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05 Jun 1700 Charles Co MD 11B.56, #2024) Account. Elinor STUART. Administrator: John COMBES (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1685-1701 (Libers 9, 10, 101c, 11a, 11b) compiled by V.L. Skinner, Jr.)

Notes: Who is the above John COMBS? Why is he administering the estate of Elinor STUART? Who was she? Is this John COMBS of Talbot County, MD who m bef 1677 Mary, d/o Edward ROE? Or the "mystery" John COMBS of St. Mary's County in Poplar Hill Hundred records with Enoch COMBS? Is he a son or brother of Richard, Sr.? He must be somehow kin since Daniel STEWARD aka STEWART was a near neighbor to the COOMBS (see below). The only other Elinor STUART record found in Skinner or MD Calendar of Wills, including all variant spellings, is an Elinor who was administered the estate of Daniell when she filed his accounting (Charles County) on 20 Apr 1708 (after this Elinor was dead), with no debts or payments listed (Accounts 28.118)

25 Aug. 1703. (Charles Co. Land Liber Z-1, p. 70) Robert and Mary GREEN to Richard COOMBS for sum of 7000 lbs tobacco. Greens Inheritance on Portobacco Main branch being formerly surveyed for Leonard, Robert, and Francis GREEN for 2400 ac. and the one third being 800 [acres] Leonard GREEN by his last will and testament did bequeath to his four children: Thomas GREEN, Winifred GREEN, Mary GREEN and Margaret GREEN, to each 200 acres, which being divided in four lots and numbers 1-4, the lot number 3 did belong to Mary GREEN now the wife of Francis MARBURY and it begins at a bounded red oak, the second tree of number 2 and runs east 287 per to a bounded hickory, then N 146 per to a bounded red oak and then W 287 per to bounded red oak, and then S to first bounded tree = 200 acres, with dwelling house - wit: John THOMAS, Philip HOSKINS (Richard paid 4 shillings sterling 11 Jan 1703 [1703/4] for alienation)

Leonard, Robert, and Frances GREEN were sons of Provincial Gov. Thomas GREEN (-1651/2) whose (2nd?) wife Winnifred m (bef 1655), Provincial Surveyor Robert CLARK I, and they had Robert CLARK II who m Sarah COMBS, d/o Abraham COMBS d 1684, will dated & proved in St. Mary's Co MD, but his estate appraised in Charles County. The St. Mary's County will of Leonard GREENE (dated 10th Jan., 1687, proved 4th July, 1688), named wife, Ann, son, Thomas (plantation and "200 acres at Panguya, Charles Co., being part of "Greene's Inheritance" patented by testator and 2 brothers, viz., Francis and Robert"), eldest daughter, Wynyfred (200 A., part of sd. "Greene's Inheritance", dau. Mary (200 A., part of sd. tract) and dau, Margaret, and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract). The children (under age) were to be in care of their mother and executors were brother, Francis GREENE and brother [sic] Thomas CLARKE. Witnesses: Francis PENINGTON, Kenelm CHESELDYN, Thos. TAYLOR, Kate CANNON (Liber 4:318). According to Researcher Jerry Clarke, Thomas CLARK was Leonard's half-brother, s/o Robert & Winnifred CLARK (former wife of Gov. Thomas GREEN), and brother of Robert CLARK II, h/o Sarah COMBS (d/o Abraham COMBS of Old Rappa Co VA and St. Mary's and Charles Co, MD).

According to "Imprints" by Sister Mary Louise Donnelly, after some court proceedings between Richard COOMES and William GREEN, the land was later repurchased by Richard's son Thomas from Mary and Leonard GREEN. (See 1747 and 1752 Charles MD records).

The will of Joseph ALVEY II (h/o Margaret GREEN, d/o Leonard) of St. Mary's Co MD, undated, proved 25 Jul 1729, includes bequest to eldest son, Leonard, of 200 A. "Green's Inheritance." Joseph ALVEY II was s/o Joseph & Elizabeth ALVEY I, gs/o Pope & Mary ARCHDALE Alvey, ggs/o Arthur & Alice ALVEY Archdale, niece of Margaret ARCHDALE Combs (See Archdale-Combs Families). Abraham COMBS of Old Rappa. Co VA & St. Mary's Co MD was listed in Joseph I's estate distributions. According to the research of Bob Alvey, Joseph ALVEY II m Margaret GREEN, d/o Leonard & Mary CLARKE Green, the latter gd/o John CLARK and niece of Robert & Sarah COMBS Clarke. (See Also Alvey-Archdale Families & Archdale Combs Families). Also Note the above Francis MARBERRY, which surname is a.k.a. MAYBURY, MAYBERRY, MABRY, &c. and the (many years later) marriage of John COMBS (s/o Phillip?) in 1772 in Guilford Co NC, to Sarah MABRY, possibly d/o George MABRY, and gd/o another Francis MABRY (Research in Progress - See Mabry Families)

12th Nov., 1705; 10th Dec., 1705. Will of John SMITH of Charles Co., MD. To sister Mary STEVENSON, cousins Elizabeth and John WILLIAMS and to Joan BRANCH, William HUNTER, Wm. KELLECK, Robert BROOKES and Benjamin HALL, personalty. To kinsman Gilles HILL and hrs., dwelling plantation, "Simson's Supply." To kinswoman Susanna HILL and hrs., 40 A., "Smith's Addition" and 50 A., "The Addition." Ex.: Richard EDELEN, empowered to sell "The Hope" at Patuxent. Cousins John GILLES and Susanna HILL afsd. to receive proceeds of residue of estate. Test: Wm. BOARMAN, Henry MUDD, Thomas GREENE, Andrew SIMPSON. (3. 741. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3) Simpson GILL Giles GILLIS)

9th Feb., 1708 - 18th Apr., 1709 Will of Richard NELLSON of Chas. Co., MD. To eld. dau. Barbary and dau. Eleanor, personalty. To dau. Margrett, 117 A. adjoining "Christian Temple Manor," it being 1/2 of "Cole." To dau. Alice, 117 A., residue of "Cole." To dau.-in-law Mary BECK, personalty. To sons Richard and William jointly, 224 A., "Howland" where George BRITT [BRETT?] lived. To son John, dwelling plantation at decease of wife, it being residue of "Howland" afsd. To wife Mary, extx., plantation afsd, and personalty. Trustees: Robt. HANSON, Kno. COFER of Chas. Co., during minority of child. Test: Rich. EDGAR, Thos. PHISIETT, Francis SARSON. (Part 2-12. 33. Calendar of Wills: Volume 3)

1713 (D#2, p. 53) John THOMPSON to William CLEMENTS (CC: Couldn't locate). (Charles Co Land Records Index. Transcribed by Combs Researcher Carol Collins,, and contributed to the Charles Co MD GenWeb Archives. See Copyright Restrictions)

5 Oct 1716 - 26 Mar 1717 Will of Patrick MACHETEE, Charles County, MD. To sons Patrick, Edmond and James, dwelling plantation equally. Son Edmond to have northernmost part where his house is, division to be made by friends Wm. CHANDLER and Antho. NEALE. To godson and grandson Patrick MACHETEE, personalty. To wife Rosomond, extx., residue of estate and use of dwelling plantation during life, excepting son Edmond's part. Test: Anthony NEALE, George WALKER, Thos. WEBSTER. (14. 235. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 4)

3 Mar 1716 - 20 Mar 1717. Will of Rosamond MACHETEE of Charles Co., MD. To granddau. Frances, personalty. Residue of estate to be divided equally among 7 child., viz.: Edmond, Patrick, James, Katherine GALAHAW, Mary BOSWELL, Elinor CLEMENTS and Rosomond CLEMENTS. Ex.: son James. Test: Antho. NEALE, Geo. WALKER. (14. 236. Calendar of Wills: Volume 4, page 73)

Rosomond MACHETEE the younger married John CLEMENTS (see below).

9 Mar 1717/1718 - 10 Jun 1718 Will of Joseph GARDNER of Charles County, MD. To wife, Elizabeth, exectrx, during life 100 acres lying on Dressing Branch, part of a tract of 300 acres, also personal estate during life, at her decease to be divided among children as she shall think best. Sons Biningman [Benjamin] and Samuel, 100 acres each of afsd tract. Son Ralph 54 acres on Dressing Branch. Son Luke 100 acres afsd at decease of wife. Test: Owen READ, Bowling SPEAKE, John GLAZE, Samuel SMITH (Wills 14.611).

7 Oct 1718 Maryland Prerogative Court Inventories 1.291. Charles County. Joseph GARDINER. 90.1.7. Appraisers: Thomas and James HAGAN. Approvers: Phillip BRISCOE, Jr., Thomas COOMBES, Thomas OWEN, Bowling SPEAKE. (Skinner…)

To be an "approver," Thomas had to be of age (21), thus born pre 1698, but why was his approval needed? Only creditors and next of kin were required to approve estate inventories. Which was Thomas? A search of abstracts of early will, inventories and accounts, show only a few additional for a Joseph GARDINER or GARDNER: (1) Josep GARDINER, debtor to estate of William ROSWELL of St. Mary's in May 1697 (as was one Cornelius MANLEY [sic]). (Accounts 14.101); (2) debtor to estate of James BOULLIN (BOWLING/BOLLING) of Charles in 1712 (Accounts 33b.133); and (3) paid by estate of Thomas LAWSON of Charles in Mar 1717/18 (Accounts 39c.133).

13 Feb 1717 ------. Will of Edward ROOKWOOD. To dau. Mary SANDERS, personalty. To children of wife Mary, 12 pence each. Ex.: Son Thomas. Test: Wm. WILSON, Edw. ASKINS, Eliza COOME. (14. 519. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Cotton)

29 Mar 1718 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Inventory. 390.30. No county stated. Edward ROOKWOOD. Appraisers: William GODFREY and William WILLSON (Skinner…).

13 Mar 1718/19 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. I.384. Account Charles County. Edward ROOKWOOD. L54.4.0. - L27.1.10. Received from: Joseph PARKER, Joseph KNIGHT, Phillip COMBE, John SPEAKE, Jr. Payments to: John SANDERS for Edward MINGS, Stephen ROBINSON, William BLADEN, Thomas BORDLEY, Esq. Residuary Legatee: accountant. Executor Thomas ROCKWOOD. (Skinner…)

In 1671, one Edward ROOKWOOD, either this Edward or perhaps his father, was named in the will of Mordecai HAMMOND of St. Mary's Co, MD, step-son of Pope ALVEY, whose grandmother, Alice ARCHDALE Alvey, was first cousin to Margaret ARCHDALE, wife of John COMBS of London, probable grandparents of Archdale COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co, VA (See also Archdale Family). Either the above Edward ROOKWOOD (sometimes ROCKWOOD) or his father, Edward, married Elizabeth, probably either widow or daughter of Capt. Henry ASPENALL of Charles County, who had died by 19 Jul 1686 when she presented his accounts as "Elisabeth ASPENALL, wife of Edward ROCKWOOD." Capt. Henry ASPINALL had married Mary FLETCHER, sister of Henry FLETCHER of Charles (MD Prerogative Court Records, 9.55). Was Edward's daughter, Mary, the wife of John SANDERS? His son, Thomas ROOKWOOD was of Charles County when he signed his will in 1725, naming wife, Heneretta [Henrietta?]. In 1708, the will of John F. CONTEE of Charles makes wife, Mary, residual legatee of numerous tracts, including "two tracts -- in Chingumuxon, bought of Edward RUCKWOOD" and one tract -- bought from John SPEAKE." (Wills 12.276). John SANDERS was the sole creditor listed for the estate of Mr. Edward MING, Stephen ENNIS and Robert SANDERS, appraisers, dated 9 Aug 1716 and valued at L294.15.8. (Inventories, 37C.107) The will of Edward MING of Charles County, dated 10 mar 1716, proved 14 Jul 1716, bequeathed "Mingses Chance" to wife, Mary. Wits: Thomas SMITH, Jane ANDERSON and John KING (Wills, 14:308).

