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Warning! This is a new report and we've just "tumbled" some records in here, mostly re Coomes Purchase and Allen's Mill, and much more than just Combs, but see most land records still filed in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s for more... Sorry! We got carried away with Phillip Combes, Coomes Purchase and Allen's Mill. See also Green's Inheritance and Christian Temple Manor

Coomes Purchase
As is seen in the records of the 1600s, in 1669 Phillip COMBES was granted 150 acres of land, presumably the transport land for himself, wife Elizabeth and servant Sarah HOWGATE, and presumably the below-described Coomes Purchase which he apparently leased in 1670 to John ALLEN:
10 Oct 1670 - Nov 1672 Charles County Court Proceedings (Maryland Archives, Vol. 60:419-420)
Att a Court held in Charles County for the Lord Propryetary on the Second tuesday in Novembr 1672, Comishoners prsent: Mr Hen: Adams Mr Zachary Wade Mr Jno Stone Mr Ignatius Causine Mr Jno Bowles Mr Will: Barton Mr Robt Henly Mr Tho: Hussy Mr Jno Douglas
Philip COOMES acknowledgeth this ensueing parcell of Land unto Mr Jno ALLEN

This Indenture made the tenth day of Octobr in the one & fortieth yeare of the Dominion of Caecilius Annoq Dmi one thousand Six hundred seventy Betweene Philip COOMES of St Maryes County in the Province of Maryland plantr of the one part and John ALLEN of the County of Charles County of the other part Witnesseth that the said Philip COOMES as well for & in consideracon of the sume of three thousand pounds of tobacco in Cask to him in hand paid the receipt whereof the said Philip COOMES doeth hereby acknowledge, and thereof and of every part & parcell thereof doeth hereby absolutely accquitt and discharge the said ALLEN his heyres Executrs Adminrs & assignes by these prsents give grant Bargaine Sell enfeofee & confirm unto him the Said John ALLEN his heyres & assignes forever all that parcell of land Called by the name of Coomes Purchase lyeing in Charles County & Begining at a Bounded oke Standing on the west side of Wickcowcomaco [Wicomico] maine fresh and adjoyneing to the land of John COATES the bounds of the said COATES & runing along wth the said land East Sixty five pches to a bounded oke thence South and South east one hundred & nynety pches to a bounded oke Standing in a Swamp thence west and by South one hundred & twenty pches to a bounded oke Standing by the path side thence bounding of the land of John COATES and Allexander SMITH untill it comes to the first bound tree containeing and now laid out for one hundred & fifety acres more or less granted to him the said COOMES and now in the Tenure or occupacon of him the said John ALLEN together Wth all the benefitts thereunto belonging or in any way appertaineing, To Have & To Hold the sd parcell of Land & all & Singular the Before bargained. prmisses unto him the said John ALLEN his heyres & assignes forever & to the onely pp use & behoofe of him the Said John his heyres and assignes forever, and I the Said Philip COOMES doe for my Selfe my heyres Executrs & Admrs Covenant pmise grant & agree to & the said John ALLEN his heyres & assignes tht I the said COOMES my heyres Executrs & Admrs the Said parcell of Land and all other the before bargained prmisses unto him the said John ALLEN his heyres & assignes agt all persons wtsoever Shall & will warrt & forever defend by these prsents the Rents & Services hereafter to become due to the Lord Propryetary for the same allwayes Excepted & foreprized & farther that the Said Philip COOMES his heyres and assignes Shall from tyme to tyme & at all tymes hereafter dureing the Space of Seven yeares at the reasonable request and at the propper cost and charge of him the Said John ALLEN, in the law his heyres & assignes make doe execute & Suffer and cause to be made don executed & Suffred all and every Such farther act or acts thing or things devise or devises assureance or assureances wtsoever requesite in the prmisses For the better assureing and more Sure makeing of the said bargained prmisses unto him the Said John ALLEN his heyres and assignes forever, Bee it by enrollmt of these prsents Fyne Feofmt or otherwise, or by any other Such lawfull way or meanes, as by him the Said John ALLEN his heyres and assignes or his or theyre Councell Learned in the Law Shall be reasonably devised advised or required; In witness whereof the parties above written have Sett theyre hands & Seales the day & yeare first above written Philip COOMES (locus Sigilli)
Signed Sealed & delivered
in the prsence of Rich: EDLEN
Ed. Note: Phillip COOMES/COMBES did not apparently sell this land outright, but instead granted ALLEN an "eternal(?) lease." A lack of understanding of Maryland Land Laws precludes us from stating exactly what the status of the land ownership is. One John ALLEN was the Sheriff of Charles County in 1673 (Archives 60:preface 37), and deceased by 26 Aug 1678 (Provincial Court Proceedings, Archives 15:192). Not known if this is the same (and see below). Neighbor John COATS is aka Col. John COURTS, who married Charity HENLEY, d/o Robert; and and died testate in Charles about 1702. Charity HENLEY Courts married 2nd John F. CONTEE who died testate in Charles ca 1708, by which time she was already deceased. Charity COURTS, d/o John and Charity HENLEY Courts, married (1) Bayne SMALLWOOD and (2) John ROGERS, who married second, Elizabeth MASON, d/o Robert and Susannah BLACKISTON Mason of St. Mary's County. Also see Prince George's County where in 1699 the nephews of Robert and Sarah COMBS Clark (d/o Abraham COMBS) sold land to John COURT. Alexander SMITH not researched, but one record of possible interest:
28 Feb 1669/70 - 2nd Tue Aug 1673 Charles County Court Proceedings (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 60:504) In a certaine difference dependinge betweene Alexandr SMITH Plt & John ALLEN Defdt the Plt appeareinge in his pp person & the Defdt by Nicholas BEST his Attorny, The plt declares that he the Defdt Sold him a man Servt to serve five yeares accordinge to an obligacon hereafter menconed, which Servt was by ordr of Court sett free before he served the Plt fower yeares, for which he saith he is demnifled two thousand pounds of tobacco; the Defdt owninge his obligacon the Court doth Order him to pay the Defdt fifteene hundred pounds of tobacco & Costs for the want of Seaventeene months Service from his said Servant, the bill of Costs vizt:
To three dayes attendance at thirty p day allowed tobacco

