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From early days right into the present time, occupations, whether professional or crafts and trades, have been passed down from father to son (and nowdays mothers and daughters, too). Knowing the occupation of one's ancestor can be of help in tracing his ancestry, and the following is the very incomplete beginning of an effort to organize some of our early Combs by their occupations. See Also the Combs &c. Glossary for expanded definitions of these occupations (and more) and ALHN's Occupations: Titles and Definitions

Note: The all-too-common occupation of Farmer-Planter-Rancher-Yeoman will not be included here for the very reason that it is all too common. We begin with but a few occupations, and those undoubtedly incomplete, but will expand on these when/if they become part of our active research.

Apothecaries (apothecary, pharmacist, druggist)

1687Henry COMBESTrowbridge, Wiltshire, England
1880Germain COMBSPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
1880James W. COMBSButler County, Nebraska

Blacksmiths (sometimes a.k.a. Farriers)

1756Joseph COMBSStafford County, Virginia
1775William COMBSStafford County, Virginia
1788Robert COOMBESomersetshire, England
1802George COMBSWilkes County, North Carolina
1818Jonathan COMBSMuhlenberg County, Kentucky
1820Edward COMBSFayette County, Pennsylvania
1827Benjamin COMBSBarren County, Kentucky
18??Joseph COMBSBreckinridge County, Kentucky
1836William COMBSBenton County, Tennessee
1841William COMBSRussell County, Virginia
1850Ezra COOMBSWorcester, Worcester County, Massachussets
1850Joel & Jabez COMBSGreene County, Indiana
1850Samuel J. COMBSOwen County, Indiana
1850Benjamin COMBSBarren County, Kentucky
1850Charles COMBSNelson County, Kentucky
1850Glenmore COMBSClark County, Kentucky
1850Jonathan COMBSSullivan County, Tennessee
1850Thomas COMBSSullivan County, Tennessee
1850William H. COMBSHampshire County, Virginia
1850Joseph COMBSPhiladelphia County, Pennsylvania

Brick Layers (a.k.a. Masons)

1691Phillip COMESWestmoreland County, Virginia
1751William COOMBSAnne Arundel County, Maryland
1753Bartholomew COMESPrince George's County, Maryland
1850Edwin COOMBSLee County, Iowa
1850Perer [Perez?] COMBSEssex County, Massachussetts
1850Perer [Perez?] COMBSMiddlesex County, Massachussetts


pre-1558Thomas COMBEColchester, Essex, England
1638Richard COMBEColchester, Essex, England
1652John COMBESSouthwark, Surry
1696Thomas COMBEEast Ham, Essex, England
1719Thomas COMBESt. Giles, Cripplegate, London
1859John COMBSLeavenworth, Kansas
1880John COMBSChristian County, Kentucky


1676Thomas COMBBarbados
1724Thomas COMBSMonmouth Co, NJ
1748-9Richd. COOMBSNova Scotia
1850Benjamin D. COMBSFairhaven, Bristol County, Massachussets
1850 David W. COOMBSNew Bedford, Bristol County, Massachussets
1850T. C. COOMBSLowell, Middlesex County, Massachussets
1850William COMBSClark County, Indiana
1850William COMBSWarren, Worcester County, Massachussets

Coopers (Cask & Barrel Makers)

1668John COMBSBoston, Suffolk County, Massachussets
1679Francis COMBS (sp.?)Suffolk County, New York
1709Samuel COMBEBristol, England; Cork, Ireland; Philadelphia, PA
1753Richard COOMBS II (tools)Frederick County, Maryland
1850John M. COMBClark Co, Indiana
1850Joseph COOMBSFranklin County, Indiana
1850Thomas J. COMBSSpencer County, Indiana
1850Matthew COMBSPerry County, Ohio

Currier (Leather Tanner)
See also Shoemaker (below)

1571Francis COMBEEdenbridge, Kent, England
1609William COMBEFrome, Somerset, England
1816Jonathan COMBSMuhlenburg County, Kentucky
1850James COMBSLogan County, Kentucky
1850Burton COMBSOhio County, Kentucky
1851Henry COMBSChichester, Sussex, England
1851George COMBSChichester, Sussex, England

