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Apologia: The Alvey Family Research presented herein is "tilted" entirely toward our Archdale & Combs Research. Thus far, we have located no Alvey-Combs marriages; however, both families have close ties to the Archdale Families of England -- the Combs through the 1587 marriage of John Combs & Margaret ARCHDALE, and the Alveys through multiple Alvey-Archdale marriages, beginning with that of Alice ARCHDALE & Arthur ALVEY ca1590 (Margaret ARCHDALE Combs & Alice ARCHDALE Alvey having been 1st cousins).

Announcement: See Combs &c. of the Drapers Company and Combs &c. Families of Oxfordshire for new documentation of the Alvey-Archdale Family as well as a "new lead" via the LANGWORTHS (See Below). Note: The new data has not yet been added to this report, but will be shortly.

Important! The following lineage has not yet been updated to reflect new, more detailed and more accurate information gathered from Bob Alvey's Research. Bob has graciously sent us great data for an update… we're just running behind is all… Check back Soon! (Click "Reload" or "Refresh" on your web browser to ensure you're viewing the latest edition)

In our search for links between England and the New World, we discovered that one Abraham Combs, found in the Records of Old Rappa. Co VA with the same individuals as one Archdale Combs (ancestry of neither identified as yet), later removed to St. Mary's Co MD where he is found in the records of that county with one Joseph ALVEY, s/o Pope & Mary ARCHDALE Alvey, and gs/o the above Arthur & Alice ARCHDALE Alvey. What does it mean? We don't know yet… research-in-progress.

However, for Alvey-Archdale Researchers, an excellent and more broad-based Alvey Report can be found at Bob Alvey's First Six Generations of ALVEYS in America. For the same in regard to English Alvey Families, see Jeff Alvey's ALVEY Genealogical History Another site that includes ALVEYS of St. Mary's Co MD is Marv & Rosemary Thompson's St. Mary's Co MD Families, based primarily on Sister Donnelly's Early Settlers on St Clement's Bay, and very helpful in terms of seeing how a number of different St. Mary's Co MD Families "connect."

Note: ALVEY Family records are also included in our Early Combs &c. Families to MD and Combs &c. Families of Bedfordshire.

Arthur ALVEY, Sr., Rector of Knotting, Bedfordshire, England, b ca 1561, d aft 1638; entered Trinity College 15 Dec 1577, matriculated 1581, m ca 1590, Alice ARCHDALE, b bef 1577, d aft 1638, d/o Barnard & Anne FERNE Archdale, granddaughter of John & Anne UNKNOWN Archdale of Co Stafford, EN, and first cousin to Margaret ARCHDALE (d/o Thomas & Mary CLIFTON Archdale) who m in 1587 in London, John COMBES, Merchant. Arthur & Alice ALVEY Archdale, and their son, Barnard, are named in the 1638 will of Alice's brother, Richard ARCHDALE; and Arthur ALVEY, Sr. and several of his children are named in the 1629 Oxfordshire, EN will of William COMBE, s/o John and Margaret COMBE Archdale.

. The parish register of St. Margaret of Antioch, Knotting, Co Bedford, EN indicates that Arthur ALVEY was the rector of Knotting Parish by 1592, and includes nine children born to them:

1. Pope ALVEY, son, b 1592; d ?; m 19 Oct 1615 m in Knotting Parish, Mary ARCHDALL (her ancestry undetermined?), all known children born to them (except Yeldar as noted) were born in Knotting Parish: Mary, b 26 Sep 1616; dau. Ann, 27 Dec 1618; dau Mary [sic], 22 Dec 1619; son Yelders, 21 Apr 1621, born in neighboring Souldrop Parish; son Arthur, b 18 Nov 1622 in Knotting; son John, 15 Jan 1626; son Matthew, 16 Sep 1628; son Pope, 05 Sep 1631; and son Joseph, b 03 Jan 1634.

