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1800 Charles Co MD Census

Page 94
COOMES, Clare: 10000-02201-0-07
COOMES, Teresa: 10110-31000-0-20

Page 95
COOMES, Jane: 00010-23010-0-4

Page 96
COOMES, Charles: 01010-20100-0-8
COOMES, Sarah: 00200-00121-00
COOMES, Thomas W.: 00001-00001-0-12
(Census CD - unreliable source!)
19 May 1800 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-3, p. 205) Deed of trust. Benjamin CAWOOD to Charles COOMES, both of Charles Co., application of said Benjamin CAWOOD to the honourable Alexander Contee HANSON, chancellor of the state of Md, for the benefit of the act of Assembly for the relief of sundry insolvent debtors, the said chancellor on the 22 Oct. 1799 was pleased to appoint Charles COOMES trustee on behalf of the creditors of Benjamin CAWOOD; Benjamin executed a deed for all his property, debts, rights and claims - Benj. given 5 shillings; wit: WH MCPHERSON, I MARBURY

CW Note: On p. 219 of this liber is record of division of Charles County into districts. 
1803 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-5, p. 506) Deed of Gift. Thomas Wharton COOMES of Charles County to son, Charles COOMES for love and affection and £500, slaves and increase: Ben, Nell, Sam, Dick, Luke, Minty, Handley, Fillis and child; Elizabeth and Delia.
1801 Premarital agreement between William BROOKS and Dorothy COOMES (MD Jesuit Records, Box: 35 Fold: 4) Note: Not known which County. Most likely either Charles or St. Mary's, but see also Prince George's.
1804 Charles Co MD. Died: Thomas Wharton COMBS. (Source? Extant Will? Other records?)

16 Feb. 1807. (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-5, p. 278) William MCPHERSON to Joseph GREEN. Byerwood. Dalreadies Addition. 10 shillings - in consideration of the sum of £450 current money due from MCPHERSON to GREEN in reserve of Panquiah Manor, surveyed by Joseph OWEN 5 July 1795 = 258 acres, 2 roods, 24 perches. Wit: Thomas ROGERSON, Ignatius SEMMES. 
12 May-13 May 1807 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-5, p. 347) Basil and Josiah SMITH, two of heirs of Walter SMITH, house carpenter, to James R. GREEN. $1000: their right etc. being 2/3 of Smith Venture = 70 acres; Fox's Den 3 roods, 17 perches; 2/3 of late Walter SMITH'S, father to said Basil and Josiah, his part of Spye Park, the Fox's Den and Smith's Help. beg: stump (beggining Spy Park) and near first line of Meadows - with Meadows W58o42'E 76 perches - N 42o42'E 40 perches - W 50o42' 33 perches - S 40o18'E 22 perches, then leaving the Meadows W 70oE 131 perches to end of last line of Cooms Hunting Place - line reversed S 71o36'E 32 perches - leaving Coomes Hunting Place N 40o21'W 17 perches to stone fon boundary of Bennett HAMILTON'S land - N 58oW 25 perches 9 links to locust post beginning of Foxe's Den and Smith's Help - with first line of Fox's Den N 73o18'W 60 perches - leaving Fox's Den W 47o45'E 7 perches to end of 5th line of a deed from Richard COOMES, etc. to Walter SMITH - reversing N 38o6'E 4 perches - N 33o36'E 45 perches - N 24o54'W 69 perches til it intersects with third line of Coomes Delight - with Coomes Delight 57o12'W 62 perches - S 52o12'W 36 perches - S 70o57'W 82 perches - leaving Coomes Delight N 29oW 22 perches to first line of Coomes Purchase - reversing S 51o51'W 125 perches to small box oak at beginning of Coomes Purchase - to beginning - lately resurveyed for 158 acres 3 rood 21 perches - in fee simple. Land devised by William COOMES to Winifred SMITH. Wit: Ben DOUGLAS, Ignatius SEMMES. Wife of Basil: Elizabeth Hetty.
12 May-13 May 1807 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-5, p. 251) Raphael Haskins BOARMAN to Basil SMITH, Josiah SMITH and John SMITH, heirs of Walter SMITH, desc. Smith's Venture. Walter SMITH purchased the said land for £100 before he died; sons pd 5 shillings - 70 ac, 3 rood, 17 perches. Wit: James NEALE of B; Ignatius SEMMES.
1810 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-9, p. 177) Charles COOMES to George H. SPALDING (CC: JB-9 totally destroyed)

1810 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-9, p. 180) Charles COOMES to George H. SPALDING (CC: JB-9 totally destroyed)

1810 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-9, p. 186) James COOMES from Ann CLEMENTS to (CC: JB-9 totally destroyed)
1810 US Census Index, Charles Co MD