1 Jul 1718. Maryland Test. Proc. 1.62. Charles County. Account of Edmund HOWARD L82.16.3. Payment to Thomas COOMBS [and others]. Execs: William HOWARD, Thomas HOWARD (Skinner…)

17 Apr - 25 May 1717 Will of William FORSTER, gent., Charles County, Maryland. Wife Ann, Executrix, and heirs, 150 acres, "St. Edmunds" and residue of estate. Test: Wm. HOWARD, Rich. ASHMAN, John ASHMAN (Calendar of Wills, Liber 14:334)

10 Oct 1717 - 13 Dec 1717. Will of Ann FOESTER, widow, Charles Co., MD. To son John ASHMAN and to dau. Mary, wife of Richard ANKRUM, 150 A., "St. Edmonds," lying at Portobacco and formerly in poss. of Wm. FOESTER, testator's deceased husband, to be equally divided bet. them. Son John lacking issue, land to pass to the hrs. of dau. Mary afsd. To son Richard ASHMAN, personalty. To granddau. Ann OLIOVER, personalty. To James PENNY, personalty, and to the rest -- of grandchild., personalty. The legacies to child. of Mary ANKRUM being delivered from plant. at Portobacco. Residue of estate to be divided equally among test. 3 sons, John and Rich. ASHMAN and Rich. ANKRUM, who are named as exs. Test: Walter STORY, Wm. PUTTNECK, Charity THOMPSON. (14. 424.) Test. directs that whatever is due to Henry HARDY, a legatee under will of her former husband, Henry HARDY, shall remain in hands of her son Rich. ASHMAN till sent for. (Calendar of Wills: Volume 4)

[undated, but probably 1719] Maryland Test. Proc. 2.7. Charles County. Account of William FOSTER L85.9.6. Received from John BLU, Thomas AVINS and Thomas NOE. Payments to [known merchants ommitted], Mark BENNI(?), Mr. S. HANSON, Thomas COOMBS, William BUSHELL. Executors: John ASHMAN, Richard ASHMAN, Richard ANCRUM (executors of Anne FOSTER (extrx of deceased). (Skinner…) SW: EVANS

Richard ASHMAN, Charles County, died testate 1698, children included daughter Mary (7:369), and Henry HARDY, Charles County, 1705, named daughter Ann (13. 733).

[undated, but probably 1719] Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Charles County. Accounts 1.300. Samuell SMITH. L18.4.0. L17.6.1. A second inventory is cited in the amount of L2.16.0. Received from Richard CAMBS [sic], Sr., Thomas HUNT. Payments to: John SPEAKE, Mr. Samuel HANSON, John GLARGE, William MIDLETON, Richard EDELEN (executor), John STEPLETON (executor), Richard COMBS, Jr., James HAGAN, Bowling SPEAKE. Executors: Richard EDELEN, John STELETON (Skinner…) SW: STAPLETON

1719 Charles Co MD. Thomas COOMBS purchased 100 acre tract Coombs Purchase, situated on the west side of Port Tobacco near Green's Inheritance and near Alexander HAMILTON'S plantation. (Combs Researchers Sharon Ray and Joe Lewis who add that this was Thomas, s/o Richard.)

See Combs Land of Charles County

04 Nov 1719 (Charles County Land Comm: M2.66) Richard COMBES (COOMBES), age 63. Deposition, regarding part of a tract called Christian Temple Manor, on south side of Mattawoman (petition John SANDERS); stated that Joseph MANNING being appointed at request of Thomas WICHERLY to run out a tract of land called Christian Temple Mannour [sic] afsd. and that Thomas WICHERLY who married the relict of Edward FORD which FORD had some pretention to the Manor. (Combs Researcher Carol Collins)

Thomas WICHERLY married the widow of Edward FORD. See 1694 Charles County re payment of Richard COOMBS to estate of Edward FORD, deceased, and see Jun 1721 below. See also 1720 Charles County will of John SANDERS of Mattawoman.

29 Aug 1720 - 30 Apr 1722. Will of John SANDERS of Mattawoman, Charles Co, MD. To eldest son Mathew and hrs., 100 A. in "Christian Temple Mannor," sold by Thos. ALLINSON to Gerard BROWN and bou. of sd. BROWN; 100 A. of "Sympson's Supply," "Woodstock Bower," n. side Collier's Branch; personalty. To son John and hrs., 450 A. "Whittland"; personalty. To dau. Sarah and hrs., pt. of "William's Purchase"; personalty. To dau. Mary and hrs., half of last-named tract; personalty at age of 16 or marriage. To dau. Martha and hrs., pt. of "Woodstock Bower"; personalty at age of 16 or marriage. Sons to be free at 18 yrs. of age. To wife Eliza., extx., residue of personal estate. Shd. she die before child. are of age, dau. Sarah to have care of the 2 youngest. To Nimrod DUNCAN, an orphan boy, his freedom and personalty. Overseers: Wm. SANDERS and Henry WARD. Test: Stephen CHILTON, John WOODWARD, James SYMPSON. (17, 168. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 5) SW: SIMPSON, SHELTON, SIMPSON

14 Jun 1721 - 20 Aug 1721 (Charles County Land Records, Volume III Liber H#2, page 454) 14 Aug 1721; Recorded at request of John BROWN, merchant: 20 Aug 1721; Indenture from John MANNING to John BROWN; for L5.5; a parcel called lot No. 29 (or 19) at Portobacco for Chandler Town; containing 3 roods; (margin note- Mary wife of John MANNING releases dower Liber L#2 folio 95); /s/Jno. MANNING; wit. Wm. WILLS, W. COMBES; ack. by John MANNING 14 Jun 1721 (Provided by Researcher Jerry Clark)

Is there a relationship between the MANNINGS of Charles Co and those of St. Mary's? (See also above) See also John MANNING (relationship not stated) named in 1721 St. Mary's County, MD will of Cornelius MANNING whose daughter, Mary MANNING (by Catherine WISEMAN) m Enoch COMBS, and whose widow, Elizabeth (HATTON?) m William COMBS.

7 Aug 1721 Charles County, Maryland. "John SMOOT and Posthuma his wife conveyed to John SANDERS for 7,500 pounds of tobacco a portion of "Christian Temple Manor" which had been willed Posthuma by her father and whereon Richard COOMBS lately dwelt..." ("The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia," by Harry Wright Newman, Washington D.C., 1936, pp. 10-11)

According to the author, John SMOOT was born 2 Nov 1686 in Pickawaxon Hundred, Charles County, the son of Edward and Lydia NEWMAN Smoot, and husband of Posthuma FORD, born July 29, 1693, the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth (ALLANSON) Ford, of Chingoemuxon, He adds that the manor "Christian Temple" had been surveyed in 1659 for Thomas ALLANSON.

7 Aug 1722 - 22 Dec 1722. Will of Jane LIEWELLIN, widow, of Charles Co., MD. To dau. Margaret and hrs., all real estate except "Green Spring," St. Mary's Co. [sic], bequeathed to Richard RODGERS and hrs. Mr. Alex. CONTEE to take into his hands all father -- ORRELL'S estate, for use of sd. Richard. Dau. Margaret to care of Mrs. Jane DOYNE. To son John, 5s., to be in care of Mr. Wm. CHANDLER, ex. To the church at Mr. BOARMAN'S, personalty. Test: Richard BELL, Elizabeth NOBLE. Note: Codicil 27th Aug. Mrs. Ann JOHNSON to hold "Brambry" till dau. Margaret is of age. Test: Mrs. Jane BRENT, Mrs. Anne THOMPSON, Jane ROSS. (Liber 18:7.)

Mrs. Jane DOYNE was either Jane, widow of Joshua, or Jane SANDERS, d/o John SANDERS and wife of Ethelbert DOYNE (s/o Joshua of St. Clements Manor, St. Mary's County. Who was Jane LLEWELLIN?

23 May - 21 Jun 1722 Charles Co. Liber L#2, p. 35:At the request of John PHILBERT of Charles Co., planter, the following deed was recorded on June 21, 1722:May 23, 1722 from Elizabeth WHARTON of Charles Co., spinster, to John PHILBERT of Charles Co., planter, for 2000 lbs of tobacco and for the natural afeccds (sic) she has for him as being her sister's eldest son and surviving heir, she has given John, one moiety or half part of a tract of land called Christian Wellford (sic), lying in Charles Co. in Nanjemy Parish near Burdits Cr. The whole tract was bought by Thomas WHARTON, father to the sd Elizabeth WHARTON, from Francis THORNTON by Charles Co. deed dated June 10, 1673. Sd. Elizabeth WHARTON is the daughter and surviving heir to sd Thomas WHARTON. Signed -Elizabeth (her mark) WHARTON. Wit: Wm. STONE, Jso. HANSON

15 Dec 1724-12 Jan 1724/5 Charles Co. Liber L #2, p. 196:At the requst of Mr. Jos HARRISON, the following deed was recorded this Jan.12, 1724: Dec. 15, 1724 from John PHILBERT of Charles Co., planter, to Jos HARRIS (son of Richard HARRISON) of the same parts, for £5 [currencey] and 1400 lbs. of tobacco and for divers other good causes, 150 acres, part of a tract of land called Christian Millford, purchased by Thomas WHARTON, grandfather of the sd John PHILBERT, from Frans THORNTON by deeds dated June 10, 1673, lying in Charles Co. in Nanjemy Parish. Signed Jno (his mark) PHILBERT. Wit: Wm. STONE, Thomas STONE, Robert WADE Jr.
Liber L#2, p. 209:At the request of Jos HARRISON, the following certificates were recorded this March 19, 1724: We, two Charles Co. JPs certify that the word in the 6th line of the acknowledgement on the back of this deed which says Joseph HARRIS, should have been Joseph HARRISON. Signed Mar 11, 1724 - Wm. STONE, Thos STONE. We, the two Charles Co. JPs certify that the within deed was taken and acknowledged by the parties within mentioned on Jan. 6, 1724, though by an ommission of the writer of the acknowledgement on the back of the said deed, in the date of the year, the word twenty is left out. Signed Mar 11, 1724.Wm, STONE, Thos STONE...

Carol Collins Notes: Thus, by assumption, Elizabeth WHARTON, dau. of Thomas WHARTON, must have married Thomas COOMES between 1722 and 1724 because he was closely associated with Christian Millford. It's the same problem we have with Thomas COOMES/COOMBES as the brother of William COOMES/COOMBES. Richard COOMBES bought 200 acres of Green's Inheritance from Robert and Mary GREEN, part of tract bequeathed to Mary GREEN,dau. of Leonard GREEN (Chas Co. Land Liber Z#1, fol. 70) - in 1747 Thomas and Elizabeth COOMES are selling 146 acres of Green's Inheritance to William and Elizabeth (I feel this is a misprint) COOMES - part of tract bequeathed to Mary GREEN, dau. of Leonard GREEN (Chas Co. Land Lib Z#2, fol. 160) . We can only assume that Richard was the father of Thomas. We cannot assume as comfortably that Thomas was William's brother - but they were certainly related.

In his will, dated 24 Dec 1726, recorded 5 May 1727, Capt. Joseph HARRISON of Charles County, bequeathed to his godson, Hezekiah, s/o Richard and Hester HARRISON, 150 acres of Christian Milford bought of John PILBERT [PHILBERT]. (Annapolis Test. Proc. 19:151). Capt. Joseph HARRISON was the h/o Verlinda STONE, d/o William and Theodosia STONE, Sr. (ibid., 20:221 & 22: 136).

Aug 1722 (Charles MD Records, Liber H #2, Folio 556, 557) John DOD, of Westmorelend co, VA, land left him by Richard DOD, his father, to George DENT, Chas Co., MD. (Dodd Researchers Wilbur Dodd, Libbie Griffith)

See 9 Jun 1666. This John DOD, although the record shows Westmoreland VA, actually resided adjacent to both William COMBS, s/o Archdale & Elizabeth COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA, and William & Sarah (BROWN?) (Rose) Hammett, whose land was in Richmond Co VA, on the Westmoreland Co VA line.

