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In 1654, the County of Patuxent was created from Old Charles Co MD; in 1658, Patuxent was renamed Calvert, and in 1695, Prince George's County was organized from Charles, Calvert and non-county area. In 1696, St. Mary's County gained substantially from Calvert (See also Earliest Combs to Maryland).
The earliest Combs Record Located in Calvert County thus far is of Phillip COOMES:
1 Dec 1660 Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings, MD Archives Vol. 41:385 Vpon a warrant directed from the honnoble Phillip Calvert Esqr Gouernor to the Sherriffe of Calvert County to inquire by a Jury Return of upon the Corps of Catherin LAKE, The said Sherriffe retourned to Jury on Corpse this Court as followeth vizt

According to the tennor of a writt to make dilligent Search and inquiry upon the Corps of Catherin LAKE directed to Giles SADLEIR Sherriffe there was a Jury of Twelue men namely

William EVANS fforeman William RICHARDSON
William TURNER Thomas IRETON
George BUSSY Phillip COOMES
John SINKLOW Patriark DEW
William SAMPLE James ALLEN
(Wm EVANS chosen Impr.)

This was presumably Phillip COMBS who came to Maryland by 1654, transported by Thomas STONE, s/o Gov. William and Verlinda GRAVES Stone of Charles County. In 1658, he transported his wife, Elizabeth, and servant, Sarah HOWGATE, but is not found again in Calvert records, although his daughter, Elizabeth, may be (see Joan BEALL will below). In 1654, he was in St. Mary's County, although probably in that part which became Charles County in 1658. By 1663/4, he was overseer for Thomas GERRARD of St. Clements Manor in St. Mary's, but by 1665 or so was again in Charles County (and by 1670 in St. Mary's again).

Only fifteen months after Phillip's appearance later, it is Enoch COMBS who is sitting on a Calvert County jury:

31 Mar 1663 Att a Prouinciall Court held att St Leonards in Caluert County Richard PRESTON petitions the court regarding a "strike" by his servants. The jurors are:

Foreman Mr Hugh STANLEY Robert DONE Thomas GLOVER

This was presumably Enoch COMBS, Sr. who had transported himself, wife, Barbary and son, Enoch COMBS, Jr. by Nov 1663 when he appears in the records of Talbot County. Also Note that Richard PRESTON'S petition, particularly given that he was a leading Quaker, and the jury's verdict, are worthwhile reading. See Maryland Archives, Vol. 49:8, for full transcript.
20 Mar 1664/5 - 19 Oct 1665 Enoch COMBS demanded land on 20 Mar 1664, for transportation of himself, wife Barbara, son Enoch, and Ann HAWTIN (servant), sworn to before Thomas TRUMAN, Deputy Commissioner. Then, "Upon the aforegoing assignment George LINGAN had warrant for 300 acres dated the 8th day of April, 1665, returned 19th day of October, 1665." (Fanny Gough Manuscript)
Even though the above record does not include the county, George LINGAN was a resident of Calvert (per both earlier and later records herein).
11 Apr 1666 Provincial Court Proceedings. Timo GOODDRIDGE demds writt agst Tho: MARTIN in an accon of the Case to the uallue of 5000 lb tobacco & Caske Warrt to sherr. Talbott County to arrest &c: Ret June next Prouinall Court

Timo GOODDRIDGE demds summons for Enoch COMES Roger WILLIAMS and Sarah [blank] to testifye in ditto Causo (ut ante) upon perill &c (Archives of Maryland, Vol 57:82)

26 Feb 1665/6 MD Provincial Court Proceedings, 1665ù66 Timothy GOODDRIDGE demds writt agst Tho: MARTIN in an accon of the Case to the uallue of flue thowsand pounds of tob Warrt to sherr Talbott County to arrest &c Ret. 3d Apr next prouinall Court

Ditto GOODDRIDGE dds writt of summons for Enoch COMBES Roger WILLIAMS & Sarah servt to Arthur LUDFORD to testifie in ditto Causo. warrt to Caluert County
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 57:5).

25 Mar 1666 (Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings, 1666, Liber FF, p. 231) "Sarah MORISON aged 30 yeares or thereabouts saith That Thomas MARTIN sould to Timothy GOODDRIDGE One man seruant by name Roger WILLIAMS To serue the Compleate and full terme of 5 yeares and wth all yor depont saith that she was a witnes to the said Assignmt from Tho: MARTIN to the said Timothy GOODDRIDGE & further saith not
Sarah X MORISON marke
Sworne in open Court Philip Caluert

Enoch COMBES aged 28 yeares or thereabouts: Examined & saith That Tho: MARTIN sould to Timothy GOODDRIDGE one man seruant by name Roger WILLIAMS to serue the said Gooddridge the full & Compleate terme of fiue yeares & further saith not
Sworne in open Cort Philip Caluert
(Archives of Maryland, Proceedings of the Provincial Court of Maryland, Vol. 57:27) keywords: Calvert Goodridge Combs

Although this was a provincial ("colony-wide") court, note that Timothy GOODRIDGE (who was probably a resident of Talbot County at this time) ordered the subpoenaes for Enoch COMBS, Roger WILLIAMS and Sarah MORRISON for Calvert County, not Talbot, indicating that he believed these three resided in this county.
5 Jul 1669 Calvert County. An Inquisition indented taken before me Christopher ROUSBY Sheriff of Calvert County the fifth day of July Anno One thousand six hundred sixty nine by the Oathes of Henry HOOPER senior Wm CHAPLIN Enoch COMBES Joseph FINCH Cornelius WATKINSON Wm STANLEY John SWAINE Henry JOHNSON John HAMBLETON Richard MOORE John WATERBY and Thomas BRADFORD who say upon their Oathes that Raymond STAPELFORT in the writt named hath the property of One moyety in partnershipp with John BAILEY in the writt Specified of all the goods and Chattells hereafter mentioned
(Maryland Archives, Vol. 57:488)

16 Sep 1669 - 08 Jan 1669 (Calvert Co MD Wills 1:357) The Last Will and Testament of Richard PRESTON, dated 16 Sep 1669, proved 8 Jan 1669/70, Calvert County, MD, includes: to Thomas PRESTON," Upon the Clifts." to Isaac HUNT and grandchild. William and James BERRY, personalty. To son James PRESTON, if living, use of home plantation until grandson Samuel PRESTON attains age of 21 yrs.; daughter in law Margaret PRESTON to have charge of her son, sd. Samuel, during minority. To son James, "Barren Island," on Eastern Shore. To daus. Rebecca and Sarah PRESTON, equally, 600 Acres by patent. In event of death of both daughters without issue, sd. patent to pass to son James, if living. In event of his death to pass to kinsmen James and John DORSEY, or DARSEY. To Kinsman Ralph DORSEY, certain land on little Choptank River. To 3 child. of Testator, James, Rebecca, and Sarah PRESTON, residue of estate equally. Ex. not named. Test Enoch COOMES, Geo. DUELIN, Thomas PEAKE, William JONES. 1.357 (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Cotton, Vol. 1, p. 50)