Know all men by these prsents tht I Jno ALLEN of London Mercht doe acknowledge to have Sold unto Allexander SMITH of Charles County Planter a Man Servt named Keodrike LLOYD for the Terme of five Yeares wch I doe oblige my Selfe to make good unto the sd SMITH Mortallity excepted unto wch I doe truely bind my Selfe my heyres Executors & Admrs witness my hand & Seale this 28th of February 1669 Jno ALLEN (locus Sigilli) Teste Jno FANING Jno ROBERTS
Whereupon the Court gave judgmt agt ths Plt fur th Sume of fifeteen hundred pounds of tob for Seventeen monthes Service due to the Plt from the sd Man Servt Sold to him by the Deft wth costs of Suite as aforesd
In 1676, the records refer to 250 [sic] acres called Coomes Purchase as well as to the 700 acre tract Green Spring, which were leased to John WADE by Col. Peter SAYER of Talbot County for a period of three years (20 Jun 1676 to 19 Jun 1679), yet in the possession of John ALLEN:
20 Jun 1676 - 15 Jun 1678 Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings. At a court held on 15 Jun 1678... John WADE agt John SLYE. In Ejectmt. John SLYE late of St Maryes County was Attached to answer unto John WADE of a plea wherefore with force & armes one tract of land lying in Charles County called by the name of Coomes Purchase containing two hundred & fifty acres. Also one other tract of land called by the name of Green Spring lying in Calvert County containing Seven hundred acres with the appurtennces which Peter SAYER did Demise to the said John WADE for a terme which is not yet past he did enter, & him from the same did Eject & other harmes to him did to the damage of him the said John WADE & agt the peace &c

And whereupon the said John WADE by Kenelm CHESELDYN his Attorney complaineth, that whereas the said Peter SAYER the twentieth day of June, in the year of our Lord One thousand six hundred Seventy six [20 Jun 1676] did demise the said two tracts of land aforesaid with the appurtennces to him the said John WADE To have & to occupy to him & to his assignes from the said twentieth day of June aforesaid in the yeare aforesaid unto the end & terme of three yeares then next following fully to be compleat & ended By vertue of which Demise the aforesaid John WADE into the aforesaid two tracts of land did enter & so being thereof possessed with the appurtennces the said John SLYE afterwards to witt the 20th day of July in the yeare aforesaid with force & armes the said two tracts of land in forme aforesaid with the appurtenences demised for a terme not yet past did enter, & him from the same did eject & other harmes &c and agt the peace &c Whereupon the said John WADE saith he is damnified twenty thousand pds of tobacco & thereupon he bringeth his suite.