12 Oct 1722 (Charles Co MD PL5/150; ILA/8) Thomas COMBS. Combs' Forest. 100. (Settlers of Maryland 1701-1730 by Peter Wilson Colham, 1995, pg 33)

22 Oct 1724 - 15 Apr 1730 Will of John SANDERS of Charles Co., MD Ex. instructed as to payt. of debts, especially debt to estate of Wm. HUTCHISON, dec'd. To priest attendant at death, 500 lbs. tob. To wife Mary and hrs., in lieu of dowry, certain designated personalty absolutely (not to include altar or church furniture); and certain personalty for life, to pass to dau. Mary POWER for her life, and then to grandson John POWER and hrs. To daus. Mary POWER and Jane DOYNE, 20s. each. To son John and hrs., 100 A. of "Cane's Purchase" at Porttobacco (for desc. see will); and personalty. To son Edward and hrs., pt. of last named tract adj. to land of bro. --. To dau. Ann, personalty. To son William and hrs., residue of land at "Port-tobacco," being plan. where Thomas OSBORN lived; and personalty; to receive estate at death of testator. To eldest son Thomas, ex., and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal (except land in Virginia sold by father Edward SANDERS to Nicholas RUSSELL, whose rights therein is hereby acknowledged). Test: Thomas MUDD, Robert THOMPSON, Joseph GARDNER, Benjamin GARDNER, Charles CLEMENTS. Codicil: 6th July, 1729. Testator states that estate of Ethelbert DOYNE, dec'd, with 3 small child. being in his hands, is to be distributed as follows: Grandson Ethelbert DOYNE, to care of Clement GARDINER until of age to receive his estate, real and personal, as designated; 2 granddaus. Mary and Jane DOYNE, with personalty, to care of Thomas THOMPSON, Port-tobacco. Test: James WHITGREAVE, Edward NEALE, Edward MAGATEE. (MD Wills, 19, 892)

This John SANDERS is the son of Edward SANDERS who died ca 1699, and appears to be the father of the John SANDERS who died testate ca 1731 (see below) with wife, Virlinda, the latter's will witnessed by Sarah COMBS with Richard COOMBS, Jr. as security. This is the only SANDERS found with a wife, Mary so far, ergo, he may be the husband of Mary ROOKWOOD, daughter of Edward who died 1717-1718, his will witnessed by Elizabeth COMBS and his estate receiving payments from Phillip COMBS. Jane, daughter of the above John SANDERS, married (1) Peter JOHNSON; (2) Ethelbert DOYNE, s/o Joshua and Jane of St. Clements, St. Mary's County.

22 Oct 1724 Maryland Testamentary Proceedings. 6.167. Charles County. Account of Roger LEE. Received from: Samuel HANSON. Payments to: John TENISON, Richard COOMBS, Thomas COOMBS, Thomas NOA, Gustavus BROWN, Michael MARTIN, William HOLLAND and Thomas ADDISON and Daniel DULANEY, Esq., Daniell STUART. Administrator: Thomas JAMESON (Skinner…)

31 May 1725 Maryland Testamentary Proceedings. 6.344 Charles County. Account of Anthony NEAL. Received from John HYDE, John COURTS, Daniell JENIFER, Richard COOMBES, Francis CLEMENTS, John MARTIN. Payments [included]: to Henry DARNALL, Mary NEAL (now Mary DARNALL) her part, Charles NEAL his part, Mr. Daniell JENIFER. Legatees: Rev. William HUNTER and Thomas MANSELL per Mr. George THOROLD, James GATES, Rev. John BENNETT. Mentions representatives (all unnamed, all of age). Executor: Mr. Edward NEALE. (Skinner…)

Anthony NEAL, s/o Capt. James and Anna Maria GILL of Charles, married (1) ca 1681, Elizabeth JOHNSON, d/o William and Emma LANGWORTH Johnson of St. Mary's; (2) Elizabeth DIGGES, d/o William.

1725 Charles Co. MD Land Patent. William COOMES. Tract: Coomes Hunting Place. CERT. 275 Acres Lib IL #A fol. 642. PAT. 275 acres Lib. PL #6 fol. 40 [14 Oct 1725 per Colham]

12th Oct., 1725; 9th June, 1731. Will of Eleanor STEWARD of Charles Co., MD. To dau. Katherine MOSGROVE, granddau. Eleanor and granddau. Katherine MOSGROVE, personalty. To son John PARANDIER and granddau. Eleanor CRIGER, 1s. each. Son James PARANDIER, ex. and resid. legatee. Test: William NELSON (NELLSON), Sarah NELSON (NELLSON), Honnere BLANCHET. (20, 207 Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6)

This is apparently the Elinor who was administrator of estate of Daniel in 1708, and apparently previously married to a PARANDIER? Her children not found in the records of Charles yet, but note NELSON witnesses and that Richard COOMBS witnessed will of John NELSON

21 Nov - 1 Feb 1725/26 Will of Thomas ROOKWOOD of Charles Co., MD. To dau. Mary and hrs., "Allensons Folly," 1/3 thereof excepted during life of her mother; "Preston" adj.; and personalty at age of 16 yrs.; she dying without issue, to pass to her sister Anne. To dau. Anne and hrs., "St. Davids," "Found Hills," "Hard Frost"; and personalty at age of 16; she dying without issue, to pass to her sister Mary. To wife Heneretta, extx., 1/3 interest in "Allenson's Folly" during life; residue of estate absolutely, to pay legacies therefrom. To god-dau. Winniford SPEAKE, personalty formerly belonging to Charles TALFER. 3 tenants, viz. Edward MATTOCKS, Wm. DAVIS and Adam CLINKSCALES, to hold tenements as per agreement. Edward MATTOCKS not to clear any more towards Mr. Thos. SKINNER'S or Mr. Anthony COLLINS. Test: Thomas SKINNER, John PEACOCK, Mary BROWNIN. Note: 26th Feb., 1725, widow claims her thirds. (MD Wills, 18, 442)

24 Apr 1729 (CHLR 36:275) Richard COMBS deposed that he was age 75. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

1729 Charles Co. MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Coomes Delight Charles Co. MD. CERT. 100 acres Lib. IL#B fol. 92. PAT. 100 acres Lib PL #7 fol. 49 [20 May 1729 per Colham]

24th Dec., 1726; 5th May, 1727. Will of Capt. Joseph HARRISON, Charles Co., MD. To son Richard and hrs., 400 A. "Cow" or "Cool Spring," 300 A. "Richard's Pleasure" and "Holy Spring." To son Joseph and hrs., 427 A. "Amsterdam," 300 A. "Urlinda" ("Verlinda") and 200 A. "Carpenter's Square." To dau. Tabathia and hrs., "Daniel's Quarter" bou. of John ALLEN, 400 A. "Land's Lane" at Maryland Point. To wife --, 300 A. dwell. plan. "Delahayes Chance," 150 A. "Minges Chance," "Woodberries Hope," during her life; at her decease to unborn child. To godson Hezekiah and hrs. (son of Richard and Hester HARRISON), 150 A. of "Christian Milford," bou. of John PILBERT. Sons Richard and Joseph, dau. Tabathia and wife -- each to pay annually to son William 500 lbs. tob. for his maintenance. Exs.: Wife --, William STONE, Sr., Thomas MATHEWS. Test: Rev. William MACONCHIE, Richard HARRISON, Thomas WRIGHT. Codicil: 24th Dec., 1726. Exs. empowered to sell 150 A. at Pamunkie, bou. of Wm. STONE, and 88 A. "Harrison's Plain" for benefit of estate. To bro. Thomas, use of plantation whereon mother -- now lives during his life. To sons Richard and Joseph and dau. Tabitha, personalty. To wife --, residue of personalty. Exs. and test same as in above will. Note: 5th May, 1727. Virlinda, relict of afsd. Joseph HARRISON, accepts will. (19, 151. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6, pp. 23-4)

5 Jul 1727 Charles County, Maryland Probate Records, Inventories, 1714-1735, folio 220: "Capt Joseph HARRISON decd - Jane EVANS natural mother of the decd - Thos HARRISON natural brother to the decd - Mrs Verlinda HARRISON exex." (USGenWeb Archives)

5 Jul - 5 Aug 1727 MD Prerogative Court Records. 12:207. Charles County. Estate of Col. [sic] Joseph HARRISON. L550.13.10. Appraisers: John KING, Thomas WRIGHT. Creditors... Next of kin: Jane EVANS (mother), Thomas HARRISON (brother) Executor: Verlinda HARRISON (Skinner…)

5 Jul 1729 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Account. 9.404. Charles County. Joseph HARRISON. L---. L93.16.0. Received from: Stephen EVANS, John DAGG, John ENGLAND, Col. Joseph SMITH (of Virginia), Thomas SANDERS, Thomas EDGAR, Thomas HARRISON, Peter BABB, John STRUMAT, Durham Parish, Thomas SMITH, Edward BERRY, Godfrey PAIN, Thomas SPEAKE, Sarah TAYLER, Stephen BROWN, John SMITH, John COOMBE, John BACKER, George NOBLE. Payments to: Charles CALVERT, Esq., Samuel HANSON, Thomas HARRISON, Mark LAMPTON, Mr. John HOWARD, Benjamin TASKER, Charles Lord Baltimore. Mention: Hugh PERRIE. Exectx: Verlinda HARRISON. (Skinner…)

Who was John COOMBE? Capt. Joseph HARRISON, s/o Richard and Jane HARRISON (Evans), married Verlinda STONE, daughter of William and Theodosia WADE Stone, granddaughter Zachary and Mary HATTON Wade, ggd/o Richard HATTON (brother of Thomas HATTON, Secty of the Province) and his wife, Margaret (m 2nd Richard BANKS of St. Mary's). In his will, dated 11 Dec 1771, proved 14 Mar 1772, Richard HARRISON, Jr., planter, Charles County, stated: "Tract: Christian Milford in Parish of Durham that was sold by John PHILBERT, dec'd, to Capt. Joseph HARRISON, dec'd, and willed to Hezekiah HARRISON, a brother of mine who died as an infant." Witnesses: John ELGIN, William ELGIN, Richard PIERCE. Exec: Mother Esther HARRISON. (Extracted from 38.553, MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 14)

21 Dec 1729-30 Oct. 1776 (Charles Co MD Land Records. V-3, p. 121 & 2) Thomas W. COOMES to Gustavus Richard BROWN. GR BROWN, physician; 5 shilling stirling, Christian Milford lying in Durham parish, Charles Co. beg. at a marked stone standing at or near the place where the original bound tree of said tract formerly stood (a bound tree of the land formerly of a certain Samuel PALMER) = 349 acres, same patent granted to Elizabeth COMBES dated 21 Dec. 1729; wf. Sarah.

Elizabeth WHARTON married Thomas COMBES/COOMES between 1722, when she deeded a moiety (share) of this land to her nephew John PHILBERT, and 21 Dec 1729, when she (in her own name?) patented 349 acres of the tract. Thomas Wharton COMBS was the s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs. Question: Could Elizabeth WHARTON Combs patent land in her own name if married? Who was Samuel PALMER?

14 Jan 1730/31 - 20 Feb 1730/1 (Charles Co MD Wills, Vol. 6 of Calendar) Will of Alexander HAMILTON, planter, Charles Co., 14th Jan., 1730-31; 20th Feb., 1730. To wife --, extx., dwell. plan. -- during life, and personal estate absolutely; sd. wife to give certain personalty to dau. Mary at marriage. To 4 sons, viz. John, William, James and Patrick, real estate equally; John, the eldest, to have his choice and to be for himself 1st Dec. next, son William the following Dec., and rest as they come of age; sd. 4 sons to pay to youngest son Samuel certain personalty after age of 21. Test: Richard COMBES, Tecla GREEN (GREN), Gilbert CANTY. (20, 138. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 6)

Richard COOMBES (also Richard COMBS) and Mr. Daniel STUART (also Daniel STEWART) appraised the estate of Alexander HAMILTON, recorded 20 Apr and 15 May 1731. The executrix was Elizabeth HAMILTON, and his next of kin listed as "minors." (Skinner…) One John HAMILTON was the son of a CHANDLER per 1686 (dated) will of her brother, Richard CHANDLER, and 1697 (dated) will of her sister, Parthenia BURDITT Chandler, children of John CHANDLER, by his wife, Ann THOROUGHGOOD, who married 2nd Gerard FOWKE. Was Alexander son or brother of John HAMILTON of 1686? Brother?