A more detailed and slightly different abstract of this will has been extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from "American Wills Proved in Londaon 1611-1775", compiled by Peter Wilson Coldham, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, Copyright ©1992 by Peter Wilson Coldham Surrey, England, Page 23:
Will of Richard PRESTON of Patuxent, MD., dated 2 Dec. 1699 [nb: 1669]. To my son James PRESTON, if he is alive and returns from England to Md., the use of my plantation in Patuxent during his lifetime until such time as my grandchild Samuel PRESTON comes of age. In the meantime my daughter-in-law Margaret PRESTON is to be provided for if she decides to give him maintenance. My said son James, on the same conditions, is to have my patent for 200 acres called the Neglect and the island upon the Eastern Shore called Barren Island. My land in Great Choptank called Herne lately purchased of Walter SMITH as per patent for 600 acres to my two daughters Rebeckah and Sarah PRESTON during [t]heir lifetimes, then to my son James, but if all should die, then to my kinsmen and John DASSAY. I have a convenant with William TICK, a Dutchman living in Little Choptank, relating to the delivery of cattle by us in partnership and, when this convenant expires, the said Raphe DASSAY is to have all my cattle remaining. My friend and o'seer Edward NORMAN is to be paid his full wages and at the end of his service 585 lbs of tobasso. Thomas BROCKSON is to be paid his full wages and given 1,200 lbs of tobacco and a cow. William PURNELL is to be given a cow, etc. and to be made free on 20 Oct. next. The said John DASSAY is to have goods to the value of £20 from my house or from the goods being sent from England this year. I leave £20 to George HARRIS to be paid in goods if he comes from England this year and half of the debts due to me in tobacco according to the promise I made him when he went with my son James to England. To my grandchildren William and James BERRY 5,000 lbs of tobacco and to my grandchild Rebeckah BERRY some plate which is to come from England. To my kinsman James DASSAY 4,000 lbs of tobacco. To my said son James half the money I have sent for by James CONEWAY. To Thomas PRESTON upon the Clifts I give the tobacco he owes me. To Isaac HUNT I give goods to the value of £5. To William HARPER I give what is due to him by my Bill. The residue of my estate to my said three children. Execs: My friends William BERRY, Peter SHARPE, John TAYLOR of Kent and John MEERES upon the Clifts. Wits: Enoch COOMBES, George DENLINE, Thomas PEALE and William JONES. AWW 20 Aug. 1670 to the son James PRESTON during the absence of the named execs. (Prob 11/333/101).
Richard PRESTON was a leading Quaker … Enoch COOMES above has not been identified, but may be the same who came to Maryland ca 1663 w/wife Barbary [Barbara] & son, Enoch COMBS, Jr. who may have been same (or father of) the Enoch who was later in Prince George's County. (Research in Progress) Richard PRESTON'S daughter, Rebecca, m 23 Oct 1679 in Talbot County Quaker Lovelace GORSUCH, earlier of Lancaster County, Virginia, s/o John & Ann GORSUCH Lovelace of Hertsfordshire, England, and brother of Richard GORSUCH whose children were named in the 1676 Talbot County, Maryland will of an Edward ROE who was not the same who was also earlier of Lancaster, and whose two daughters married William & John COMBS. Both William FORD, h/o Sarah (Richard1) PRESTON, and Lovelace GORSUCH later removed to Dorchester County, MD, where Lovelace was living when he m 2nd on on 11 Jun 1696, Hannah WALLEY, " late of Pennsylvania, Spinster," at the Tuckahoe (Quaker) Meeting, in Talbot County, Maryland (Virginia Families…, Gorsuch-Lovelace Family).

1 Apr 1670 - Chancery Court Proceedings, 1670. An Inquisition Indented taken at the Resurrection Mannor in Calvert County the first day of Aprill in the Eight and Thirtieth Year of the dominion of Caecilius &ct Annoq dom 1670 before Christopher ROUSEBY Sheriff of the same County by the Oaths of Thomas CARLETON Robert TYLER Richard BAYLEY William KING William INNIS Andrew ROBINSON Jonathan prater Peter JOY Charles BIRD Cuthbert FENWICKE John HANNING and Phillip BOGGAS... (Archives of Maryland, 51:26)

See 1676 below, and see Phillip BOGGOS of 1673 St. Mary's County and Philip BAUGOS of 1731 Westmoreland County, Virginia where Molly [Mary?], daughter of Phillip COMBS, deceased, is married to a Phillip BAUGOS. Also on this list of debts is Nathaniel SPRIGG... among others. According to Gibb's Supplement, Phillipp BOGGIS immigrated in 1664 with Mary, his wife, Mary, his daughter, & Benjamin, his son (CC:669 Film No.: SR 8201, Transcript. 7:598 [SR 7349] MSA SC 4341-4206).

1 Apr 1672 - 7 Feb 1675/6 Will of Richard KEENE of Patuxent River, Calvert County, MD. To eldest son Richard, 1,000 Acres, "Richard's Manor," patented in Luke GARDNER'S name. To youngest son, John, all land in Dorchester County. In event of death of either son afsd. without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. To niece Mary KEENE, dau. of Henry KEENE, dec'd, and to father, Henry KEENE of Wadsworth, Surrey, England, personalty. Wife Mary, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, and to have charge of child. until they attain age of 21 yrs. Overseers: Chris ROUSBY, Geo. BECKWITH, and Francis HUTCHINS, of Calvert County, and Wm. STEVENS, Jr., of Talbot County. Test: Richard SMITH, Mordecay HUNTON. (Wills, 2. 384)

Will of Edward KEENE of Calvert Co., 19th Oct., 1675; 14th Mch., 1673 [sic]. To wife Susanna, daus. Eliza: and Martha, and to wife's dau. Susan HUNT, estate, real and personal, equally. In event of death of Susan HUNT, her share of estate to pass to testator's 2 daus. afsd. Should sd. daus. die during minority or without issue, their share of estate is bequeathed to Edward BUSSEY, Hezekiah BUSSEY and Ann KEENE, dau. of brother Henry, dec'd. Exs.: Brothers Richard KEENE, Wm. BERRY and John and Roger BROOKE. Test: Alexander MAGRUDER, Michael TANEY. (2. 405. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1)

Fall 1682 Provincial Court Proceedings. Roger BROOKE, an executor of the estate of Edward KEENE, had been bound on 20 Oct 1676 to pay BROOKE 1000,000 lbs. of tobacco based on an arbitration order re an earlier dispute. Susanna claimed the order had never been finalized. Richard stated it had been, and that it was that he was to liquidate Edward KEENE's estate and pay Susanna HUNT, daughter of Susanna by her first husband William HUNT one moiety (share) with Roger BROOKE to handle the remainder, and that upon marriage or age 16 of Edward KEENE'S daughter, Elizabeth, the estate was to be settled. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 70:240)

Note: The 28 Dec 1676 Inventory of William HUNT mentions children (unnamed), his estate administered by his widow, Susanna KEENE, who had married Edward KEENE, now also deceased. (Maryland Prerogative Court, Inventory Book 3:97).