Notes: See Researcher Bob Alvey's reports regarding Pope ALVEY'S religious conflicts in England. Pope ALVEY, Jr. and his brother, Joseph ALVEY later removed to St. Mary's Co MD where both are of record, and at least once with Abraham Combs.

2. Yeldard ALVEY, b 02 Feb 1593/4, had by 1626, m Jane (-----), and to them a daughter, Eleanor, was b 09 Sep 1626 in Knotting. Shortly thereafter, Yeldard, removed to Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland where a daughter, Ann, was b on 09 Sep 1627, daughter of "Mr. ALLVA preacher" (ibid., sc RA). Other issue b in Newcastle on Tyne to Yeldar and Jane ALVEY included: Alice, 18 Mary 1629 (ibid., sc I), bur same date (ibid., sc RA); unnamed infant bur. 18 Nov 1630 (ibid.); Yeldard, b and d 24 Mar 1630/1 (ibid., sc RA & I); Thomas, b 11 Mar 1632, bur 12 Mar 1632/3 (ibid., RA); Thomas, b 08 Jul 1634 (ibid., I); Ellina, b 1635, bur 03 Jul 1635, daughter of "Mr ALVEY vicar" (of Yeldar or Joseph?) (ibid., RA); Arthur, b 15 May 1636, (ibid., I) was bur same date (ibid., RA); Jane, b 05 Aug 1638 (ibid., I) was bur same date (ibid., RA). On 07 Apr 1642 A "Mrs Jane w. of Mr Yeldard ALVEY vicar" was buried at Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., RA) On 16 Aug 1646, Margaret d. of Yeldard was bur. at Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., RA); and on 19 Mar 1648, Yeldard ALVEY was buried at Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., sc OU), "Yeldard ALVEY minister - sometime vicar of this place" (RA). On 17 Sep 1653, Ann ALVEE was buried at St Nicholas, Newcastle on Tyne. (ibid., no sc) On 15 Jan1657, Yelder s of Arthur (deceased) was bur at St Nicholas, Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., sc R)

Notes: Also in Newcastle on Tyne, on 09 Sep 1631, a son Henry, was b to Arthur ALVEY (ibid., RA); and again on 26 Jan 1632, a son Henry [sic], was b to Arthur ALVEY(ibid., I); and on 13 May 1640, Arthur, s. of Arthur ALVEY, was b on Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., I). On 25 Jan 1641, Mr Arthur ALVA was bur at Newcastle on Tyne. (ibid., RA). In the months of Jun, Jul, Sep & Nov of 1635, "Joseph ALVEY curate" is written at the bottom of pages for marriages in Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., RA). On 16 Jan 1638, "Mr Joseph ALVEY cler" was bur Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., RA)

3. Arthur, b 08 Apr 1597 in Knotting, Bedfordshire, England. No more information, but may be the Arthur ALVEY of Newcastle on Tyne above?

4. Joseph, b 1600, in Knotting, Co Bedford, England, admitted to Trinity College, Oxfordshire* in June 1619, on same date as John COMBE (s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe). No more information, but may be the Joseph ALVEY of record in Newcastle on Tyne above. *Formerly stated Cambridge University; however, now found to have been Oxfordshire

5. Agnes b 27 Jan 1603/4; m Oct 1623, in Knotting, Bedfordshire, EN, Richard ARCHDALL (his ancestry unknown?). No More Information

6. Barnard, b 29 Sep 1605 in Knotting, Co Bedford, England, d aft 1638 (Will of uncle Richard ARCHDALE) No More Informaton

7. Elizabeth, b 28 Apr 1609; married 02 Feb 1635/6 in Knotting, Co Bedford, England, Anthony ACKEROOD. No More Information

Additional Records of possible import:

On 31 Jul 1638, at Newcastle on Tyne, Joseph ALVEY m Mary BOWMER (ibid., sc I)

