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Barbados Island is about 100 miles to the east of the West Indies and not a part of that chain of islands, sitting separately well into the Atlantic. Barbados not only became the home to many English Families, but was often a way station to the New World - as is evidenced by several of the following records, including mentions of both New England and Virginia. Both the Archdale & Combs Families are found in Barbados, as well as Palmers and Fernes. Their relationship to the Archdale-Combs Family of England, if any, remains unknown. The closest ties to VA thus far appear to be PARROTT, SCOTT & VASSALL

The earliest Combs (& var. sp.) & Associated Families found in the records for Barbados thus far arrived prior to 1654 (chronologically):

02 Aug 1640 - 25 Jul 1654 (Barbados Records) Richard COMBER 2 Aug 1640, RB6/13, p. 71. Mary DAVIS, dau of Phillip DAVIS and his wf Mary DAVIS of Barbados - land in Weskett in Darking Parish, County Surry, on which Daniel STIDWELL tailor now lives; bros William CUMBER, George CUMBER, & John CUMBER; my mo; uncle Wm: HYAM'S chn; cousin Phillip DAVIS - Xtr. signed Richard COMBER. Wits: John HARRISON, John RADFORD, Robt: DUNN. Proved 25 Jul 1654. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations)

Surrey England has not yet been actively researched; thus it is not yet known if Richard COMBER-CUMBER might have been a "Combs" (COMBER and COMBES have apparently been proved to at one time been, at least on occasion, interchangeable - not yet verified). In the meantime, we are seeking to identify all of the above family, particular given the HARRISON witness


04 Oct 1657 - 07 Oct 1657 (Barbados Records) Thomas COMBES of Barbados, merchant. 4 Oct 1657, RB6/13, p. 185. Son Thomas COMBES - sole heir. signed Thomas COMBES. Wit: George DIXON, Josias STOAKES. Proved 7 8ber 1657. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Joanne Mcree Sanders, Sanders Historical Publications; Walsworth Publishing Company; Marceline missouri; 1979, p. 190)

See Also Ann DICKSON (a.k.a. DIXON?) named in 1657 Co Warwick, EN will of Thomas COMBES the Younger. Is this the father of Thomas COMBS of Barbados who d in 1676? (See Below) Also, is STOAKES possibly a.k.a. STOCK?

17 Jun 1654 - 20 May 1656 (Bristol, EN) The will of WILLIAM LANGTON of Citty of Bristol, merchant, sick and weake, dated 17 June, 1654, proved 20 May 1656 at London, EN, referred to his "uncle William BURROWES of Bristoll, Gent.," and stated that he had "lately Come home from the barbadoes." Other surnames include BRIDGE, SYMES, VAUGHAN, CALLIS, HAYENS [Haines], ATWOOD (P.C.C. Berkeley, 141, English Origins of American Colonists, p.91) See 1661-2 below.

Jun 1657 .Perogative Court of Canterbury. William VASSALL of Barbados, "who had lands in New England." Probate to the son, John VASSALL. (June 1657). Wa. ("American Wills And Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1610-1857" by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1989)

See 1661-2 below. John VASSALL, son of William, later removed to Old Rappa. County, Virginia as did his sister, Ann, wife of Nicholas WARE.

1658 Indenture: Comb, William; Gender: Male; Orphan: Unknown; Position in Parent's Family: Unknown; Landowner: Unknown; Literate: Unknown; Convict: Unknown; City: Bristol; County: Gloucestershire; Nation: England; Year of Indenture: 1658; Years: 4; Place of Indenture, Colony: [Barbados]; Residence, Parish: Hatherleigh; County: Devon; Nation: England

Comments: William was not christened at Hatherleigh. Source Citations: (1) "Servants to forraign plantations, 1654-1663," Bristol Record Office, Bristol, England, 04220; (2) Peter W. Coldham, The Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations, 1654-1686 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988); (3) Nathan W. Murphy, "Devon's Supply of Indentured Servants, 1655-1660," unpub. M.A. dissertation, University of Leicester, 2005, 95.

