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Prince George's County, Maryland was organized in 1695/6 from Charles & Calvert Cos & unorganized territory. Frederick County, Maryland was organized from Prince Georges and Unorganized Territory in 1748. Thus far the only records of Enoch & wife, Sarah SPRIGG (Pierce) Combs have been located amongst the early COMBS of this County.

See Also Early Combs of Maryland. The following records are incomplete. We are still in records-collection phase of our research, and hope to be adding to them regularly. This report also includes a number of records of Combs-Associated Families which we hope will enable us to further segregate the various Combs Families themselves…

Also Note: Add'l data re BEALL-COMBS Families to be added shortly.

Ref: Records showing as source, “Index of Land Records for Prince Georges Co, MD, 1696-1840. Extracted from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277 by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff”, Denise adds: Where possible, years have been added based on a separate listing in the Family History Library Catalog (The Land record index did not provide dates, but did provide, in most cases a Liber (by letter or letters), a Number, and Folio. The original records should be referenced for complete information.

One Combs-Associated Family is that of the CLARKS: One Robert CLARK married bef 1685, probably in St. Mary's Co MD, Sarah COMBS, d/o Abraham COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA & St. Mary's Co MD.

1696 (Prince George's Co MD Records) Petition List. P. 546
(Col. Census, Broderbund Software - Source Record Needed!)

See Also Old Rappa. Co VA & Charles & St. Mary's Co MD re the Combs-Coghill-Hudson Families

The following record is of interest for several reasons - not the least of which is that John CLARK below was a brother of the above Robert CLARK, and secondly the name Notting as it appears in the following deed:

24 Feb 1699 (Prince George's Co MD Vol. A. P. 237) Deed. John CLARKE, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE, and Francis CLARKE of Charles and St. Mary's Co., planters. to William HERBERT of Charles Co. Price 8650 lbs. Tobacco. Property: 100 Acre tract called “Clarkes Purchase” in Prince George, on the North side of the Main fresh of Mattawoman on St. Thomases Creek, commonly known as Notting; Adjoining land of Robert CLARKE. Signatures John CLARKE, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE, and Francis CLARKE. wit.: Phillip HOSSKINS, James KEECH, Bridgett TANDELL (Bridgett FINDELL). ackn'd: John CLARKE and wife Elizabeth, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE and wife Judith, and Francis CLARKE, 24 February 1699. Recorded: (date unspecified), Vol. A, p. 237.

(Extracted by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark who adds that this land was bequeathed to the above children of John CLARK d 1685 St. Mary's Co MD who had inherited from his father, Robert Clarke I of St. Mary's Co MD.)

The name Notting is of interest due to the fact that Pope & Mary ARCHDALE Alvey m 19 Oct 1615 in Knotting Parish, Bedfordshire, EN; and their son, Joseph ALVEY, b in Knotting Parish, 3 Jan 1633/4, later removed to MD where a 100 acre tract of land was surveyed for him in Clements Hundred in St. Mary's Co MD by name of Knotting (See St. Mary's Co MD) Pope ALVEY was the s/o Arthur & Alice ARCHDALE Alvey, the latter the d/o Barnard & Anne FERNE Archdale and thus a 1st cousin to Margaret ARCHDALE who m 1587 in London to John COMBS (See Archdale-Combs Families of EN. Most researchers believe, although not yet documented, that Archdale Combs of Old Rappa. Co VA was descended from or somehow kin to John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combs.)

16 March 1700/1 Prince George's County, MD Land Records. Thomas SPRIGG of Prince George's County, Maryland, Gent., to his eldest daughter Sarah PEARCE, his grandson John PEARCE, only son of said Sarah, and Sarah wife of John BELL daughter of said Sarah PEARCE: -gift of certain lands (part of Northampton, Kettering, etc.) (Combs Researcher Jerry Clark)

Sarah SPRIGG Pearce was the d/o Thomas SPRIGG by his first wife, Katherine GRAVES (widow of Capt. William ROPER). Thomas married (2) Elinor, d/o John NUTHALL by Jul 1668. By 1720, Sarah has married Enoch COMBS (Jr.?). In 1689 is found John NUTHALL and Enoch COMBS on a Calvert County Protestant Petition, and in 1698 in St. Mary's County (possibly due to change in county boundaries, rather than a physical move).

9 May 1704 - 29 Dec 1704 Will of Thomas SPRIGG, Sr., Prince George's Co., MD

To son Thomas, ex., plantation and land of “Northamton” and “Kellering”, which have not been disposed of; also 1/3 of patent 500 A. in manor of “Colington.”

To dau. Martha PRATHER and hrs., 1/3 of residue of 500 A. lying near Jonathan PRATHER'S.

To dau. Oliver NUTTHALL, residue of afsd. patent lying near Jonathan PRATHER'S.

To Thomas STOCKETT, grandson Thomas STOCKETT, Oliver STOCKETT, and each of sd. Thos. STOCKETT'S child.,

to daus. Elizabeth WADE and her child., Ann GITTENS and her child., Oliver NUTTHALL and her child., and Martha PRATER and her child., personalty.

To daus. afsd., residue of estate; division to be made by Sam'l MAGRUDER, Sr., Edward WILLETT and John SMITH at Mattapany. In event of death of son Thomas, sons-in-law -- WADE, Phillip GITTENS and Thomas PRATER to assume executorship. Test: Thomas LUCAS, Sr., Thomas LUCAS, Jr., Dorothy LUCAS.

