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This Combs &c. report includes both a summary and chronology of the earliest COMBS (& var. sp.) found in the records of Maryland Colony. Numerous additional records and references were added to this site in Nov 2000, and except where the county is unknown, the complete record is most likely in the report for the applicable Maryland Combs County of Record (See Maryland Immigration and Transport re the sources, Skordas and Gibb):

Early County Formations: In 1637 St. Mary's was created as Maryland's first county - encompassing all of then-Maryland Colony. In 1642 Kent was formed from St. Mary's, and in 1650, Old Charles and Anne Arundel were created - both also from St. Mary's. In 1654, St. Mary's name was changed to Potomac; Ann Arundel's name was changed to Providence; Old Charles was abolished; and the county of Patuxent was created from Old Charles, a portion of St. Mary's, and non-county territory. In 1658, Potomac Co was abolished, and from it were created new Charles Co and new St. Mary's. (Note: New Charles Co encompassed none of the territory of Old Charles Co, but new St. Mary's was actually a renaming of Potomac, and she regained all of her old territory except that part which became new Charles Co). At the same time, Providence was re-named Ann Arundel, and Patuxent was renamed Calvert. In 1659, Baltimore was created from parts of Ann Arundel, Kent and unorganized territory. In 1662, Talbot was created from Kent, and in 1666, Somerset from non-county area. In 1669, Dorchester was created from non-county territory, and Durham from non-county and Somerset. In 1671, Kent gained substantially from Talbot, and in 1672, Worcester from Durham (later DE). In 1674, Cecil was created from Baltimore, and in 1695, Prince George's from Charles, Calvert and non-county area. In 1696, Charles and St. Mary's, particularly the latter, gained substantially from Calvert, and Kent and Talbot exchanged lands. (See Index to Maryland Counties for more)

Of all the Combs-Coombs &c. (all variant spellings) that came early to Maryland, four have been of particular interest to researchers: Phillip of Charles, Calvert and St. Mary's, who arrived by 1654 or 56, and transported wife wife, Elizabeth by 1658; Enoch of Calvert and St. Mary's, by 1664 with wife, Barbary (Barbara) and son, Enoch; Abraham of St. Mary's and Charles between 1668 and 1670, with daughter, Sarah; Richard of Charles by 1676; and William and John of Talbot by 1676:

Phillip COMBES immigrated to Maryland by 1654-8, and possibly earlier, transported by Thomas STONE,* son of Governor William STONE of Charles County. It was in 1658 that Phillip transported wife, Elizabeth, and by 1660, they were apparently living in Calvert County. Phillip contracted in 1663 as an overseer to Thomas GERRARD of St. Clements Manor in St. Mary's County, was back in Charles County by 1665, but returned to St. Mary's between 1669 and 1670. He seems to have returned to Charles again within the next few years, but nothing more is known of him after the mid-1680s, and he may be the Phillip of 1691 Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Abraham COMBES & his daughter, Sarah, came from Old Rappahannock County, Virginia to St. Mary's County between 1668 and 1670, and is found in the records of St. Clements Manor of that county. In Old Rappa Abraham was closely associated with the same individuals as Archdale COMBE of that county, and in St. Mary's, is found in records with descendants of Alice ARCHDALE, wife of Arthur ALVEY, and first cousin of Margaret ARCHDALE, wife of John COMBE, Draper, of London whose sister, Chrion, was married to a LANGWORTH of Devonshire (LANGWORTH also an early Maryland family, but no known relationship). See also The Archdale Family of Early England.

Enoch COMBS, Sr., with wife Barbary and son, Enoch, Jr., came to Maryland by 1664, and probably by 1663, to either Calvert County or Talbot County, and probably from Lancaster County, Virginia (adjacent to Old Rappa), where an Enoch COOME is recorded in 1662. Enoch may have had close Quaker affiliations: In 1669, he witnessed the Calvert County will of Quaker leader Richard PRESTON and in 1689, either he or his son (and John NUTHALL) signed a Protestant Petition in that county. Either Enoch or his son, Enoch, Jr., or both, were recorded in St. Mary's by 1698, possessing two tracts in Poplar Hill Hundred, listed as Enoc COMBS: (1) 100 acres of the 200 acre tract "Poplar Hill" in Poplar Hill Hundred and (2) the 100 acre tract, "North Banks" ("this land is disclaimed by John COOMBS"). Enoch, Sr. is thought to have been the father of William COMBS, Sr. of St. Mary's Hundred, born ca 1671, who named his eldest son, Enoch, and his youngest, Phillip. Enoch, Jr. is believed to be the same who married (probably a second marriage?) Sarah SPRIGG, widow of John PEARCE and daughter of Thomas and Katherine GRAVES Sprigg (Thomas married 2nd Elinor NUTHALL, daughter of John, Sr.). Katherine GRAVES Sprigg was sister to Verlinda GRAVES Stone, mother of Thomas STONE who transported Phillip COMBS. Enoch, Jr. died in Prince George's County in 1726-7. It is not known when or where Enoch, Sr. or his mother died.