(Immigrant Servants Database)

03 Jan 1661/2 As a merchant of St. Michael's, Barbados, 3 Jan. 1661/2, Nicholas WARE gave bond to John VASSALL of Barbados to secure payment to VASSALL for "four good negroes." (Adventurers of Purse & Person, Virginia 1607-1624/5 by Virginia M. Meyer/John Frederick Dorman, 1987)

Note: In disagreement with the above is the statement from "Hoskins of Virginia and Related Families by Charles Willard Hoskins Warner, 1971, pg 155, that : "On January 3, 1661 a certificate was recorded in Rappahannock Court that Mr. Nicholas WARE, merchant ahad that day signed a power of attorney to Mr. John WEIR, "beloved friend" of Rappahannock County."

Nicholas WARE had m Anna VASSALL, d/o William VASSAL who d in Barbados in 1657, formerly a resident of Massachusetts, but born in England (s/o John & Ann RUSSELL Vassal). Nicholas WARE & his brother in law, John VASSALL, s/o William, both later removed to Old Rappahannock Co VA where John VASSALL is found in records with William UNDERWOOD, Sr., step-son of Archdale COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA. William VASSALL'S father, John, had married (2) Judith BORROUGHS, d/o Stephen, niece of William, and widow of Thomas SCOTT of Colchester, Co Essex, EN. Whether Nicholas WARE & John WEIR of Old Rappahannock Co VA were kin or not, remains unknown. See Also Abraham COMBS & Cuthbert SCOTT of MD

1656 - 1661 Royalists Exiles to Barbados.

20 December 1661 - John COLE of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner, age 39, and late Commander of the "John" of London, deposed in the Mayor's Court of London at the request of Colonel MARSELLIS rivers and others, that in March 1656/6 Captain Henry HATSILL, merchant, transported prisoners to Barbados for his account and that of Captain thomas ALDERNE and Mr. Martin NOEL. Enclosed with the deposition is a copy of the original bill of lading listing the prisoners [named below] to which is appended the following note:

Signed by Capt. Thomas ALDERNE, M[ast]r. Marten NOELL & Capt. Henry HATSELL on board the good shipp called the "John" of London, John COLE Commander, & now rideing at Anchor in the Sound of Plymouth bound to the Island of Barbados, to say eighty one servants above mentioned which are to be delivered at the afore said porte of Barbados, the danger of the seas & Mortality Excepted, unto the said John COLE, the fraight for the said servants being already paid by us, & so God send the ships to har disired porte. Dated at Plymouth 17th March 1655.
per me John COLE
Author's note: "A marginal note states that 80 men and one youth are to be disposed of in Barbados at the best rate in exchange for commodities. Captain John COLE is to have factorage at the rate of six percent."

Richard ALLWOOD, Richard ANDREWS. John BANKE, Robert BAREFOOTE, Simon BARNARD, Henry BENSTEED, John BIDLEY als BIBEY, Stephen BISSE, John BOND, Leonard BOWLIN, Nicholas BROADGATE, Richard BROADGATE, Hugh BROWNE, Richard BROWNE, Robert BROWNE, William BUNGEY [nb: BENGE?], Thomas CALLY, Leonard CASKETT, Martin CEELY, Hohn CHAMBERLAINE, John CHAPMAN, Thomas COKER, Ambrose COLLE, Arthur COLLINS, JAMES COMBE, Edward COOE, John COOKE, Robert CURDEY, William DIAMOND, William DREWS, John ELKINS, thomas FITZJAMES, James FITZSYMONS, Oxenbridge FOGELL, John FRAMPTON, Thomas FRAY, John FULFORD, Nathaniel GALPIN, Williamd GAMMON, Henry GIFFORD, Thomas GRAY, Augustine GREENWOOD, William HALLETT, Robert HARRIS, John HAYNES, Richard HEARD [Hurd], Andrew HOLDYP, George HUBBERT, Henry HUITT, Thomas HUTCHINS, Cornelius IGNEY, Jasper KELLAWAY, richard KEMPFIELD, Moses KENFIELD, William KING, Richard LAMBARD, Wiliam LEWINGTON, William MARTYN, Richar MILLS, Edward MOREING, Joseph MOREING, Nicholas MUSSELL, Robert NICHOLLS, George OLIVER, Edward PAINTER, John PALMER, Edward POLTON, Chr[istopher] PRINE, John PURCHASE, Thomas RANGER, Samuel REYMER, Marcellas RIVERS, John RUSSELL, Hanne STI[-]ER, Isaac STICKLEY, Robert SUGER, William SYMONS, Edward TARGETT, George THORNBOROUGH, Thomas UPPINGTON, Edward WINMOUTH. (Lord Mayor's Court of London, Depositions Relating to Americans, 1641-1736 by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1980) Royalists Exiles To Barbados, 1656