Unlesse the tenant in possession or they under whom he claimes appeare the next Provinciall Court to this Declaracon & make him or themselves Defendts thereunto, & by rule of Court confesse Lease entry & Ejectmt & insist only upon the title, the defendt in this Declaracon will confesse judgemt & possession will accordingly be delivered to the plaintiffe.

To Mr John ALLEN tenant in possession of the prmisses within menconed Now here att this day to witt the fifteenth day of June in the third yeare of the Dominion of Charles Lord Baltemore &c Annoq Doni 1678. came Wm WELLS of Charles County & made Oath in open Court, that he delivered to Mr John ALLEN tenant in possession of the prmisses a true copy of the abovesaid declaracon And the said John ALLEN being solemnly called appeared not neither by himselfe nor Attorney to defend the prmisses, whereupon the said John WADE by Kenelm CHESELDYN his Attorney on the behalfe of the Lessor Peter SAYER prayed that judgemt might be awarded agt the said John ALLEN by default And also prayed his Lopps Writt to cause him to have possession of the prmisses with the apptences & itt is granted unto him accordingly (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67:358-360)
What was the total size of the tract or tracts called Coomes Purchase? How did Peter SAYER acquire his interest? Did Phillip COMBES own more than 150? (There are earlier transport records for Philip. Did he buy more land earlier or later than the above-described 150 acres?). Is it coincidence that in Talbot County, Peter SAYER owned property adjacent to that of William and John COMBES? Is the above land at or near to Allen's Mill:
11 Apr 1678. Provincial Court Proceedings, 1677/8. Ordered by the Court, that the Justices of the peace for St Maryes County & Charles County doe forthwith meet together effectually to consult about mending the high way att the Mill lately called John ALLENS Mill att the head of Wiccommico river betwixt St Maryes & Charles County. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67:247)
In reference to the head of Wicomico, note the following:
5 Nov 1681Upper house of Assembly
Then read a Petition from Diverse the Inhabitants above the head of Wicocomoco River and Divers other parts of this Province Praying an Act of Assembly for Building houses Convenient by the Water Side for Sheltering Tobaccos of the Forresters either at the Charge of the Forresters or owners of the Land, by a Jury to be Asscertained at what rates

A Letter also to Mr CARVILE one of the Members of the Lower house to speak to the Same Subscribed by James BOWLING, Thomas MUDD, Richard LLOYD, William BOARMAN Junr, John DENT, William ROSEWELL, Thomas TURNER, Thomas MARSHALL, Abraham COOMBES, and Thomas GRUNWIN

Mr GERRARD being called Declares that he had already received Sufficient Damage by the Forresters bringing their Tobaccoes, by Seamen continually Lying at his house all the time of Shipping besides the Spoiling and throwing Down his Plantation and Fencing, that he had proposed unto them to Build them Houses Sufficient for Securing their Tobaccos, and be Answerable for the Same at ten pounds Tobacco pr hhd
The following incident occurred in Oct 1681, about the same time as the above petition. The records reference Phillip COMBES and Thomas MARSHALL of Allen's Mill who was apparently involved in Fendell's Rebellion of 1679 (or Lt. Godfrey's planned "break-out" of FENDALL... this not researched yet):
13 Jan 1681/2. Proceedings of the Council of Maryland. (Archives of Maryland) [69] Sr This Day at my house I haveing heard spoken by John BRACHER of our County of Thomas MARSHALL at the Mill, that he the said Thomas MARSHALL should some time about the Rebellion of Godfrey speake many dangerous & seditious words tending to the takeing away the life of your Ldspp and his honor the Chancelor now the said BRACHER pretends to me that he had acquainted your with the same long since onely he was ffearefull, not haveing untill now other proofe against him, but now prtends that he hath severall to proove the said words as namely John BROOKES, John PEMBROKE Philip COOMES and himself, who carried a message from parson PARIS (since absconded and in Virginia as I heare) to the sd Thomas MARSHALL, which MARSHALLS words to the said BRACHER were very mutinous & seditious in my apprehension; saying that he had fourty men at his Command and fourty more he was to have out of the Troope, and he would be the man that would call out your Ldsp to speake with him and kill him, and afterwards goe to the Chancelor and doe his business for him; and as for Esqr Calvert he should doe with him well enough, and asked said BRACHER whither he would be concerned with him in his party: My Lord heareing these words spoke, I thought it my Duty to acquaint your Excellency with it for feare at one time or other tht such Rebellious villains should doe some injury to your Ldspps person, I question not but if your ordrs the abovementioned persons to be examined, but that they will declare the thing at large and much more fully then I have inserted it as above, This I thought the Duty of a ffaithfull Servtt & Subject to performe heareing such thinges against soe worthy a Propr and deserve ing a person as your Ldsp and hope soe long as I live if I heare any such thinges against person or Governmt of your Ldsp that [70] God will give me the grace as to declare the same, soe long as he lives that is subscribed viz. Rt honble Sr Your humblest & ffaithfull subject & Servant Philip LYNES
To the Rt honble the Lord Propry humbly Present This p Edmund DERMOTT.