Richard COMBES was transported to Maryland by 1676, but is not found in any records until the late 1690s, in Charles County, Maryland, where he apparently resided until his death in the 1740s. He may have married an Ann SHERCLIFFE.

William and John COMBS are first found in the records of Talbot County in 1676, having married daughters of Edward ROE (formerly of Lancaster County, Virginia). One or both may also have been in St. Mary's County for a period of time shortly thereafter. John disappears from the records, but William, a military Captain and merchant, remained in Talbot until his death ca 1690, whereupon his widow married Nicholas LOWE

*One source has stated that Thomas STONE refused to take the oath of office when appointed a Charles County Commissioner in 1660 (following Fendell's Rebellion), and implies that he was a Quaker, such a refusal often being a sign of "Quakerism." Thomas STONE apparently did take the oath, however, as he is sitting as a Commissioner in Charles County on 7 May 1660 (Archives of Maryland, 53:18). Although Maryland was known as a bastion of Catholicism, large numbers of Quakers also immigrated, particularly to the counties of Baltimore, Calvert and Talbot. Most of the Combs of St. Mary's and Charles counties appear to have been or become Catholics, but in Calvert County, Enoch witnessed the will of Quaker leader Richard PRESTON and signed a Protestant petition, and in Talbot, one William COMBS, although not Quaker himself, associated closely with a number of families who were.

Combs Chronology

Note: If the complete record is in the applicable county report, in some cases, only the basic name(s) and county of record are included here. Likewise, when there are a surfeit of records showing that an individual was in one county for a particular period of time, only the earliest or "extra-significant" records are included here. Likewise, references to all "intra-county" records are included.

bef 1654 (Liber Q, Folio 33) Phillip COOMES & William HOWGATE transported before 1654 by Thomas STONE. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland, excerpted by Combs &c. Researcher Ray Montgomery; Combs Researcher Vince Griffin adds source: Liber Q, Folio 33)

1655 (Liber Q, Folio 18) John COMBS transported (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

1655 or 1656 (Liber 5, Folio 155) ----- COOMES was transported* (5:155 Film No.: SR 7347; MSA SC 4341-6477, Gibb's Supplement...)

See below re Phillip COOMES. It is possible that John was the Lieutenant John COMBER promoted to Captain in 1658 (see below). The next earliest record of a John in Maryland is not until 1676 (see below). Re the unknown Combs (second record), other possible omissions from (and/or corrections to) Skordas relative to this record may include the following names, also Liber 5, Folio 155 entries indicating a date range of 1655 or 1656: HAYWOOD, Raphael (6468); MONTAGUE, Stephen (6469); PAGE, Mary (6470); JACOB, Richard; (6471); MARSTON(E), Robert (6472); PALMER, William (6473); ROBERTS, George (6474); TITMARSH, John (6475); CHESHIRE, John (6476); YORKSHIRE, William (6478); COOLMAN (COLEMAN?), Mary (MSA SC 4341-6479); ANDREWS, Robert (6684 [sic])

1657 (St. Mary's Co MD) "Robert COLE [of St. Mary's County] demandeth 450 acres of land for these servants, Robert GATES, 1655, John JOHNSON, Mary MILES, and Joseph ALVEY 1657, by special warrant from his Lordship 100 acres and 100 more by assignment from John WHEELER

Joseph ALVEY was b 03 Jan 1633/4 in Knotting, Bedfordshire, England, s/o Pope & Mary ARCHDALL Alvey, Sr., the former son of Arthur & Alice ARCHDALE Alvey, and named in the 1629/30 will of William COMBS of Oxfordshire, England, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. Alice ARCHDALE Alvey was a first cousin to Margaret ARCHDALE Combs, wife of John, and daughter of Thomas and Mary CLIFTON Archdale of London. Joseph ALVEY died in 1679 in St. Mary's County, and among those to whom payments were made from his estate was Abraham COMBS who died there in 1684. (See also 1670 below), having come earlier from Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, where he was closely associated with same individuals and families as Archdale COMBS of that county (probable grandson of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs).