Although James COMBE has not yet been identified, a number of the above individuals have, and additional data will be inserted shortly. Question: Could John PALMER have been kin to William & Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, the latter sister to Margaret ARCHDALE who m John COMBE in 1587 in London, EN? (See Also The Archdale-Combs Families) See John COOKE below and Thomas COKER of Isle of Wight Co VA

17 Nov 1666 - 12 Dec 1666 (Barbados Records) Thomas BETTS 17 Nov 1666, RB6/15, p. 44. Thomas POOLER Jr; John STOTTFORD; Dorothy TAYLOR; Hope ARCHDALL; Mary PROUTT, dau of Thomas PROUTT; Richard POOLER & Elizabeth POOLER* his sis; friend John HULETT - Overseer. Signed Tho: BETT. Wit: Heanry HEARNHEAD, John TAYLOR, Nathaniell (x) QUINTON. Proved 12 Dec 1666. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Joanne Mcree Sanders, Sanders Historical Publications; Walsworth Publishing Company; Marceline missouri; 1979)

Seeking to identify Hope ARCHDALL. Was she kin to the Archdales of London? (See Above and also Hope (ARCHDALE?) Fitham below)

24 Jun 1670 - 12 Jul 1670 (Barbados Records) Capt. John HOYLE of Barbados, late of Darkemouth in Devonshire, England. 24 Jun 1670, RB6/8, p. 431. Estate in Barbados & England; wf Phillip HOYLE (sic); dau Catherine HOYLE unmarried; friend Capt. Edward RUNDELL - Xtr. signed (no signature). Dep, 24 Jun 1670, William CHESTER Gent. & John COOMES mariner. Proved 12 Jul 1670. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Sanders, 1980)

Seeking to identify the above John COOMES. Was he also of Devonshire? Was he kin to Thomas COMBES of Barbados? Son? Father? (See Below) No Darkemouth or Darkmouth found. Probably Dartmouth, Devonshire?

13 Jul 1670 - 8 Apr 1671 (Barbados Records) George HAMNER St Johns Parish, 13 Jul 1670, RB6/8, p. 236. Bro Jonathon HANMER; Mary COMBES, wf of Thomas COMBES; Henry SWEET Esq; cousin John COOPER; God son Thomas COMBES Jr. signed George HANMER. Wit: Henry SWEET, Thomas HALL. Prove 8 Apr 1671. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Sanders, 1980)

13 Mar 1675/6 - 13 Jun 1676 (Barbados Records) THOMAS COMB, departing for England, carpenter. St Johns Parish, 13 Mar 1675, RB6/9, p. 407. Money owed me by Maj. Thomas ROUS; land rented of Capt. John BEAMIELL(?); SON THOMAS COMB; land purchased of Benjamin SEAY merchant; SON HENRY COMB; DAUS MARY COMB, ELIZABETH COMB, FEARNOT COMB; BRO William COMBS; cousin William GOWAN, son of William GOWAN decd; cousin Margaaret WEST; Xtrs - wf MARY Combs; SON JOHN COMBS; Henry SWEET Esq & Henry WALROND Esq - Overseers. signed Thomas COMB. Wit: Deborah WALROND, Charles BUTTAL, James SCOTT. Proved 13 June 1676. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Joanne Mcree Sanders, Sanders Historical Publications; Walsworth Publishing Company; Marceline missouri; 1979)

Thomas COMB was the husband of Mary DENNEY, sister of Richard DENNEY (named in her 1687 will below) Was Maj. Thomas ROUSE kin to John ROUSE of Tachbrook, Warwickshire, England, h/o Mary COMBS, d/o William COMBS, s/o Thomas & Mary SAVAGE Combs of Old Stratford, Warwickshire? (The latter Thomas d testate in 1609) Also See Archdale COMBS witnessing a record in Old Rappahannock Co VA that included mention of a James SCOTT.

