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Kent County was formed from St. Mary’s in 1642. In 1659, Baltimore County was created from parts of Ann Arundel, Kent and unorganized territory. In 1662, Talbot was created from Kent, and in 1666, Somerset from non-county area. In 1671, Kent gained substantially from Talbot, and in 1696, Kent and Talbot exchanged lands.

16 Mar 1716 Kent County, MD.
Thomas COOMBE, Male.
Crime: Thefts/larcenies.
Term: 14 years.
Court: Sessions of Goal Delivery.
Source: Bonds & Indentures JS W MSA 1028 MdHR 8533 ff. 64-65.
Date: 16 Mar. 1719. Noted in Coldham, Volume V page 13, as being reprieved on condition of 14 years transportation to Virginia [sic].
County: Devon.

(Index to Convict Servants in Kent County, 1719-1769, Oszakiewski, RA, In: (1993) Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 34: p. 55)

Note: Nothing further has been learned of the above Thomas Combs - either in Kent or in Devonshire, England

19 May 1735 - 25 Jun 1735 Will of James COMBS, planter, of Kent County, MD. To Philip KENNARD, ex., merch’t., personalty, including that due from Nathaniel KENNARD, planter; testator’s share in tobacco raised on his (sd. Philip’s) plantation “Middle Ground,” and to pay certain personalty to James STANDINGS. To Benjamin HOPKINS, planter, personalty due from Caleb BEEK, planter. To James STRAHAN, planter, and Edward WHEELER, schoolmaster, personalty. Test: James ANDERSON, William JONES.

(21. 699. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 7)

The above James COMBS has not been identified; however, note the Anderson connection, seen throughout many families of Combs in the Colonies, and at about this same time, in Richmond County, Virginia where John COMBS named John ANDERSON co-executor of his will in 1716.

1830 US Census Index, Kent Co MD

#1 District

P. 399
Joseph M. COMES