Loudoun County was organized on 01 Jul 1757 from Fairfax Co VA. So far as is known, no Combs were already residing in Loudoun at this time (research in progress). Two (Church of England) parishes were part of Loudoun Co, VA: Cameron and Shelburne (See Virginia Parish Histories and Descriptions).

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From Colonial Families of the United States, Vol III by Geo. Norbury Mackenzie, 1912, pages 46-47, giving the history and lineage of the Boogher family:

Nicholas BOOGHER III, b. 27th June, 1801, in Frederick Co., Md.; d. 7th July, 1886; m. 9th Dec. 1823, Rebecca Davis Coombs, b. 9th Oct. 1804, d. 15th Dec. 1873, dau. of Bayles and Sarah (Richardson) Coombs. The colonial ancestry of Rebecca Davis Coombs is as follows:

Bayles Coombs, b. 1763, in Loudoun Co, Va., was the son of Joseph Coombs, of Prince George's Co., Md., and Elizabeth BAYLES, dau of Capt. William BAYLES, of the French and Indian War. Joseph Coombs, b. 1740, d. 1804, in Prince George's Co., MD., was the son of Andrew Coombs (1712-1774) and his wife, Miss CLEMENTS. Four of the son of Joseph Coombs served in the Revolutionary War.

Andrew Coombs was the son of Richard Coombs, Sr. (1675-1752), of Charles Co., the progenitor of the family as far as traced. Sarah RICHARDSON Coombs was the dau. of Richard RICHARDSON, Jr., and Mary PIERPONT; and granddau. of Richard Richardson, Sr., and Margaret COLE; and great-granddau. of William RICHARDSON, Jr., and Margaret SMITH; and great-great-granddau. of William RICHARDSON, Sr., and Elizabeth EWEN.

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