18 Aug 1677 - 21 Feb 1677/8 (Barbados Records) Peter FITHAM St. Philips Parish, 18 Aug 1677, RB6/13, p. 469. Son ARCHDALE FITHAM at 21; dau Elizabeth Fitham at 18; wf Hope Fitham - Xtrx in trust; friends Richard TOWNSEND, John BRATHWATE, Emanuell CURTIS, & Jno: HIGGINBOTHAM - Overseers. Signed Peter FITHAM. Wit: Tho: ARCHDALE, Henry (x) MOTLEY, Ann (x) PATTIN. Proved 21 Feb 1677. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Sanders, 1980)

Seeking to identify Thomas ARCHDALE above? What was his relationship to Hope ARCHDALE of 1666? Was Hope, wife of Peter FITHAM, neè ARCHDALE?

28 Jun 1678 - 3 Sep 1678 (Barbados Records) Thomas BICKLE, Sr St. Johns Parish, 28 Jun 1678, RB6/13, p. 515. Son thomas BICKLE - plantation below the cliff in St Josephs Parish; daus Sarah BICKLE*, Susanna BICKLE*, & Jane PALMER; gr son Joshua BICKLE at 21; God son Humphry HORE; gr chn Wm: ALLIN, Jane ALLIN, Anthony PALMER, Thomas PALMER, & Frauncis PALMER; friend Edward BENNY Esq & son in law Anthony PALMER - Xtrs. signed Tho: BICKLE. Wit: Isaac GARDNER, Baptist STARR, Stephen RICE, Benja: CORBETT. Proved 3 Sep 1678. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Sanders, 1980)

Was Anthony PALMER kin to William & Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, the latter sister to Margaret ARCHDALE who m John COMBE in 1587 in London, EN? (See Also The Archdale-Combs Families) The 1631 will of Abraham ARCHDALE refers to his cousin Samuel GARDNER of the University of Oxon;" the 1636 London EN will of William PALMER refers to his "cousin GARDINER," the reference being to Sir. Thomas GARDINER, Recorder of London, brother of the wife of William PALMER'S "cousin William PALMER; and the 1612-1615 will of John COMBE of Old Stratford, Co Warwick, refers to his god-daughter, GARDENER, and her sister.

25 Mar 1679 - 11 Jun 1679 William HENRICK, planter. St. John Parish, 25 Mar 1679, RB6/9, p. 469. Eldest son William HENRICK; dau Margaret HENRICK; wf Elizabeth HENRICK - Xtrx; friends Robert MEADE Esq & James SCOTT planter - Xtrs in trust. signed William (x) HENRICK. Wit: James ADAMSON, Thomas COMBES. Proved 11 Jun 1679. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Volume I, 1639-1680, Sanders, 1980)

Is the above Thomas COMBS the s/o Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS? Note that James SCOTT also witnessed the will of Thomas who d 1676. Was he possibly kin to Thomas SCOTT, 1st husband of Judith BORROUGHS Scott Vassall? (See Also Below)

02 May 1679 - 18 May 1683 (Barbados Records) Thomas COMBES, planter. St. Johns Parish, 2 May 1679, RB6/12, p. 315. Mother MARY COMBES - land purchased of bro JOHN COMBES; my bros & sisters; MO MARY COMBES; HER SON JOHN COMBES - Xtrs. signed Thomas COMBES. Memo, friends Capt. John PARNELL & wf, Dr. Leonell LOYD & wf, Tho: PHILLICOATE & wf, & Richd: SLOGROWE & wf; James SCOTT; Richard PARETT. Wit: Richard SLOGROWE, Richard PARRATT, James SCOTT. Proved 18 May 1683. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Apparently the son of Thomas & Mary DENNEY Combs died s.p. Note again the presence of James SCOTT, and also of Richard PARRATT - the same who testified in London in ref John VASSALL? The same who patented land in Lancaster Co VA? Kin to John PARROTT who claimed as a headright, Ann COMBEY [sic] in 1650 in Nansemond Co VA?. Capt. John PARNELL was the h/o Fearnot (-----) after whom Thomas & Mary appear to have named their daughter.

01 May 1684 - 15 Aug 1684 (Barbados Records) The will of Elizabeth PEARCHOUSE of St. Thomas Parish (RB6/12, p. 558) mentions, among others, her grandson Thomas DAVIS; a Joh. BOOTH, and" the poor of the Parish of Eling in Co. Middlesex, England, where I was born, I being the dau of John STANDFORD of said parish & town of Branford (or Brauford) who died in the latter end of the reign of King James" as well as "friends Thomas CLARKE & Richard STANDFEILD" and was witnessed by Richard TRAVIS, Nicholas BLAKE Jr, and Thomas CARNEY. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Was Richard TRAVIS kin to Raleigh TRAVERS (a.k.a. TRAVIS) of Virginia Colony whose widow, Elizabeth, formerly wife of Thomas STEPHENS, next married BECKINGHAM who named brother and sister in laws, John & Elizabeth Combs, and John & Martha BURROUGHS? Or possibly Thomas CLARKE to Robert who m bef 1685, in St. Mary's Co MD, Sarah Combs, d/o Abraham COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA & St. Mary's Co MD?