(3. 443. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3, p. 48)

This is said to have been Thomas SPRIGG I who apparently(?) made earlier bequests to children not named in this will. His son-in-law WADE may have been Robert who died in 1713:

Will of Thomas PRATHER of Prince George's Co., MD. 13th Dec., 1711; 15th Mch., 1711-12.

To son Aaron and hrs., 150 A., plantation part of “Orphan's Gift” and 56 A., part of “Andrew” at decease of wife, and personalty at 18 yrs.

To son Thomas and hrs., 166 A., part of “Sprig's Request” at 18 yrs. of age and personalty at decease of his mother.

To son John Smith (PRATHER), at 18 yrs., and hrs., 166 A., part of “Sprig's Request.”

To Philip PRATHER and hrs., 166 A., residue of “Sprig's Request.”

To daus. Elinor and Rachel (PRATHER), personalty.

To wife Martha, extx., life interest in lands afsd. devised son Aaron, and residuary legatee. Test: Philip GITTINGS, Jr., Weldon JEFFERSON, Jno. BANKS.

(13. 379 Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3).

4 Nov 1713 - 2 Feb 1713/14 Will of Robert WADE of Prince George's Co., MD.

To eld. son Zachary and hrs., part of “Stony Harbour” on the north side, also 100 A. on lower side, the whole tract being 700 A.

To son Robert and hrs., residue of “Stony Harbour.”

To sons Nehemiah and Zaphaniah, equally, and hrs., 600 A., “Margaret Overton” at Pamonkey [Pamunky] at 21 yrs.; survivor to inherit portion of deceased.

To daus. Elinor MAGRUDER and Ann WADE, 500 A., “Forrest Green” on Mattawoman, adj. land of Jno. and Mary CLARK, now in possession of Geo. DENT.

To son Richard and hrs., 250 A., “Friendship” at decease of his mother, and land afsd. devised dau. Ann should she die during minority or unmarried.

To child. afsd., personalty.

To wife Eliza:, extx., dwelling plantation and “Friendship” afsd. during life, also residue of personalty.


(13. 612. MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 3)

10th Apr., 1714; 19th Apr., 1714 Will of Edward DIGGES of Prince George's Co., MD.

To brother John (DIGGES) and hrs., plantation and land “Barbadoes”, also “Bangiah”, devised testator by mother, Eliza: (DIGGES).

To sister Mary DIGGES, sister DARNALL, certain negroes.

To brother Notley ROZER and hrs., 1000 A., “Elizabeth's Delight”, at the eastern branch.

To nephews Henry and Edward NEALE, and their hrs., watermill at head of Port Tobacco Creek.

To each Jesuit priest in the province, and to Rev. James HADDOCK, priest, personalty.

To nephew Francis, son of brother Benjamin HALL, 50 A., part of land bought of Rich'd HARRISON, adjoining land of sd. Benjamin.

To Col. Wm. WHITTINGTON and hrs., 2 tracts on eastern shore, viz., “Cedar Neck” and “Digges Point”, for which he has already paid; also, to John SINNET and hrs., “Denby” in St. Mary's Co., for which he has paid, and to Alexander HAMILTON part of “Bangiah Manor”, at head of Portobacco branch, provided he pay remainder of purchase money, otherwise to be sold for benefit of estate. Exs. are desired to finish paying for land bought of Rich'd HARRISON on tract of Collington Branch, Prince George's Co., also to sell 1000 A., more or less, in Cecil Co., devised testator by Col. Henry DARNALL, half of proceeds to be given to Rev. Thomas MANSELL, priest, and residue for benefit of estate, and to sell 1050 A., “Brandferd”, on Tuckahoe branch, eastern shore, proceeds to be used to benefit of estate. In event of there remaining any claim for lands, negroes, stock, etc., bought from cous. Charles PYE, sd. claim to be placed against brother William DIGGES and hrs., for whose use sd. purchases were made. Exs. are empowered to pay all money due at college of St. Omers, to Feb., 1711, for education of brother Dudley DIGGES, provided he make no claim against test. as ex. of estate of father or of mother; and to him is devised, if he return to the province within 3 yrs. and shall not take holy orders, certain negroes.

To brothers Charles, William, John and Dudley DIGGS, and sister Mary and child. of sister Mary NEALE, i. e., niece Mary and her brothers --, residue of personal estate. Residue of realty to be sold and distributed to 3 brothers, Chas., William and John, to niece Mary WHARTON, child. afsd. of sister NEALE, and to niece and goddau. Eliza: ROZER and to William HUNTER and brother Robert BROOKE, priests, for holy purposes, proceeds which shall accrue from sale of residue of lands. Exs.: Brothers Charles and William DIGGES, Henry DARNALL, Anthony NEALE and Benja. HALL. Test: Thos. BROOKE, Clement BROOKE, Randall GARLAND, Anthony HUDSON, John De WITT.

(13. 673. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 4)

Edward DIGGES married Elizabeth, daughter of Col. Henry and Elizabeth HATTON (Brooke) Darnell of Anne Arundel County. His “brother Benjamin HALL” had married Mary BROOKE (d/o Thomas and Elinor HATTON Brooke (Darnell) who died in Prince George's County in 1721.