Richard KEENE, Jr., was one of the signers of the 1689 Calvert County Protestant Petition, and likely the Richard KEENE who married before 1683 Mary GORSUCH, d/o Richard and Elizabeth GORSUCH (Hatton) of Talbot County where William STEVENS is found in records with William COMBES of that county. In Dorchester County, where Richard KEENE, Sr. deeded land to his son, John, is found a Tobias COMBS in records with the sons of John KEENE. How was Edward KEENE brother to John and Roger BROOKE and William BERRY? Was William BERRY the same who was son-in-law of Quaker Richard PRESTON?
20 Jun 1676 - 15 Jun 1678 Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings. John WADE agt John SLYE. Peter SAYER demised to John WADE for a three year term beginning 20 Jun 1676, a 250 acre tract of land in Charles County by name of Coomes Purchase and a 700 acre tract in Calvert County by name of Green Spring, which land John SLYE now possesses.
See below and also re Peter SAYER, Edward ROE and William COMBES of Talbot County, and see Land of Charles County, including 150 acre tract by name of Coomes Purchase sold by Philip COMBES to John ALLEN in 1670, at which time, Phillip COMBES was residing in St. Mary's County. See also 1722 Charles County will of Mrs. Jane LIEWELLIN [LLEWELLIN] bequeathing "Green Spring" tract in St. mary's County [sic], and her son, John, to be in case of Mr. William CHANDLER.
25th Oct., 1676; 29th Dec., 1676. Will of Thomas BROOKE of Calvert County. To wife Ellinor, testator's part of "Delabrook Manor" during life. To eld. son Thomas and hrs., part of the afsd. tract of "Delabrook Manor" (for description see will) at death of wife; also part of "Brookfield" at 21 yrs. of age. To 2nd son Robert and hrs., residue of tract of "Delabrook Manor" at death of wife afsd., and remaining part of "Brookfield" at 21 yrs. of age; also "Crossoloth" and "The Wedge." To 3rd son Ignatius and hrs., 700 A. of "BROOKE Grove." To 4th son Matthew and hrs., 500 A., "Brooke's Content," and 300 A. of "Brooke Grove." To sd. sons Ignatius and Matthew and hrs., 50 A., "Grove Landing," jointly. To young. son Clement and hrs., "Poplar Neck." To dau. Ellinor and hrs., sd. "Poplar Neck" should Clement die under 21 yrs. of age, and certain rights not yet taken up; sd. rights to revert to Clement afsd. should Ellinor die under 18 yrs. of age, or without issue. To dau. Mary and hrs., testator's part of 1,000 A., "Brooke's Portion," held jointly by testator with brother Baker BROOKE. To Michael FORSTER and Henry CAREW, priests of the Roman Catholic Church, and godson Baker BROOKE, Jr., and Thomas GARDNER, personalty. To Wife Ellinor and brothers Baker and Roger, in event of death of sd. brothers before estate is settled, son Thomas and brother Clement HILL to be joint exs, in their stead. Test: Richd. GARDNER, Jno. GARDNER, Thos. HERBERT. (Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1 page 182, Wills 5. 123)
Thomas BROOKE married Elinor HATTON, daughter of Richard and Margaret HATTON of St. Mary's County, and niece of Thomas HATTON, Secretary of the Province. Elinor HATTON Brooke married second Col. Henry DARNELL of the 1689 Maryland Protestant Revolution. Both died in Anne Arundel County.
18 Nov 1676 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Inventory, 2.319. Calvert County. Estate of George and Frances BECKWITH... Appraisers: Thomas SPRIGG, John GRIGGS... [Long, long] List of debtors includes: William STACEY... Edward CLERK... Samuel HATTON... John BROOME... Robert COLE... Capt. John ALLEN... Simon STACEY... Richard KENDALL... Francis MAULDING... Robert CARVILE, Simon STACEY... Administrator: Thomas BANKE (Skinner...)

13 Jul 1677 ibid. Accounts. 4.175. Calvert County... Estate of George BECKWITH. Mentions Alexander YOUNGER, orphans (unnamed). Payments to (includes): ... Mr. Thomas SPRIGG, Mr. Thomas TRAVERS for Mr. John HALLE... Thomas BOWDELL (administrator of John MARTIN)... John GRIGGS whose relict Mary married Richard KEENE... Mary (daughter) who married John MILES and Evan DAVIES, Elizabeth (daughter), Margareth (daughter)... Thomas HOWTON [HOUGHTON?]... Simon STACY, Richard HILL... Mr. John HALLES... Col. Vincent LOWE... John LOW... Francis FENWICK alias REDLEY... Richard SMITH... Administrator: Thomas BANKES. (Skinner...)

See Combs-Stacey Connections. According to VA Families..., Mary GORSUCH, d/o Richard and Elizabeth GORSUCH, married Richard KEENE bef 12 Mar 1682, this presumably based on a record not in hand. No mention is made of a marriage to a John GRIGGS. Either not known by author or different Richard GRIGGS? Which John MILES married Mary BECKWITH? See St. Mary's County. See also Dorchester County where Tobias and John COMBS are closely associated with KEENE families.
22 Apr 1670-25 Jun 1670 Will of Patrick CAMMELL of Calvert County, MD. To son George ATCHESON, personalty. Wife Susan, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseer: Ninian BEALE. Test: Daniel CUNNINGHAM, John CASTLE. (MD wills, 1. 390.) SW: CAMPBELL
See Atchison-Clark, etc. below.