29 Oct 1684 - 19 Jun 1685 (Barbados Records) Thomas PHILLICOTT 29 Oct 1684, RB6/10, p. 365. Son Richard PHILLICOTT to pay his mo her thirds, she willing to take 20 lbs by agreement made 19 Aug 1684; Richard to pay his bro William PHILLICOTT 20 lbs sterling a year for life; gr chn Thomas COMBES, his bro John COMBES, William COMBES all at 21, & Mary COMBES at marriage; John SOLEY & his wf; chn of John COMES - estate if sons Richard and William die without heirs; 1/3 to John SOLEY'S chn my gr chn. signed Thomas PHILLICOTT. Wit: Lt. John TAYLOR, Lt. thomas SITFORD, Lt. Walter GLEESS, James WILSHEIRE, Jno: HUTCHINSON, Eliza PICKINSON. Proved 19 Jun 1685. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Was Richard TRAVIS kin to Raleigh TRAVERS (a.k.a. TRAVIS) of Virginia Colony; or Thomas CLARK

12 Feb 1684/5 (Barbados Records, RB6/43) Robert BRIDGES Gent. Of Barbados. To be buried in parish or church of St Johns; eldest son Robert bridges* at 21; my eldest dau Sarah Bridges* at 16 or marriage; dau Anne Bridges* at 16; son John Bridges* at 21; son William Bridges* at 21; dau Mary Bridges* at 16; my bro Edwd: Bridges eldest son at 21; tho: BRAKIN; servant John GILL; friends Capt. DOMELAW; John DAVIS Esq & his wf & son & 3 daus; partner George ANDREWES Esq & his wf - silver clock watch I sent to England by DOUGHTY & his wf; dau Mary BROWNE*, now wf of Mr. BROWNE in Co. Salop, England; wf Mary COOKE* - Xtrx; friends John DAVIS and George ANDREWES Esq - Xtrs in trust. signed Jer: COOKE.[sic] Wit: Jonathon HUCHINSON, John LEGARD Gent., John BROWNE, Theophilus BOWDEN, Jo: DOUGHTY. Proved 12 Feb 1684. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980, p. 128)

See Thomas ARCHDALE of Co Middlesex, EN re Wm. ANDREWS; and Original BROWN & Nathaniel POPE of Westmoreland/Richmond VA re BRIDGES.

14 Aug 1685 - 27 Sep 1687 (Barbados Records) Jane PHILLICOTT of Barbados, widow. 14 Aug 1685, RB6/40, p. 501. Bro Richard ADAMSON Jr of Barbados and his wf my sis Mary ADAMSON and his chn Mary ADAMSON, John ADAMSON, Henry ADAMSON, Hannah ADAMSON, & Elizabeth ADAMSON; Thomas COMBS, John COMBS, William COMBS, & Mary COMBS, the chn of John COMBS Sr of Barbados; Mary & Elizabeth ADAMSON, daus of James ADAMSON; Isabella SOLEY; late son Richard PHILLICOTT; Richard ADAMSON - Xtr. signed Jane (x) PHILLICOTT. Wit: Benjamin HASSELL, Thomas DODD Gent., Chr: White. Proved 27 Sep 1687. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Jane (-----) PHILLICOT was sister to Mary (-----), wife of Richard ADAMSON. The daughters of James ADAMSON, Mary & Elizabeth, were the daughters of James & Mary Combs Adamson, the latter d/o Thomas & Mary DENNEY Combs. The four COMBS children, were issue of John & Elizabeth MOORE COMBS, the former also a son of Thomas and Mary. Who was Isabella SOLEY? How/if was she kin to John SOLEY, s-i-l of Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS? Who were the parents of Jane PHILLICOTT & her sister Mary Adamson? Why was Jane Phillicott so generous to the grandchildren of Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS?