22 Jul 1658 Maryland Provincial Proceedings. (Archives Vol. 3:351) Military Commissions authorized by Governor FENDALL on 20 Jul 1658 (Archives 3:350-1). [margin: Cap: Lieutnant, John COMBER] Commission to Captaine Lieutenant John CUMBER is the same mutatis mutandis with that of Lieut John JARBO fol: 24 dated as that of his Colonell.

John JARBOE of St. Mary's County married Mary TATTERSHALL, sister of William (whose 1670 will was witnessed by Abraham COMBS), and their daughter, Ann, married (1) John HAMMOND and (2) Pope ALVEY, brother of the above Joseph ALVEY, raising the question as to whether the above John COMBER/CUMBER might have actually been a COMBES or COOMBS.

1658-1664 (Liber CC:526) Philip COMBES , of Charles County in 1669, and formerly Mr. Gerrard's overseer, transported himself in 1664, Elizabeth his wife in 1658 and Sarah HOWGATE, his servant, in 1660 (Gibbs Supplement, CC:526 Film No.: SR 8201, Transcript. 7:484 [SR 7349]; 12:435 [SR 7354] Original. JJ:19 [SR 8207] MSA SC 4341-5582)

By 1659 (Liber R, Folio 73) Phillip COMBES was transported. (Gibb's Supplement R:73 Film No.: SR 8199; Transcript. 4:160 [SR 7346]; MSA SC 4341-6143)

The second record may be a correction to Skordas, which stated that Thomas STONE had transported Phillip COOMES [sic] and William HOWGATE "before 1654" (Liber Q, Folio 33) rather than "by 1659;" i.e., other corrections by Gibb to Liber R, Folio 73, also stating "by 1659" are William HEWGATE (HOWGATE) and (the addition of?) John FITMARSH (same as the above John TITMARSH?). Phillip's transport of himself after having been transported by STONE may indicate that he left the province for some period of time in the interim. Also note that Thomas STONE was the son of Gov. William and Verlinda GRAVES Stone, brother of Elizabeth STONE (wife of William CALVERT), and first cousin to Sarah SPRIGG, d/o Thomas and Katherine GRAVES Sprigg who married (1) John PIERCE and (2) by 1720, Enoch COMBS of Prince George's County. The first record is further confirmed in part by the records of both Charles and Saint Mary's Counties (Phillip is granted Coombes Purchase in Charles County in 1669, but is "of St. Mary's" when he sells it in 1670, and Thomas GERRARD of St. Clements Manor in St. Mary's County declares Phillip was his overseer in 1663 when he sues him in 1665). Phillip (the same?) was also apparently in Calvert County in 1660 (see below).

1659 (Liber AA, Folio 10) Jacob BRINNINGTON, Carpenter, immigrated with Mary COMBS, servant (AA:10 Film No.: SR 8200; Transcript. 5:352 [SR 7347]; MSA SC 4341-3036, Gibb's A Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

1659 (Liber 5, Folio 89) Mary COMBS, a servant, transported. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

Notes: It has not yet been determined if these are the same Mary COMBS, but Jacob BRIMMINGTON [sic] was in Talbot County by 1666 with one servant dead and one wounded, either of whom could have been Mary COMBS.

1660 Calvert County, Maryland. Phillip COMBES, jury.

1663 Calvert County, Maryland. Enoch CUMB, Jury

1663 (Liber CC, Folio 25) William COMP Transported (CC:25, 70 Film No.: SR 8201, Transcript. 7:30, 80 [SR 7349], MSA SC 4341-3859, Gibb's A Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

No record of by whom William COMP was transported found in Gibb's Supplement so Skordas needs to be checked. Included herein due to possibility that William COMP was actually a William COMS.

Mar 1663 - Oct 1665. Phillip COMBS is hired, fired and sued by Thomas GERARD of St. Clements Manor, St. Mary's County, MD and probably a resident of Charles County by 1665.