18 Nov 1731 - 07 Feb 1731/2 (Charles Co MD Wills) Will of John SANDERS, Charles Co. To son Ignatius and hrs., lands and dwell, plan. at Porttobacco as left testator by will of his father --; sd. son to pay to his bro. Richard, at age of 18 yrs., the sum of 2,000 lbs.; and personalty. To wife Valinda, extx., residue of estate to be divided bet. 3 child., viz. Ignatious, Prudence and Richard; sons to be of age at 18, dau. at 16 yrs. or day of marriage. Test: Sarah COMBS (COOMBES), Thomas SANDERS, William SANDERS. (20. 339. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 6)

11 May 1732 Charles County, MD Probate Records. Inventory, 1717-35, folio 314. Inventory of estate of John SANDERS decd Nearest of kin: Thomas SANDERS jr. & Edward SANDERS. Verlinda SANDERS Exec. (USGenWeb Archives)

Who was this Sarah COMBS? Was this John SANDERS the same or kin to the John SANDERS who married Mary ROOKWOOD, d/o Edward (will witnessed by Elizabeth COMBS)? Edward SANDERS, brother of John, named Ignatius in his 1739 Dorchester County, MD will (22.135), and in 1742, John's widow, finally filed estate accounting, with Richard COOMBS, Jr. her security, by which time she had married Alexander SEMMES, and when he died in 1753, William COOMBS was security for that estate. We have a RELATIONSHIP here with these SANDERS, but WHAT IS IT?????? (pardon the frustrated editor)

31 Jan 1732-3 - 13 Feb 1732-3 . John CLEMENTS (CLEMENS), Sr., planter, Charles Co., To eld. dau. Jean STONE, 2nd dau. Elizabeth COFER, 3rd dau. Ann THOMPSON, 4th dau. Barbary, 5th dau. Agnes, 6th dau. Mary Ann, 2nd son Benjamin, 3rd son George, 4th son Samuell, 7th dau. Lydia, 5th and young. son Francis, brother William and Rev. Robert HARDING, personalty, some of which described as in hands of Joseph ADAMS, mcht., in England. To eld. son John, dwelling plantation after decease of wife Rosamond; and personalty. To wife Rosamond, personalty. Exs.: Wife and brother Jacob; sons to be of age at 19. Test: Richard COOMBES, Jr., John BULLMAN, William CLEMENTS, Sr. Codicil 13th Feb., 1732-3. Should any of sons aforesaid die during minority their portion of estate to be divided among 4 daus, viz.: Barbary, Agnes, Mary Ann and Lydia. Test: Francis GREEN, Wm. CLEMENTS, Sr. (21. 2. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Baldwin, Vol. 7)

Was John CLEMENTS of Charles in 1732 kin to John CLEMENTS of Talbot in 1671 whose will was witnessed by Edward ROE whose two daughters married William and John COMBS (neither their ancestry nor relationship to each other known) with William listed among the estate accounts of the 1671 John CLEMENTS along with Timothy GOODRICH abt whom Enoch COMBS of Calvert had given a deposition. See also much later marriage of Rachel CLEMENTS (d/o Benjamin & Mary BAKER Clements, Jr.) to Henry COMBS, 26 May 1788, Montgomery Co VA. Her father said to have been s/o Benjamin CLEMENTS, Sr. (b bef 1716 in Amelia, Prince George Co, VA); and Susannah HILL, d/o Isaac and Mary JENNINGS Hill).

1733 “A List of the Number of Taxables Belonging to the Several Persons in Charles County abstracts from the Several Constables Lists for the year 1733”

Port tobacco east side

Line 5 COOMBES, Wm. tithed 3

Port Tobacco West Side - Upper Part

Entry 26 COOMBES, Richard tithed 2

Entry 46 COOMBS, Thomas tithed 1

Entry 70 COOMBES, John tithed 2

Entry 71 GREEN, Thomas tithed 2

Entry 79 COOMBS, Richard Sen. tithed 1

11 Oct 1733 - 8 Nov 1733. Will of Leonard GREEN of Charles Co., MD. To son Leonard and hrs., real estate in St. Mary's Co. To other 3 sons: Cudburth, John and Francis and their hrs., “Green's Inheritance,” Charles Co. To wife Prudence, extx., 1/3 of personal estate; residue to child. equally. Test: Thomas SANDERS, Edward CLEMENTS, Giles GREEN. (20. 840. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 7)

5 Jun 1734 Charles County, Maryland Probate Records, 1717-1735, folio 370. Inventory of Leonard GREEN decd - Francis GREEN & Leonard GREEN nearest of related - Prudence GREEN exr. (USGenWeb Archives)

2 May 1734 Charles County, Maryland Probate Records, 1717-1735, folio 372. Inventory of John ENSEY decd - William COOMBES nearest of kin, Wil(m) ENSEY kin- Catheine EMSEY [sic] adm. (USGenWeb Archives)

William COOMBES married Winnifred ENSEY, d/o John and Catherine (see below)

22 Jul 1734 MD Prerogative Accts. 12.406. Charles County. Acct. of Thomas HARRIS. Sureties Matt BARNES, Sr., Godshall BARNES, Matt BARNES, Jr. Payments received from Vestry of William and Mary Parish, William HEWTON, Edward FORD, John BEALE. Payments to: Benjamin FENDALL, Elizabeth COLE, Dr. BROWN, Ignatius WATHEN, Samuel JONES, Mark PENN, executor of John EBERNETHY, George GORDON, Joseph DOUGLASS (administrator of James KUNOLD), Charles CALVERT, Esq., Samuel HANSON, John LANCASTER, Margaret MASSEY (administratrix of Thomas (no surname given)), executor of Thomas SPEAKE, Richard MARSHALL. Admin: Elizabeth HARRIS (Skinner…)

7 May 1735 Charles County, Maryland Probate Records, 1717-1735, folio 461. Inventory of Thomas SANDERS decd - Edward SANDERS and Jos Cain SANDERS kin - Verlinda SANDERS adm. (USGenWeb Archives)

Jun 1735 (Charles Co MD Court Records) John COOMBES, Debtor (34); Estate of Thomas HAWKINS; Court Record T2, f. 36 June term 1735; MdHR 8145 (Index to Convict Servants in Charles County Court Records, 1718-1778, Oszakiewski, RA, In: (1993) Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 34: p. 55)

Same John COMBS as above?

04 Jan 1735/6 - 05 May 1736 . Will of Catherine ENSEY, spinster, of Charles Co. 4th Jan., 1735-6; 5th May, 1736. To son Dennis, dau. Mary, and child of dau. Margaret, personalty. Residue of estate after debts of decd husband and testator are paid to be divided equally bet. son Dennis, dau. Mary, four grand-children born of dau. Winifred, one of dau. Margaret, and dau. of son John. Son Dennis to live with William COOMES until 21 years and to receive one year's schooling; dau. Mary to care of her sister Winnifred. Exs.: William COOMES and William MOOKATEE. Test: Roger MAWDESLEY, John MUNRO, John BEALE. (21. 549. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 7) A.k.a. Maggatee, Machetee? SW: MONROE

02 Feb 1736 (Charles County MD administration accounts 1708-1738. 490) John ENSEY deceased acct. of Wm COOMBS & Wm MAGGATEE exrs of Catherine ENSEY who was admr. of John ENSEY. Edward CLEMENTS & Wm McPHERSON Charles Co. Sureties (Charles MD researcher Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell)

6 Jul 1737 The Charles County estate account of Catherine ENSEY was submitted by William COOMBES and William MACKATEE. Payments were received from Alexander McDANIEL, Walter PYE and John ENSEY. Payments were made to Henry NEALE, Jr., Richard COOMBES, Elizabeth REYLEY, John PARNHAM, Samuel HANSON, Benjamin WARD (Skinner… 14.367).

William COMBS, s/o Richard COMBS, and h/o Winnifred ENSEY. William MAGGATEE, William MOOKATEE, and William MACKATEE were the same individual. Dennis ENSEY appears to have later m Eleanor, d/o Richard COMBS II of Frederick Co, MD; and Mary ENSEY to have m Richard COOMBS III, s/o Richard II. Which John BEALE was the above?

1739 Charles Co. MD Land Patent. Elizabeth COOMBS Tract: Christian Millford Charles Co. CERT 349 acres Lib EI#5 fol. 473. PAT 349 acres Lib EI#6 fol. 311

See 1729 record. Is this or the other a typo? See also 1744 lease of 100 acres of Christian Millford by Thomas and Elizabeth COMBS, which may have reverted based on Thomas' 1752 Charles County will which includes bequest of 349 acres. This was apparently Elizabeth WHARTON, d/o Thomas. Was this land patented based on her father, Thomas WHARTON? How could she patent in her own name if married?

19th June, 1742; 13th Nov., 1742. Will of Martha YOAKLEY, widow, of Charles Co., MD. To dau. Rachel SEMMES, 5s. To son Aaron PRATHER, 5s. To grandson Aaron, son of Aaron, 50 at majority or time of marriage. To grandson Baruch WILLIAMS, personalty. To Charity THEOBALD, personalty. To child. Eleanor WILLIAMS, Thomas PRATHER, John Smith PRATHER, and Philip PRATHER, residue of personal estate. To sons, Thomas, Philip, and John Smith PRATHER, “Sprigs Request” at Collington, in accordance to their father's will. Shd. sd. Thomas fail to deliver the deeds to his bros. afsd., his share be divided between them. Exs.: Thomas and John Smith PRATHER, and Thomas WILLIAMS. Test: Ignatius DOYNE, John CHAPMAN, John PARNAHAM. (22. 524. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 8 page 190)

According to both the “Register of Heraldic Families,” and her father's 1704 Prince George's County will, Martha SPRIGG, daughter of Thomas SPRIGG, Sr., married a PRATER. Ergo, the above would appear to be a verrrry old Martha... except... Heraldic Families also states that Thomas SPRIGG, Sr.'s daughter, Elinor, married a Thomas HILLARY, and in 1697 in Calvert County, Thomas HILLERY's will names his wife, Elinor, and his grandsons Baruch and Thomas WILLIAMS!

12 Mar 1739-17 Dec 1739 Will of Mary SANDERS of Charles Co., MD. To sons Benedict, John Baptist and Francis Boarman, exs., personal estate. To daus. Mary SLY, Elizabeth HAMOZLY and Clare SHIRBIN, personalty. To priest that buries testator and the poor, personalty. Test: Nathan ROSEMAND, Thomas ASH. (Wills, 22. 119).

21 May 1740 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Accounts 17.503. Catherine ENSEY [A second accounting]. L---. L17.5.2. Payments to: Dr. Gustavus BROWN, Edward NEALE, Samuel ADAMS, Daniel DULANEY, Esq., Samuel HANSON. Executors: William COOMBES, William MAGGATEE. (Skinner…)

2 Jul 1740 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Accounts 17.504. John THOMPSON. L171.16.8. L29.10.6. Sureties: John BEALE, Sr., John THOMPSON. Received from: John PARNHAM. Payments to: William COOMBES, Henry QUANDS, Mary CLEMENTS, John MILES, Allen HUTON, Ann EBURNETHY, Walter HANSON, Patrick WALLACE (servant), John EBURNETHY, Thomas TROUHOAR, Daniel DULANEY, Esqr., Samuel HANSON. Execs: John DOWELL, Phillip DOWELL. (Skinner…)

1st Apr., 1741; 6th June, 1741 Will of Elizabeth WOOD, Charles Co., MD. To godson Ralph GARDNER, Elizabeth COBLE and Mary OWEN, entire estate. Ex.: Benjamin ROBY. Test: William MIDDLETON, Elizabeth MIDDLETON and John GRIFFEN. Note: Mary ROBY, sister of Eliz. WOOD agrees to probate of above will. (22. 377.)

3 Jun 1741- 9 Sep 1741. Will of William BOSWELL, Sr., Charles Co., To son George and hrs., at 19 yrs. “The Desert” and “Mary's Delight.” To son Mathew, his dwelling plantation for 8 yrs. To son John, his dwelling plantation for 8 yrs. To wife Mary, dwelling plantation. To child. George, William, Mathew, Thomas and John, residue of estate. Exs.: Wife Mary and son William. Test: William COOMES, John KNYVENTON, John WORLAND. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 8 (22. 384)).

17 Mar 1741 (CHLR 39:323) Richard COMBS deposed that he was age 89. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

The above was Richard COMBS I of Charles MD who was b ca 1656 per 1716 affidavit, b ca 1654 per 1729 affidavit, and is now b ca 1652. (Side Note: It was not uncommon during a time when few written records were kept for the aged to age more rapidly than the years would appear to warrant, and this phenomena is frequently seen in census records of the 1800s), thus 1656 is probably the more accurate birth year. It is not known when he died other than it was before 1747 (see below)

1742 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Duncastle CERT. 20 acres Lib. LG#E fol. 115. PAT 20 acres Lib EI#6 fol. 468

1742 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: The Meadows CERT 20 acres Lib. LG#E fol. 116. PAT 20 acres Lib. EI#6 fol. 466.

8 Jul 1742 Maryland Test. Proc. 19.126. Charles County. Account. John SAUNDERS. L989.0.11 L61.5.8. A second inventory is cited in the amount of L0.18.3. Sureties: Thomas SANDERS, Richard COOMBS, Jr.. Rec'd from: Prudence GREEN, James GLASCOCK. Payments to... Executrix Verkinda SEMMES, wife of Alexhis SEMMES (also Alexhis SIMMS). (Skinner…)

See 1730/31 will of John SAUNDERS with wife, Valinda and daughter Prudence. Not known why it took 12 years for accounting to be filed (minor children?) In 1750, Virlinda SEMMES, wife of Alexander SEMMES, was the administrator of estate of Ignatius SANDERS, appraised by Baker BROOKE and Matt. BAINES, mentioned: Charles and Thomas SANDERS, and Prudence CLARK and William SANDERS (Inventories, 44.324), and the accounting included payment to Bennet COOMBS. See also 1753 below when William COOMBS is security for estate of Alexander SEMMES, husband of Virlinda.