16 Mar 1685/6 - 19 Mar 1685/6 (Barbados Records) John JEFFERYS St. Georges Parish, 16 Mar 1685, RB6/40, p. 142. Son John JEFFREYS at 21 - land formerly the land of Joane Vines & joining the plantation of Col. John CODRINGTON decd; son Vines JEFFERYS at 21; John COMBES Sr of St Johns Parish & Mr. Francis BELL - Xtrs & Gdns. signed John JEFFREYS. Wit: Wm: BRETLAND, John ROGERS, Thomas BRETLAND. Proved 19 Mar 1685. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

John COMBS Sr. of St. Johns was apparently the eldest son of Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS. See Also will of Thomas BRETLAND below who names sister, Ann Combs.

1685 - 1686 (Barbados Records) James ADAMSON, planter. St Johns Parish, ------1685, RB6/40, p. 315. Dau Mary ADAMSON at 15; dau Elizabeth ADAMSON at 18; mo in law Mary COMBES; wf Mary ADAMSON & bros in law John COMBES & John SOLEY - Xtrs. signed James ADAMSON. Wit: William JORDAN, James WILSHIRE, Jasper SHEPHERD. Prove 30 Dec 1686. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

James ADAMSON had married Mary, d/o Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS.

18 Nov 1687 - 20 Oct 1687 [sic] (Barbados Records) John MOORE, merchant. St Georges Parish, 18 Nov 1687, RB6/42, p. 14. Wf Ann MOORE; dau Eliza: MOORE at 17; Daniel PEANE*, Margaret PEANE*, & ------, son & daus of Datharine PEANE(?); THOMAS COMBS; cousin Mary NEWMAN, the dau of Gabriel NEWMAN; son John MOORE - Xtr; friend WATERMAN Jr - Overseer and Gdn to son; mo GRANT; SIS COOMBES; bro NEWMAN; cousin John SEASBROOK (or SCASBROOK). signed John MOORE. Wits: Wm: BURR; Wm: GRANT, Andr:: MANSELL. Proved 20 Oct 1687. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

John MOORE'S sister, Elizabeth, had married John COMBS, s/o Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS. (See his will below, and that of his mother). Thomas COMBS above was probably his nephew. Apparently his mother had married a GRANT, possibly the witness, William GRANT? See Also Abraham COMBS & James PEAN of MD

28 Oct 1687 - 11 Nov 1687 (Barbados Records) JOHN COMBS St Johns Parish, 28 Oct 1687, RB6/40, po. 521. SONS JOHN COMBES, WILLIAM COMBS, THOMAS COMBES all at 21; DAU MARY COMBS at 18 or marriage; sons JOHN; WILLIAM - Xtrs. signed John (x) COMBES. Wit: Capt. James BENNY, Capt. Willm: COLE, Jno: WILLIAMSON. Memo, 8-28-1687, My mo, friends Capt. John PARNELL & Samuel FORTH, BROTHER HENRY COMBES, & my wife to be guardians of my children to age 21; sister Mary ADAMSON; brother & sister in law MORE; mother & brother in law GRANT; SISTER FRANCIS COMBES. Proved 11 Nov 1687. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

John COMBS was the s/o Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS, and h/o Elizabeth MOORE, sister of John MOORE. (See the will of John MOORE above, and of John COMBS' mother, Mary below. Was his "sister Francis COMBES" a.k.a. Fearnot, or a sister in law? Who was his brother in law GRANT? The mother of John & Elizabeth MOORE was referred to in the will of John MOORE as mother GRANT - was "brother in law GRANT" possibly her son and/or step-son by the later marriage? Capts. James BENNY & William COLE were sons-in-law of John & Fearnot (-----) PARNELL. Who was John WILLIAMSON? Possibly kin to James WILLIAMSON who m Ann UNDERWOOD of Isle of Wight (later to Lancaster & Old Rappahannock) VA, sister of Col. William UNDERWOOD whose widow, Elizabeth, afterward married Archdale COMBS? Also Note Robert COLES' land adjacent to COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA.