Underneath which Letter was thus written viz.
22th Febry 1681 The Chancelor is Desired to Command the Clk of the Councill John LLEWELLIN to draw warrant for the apprehending Thomas MARSHALL of Charles County to appeare the first day the next Provll Court afore the Councill also summons for John BRACHER,* John PEMBROKE, PHILIP COOMES, by the above Letter, there is mention made of two persons named John BRACHER* but for the certainty thereof the Chancelor may send to St Johns for DIERMOTT

To Mr George BUTTLER. C: Baltemore

* John BROOKE one should be

Wherevpon issued these following precepts to the Sheriff of Charles County viz.

Maryland ss:
Whereas Thomas MARSHALL of Charles County hath lately uttered and spoken diverse scandalous mutinous and seditious speeches agt his the Rt honble the Lord Propry of this Province tending not onely to the breach of his Ldspps peace and the disturbance of the Quiett Rule and Governmt of this Pro vince, but also to the takeing away the life of his said Ldsp and others of his honble Councill as to his hath been informed and sett forth.
You are therefore hereby willed and Required as also strictly charged & Comanded immediately upon sight hereof to apprehend and take into your custody the body of the sd Thomas MARSHALL and him safely keepe, soe that you have him before his Ldsp and Councill at the City of St Maries on Tuesday next the 28th instant to answer the premisses: Whereof faile not and for soc doeing this shall be your warrant Given at the sd City of St Maries the 23th Day of ffebruary in the Seaventh yeare of the Dominion of the Rt honble Charles &ca Annoq Dmi 1681:
Signed p ordr of the Rt honble the Lord Propry
p J Llewellin Cl Consil. This.

To Coll Wm Chandler high Sher. of Charles County or his Depty
[71] You are hereby willed and Required immediately upon sight hereof to summon John BRACHER John PEMBROKE and Philip COOMES of your County that all excuses sett apart they and every of them be and psonally appeare before his Ldsp and Councill at the City of St Maries on Tuesday next the 28th instant then and there to testifye and give Evidence according to the truth of their knowledge in behalfe of the Rt honble the Lord Proprs against THOMAS MARSHALL of your County also whereof they are not to faile at their perill Given at the City of St Maries the 23th Day of ffebruary in the seaventh yeare of the Dominion of the Rt honble Charles &Ca Annoq Dmi 1681:
Signed p ordr of the Rt honble the Lord Propry
p J Liewellin Cl Consil.
To Coll Wm Chandler high Sheriff of Charles County or his DeptY
(Archives of Maryland, 17:69-71)

22 Feb 1681/82 The Provincial Council issued summonses to John BRACHER, John PEMBROKE, Philip COOMES and John BROOKE in the matter of Thomas MARSHALL of Charles County, who was accused of having "lately uttered and spoken diverse scandalous mutinous and seditious speeches agt his the Rt honble the Lord Propry of this Province." The summonses were delivered by Coll. William CHANDLER, high sheriff of Charles County, and on 1 Mar 1681/2:

1 Mar 1681/2 At a Councill held at the City of St Maries the first Day of March Anno Dmi. 1681. The Rt honble the Ld Propry Philip Calvert Esqr Chancelor the honble William Calvert Esq Secry Coll Thomas Tailler Present
At wch time appeared According to summons Philip COOMBES, John PEMBROKE and John BRACHER who being severally by themselves examined gave in these following Depositions viz.