1743 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Paw Thicket CERT. 53 acres Lib. LG#E fol. 332. PAT 53 acres Lib. EI #6 fol. 698

27 March 1744-27 March 1745. (Charles Co MD Land Liber Z-2, p. 28) Thomas & Elizabeth COOMBES to Thomas KELLY. 100 acres part of tract called Christian Millford, beginning at old (lease)plantation, extending from thence according to the ancient bounds, during natural life of Thomas [KELLY] and wife, Mary, - for the yearly rent of 800 # tobacco and 5 shillings plus for every negro on plantation above three the sum of 200 # tobacco

5 Jul 1745 MD Prerogative Court Accounts. Charles County. (21.429) Accounting of estate of Benjamin ROBEY. Sureties: Samuel MARSHALL, Thomas DARNALL. Payments received from: (long list including just about the whole neighborhood) William COOMBS. Debts: ... Representatives: widow (unnamed), children: Elijah, Vulona, Mary Hance, Clara ROBEY. Administratrix: Mary ROBEY. (Skinner…)

1746 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Paw Thickett Enlarged CERT 104 acres Lib. LG#E fol. 645. PAT 104 acres Lib BT&BY#3 fol.47

10 May 1747-23 June 1747 (Charles Co MD Land Liber Z-2, p. 160) Thomas & Elizabeth COOMBES to William & Elizabeth* COOMBES. 10,000 # tobacco Greene's Inheritance, on North side of Pt Tobacco main branch, part of tract bequeathed to Mary GREEN, dau of Leonard GREEN beginning at 2nd bound tree of land now belonging to Basil SPALDING, running North 83o East 190 perches to a marked red oak standing in a glade, then North 1o and a half Westerly 72perches to a walnut then North 21o and a half East 90 perches then South 63o West 224 perches to first bound tree of Panguay Manor and then with a straight line to beg = 146 acres wit: William MIDDLETON, Robert YATES

CC Note: *This is the only record in which William is found with a wife, Elizabeth, and it is our belief that the recorder mis-thought his entry since Thomas's wife was Elizabeth WHARTON. William's wife was Winnifred ENSEY)

Ed. Note: Combs Researcher Sharon Ray adds that according to Sr. Mary Donnelly's “Imprints,” a 1752 inventory was recorded for Richard COMBS who died without a will in 1752, nearly 100 y. old with his inventory mentions kin: sons, Richard COOMBS II and John Clement COOMBS. This would conflict with William distributing part of Richard's estate in 1747 (above - if that is what the above record indicates), and it appears that Sr. Donnelly has confused Richard I with Richard II whose 1752/3 Frederick Co, MD estate inventory was returned by his son, Richard III, with next of kin listed as John Clement COOMBS and Dennis ENSEY.

08-16 Mar 1747/8 (Charles County, Maryland Land Record Book Z No. 2, page 220) At request of John BIGGS, the following deed was recorded on March 16, 1747/48. March 8, 1747/48 from Charles BAKER of CC, planter, to John BIGGES of CC, Planter for 15,000 lbs of tobacco and for divers other good causes, all the tract of land called Combs Purchase, lying in CC, and bounded by the SW side of the Swamp of Allens Fresh, containing about 70 acres. Signed Charles BAKER. Wit. Tho CLARK, Theo. SWIFT. Sarah the wife of the aforementioned Charles BAKER, released her Dower (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Sr. Donally's “Imprints” indicates that Coomes Purchase was patented by Thomas COOMBS in 1719. If so, was the above a different tract of land (given that Thomas bequeathed Coomes Purchase in his 1752 Charles Co MD will? (See below)

1748 Testamentary Proceedings Book 32 folio 206. Charles County. Bartholomew and Bennett COOMBS (Extracted from MARYLAND TESTAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS, Annie Walker Burns, Annapolis 1939, by Combs Researcher Thom Mont who adds that Bennett and Bartholomew appear listed w/same year and on same page - source records not viewed; See also Bartholomew of 1753 Prince George's Co, MD and Frederick Co, VA; and 1762 Frederick Co, MD)

1749 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Coomes' Park CERT 100 acres Lib BY&GS#1fol.140. PAT 100 acres Lib BY&GS#2 fol. 77

29 Aug 1752 - 29 Jan 1753 (Charles Co MD Wills)


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I, Thomas Coombes of Charles County in the province of Maryland, Plant'r, being sick and weak in body but of perfect sound mind & memory, thanks be to God Almighty for the same, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form foll'y, Vis: First I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my heavenly father, hoping through the mediation of Jesus Christ my only Savior, to receive pardon for all my sins, my body to the earth to be decently buried at the Descretion of my Executrix hereafter mentioned: and what worldly Goods and Estate it has pleased God to endow me with in this life, I give and dispose of in manner and form Foll'g-- Imprimis, I give to my well beloved Bennet Coombes to him his heirs & assigns forever all that Track of land called Christian Milford, it being laid out for three hundred and forty nine acres lying & being .. Charles County, after his Mother's Decease. Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Thos. Wharton Coombes to him and his heirs and assigns forever, all that Track of land where I now Dwell called Coombes's Purchase, and what part of Green's Inheritance that is within the Dwelling plantation fencing on the south side Rode after his mothers Decease, Itom, I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Walter Coombes one hundred acres of land it being part of a parcel of Land called Green's Inheritance now in my possession, to him & his heirs & assigns forever excepting as before what was my Dwelling plantation and when he arrives to the age of eighteen years. Itom (sic), I give to my well beloved Bennett Coombes all my whole and sole write (sic) and title of parcel of land called Green's Inheritance which was formerly my father's Purchase and was my purchase but falsely Deprived of it by Good Friends with all the rents due from the time of my father's Decease untill the time that it is possessed again excepting only what already been bequeathed. Itom, It is also my will and desire that my four youngest sons Joseph and William and Francis Ignatius and Walter Coombes that when they arrive to the age of eighteen years old that they should have the benefit of their Labour but I desire that my son Bennett or Thomas Wharton Coombes to take care and Prevent them from making of bargains, and it is my desire that they should be advised by their Elder brothers, and also I desire that whoever hath their Labour that they should give them every one a years Schooling and one new hat a coat jacket & breeches one white shirt and one pair of shoes and stockings. Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Elizabeth Coombes whom I ordain & constitute my hole and sole Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament & all the Residue of my household Goods or Stuff Cattle horses or mares Implements moveables and all the remainder of my personal estate together with all Debts deeds & demands whatsoever during her natural life & at her decease to be equally divided amongest my children Requesting her the sd. Elizabeth Coombes to pay whatever Lawfull debts I owe to any person or persons whatsoever & if in case she shoud marry then it is my ... that my children put her to her thirds & Equally Divide the Remainder amongst them all like Good Children and I do hereby utterly disallow & Revoke all and every other will or wills Testaments or Legacies or Executors by me in any wise before this time named willed or bequeathed, Ratifying & Confirming this and none other to be my Last Will and Testament. In Whitness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this 29th day of August anno Dominy 1752. Thomas Coombes, (SEAL)
Testes; Benjamin Notle Clements,. his Matthew (M) Bozill mark his George (X) Bowzill mark

On the back of this foregoing will was endorsed the foll'g Prob't, To Wit:

Charles County, Sct. The 29th, January 1753, Benjamin Notley CLEMENTS, Mathew BOSWELL, George BOSWELL subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will being duly and solemnly sworn on the Holy Evangelests of Almighty God, do despose & say that they saw the Testator Thomas COOMBES sign and seal the foregoing will & heard him publish & declare the Same to be his Last Will & Testament and at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehensions of sound & disposing mind & memory and that they severally subscribed their names as witnesses to the said will in the presence of the Testator & at his request, which probate was taken after the heir at law had signified by note from under his hand that he had no objection to the same. Dan'l JENIFER, D, Com'r of Charles County.

(Transcribed from certified copy by Combs Researcher Joseph L. Lewis) SW: BOSWELL

12 Oct 1753 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Liber 1. No. 85 (Administration). Charles County. Elizabeth COMBS, Exrx of Thomas COMBS. Sureties: Richard SLATER and Samuel HAMILTON. Per Will. (Skinner…)

12 Oct 1753 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Accts., 36.12. Charles County. Account of Thomas COMBS. L59.8.10 L18.14.6. Received: Richard WOODARD, Joseph BARBER. Payments to: Ann COMBS, Bennit COMBS, Dr. Mungo MUSCHET, D. JENIFER. Executrix: Elizabeth COMB.

William COMBS I of Nelson Co KY is reputed to have been the s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs, but is not yet proven. William's son, Joseph COMBS was earlier thought to have been the same who d in Charles Co MD in 1779, but land records document that Joseph who d 1779 was the son of Thomas' brother, William, Sr. (d 1783). Although no daughters were named, later estate records and the will of Thomas' widow, Elizabeth (d ca 1772) prove several daughters. Also note that Francis COOMES of Surry Co NC and Nelson Co KY was b ca1722, and that the above Francis Ignatius was born 1737-1739.

25 Aug 1753 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Accounts, 35.91. Charles County. Estate of Alexander SEMMES. L144.8.5. LL82.16.7. Sureties: William COOMBS, Leonard MITCHELL. Received from Baptist MATTINGLY. Payments to: Walter HANSON, Dr. Gustavus BROWN, Henry NEALE, William BOWLING, Jenifer and Company, John POWELL, Charles NEALE, Benjamin CRAYCROFT, James HAGAN, Daniel DULANY, Esq., Daniel JENIFER. Representatives: Widow (unnamed), 8 children: Joseph (age 19), Winnefred (age 16), Edward (age 14), Ignatius (age 13), Anthony (12), Sarah (9), Mary (6), Virlinda (2). Administrator: Virlinda SEMMES. (Skinner…)

25 Aug 1753 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Accounts, 35.93. Charles County. Estate of Ignatius SANDERS... Received from Eleanor SANDERS. Payments to: Prudence GREEN, Walter HANSON, James HAGAN, Henry BROOKE, Bennet COOMBS, D. DULANEY, Esq., D. JENIFER. Representatives: accountant (mother), siblings: Prudence MITCHELL (at age), Joseph (age 19), Winnefred (at age), Edward (age 14), Ignatius (age 13), Anthony (12), Sarah (9), Mary (6), Virlinda (2). Administratrix (surviving): Virlinda SEMMES. (Skinner…)

15 Oct 1755 Charles County, Maryland Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Two Partners CERT 1238 acres (LibBC&GS#5fol.177. PAT 1238 acres Lib BC&GS#6 fol.203)

28 Aug 1756 Charles Co MD. Born: Revolutionary War Soldier Warren (or Warran) PHILPOT, later moved to Frederick Co MD, then to Bedford Co VA in 1778, and in 1779 to Guilford Co NC, where he served in the NC Line. In 1780 he returned to Bedford Co VA, & in 1784 he moved to Franklin Co GA. In 1801 he moved to Pendleton Co SC & in 1807 moved to Warren Co TN where he resided until 1830 when he moved to Washington Co in the AR Terr where he applied for his pension on 12 Dec 1833. (RW Pension File S31907, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files, Virgil D. White, Natl Hist. Pub. Co, Waynesboro, TN, 1990)

Is it possibly significant that Warren PHILPOT was in both Pendleton Co SC and Washington Co, Arkansas, locations where descendants of Bennett COMBS of (MD?), who died in Pendleton Co SC also lived? Also note that the COMBS of Hawkins Co TN had “unexplained” GA and SC births and also later removed to Warren Co TN and then Washington/Madison Cos, AR. Also note the Guilford Co NC marriage of John & Sarah MABRY Combs.