1664 (Liber CC, Folio 526) Phillip COMBES, who was of Charles Co MD in 1669, and formerly Mr. GERRARD'S overseer, transported himself (CC:526 Film No.: SR 8201; Transcript. 7:484 [SR 7349]; 12:435 [SR 7354]; Original. JJ:19 [SR 8207]; MSA SC 4341-5582, Gibb's Supplement)

1664 (Liber 7, 484) Philip COMBES as "Formerly Mr. GERRARD'S overseer." immigrated [transported himself] in 1664. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

*William HOWGATE by 1659 also listed under R:72a; and John FitMARSH was john FILLMARSH per 4:160

16 Nov 1663 - 21 Mar 1665/66 Enoch COMES and Henry SEWELL witness a deed between William JOHNSON of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and Frances ARMESTRONG [ARMSTRONG] of Talbot County. (Also Joseph HAMBRIDGE and Matthew HARDEN)

This record does not show whether it was executed in Talbot County, Maryland or in Rappahannock County, Virginia, but the witness Henry SEWELL implies Talbot County. Other than this record, the earliest found for Enoch in Maryland, he is not found in Talbot (although a later record implies he formerly resided there).

7 Dec 1663 - 9 Feb 1663-4. Will of Susannah BILLINGSLEY, widow of James BILLINGSLEY, A. A. Co., To brothers Richard and John EWEN, sisters Anne EWEN, Sophia, Eliza: TALBOTT, and Susanna BURGESS, brother-in-law Thomas BILLINGSLEY, Edward PARRISH and Walter CARR, personalty. Residue of estate divided among brothers and sisters (unnamed). Test: John CUMBER, Jr., John GRAY. (1. 199. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

By 1664 (Liber CC, Folio 94-5/7:105) James CAMES immigrated (CC:94-5 Film No.: SR 8201; Transcript. 7:105 [SR 7349]; MSA SC 4341-3976, Gibb's A Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

Original records not viewed. Included herein due to possibility sp. could have been COMBES. Re James, see also below.

By 1664 No County. Enoch COMBS, on 20 Mar 1664, demanded land for transportation of himself, wife Barbara, son Enoch, and Ann HAWTIN (servant). These four rights were sworn to by Enoch COMBS before Thomas TRUMAN, Deputy Commissioner, and "Upon the aforegoing assignment George LINGAN (see below) had warrant for 300 acres dated the 8th day of April, 1665, returned 19th day of October, 1665." (Fanny Gough Manuscript)

Source is Liber CC:607/7:551 per Gibbs (CC:607 Film No.: SR 8201; Transcript. 7:551 [SR 7349]; MSA SC 4341-4166). Note that the date is probably old style in which case, the above oath was 20 Mar 1665 NS. George LINGAN was also of Calvert County. This may be the Enoch COOME who, with Joseph BOORMAN on 1 Apr 1660, witnessed a Lancaster County, Virginia deed gift of a cow from Adry HILL, widow, to Christopher KILBY (Rec 09 Nov 1664). Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery adds that the same year, Luke GARDNER transported William DARNALL, Jane OFFUN and an Ann HOWTON). Also note early ALVEY-HAWTIN marriage in England (Jeff Alvey's Genealogical History Site)

11 Nov 1665 Baltimore County. Richard BALL of Baltimore demands land for transporting Mary SMITH, Walter CARY, Joseph FOSTER, George COMBES, Henry SCOLLAR, William HOGGINS, Ralph GATH & Yarrow WILLIAMS___. Warrant inde for four hundred acres dated the eleventh day of November one thousand six hundred sixty five, ret eleventh of May next." was transported (Land Office, Annapolis, MD, Liber 9, Folio 45; provided by Combs-Anderson Researcher Birdie McNutt)

George COMBS has neither been identified, nor found in later records; however, the above Richard BALL is the same who was earlier from Lancaster Co VA, m Mary KINSEY, d/o Hugh KINSEY, found in the early records of Old Rappa. County, VA, but removed to MD by 1661 where he d testate in 1667 in Anne Arundel Co, MD, naming a Sarah CLARK in his will. Richard BALL was the s/o Col. William BALL of Lancaster Co VA, and brother of William BALL who m Margaret WILLIAMSON, the latter d/o James & Ann UNDERWOOD Williamson, the latter sister of Col. William UNDERWOOD whose widow, Elizabeth, m Archdale COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA. Note also that the headrights listed by Richard BALL are suspiciously close to those listed by Col. Wm. BALL in 1656 in Lancaster Co VA in 1662 which also included a George COMBS (See UNDERWOOD &c. Families). See also below re Ship's Capt. George COMBS.

