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Queens Co, Long Island, NY was formally established in 1683, an original county, including several townships, but most notably those of Hempstead and Jamaica. In 1898, Nassau was created from part of Queens, including Hempstead, home to Richard COMES I, and possibly(?) Newtown, home to Francis COMES I, both 17th century residents of the county, which had been settled far earlier than 1683:

Excerpted from History of Nassau County, New York by David Roberts: "… In 1614, Adriaen Block explored the coast of Long Island. He sailed around it and discovered that is was an island. He named it, in Dutch, "Lange Eylandt" and the name stuck. The later English name of Nassau Island, didn't last, but was used in 1899 for the new county created from eastern Queens County… In 1644, an English group from Connecticut, crossed the Sound. This group was able to get the approval of the Dutch government to make this settlement, which became Hempstead, the oldest settlement in present-day Nassau County. Following the Hempstead settlement, English towns were established with-in Dutch territory at Flushing, Jamaica and Gravesend. In 1650, the Dutch and English reached an agreement on a border-line between their territories. The Treaty of Hartford extended the mainland border on to Long Island from what is now Cold Spring Harbor to the Atlantic Ocean. This border exists today as the Nassau-Suffolk county line. In 1653, the English made a second settlement in present-day Nassau County at Oyster Bay, at that time inside Dutch territory. The English never really gave up their claim to Long Island and all Dutch territory in North America. In 1664, during a war between England and the Netherlands, King Charles II gave the Dutch territory to his brother James, Duke of York, later James II. James sent a fleet of 4 warships and 500 soldiers to conquer New Netherland. The Dutch quickly surrendered their colony to the English. All Long Island, including the eastern parts which were attached to the Connecticut and New Haven colonies, was annexed to the new colony of New York. Shortly after establishing the colony, the Duke of York had part of it set off as "Yorkshire." Yorkshire included Staten Island, Long Island and what is today Westchester County. A meeting was held at Hempstead in 1665 by Governor Richard Nicolls. The governor gave the various towns limited self-rule and established the "Duke's Law," a constitution and a series of laws to govern Yorkshire. Yorkshire was divided into three "ridings." These "ridings" were the fore-runners of the modern county system. The West Riding included Staten Island and part of the western end of Long Island [later Kings County and the Town of Newtown]. Westchester and the rest of western Long Island [most of present-day Queens and Nassau County] became the North Riding. The North Riding extended east to the old 1650 border line. The territory to the east of the 1650 line was established as the East Riding. The ridings were abolished in 1683, when the entire colony was divided into counties. Long Island was divided into three counties. The extreme west end, the most heavily Dutch part of the island, became Kings County, named in honor of the Duke's brother, King Charles II. The Long Island part of the North Riding, plus the Town of Newtown, cut from the West Riding, became Queens County. Queens was named in honor of the Duke's sister-in-law, Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese wife of King Charles II. Present-day Nassau County was included in Queens County and would remain so until 1899. The East Riding became Suffolk County."

The earliest Combs in Queens County is Richard COMBS I, probably b bef 1648, EN; d 1685-1698, probably in Hempstead, Queens Co, NY; m by 1672, probably in Hempstead, Queens Co, NY, Elizabeth, b by 1658, d. 11 Mar-May 1706 (??), Hempstead, Queens, Co, NY(??). Richard died 1685/1698, Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY.

Richard COMES I was first recorded in Hempstead in 1669, and was possibly the same who was recorded in Jamaica (also Queens Co) in 1676 (He may have also owned land in Jamaica, and certainly some of his descendants were in that town). Francis COMES was recorded in Newtown, listed above as Queens, but today listed under Suffolk Co, NY.

Thanks to the late Researcher George D.A. Combes, the number of records already collected for Hempstead and Jamaica are sufficient for each township to have it's own report. The following records consist of County Records with the township unknown or not stated. All identifiable Town Records for Hempstead and Jamaica can be found in their reports. A primary source for the records of Hempstead and Jamaica are extractions from a partial 1961-dated, rough draft of an unpublished 1925 Manuscript provided by Combs Researcher Hannah Friedlander and titled "Combes Genealogy" by George Davison Aylesworth Combes (1889-1941), Assisted by Clinton de Raisnes Combs (1886-1953), compiled ante 1925, Edited by Winifred Lovering Holman, S.B., F.A.S.G.; hereinafter GDAC, 1925.

Queens County Records
(Township Unknown)

1715 Queens Co, NY Militia Company of Capt. Joshua CORNELL. Members included Richart COOMBS.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: 1896 NY State Historians Rept., Pub. 1897, 1:494)

Notes: Although the township was not named, this was probably Richard II of Hempstead. A check needs to be made regarding the required age range for Militia duty by adult males as this might further narrow Richard II's birth year range.

1756 Capt. Benjamin SMITH'S Company, included Sergeant Daniel COMES [sp.?] with his duties including taking articles from members of the Society of Friends [Quakers], due to their not bearing arms.

(ibid. Ref: Westbury Monthly Meeting Records.)