On 03 Aug 1657 Henry ALVEY (maister & mariner) m Jane CARR at Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., sc P) On 11 Oct 1660, Ann d. of Henry ALVEY (mariner) was bur at Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., R), and on 19 Jun 1665, Henry and Arthur, sons of Henry ALVEY (mariner) (twins?) were born at Newcastle on Tyne. (ibid., R) On 07 Apr 1667 Jane wife of Henry ALVEY (mariner) was bur. at Newcastle on Tyne (ibid., RA)

In 1657, one Joseph ALVEY is a servant in St. Mary's Co MD (ibid., sc J); and that same year, "Robert COLE demandeth 450 acres of land for these servants, Robert GATES 1655, John JOHNSON Mary MILES and Joseph ALVEY 1657, by special warrant from his Lordship 100 acres and 100 more by assignment from John WHEELER (ibid., Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD)

In 1667 Joseph ALVEY & his wife Elizabeth claimed 50 acres of land for completing his service in St. Mary's Cnty, MD (ibid., sc J) In 1670 a Pope ALVEY claimed 50 acres of land as a fare paid immigrant to St. Mary's Co MD (ibid., sc J)

28 Mar 1668/9 (Undated St. Mary's Co MD Rent Rolls, St. Clements Hundred, p. 35)
Tract: Knotting. 100 Acres. £0.2.0 Annual Rent. Surveyed 28 Mar 1668/9 for Joseph ALVEY at a bound tree of Batchellors Rest. Possessor: Edward FIELD (St. Mary's County, MD, Rent Rolls, 1639-1771, TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, 1993, p. 47, Original at MD State Archives)

Notes: See Alvey-Archdale-Combs-Field in Oxfordshire, EN will of William COMBE, s/o John and Margaret COMBE Archdale

24 Jun 1670 (Undated St. Mary's Co MD Rent Rolls, New Town Hundred, p. 35) Tract: Rome. 100 Acres. £0.4.0 Annual Rent. Surveyed 24 Jun 1670 for Joseph ALVEY on the So. side the mouth of Locust Run. Possessor: Joseph ALVEY. 100 Acres. Rent: £0.2.0. John LEIGH from John HYDE. Oct 1736. (St. Mary's County, MD, Rent Rolls, 1639-1771, TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, 1993, p. 36, Original at MD State Archives) See Also Combs Land of St. Mary's Co MD

Note that Joseph ALVEY apparently named his tract, Knotting, after the parish where he was born in Bedfordshire EN. See Also the record of John CLARK'S land below; and note surname LEIGH in ref. Elizabeth ARCHDALE Fleetwood Lee.

1670 (St. Mary's Co MD) Pope ALVEY claimed 50 acres of land as a fare paid immigrant to St. Mary's Co MD (ibid., sc J) (Jeff Alvey's Genealogical History Site)

20 Jul 1680 (St. Mary's Co MD 7A:137, #13117, #3108) Estate Accounts of Joseph ALVEY. Payments to Mr. TURLING, Mr. LANGWORTH, ABRAHAM COOMBE, Ann MARTIN, Abraham TAYLOR, Daniel HAMON, Henry FIRMLY. Executrix: Elizabeth ALVEY (Widow) (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686, Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. K. Spiller)

The above Abraham Combs is the same noted above who d in St. Mary's Co MD in 1684, was earlier of Old Rappahannock Co VA where he associated in the 1660s with same individuals/families as did Archdale Combs of Old Rappahannock Co VA. See also LANGWORTH with Alvey-Archdale-Combs-Field in Oxfordshire, EN will of William COMBE, s/o John and Margaret COMBE Archdale

Abraham Combs' daughter, Sarah, m Robert CLARK, nephew of the following John CLARK:

28 Nov 1685 - 6 May 1685/6 [sic] (St. Mary's Co MD Wills Liber PC 1 p.302) Will of John CLARKE. In the name of God Amen, the last will and testament of Mr. John CLARKE late of St. Mary's County being in perfectt sence and memory; my last will & desirous as followeth. 1st I bequeath my soule unto the hands of my blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ hoping through the blessed passion, and suffering, one the crosses, to have salvation for my soule. I bequeath my body to the earth, from whence I had it, and to be decently buried, according to the discretion of my wife; and as for my worldly goods, my disire is that they are disposed of as followeth. My land that is at Notting containing one thousand acres, I desire may be equally divided, among my five children, __losed, John, Robert, Benjamin, Francis and Ann, but if any of my said children, shall dye before they come to age of eighteen years, then his or her part of the above said land, to fall to the next heir, or in the case they by after the age of 18 years, and have no issue, then their part of said Land, to fall to the next heir. It. For all other Lands, or tenements, I give to my dear; and well beloved wife Ann CLARKE, for to order and dispose of as she shall think fitt, but if my wife, should dye without selling the land or tenements, then they to fall to the Eldest son that shall be then living, as allso I make my wife sole Executrix of all my goods and Chattles. She paying all my just debts as witness my hand, and seale, this 28th day of November 1685. John CLARKE seal. signed and delivered in presents of us Thomas CLARKE. the mark of. George C. TURNER. the mark of . Lewest GEST.

Thomas CLARKE, Lewis GEST & George TURNER, sworn before me, this day sayeth that Mr. John CLARKE deceased, did in his life time, signe & seale the within will being then of perfect sense & memory. May the 6th, anno 1685/86 [?] John PILE. (Transcribed by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

The above described land was, however, not in St. Mary's Co MD, but in Charles Co MD, that part which became Prince George's Co:

24 Feb 1699/1700 (Prince George's[?] MD, Vol. A, p. 237) Deed. John CLARKE, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE, and Francis CLARKE of Charles and St. Mary's Co.s, planters to William HERBERT of Charles Co. Price 8650 lbs. Tobacco. Property: 100 Acre tract called "Clarkes Purchase" in Prince George's on the North side of the Main fresh of Mattawoman on St. Thomases Creek, commonly known as Notting; Adjoining land of Robert CLARKE. Signatures John CLARKE, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE, and Francis CLARKE. Wits: Phillip HOSSKINS, James KEECH, Bridgett TANDELL (Bridgett FINDELL).

ackn'd: John CLARKE and wife Elizabeth, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE and wife Judith, and Francis CLARKE, 24 February 1699. Recorded: (date unspecified) (Transcribed by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

24 Feb 1699 - 14 Nov 1700 (Prince George's[?] Co MD Vol. A., p. 293-A) Deed. John CLARKE, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE and Francis CLARKE of Charles and St. Mary's Counties, planters. to John COURTS (also spelled COATS, COARTS), of Charles County Gent. Price 8250 lbs of tobacco property: All the tract of land called Crouches Gift in Prince George's Co. on the north side of the main fresh on the head of Mattawoman or St. Thomases Creek commonly known by the name of Notting, bounding on land of John CLARKE; 500 Acres. signatures: John CLARKE and wife Elizabeth, Robert CLARKE, Benjamin CLARKE and wife Judith, Frances CLARKE, 27 Feb 1699. recorded : 14 November 1700. (Transcribed by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

10 Aug 1720 (Undated St. Mary's Co MD Rent Rolls, Unnamed Hundred*, p. 80)
Tract: Rooms Conveniency. 26 Acres. £0.1.1/2 Surveyed 10 Aug1720 for Joseph ALVEY, east side the fresh run of Clements Bay, adjoining a tract of land called Room, beginning at the mouth of Locus branch. on the So. side the mouth of Locust Run. Possessor: Joseph ALVEY. Entry added later: 100 Acres. Rent: £0.2.0. John LEIGH from John HYDE. Oct 1736. (St. Mary's County, MD, Rent Rolls, 1639-1771, TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, 1993, p. 81, Original at MD State Archives)

Part of the above tract ws in or adj. to St. Clements Hundred in 1670. See Also Combs Land of St. Mary's Co MD