11th Nov., 1717; 5th Dec., 1717 Will of Josiah WILSON, Josiah, gent., Pr. Geo. Co.,

To brother William KID and hrs., 24 A., “Refuge”, also the adjoining tract, 84 A., “Kid's Levell”, and 59 A. called “Island Plains”, which adjoins “Kid's Levell.”

To son Josiah and hrs., 500 A., “Ozburn's Lott”, in Baltimore Co., east side Bush River, also of 380 A. called “Buttington” and 3 lots in Marlborough, one being part of one of the southernmost lots on the market-place; also a lot on e. side of Mr. William HEAD'S lot and a lot on the south side of the meeting lot, and personalty.

To son Lingen and hrs., 500 A., “Lingans Adventure”, in Baltimore Co., on s. side of Gunpowder R., and 450 A., “Back Lingan”, in same county, and personalty.

To son Janus and hrs., 250 A., “The Ridge”, at head of Hunting Creek, 90 A., “The Angles”, at head of same creek, 200 A., “George's Desire”, and 42 A., “Addition”, joining “The Ridge”, also a slip of land in Annapolis, being part of a lot sold to Patrick OGILBY, and one lot of land and house in Mount Calvert, Pr. Geo. Co., formerly taken up and built on by Henry BOTELER; one other lot and house in Mount Calvert, purchased of Christopher BEAM, now deceased, also warehouse on waterside at Mt. Calvert, and personalty.

To son Joseph and hrs., 150 A., “Cockalds Point”, on s. side of west branch of Patuxent River; 20 A., “Beams Landing”, and the adjoining tract of land; also 43 A. of the same “Beams Landing” with the appurtenances thereto, and 100 A., “Brook Hill”, on n. side Charles Branch in Pr. Geo. Co.; also 200 A. of adj. tract, “Kingsale”, and personalty.

To son Joshua and hrs., tract of land and houses in Mt. Calvert purchased of Thomas EMOS; 247 A. and 132 A., part of Mt. Calvert manor purchased of John DEAKINS; also a tract purchased of Christopher BEAM on s. side of Charles Branch cont. 18 A., and personalty.

To dau. Martha and hrs., 206 A., “Indian Gyant's Sepulcher”, in Charles County, purchased of Walter BEAM, and personalty.

To Mrs. Catherine BOTELER, personalty. Residue of personalty to be divided among the 6 child. afsd., first division when son Lingan attains the age of 16. Son Josiah to have first choice, and then son Lingan. The Justices of Pr. Geo. County Court, with Mr. Edward BOTELER and Mr. Thomas LINGAN in Calvert County to assist at division. Should any of five sons afsd. die before age of 18, his share of est. to be equally divided among all surviving child. Dau. Martha of age at 16. [p.109] Exs.: Sons Josiah and Lingan, jointly. They to maintain child. at schools and provide a competent support till they come of age. Servants Walter THOMPSON, John HASTINS, John SMITH, Izia BONNELL and George NOBLE to be disposed of by exs. for own benefit till their time of servitude expires. Test: Jos. BELT, Rich. PILE, Robt. HALL. 14. 381.

Josiah WILSON signed the 1689 Calvert County Protestant Petition, married Martha LINGAN, daughter of George LINGAN of Calvert, who was also a signer, and to whom Enoch COMBES, Sr. assigned his transportation rights in 1669.

22 Jan 1717/8 - 22 Apr 1718 (Prince George's County Land records, Folio 51/583) Indenture, 22, Jan 1717. From Daniel DANIELSON, planter and Thomas SPRIGG , Gent. Both of Prince George's County, to Enoch COOMBS of Prince George's County a parcel of land called Norway, part of a larger tract called Largo; bounded by land belonging to Robert WELLS called Westphalia and land of Thomas SPRIGG; containing 250 Acres /s/ Daniel DANIELSON (seal), Tho. SPRIGG (seal). Wits: Tho. CLAGGETT. Jos. BELT, Tho. SPRIGG, Sr., Ja. HADDOCK. Enoch COMBS paid £102/10/0 on date of purchase. Acknowledged by Thomas SPRIGG , Daniel DANIELSON and his wife Elizabeth; enrolled 22 Apr 1718. (Land Records of Prince George's County, 1726-1730, Folio 51/583, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Notes: According to the Register of Heraldic Families of Maryland, Thomas SPRIGG, Sr., d 1704, Calvert Co MD [sic], m Eleanor NUTHALL (d/o John & Elizabeth BACON (Holloway) Nuthall I), by whom his issue included Thomas SPRIGG (m Margaret MARIARTE) and Sarah SPRIGG who m (1) John PIERCE; (2) Enoch COMBS, who is referred to as Enoch COMBS, Jr., s/o Enoch & Barbara (-----) COMBS, Sr. (all their sources are not yet known). See Also the Fannie COMBS Gough Manuscript) Question: What happened to the 250 acre tract “Norway”?

2 Feb 1720/21 Maryland Test. Proc. No. 24, p. 310, Annapolis. “On February 2, 1720, he [Enoch COMBS] was security with Thomas LUCAS in administration of estate of Philip GITTINGS of Prince George's County, by Ann, his wife.” (Fannie Combs Gough Manuscript)

Phillip GITTINGS had married Ann, daughter of Thomas SPRIGG, Sr. Thomas LUCAS witnessed will of same.