11 Sep 1673 - 8 Apr 1674. Will of Robert TYLOR of Calvert Co.. To wife Joan, execx., 750 A., "Brough." To son Robert at 21 yrs. of age, part of afsd. tract and 375 A., not named. In event of death of either child, survivor to inherit deceased's portion, and should both die, property to go to poor orphans of Calvert Co. If wife afsd. should die during minority of children, they are to be cared for by friends Thomas SPRIGG, Samuel TYLOR, and Robert TYLOR. Test: Thos. SPRIGGE, John HALES, Wm. THOMPTON. (1. 602. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

28 Jul 1674 Maryland Prerogative Records. Accounts 1.54. Calvert County. Capt. George READE. #62518. Inventory appraised by John GITTENS, William INNIS, John BOGUE, Andrew ROBINSON. Payments to: Petranilla CHINERS, Dr. HANSBY, Capt. COLBREATH, Richard BAYLEY, Richard SMITH (administrator of Thomas WILDE), Andrew COOK, Henry KEENE, William BERRY, John SIX, Thomas SPRIGG (attorney to Thomas MONTFORT), orphans of Robert TAYLOR (administrator of John DANELL), Thomas PAGET, Dr. PAINE, Mr. POLLARD, Mr. SMITH, Mr. John GITTINGS, James MULLIKEN, James THOMPSON, William INNIS, Andrew ROBINSON, William MUFFETT, Mr. MERES. Administratrix: Joan TYLER (Relict) (Skinner...)

06 Jun 1675 - 03 Jul 1675 (Calvert Co MD Wills, Liber? Folio?) Will of Joane BEALE, wife of John BEALE, Calvert Co. to son George REID to be under the gaurdianship of his godfathers, George MACKALL and John WAWHUB [WAUGHOB], during minority. to Son Robert and Daughter Eliza:, legacies already bequethed them by late husband, Robert TYLER. to son Peter, alias John MOUNTEN, 200 Acres part of land left testatrix by afsd. Robert TYLER. To young son John BEALL, 200 acres part of land afsd. to Goddaughter Eliza: COOMES and to John HALES, personalty. to Husband John, ex., 100 Acres., part of tract afsd. Young child.,(unnamed,) residuary legatees. Test: Thomas SPRIGG, Jno. HALLES. (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

The above Elizabeth COMBS not yet identified; but note that (a) Joan's TYLER children were to be under the protection of Thomas SPRIGG, who married (1) Katherine GRAVES, sister of the above-noted Verlinda GRAVES Stone, and (2) Elinor NUTHALL (d/o John NUTHALL I); (b) that Enoch COMBS (Jr.?) of Prince George's County later married Sarah SPRIGG, d/o Thomas & Katherine GRAVES Stone; (c) that Phillip and Elizabeth COMBS of Charles County had a daughter, Elizabeth; (d) that the above unidentified Elizabeth COMBS "is said" to have married Alexander BEALL bef 1688; (e) William READ and "next of kin" William COOMBES of 1718 St. Mary's County; and (f) the Combs-Waughop Marriages of St. Mary's Co MD, and then (g) read on...

According to Gibb's Supplement to Skordas, one George READ immigrated, with his wife (unnamed), & service by 1658 (Q:203 Film No.: SR 7345; MSA SC 4341-2751). This may not be the same George READ, however, based on the following second confusing George READ/Robert TYLER (TAYLOR) records:

-- -- --; 25th Feb., 1660. Will of Robert TAYLOR [no county given]. To Mary BULMORE and sister Alice READE, personalty. To sons Robert and Henry jointly, home plantation; should either die during minority, survivor to possess entire plantation. To eld. son Samuel, 800 A. by patent. To dau. Mary TAYLOR, personalty. Afsd. 4 child., Residuary legatees. Exs.: Brother Geo. READE, and son Samuel TAYLOR. Test: Robert KINGSTON, Richard GARRETT. (1. 128. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)
According to Gibb's Supplement to Skordas, Alice (TAYLOR/TYLER?) Griffin was transported before 1658 by Samll. GRIFFIN, her husband, & married to a George READ by 1658 (Q:106 Film No.: SR 7345; MSA SC 4341-2657). This same source also lists a George READ who immigrated with his wife (unnamed), and had service by 1658 (Q:203 Film No.: SR 7345; MSA SC 4341-2751), which would be consistent with George READ, husband of Joan, having been a captain. The only Mary BULMORE record located in this source is Mary BULMER, d/o James and Annis BULMER. Annis was transported by her husband James before 1658 when he died and when she transported her daughter, Mary BULMER, and married Henry POPE (Q:142 Film No.: SR 7345; MSA SC 4341-2683) who had himself immigrated by 1658 (Qo:271 Film No.: SR 8198; Transcript. Q:419 [SR 7345]; MSA SC 4341-2962). See also below re George READE the younger and St. Mary's and Talbot Counties.
13 May 1680 Maryland ss} Att a Provincll Court held att the Citty of st Maryes the 13th day of May in the fifth yeare of ye Dominion of the Rtt honoble Charles Lord Baltemore &c Annocp Domini 1680. Present: The Honorables Philip Calvert Esqr Chancellor, Thomas Taylor Esqr, Vincent Lowe Esqr Surveyo genll, George Talbott Esqr, Willm Digges Esqr. George REID aged fourteene yeares the sonn of George REID late of Calvert County decd Came into Court and Complained of the bad usage of him by Mrs Joane WAGHOB and desired that hee might have the Liberty of makeing Choice of Hugh JOHNSON of Talbott County to bee his Guardian wch is accordingly Ordered and allowed of by the Court here. (Archives of Maryland 69:222)
Joan BEALL had entrusted the care of her son, George READ to godfathers George MACKALL and John WAWGHOB. John WAUGHOP, who died in 1677/8 in St. Mary's County, was the h/o Joan MACKALL, d/o George MACKALL (Wills 1.152, 2.387). Elizabeth WAUGHOP, d/o John and Joan MACKALL Waughop, married (1) Thomas HATTON and (2) John ATTAWAY. Mary HATTON, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth WAUGHOP Hatton, married William COMBS, Sr. of St. Mary's (believed to have been the s/o Enoch COMBS I), and in 1718 in St. Mary's County, William COMBS and John READ attended and approved the appraisal and inventory of one William READ as "next of kin."

Hugh JOHNSON of Talbot County was deceased by 1686 when his estate account was filed there. According to Annapolis Land Records, Thomas SPRIGG immigrated to Maryland by 1658 with "Catherine, his wife, & Virlinda ROPER, Edwd. BUSHELL, Nathaniel SPRIGG, & Hugh JOHNSON (Qo:208 Film No.: SR 8198; Transcript. Q:309 [SR 7345]; MSA SC 4341-2873, Gibb's Supplement to Skordas).