1666 Enoch COMBES is subpoenaed in Calvert County, and testifies in Provincial Court that he is "aged 28 yeares or thereabouts: Examined & saith That Tho: MARTIN sould to Timothy GOODDRIDGE one man seruant by name Roger WILLIAMS to serue the said GOODDRIDGE the full & Compleate term of fiue yeares & further saith not. Sworne in open Court Philip CALUERT Enoch COOMES. (SW: Goodridge)

1666 (Liber 10, Folio 307) Walter COMES, carpenter, and Fenneky (Fennekey) COMES, his wife, formerly of New York, to Talbot County. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland). (FF:351 Film No.: SR 8204, Transcript. 10:307 [SR 7352], MSA SC 4341-4916; Gibb's A Supplement to Early Settlers of Maryland)

1667 (Liber 10, Folio 564) James COMBS transported. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

1669 (Liber 12, Folio 322) William COMBES was transported. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland, Skordas)

No further record of Walter and Fennecky has been found, nor for James. Was William possibly the same who was in Talbot in 1676?

5 Jul 1669 Calvert County, Maryland. Enoch COOMBES sits on a jury.

16 Sep 1669 (Calvert Co MD) ENOCH COOMES witnessed the will of Quaker Leader Richard PRESTON.

15 Dec 1669 Phillip COMBS is granted 150 acres, probably the same as Coomes Purchase in Charles County in 1670.

By 1670 (Liber JJ, Folio 198/12:571/WC2:47) Abraham COMES or COOMBS, of St, Mary's County, had immigrated with Sarah, his daughter (JJ:198 Film No.: SR 8207; Transcript. 12:571 [SR 7354]; WC2:47 [SR 7340]; MSA SC 4341-5675, Gibb's A Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers)

1670 Pope ALVEY claimed 50 acres of land as a fare paid immigrant to St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Pope ALVEY, Jr., the brother of the above Joseph ALVEY. He later married Ann JARBO, d/o John and Mary TATTERSHALL Jarbo, and widow of John HAMMOND. Abraham COMBE witnessed the will of William TATTERSHALL of St. Mary's County, brother of Mary, on 3 May of this same year, his earliest record in Maryland.

10 Oct 1670 Philip COOMES of St Maryes County in the Province of Maryland plantr leases 150 tract "Coomes Purchase" in Charles County to John ALLEN.

By 1676, Col. Peter SAYER, neighbor of William COMBS of Talbot County, has acquired the rights to 250 [sic] acres of Coomes Purchase tract (See Land of Charles County).

1671 (Liber 16, Folio 293) Martha COMBS Transported. (Liber 16, Folio 293) ("Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland" with comment from Gust Skordas, Asst. Archivist, State of Maryland (February 1968)) (*Must use the index to see reference, i.e., Liber 7, Folio 484 is referenced: "Vol. 9 - Patents Liber 7. Transcript completed 1725, Folios 1-640 copied from Liber CC (1664-65) folios 1-720.")

28 Oct 1672 St. Clements Manor (Hundred), St. Mary's County, Maryland. Abraham COMBES is identified as a resident.

06 Jun 1675 Calvert County, Maryland. 6 Jun 1675. Elizabeth COOMES is named as a goddaughter in the will of Joane BEALE (widow of Capt. George READ and Robert TYLER or TAYLOR and wife of John BEALL of Calvert).

1676 (Lib 15, fol. 383) Edward COOKE (Mariner), proved rights to 150 acres in Maryland for transporting Richard COOMBS, James BUXTON, and Michael NUTNALL. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Ray from Sr. Donnally's "Imprints.")

See Charles Co MD. Also note that one Edward COOKE was on a St. Mary's County County, MD jury in 1678 (John EDMONDSON vs. Estate of Edward ROE [of Talbot County]). Could NUTNALL have been NUTHALL? Gibbs has a Nicholas NUTTNALL transported by 1676, but reference is different.

1676 William COOMBES, husband of Elizabeth ROE, witnessed the will of her half-brother, Thomas DUNCOMBE of Talbot County.