Philip COOMES upon Oath Examined saith that sometime in October last past or thereabouts he this Deponent being then very ill went to the Mill at the head of Wiccomico River to speake with Doctor GEORGE, whom this Deponent not finding there went into the Company of Thomas MARSHALL, who in his discourse in the heareing of this Deponent said he would be one of the fourty men (if he were well mounted) that should goe downe to take the Lord Propry and the honble Chancelor and kill them, for said he I have Letters now at this Present in the house, of other persons but they shall be nameless at this time, and I should not have said what I have said, but that I take you to be my ffriends all that are here.
Philip COOMES. signed

John PEMBROKE upon Oath Examined Saith that he heard Thomas MARSHALL in the presence of Philip COOMES John BROOKE and himself (being then altogether present in the Roome at the Mill) say that first he would goe to my Lord & kill him, and then downe to the Chancelor and for the rest he would doe well enough mark of John P PEMBROOKE

[81] Both the aforementioned Deponents being asked if the said MARSHALL were then in drink when he spoke those words Answered that he was not

John BRACHER upon Oath Examined saith that sometime last Summer neere the fall the Deponent haveing been at Alexander SMITHS house in Charles County to cutt a horse, went from thence to Mr HAWKINGS, from whence (after he had done his business) he also returned homewards, and Mr PARIS being then there called to this Deponent and bid him tell Mr MARSHALL that he was very angry with him that he had not heard any thing from him concerning that note he lately sent him, and that if he had any business that Required hast this Deponent should tell him that he the sd PARIS would that night lye at Ralph SHAWES; which Message this Deponent accordingly delivered to the sd MARSHALL whom he found lyeing downe upon the bed at the Mill, but rose up and asked the Deponent to pipe it, which this Deponent accepted and filled his Pipe, and in discourse the said MARSHALL broke out in this Manner, that he had fourty men ready, and fourty more he was to have out of the Troope, and he would goe downe to my Lord and call him out and kill him, and then to the Chancelor and kill him, and for the Esqr he did not much pass, or words to that effect. This Deponent then asked the said MARSHALL what he could propose to himself by these wayes the end whereof could not be expected other then hanging; the said MARSHALL replyed oh they would doe it for if they did not the Virginians would come and doe it, and that would proove an Idle business to lett strangers come and doe it for them. And told this Deponent at his Departure thus saying youle be hanged I warrant you before you'l be One. John BRACHER, signed

Thomas MARSHALL under the Custody of the Sheriff of Charles County is called in and the summe and substance of the foregoeing Evidences repeated to him who strongly denying the charge therein conteined, the same verbatim is ordered to be read distinctly to him which was done and he continued his Denyall
He is remanded into the Custody of the Sheriff of Charles County by him to be delivered up to the Sheriff of St Maries County when he comes to be safely kept in Irons untill the next Court according to the foll precept viz.
By the Lord Propry & Councill

Maryland ss:
You are hereby charged and Commanded forthwith upon sight hereof to Receive and take into your Custody the body [82] of Thomas MARSHALL herewith sent you apprehended for Mutinous and seditious speeches practices and attempts against his and him close and safely keepe bound in Irons soe that you have him before his Justices of the Provinciall Count at the next Provinciall Court to be holden at the City of St Maries. Whereof faile not at your perill and for soe doeing this shall be your warrant.

Dated at St Maries the first day of March in the Seaventh yeare of the Dominion of the Rt honble Charles &c. Annoq Dmi 1681:
Signed p ordr p J Llewellin Cl Consil.

To Major Wm Boareman high sheriff of St Maries County or his Deputy. These.

Ordered also that summons issue to the Sheriff of Charles County for John BROOKE to appeare next Court to give Evidence against the Prisoner viz.
By the Lord Propry & Councill
Maryland ss:
You are hereby willed and Required to summon John BROOKE of your County, that all excuses sett apart he be and personally appeare before his Ldspps Justices of the Provinciall Court at the next Provinciall Court to be holden for this Prov ince at the City of St. Maries then and there to testifye and give in Evidence the truth of his knowledge in behalf of the Rt honble the Ld Propry against Thomas MARSHALL also of your County. Whereof he is not to faile at his perill Dated the first day of March in the Seaventh yeare of the Dominion of the Rt honble Charles &Ca Annoq Dmi 1681:
Signed p ordr p J LLEWELLIN Cl Consil.
To Coll Wm CHANDLER high Sheriff of Charles County or his Deputy. These.

Ordered also that Philip COOMES John PEMBROKE and John BRACHER give Recogniza in the summe of twenty pounds sterl each to appeare next Provll Court to testifye against Thomas MARSHALL, wch accordingly they did in manner foll viz

Maryld. ss:
Memdu Philip COOMBES, John PEMBROKE, and John BRACHER acknowledge themselves to be holden and firmely bounden unto the Rt honble Charles Lord Baltemore Lord Propry of this Province of Maryland in the full and just summe of Twenty pounds sterling each of them to be leavyed of their goods and [83] Chattells lands and Tenemts to the proper vse and behoofe of the said Lord Propry his heyres & Assignes for Even upon condition following