29 Nov. 1756-1 Dec. 1756. (Charles Co MD Land Liber G-3, p. 26) William COOMBES to Joseph COOMBES. Coombes Park: Beginning at a bound Spanish Oak standing on a plain in the last line of Greens Inheritance and running thence E 200 perches then N 14oW 120 per then N 35oW 40 per then S 40oW 40 per then S 64oW 116 per then with a straight line to beginning containing 100 acres of land; also part of tract called Greens Inheritance: beg on north side of Portabacco main branch and being part of land beqeathed to Mary GREEN, the dau. of Leonard GREEN; beg: a 2nd bound tree of the land now belonging to Basil SPALDING and running thence N 83oE 190 per to a marked red oak standing in a glade, then N 1o Westerly 72 per to a walnut then N 21o and a half E 90 per then S 83o W 224 per to first bound tree of Angus MCKAYS, then with strait line to first bound thee = 146 acres, with dwelling houses, etc.; wit: Allen DAVEIS, Sam HANSON, no wife.* (CC: Wife, Winifred, agreement found in Liber O#3, fol, 731 (1770))

9 Nov. 1757-9 Jan. 1758 (Charles Co. MD Land Lib. G-3, p. 159) William COOMES to Daniel of St. Thomas JENNIFER. Two Partners 100 £ sterling; patented to COOMES 15 Oct 1755 for 1238 acres beginning at a small black scrubby oak by a small glade or pond at end of the South 83o west line of said track, then South 47o west 80 perches then South 306 perches to the North 80o East line of (Lodvens) Courage then North 80o East 40 perches to end of said line then South 22o East 42perches then East 290 perches then North 15o East 125 perches then North 26o West 128 perches then SW 202 perches then to beg = 654 acres. wit: Samuel HANSON, Daniel JENIFER. (CW Note: Daniel JENNIFER divided and sold land to: 1) Henry WATHEN, (G-3, p. 213-14; 2) Philip MACREE (G-3, p. 249); 3) Simon REEDER (G-3, p. 418))

1758 Charles Co, MD Tax List. Portabacco, West Side

“1758 A List of The Taxes on the Wist Side of portobacco pariss Taken by James Smallwood Constable”

Entry 25 1 Joseph COOMBE tithed Richard GRIFFESS and one slave for a total of three
Entry 50 James HAMILTON tithes himself and 1 slave
Entry 51 Mathew BOSWELL tithes himself and Walter BOSWELL
Entry 52 Elesebeth COOMBS tithed William COOMBS
Entry 53 Joseph COOMBS tithed himself with “Elesebth COOMBS Security for her son”
Entry 54 Benait COOMBS tithed himself
Entry 83 Thomas Worton COOMBS tithed himself.

The first Joseph may have been same who was s/o William and Winnifred ENSEY Coombs (missing from this list?), the remainder are the family of Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Coombs. Also note that this is the only extant Portobacco list.

31 Jan 1759 - 21 May 1760. (Liber 31.43) The will of John LANCASTER, Charles Co. MD. To the poor, 30 lbs. currency. To James ASHBY, a slave. I hereby establish and confirm the agreement made heretofore on the marriage with my present wife, Mary LANCASTER, and further, if she outlives me that she have Carpenter Harry and his wife to work for her from the day of my death to that day twelve months and no longer. To dau. Mary BRADFORD, 1 ginnie [guinea] to buy a mourning ring. To grand-son John HOLMES, if he lives to the age of 21, if he has no heirs, to my son Joseph LANCASTER, I give Raphael ANTHONY and his wife Jane, and their 2 sons Anthony and Masey, furniture and etc. To son Joseph LANCASTER, all lands which belong to my bro. Joseph LANCASTER. To sons John and Joseph LANCASTER, and dau. Katherine COMBS, remainder of estate. Appoint George SLY and Mr. Henry NEAL to divide my personal estate among my children. Exs: sons John and Joseph LANCASTER. Wit: John and Ann SCROGIN, William TYERE (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 12, extracted by Combs Researcher Ernie Perry)

1 Jun 1768 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Balance Books 5.114. Charles County, Maryland. John LANCASTER. L1988.9.8. Estate Distribution. Sureties: John CORY, Bennet NEALE. Legatees: James ASHBY; Mary (wife) to have services of Carpenter Harry and his wife (unnamed); Mary BRADFORD (daughter); John HOLMES (grandson); Raphael (son), Anthony and his wife Jane and their two sons Anthony and Nasey. Residue to children: John, Joseph, Catherine COOMBS. Executors: John and Joseph LANCASTER (Skinnner...)

This record may be at least partly the basis for some researchers believing that William COMBS, Sr. of Charles Co, MD and Nelson Co, KY (thought to have been a s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs) married a LANCASTER. William COMBS, Sr. does not appear to have named a daughter, Catharine, although his son, Enoch T. who m 10 Mar 1788, Nelson Co, KY, Teresa STEWART, did.

Catharine LANCASTER Combs appears likely to have been the widow of Enoch COMBS who died in 1761 in St. Mary's County, particularly given the intermarriages involved (Mary GARDINER Neale Lancaster's sister, Ann, married last, Robert FORD of St. Mary's, grandfather of Margaret FENWICK, wife of Phillip COMBS, and Mary FENWICK, wife of Ignatius COMBS).

No issue for Enoch and Catherine LANCASTER Combs have been located as yet; however, note that two sons of Phillip COMBS and Margaret FENWICK (who m 2) Clement NORRIS and 3) James MANNING), James and Robert COMBS, both migrated to Kentucky. If Enoch and Catherine had issue, she and/or her children, if any, may have also gone to Kentucky.

4 Jul 1758 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Liber 2:92. Charles. Verlinda SIME. L287.7.1. Sureties: Josias ADAMS, Thomas SAUNDERS. Distribution to: (equally) Prudence MITCHELL, Joseph SIMMES, Winnfred THOMPSON, all of age; Edward SIMMES, of age April next; Ignatius, Anthony, Sarah and Mary SIMMES. Administrator: Leonard MITCHELL. (Skinner…)

15 May 1760 (CHLR 53:544) John Anthony COMBS deposed he was age 32 [b ca 1728]. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

Who was John Anthony COMBS?

1762 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES Tract: Dundee CERT 45 acres Lib BC&GS#21fol. 101. PAT 45 acres Lib BC&GS#20 fol. 184

06 Aug 1762 (CHLR M#3, 56:4) William COMBS, Sr., age 62 [b ca 1700], deposed that 37 or 38 years ago [abt 1724-5] he was at the locating of the bound tree of William CHANDLER'S tract Green Springs, and on 18 Aug 1763 (CHLR56:508) William COMBS, Sr. deposed he was age 63 [b ca 1700]. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

06 Aug 1762 (CHLR56:5) Winifred COMBS, age 54 [b ca1708], stated that she had lived in Chandlers Land from her infancy until she married; and on 18 Aug 1763 (CHLR 56:507) that she was age 54 [b ca1708-9]. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

18 Aug 1763 (CHLR 56:508) Bennett COMBS deposed he was age 39 [b ca1724]. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs.

18 Aug 1763 (CHLR 56:509) Thos. Wharton COMBS deposed he was age 35 [b ca1728]. (Barnes, Robert Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1992, Vol. 33 No. 4 p. 693,701,702)

Notes: s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs

11 Nov. 1763 (Charles Co MD Land Records. L-3, p. 380) (almost totally destroyed) George & Ann BOSWELL to William COOMBS Sr., land at head of Pt Tobacco beg. at a bounded red oak -grave yard excepted; pd for by negro woman. wit: Walter HANSON, Daniel of St. Thomas JENIFER.

4 Oct 1765-24 Oct. 1765. (Charles Co MD Land Records. O-3, p. 9) William COOMBS Sr. to Mary MILES, Edward MILES, carpenter, for love and affection & £10; Two Partners beg. at popular standing at a small branch and running then SE 49 perches then SW 30 per then W by N 58 per then S 83oW 94 per then S 17oE 93 per then N 70oW 392 per then N 34oW 92 per to marked red oak then S 79oW to small branch then with branch to beginning = 150 acres; wit: Walter HANSON, Thos CONTEE; wife Winifred COOMBS signed dower.

24 Oct. 1765. (Charles Co MD Land Records. O-3, p. 12) William COOMES Sr. to William COOMES Jr. for and in consideration of the natural love duty and affection which he hath and beareth toward his father [sic?] & £10 current money - Two Partners: beg. at a marked willow oak standing by a small branch that leadeth into the main branch of Portobacco and running thence south 69oW 125 perches to a bounded Hickory the second Bound tree of Greens Inheritance then south 75oW 32 perches, then South 13oW 7 perches, then E by N 34 perches, then S 33oE 158 perches, then S 3oW 20 perches, then SE 40 perches, (then N 49.5oE 7 perches to marked poplar in a small branch, mark of Mary MILES land) to a small branch, then up the said run and binding with the south 79oW line of Mary MILES to marked red oak then north 19oE 48 perches then N 19oW 32 perches, then N 62oE 46 perches, then N 32oW 58 perches, to the head of a small branch then binding with said small branch to beg - 260 acres. wit: Walter HANSON, Thos CONTEE, wf: Winifred

29 Oct 1766-16 Mar 1773 Charles Co MD Land Patent. William COOMES. Tract: The Addition CERT 164 acres Lib BC&GS#4 fol404. PAT 164 acres Lib. BC&GS#46 fol25. Patent: The Addition: patented 16 March 1773, rent amt 6/7 st g. charged to the rent roll. Special warrant out of his lordships land office bearing date the twenty fifth day of May last grants unto William COOMES of Charles Co. to Resurvey a tract or parcel of land called Boswells Adventure lying and being in Charles Co. aforesaid originally on the tenth day of June 1734, granted unto a certain Michael BOSWELL for 92 acres under new rent with the liberty to add the contiguous vacancy. These are therefore to certify that I have carefully resurveyed and laid out for and in the name of him the said William COOMES the apt parcel of land according to its ancient meets and bounds and find it to contain 92 acres as above to which I have added 72 acres of vacancy. Beginning for the lines of the resurvey by virtue of this before mentioned warrant at a bounded red oak the original beginning of said tract and running thence N 44 perches then S 60oW 32 perches then N 53oW 44 percheas then S 55oW 26 perches then S 1;oE 41 perches then S 25oE 27 perches then S3oW 41 perches then S 40oE 80 perches then S 12oE 18 per then S65oW 9 per then E by S 40 per then SE 102 per then N 8oW 12 per then N 33oW 25 per then N 54oE18 per then S 89oE 34 per then N 33oW 40 per then N 80oE 31 per then N 9oE 16 per then N 37oW 44 per then with a strainbg line to beg. = 165 acres called the Addition to be held of Panquiah (Zachia?) Manor Resurveyed the 21 day of Nov. 1765. Wm. HANSON, dept. serv. On the back: I hereby certify that Wm. COOMES paid Col. LOYD, agent for Ld BALTIMORE on the 29 of Oct. 1766 3 pound 12 shillings for the within vacancy and 2 shillings and 9 pence rent to March 1766-Nov. 20 1771. Daniel of St. Thom JENNIFER.

12 Nov 1767 “James HAMILTON purchased “Pinchcroft” from his brother-in-law Francis Ignatius COOMBES and his wife Cassandra. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Lewis from Donnally's “Imprints,” p. 16)

An earlier extraction erroneously listed the date as 12 Nov 1752. According to Donnelly, the above was Francis Ignatius, s/o Thomas & Elizabth WHARTON Coombes, and brother of Bennet Coombes who had m Drusilla CULVER, but was deceased by 1767. Donnelly is apparently also the source for Francis' wife, Cassandra having been a CULVER also. Seeking source for both those two marriages plus that of Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Coombes. See also Prince Georges Co MD as this record may not have been a Charles Co MD record based on PG'S Deed Index. Question: How did Francis Ignatius acquire Pinchcroft (earlier extracted as Pitchcroft).

14 June - 16 June 1768 (Charles Co MD Land Records. O#3, fol. 423) Bennet GREEN to Samuel HANSON. Green's Inher £50 - adjacent parcel owned by Joseph GREEN: white oak standing in Cool Spring branch - E 38 perches - N 120 perches to hickory in Old Woman's branch - with branch 81 perches to mouth of Cool Spring = 6 6 acres; wit: Daniel St. Thomas JENNIFER, George LEE; wife, Ann

Dec. 12, 1768 (Charles Co MD Land Records. G-3, p. 256) William COOMBS - Where as divers persons without leave have and still continue to hunt and drive off game from the lands of the subscriber not only to his prejudice in the loss of such game but also prededicial to his stock, their being disturbed, he therefore hereby forwarns all person whatsoever not to hunt with Dogs or guns on any of his lands as they may expect being presented as the law Directs and he also gives publick notice that he will destroy any dog or dogs that he may find on any of his lands.

20 July 1770. (Charles Co MD Land Records. O#3, fol. 733 (see 423)) Samuel HANSON, Gent, to Bennett GREEN. Green's Inher £50 = adjoining tract now in possession of George LEE: white oak standing in Cool Spring branch - E 38 perches - N 120 perches to hickory in Old Woman's branch - with branch 81 perches to mouth of Cool Spring =6 6 acres; wit: Daniel St. Thomas JENNIFER; wife Ann HANSON

14 Nov.-11 Dec. 1770. (Charles Co MD Land Records. S#3, fol. 76) Joseph COOMES to Sam'l HANSON. Saml HANSON, merchant - £60.