4th Sept., 1720; 29th Mar., 1721. Will of Benjamin HALL of Prince George Co., MD.

To wife Mary, extx., and son Francis, personal estate, equally. Son to receive house now building at 18 or 19 yrs.

To wife Mary, use of dwelling plantation during widowhood; shd. son Francis die during minority and without issue, sd. land to wife Mary during life; at her decease to nephews, viz. Richard and Elisha (sons of bro. Elisha) and Joseph (son of bro. Joseph); and personal estate absolutely.*

To the Priests of the Roman Catholic Church, 5. Overseers: Bro.-in-law Henry DARNELL, Clement BROOK, Wm. DIGGS and Clement HILL, for son Francis. Test: M. MOORE, Patrick HEPBURN, Richd. PILE, Anthony DRANE. (16:354. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 5) Note: Wills, 16:527 shows that on 12 May 1721, Benj. HALL'S widow, Mary, having married Henry WITHAM, accepts what law allows.

(Maryland Calendar of Wills)

Benjamin HALL, s/o Richard HALL of Calvert County, h/o Mary BROOKE, d/o Thomas BROOKE and Elinor HATTON who m 2nd Col. Henry DARNELL of Anne Arundel County. Signed the 1689 Calvert County Protestant Petition

18 Aug 1721 Prince George's County, MD Prerogative Court Accounts. 3.512. William DOWNS. L38.6.7 L30.18.9. Payments to John QUEEN, William BESSELL, Richard COMES. Legal representatives: widow (unnamed), four sons (unnamed), three daughters (unnamed). Distribution to administratrix Mary GORDON, wife of Robert GORDON


1722 (Prince George's Co MD Land Records, Folio 465) Freights entered and published in 1722. Capt. COMBS, commander of the ship Shereman sets his said vessel to freight at L7 per ton

(Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark) (See also Combs &c. Ship's Lists)

ca 1723. Prince George's Co, MD. Born: Bartholomew COOMBS (COMBS). See Aug 1753 Prince George's Records.

22nd Sept., 1725; 25th Nov., 1725. Will of Elizabeth LEVETT, widow, Prince George's Co., MD.

To son Robert, all testator's interest in estate in Beverly, Yorkshire, due her as relict of Robt, LEVETT, dec'd, and personalty; to be of age at 18.

To son John, personalty and 150 at age of 18.

To dau. Elizabeth DUSKIN, bro. Daniel MARIARTEE, sister Margarett SPRIGG and Col. James HADDOCK, personalty.

To daus. Margarett and Ruth CLARK, residue of estate. Exs.: Col. James HADDOCK and dau. Margarett CLARK. Test: Josiah WILSON, Margaret DICK, Lingan WILSON.

(18, 416. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 5)

14 - 19 Feb 1725/6 (Land Records of Prince George's County, 1726-1730, Folio 707) Deed of Gift, 14 Feb 1725/26; enrolled 19 Feb 1725. From : John BEALL, Jr. Of Prince George's County To: Margaret ODELL, his sister, A tract of Land called Ball Christ in Prince George's County on the east side of the north branch of the Eastern Branch of the Potomac; containing 300 acres. /s/ John BEALL Jr. (Seal) wit: Jos. BELT, John POWELL. Acknowledged by Elizabeth BEALL, wife of John, Jr.

(Land Records of Prince George's County, 1726-1730, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

John BEALL & Margaret BEALL Odell were the children of James & Sarah PIERCE Beall, she the d/o John & Sarah SPRIGG Pierce, the latter having married 2nd Enoch COMBS. James BEALL was the s/o Alexander & Margaret RAMSEY Beall I and brother of Alexander BEALL II who is said to have married bef 1689, Elizabeth COMBS (unidentified?) of Calvert County. See Also BEALLS of Wilkes County, North Carolina & BEALE-PALMER of Wanlip, Leicestershire, England.

20 Dec 1725 - 12 Feb 1725/6 (Prince George's County Land Records, Folio 699) Deed of Gift, 20 Dec 1725; enrolled 12 Feb 1725, from Enoch COMBS and Sarah COMBS of Prince George's County to: Thomas ODELL, grandson, and Margaret his wife of Prince George's County. A Negro woman named Sarah. /s/Enoch COMBS (mark & seal), Sarah COMBS (seal) wit: William OFFUTT, John PEERCE

(Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Question: Note that the above John PEERCE, witness, was probably the s/o Sarah SPRIGG Pierce Combs - IF the Register of Heraldic Families is correct in its statements (and see below), which include that Thomas ODELL had m Margaret BEALL, d/o James & Sarah PIERCE Beall, the latter having been d/o John & Sarah SPRIGGS Beall. Who were the parents of Thomas ODELL? Note also numerous COMBS-ODELL marriages in half a dozen different states. Possible connection?

13 Aug 1726 - 15 Sep 1726 (Prince George's Co MD Liber 11:568) Inventory. Francis KING. £557.2.3. Aug 13, 1726. Sept 15 1726. Appraisers: Enoch COMBS, Thomass HILLEARY. Creditors: Patrick HEPBURN, George BUCHANAN. Next of Kin: Edward SPRIGG, Osborne SPRIGG. Administratrix: Margaret KING.

(Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, Libers 10-11, 1724-1727. Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark who adds that he forgot to write down which book this came out of also).