P. 102
Charles COOMES
P. 109
P. 119
Ignatius COOMES
26 Nov 1814 (Nelson Co KY Will Book C, page 521) Will of Joseph alias Josiah SMITH, decd. Statement of Horacia OSBURN said J. SMITH was a private soldier in Capt Martin HAWKINS Co in 17th Regiment of US Infantry, being about to depart this life, the 26rh day of November 1814 and being in his proper senses, requested said OSBURN to certify to said SMITH'S friends that he willed his worldly goods to Charles COOMES wife, his sister, living in Nelson Co, KY, part consisting of horse, saddle and bridle and all the money left by this decendent in the hands of said COOMES and all negro property in the State of Maryland; and then willed the balance of any property, real and personal, to his brother Roger SMITH of Nelson Co., KY, Prob 22 Apr 1817 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Jean Smallwood from "Abstracts of Wills 1785-1820, Nelson Co., KY," compiled by Nelson Co Historical Society)

Although the above record does not apparently so state, possibly because this nuncupative will was probably taken outside Charles Co, MD during the War of 1812, the properties held by Josiah SMITH were probably in Charles Co, MD. Charles COOMES, s/o Thomas Wharton COOMES, and the same who follows? 
16 May-18 June 1816 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-11, p. 351) Charles COOMES of Nelson Co., Ky. to William Penn FORD of Charles Co., Md. for $600 US. Coomes Purchase - 100 ac; Wharton's Purchase, 50 ac; Wharton's Chance, 18 ac. wit: William BROWNER, H. CLAGGETT. Recorded at request of George H. SPALDING. (Land Records of Charles Co. - Coombs/Coomes family, Transcribed and contributed by Carol Collins, and provided to the Charles Co MD GenWeb Archives. See Copyright Restrictions)
25 March 1816 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB -11, p. 451) Sarah COOMES to Daniel RENNER of Washington DC for $10 - all real estate of her late brother, Thomas JENKINS, desc., - her share in Charles and Prince Georges Co.; wit: Dan SMALLWOOD, George H. SPALDING. (at the request of George H. SPALDING)

Sarah, widow of Joseph, d 1779?
19 Aug 1818-20 Aug. 1818 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-12, p. 434) Jane COOMS, Alley COOMS, Teresa COOMS, Ann Matilda COOMS, Nicholas COOMS, all of Charles Co. to William P. FORD of Charles Co. - $462. The Addition = 77 acres (CC Note: Teresa, Ann Matilda and Nicholas signed their names, Jane and Alley did not - used mark). Wit: Thomas ROGERSON, Wilson SMOOT

29 Feb.-10 Aug. 1820 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-13, p. 465) Aloysius COOMES; Stanislaus and Maria COOMES, his wife; William COOMES; James JOHNSON and Mary, his wife: all of Charles Co. to Basil SPALDING for $3457.50 = Two Partners (part of two tracts): 1) beginning at marked willow oak on small branch leading into main branch of Portobacco Creek - S 69oW 129 perches, 20 links to bound hickory, the 2nd bound tree of Greens Inheritance - S 73o12'W 32 perches - S 11o12'W 7 perches - N 76o57'E 34 perches - S 34ol48'E 158 per - S 1o12'W 20 perches - S 46o48'E 40 perches - N 47o30'E 7 perches to stone where formerly stood marked poplar in small branch being beginning of Mary MILES part of the Two Partners - up branch to marked maple - S 80o48'E line of above Mary MILES land 33 perches to stone where formerly stood a marked red oak - S 58o45'E 80 perches to stone - N 7o12'E 30 perches - N 52o48'W 15perches - N 41o48'W 64 perches - N 13o12'E 34 perches - N 44o48'W 94 perches - N 47o18'W 49 perches to beginning = 283 acres and one rood.

2): beginning "A" of part of Two Partners as deeded by William COOMES Sr. to William COOMES Jr. - S 69oW 129 perches 30 links to bound hickory, - the second bound tree of Greens Inheritance - N 13oW 131 perches to cedar, the beginning of Spy Park - N 56oE 16 perches 12 links - S 63oE 11 perches 20 links to mulberry - S 63oE 132 perches to stone between William COOMES and Richard COOMES, then N 6oW 9 perches 18 links to stone - E 81 perches 14 links to stone - S 44o30'E 39 perches 123 links to stone - S 30oW 16 perches - N 47ol18'W 49 perches - to beginning = 62 acres, 2 roods. Wit: Thomas ROGERSON, Thomas B. TUBMAJ. 

1820 US Census Index, Charles Co MD
P. 213
William COOMES

P. 214

P. 215
Leonard COOMES

P. 217
Aloesius COOMES

15 March-24 March 1821 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-14, p. 96) Aloysius COOMES to Basil SPALDING. Aloysius COOMES owes Basil SPALDING $200 - sold young negro woman, Henny, about 20 years old, unless bill paid by July1. Wit: Donald SMALLWOOD.