That if the above bounden Philip COOMES, John PEMBROKE, and John BRACHER each for himself shall be and personally appeare before his Ldspps Justices of the Provinciall Court at the next Provinciall Court to be holden at the City of St Maries then and there to testifye and give Evidence according to the truth of their knowledge in behalf of the Rt honble the Lord Propry against Thomas MARSHALL of Charles County. Then the above Recognizance to be void and of noe effect otherwise to stand remaine and be in full force power and vertue in Law. Witness their severall and respective hands and Seales to this condition the said parties severally by them selves binding the first day of March 1681:
Philip COOMES (sealed)
John PEMBROKE mark of (sealed)
John BRACHER (sealed)
(Archives of Maryland, 17:80-83)
It is probably telling that Phillip COMBES did not himself report MARSHALL'S statements, but remained silent about them. The end of this story is not known yet (records either not extant or not searched). In 1682, however, the records tell us more of Marshall and Allen both:
14 Dec 1682 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 17:124)

To the Rt honble Charles absolute Lord & Propry of the Provs of Maryland & Avalon Ld Baron or Baltemore &ca

The humble Petition of Peter KIRWAN Francis BLAKE and James BODKIN Mrchants Esqr of the last will and Testamt of Dominick BODKIN Mrchant decd Most humbly sheweth That one John ALLEN of Charles County gentl being indebted to the said Dominick in the summe of 37200 lb tobo did for the security of repaymt thereof by his deed dated 5th Aprill 1674: mortgage to the sd Dominick a pcell of land called the Mill Damm, and the mills and houses thereon Erected, and thereunto belonging lyeing in Charles County aforesaid, and shortly afterwards the sd Dominick BODKIN made his will at Dunkirk dated the October 1674 and thereby made your Petrs Executors for the manageing all his affaires & concerns whatsoever for the drawing in of his Estate soe well in debts goods and mrchandizes Lands and houses, and all that should appertaine and belong unto him, which when done he gave to your Petr James his nephew in consideration of his good service 140 lb sterl, and after all his Debts and legacyes discharged, he gave the remaindr of his Estate to his wife & two Children to be equally divided betweene them, and he did further desire Mr Ralph GRANT decd: and your Petr James should manage all his Concernes in relation to his late voyage in this Province to whom he gave the same power as if he were liveing and presently after Dyed. That your Petrs prooved the sd will in the prerogative Court of Canterbury and gave a Letter of Attorney to Mr Richard FOOTE Mrchant of London to employ such a pson as he should think fitt in this Province to gett in the Debts due to the said Dominick BODKIN in this Province and in Virginia. That Mr FOOTE sent a Letter of Attorney to Coll Benjamin ROZER to looke after the same and. render accot to him That Coll ROZER finding the said Mortgage fforfeited for non paymt of the Debt 372001 tobo by due course of law obteined possession of the land Mills and houses, and received the profitts thereof for your petrs vse for some time That Coll ROZER hopeing to obteine the purchase of the said Mills & prmisses from your Petrs about 1: Aprill 1680: made a Covenant with one Samuel RASPIN to sell the same to him for [17:125] 22500 lb tobo if he could gett your Petrs to sell with a defeazance that if he could not procure a good Title from yor Petrs he would repay the 22500 lb tobo and pay RASPIN what charges he should be out in rebuilding and repaireing the Mills, RASPIN accounting for the profitts by him recd: RASPIN gave bond for payment of the 22500 lb tobo and entred into possession of the premisses, Hee employed Thomas MARSHALL Millwright about repaireing the same, and not long after RASPIN Dyed.

MARSHALL pretending RASPIN was indebted to him for his worke a considerable summe of Tobacco as principal1 Credito to RASPIN procured Letters of Admrcon of RASPINS Estate, which amounted to a very considerable value Sufficient to pay all RASPINS Debts with a great overplus: And to prevent the Mills and houses goeing to Decay (if not looked after) to the prejudice of the Executor of Dominick BODKIN, and the publick good, your out of your provident care for all was graciously pleased to ordr MARSHALL to continue in possession of the Mills and houses to looke after and repaire the same, till such time as the psons Interested came in, to whom he was to be accomptable & to deliver possession.

