 acres on the waters of Goose Creek, adjoining Hough, Studdarth &c.

NOTE Source: Northern Neck Grants A, 1722-1726, p. 39 (Reel 290).

NOTE Recorded survey available. Northern Neck Surveys No. 6, 1802-1809, p. 247 (Reel 317).

NOTE Original survey exists.

NOTE Part of the index to recorded copies of land grants issued by the agents of the Fairfax Proprietary between 1690 and 1781 and by the Commonwealth between 1786 and 1874. Original and recorded surveys are also indexed when available. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311.

OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Surveys, 1-6, A-E, reels 312-320.

Extracted from the VSLA Website by Denise Mortorff

10th day 12th month 1798 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B & S Z f 36. 8 acres for L14 from Bernard and Sarah TAYLOR to Mahlon COOMBS. Wit: Stacy HAINS, Joseph GARRETT, George NIXON, Jr.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont)

28 Sep 1799 (Fairfax Friends Monthly Meeting, Loudoun Co, VA) Sarah RICHARDSON (now COMBS) married out of unity 28 Sep 1799, and on 23 Nov 1799 was dismissed for both the marriage and for holding slaves

(Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI, Virginia, W. W. Hinshaw, 1950, GPC Reprint, 1993, p. 335)

Notes: Baalis COMBS married 28 Sep 1799, Frederick Co MD, Sarah RICHARDSON (according to several Marriage CDs - marriage record still needed), and Balis COMBS is on the 1800 Frederick census. The ancestry of Baylis is unknown, although he is thought by some to have been the s/o a Joseph COMBS who d in 1804 in Prince George's, and a Miss Elizabeth BAYLES, d/o a Capt. William BAYLES of Loudoun Co, VA. Also note that no William BAYLES (or any of the numerous variant spellings) has been found in Loudoun Co, VA tax lists during the period 1758-1786; however, there is a William BAYLES of early Prince William Co, VA.

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