"Joseph ALVEY was transported to St. Mary's County as an indenture in 1657 and his brother emigrated in 1670. The court records of Bedfordshire contain misdemeanors by the ALVEY family for not conforming to the Established Church of England. Ancient orthography was Alway as it appeared in early Bedfordshire Visitations. Joseph ALVEY named his plantation "Knotting", a parish on the northern borders of Bedfordshire and another plantation "Rome". The family was thus associated with the Roman Catholic community." ("To Maryland From Overseas," by Harry Wright Newman, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1985, p. 13; REF: Patents, Liber Q, folio 18; Liber 12, folio 550; Original manuscripts, British Museum)

Note also that in 1704, a Robert ALVEY appears in Quit Rents of King William Co Virginia as holding 400 acres (Jeff Alvey's site) . Sarah BURRRUS, d/of John & Ann HENDERSON Burrus, and w/o James ARNETT, Jr. are found in the records of King William Co VA with a William ALVIES, and research in progress by BURRUS/BURROUGHS researcher, Marcia Bignall, includes possible BURROUGHS-Combs connections in Lancaster Co VA. Additional data to be provided shortly, but briefly for the present, from Marcia Bignall:

Sarah BURRUS who md James ARNETT Jr had a much younger sister, Mary BURRUS (b ca 1779), who md in 1799 to William L. McGEHEE. He was son of James McGEHEE & Lydia HANSFORD. James was son of Samuel McGEHEE & Elizabeth ELLIT. [search words: McGee]

Re David & Martha ARNETT, besides son James Sr, they also had a dau Mary ARNETT who md Benjamin BIBB (III). Benjamin was son of Benjamin BIBB (II) & wife Nancy. In 1702 (King Wm deed bk A) Benjamin BIBB (II) was deeded a parcel of land by his father Benjamin (I) in St John's Parish, King Wm Co. VA. Adj neighbors were William ALVISE [ed: a.k.a. ALVEY?], John MALLORY, Martin PALMER and Humphrey BROOKS. ("The Bibb Family in America, 1640-1940" by Charles William Bibb).

Thomas McGEHEE owned land in Pamunkey Neck as did a John BURRUS (d 1704). Burrus patented land with William WOODWARD (d ca 1694) on John's Ck by 1667 & Burrus was settled there in 1686. Some other King Wm Co names that connect to the BURRUS family on John's Creek include William BIGGER, Gideon MACON, Orlando JONES & Capt Nathaniel WEST, also possibly FOX family.

Pg 35 of Vol I of the Crider book shows the patent for Thomas McGEHEE'S land in what became King Wm Co:

Pat bk 9, pg 483; "Thomas MACKGHEEHEE, 256 acres, King Wm Co, in Pamunkey Neck; on west side of Nicaty Wance Swamp; adj lands of HOLWAY; ANDREWES; and PARKER; along ANDREWES Ck; to Mrs PINES path. 28 Oct 1702. Part of the land laid out according to the Articles of Peace for the Pamunkey Indians, who at a Gen Ct held 22 Oct 1701, relinquished their right & Pretensions thereto, etc. Now granted by order, etc. Transportation of 6 persons. Note; 5 rights paid for to Wm BYRD, Esqr."

Another McGEHEE/BURRUS connection; Abraham McGEHEE ca 1693-ca 1743, son (or may be grandson) of Thomas the colonist, md Wilmoth BURRUS (would most likely have been married in King Wm Co). This comes from the Crider book & other sources.

Although neither Robert ALVEY of the 1704 King William VA Quit Rent Rolls nor William ALVIES have been identified as yet, of possible further interest is the fact that following the death of Sarah BURRUS Arnett, her husband James remarried to Margaret LINNEY, probable dau of Wm LINNEY (& his first wife, Ann BELL). James & wife/wives had (amongst other children) dau Lucy J. ARNETT b ca 1791/1795 (from later census data). She married Jonathon DENNIS (born in NJ, moved with his parents to Fayette Co KY), and they settled in Washington Co KY where they lived near the BURRUS family. (Marcia Bignall & Crider, Vol I, p 188).

Ed Note: The above is a temporary entry for research purposes - Marcia will be able to add additional if needed/warranted, in the future.

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