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Note: At this point, the purpose of this report is more for "tracking" the early Enoch COMBESES than documenting them, with emphasis on Enoch and Barbary COMBES, Sr. and son, Enoch, Jr. See also Earliest Combs &c. to Maryland and the Fanny Combs Gough Manuscript

Apr 1660 Lancaster County, Virginia Enoch COOMES and Joseph BOORMAN witnessed deed of gift from Ardry HILL to Christopher KILBY.

Nov 1663 Talbot County, Maryland and Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. Enoch COMES and Henry SEWELL witness an agreement recorded in Talbot between William JOHNSON of Old Rappa and Francis ARMSTRONG of Talbot.

Mar 1663/4 Calvert County, Maryland. Enoch CUMBS sits on jury trying case of servants of Quaker Richard PRESTON

20 Mar 1664/5 Maryland. Enoch COMBS "demanded land for transportation of his wife Barbara, his son Enoch, and Ann HAWTIN (servant). These four rights were sworn to by Enoch COMBS before Thomas TRUMAN, Deputy Commissioner, and "Upon the aforegoing assignment George LINGAN (see below) had warrant for 300 acres dated the 8th day of April, 1665, returned 19th day of October, 1665."

Mar-Apr 1666 Calvert and Talbot Counties, Maryland. Enoch COMBES "aged 28 or thereabouts" [born abt 1638] and Sarah MORISON, age 30, was subpoenaed by the Sheriff of Calvert County to testify for Timothy GOODRIDGE of Talbot County his indenture of Roger WILLIAMS purchased from Thomas MARTIN was for a period of five years.

Jul 1669 Calvert County, Maryland. Enoch COMBES sits on a jury

Sep 1669 Calvert County, Maryland. Enoch COOMES, George DUELIN [DENLINE?] , Thomas PEAKE [PEALE?] and William JONES witness the will of Quaker Richard PRESTON.

1689 Calvert County, Maryland. Enock COMES signs the Calvert County Protestant Petition By now, Enoch COMBS, Jr., born pre-1665

Mar 1689/90 St. Mary's County, Maryland. Ann ENNIS, widow of Thomas, makes disbursements from his estate to Enoch COMBS, William COOMS and Robert CLARK. Robert CLARKE is the husband of Sarah COMBS, daughter of Abraham COMBS of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Feb 1700/01 St. Mary's County, Maryland. Enoch COMES and Robert CLARK appraise the estate of Henry BIGGS. On 2 Jun 1701, disbursements from Henry BIGGS' estate are made to Enoch COOMES and Robert CLARKE and also to an unidentified Robert COOMES.

1707 Poplar Hill Hundred, St. Mary's County, Maryland. By 1707, one Enoc COMBS has acquired 100 acres of the tract, "Poplar Hill," and one Enoc COMBS, possibly/probably the same, has acquired the 100 acre tract, "Banks." In the case of the latter, an unidentified John COOMBS has "disclaimed" the land (possibly John & Mary ROE Combs of Talbot County?).

22 Jan 1717/18 Prince George's County, Maryland. Deed from Daniel DANIELSON, planter, and Thomas SPRIGG, Gent, for 250 acre tract, "Norway" (part of larger tract "Largo") to Enoch COOMBS of Prince George's County.

2 Feb 1720/21 Prince George's County, Maryland. Enoch COMBS and Thomas LUCAS are security for Ann GITTINGS, administrator of estate of Phillip GITTINGS.

20 Dec 1725 Prince George's County, Maryland. Enoch COMBS and Sarah COMBS of Prince George's County, deed of gift to Thomas ODELL, grandson, and Margaret his wife, of Prince George's County.

13 Aug - 15 Sep 1726 Prince George's County, Maryland. Enoch COMBS and Thomas HILLEARY appraise the estate of Francis KING.

9 Mar 1726/7 Prince George's County. Inventory of estate of Enoch COMBS Next of kin are Sarah COMBS and John PEERCE.

22 Oct 1729 St. Mary's County, Maryland. By this date, Enoch COMBS has married Mary MANNING, daughter of Cornelius MANNING and widow of John MILLS, whom she had married before Apr 1721. This Enoch is the son of William, Sr. of St. Mary's, born ca 1671 and thought to have been the son of Enoch, Sr.