14 Apr 1674 - 12 May 1674 Will of Richard STACEY of Patuxent Manor, Calvert Co., MD. To William STACEY, personalty. Mary STACEY, wife of sd. William, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Jas. GARRETT, Geo. ROWELL. (MD Wills, 1. 607)

18 Mar 1674/5 - 16 Jul 1675 (Calvert Co MD 2:347) Thomas CLARKE. wife Sarah, execx., and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, during life. child., viz., Robert and Sarah, to be cared for by their mother during minority, and to possess estate at her death. test: Thomas SPRIGG, John HALLES. (Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark who adds that according to early immigration records, Thomas CLARKE (Liber 8 folio 86 and folio 8 page 409) immigrated in 1665, w/ wife Sarah and daughter Sarah as transport (Liber 8 folio 409), and w/son, Robert CLARKE transported in 1668 (Liber 12 Folio 213)

The relationship, if any, between Robert CLARK who m Sarah COMBS, d/o Abraham COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA & St. Mary's & Charles Co MD by 1684, to the above CLARKS remains unknown, if any. Note, however, that Thomas SPRIGG'S daughter, Sarah, m (1) John PIERCE; and (2) 1704-1720 Enoch COMBS of Prince George's County, MD; and that Thomas SPRIGG and John HALLES were the same two who witnessed the will of Joan BEALL.
21 Nov 1676. Inventory. 3.111. Calvert County. Guy WHITE.... Debts list includes: Philip BOGUS and William KILBY, listed adjacent to each other. Relict: Sarah EVANS (Skinner...)
See 1670 above re Philip BOGUS and see 1660 Lancaster County, Virginia where Enoch COMBES and Joseph BOORMAN witness deed of gift from Ardry HILL to Christopher KILBY. A second inventory for Guy WHITE was also filed and his accounting made on 4 Aug 1680 listing Sarah EVANS (relict), wife of John EVANS, and debts included a list of those who were either "dead or run out of province." On that list was William KELBY [sic] and Phillip BOGGESS [sic]. (7A.177) These are the only BOGUS/BOGGESS records in either Skinner or Calendar of Wills for next hundred years.
14th Apr., 1679 - 9th May, 1679. Will of John PEERCE of Calvert Co., MD. To dau. Martha PEERCE, in Eng., personalty. Son John, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including land on Patapsco R. (by patent) and plantation. Test: Robt. LEE, Thos. IMPEY. (10. 15. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

23 Aug 1679 MD Prerogative Courts. Inventory. 6.402. Calvert County. John PEERCE (chyrurgeon [surgeon]). Inventory contains a list of medicines. Appraisers: Thomas SPRIGG, And. ABINGTON. Executor: John PEERCE. (Skinner...)

In 1701 in Prince George's County, Thomas SPRIGG, Sr. gifted a tract of land to his "eldest daughter Sarah PEARCE, his grandson John PEARCE, only son of said Sarah, and Sarah wife of John BELL daughter of said Sarah PEARCE..." At some time between 1704 and 1720, Sarah SPRIGG Pearce married Enoch COMBS (probably Enoch, Jr.). Sarah was the d/o Thomas by his first wife, Katherine GRAVES, and born between 1658 and 1666. It is not known if the above John PEARCE (s/o John) was her husband, but so far this is the only SPRIGG/PIERCE record located prior to 1701. It is not known when Sarah was widowed, but the 31 Jul - 27 Oct 1696 inventory of the estate of one Robert CHARLETT, Calvert County, includes in a list of "desperate debts" includes a Sarah PEARCE (along with a hundred or so more names including Mr. SPRIGG, Phillip GITTINGS and John SPRIGG). (Inventories 15.1)
6 Nov 1683. Proceedings of the Assembly. An act for Advancement of trade. Bee itt enacted by the Right Honoble the Lord Porpy of this Province by & with the advice & Consent of the vpper & Lower houses of this prsent Genll Assembly & the authority of the same that from & after the Last day of August one Thousand six hundred Eighty & ffive the Townes Ports & places hereafter menconed in the severall & Respective Countys within this Province shall bee the Ports & places where all Shipps & vesselis tradeing into this Province shall vnlade & putt on shoare & sell barter & Trafficke away all goods wares & Comoditys that shall bee imported into tilis Province & Likewise that all Tobaccos goods wares & Merchandizes of the growth Produccon or manufacture of this Province inserted to bee sold here or transported out of this Province shall bee for that end & intent brought to the said Ports & places. That is to say... in the County of Calvert att St Leonards Creeke on Richard SMITHS Land, & on Holling point on his Ldspps Mannor & att John BOWLINGS Land neere GAUNTS Land, & att Warrington on the Clifts Towne Land... every the psons hereafter named shall bee Comissrs of & for theire aforesaid severall & Respective Countys ... ùAnd for the County of Calvert, Coll. Henry DARNALL, Major Nicholas SEWALL, John DARNALL Esqr Thomas TRUEMAN Esqr Richd HALL, Mr Francis HUTCHINS Capt Samuell BOURNE, Capt Richd LADD, Mr Richd JOHNS, Mr. Thomas STARLING, Mr Francis BILLINGSLY, Mr Roger BROOKE, Mr Richd SMITH Junior Mr Thomas TASKER Mr Mordecay HUNTON, Mr Thomas BROOKE, Mr Geo LINGAM, Mr Andrew TENEHILL, Capt Thomas CLEGGETT, Mr Nathaniell ASHCOMB, Mr John GREGG, Chris. ROUSBY Esqr Mr Richd HARRISON & Mr Thomas BINCKS.ù (Archives of Maryland, Acts of Assembly, 2 Oct - 6 Nov 1683 Vol. VII, Pages 609- 611)
The above record is included for several reasons, but one important one is that it shows the land at St. Leonard's Creek is in Calvert or on the county line, land which is apparently part of the boundary changes of 1695-6 since it is in St. Mary's after that time. Another reason are that a number of those named above become very important during the Maryland Protestant Revolution of 1689 (see below).
31 Oct 1684 - 20 Mar 1684/85. Will of Christopher ROUSBY To Charles BOTELER at age, and hrs., 1,100 A. "Crome." To John PAINE and hrs., 500 A., "Rousby County." Brother John ROUSBY, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Edward WADE, Henry RICKETT, Jno. LOYDE, 4. 82. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1 ) SW: PAYNE BUTLER