1676-77 (Talbot Co MD) John COOMBES & wife Mary (ROE) named in court action, may have resided in St. Mary's County at the time. Both Elizabeth and Mary are daughters of Edward ROE, formerly of Lancaster County, Virginia.

24 Jul 1676 St. Mary's Co MD, Inventories & Accts. Mr. Thomas CEELY'S estate inv. included mention of Abraham COMBS (See 1679 below)

Was CEELY a.k.a. SEALY, SEALE or SEELY? See Also 1721 King George Co VA Will of John ANDERSON, co-executor of the 1716/7 will of John COMBS of Richmond re Mary SEALY.

Nov 1676 (MD Provincial Court Proceedings, 1676 Liber NN Page 328) p.199. Abraham COMBES vs. Edward MORGAN. (See Below)

20 Nov 1676 - 7 Apr 1677 Will of John CUMBER, Anne Arundel Co, MD. To Thomas PRATT, personalty. To grandson John CUMBER, 200 A., "Cumberton." Wife Judith and hrs., execx:, and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. BURGES, Robt. FRANCKLIN, Saml. GARLAND. (5. 196. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

Notes: Original record not yet viewed. Included herein due to possibility that surname was COMBES.

23 Feb 1675 [1676] St. Mary's County. Maryland Prerogative Court Records. 2.85 Inventory #29972 Thomas HATTON. Servants mentioned: John SPICKETT, Thomas BASSON, Thomas FULLER (boy). Appraisers: John WATTS, John HEVERT (Extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hamnet from "Abtracts of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland," 1679-1686, V. K. Spiller, Family Line Publications, Westminster, Maryland, 1992)

See 1685 below and also Abraham COMBS re Thomas BASSETT aka BASSEN

10 Jan 1677 - 4 Mar 1677 [no county stated] MD Prerogative Court Records 5.345. Inventory. John CORNISH. Appraisers: Thomas ALEXANDER, John STANLEY, Received from: Richard RICHARDSON, William ANDERSON, William LONG (master of "John and Benjamin" of Boston) unto John EDMONDSON. List of debts [includes]: Thomas CAMB... William COMBES. (See Thomas COMBS of St. Mary's and John CORNISH of Charles).

Undated (1677-1711?) St. Mary's Co, MD Rent Roll. Poplar Hill Hundred.

Tract: Poplar Hill. Acres: 200 Yearly Rent: 0.4.0. Surveyed Jan 24, 1641 for Rich:d BANKS & Willm WRIGHT. Possessor: 100 a - Geo: COX; 100 a ENOC COMBS.

Tract: North Banks. Acres: 100. Yearly Rent: 0.2.0. Surveyed Apr 7, 1654 for Rich:d BANKS on the north side of poplar hill Cr. Possessor: ENOC COMBS.
This land is disclaimed by John COOMBS.

Was this Enoch COMBS I or II? Who was John COMBS? The same as Talbot County or another? Perhaps even John of Richmond County, Virginia? See Also Combs Land of St. Mary's Co MD

1 Sep 1679 (Liber WC2, Folio 47) Abraham COMES of St. Mary's assigns to Clement HILL of St. Mary's Co. (Gent) the right of 100 acres due him for transporting "myself and my daughter; Sarah COMBE." Witnesses Richard GARDINER, Luke GARDINER. (Skordas' Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

By 1680 (Liber CB2, Folio 71) Abraham COMBER immigrated by 1680 with Sarah, his daughter (CB2:71 Film No.: SR 7366; MSA SC 4341-196-7) [A new source, not in Skordas]

20 Mar 1679/80 (MD Liber 7A:2. 127084) Estate Account of John CLEMENTS [of Talbot County] includes payments to William COMBS and Timothy GOODRIDGE.

John CLEMENTS of Talbot died testate in 1676, his will witnessed by Edward ROE, father-in-law of the above William COMBS.

13 Aug 1680 Liber 7A:197, #32284) The Inventory of SAMUEL RASPIN included amongst a long list of debtors, Philip COMBS. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. K. Spillers) [Charles County: See Also 1684/5 below]

See Combs Land of Charles County re Samuel RASPIN, Phillip COMBS and John ALLEN.