Again, according to the Register of Heraldic Families only, Francis KING was the h/o Margaret SPRIGG, d/o Thomas & Margaret MARIARTE Sprigg), and Thomas HILLEARY the h/o Eleanor SPRIGG, d/o Thomas & Eleanor NUTHALL Sprigg. This would be the son, however, since Thomas HILLERY d in 1697 in Calvert county. The same source lists Edward & Osborne SPRIGG as brothers of Margaret SPRIGG King. Enoch COMBS of the above record is believed to have been the same who m Sarah SPRIGG (Pierce).

1726 (Prince George's Co MD Box 6, Folder 27) Enock COMBS. Bonds. (Card Catalog, MD State Archives, provided by Combs-Clark researcher Jerry Clark who adds that this is a record indicating Enoch COMBS was deceased, and includes following, but not clear if part of same record, nor if same date/year:

(Prince George's Co MD MSA no. C1147) David WILLIAMS and John PRATT sign as witnesses.

March 9 1726/27 (Prince George's County, Maryland, original Inventories, Box 6 folio 52) Inventory. Enoch COMBS. Appraisement of £ 252.10.3, Sarah COMBES and John PEERCE, approved the valuation as the next of kin.

(Prince George's County, Maryland., original Inventories, Box 6 folio 52, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark) (Prince George's County Register of Wills (Administration Bonds, original), provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Identities of WILLIAMS and PRATTS? Possible connections to King George County, Virginia PRATT/MILLS families? Enoch COMBS apparently left no male issue (and possibly no female) since no COMBS appear to have been involved in the settlement of his estate.

26 Mar - 11 May 1726 Will of John BRADFORD, planter, Prince George's Co., MD, 26th March, 1726; 11th May, 1726. Testator states that certain debts are due, chiefly to Mr. John HYDE and sons, mcht., in London, and to the orphane of Mr. James BUTLER, of Md., dec'd, and empowers exs. to sell following tracts for benefit of estate: 1 A. “Tannyard” with dwelling nr. town of Nottingbam, Prince George's Co.; 3 lots in sd. town with storehouse, etc.; 180 A. “The Farme” lying bet. Tannyard and storehouse bou. of William AUSTIN and wife, now in tenure of Robert SAUNDERS and Samll. HEIGHE; 35 A. “Will's Good Will”, on Patuxent Ck.; 78 A. “Joseph's Good Luck”, on Mattapany Ck., bou. of Mr. Wm. JOSEPH, and tract adj.; 260 A. “Essex Lodge” bou. of Wm. COOD [CODY], of St. Mary's Co., and tracts adj.; 125 A. “Dunbar” and 31 A. “Anglice” bou. of Robert and John ORME, of Prince George's Co., last 4 tracts being under care of Charles DRURY as overseer; 280 A. “Burbidg”, Hynson Br., tenure of John CUMBERLAND; 300 A. woodland and 500 A. “Plain Dealing”, nr. hd. of Goose Ck.; 300 A. “Substraction”, on Hegoe Br., tenure of James HOOK and Nichs. HOCKER; 290 A. of “Addition to Charley Forrest”, nr. hd. of North Br., Patuxent B., surveyed for Michael DEAN; 100 A. “Scotch Ordnary”, about 2 miles below first falls of Potomac, bou. of Robert COOK and wife, in tenure of Adam STRAWHAN and John Benedict BENZEN [BENSON?]; 300 A. “Batchelors Hall”, on n. w. branch of Eastern Br., Prince George's Co., made over by Wm. FITZREDMOND, dec'd; 83 A. of “Generosity”, on pt. of which tract the church at the Eastern Br. stands. Also 7 tracts, viz. 2 islands in Potomac R., “Island of Walnut Trees” and “Fair Isle”; “Concord” and “Progressive”, on main land over against afsd. islands; “Sinicar”, at mouth of Sinicar Ck., and tract at mouth of Long Acre Br.; the 7th tract lies back of plantation called “Sugarlands”; these 7 tracts cont. 4500 A. taken up with Daniel DULANY, Esq., of Annapolis, testator's share 2250 A. Two other tracts, n. w. br. of Patuxent R., 2 miles above William SHEPPARDS, in Prince George's Co., 100 A. “Hygam” and 116 A. “Discovery”, bou. of Wm. RENSHAW and his wife --. 217 A. “Jacob”, on lower falls of Potomac, in tenure of Henry CHAMBERLIN and William KING; 300 A. “Argile COWELL and Lorn”, Piney Br., Roek Ck., bou. of Randolph BLAKE, in tennre of Peter HYATT; 780 A. of “Charley Forrest”, 2 miles above Snowdens Mannour; 4792 A. “Bradford's Rest”, on br. of Rock Ck., cont. 3 plans., now in care of Wm. DEVERON, overseer, and 2 tenements occupied by William WOFFORT, Jr., and Wm. MACKCOY. To wife Joyce, dwell. plan. 400 A. “Haddocks Hills” (bou. of Michael ASHFORD, with 100 A. “as Good as any” adj., bou. of John DEAKINS) during life, and ½ personal estate. To son John and hrs., cottage, pasturage, etc., nr. village of Thinkinson in Co. of Leicester, Gr. Britain, bequeathed testator by uncle John SMITH, of the town of One Leap [Wanlip] in sd. Co., also land nr. Town of Stoak Gelding, in Leicester Co., now in poss. of father John BRADFORD, of sd. town, these parcels known as Wykin Hole, Peggs Wykin Hole, Olden Close, Peggs Olden Close to pass to son John at decease of father --; also 500 A. “Seaman's Delight” adj. “Haddocks Hills” and 200 A. “Cuckolds Delight” bou. of John DAVIS and Davis MACKDANIEL, now in tenure of sd. DAVIS; 1200 A. “Sugarlands”, on Potomack R., and after decease of wife Joyce “Haddocks Hills” and “As Good As Any”; and ½ personal estate. To sister Mary JONES, 253 A. “Fletchalls Chance”, upper side Rock Ck., during life; at her decease, to her 2 sons Evan and John JONES and their hrs. Exs.: Wife Joyce, son John, James CARROLL and bro. Thomas GANT. Wife to see that whatever is due estate of Mrs. James BUTLER be pd. to her children out of personal estate. Thomas GANT to have charge of edueation of son John during his minority. Test: Notley ROZER, Danl. WATTS, Edward SPRIGG, John NELSON. Note: James CARROLL and Thomas GANTT renounce as exs. of above will. Test: Phill. BRISCOE, Stephen CANNOLD, Jr.