24 Nov 1687 - 1689 (Barbados Records) Mary COOMBE, widow of Thomas COOMBES. 24 Nov 1687, RB6/41, p. 202. Son Thomas COMBE decd; dau Mary ADAMSON relict of James ADAMSON decd; dau Fearnot COOMBE - money in the hands of Maj. Thomas ROUSE; Elizabeth COOMBE, wf of son John COOMBE decd, and his chn John COOMBE, William COOMBE, Thomas COOMBE, and Mary COOMBE all at 21; grand children Mary & Elizabeth ADAMSON; friend Mrs. Fearnot PARNELL; friend Capt. John PEARNELL; son in law John SOLEY; William COLE; BRO Richard DENNEY; son & dau Henry COOMBE & Mary COOMBE - Xtrs; Samuel FORTH & Thomas ESTWICK - Asst Xtrs. signed Mary (x) COOMBE. Wit: James SPENCE, Edward (x) BILLAMY, Andrew RAPSON. Proved 23 ------1689. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Which daughter had John SOLEY married? (Assuming he was a "son in law" by virtue of having married a daughter of Mary). All daughters otherwise known appear to be accounted for, other than Elizabeth who is not named above. (See above)

20 Aug 1689 - 23 Oct 1689 (Barbados Records) Mary ADAMSON St Johns Parish, 20 Aug 1689, RB6/41, p. 200. Daus Mary ADAMSON & Elizabeth ADAMSON both at 18; friends Capt. Jno: BARNETT, brother Henry COMBS, Thomas ESTWICK, & Samuel FORTE -= Xtrs. signed Mary (x) ADAMSON. Wit: Richard DOWNES, Hugh (x) WILSON (court also names Wm: WELDON). Cod, Wit: Maj. James BENNEY, Mary MARSHALL, John LEWIS. Proved 23 Oct 1689. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Mary COMBS was the d/o Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS, and widow of James ADAMSON.

13 May 1690 - 20 Jun 1690 (Barbados Records) Thomas BRETLAND, planter. St Georges Parish, 13 May 1690, RB6/41, p. 312. My cousin Thomas BISHOP in London; my mo Anne PARKINSON of Chesterfield in Darbyshire; sis Mabel LOANE of Rochford in Esex; bros Bm: GRANT and Francis GRANT; Sisters ANN COMBES, Angell ELCOCK, & Margaret GRANT; God dau Anne COMBES; Elizabeth MARSHALL who no lives with me; wife Elizabeth BRETLAND & my only dau Hannah BRETLAND at full age - Xtrxs; friend John COUSINS Y Charles BUTTALLS - Overseers. signed Thomas BRETLAND. Wit: tho: LYTCOTT, Wm: GRANT, Cholmley ELCOCK. Proved 20 Jun 1690. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Who was Ann COMBS, sister of Thomas BRETLAND, and probably the mother of BRETLAND'S goddaughter? He also refers to his brothers, Bm: and Francis GRANT, and his will is witnessed by Wm. GRANT, the same who wit. the will of John MOORE, brother of Elizabeth MOORE Combs?

11 Nov 1690 - 25 Nov 1690 (Barbados Records) John PHILLIPS, labourer. St. Andrews Parish, 11 Nov 1690, RB6/41, p. 388. Countryman Andrew FEARNE; friend & countryman Allen MEACKEASKALL - Xtr. signed John (x) PHILLIPS. Wit: Nicholas GODMAN, Alexander MACKLEORD, Daniel (x) MACKASKALL, James (x) NEWART. Proved 25 Nov 1690. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Both Barnard & Richard ARCHDALE (brothers & uncles of Margaret ARCHDALE who m in 1587 in London, John COMBS) had married FERNES. Was Andrew FEARNE above somehow kin to the ARCHDALES?

10 Mar 1691/2 (Barbados Records) John PEARNELL St Johns Parish, 10 Mar 1691, RB6/10, p. 549. Son John HOTHERSALL Esq now living at Geddyhall in Essex, I have management of his plantation in this island called HOTHERSALL'S Poole; daus Meliora HOTHERSALL wf of said John HOTHERSALL, Alice BENNEY the wf of James BENNEY Esq, & Elizabeth COLE wf of Capt. William COLE; friends Dr. Lyonell LLOYD & Samuell FORTE - Xtrs. signed John PEARNELL. Wit: Henry COMBES, James SPENCE, William JELLEY. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

John PEARNELL (a.k.a. PARNELL) had a long-standing close association with Thomas & Mary DENNEY COMBS of Barbados. Their daughter, Fearnot, had probably been named after his wife, who appears to already have been deceased by the time of his death. Henry Combs above was most likely the same who was also a child to Thomas & Mary. Did the PARNELLS and/or the Combs have a Co Essex, EN background?