8 May 1685 - 8 Feb 1685/6 Will of John ROUSBY of Calvert Co., MD. To son John and hrs., 650 A., "Plymhimon" on Tred Avon Ck., Talbot Co., 200 A., "Susquehanna Point," and 100 A. at Piney Hill. To dau. Gertrude and hrs., 800 A. "Sledmar," and 500 A., "Rousby" in Talbot Co. To dau. Eliza: 500 A., "Beverly," Somerset Co. To unborn child and hrs., 650 A. on Kent Island. If sd. child be a son, to inherit land devised to son John in event of his death without issue. Should any child or child. afsd. die under age or without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit equally deceased's portion. To wife Barbara, execx., personalty. Test: Geo. BUTLER, John LLEWELLIN, Anth. UNDERWOOD. (4. 164. MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1)

31 Oct 1684 - 1 Feb 1685/6 "Christopher ROUSBY, taken out of this world by a violent death received on board his Majesty's ship "The Quaker Ketch", Capt, Thomas ALLEN commander, the last day of Oct. 1684 & also John ROUSBY, his brother. who departed this natural life on board the ship Baltimore. Being arrived in Patuxent River 1st Feby 1685." Tombstone a massive slab on estate of Susquehanna (now Patuxent River N.A.S.) (Chronicles of St. Mary's , James Walter Thomas, Eddy Press Corp., Cumberland, MD. 1913)

Christopher ROUSBY, in addition to being the Sheriff of Calvert County (see above) was a "King's Collector," a position that required collecting duties from Ships entering and departing from Maryland's Courts. His brother, John ROUSBY, married Barbara MORGAN, the circumstances of his death still not known. Christopher was killed by Lord Baltimore's kinsman George TALBOT (in a drunken brawl according to some witnesses). Was the John PAINE to whom Christopher bequeathed "Rousby County" the same who was killed in January of 1689/90 in the Maryland Protestant Revolution? (see below)

Will of James NUTTHALL. 28th Apr., 1685 - 12th June, 1685. To wife Mary, execx., 1/5 of personalty. son James, all land and 1/5 of personalty. son dau. Eliza:, 1/5 of personalty, at 16 yrs. of age. son dau. Mary, 1/5 of personalty at 16 yrs. of age. son wife's 2 sons, John and James BOULTON, 1/5 of personalty at 21 yrs. of age. To John, son of brother John NUTTHALL, 200 A., residue of lands to daus. and stepsons of testator, sd. son James dying during minority. Test: Richd. CHARELET, Robt. DOUR, Cor. WATKINSON. (4. 110. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

23rd May, 1687; 20th Feb., 1688. Testamentary Proceedings, Land Office, Annapolis, Md. 16. 7. Will of Hugh HOPEWELL, Sr. of Calvert Co., MD. To daus. Mary (wife of John KEENE), Agnes, Ann and Susanna, sons Hugh and Richard, personalty. To wife Ann, extx., entire real estate and residue of personalty. Test: James HARPER, Harry FITZHARBERT, Charles JONES. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 4, p. 233)

Hugh HOPEWELL was probably the Hugh HEPENELL (mistranscribed) of the 1689 Calvert County Protestant Petition, and John KEENE, the son of Richard KEENE, Sr., and later to Dorchester County where his sons are found in records with an unidentified Tobias COMBS.
6 Nov 1688 MD Prerogative Court Accounts.Accounts 10.184. Calvert County. James NUTHALL. L206.4.6. Payments to John BROOME, Micahel CATTERSON, Orlandus ULTRAJECTENAS (minister), Michael TANEY, Richard CHARLETT, Joseph FRY, John BLOMFIELD, Legatees: Thomas LEMAIRE. Administratrix: Margaret BIGGER, wife of James BIGGER (Skinner...)

9th Jan 1684 6th Feb 1684-5. (Maryland Wills 4. 90) Will of George ACHESON of Calvert County, MD. To John BEALL, personality. To Dear __________? "Polecat Hill". Mother Susanna CLARKE, execx. Testator: Arthur LUDFORD, John COOPER, John STACEY, Elizabeth PEARL. (Extracted by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

9 Jul 1686 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. Accounts 9.47. Calvert County. George ATCHISON. L6.17.8. #3071. The amount of the inventory is equivalent to #1379. Payments to Gwy FINCH, Francis PATTIS, John GALWITH, William TAYLARD. Administrator: Richard CLARK.

John BEALL was the widower of Joan BEALL whose will named goddaughter, Elizabeth COMBS. The above John STACEY is also found in the records of Talbot County, MD, named in the will of Quaker Wenlock CHRISTENSON, h/o Elizabeth SHARPE (widow of Richard HARWOOD). Elizabeth SHARPE Harwood Christenson's brother was Capt. William SHARPE found in numerous Talbot County, MD records with William COMBS, h/o Elizabeth ROE whose sister, Mary, had m a John COMBS.

The 14 Aug 1679 dated Calvert estate account of Francis STREET lists the executrix as Susanna CLARK, wife of Richard CLARK, whom it states she "married immediately after his death". (MD Prerogative Court Accounts, 6.294), the only Susanna found thus far except that an accounting also filed on 9 Jun 1686 is for the estate of a John CLARKE and the administrator is Susann JONES, wife of Phillip JONES. (Accounts, 9.46)

17th Sep 1687 - 28th Aug 1688. Will of Richard HALL of Calvert County. To eld. son Elisha, and hrs., 750 A., part of "Hall's Hills," on e. side of Patuxent River, and 300 A., part of "Hogsdowne." To son Joseph and hrs., 250 A., residue of "Hall's Hills" (for description see will). To son Benjamin and hrs., 100 A., "Micham," on e. side Patuxent River, and 100 A., residne of "Hogadowne." To son Aaron and hrs., 200 A., "The Spittle," and 100 A., "Additional Spittle." To dau. Rachel, wife of Walter SMITH, and hrs., 300 A., "Alldermason." To dau. Elisa: and hrs., 100 A., part of "The Hope" in Cecil County. To dau. Sarah and hrs., residue of "The Hope" afsd., and 300 A., part of "Hall's Lot." To sons Elisha and Benjamin afsd. and hrs., "Hall's Choice" in Cecil County, and residue of "Hall's Lot." Sons to be of age at 18 yrs. To wife Eliza:, all personalty during widowhood. To dau. Lucia, wife of John SMITH, personalty. To the Quaker Church, personalty. Mention is made of certain property having been given to son-in-law, John SMITH. Exs.: Sd. wife and 3 sons afsd., viz., Elisha, Joseph and Benjamin. Overseers: Wm. RICHARDSON, Edw. TALBOTT, Sam'l CHEW, Nehemiah BIRCKHEAD. Test: Geo. LINGAN, E. BOTELER, Jno. BATY, Geo. COLE, Ann TANEHILL. (6:13., Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2 page 32)
Three sons and two sons-in-law of Richard HALL, Sr. signed the 1689 Protestant Petition: Benjamin, Joseph and Elisha HALL and Walter and John SMITH, as did witness George LINGAN. Benjamin HALL married Mary BROOKE, widow of James BOLLING of St. Mary's and daughter of Thomas BROOKE and Elinor HATTON (who married second Col. Henry DARNELL). He died in Prince George's County in 1721.
4 Sep 1689 Proceedings of the "Associators Assembly" ("the Assembly sitting at the State House in the City of St Maryes the 4th day of Septr 1689 in the first year of their Majesties' reign.") An Ordinance for regulating of Officers Military and Civill and other necessary affairs for the present settlement of this Province.