(18, 464. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Cotton, Volume 5)

See Archdale COMBS & earlier John BRADFORD transactions in Old Rappa. Co VA. See also William & Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer of Wanlip, Leicestershire, EN, sister of Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. (See Archdale-Combs Families). Also note that Edward SPRIGG may have been the same whose aunt Sarah SPRIGG m (1) John PIERCE (or POORE) and (2) Enoch COMBS of Prince George's Co MD.

1727-1730 N/252, p.176 Sarah COOMES To John PEIRCE

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

1727-1730 Q/109, p. 176 Sarah COOMES To James BEALL Jun & aly

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

22 Sep - 23 Dec 1727 (Prince George's County Liber M, folio 252) “At the request of John PEERCE the following deed was enrolled December the 23rd day Anno Domini Seventeen hundred and twenty seven: To All Peopell to whom these presents shall come greeting. KNOW YE that I Sarah COOM'S of prince George's County in the province of Maryland Spinster for and in consideration of the natural affection which I have & bear unto my beloved Son John PEERCE of the County & province afd Gent as also for diver's other good causes & consideracons me hereunto moving after the expiration of natural life have given granted bargained & confirmed unto the said John PEERCE & his heirs forever one negroe man named or cald SMITH & dow now give grant and confirm unto the said PEERCE nine head of neat Cattle that formerly belonged to my decesed husband Enoch COOM'S as all my part of a Crop of Corn that is now depending between James MAGRUDER & me & Sundry other goods & Chattels which I now give the said PEERCE possession of with the said Cattle & corn IN WITNESS wherof I have I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seal this twenty Second day of September in the year of our Lord God one thousand Seven Hundren & Seven” Sealed & Delivered in the presence of /s/Sarah COOM'S (Seal) Edward SPRIGG, John GITTINGS, Mary PEERCE

(Prince George's County Land records, Liber M, folio 252, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

A second transcription of the above record differs in spelling of surname of Sarah's son, John:

23 Dec 1727 - 2 Jan 1727/8 (Prince George's Co MD Liber M, Page 252) Enrolled at request of John PEERE 23 dec 1727 [sic]: From Sarah COOMS, spinster, to her son John POORES, Gent., a Negro named SMITH, 9 head of Cattle formerly belonging to my husband Enoch COOMS and my part of the corn crop “depending between me and James MAGRUDER” 2 jan 1727/8; /s/Sarah COOMS; wit. Edward SPRIGG, John GIDDINGS, Mary PEERCE

(Land Records of Prince George's County, 1726-1730, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Although the above record shows Sarah's son as POORES, he may have been either a PIERCE or a PEERE (see also James PEERE of 1811 Frederick County, Maryland re Coombes Inheritance). Mary PEERCE has not been identified, but John GIDDINGS' surname may have been a.k.a. GITTING as Anne SPRIGG, d/o Thomas & Eleanor NUTHALL Sprigg, had married a Phillip GITTING (again, according to Heraldic Families). The relationship between Sarah and James MAGRUDER, if any, is not yet known; however, note that one James MAGRUDER (s/o Samuel and Sarah BEALL Magruder, and possibly b ca 1688) m a Barbara COMBS; however, she has not been identified (More data needed - possibly a daughter of Enoch & Barbara COMBS I?

25 Sep 1730 (Prince George's(?) Co MD Liber Q, Page 109) Enrolled at request of John BEALL, Jr. deed of gift, 25 Sept 1730: From Sarah COOMS, for love and affection to Daughter SARAH ?HASNELL'S children James BEALL, Jr., Robt. BEALL, Joseph BEALL and Zepheniah BEALL personal effect, jewels, leases, chattels, moveables, etc.; except Negro man SMITH; 22 May 1730;/s/Sarah COOMES; wit. Rignall ODELL, Sarah ODELL

(Prince George's Co MD Records, Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Sarah HASNELL of the above record was Sarah PIERCE Beall, widow of James BEAL, Sr. as noted above. Relationship of John BEALL, Jr. to the BEALL children? Relationship of Rignall & Sarah ODELL to Enoch & Sara's grandson, Thomas ODELL?