5 Nov 1681 Maryland Archives Vol. VII, Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly, October 1678 - November 1683, Upper House Journal, Nov 1-12, 1681, p. 224:

Upper house of Assembly November the 5th 1681

Then read a Petition from Diverse the Inhabitants above the head of Wicocomoco River and Divers other parts of this Province Praying an Act of Assembly for Building houses Convenient by the Water Side for Sheltering Tobaccos of the Forresters either at the Charge of the Forresters or owners of the Land, by a Jury to be Asscertained at what rates

A Letter also to Mr CARVILE one of the Members of the Lower house to speak to the Same Subscribed by James BOWLING, Thomas MUDD, Richard LLOYD, William BOARMAN Junr, John DENT, William ROSEWELL, Thomas TURNER, Thomas MARSHALL, Abraham COOMBES, and Thomas GRUNWIN

Mr GERRARD being called Declares that he had already received Sufficient Damage by the Forresters bringing their Tobaccoes, by Seamen continually Lying at his house all the time of Shipping besides the Spoiling and throwing Down his Plantation and Fencing, that he had proposed unto them to Build them Houses Sufficient for Securing their Tobaccos, and be Answerable for the Same at ten pounds Tobacco pr hhd

The first petition may have been signed by Phillip COMBS, and the second was probably signed primarily by those in or near Thomas GERARD's St. Clements Hundred of St. Mary's County. William ROSEWELL was later the husband of Emma LANGWORTH of St. Mary's, widow of William JOHNSON (died 1656) and Thomas TURNER (also above). See also Enoch COMBS in Lancaster County, Virginia with a Joseph BOORMAN.

by 1682 (WC4:241 Film No.: SR 8264, MSA SC 4341-8225) Francis LOVELACE transported himself, Dorothy LOVELACE, John COMBEST, & Elizabeth DOD (Gibbs

Francis LOVELACE was brother of Anne LOVELACE who married John GORSUCH. In 1676, Edward ROE of Talbot County (father-in-law of William and John COMBS) bequeathed tobacco to the children of Richard and Elizabeth GORSUCH of Talbot. Francis LOVELACE died testate in 1683 in Baltimore.

27 Jul 1682 Prerogative Court Records. 8:257 No County.* William KELLEY, Inventory. £8.14.6, July 27, 1682. Appraisers: William COMBES, Samuel ABBOT. List of Debts: Mr. James CLAYLAND, Peter LANDAY, Edward POND. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark) [*See Talbot County]

09 Aug 1682 (Charles Co Ct. & Land: I #1.342) Elizabeth COOMES, dau. of Phillip COOMES. Cattle mark recorded. (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

20 May 1684 (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1685-1701 (Libers 9, 10, 101c, 11a, 11b, Liber 8.144) No county. Inventory. Michiall TOMPSON £371. 11.4 Appraisers: Cuthbert SCOTT, Abraham COOMBE. [Probably St. Mary's]

Dec 1684-Jan 1685 Abraham COMBS of St. Mary's County dies.

3 Feb 1684/5 Charles County, Maryland. Inventory of estate of Abraham COMBS by William ROSEWELL and Steven GOUGH.

It is still not known why Abraham COMBS' inventory was appraised in Charles County, not St. Mary's, but his personal estate was apparently in that county.

17 Feb 1684/5 - 9 May 1685 Will of William BISHOP, Talbot County includes bequest to Samuel CUMBAR when of age.

Samuel is unidentified and the original record not yet viewed. May not be Combs or var. sp., but note that his administrators, Nicholas CLOUD and Thomas SEWARD also later administered the estate of Hugh JOHNSON, guardian of George REID whose mother, Joan BEALE of Calvert County was godmother of an Elizabeth COMBS.

02 Dec 1685 "The following approved in London, Thomas BAISON, aged Gilbert CROUCH of London, gent, 5 years Maryland with the consent of his father and of his uncle, Richard COOMBES, near the temple bar, hatmaker..." (LMWB 14/466,467) (Extracted from "Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699," Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore Peter Wilson Coldham, Page 560 by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli)

See Thomas BASSON/BESSON, servant of Thomas HATTON and Thomas BASSON/BASSETT whose widow Margaret married Abraham COMBS (she also married (2) Edward FISHWICK and (4) John VAN RESWICK).