See also John F. Combs, leather dealer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Shoemakers (below)


1673Benjamin COMBESt. Mary Woolnoth, London

Lawyers (a.k.a. Attorneys, Barristers, Solicitors)

1850-1865Stephen H. COLMS (S. H. COMBS same?)DeKalb County, Tennessee & White County, Tennessee
1850James COMBSGiles County, Tennessee

England: See Combs &c. of the Middle Temple and Combs &c. of the Inner Temple


YearName Ship - Port or Residence
1612George COMBE, SailorChester, England
1627Thomas COMBE, Capt.Southampton, Hampshire, England
1670John COMBE, MarinerBarbados
1684Adam COMBS, CaptainBristol, England
1685George COOMBE, MasterThe Palme Tree, Plymouth, Devonshire, England
1690George COMBES, Capt.Maryland Protestant Revolution
1690Henry COMBES, Waterman Lambeth, Surrey, England
1712Abel COOMBES, Master See Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, Secretaries of State: State Papers Domestic, Anne - record not yet acquired)
1722COMBS, Capt.Shereman - Prince George's, Maryland
1724Henry COMBS, Capt.Newberry - See Ship's Lists
1721John COOMBS, Commander Grocer. See Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, Secretaries of State: State Papers Domestic, Anne - record not yet acquired)
1747George & James COMBS, Capts.Caroline - See Ship's Lists
1747John COMBS, Capt.Postilion - See Ship's Lists
1779William COOMBS, MasterFriendship, American merchant ship. See Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, High Court Admiralty)
1781Ebenezer COOMBS, MasterAmity, American merchant ship. See Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, High Court Admiralty)


1506-1785Archdale-Combs-LovettDrapers Company of London
1627Thomas COMBESouthampton
1656Combs-LovettDublin, Ireland
1657Thomas COMBEBarbados

Printers (& Selected Newspapermen)

1688Charles COMBSSt Thomas College, Oxfordshire
pre-1790John Joseph COMBS (father of)of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
William Henry Harrison COMBSof Fauquier County, Virginia
aft 1833Samuel Satchwell COMBSurrey, England & Australia
1850John Joseph COMBSHampshire County, Virginia

Shoemakers (Cordwainers)

1661PALMERSt. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England
1679Amory BUTLERButler-Underwood
1717William COMBSRichmond County, Virginia
1727John COMBS (sp.?)Queens County, New York and Monmouth County, New Jersey
1740Joseph COOMBEBucks County, Pennsylvania
1758Samuel COMBS (sp.?)Loudoun County, Virginia
1779Joseph COOMESCharles Co County, Maryland
1781Moses Newell COMBSRevolutionary War Records
1782Richard COMBSCity of Richmond (Old Henrico County, Virginia
1816David COMBSMuhlenberg County, Kentucky
1841Joseph R. COOMBSMontgomery County, Maryland
1846Elnathan COOMBSNew Bedford, Bristol County, Massachussets
1850David COMBSWarren Worcester County, Massachussets
1850Isaac COMBSFranklin County, Pennsylvania
1850Joseph J. COMBSPhiladelphia County, Pennsylvania
1850James O. COOMBSLowell, Middlesex County, Massachussets
1850James S. COMBSFranklin, Norfolk County, Massachussets 
1850John B. COMBSFranklin, Norfolk County, Massachussets
1850John M. COOMBSLynn, Essex County, Massachussets
1850Nicholas COOMBSLynn, Essex County, Massachussets
1850Thomas COOMBSLynn, Essex County, Massachussets
1850Valentine R. COOMBSMedway, Norfolk County, Massachussets
1850William COMBSJackson County, Virginia (WV)
1850William F. COOMBSLynn, Essex County, Massachussets
1860John COMBSNelson County, Kentucky


1519John COME or COMBESSt Antholin Budge Row, London, England
1613John COMBESSt. Thomas the Apostle, London, England
1830William COUMBESCarrington, Cheshire, England

*In early England the Merchant Tailors were among the Great Livery Companies (such as the Drapers). This trade has not yet been researched to the extent of the Drapers Guild (research in progress).


1749-1760Mason COMBS Sr.Stafford Co, VA