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In November of 1688, the Protestant William of Orange invaded England, and in December, the Catholic King James II fled the country. In February William and his wife, Mary, were crowned King and Queen of England, and in March, the first reports of Indiana uprisings circulated in Maryland, allegedly unfounded rumours started by the Rev. Col. John Coode who was intent on wresting control of the Province from the Catholic Lord Baltimore (Charles Calvert), and "returning" it to the King.

In Calvert County, however, local officials refused to comply with unauthorized (by either the King or his Lordship) orders from Rev. Col. Coode and his "Associators," whereupon Coode had them arrested, including Richard SMITH, Jr. and Michael TANEY (Calvert County's High Sheriff).

Richard SMITH, Jr. also had close ties to Talbot County, Maryland, having married Barbara MORGAN, sister of Frances, wife of Catholic Colonel Peter SAYER of that county. Barbara MORGAN'S first husband had been John ROUSBY of Calvert, and Talbot County land records show that the Morgan tract on Tredhaven Creek in Talbot was adjacent to the tract of Edward and Mary ROE, parents of Mary ROE who married John COMBES and Elizabeth ROE who married William COMBES.

In Talbot County, despite a long-time association with Col. SAYERS, Major William COMBES, a Protestant, went with Rev. Coode. That was not the case in Calvert County where Enoch COMBES, also a Protestant, supported, if not Lord Baltimore, his friends and neighbors who were being harassed and even arrested by fellow Protestants:

An Address from the Protestants
of Calvert County to His Majtie.

To their most Exclt Majties King Willm and Queene Mary.

The humble and hearty Address of yor Majties
most dutiful and loyall Protestant Subjects
Inhabitants in Calvert County in yor Majties
Province of Maryland under the Dominion of
the Rt Honble Charles Lord Barron of Baltamore etc.
Records Illustrating the History of Maryland

Dread Sovereignes.

We have at this distance to our great comfort and felicity beheld and admired your Majties like the Sunne in the Firmanent not only dispersing all malitious and threatening Clouds of Popery but also nurrished and cherrished the Church of England the which we hope will prove a sweete smelling flower to your Majesties and your posterity for ever.

We humbly beseem yor Majties to believe that we have a full sense of this our present happinesse and esteem this last blessing of Almighty God not only an an earnest of His merciful kindness unto us and such as shall succeed us but as of a royal stamp of heaven upon your Majties dignity and undertakings.

We take the boldness to assert yor Majties that we will behave ourselves in all the Circumstances of duty and loyalty as senseable and worthy of so great a blessing as by me shall not deface the Character,which (if soe small remote a handfull can add anything to yot Majesties Service) shall be for ever legable in our Actions and effections.

We esteem this our Interest and Duty and therefore pray that Almighty God by whom Kings reign and who hath so signally crowned your Majesties with this favour would add length to your days and Tranquility. These are and shall be for ever our apprehensions and wishes which being sincere and hearty imbouldene us to lay before your most sacred Majesties our at present most deplorable condition which is that several persons who call themselves Protestants have overturned the Lawfull and peacable Government here of the Lord Baltemore under pretence of doing your Majties Service, whereas in truth we have just cause to believe, and doubt not but your Majesties will find they intended noe other than to gratifie their own ambitions and mallitious designes this not being the first tyme that some of the Ringleaders of them have attempted to make a rupture in the peace and government of this Province being persons that little regard either religion or justice furthur than to carry out their designes but denying us the benefitts of Lawes and Priviledges due to Englishmen terming us worse than Papists for that we would not joyne with them in overturning the said Government of the said Lord Baltemore whom we were well assured at the same time was a subject to your Majesties whose Orders to proclaim you there we dayly wished and hoped for the lives and conversations of which persons as also of us the subscribers we presume to say that divers merchants in London and Traders hither are capable to give a satisfactory account of these, terrifieing us with Troops of armed men and hauling several of us to prison with martial force and sometimes showing no cause why which seems so much the more uneasey us for that we have lived many happy days under the Government of the Lord Baltemore and his Agents and enjoyed peacably and freely the exercise of our religion, libertys and properties and never had just cause to pray any other Government But now ernestly pray and humbly beseeche your most sacred Majesties will be pleased with all the convenient speed as may be either to reestablish the said Lord Baltemore in his Ancient power and Government or by such other wayes and means to order the Settlemt of this your Majesties Province as in justice shall seem to you most meet and convenient That we may again reape the benefit of the Laws of England as heretofore we have done is the humble petition and desire of those which cannot esteem any happiness more agreable than in being, Dread Soveraignes

