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In 1650, Old Charles and Ann Arundel Cos MD were created, both from St. Mary's; in 1654, St. Mary's name was changed to Potomac; Ann Arundel's name was changed to Providence; Old Charles was abolished; and the county of Patuxent was created from Old Charles, a portion of St. Mary's, and non-county territory. In 1658, Potomac Co was abolished, and from it were created New Charles and New St. Mary's. New Charles Co encompassed none of the territory of Old Charles Co, but new St. Mary's was actually a renaming of Potomac, and she regained all of her old territory except that part which became New Charles Co. In 1696, Prince George's was created from Charles and Calvert.

The earliest Combs of record in Charles County is Phillip COMBES, who witnessed a deed in 1656 when Charles was still "West St. Marie's" (western St. Mary's County), and who is also found in St. Mary's and Calvert Counties. Phillip was transported by Thomas STONE (s/o Gov. William and Verlinda GRAVES Stone) and in 1658 transported his wife, Elizabeth. Next to appear was Abraham COMBE of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and St. Mary's County, father of Sarah who married Robert CLARKE (although Abraham is only found of record in the county after his death). In 1676 arrived Richard COOMBES (who is said to have married one Ann SHIRCLIFFE), but about whom, early records are as sparse as for Phillip and the late Abraham, despite his having apparently lived in Charles county for almost seventy years.

Whether any of these early Combes were kin to each other is not yet known, but a study of Charles County's records (still incomplete) certainly includes a startling number of coincidences if they were not... and not just relative to neighboring St. Mary's and Calvert Counties, but also the more distant Talbot (See Col. Peter SAYERS and the Coomes Purchase tract).

Our Special Thanks to Coomes Researcher Carol Collins for her tremendous work on Coomes Land of Charles County. Unless otherwise noted, all Coomes Land Patents and Coombs/Coomes Land Records for Charles County were transcribed by Carol and contributed to the Combs &c. Research Group and the Charles County, MDGenWeb.

See Bennett and Dorothy COMBS and Francis and Charity WOOD Coomes, both of whom are thought to have come from Charles County.

See also Earliest Combs to Maryland and the Maryland Publick Levy Act of 1678 (from which Abraham, Phillip and Richard are all missing, of course). Continue to Charles Co, MD Records

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