1 Aug. - 14 Dec. 1820. (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-14, p. 31) (CC: Repeat of IB-13, pp. 465 for legal purposes). Nancy, wife of Aloysius COOMES, Maria, wife of Stanislaus COOMES; Aloysius COOMES, Stanislaus COOMES, William COOMES, Mary COOMES, co-heirs of William COOMES to Basil SPALDING. Two Partners.

6 Aug. 1821 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-14, p. 209) Leonard COOMES to Sarah Ann and Eleanor COOMES. $2500 - parts of Two Partner Resurveyed, the Meadows and Gore = 178 acres, 3 roods, being land which his father owned and possessed at time of his death and Leonard takes at valuation of commissioners, plus one negro man, Charles, woman, Judy, other, Josias; household and kitchen furniture, 15 head black cattle, 20 head sheep, 2 bay horses, 1 sorrel horse, 1 black mule, plantation utensils. Wit: Alexander SAMPLER, Thomas B(URGESS?)

12 March 1822 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-14, p. 474) Leonard COOMES to Sarah Ann and Eleanor COOMES - $300 - tenants in common - not joint tenants above.... wit: John C. LAYMAN, Alexander SAMPLER

1830 US Census Index, Charles Co MD
3rd District
P. 146
Alaysius COOMES
P. 147

2 Jan. 1832 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-19, p. 475) Nicholas COOMES of Charles Co. to Alley COOMES, Teresa Ann COOMES and Ann Mitilda COOMES of same, $575 US - his right to Green's Inheritance - 170 acres, descended to him after death of father, Joshua COOMES; Wit: Charles MCCANN, MoB LAWSON, no wife. recorded at request of John SPALDING) SW: Matilda

In re Nicholas COMBS, while they proliferate among the East KY Combs, they are rare amongst the "Catholic Coomes" families. According to "The Pension Lists of 1792-1795 with other Revolutionary War Pension Records," compiled by Murtie Jane Clark, GPC, Baltimore:

COMBS,Nicholas, Private. 1st Maryland Regiment, Claim Adjustment, Interest Date: Jun 1, 1781; amount: 136.39. Type: a; Cert. Date: Jan 18, 1796. Statement No. 7550, Act of 1792.

Who is this Nicholas COMBS? Did he die young? Perhaps during the Revolution? The only Nicholas found in Maryland records thus far is the  too-young Nicholas, s/o Joshua, gs/o Joseph & Sarah (JENKINS?); and ggs/o William and Winnifred ENZEY Combs. Another possible "clue" might be the Nicholas COMBS, s/o Unknown and Ann RICE Combs of Breckinridge Co KY.

1832 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-20, p. 39) Nicholas COOMES from Benjamin T. DULANEY 

22 July - 25 July 1835 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-21, p. 554 ) Nicholas COOMES to Teresa A. COOMES both of Charles Co.; $200 US all rights to Greens Inheritance, which said land descendd to him after the death of his father, Joshua COOMES, together with everything... wit: Geo. R. SPALDING, Saml C. MCPHERSON; no wife.

1847 (WM-2, p. 252-4) Joseph W. COOMES etc. to Francis C. GREEN

1847 (WM-2, p. 385) Ignatius COOMES to Washington F. LANCASTER

1855 (JS-1, p. 248) Wm. & Grace A. COOMES to Hezekiah E. WILLETT

1858 (JHC-1, p. 26) Wm. & Grace A. COOMES from Elizabeth BURCH

1858 (JS-2, p. 286) Wm. & Grace COOMES to Wm. BEAN

1859 (JHC-1, p. 153) Joseph W. & Sarah COOMES to Thomas G. ROBEY

1860 (JHC-1, p. 251) Nicholas COOMES to Elizabeth DUFFY

1870 (GAH-2, p. 438) Emily L. COOMBE from James F. MATTHEWS

1870 (GAH-2, p. 439) Emily L. COOMBE to Agnes DARROW

1870 (GAH-2, p. 439) James G. COOMBE to Agnes DARROW

1873 (GAH-4, P. 48) Thomas R. COOMBE to E. WILLS

1875 (GAH-4, p. 531) Thomas R. COOMBE to John GRINDER

1880 (BGS-4, p. 451) Robert COOMBS from Joseph FORREST (mort)

1895 (JST-8, p. 29) Mary COOMBS to Frederick STONE (mort)

1895 (JST-8, p. 215) George COOMBS fr. L. Allison WILMER, Atty

1895 (JST-8, p. 219) George COOMBS to Frederick STONE (mort)

1899 (BGS-9, p. 455) Martha COOMBS fr. Charles M. BERRY