Your Majties most Loyall
dutiful and obedient
Subjects and Servants

Geo. Lingan Jno Smith
Thomas Johnson John Smith
Richard Smith junr Wm W Whittington his marke
Waltr Smith W A Keroyd
Enock Comes Joseph Hall
Will Brookes Nathan. Veitch
Henry Orton John Pawman
Robert Davy Jno Veitch
Robert RI Johnson The mark of Elisha Hall
Hugh Chinton Francis Buxton
Richd Rake Jno T Maydowe the mark of
John Faney Wm x Wood the mark of
Francis FH Hutchins the mark of Richard Looke
Jon Leach Junr Roger Skime
Saml Holdeworthy Edward Dickinson
Jno Holdeworth Tho. Clagett
Wm Dawkins Rd Clarke
Jos. Edwards Joseph Wright
Mitch. Dandy Robert Shepheard
Richd Keene William Hutchings
Hugh Hepenell William Winning
John Nutthall James Veatch
Symon G V Garling the mark of Edward E Blackburne the mark of
Wm Chaplaine James Ante
Dann. Rawlings Wm Turner
James Wamless the mark of  
Morris Davis Wm x Kidd the mark of
John x Hyatt the mark of Sm S F Fouller the mark of
Wm W Needham John Bullock
John x Austin his mark Josiah Willson
Edward Wood jnr Joseph Wilson
Martin H Beale mark of Chas x Cole the mark of
Henry Cox Thomas Hills
James Downall Daniel Browne
Benjamin Hall Tho. Blake
Henry Doakes Francis Masdin
Richard R E Emirs his mark John Manning
George x Sealing the mark of Ja. Crawfford
Wm Wilkeson Henry Lowe
Nathaniel Mannying Ashd. Colhil
Thomas Simmons junr John Reade
John Terner Tho. Beevin
Alexander Lewis Humphrey Swift
Thomas J Lingeart Paul Kisbe
Jon Leech sennor Georg. Young
John E PeeCock the mark of Ambrose Leach
Benjamin E. Enins the mark of Jonathan x Smith the mark of
Jno Scot Wm Wadsworth
John x Kent the mark of John Sollers
Peter p Fouler his mark John Sunderland
William W Cheath Fran. Freeman
  George Bussee
  Hezekiah Bussee
  Christopher B Beane mark of

Edited and proofed by Combs Researchers from the Archives of Maryland, Vol. VIII, Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1687/8-1692, William Hand Browne, Editor, Maryland Historical Society, 1890, pp. 129-132

About the Signers (Selected)

George LINGAN of Calvert had immigrated by 1664 (Gibb's Supplement to Skordas), and in 1665 purchased the transportation rights of signer Enoch COMBS. In 1690, George and others, although none on this list, travelled to London, not only to testify before the Committee, but also to file charges against the Rev. Col. John COODE. George was still in Calvert when he died testate 1705-1708, mentioning a wife (unnamed) with bequests to children: Thomas; Anne, wife of Edward BOTELER; Martha, wife of signer Josiah WILSON) and Katherine, wife of Henry BOTELER.

Richard SMITH, Jr. of Calvert was the s/o Richard SMITH, Gent, of St. Leonard's, St. Mary's County (and Calvert County), and his wife, Ellinour, who had immigrated to Maryland in 1651 (Gibb). Richard Jr., married Barbara MORGAN, daughter of Henry and Frances MORGAN of Kent Isle, who had immigrated in 1637 (Gibb), and sister of Frances MORGAN, wife of Catholic Col. Peter SAYER of Talbot County, a close associate of Protestant William COMBS of Talbot, husband of Elizabeth ROE, daughter of Edward and Mary ROE of Lancaster County, Virginia and Talbot. Barbara MORGAN married 1st John ROUSBY, Sr. of Calvert (brother of Christopher), who died testate in 1685. John and Barbara MORGAN Rousby are found in the records of Talbot County in land disputes against both John COMBS and Mary ROE (also a daughter of Edward of Talbot) and William COMBES and Elizabeth ROE (daughters of Edward and Mary) over the 600 acre tract, Plymhimmon on Tredhaven Creek, the land also disputed between the Rousby's and the SAYERS. Richard SMITH, Jr. is one of those imprisoned by the "Associators" and in September of 1689, Barbara MORGAN Rousby Smith sailed to London to secure his release (he was being held by the "Protestant Rebels" in Charles Town, Charles County. (See Richard and Barbara MORGAN (Rousby) Smith of the Maryland Protestant Revolution). Note: An unknown reference states that Richard SMITH, Jr. married 1st Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and Mary WAINMARING Brooke (he the ancestor of most BROOKES of Calvert County). Source for this statement is unknown.