That your Petrs are the psons solely concerned in Law by said will to sell or dispose thereof for paymt of Debts and legacys, and other vses in the sd will, and your Petr James solely appointed for the managemt thereof here, that your Petr hath procured Letters Testamentary from your Ldsps Judge for probate of wills, and hath often demanded possession of the premisses of said MARSHALL, and an Accot of the profitts by him and RASPIN recd: being ready to discount and allow all just disbursemts That MARSHALL at first gave your Petr quiett possession of two Roomes belonging to the house there which your Petr kept a moneth or more, but since hath by evill Councill procured two Justices of Charles County to Impannell a Jury, and to present your Petr for a forceable Entry and Deteyner of the premisses, and the Jury not hearing your Petrs evidence found your Petr James had forceibly deteined the premisses.

That thereupon (your Petr being a stranger, and MARSHALL giveing out then and soe he doth still that he held the premisses by your LSPPS ordr and without that he would deliver possession to none, and your Petr flndeing himself soe hardly dealt with and kept out of his owne contrary to Justice) Your Petr by advice of his Councill hath been constrained (contrary to his Inclinations) to commence severall actions at law against the said MARSHALL first to recover his deed of Mortgage and Pattent for the said Land in MARSHALLS Custody,
2ndly an Accot of the profitts by him recd:
[126] 3dly for the profitts recd: by Raspin to whom he is Admr and
4thly an Ejectmt to recover possession; and being afraid MARSHALL might runn away out of this Province before your Petrs dues were paid or RASPINS Estate accompted for your Petr sued out a Ne exeat Provincia to stay his goeing till he gave security to answer the sd Actions.
That being arrested on the said writts he cannot find security but is now in the Sheriffes custody in the prison of Charles County, and yet he and his people continue to keepe possession of the said Mill, and receive the profitts thereof which is now very considerable, and will before your Petrs can bring the sd Actions to tryall in the Provll Court amount to a greate summe of Tobacco and the sd Mills and Mill Damm and houses are very much out of repaire, and if not speedily prevented the Damm will breake and the Mills be rendred useless, or at least cost a greate deale to repaire, and the sd MARSHALL not onely neglects to have the same repaired and amended, but hath also threatned with oathes in the prsence of your Petr and four other credible witnesses of the sd County, that if your Petr would not give him his Demands he would burne the Mills for he built them.
Now Forasmuch as your Petr is onely a Steward for Creditors Legatees, a widow and two Orphans, and your Petr hath a considerable duty of Debts & Legacies to discharge which cannot be paid without sale of the premisses; and if yor petr or some for him doe not looke after the same, they may in a short time (it is to be feared) stand in as much charge of repaireing as they are worth
Your Petr therefore humbly Implores your serious Consideration of yor Petrs case, and that your Ldsp will be pleased to ordr the said Mills to be putt into the possession of the sheriff of Charles County or one or two of the Justices of the peace liveing in St Maries or Charles County next adjoineing to the sd Mill, and that he or they and none else may receive the toll and profitts of the said Mill, and dispose thereof (till the determination of the accons aforesd) for the vse of such pson as by the Justices of the Provll Court shall adjudge such profitts to be paid unto, and that your Petr may retaine the possession of the two Roomes of which he was putt into possession by MARSHALL, and which he is still in possession off, that your Petr with the privacy and directions of the psons by yor Ldsp appointed as aforesd may the better oversee and see to the reparation of the Mills, Mill Damm, houses, Fences, and the prmisses aforesd
And your Petr as in Duty bound shall every pray &c.

[127] To which petition his was pleased to signifie his answer in this foll precept to Coll CHANDLER high sheriff of Charles County (viz)

Forasmuch as Thomas MARSHALL of Charles County haveing the charge of the Mills in the sd County is attached and taken into your Custody in severall actions, for which (as we are informed) he cannot find baile, by which meanes not onely the true Owners thereof but the Inhabitants in generall Customers thereunto may susteine greate damage: Wherefore to prevent and avoid as much as may be the greate Inconveniencies as well as the Clamors and Complaints that may arise thereby on both sides, Wee have thought fitt to Authorise and Empower, and we doe hereby Authorise and Empower as also will and Require you Coll William CHANDLER high Sheriff of the aforesaid County upon receipt hereof to select and make choice of some Sufficient able pson or psons in your said County to whom you may committ the care and charge of the said Mills, and to him to committ the same dureing the confinement of the said MARSHALL or untill he shall find baile, to the end that aswell the true Owners thereof (when they appeare) may receive a true and just accompt of the profitts and perquisites thereby accrueing, and that the Mills by reason of the greate floods or other accident may not receive damage for want of some carefull skilifull pson to take the charge thereof, as also that the Inhabitants may receive the benefitt of the sd Mills accustomed: For all which this shall be your sufficient warrant. Given at St Maries the twenty Sixth day of January Anno Dmi. 1682: C: Baltemore
To Coll Wm CHANDLER high sher. of Charles County These.
On 13 Mar 1684/5, the last record found of a Phillip COMBS in Maryland for the next 30-plus years is his appearance on the debtor's list of Samuel RASPIN:
13 Mar 1684/5 Charles Co MD Liber 8:245, #29603, #69873. The List of Debtors in the Estate Accounts of Samuell RASPIN included Philip COOMES. Administrator: Thomas MARSHALL. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland ,1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. K. Spillers)