13 Apr 1692 - 14 Jul 1693 The will of WILLIAM PALMER of Wanlippe als Oneleape, in the county of Leicester referred to "adventures in Barbadoes." (Coker, 115, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1889)

William PALMER was the s/o William PALMER was the grandson of William & Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, of London, EN, the latter the sister of Margaret ARCHDALE who m John COMBEin 1587 in London. (Coker, 115, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1889) (See Also The Archdale-Combs Families) Was he kin to the PALMERS of Barbados?

31 Jul 1694 - 18 Jul 1695 (Barbados Records) Jeffreys BATTALLEY St. Johns Parish, last day of July 1694, RB6/11, p. 154. Wf Pricilla Battalley*; my chn: Samuel Battalley*, Edward Battalley*, & 2 youngest John Battalley* & Katherine Battelley*, all at 21; friends Henry COMBES and Thomas FOX - Xtrs. signed Jeffreys BATTALLEY. Wit: Thomas (x) WICKHAM, Mary (x) CONNELL, Francis MELLICHAMP. Proved 18 Jul 1695. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

Apr 1694 (Barbados Records) John COOKE of New England, mariner. St Michaels Parish, 3 Apr 1694, RB6.2, p. 117. Bro Edward COOK living in West Grimsteed in Sussex - my estate now in Jersey; Sir Edward ANDREWS the Gov. Of Virginia; Abraham TOWDISEND. signed John COOKE. Wit: Israel WOSS, Arndoll JEFFORD, John TRANCK. Proved 19 Apr 1694. (Barbados Records Wills & Administrations, Volume II, 1681-1700 by Sanders, 1980)

25 Apr 1703 (Virginia Colony) "Antho. PALMER & Co. Barbadoes, letter to Mr. Paul CARRINGTON, as follows. "Mr. Paul CARRINGTON, Sir: We have ordered Capt. HAWKINS to apply himself to you when he arrives in Virginia. We desire that you would assist him in fraughting ye sloop Back for this ...... If you can not fraught her in five weeks Time at five pounds per Turne. Then we desire you would hand her for Philadelphia to Mr. Charles SOBER what ffraught she makes to Virginia. We desire that you would Remitt in Tobacco, Pitch and Tar in ye Sloop If ye sloop ffraught in Virginia We desire that you would put 50 live hoggs on Board out of ye ffraught money. We lieve it to ye man gement not doublting but that ye will Do for us as if it were your own. We wish you a prosperous voyage from ye ffriend & servant. April 25, 1703. Antho. PALMER & Compa. D.W. &c.. 12. (The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers Volumbe II, published by The Valentine Museum, Richmond, VA)

See Also Sir Anthony PALMER of Southampton, England, will of William KINGSMILL, and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer (Ayloffe), sister of Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. (The Archdale-Combs Family)

Might Capt. Hawkins have been Thomas HAWKINS, h/of Elizabeth LUCAS, d/o Thomas LUCAS who later m Margaret (-----) Underwood Upton, m/o Col. Wm. UNDERWOODwhose widow, Elizabeth, married Archdale COMBS?(See Above)

3 - 16 Aug 1721 St Johns Parish. William COMBES, Gent. My kinsmen John COMBES, William COMBES, Robert COMBES, Richard COMBES and Henry COMBES; my kinswomen Abigale COMBERS [COMBES?] and Elizabeth COMBES; my Brother John COMBES and Phillip COREGELL, executors. Signed Wm: COMBES. Wit: John DADGEON, Elizabeth [x] LEWIS, Ann GALL. Proved 16 August 1721. (Barbadoes Records, Wills and Administrations, Vol. 3, Joanne Mcree Sanders; Sanders Historical Publications; Houston TX; 1981).

Is this William, son of John who died by 1686?

1722 John COMBES was among the "Subscribers to the production of a map of Barbados by William MAYO whose surveys were conducted between 1717 and 1721 and which was published in 1722 and showed the position of 976 plantations with the name of the owner ar the time of the survey. 611 copies of the maps were subscribed to. The subscription was for Stg3.00 in Barbados or Stg2.00 in London and this should have produced a total of 1,283." ("The Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists," 13th March 1989)

12 August 1733 Ann COOMBES (also Combes) m. Estwick GALL (English Settlers in Barbados 1637-1800 available on

Submitted by David O'Carroll

Note: Her great grandson, g-g-grandson and g-g-g-grandson were all named Henry Beckles GALL but have no confirmed dates for her great grandson.