09 Jan 1688/9 Letter from William SHARPE and William COMBES to the Provincial Council complaining that a ship bound for Maryland has been illegally detained in Virginia by Capt. ROWE. (See Talbot County)

1689 Marylanders and the Protestant Revolution. Captain (military) William COMBES of Talbot County, Ship's Captain George COMBES and Protestant Enock COMES (see next).

1689 Calvert County, Maryland. Calvert County Protestant Petition signed by Enock COMES, John NUTHALL and more (full transcription).

1696 No county. Maryland Prerogative court records. List of Debts of Mr. James HARPER includes Robert COOMES (See below and see St. Mary's county)

17 Feb 1700/01 (St. Mary's Co MD 20:216) Inventory. Henry BIGGS. Feb 17, 1700. Appraisers: Robert CLARKE, Enoch COMES. List of debts: Daniel LAWRENCE, Steven BEMBERRIGG, Richard RIGALL, Jr. (Abstracts of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1699-1704 Volume 6, V. L. Skinner, Jr.)

02 Jun 1701 (St. Mary's Co MD 20:207 #6806) Estate Accounts. Henry BIGGS. 15.10.0. Recieved from Daniel LAWRENCE, Steven BOMBRIGG, Richard RIDGELL, Jr. Payments to: Ethelred TAYLOR (administrator of John WRIGHT), Robert CLARKE, Enoch COOMES, Henry HENNINGTON, Arthur YOUNG paid to BROWNE & EMES, Robert COOMES, Elias HENNINGTON & Mary BIGGS, Mr. Thomas HATTON. (Abstracts of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1699-1704 Volume 6, V. L. Skinner, Jr.)

Robert CLARKE married Sarah COMBS, d/o Abraham COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA & St. Mary's Co MD. It is not yet known which Enoch COMBS the above is (I or II?), nor whom Robert COMBS might have been (this is one of only two Robert COMBS records found in early Maryland and for several generations thereafter... see 1706 St. Mary's), but see Middlesex County, Virginia for a 1698 Robert COOMES where also is found a Robert and Sarah CLARK.

By the mid to late 1670s, COMBS records became sufficient in number to create Maryland Combs Counties of Record. The records that follow are, for the most part early 1700s with no identifiable county.

Post-1699 County Unknown (plus)

17 May 1736 (PRO Ref. No. T53/38, p.337-8) Eliza COMBS of Newgate [Prison?] received on board the ship Patapsco at London and transported to Maryland. Captains fras. LUX. 97 on board. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens from Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies. 1719-1744, Magna Carta Book Company, Baltimore, MD. 21215 USA 1967, Kaminkow)

Immigration and Transport

Some of the sources herein are from Gus Skordas' Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland, Maryland State Archives, 1986, which consisted of about 23,500 individuals, and/or Carson Gibb's Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland, Maryland State Archives, 1997, which contains abt 8,600 entries - consisting of corrections and/or additions to Skordas-almost all relative to immigrations. Our update of this report to include Gibb's entries resulted in the need to consult Skordas again.

Note: Except where otherwise noted, all extractions from Skordas' Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland were by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin and all extractions from Gibb's Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland (corrections to Skordas) were by Combs Researcher C. Hamnett. Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore adds the following, also extracted from Earlier Colonial Settlers of Maryland, comments by Skordas, Assistant Archivist, State of Maryland (February 1968):

"....this is a selective index. It refers to the name of persons who came into Maryland with the intent of settling there, whether they furnished their own transportation or whether someone else provided it. There are a few instances, however, where the person indexed claimed the right to take up land by virtue of the fact that he had furnished the transportation of others to the Colony, but apparently did not intend to stay himself....

"'Immigrated,' means the individual furnished his own transportation to Maryland, while 'transported' means that someone other than the person indexed paid for his passage. Quite often a person 'transported' is also described as a 'servant,' which means that he had contracted to repay the cost of his transportation by agreeing to act as a servant for a period of years. Under certain of the Conditions of Plantation a servant was entitled to claim fifty acres of land upon completing his period of servitude satisfactorily. Such claims are indicated by the word 'service.' "

When utilizing Skordas, it is necessary to use the index to see the reference. Example: Liber 7, Folio 484 is referenced: "Vol. 9 - Patents Liber 7. Transcript completed 1725, Folios 1-640 copied from Liber CC (1664-65) folios 1-720."

Also Note: Frequently, when a Skordas year is listed, it should be interpreted to mean "by" or "before" that year.