For regulating the affairs of the Militia in Calvert County. Mr Henry JOWLES Coll Mr Ninian BEALE Major Mr Walter SMITH Capt. of a Company of foote, Mr Henry MITCHELL Capt: of a Company of foot to be raised on the Clifts in the roome of Capt. Richard LADD, Mr Thomas TASKER, Capt: of a Company of foote in the roome of Richard SMITH Junior, Mr John PAYNE Capt: of a Company of foote to be raised betweene Mr Henry BRENTS house in Pattuxent river and the mouth of the said river, Mr Samuel BOURNE Capt: of a Troope of horse as formerly.

That for regulating the affairs civill in Calvert County. Coll Henry JOWLES, Capt: Samuel BOURNE, Mr John GRIGGS, Capt: Richard LADD Justices of the Quorum, Mr Francis HUTCHINS, Mr Geo: LINGHAM, Mr. Thomas TASKER, Mr Thomas BROOKE, Mr Thomas TASKER, Mr Francis COLLIER, Mr Thomas GREENEFIELD, Mr James KEECH, Mr John HANS, and Mr Thomas GANT Justices, Mr Samuel HOLDSWIRTH and Mr Thomas GANT Coroners, Mr Andrew ABINGTON Sheriffe and Mr Henry FEARNLY Clarke.
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 13:243-4)

The Maryland Protestant Revolution of 1689 has begun. Before the year is over (Old Style), Captain of the Foot John PAYNE will be dead. Sheriff Michael TANEY and Richard SMITH, Jr. are already in jail, and Barbara MORGAN, wife of Richard SMITH, Jr. and widow of John ROUSBY, is about to set sail for London to petition the new King and Queen.

In Talbot County, Barbara's brother-in-law, Col. Peter SAYER, has just come from the house of Major William and Elizabeth ROE Combes, while in Calvert County, Enoch COMBES is about to sign the Calvert County Protestant Petition protesting the activities of their fellow Protestants, John COODE and his "Associators."

Back in the late 1670s, Barbara MORGAN and her first husband, John ROUSBY, and her sister Frances MORGAN and her husband, Col. Peter SAYER (the two are daughters of Henry and Frances MORGAN of Kent Island) are found in the records of Talbot County disputing their own land divisions and those of William and Elizabeth ROE Combs and John and Mary ROE Combs. Not only that, but in Charles County, the said Col. Peter SAYER also somehow acquired Coomes Purchase from Phillip COMBS. Add that to the fact that John NUTHALL is also on the 1689 Calvert County petition, and then found in St. Mary's County a few years later with Enoch COMBS, and... how exciting!!

20 Mar 1692/3 - 29 Apr 1693William KIDD of Calvert Co., MD. To son William 59 A. on main branch Hunting Ck. To son-in-law Samuel FOWLER, ex, and hrs., "Burdict's Neck," part of "Resurrection Manor." Wife Margaret and son-in-law Samuel FOWLER afsd., residuary legatees; dau. Margarst WILSON to have wife's share at her decase. Test: Thos. M'CENAHAM, Wm. TURNER. (6. 47. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2)
William KIDD was a 1688 Calvert County Protestant Petition signer. In his 1717 Prince George's County will, Josiah WILSON (son-in-law of George LINGAN) named "brother William KIDD," presumably William Jr.
16th Sept., 1693; 27th Nov., 1693. Will of Abraham CLARKE of Calvert Co., MD. To wife Eliza:, dower rights. To Richard SIMMONS at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., 200 A. (unnamed). Son Abraham, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, and he is directed to buy a negro for his mother. Test: Jno. SUNDERLAND, Margaret SUNDERLAND, Hannah KINGSLAND, Jane BLACKETOR. (2. 241. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2)

1695-1696 Prince George's Co MD was organized from Charles and Calvert Counties. At least some COMBS are found next in the new county, including Enoch COMBS (Jr.?) and wife Sarah SPRIGG... although he appears to have first been in St. Mary's County with an unidentified John COMBS. This same year, the boundaries changed between Calvert and St. Mary's and Charles Counties, with Calvert losing land to both counties, and one Enoch COMBS was in St. Mary's county in 1698, as was Robert CLARKE of Resurrection Hundred, which was formerly in Calvert County, Robert being the Catholic husband of Sarah COMBS, daughter of Abraham COMBES of Old Rappa County, Virginia and St. Mary's County, Maryland.

20 Mar 1694 MD Prerogative Court Accounts. 13A.281. Calvert County. Baruck WILLIAMS. L57.2.7. Appraisers: Elu BALL, John SHORT. (Skinner...)

19th Dec., 1687; 7th Apr., 1688. Will of Henry SIMMONS of Calvert Co, MD. To wife Martha, ¢ of home plantation during life. To son Richard and hrs., entire estate, including land bequeathed testator's wife by will of her father, at death of sd. wife. Sd. son to be of age at 21 yrs. Ex.: Father-in-law Abraham CLARKE. Test: Jno. HUNT, Jno. LIDYATT, Barber JARVICE, Dan'l BENSON. (4. 309. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2)

2nd Feb., 1697; 15th Mch., 1697. Will of Thomas HILLERY of Calvert Co., MD. To wife Ellinor, 250 A., part of the "Three Sisters." To son John and hrs., 400 A., part of "Three Sisters." afsd. To 2 grandsons, viz., Baruch and Thomas WILLIAMS, 100 A. each, part of the "Three Sisters." To 2 daus., Mary BERRY and Elisa: LYFOOT, all personal estate formerly belonging to Baruch WILLIAMS. To dau. Frances WILSON, daus. Belinda and Tabitha at 16 yrs. of age, and to son John, personalty. Son Thomas, ex. and residuary legatee of personal property. Sd. son is left in care of Walter SINNS [SIMMS?]. Test: Jno. BOWLEY [BOWLES? BOWLING?], Robt. BROTHERS, Rich'd EVINS. (Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2 page 130, Wills: 7. 321)

16 Aug 1698 MD Prerogative Court Inventories. 19-1/2a:18-9. Calvert County. Thomas HILLEARY. L309.1.0. "This inventory includes items formerly belonging to Baruch WILLIAMS now in the possession of William BERRY. The amount of the inventory is the total for the state." Appraisers: George COLE, John BOWLES. Approvers: Robert LYLE, William MILLS. List of Debts: Mr. George LINGAN, John LEWIS, John BARRETT, Mr. Thomas HOLLYDAY on assignment form William THOMPSON, John COLE, Phillip GITTINGS, Robert JONES, Robert ROBERSON, John COREY. (Skinner...)