15 Jan 1771-16 Nov 1772 Will of Elizabeth COOMES of Charles Co MD


I, Elizabeth Coomes of Charles County, widow, being of sound and perfect memory, thanks be to Almighty for the same, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, Viz;

Imprimis, I give & bequeath to my two sons, vis, Thomas Wharton Coomes and Walter Coomes, all that track or parcel of land lying, situate and being in Charles County, Nangemy, and knowen by the name of Christian Milford, containing three hundred & forty nine acres more or less, & farther the said Thomas Wharton and Walter Coomes shall pay to the rest of my children as follows, viz; Thos. Wharton Coomes shall pay unto my two sons Joseph and William Coomes, Thirty pounds, Cur'y, to each, and Walter Coomes shall pay to my three Daughters, Viz; Mary Ann Hamilton, & Anastasia Hamilton [JL: see note at bottom] twenty pounds cur'y, to each of them, there being twelve months granted by me to the said Thos. Wharton & Walter Coomes for payment of the above sums of money, and after the above sums of money be taken out of the value of the above land together with all costs and charges that the above Thomas Wharton & Walter Coomes shall be at in laying off, selling or dividing the said Land, then my other son Francis Ignatius Coomes, If living , shall share equally with Thos. Wharton & Walter Coomes in what clear money shall remain in the value of said land, but if the said Francis Ignatius Coomes shall be deceased before the above payments be made, then his heirs shall receive of the sd. Thos. Wharton & Walter Coomes the sum of Thirty pounds, cor'y and no more. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my two sons Thos. Wharton & Walter Coomes sole Executors of this my Last Will & Testament.

In Witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 15th, day of Jan'y, Anne Domini, 1771.

Test: Wm. Coomes, Sr., Elizabeth (her o mark) Coomes (SEAL)
William Coomes Jr.,
James Slater

On the back of the foregoing Will was endorsed the following Probate, To Wit;

Charles County, Set. On the sixteenth day of November 1772, came William Coomes, Jr. and James Slater, subscribing witnesses to the within Will and made oath that they saw Elizabeth Coomes the Testatrix sign the same and heard her acknowledge it to be her Last Will and Testament, that at the time of her so doing she was to the best of their apprehensions of sound and disposing mind and memory and that they together with William Coomes, Sr. signed their names as witnesses to the said Will in the presence of the Testatrix & at her request. -- which said probate was taken after having received a letter from Thomas Wharton Coomes, heir at law, consenting to the taking the same.

Walter Hanson D. Com'r.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Joseph L. Lewis who adds: At this point the transcriber of this certified copy must have omitted the name of the third daughter “Ann” (Ann COOMES who had married Roby STEWART - See below)

Witnesses William COOMES, Sr. and Jr. were apparently Thomas' brother and nephew. The fact that Thomas Wharton was the “heir at law” signifies that Bennett died between the writing of Thomas' will (29 Aug 1752) and Elizabeth's in 1772 -- unless the Bennett COMBS whose age was 39 in 1763 was not the s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs, but another Bennett Combs (See St. Mary's Co, MD and Pendleton Dist, SC). Also note that the will of Elizabeth Combs implies that her son, Francis Ignatius, had already removed from Charles County. He is believed to be the Francis who d in 1817 in Hardy Co VA, first found in the records of then-Hampshire Co VA in 1782.

23 March-20 May 1773. (Charles Co MD Land Records. S-3, p. 427) Walter COOMES & Thomas Wharton COOMES vs. Richard WOODWARD. bounds of a tract of land called Christian Milford, Durham parish, Charles Co. - Thomas Wharton COOMES and Walter, his brother, contending to fix their beginning of the resurvey on Christian Milford at a small stone in an extensive level old Fields near the line of Warren DENT'S land which was proved by Thomas PERRY at a commission executed on the premises the 28th day of May 1771 and Richard WOODWARD contending to establish the beginning of said resurvey at a large stone standing by Dr. BROWN'S gate proved by John BARKER and which controversy they have agreed to refer to Francis WARE and Wm. SMALLWOOD, both chosen and appointed arbitrators by the parties, ......decided no estimoney to establish the correct boundary of original tract called Christian Milford, now does it appear from anything which has been exhibited to us that there is any authentic testimony which will clearly establish the beginning of the resurvey; at other than the final, or large stone, above mentioned as will more fully appear by referring to the depositions taken on land commission granted unto the above said COOMES and executed 24 May 1771, ald granted to Rch WOODWARD 28 April 1772. --the said COOMES should make the beginning at the large stone in as much as they would run less into those surveys which were made some little time before and afer their resurvey as the presumption will lye that a much better knowledge of the boundary and courses of the resurvey was to be had at that time They would include in their survey from the large stone a parcel of land lately taken up as Nancanry (Nancancy?) by a certain William WINTER, Jr. whereon their ancestors and they have had a plantation and the land tended and occupied by their tenants for many years nor do we find that their title to that part of the land which the abovesaid WINTERS took up was ever contested til the present COOMES disclaimed and attempted to place the beginning of the resurvey at the small stone damages...

1 May-3 May 1774 (Charles Co MD Land Records. S-3, p. 593) William COOMES Jr. to Wm. COOMES Sr. for and in consideration of the natural love duty and affection which he hath and beareth toward his father & £ 10 current money - Two Partners: beg. at a marked willow oak standing by a small branch that leadeth into the main branch of Portobacco and running thence south 69oW 125 perches to a bounded Hickory the second Bound tree of Greens Inheritance then south 75oW 32 perches, then South 13oW 7 perches, then E by N 34 perches, then S 33oE 158 perches, then S 3oW 20 perches, then SE 40 perches,(then N 49.5oE 7 perches to marked poplar in a small branch, mark of Mary MILES land) to a small branch, then up the said run and binding with the south 79oW line of Mary MILES to marked red oak then north 19oE 48 perches then N 19oW 32 perches, then N 62oE 46 perches, then N 32oW 58 perches, to the head of a small branch then binding with said small branch to beg = 260 acres. Aloisia, wife; wit: James CRAIK, G.R. BROWN

31 May 1774. (Charles Co MD Land Records. S-3, p. 594) Edward MILES to William COOMES Sr. Edward MILES, carpenter and Mary, his wife to William COOMES, Sr. in consideration of natural love and affection they bear toward their father and £10 current money a tract called Two Partners; beg: at a marked poplar standing at a small branch and running thence SE 40 perches, then SW 30 perches the W by N. 58 perches then south 83oW 94 perches, then S17oE 93 perches, then N 70oE E *302 perches, the N 34oW 93 perches to marked red oak then S 79oW to a small branch, then down and with the run of the said branch to beginning = 150 acres. wit: James CRAIK, GR BROWN (could write their names)

31 May 1774 (Charles Co MD Land Records. S-3, p. 595) William COOMES Sr. to William COOMES Jr. Two Partners natural love and affection toward son & £10 current money: same as above. -- wife, Winifred

31 May 1774. (Charles Co MD Land Records. S-3, p. 597) William COOMES Sr. to Mary MILES. natural love and affection which he hath and beareth toward his dau & £10 -- Two Partners: beginning at a marked poplar standing at a small branch and running then S 49.5o W 7 perches to end of William COOMES Jr. SE forty perches course of the 2 partners, then SE 40 perches etc. *328 perches to a bound live oak then N 58.5oW 80 perches to a bounded red oak then N 79oW 35 perches to a marked maple standing in a small branch, then with running water of said branch to beginning = 143 acres.

13 Sep 1774 (Charles Co MD Land Book Z#2.28) Thomas COOMES, and wife Elizabeth leased to Thomas KELLY on 13 Sept. 1774. part of a Tract called Christian Millford, for the Term of the lives of Thomas KELLY and his wife Mary. (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

20 Oct 1776-30 Oct. 1776 (Charles Co MD Land Records. V-3, p. 121 & 2) Thomas W. COOMES to Gustavus Richard BROWN. GR BROWN, physician; 5 shilling stirling, Christian Milford lying in Durham parish, Charles Co. beg. at a marked stone standing at or near the place where the original bound tree of said tract formerly stood (a bound tree of the land formerly of a certain Samuel PALMER) = 349 acres, same patent granted to Elizabeth COMBES dated 21 Dec. 1729; wf. Sarah.

22 May 1777 (Charles Co MD Records) On May 22, 1777 came Thomas Wharton COOMBS, Administrator of Walter COOMBS, late of CC, and made oath that the inventory is correct. Walter COOMBS' Account. May, 22, 1777. The account of Thomas Wharton COOMBS, administrator of Walter COOMBS. Mentions money recieved of Bennett HAMBLETON, Issaac STEWART, William COOMBS. Total: 153 £ 15 shillings 4 pence. Disbursements include payments to Thomas TURNER; William STONE; William COOMBS; Anne STEWART, part of legacy left her by the will of Elizabeth COOMBS, in the hands of this deceased; Jno CLASFORD and Company at Portobbacco & bond dated Oct 12, 1774; Richard SLATER; Joseph MARBURY; Samuel HANSON per bond dated Jan 4, 1775; goods due to BROWN and Company; money due MILES SMITH; Zachary WADE; Sarah HAMBLETON; Mary CASEY; Thomas Melchesideck GREEN; Joshua ATCHESON; Anne HAMBLETON, part of legacy left her by the will of Elizabeth COOMBS, in the hands of this deceased; William HANSON for levies due; Deputy Commisary's fees of Danl JENNIFER. Balance accountable: 57£ 11 shillings 8 pence. Final Account: 153 £ 15 shillings 4 pence. Securities: Thomas Milchesideck GREEN and Leonard HAMBLETON of CC. Representatives: the accountant, Joseph COOMBS, William, Francis Ignatius, brothers to the deceased; Mary Anne HAMBLETON, wife of James HAMBLETON; Anne STEWART, widow of Roby STEWART, sisters; and Anne COOMBS, an infant daughter of Thomas COOMBS, another brother, now dead. On May 22, 1777, Thomas Wharton COOMBS made oath that the afd account is just. (Charles County, Maryland Wills Administration Accounts Inventories And Orphan Court Proceedings 1777-1780, p. 8, Provided by Researcher Jerry L. Clark)

The above Walter COMBS and his siblings as named were the children of Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs. Missing are Bennett, who was the “brother now dead,” and Anastasia COMBS Hamilton(?)

25 June 1777-28 June 1777. (Charles Co MD Land Records. V-3, p. 167) William COOMES Jr. to Winifred SMITH, dau of William COOMES and wife of certain Walter SMITH, for love and affection and 1 shilling sterling. Coomes Hunting & Two Partners. beg. at three bay saplings standing at end of 136 perches in NW by N line of Coomes Hunting place then S 44oW 14 perches to marked hickory switch then S 26oW 97 per to bound post, then N 59oW 36 per to marked spanish oak, then N 34.5o W 74.5 per to marked black gum, then N 61oW 94 per then N 29.5oE 123 per to end of the WNW 80 per line of Coomes Hunting Place = 88.5 acres, no wife signed.

1778 (Charles Co MD Tax List)

Port Tabacco Upper District

William COOMES
Wharton COOMES

(Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789, Broderbund Software, Inc. - “real” tax list not transcribed yet)

1778 (Charles Co MD Continental Census)

Port Tabacco East District

William COMES, Jr.
William COMES, Sr.


21 Apr 1779 - 11 Sep 1779 (Charles Co MD, page 391) Will of Joseph COOMES. I, Joseph COOMES of Charles County, Cordwinder [shoemaker], am sick but in perfect memory. To my wife Sarah COOMES- my dwelling plantation, during her widowhood, and then to my son Joshua COOMES. To my son William COOMES- my young horse for satisfaction for money left me. Executrix: my wife Sarah COOMES. Signed April 21, 1779 - Joseph COMBS. Wit. William COOMES Sr. And Catherine SPAULDING, two of the witnesses. Proved(?) Sept 11, 1779. (Charles County, Maryland Wills Administration Accounts Inventories And Orphan Court Proceedings 1777-1780, Page 162 Charles County Probate 1777-1780, Provided by Researcher Jerry L. Clark)

Joseph COMBS was the eldest son of William and Winnifred ENSEY Combs, Sr., not the s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Combs, abt whom????