Note: BEALL, MAGRUDER and ODELL reports will be forthcoming shortly to assist in sorting out these families (in the hopes that this will allow us also to sort out the COMBS associated with them).

21 Feb 1736/7 (Prince George's Co MD PD1:371) Sarah COMBS, Deceased. Thomas ODALL, Exec/Admin., 1 Doc.

(Prince George's Co MD, Index to wills, Administrations, and Inventories, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Feb 21 1736/7 (Inventories, Liber 22, Folio 159-60) Thomas ODELL and Then Came Mr. Thomas ODALL & made oath on the Holy Evangilist of Almighty God that the foregoing Inventory is a true & Perfect Inventory of all & Singular the goods & Chattles which were of Sarah COOMES late of Prince George's County Deceased..."

(Inventories, Liber 22, Folio 159-60, Hall of Records, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark who adds: Sarah SPRIGG (Pearce)(Combs) Inventory was dated , Feb 21 1736 Book PD 1 page 371. Thomas ODELL was the Executor and Administrator of her will)

Sarah (SPRIGGS?) Pierce Combs apparently died intestate, and it is not clear whether the above is a court order, inventory, account, etc., nor why Thomas ODELL was the administrator if children were still living? See Also COMBS-ODELL intermarriages in Shenandoah County, Virginia & Washington County, Tennessee; however, these appear to all have been originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey

1748 Frederick Co, MD was established from Prince George and unorganized territory.

16 August 1753 Maryland Gazette (newspaper) reported 3 runaway servants: Francis ILLET, Bartholomew COMES (born near Piscattaway in Prince George's County, bricklayer or stone mason, about age 30), and Peter CORBETT. Servants of Christopher LOWNDES at Bladensburg [Prince George's Co].

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont who adds: See also Bartholomew of 1748 Charles Co, MD; 1753 Frederick County, Virginia; and 1762 Frederick County, Maryland)

1767-1769 (Index of Land Records for Prince Georges Co, MD, BB/2/4, p. 155) COOMBES, Ign & Francis From Bennet COMBES exor(?) & others

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

1767-1769 (Index of Land Records for Prince Georges Co, MD, BB/2/152, p.150. COOME, Francis & Ignatius & wife to James HAMBLETON


According to Sr. Mary Donnally's “Imprints”, Bennett and Francis Ignatius [sic] COOMES (sons of Thomas and Elizabeth WHARTON Coomes of Charles Co, MD) had married, respectively, sisters Drusilla and Cassandra CULVER, d/o Henry CULVER, Jr. of Prince Georges. Bennett COOMES had d before 1767, and Francis Ignatius COOMES apparently purchased Bennett and Drusilla CULVER Coomes' share of her father's estate (1/5 interest in the tract, Pitchcroft). Sr. Donnally states further that the above transaction from Francis Ignatius [sic] COOME and wife to James HAMBLETON was dated 12 Nov 1767, and that “James HAMILTON purchased “Pinchcroft” [sic] from his brother-in-law Francis Ignatius COOMBES and his wife Cassandra."

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Lewis from Donnally's “Imprints”, p. 16)

Note: James HAMILTON (HAMBLETON) had m Mary Anne, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHARTON Coomes (22 May 1777 Charles Co, MD estate record of Thomas Wharton COOMES)

The records that trace the CULVER tract, Pitchcroft (Pinchcroft) are:

27th Feb., 1729; 26th March, 1730. Will of Henry CULVER, planter, of Prince George's Co., MD.

To son Henry, personalty; sd. son having bound himself (13th Nov., 1729) to make over 2 tracts, viz. 350 A. “The Addition to Culvert's Chance” and 50 A. lower end of “Culver's Chance”; sd. 2 tracts are bequeathed to son William and hrs.; he dying without issue, to be divided between daus. Mary, Sarah, Margaret, Monica, Catherine and Elinor and their hrs.; sd. William not to sell, mortgage or encumber any pt. thereof.

To dau. Elinor BROOKE, 40s.

To dau. Mary and hrs., “Littleworth”, adj. tract now in poss. of Thomas BLANFORD; she dying without issue, to be divided bet. son William and daus. Sarah, Margaret, Monica, Catherine and Elinor or the survivors.

To son William at age of 21 and daus. Mary, Sarah, Margaret, Monica, Ann and Elinor at age of 16 or marriage, personalty.

To wife Catherine, extx., use of “Woodbridge” and testator's share of “Pitchcroft” during widowhood; shd. she marry, 1/3 interest in sd. tracts during life; and to divide with all her child. residue of estate; shd. wife die during minority of child. or marry a Protestant, child. with their estate to care of son Henry and trustees. Overseers: John BOON, Charles BEVAN. Test: John ADAMS, James HALL, Henry SMITH

(20, 14. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6)

20th Feb., 1741-2; 11th May, 1742

Will of Henry CULVER of Prince George's Co., MD.

To son Henry, 200 A. warranted land.

To son Thos., dwell. plan. “Batchelor's Forrest". All land in Patuxent now in possession of mother-in-law Catherine to be sold and money there from to be divided between 5 daus. viz., Drusilla, Ann, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Cassandra.

To wife --, extx., all personalty during widowhood. She to sell land on N. W. branch to pay debts. Test: Michael DEAN, Thos. CATTERALL, Robt. LAZENBY.

