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Dorchester County was created in 1669 from non-county territory. Beginning in 1685, a number of acts (both royal and legislative) caused the boundaries of Dorchester and Kent and Sussex County, Delaware to change (Delaware and Pennsylvania dispute also re governance - finally settled in 1704). In 1706-7, Queen Anne's County, Maryland was established from Kent County, Talbot County and Dorchester. In 1773-4, Caroline County was est. from Dorchester & Queen Anne's Counties, and in 1880, Caroline gained from Dorchester County.

27 Sep 1702 - 11 Nov 1702 William EDMONDSON, Dorchester Co.,MD. To son William, land (unnamed) between "Richardson's Folly" and Skillington Ck. To wife Sarah, land (unnamed) north of Skillington Ck. To son Solomon, residue of land adjoining afsd. tract. To son John, 600 A., "The Addition" bought from Maj. Thos. TAYLOR. To dau. Eliza:, land (unnamed) bought from Jno. NICHOLLS. To Robert UNGLE of Talbot Co., 824 A., "The Addition's Outrange," and 700 A., "Three Bounded Hickories" provided he pay 8000 Ibs. of tobacco to son Peter Sharpe EDMONDSON; otherwise sd. tracts to pass to sd. son Peter Sharpe EDMONDSON, together with 1000 A., part of warrant for 4500 A. To Mary and Sarah HANLEY, daus. of Manus HANLEY, equally, 300 A., part of sd. warrant. In event of death of any child. afsd. during minority or without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Wife and Nich. LOWE joint exs., who are empowered to sell residus of testator's lands not already disposed of. Test: Jas. EARLE, Dennis DWEARE, Eliza: STEVENS. (11. 235).

The 1719 Talbot County will of Elizabeth ROE, widow of William COMBES and Nicholas LOWE, Esq., includes bequest to son, Nicholas LOWE (Jr.)of Hunting Creek mill in Dorchester. The above is possibly Nicholas (Sr.).

12 Nov 1732 - 13 Mar 1732/3 (MD Wills, 20. 606) Peter PERRY (PERREY, PERY), gentleman, of Dorchester Co., To wife Francis, extx., entire estate excepting certain personalty to son Thomas at age of 21. Test: Zebulon KEENE, Thomas WHITLEY, Tobias COMBS. (MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 7)

The above Tobias COMBS has not been identified; however, see below and re other early Perry Family Connections.

18 Sep 1739 - 16 Jan 1739/40 Will of Edward SANDERS of Dorchester Co., MD. To son Joshua and hrs., tract "Ann's Delight" lying in Charles Co. on south side of Sackia Swamp, tract "Etons Delight" in Nanjemy Parish, Charles Co. To son John and hrs., dwelling plantation, part of "Keen's Purchase." To sister Mary POOR [POWER] and to priest who shall act at testator's funeral, personalty. Testator wills that shd. either son die without hrs. his portion to pass to other son and shd. both die without hrs. their estates are to be divided between Thomas SANDERS, son of kinsman Thomas and William SANDERS, son of testator's bro. William, and Ignatius, son of bro. John. Testator desires that John HOWARD shd. have care and education of his children. Exs.: Bro.-in-law James HOWARD and bro. William. Test: Robert RACKETT, Edward SANDERS, Jr., and Joseph ALLFORD. (Wills, 22. 135)

Edward SANDERS, s/o John SANDERS d ca 1730, Charles County, and brother of Mary, wife of Nicholas POORE (POWER) of St. Mary's County.

16 aug 1739 MD Prerogative Court Records. Dorchester County. Accounts. 17.229. Patrick BRAHAUN. Sureties: Absolam THOMPSON, William MURPHEY. Payments to: Capt. Thomas NEVETT, John WOOLFARD, Patrick REED, John STEWART, Richard WEBSTER, Peter TAYLOR, Daniel DULANY, Esq., Richard HARVEY, Tobias COOMSON, Andrew TELFER. Representatives: administratrix (mother), siblings: John, Thomas, Hannah BRAHAUN. Administratrix: Hannah BRAHAUN. (Skinner....

08 Mar 1739/40 (Volume 7-8, Abstracts from the land records of Dorchester County, Maryland. 11 old 7) March 8, 1739/40) Robert JOHNSON and Elizabeth his wife of Maryland, Planter, to John COOMS (COMES, COMBS) of Dorchester, County, Planter: "Johnson's Misfortune", adj. a tract called "Working Ridge" and on the west side of Blackwater River, Containing 50 acres more or less. Witnesses: Hen. TRAVERS, Ben. KEENE. Ackknowledged March 10, 1739/40 before Hen. TRAVERS and Benj. KEENE, Justices.

Apr 1744 MD Prerogative Records. 20.199 Account of Robert JOHNSON. Dorchester County. L74.6.6. L10.13.5. Payments to Capt. John ROBINSON for Thomas NEVETT, William SHENTON, Thomas NEVETT, Tobias COMBS, Edward TRIPPE. Executors: Ezekial JOHNSON, Priscilla JOHNSON (Skinner...)

Note: KEENES appear in two of the above records, and ditto for Robert JOHNSON. See also 1670 will of Richard KEENE, Sr. of Calvert County. Also note that Tobias COOMSON might be “Tobias COOMS Son”. Benjamin and Zebulon KEENE appear to be sons of John KEENE died testate in Dorchester in 1723, naming them, other sons and a daughter Sarah TRAVERS. (Wills, 18:184)

22 Sep 1759 At a Council held at the City of Annapolis on Saturday the 22d Day of Septemr in the Ninth year of his Lordships Dominion Anno Domini 1759.

Read the following Petition

To His Excellency Horatio SHARPE Esqr Governor of Maryland.

We the Subscribers Justices of Dorchester County Court beg leave to represent to your Excellency, that at this present August Court John COMBS of this County an Aged Man was Convicted before us for Stealing a Saddle the property of Mr Daniel SULLIVANE upon which the judgement directed by Law is given against him; but as it appeared doubtful upon the Evidence given at his Tryall whether he was guilty of a Felony or not in taking the said Saddle And it also appearing upon his Tryall by the Testimony of a great number of Witnesses of undoubted Credit that the said John COMBS hath always before this maintained a good Character and behaved during the Course of his Life honestly and justly and he having in Court paid the fourfold and Secured the Officers Fees and the Saddle being returned we have re spited the further Execution of the Judgement untill next Court and do humbly recommend him to your Excellency as a fit Object of your Mercy

We are &c

It is the humble advice of this Board that his Excellency be pleased to Order Pardon for the said COMBS which issued accordingly.

(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 31, p. 376)

Combs, John Will (Will Liber 31, folio 152)

(Source: MD State Archives, Probate Records, Colonial, Index, C, 1634-1777, SE4-3)