1782 (Charles Co MD Marriage Records) COOMS, Richard marr. Clare GREEN (Marriage CD - Source Record Still Needed)

11 Feb. 1783 - 27 Sept 1783 Wills Liber B-1, fol. 220. Will of William COOMES Sr., Charles Co.
-son William parcel of land joining to land of his deed, from the rowlling path one hundred yards in with as his land runneth to his beginning tree and there to a mulberry tree standing near an olde fording place, then to the line of the meadows and then as my land runneth to the bound tree of Greens Inheritance.
-son Joseph's two oldest daus one cow apiece.
-Richard COOMES: there several tracts of lands viz: Coomes Delight, Duncassell [Duncastle], Paw Thickets Enlarged and all my land between Walter SMITH'S land and my son's William's land and one negro boy, Isaak.
-Clare THOMPSON the use of a tract of land called the Addition during her life, after her dec . to be equally divided between her two sons.
-dau. Winifred SMITH a parcell of land from the end of the Meadows to the end of the land line of Coomes Hunting Place to Edward MILES all land on south side of pond, adjoining his plantation Mr. FERRIS' line.
-dau. Elizabeth SMITH a tract of land called Donde [Dundee] reserved from her plantation with Mr. FERRISES line to the long pond and with the pond to her brothers line and with her line and the Rowling rode to a ancient path that leads to George BOSWELLS as far as Mr. FERRIS line and with it to her plantation, also one negro named Charles
-Sarah GREENE the plantation she lives on and with my fence to the road and with the road to the path that leads to George BOSWELL'S and with Mr. FERRISES line and as ye land runneth to the plantation during her life after to be her son Henry's
-Anna COOMES one negro girl called Mary
-Mr. Ignatius MATTHEWS one negro called Benjamin or a negro woman and child, to be sold one half of money to be given to poor, the remainder for the use he shall think proper
-wf: dwelling plantation and use of stock during her life, also negros except above;
-all remainder to be equally divided betw William and Richard.
Exec: son William.
Wits: Giles GREEN, Jr., Joseph Green THOMPSON, James THOMPSON

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carol Collins from copy of original)

1783 Charles Co, MD Tax Lists

3rd District, General

p. 4

William COOMES. 60 acres.

4th District, General

p. 2

Richard COOMES. 243 acres.

Sarah COOMES. 71 acres.

Thomas W. COOMES. 274 acres.

1st District, Land

p. 2

William WATTS. Coomes Purchase, 150 acres.

3rd District, Land

p. 2

William COOMES. St. James, pt, 60 acres.

4th District, Land

Page 2

Richard COOMES. Coomes Delight, 100 acres.

Richard COOMES. Dencastle, 20 acres.

Thomas W. COOMES. Coomes Purchase, 18 acres.

Page 3

Sarah COOMES. Greens Inheritance, pt, 71 acres.

Thomas W. COOMES. Greens Inheritance, pt, 56 acres.

Page 9

Richard COOMES. Thicketts, 30 acres.

Page 10

Thomas W. COOMES. Whartons Purchase, pt, 100 acres.

Thomas W. COOMES. Whartons Purchase, pt, 108 acres.

6th District, Land

Page 2

William COOMES, Sr. Coomes Hunting Plaid, 265 acres.

Page 5

William COOMES, Sr. Dundee Resurveyed, 130 acres.

Page 14

William COOMES, Jr. Two Partners, pt, 283 acres.

William COOMES, Sr. Two Partners, pt, 144 acres.

16 Oct. 1786-26 Feb. 1789. (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 407) (deed of conveyance) Joshua COOMES to Henry GREEN. Greens Inheritance? bond for £300 money from Henry GREEN Joseph THOMPSON and Richard COOMES; Joshua, heir at law of William COOMBES, late of Charles Co. dec, to make over to the three all lands bequeathed to Sarah GREEN, wife of said Henry, Clare THOMPSON, wife of said Joseph, and Richard COOMES by last will and testament of said William COOMES dec.; wit: Bennett HAMILTON, Joseph Green THOMPSON

Extracted by Combs Researcher Rhoda Fone from “THE MARYLAND SEMMES AND KINDRED FAMILIES,” Henry GREEN - 17__ - 1813: “Henry GREEN, son of Leonard and Clare GREEN (& grandson of Francis & Elizabeth (WHEELER) Green) was born at “Green's Inheritance” and was the executor of his mother's estate in 1795. He married Sarah, daughter of William COOMBES. In 1790 he was the head of a family in Charles County with himself and another male over the age of 16, six males under 16, four females, and 10 slaves in his household. In 1778 he subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance in Charles County before Walter HANSON. Children of Henry and Sarah (COOMBES) Green:

  1. Sarah GREEN married _______ MURRAY.
  2. Henry GREEN
  3. Jane GREEN married [Charles] WILLS.

“His father-in-law, William COOMBES, Sr., dying in 1783, willed the latter's daughter Sarah GREEN “the plantation she liveth on and with my fense to the road which leads to George BOSWELL during her life then to her son Henrye.”

“On July 1, 1789, Joshua COOMES, of Charles County, conveyed to Henry GREEN for 17/11/10 lbs. the tract of land willed him by his grandfather William COOMES, deceased, to Sarah GREEN wife of the said Henry GREEN, being 118 acres of “Coomes Hunting Place.” On the same day Henry GREEN sold to George LEE 118 acres of “Friendship” and to Bennett HAMILTON 82 acres of “Friendship” at which time his wife, Sarah GREEN, waived dower rights.

“His widow died testate in Charles County and by her will, dated August 6, 1822, and proved on November 4, following, she bequeathed her estate to her three children -- Sarah MURRAY, Henry GREEN, and Jane WILLS - appointing Charles WILLS the executor.”

1 July 1789-1 July 1790. (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 515) Joshua COOMES to Henry GREEN. £17.11.10 - that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Charles Co. willed by my grandfather, William COOMES, dec. to Sarah GREEN, wife of Henry GREEN: beg at locust post, the third boundary of Winifred SMITH, wf. of Walter SMITH and dau. of said Grandfather, William COOMES, and running thence S 26oW 51 perches, then S 52oE 30 perches to bound white oak sapling, thence S 5oW 42 perches, then S 81oE 36 perches, then N 30oE 8 perches to bounded stone standing at the road, thence N 41oE 10 perches, thence N 57oE 28 perches to bounded stone at BOSWELLS path, thence S 52oE 8 perches, then S 53oE 30 perches, then N 66oE 11 perches to bounded white oak, the beg: tree of Sarah's Addition, then N 64.5oE 19 perches, then N 12oW 45 perches, then N 29o E 17 perches, then N 59oW 4 perches, then N 15oW 32 perches to the East and by N half point N line of Coome's Hunting place, then E by N half a point N 15 perches to end of the aforesaid line of Coomes Hunting Place, then N 36 and 3/4o W 160 perches, then N 70.5oW 80 per then S 68oE 80 per then S 33oE 36 per to first boundary of Winifred Smiths deed, 2 Bay saplings, then running with the land conveyed by Winifred Smiths deed to beg = 118 acres.; s/Joshua [his mark] COOMES. wit: Dan JENIFER, Henry BARNES.

1 July 1789-1 July 1789. (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4 p. 516) Walter SMITH, etc. to Henry GREEN. Walter SMITH, Winifrede SMITH, & Bennet HAMILTON Henry GREEN - £2 current money part of 2 tracts of land, one called Coomes Hunting Place, other Spy Spark [Spry Park], beg at a bounded Stone the first boundary of Walter SMITH and Winifred SMITHS deed and running S 44oW 14 per then N 61oW 17 per then N 53oE 27 perches to a marked maple standing by the run side, then N 88oE 24 per to the north 54oE line of a tract called Spy Spark, to beg = 4 acres, being part of Coomes Hunting Place and Spy Spark; wit: Dan JENIFER, Henry BARNES

1 July 1789-1 July 1789 (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4 p. 516) Walter SMITH, etc. to Henry GREEN (indexed). Walter SMITH, Winifrede SMITH, & Bennet HAMILTON to Henry GREEN - £2 current money part of 2 tracts of land, one called Coomes Hunting Place, other Spy Spark, beg at a bounded Stone the first boundary of Walter SMITH and Winifred SMITHS deed and running S 44oW 14 per then N 61oW 17 per then N 53oE 27 perches to a marked maple standing by the run side, then N 88oE 24 per to the north 54oE line of a tract called Spy Spark, to beg = 4 acres, being part of Coomes Hunting Place and Spy Spark; wit: Dan JENIFER, Henry BARNES

1 July 1789. (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 517) Joshua COOMES, shoemaker, to Richard COOMES. £500 current money-parcel of land bequeathed to said Richard by dec father, William COOMES, late of Charles Co. by his last will and test. bearing date of 12 Feb. 1783 - no wife

1 July 1789. (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 520) Joshua COOMES to Bennet HAMILTON. 5 shilling, beg at said tract a parcel of land at end of 3rd line of said tract of land called Friendship, running thence with douse of land to end of 20 line, then with straight line to beginning = 82 acres - wife Sarah

1 July 1789 (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 519) Walter and Winnifred SMITH to Henry GREEN. 5 shlling - Coomes Hunting Place and part of Smith Help: beg for the said tract or parcel of land at a marked gum and running thence N 61oW 3 perches, thence S 14oE 30.5 perch., then S 42oE 57 perches thence N 53oE 23 perch, then N 33.75o W 19 perc, then N 70.75o W 20 perch then N 37oW 4 perches, N 47oW 22 perch, N 35.75oW 23 perch, to beg = 7.75 acres.

1 July 1789 (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 520) Richard & Joshua COOMES to Bennet HAMILTON. £100 tract called Duncastle, part of Paw Thickets Enlarged: beg at end of 38 perches on 3rd line of Duncastle at a stone now fixed and running N 34oE 45 per to stone now fixed then N 25oW 128 per, then N 84oE 45.5 per then S 36oE 68 per then E 26 perches then S 41oE 22 perch, then N 60oW 16 perch then S 43oW 64 perch then etc. =52 acres. Clare, wife of Richard

1 July 1789 (Charles Co MD Land Records. D-4, p. 522) Richard, Joshua COOMES & Bennet HAMILTON to Walter SMITH, carpenter, £184.10 to Richard - Coomes Delight, part of Paw Thicket enlarged, part of Doncastle and part of Spy Park; Clare, wife of Richard

1790 Charles Co MD Census

(Census CD - unreliable source)

p. 48
COOMBES, Joshua: 01-00-04-00-00
COOMBES, Richard: 01-01-05-00-00
COOMBES, Sarah: 00-01-03-00-00
COOMES, William: 02-00-02-00-00

Notes: Joshua, s/o Joseph d 1779 and gs/o William d 1783. Richard and William, s/o William d 1783. Sarah, widow of Joseph d 1779.

17 Sept 1790 (Charles Co MD Land Records. K-4, p. 148) Richard COOMES to Walter SMITH & Henry GREEN (original. See K-4, p. 224, 26 Feb 1791)

26 Feb.-26 Feb.1791 (Charles Co MD Land Records. K-4, p. 224) Richard COOMES to Walter SMITH & Henry GREEN. Deed of Trust 17 Sept. 1790 (K-4, p. 148), Walter SMITH and Henry GREEN to sell all lands, negros, stock and houssehold furniture of Richard to pay just debts of Richard, then: 1/2 to go to support and maintainance of Clare, wife of Richard during the time that she may think proper to live separate and apart from her husband; other half for support and maintainance of said Richard. Clare and Richard have thought fit to cohabit together; So Richard, for 5 shillings paid by Walter and Henry, stays the same. Wit: Henry BARNES, Henry K. CHAPMAM

20 Sept. -24 Sept. 1791 (Charles Co MD Land Records. K-4, p. 325) Joshua COOMES, shoemaker, to Edward MILES. - £100 current money, his right and title in all lands as heir at law in last will of William COOMES of this county, desc.; no wife signed; wit: Richard BARNES, Henry BARNES

13 Nov.-5 Dec. 1791. (Charles Co MD Land Records. K-4, p. 367) Joshua COOMES to Elizabeth SMITH etc. (Indexed); i.e., Ann SMITH, Mary SMITH, Winifred SMITH, Clare BOSWELL; £100 current money -all his right title interest, etc. in tract or parcel of land bequeathed to Elizabeth SMITH by her dec father, William COOMES, later of Charles Co. 12 Feb. 1783; Joshua's wife named Jane; wit: George LEE, Henry H. CHAPMAN

16 Oct. 1797 (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-2, p. 249) Bill of sale. Thomas Wharton COOMES to Charles COOMES - £200 current money - six negroes: James, Poll and 2 children Fank and Rachel, Bot, and dau Mary, Harry..

3 July-7 Sept. 1798. (Charles Co MD Land Records. JB-2, p. 430) Hilleary THOMPSON, formerly of Charles Co., now of Baltimore, to Jane [Janes] COOMES of Charles. £105 current money MD all right and title of Hillary THOMPSON to Addition - no description.

Notes: h/ or s/o Clare COMBS Thompson? Widow of Joshua who died????

1798 Charles Co MD. Federal Direct Tax. Lots in Port Tobacco and adjacent countryside: Jane, Sarah, Clare, William, and Charles COOMES (Convict Servants in Charles County: A Further Study, Oszakiewski, RA, In: (1991) Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 32: p. 285)