(22. 463. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 8)

The two 1767 Prince Georges deeds are still needed as they should provide the documentation for the wives of both Francis Ignatius and Bennett. These deeds are needed particularly due to the “Francis & Ignatius” and “Ign. and Francis” wording of the deed index.

???? CC/2/215, p.163 COOMES, Joseph From Zachariah DOWNS. Deed

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

04 May 1783 (Prince Georges Co MD Marriage Records) Joseph COOMBES marr. Dorothy SHERKLIFF [SHERCLIFFE]

(Marriage CD - Source Record Still Needed)


16 May 1783 (Prince Georges Co MD Marriage Records) Terissa COOMBES marr. Nathan HARDEY (Marriage CD - Source Record Still Needed) SW: HARDY

1791-1794 JRM/1/179, p.146 Dorothy COOMBS To Enoch JENKINS. Lease

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

Register of Wills (Admin. Accounts)(1789-1796) (from copy of original obtained from Maryland Archives at Annapolis, MD)

Liber ST2, pp 74-75

Oct. 3rd, 1794 Final account of Dorothy Coombes, Administration of Joseph Coombes, late of said County.

This account balances a former account of 447 pounds.

  1. 11 pounds to Doctor John Sprigg
  2. 5 pounds Interest on above from March 25, 1779 to Sep. 28, 1786
  3. 13 pounds to John Beall (collector) for State & County
  4. 5 pounds to Nicholas Blacklock (late collector) for State & County
  5. 10 shillings to Samuel Tyler for stating, drawing & according this account for the benefit of the Administrator, and also making out the balance.
  6. 3 pounds _________commission on the payments

Note: The above appears to be Joseph Coombes of Prince Georges County, MD who was married to Dorothy Shercliff, 04 May 1783

Contributed by Bob Combs

1795-1796 JRM/3/230, p.187 Thos CAWOOD & others to James COOMBES Supersedeas

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)


23 Oct 1797 (Prince Georges Co MD Marriage Records) Joseph COOMBES marr. Mary LYLES

(Marriage CD - Source Record Still Needed)


1800 US Census, Prince Georges Co

P. 200
Joseph COOMS: 00100-100100-20

(Census CD - unreliable source)

1800-1803 JRM/8/246, p.167 Joseph COOMBES To Garrett PRENDUELLE Bill of Sale

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

1800-1803 JRM/8/269, p.167. Joseph COOMBES to BAYLEY & CLARKE Bill of Sale

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from LDS Family History Center microfilm 0014277)

1804 Prince George's Co, MD. Died: Joseph COMBS (COOMBS, etc.), h/o Elizabeth BAYLES (d/o Capt. William), and son of “some” Andrew COMBS (but not the one who d 1774, Loudoun Co, VA). This Joseph COMBS, according to several DAR Lineages, is “said to have been” father of Baylis COMBS of Frederick Co, MD. No Sources. No supporting records. Help!!!!!

1810 US Census Index, Prince Georges Co

No Combs?

1820 US Census Index, Prince Georges Co

p. 230

15 Aug 1822 (Prince Georges Co MD Marriage Records) COOMBS, Henry marr. SEATON, Louisa D. (Marriage CD - Source Record Still Needed)

15 May 1828 (Prince Georges Co MD Marriage Records) COOMBES, Eliza L marr. BOWIE, Charles (Marriage CD - Source Record Still Needed)

1830 US Census Index, Prince Georges Co

No Combs?

1840 US Census Index, Prince Georges Co

5th Elect. Terr.

p. 057

23 Sep 1840. Alexandria Gazette (newspaper) reported death of Henry L COOMBS, a resident of Prince George's Co, MD

(Combs Researcher Thom Montgomery)

03 Nov 1840 (Prince George's County, Maryland) Henry L. COMBS (no folio references given?) (Prince George's Co MD, Index to wills, Administrations, and Inventories provided by Combss-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

1850 US Census Index, Prince Georges Co

No Combs?

1860 Prince Georges Co, MD Census Index

Election Dist.

p. 527

p. 528
William F. COOMES

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Matt Combs from “Maryland 1860 Federal Census Index and Maryland 1860 Baltimore County Federal Census Index”, Ronald V. Jackson et al, A.G.E.S., Salt Lake City, UT, 1988)

1882 Letter

Note: The author of the following letter is unknown. Given the reference to Hardin Co, KY, which was not established until 1792-3, the letter was presumably written in 1882.

Brandywine Springs, Maryland

My dear Cozzin,
Since you have been so thoughtful at last to write to me i will answereth it with plessur. Father took ill last month and died of consumption. Mother has gone to stay with my brother Nathan in Hardin Co., Ky. We hope she wil survive the winter. My sisters finally got married. Clove married Benjamin COOMS and Alice married his twin brother James. They bought the JINKINSON Farm. I have two children, Amos and Lucy Jane two fat harty children. Amos will be 3 years old on the eithteenth of February and Lucy Jane will be five months on the twentieth day of October. My husband is busy with the harvest and I with preserves.

I remain Your Affectionate Cozzin

(Transcribed by Coomes Researcher Patience Northern from a copy in her possession.)

Presumably Brandywine, Prince Georges Co, MD although the only Brandywine Springs found is in New Castle County, Delaware. Twins Benjamin and James COOMS have not yet been identified.