On 17 Jul 1700, the 195 acre tract Susquehannah Point, in the Harvey Hundred of St. Mary's County, was granted to Richard SMITH (Jr.), the land having formerly been part of the tract, Edloe, surveyed on 2 Mar 1648 for Joseph EDLOE and described as "on Pattuxent River near the mouth." On 7 Jul 1710, SMITH transferred ownership to his step-son, John ROUSBY, Esquire. (Rent Rolls, St. Mary's County, MD) Richard SMITH (Jr.) of Leonardstown, St. Mary's County, died testate ca 1714, mentioning "son, ROUSBY" (John ROUSBY, Jr.) in his will. His wife, Barbara, had predeceased him.

Walter SMITH, also a son of Richard and Ellinour SMITH, Sr. married Rachel HALL, daughter of Richard HALL, carpenter, and Elizabeth his wife, Quakers who had immigrated to Maryland in 1659 (Gibb). Walter died testate in 1710-11 (MD Calendar of Wills). His father-in-law, Richard HALL of Calvert, died testate abt 1685, his will witnessed by signer George LINGAN, and included a bequest of personalty to the Quaker Church. Three sons and two sons-in-law of Richard HALL, Sr. signed the 1689 Protestant Petition: Benjamin, Joseph and Elisha HALL and Walter and John SMITH, as did witness George LINGAN.

Enoch COMBS was either Jr. or Sr., Enoch COMBES Sr., having immigrated to Maryland, possibly from Lancaster County, Virginia, by 20 Mar 1664 when he demanded land for transportation of his wife Barbara, his son Enoch, Jr. and servant Ann HAWTIN. On 8 Apr 1665, Enoch assigned his rights to signer George LINGAN, and in 1666, witnessed the Calvert County will of Quaker leader Quaker Richard PRESTON. By 1699, Enoch Sr. or Jr. is in the records of St. Mary's County with signer John NUTHALL.

Benjamin HALL married Mary BROOKE, widow of James BOLLING of St. Mary's and daughter of Thomas BROOKE and Elinor HATTON (who married second Col. Henry DARNELL). Benjamin died testate in Prince George's County in 1721, following which, his widow married Henry WITHAM. She is named in her mother's Anne Arundel County will.

Richard KEENE was the son of Richard KEENE, Sr. of Patuxent River, and by 1683 had married Mary GORSUCH, daughter of Richard GORSUCH and wife, Elizabeth (married 2nd Samuel HATTON, m 3rd Herman FOWKE). In his 1675 Calvert will, Edward KEENE termed Richard KEENE, John and Roger BROOKE and William BERRY his "brothers," but relationship not yet known, including whether William BERRY was same who was son-in-law of Quaker Richard PRESTON. The sons of John KEENE, also a son of Richard Sr., are later found in Dorchester County with a Tobias COMBS. Richard KEENE, Jr. may have been the same who married before 1683 Mary GORSUCH, d/o Richard and Elizabeth GORSUCH (Hatton) (Fowke) of Talbot County where William STEVENS is found in records with William COMBES of that county.

Hugh HOPEWELL (HEPENELL considered a mistranscription) died testate ca 1689, naming daughter Mary (among others) as the wife of John KEENE (see Richard KEENE, Jr.)

John NUTTHALL was probably either the son or grandson of John NUTHALL I who died in St. Mary's County, in 1668, thus the brother or nephew of Eleanor NUTHALL, w/o Thomas SPRIGG of Calvert County. In 1696 Thomas and Elinor NUTHALL Sprig deeded land in Resurrection Hundred of St. Mary's to John NUTHALL, and in 1721, William COMBS of St. Mary's County deposed as to the ancestry of Brent NUTTHALL, s/o John III, gs/o John II and ggs/o John I, shortly before the marriage of Enoch COMBS (Jr.?) to Sarah SPRIGG of Prince George's County, widow of (John?) PEARCE and d/o Thomas SPRIGG by his first wife, Katherine GRAVES (sister of Verlinda GRAVES, wife of Governor William STONE of Charles County, parents of Thomas STONE, who was probably the same who transported Phillip COMBS pre 1757.

Josiah WILSON, son-in-law of signer George LINGAM, died testate in Prince George's County, naming "brother" William KIDD, apparently the son of the signer who died testate in 1692-3 naming daughter Margaret WILSON (who had apparently married a brother of Josiah WILSON?)

Henry LOWE may have been Col. Henry LOWE of St. Mary's County, brother of Nicholas LOWE of Talbot who married the widow of William COMBES of Talbot, all of whom are also mentioned by Col. Peter SAYER in his 1689 letter to Lord BALTIMORE. Henry married Susannah Maria BENNETT, d/o Richard and Henrietta Maria NEAL Bennett (the latter marrying second Col. Philamon LLOYD of Talbot). Henry's daughter Dorothy married a Francis HALL, but it is not certain which Francis HALL she married, nor when.

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