According to "The Register of Maryland Heraldic Families," Eleanor, d/o Thomas and Eleanor NUTHALL Sprigg, married Thomas HILLARY who died in 1697. Both this source and Thomas SPRIGG'S 1704 Prince George's County will confirm that Thomas' daughter, Martha, married a PRATER, and in Charles County in 1742, we find the will of Martha YOAKLEY who bequests a tract to PRATHER [sic] sons named "Sprig's Request." Most confusing, however, is that Martha YOAKLEY also makes bequests to a grandson named Baruch WILLIAMS and to a daughter named Eleanor WILLIAMS! Anddd... in Prince George's is a Thomas HILLEARY who dies ca 1729, clearly son of above ("three sisters" tract mentioned as is "nephew Thomas WILLIAMS"). (Wills, 19:583)
23rd Oct., 1705; 17th May, 1708. Will of George LINGAN of Calvert Co., MD. To wife -- personalty and use of dwelling plantation during life. To 4 child., viz., Thomas, Anne, Martha nad Katherine, personalty. To son-in-law Edward BOTELER and Anne his wife and their hrs., 400 A., -- on n. side falls of Gunpowder R. nr. the main road in Baltimore County, formerly surveyed for George HOLLAND-and personalty. To son-in-law Josiah WILSON and Martha his wife, personalty, ¢ 1000 A., "Lingan's Adventure" nr. Gunpowder R. To son-in-law Henry BOTELER and Katherine his wife, ¢ of 380 A., "Buttington" near Swanson's Creek, Prince George's County. (the other half having been conveyed to Josiah WILSON and Martha his wife), and residue of "Lingan's Adventure." To son Thomas and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal, including dwelling plantation "Batchelor's Quarter" at decease of wife as afsd., and personalty in England and elsewhere. Test: Clarke SKINNER, Rice OWEN, Josh. CECIL. (12. 248. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3 page 107)
Both George LINGAN and Josiah WILSON were signers of the 1689 Protestant Petition, and in 1690 George voyaged to London with a group of Protestants that filed charges against the Rev. John COODE.
16th Feb., 1710;4th June, 1711. Will of Walter SMITH of Calvert Co., MD. To dau. Lucy, ú8, she having received her share of estate. To daus. Elinor and Ann equally and their hrs., 500 A., "Bare Neck" on Falls of Gunpowder R., Balto. Co. To daus. Rebecca and Elizabeth jointly and their hrs., 300 A., "Aldermason" and 113 A., "The Addition." To son Richard and hrs., 550 A., part of "Hall's Craft." To dau. Mary, 250 A., part of "The Three Sisters," in Prince George's Co. To son Walter, residue of lands; sons to be of age at 20 yrs., daus. at 16 yrs. To wife Rachel, extx., 1/3 personalty; she to have charge of estate during minority of child. Test: Thomas ENNOLLS, Chas. CLAGETT. (13. 244. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3)
Walter SMITH, s/o Richard and Ellinor SMITH, Sr. and a 1689 Calvert County Protestant Petition signer. He married Rachel HALL, daughter of Richard HALL, Sr. of Calvert who died ca 1688.
8th Mar 1710-11 - 2nd May 1711 Will of John BOWLING of Calvert Co., MD. To son John at 16 yrs., 200 A., "Turkey Thickett." To dau. Martha at 16 yrs., dwelling plantation, part of "Nuington," also 75 A., "Timberwell" adjoining same. In event of son afsd. preferring to have dwelling plantation afsd., he to have same and dau. to have "Turkey Thicket" in lieu thereof. To child. afsd., all personalty. John BOWLES and Richard STALLINGS appointed Guardians. Test: John KING, John PEACOCK, Absolom KENT. (MD Wills, 13. 212)

30th Apr., 1711; 19th June, 1711. Will of John BOWLING of Calvert Co., MD. To James MARTIN and hrs., ¢ "High Parke." To sons William and John and hrs., all land by patent deed and certificate in St. Mary's Co. To dau. Mary and hrs., 100 A., "Keet Rest" in Charles Co. To son Thomas and hrs., parts of "Chorley" and "Chessam," on s. side Myrie branch. To wife Mary, extx., residue of tract, including dwelling plantation afsd. during life; to pass at her decease to sd. son Thomas. To dau. Mary, personalty at 16 yrs., and to priest, James HADDOCKS, personalty. Sons are to be of age at 20 yrs. Capt. Benj. HALL and brother James HAGAN to have charge of children's estate should wife die during their minority. Test: James HAGAN, William SIMONS, Thomas HAGAN. (Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3 page 202, MD Wills, 13. 253 & 301.)

The first of these two John BOWLINGS to die in Calvert in 1711 has not yet been identified, but the second was John BOWLING, son of Thomas, and was named in the 1692-1693 will of his uncle James BOWLING of St. Mary's County, who had married Mary BROOKE, daughter of Thomas BROOKE and Elinor HATTON (who married second Henry DARNELL). John BOWLING II (s/o Thomas) married Mary LANGWORTH, daughter of William and Mary HUSSEY Longworth. Mary's sister, Agatha, married James HAGAN. Capt. Benjamin HALL, son of Richard HALL of Calvert County, was his uncle-in-law, having married Mary BROOKE after the death of James BOWLING. Benjamin HALL died in Prince George's County in 1721.
16 Apr 1719 Calvert Co, MD Prerogative Court Accts. Elisha HALL. L1469.0.11. Payments to Thomas COME, Alexander PARRAN, William FISHER, Doctor Joseph MIDDLEMORE, Mr. Nicholas SPARN, Charles SEWELL, Richard HALL. Execs: Richard HALL, Elisha HALL. (Skinner)
Possibly the 1719 Thomas COMBS (who may have been a doctor) who is listed in the St. Mary's County account of Simon COMBS deceased? Or Thomas of Charles County? Note that Elisha HALL is possibly the same as the signer of the 1689 Calvert Protestant Petition.