20 Mar 1684 - 18 May, 1685. Will of Col. William CHANDLER. To son William at age, and hrs., 1,000 A. home plantation, 300 A. adjoining sd. plantation, and 200 A., part of "Greene Spring." To son Richard at age, and hrs., 250 A., "Round Hill," and 200 A., "Old Woman's Branch." To daus. Jane, Anne, and Mary, at 16 yrs. of age, 400 A., residue of "Green Spring." To wife Mary, execx., personalty. Test: Sam'l LUCKETT, Jno. LEMAIRE, Owen NEWEN. (4.112 Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)
Note: On Aug 1762, William COMBS, Sr., son of Richard COOMES, Sr., aged 62 (born ca 1700), deposed that 37-38 years [abt 1724-5] earlier he was at the locating of William CHANDLER'S tract, "Green Springs." That same date, his wife, Winifred ENSEY, age 54 (b ca 1708) deposed that she had lived "in Chandlers Land" from her infancy until she married.
1719 Charles Co MD. Thomas COOMBS purchased 100 acre tract Coombs Purchase, situated on the west side of Port Tobacco near "Green's Inheritance" and near Alexander HAMILTON'S plantation. (Combs Researchers Sharon Ray and Joe Lewis who add that this was Thomas, s/o Richard COOMBS, Sr.)

08-16 Mar 1747/8 (Charles County, Maryland Land Record Book Z No. 2, page 220) At request of John BIGGS, the following deed was recorded on March 16, 1747/48. March 8, 1747/48 from Charles BAKER of CC, planter, to John BIGGES of CC, Planter for 15,000 lbs of tobacco and for divers other good causes, all the tract of land called Combs Purchase, lying in Charles County, and bounded by the southwest side of the Swamp of Allens Fresh, containing about 70 acres. Signed Charles BAKER. Wit. Tho CLARK, Theo. SWIFT. Sarah the wife of the aforementioned Charles BAKER, released her Dower (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)
According to Sr. Donally's "Imprints," the 100 acre tract Coomes Purchase," was "situated on the west side of Port Tobacco near "Green's Inheritance" and near Alexander HAMILTON'S plantation." Thomas' will bequeathed the tract to his son, Thomas Wharton: "...all that Track of land where I now Dwell called Coombes's Purchase, and what part of Green's Inheritance that is within the Dwelling plantation fencing on the south side Rode..." and to his son, Walter COOMBES, "one hundred acres of land it being part of a parcel of Land called Green's Inheritance now in my possession."

Is this an entirely different tract???????

A footnote note re John WADE of Coomes Purchase, he may have been the son of Dr. John WADE who died in 1658:
Undated. Proved 4 Sep 1658. Will of Dr. John WADE. To son Edward and hrs., all property belonging to testator and his wife Mary which was given them by Edward ATTKINS of Chilvercoton in Warwickshire, by will or by deed of gift. To dau. Mary WADE, personalty which is to be paid testator at death of Nicholas HOUKINS and Eliza: his wife, the bond of which money is in the hands of John WADE, of Chilvercoton. To son John WADE, son of Anne SMITH, who formerly lived with testator in Md., personalty in event of death of dau. Mary during minority. Sd. personalty to pass in turn to son Edward afsd. and to Anne SMITH, afsd., and then to child. of brother William WADE, in Cecil Warwickshire. To Anne SMITH and child. afsd. of testator, residue of estate, real and personal, equally. Wm. WRIGHT, Zacharias WADE, John HARWOOD, and Jas. JOHNSON to have property until coming of Anne SMITH. Admr., Zacharias WADE. Test: Edmond BRENT, Wm. BACKHOUS. (1. 101. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1) HAWKINS ATKINS
Zachariah WADE, Sr. married Mary HATTON, d/o Richard HATTON and Margaret (2nd marriage to BANKS) of St. Mary's County. Their son, Robert, married Elizabeth SPRIGG, d/o and Elinor NUTHALL Sprigg of Prince George's County. His presumed relationship to Dr. John WADE is unknown.