Notes: Westbury MM is in present-day Nassau (then Queens), and a Daniel was in Hempstead at this time.

1790 Queens Co, NY Census

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob George who notes: The 1790 census for New York, Queens, Saratoga and Suffolk Cos, NY is included in a NY Genealogy Exchange Surname Registry search engine for the 1790 NY Census on line at http://www.genexchange.com/ny/NY1790Search.CFM) Surname Combs:

South Hempstead

p. 155:

p. 156:
COMBS, Micajah

p. 157:
COMBS, David
COMBS, Henry
COMBS, Nathaniel (2)
COMBS, Samuel
COMBS, Thomas
COMBS, William

Oyster Bay

p. 155
COMBS, Lawrence

1800 Queens Co, NY Census

p. 556
Elexander COMBS: 00100-10100-00
William COMBS: 12110-20010-00

p. 559
Lawrence COMBS: 21010-31010-00

p. 563
Cage COMBS: 22010-11010-00

p. 564
Thomas COMBS 20101-10010-00
Noah COMBS 21001-01011-00
Nathaniel COMBS 00001-00001-00
Henry COMBS 01201-02010-00

p. 567
Phebe COMBS 11000-20010-00

(Census CD - unreliable transcription)

SW: Alexander, Micajah

9 Sep 1805 Queens Co, NY Surrogate B:43. Letters of Administration granted for estate of Daniel COMES, d intestate, to James PEARSALL; Thomas COMBES having renounced the trust.

(GDAC, 1925)

Notes: Not identified by GDAC. Possibly the Mr. COMBS who d in Jamaica in 1804?

1810 Queens Co, NY Census

p. 339
John COMBS 00001-00001

p. 384
Mrs. COMBS 10000-10101

p. 402
Thomas COMBS 00100-10100
Micah COMBS 00010-11111

p. 403
Stephen COMBS 10010-10010

p. 405
Henry COMBS 00001-01001
Widow COMBS 00100-00002
Abraham COMBS 10100-10100

p. 405
Samuel COMBS 20020-20010

p. 409
William COMBS 00001-00110
William Jr. COMBS 10010-30010

p. 409
John COMBS 10100-10000
Alexander COMBS 20011-20010

p. 409
Nathaniel COMBS 20100-20100

p. 412
Nathaniel COMBS 00001-00001

p. 413
Thomas COMBS 00110-20100

p. 424
Larry COMBS 02002-02101

(Census CD- unreliable transcription)

War of 1812 Service - Queens Co, NY

Benjamin COMBS, served in Samuel MOTT'S NY Militia, resident of Queens Co, NY (See 1816)

Jarvis B. COMBS, served in Capt MOTT'S Co NY Mil, alleged. (wife, Elizabeth)

Lawrence COMBS, served in David MOTT'S NY Mil, resident of Queens Co, NY

14 Oct 1816 Hempstead, Queens Co, NY. Married: Benjamin COMBS & Catharine ELDRED. He served in Samuel MOTT'S NY Militia, lived in Queens Co, NY (Pension File SC-8125, Index to War of 1812 Pensions Files Vol 1, transcribed by Virgil D. White)

1820 Queens Co, NY Census

Pg 21A
Lawrence COMBS 200100 00100
Thomas COMBS 300000 22010
Stephen COMBS 010010 20100

Note: Are these the same as p. 222 in index below?

Pg 22A
Thomas COMBS 100010 21010
William PETTIT 000110 11010
Elyes PETTIT 000002 00101
Coleman COMBS 200010 00100
Henry COMBS 000001 01001

Note: Ditto above - p. 223 with Coleman mistranscribed as Benjamin.

Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt

1820 Queens Co, NY Census Index

p. 205
Daniel COMBS
William COMBS

p. 208
Michael COMBS

p. 211
Samuel COMBS

p. 214
Daniel COMBS

p. 220
William COMBS

p. 222
Stephen COMBS
Thomas COMBS
Laurence COMBS

p. 223
Thomas COMBS
Benjamin COMBS

p. 224
Alexander COMBS
Samuel COMBS

p. 225
Abraham COMBS
William COMBS

p. 263
Nathaniel COMBS

1820 New York State Prison Report (Extracted from submission of Linda Ogborn from records on file at the County Clerk's Office in Delhi, NY to the NYGenWeb Archives)

"A list of Prisoners' names, discharged from the New York State Prison, by Pardon and Expiration of Sentence, and also the names of those who have died from January 1, to 31st December, 1820, inclusive. Alexander Coffin, Jun., Agent of the New York State Prison."

Elizabeth COMBS, age 31, housekeeper, born Queens Co, NY, resided King Co, NY, convicted of Grand Larceny. Description: Fair Complexion, Light Brown Hair, 5' 8 in. tall, hazel eyes, sentence: 3y 1d; sentencing date: 21 Oct 1817, Expired 22 Oct 1820.

1830 Queens Co, NY Census Index

N. Hempstead

p. 102

S. Hempstead

p. 066
Stephen COMBES

p. 068
Abraham COMBES
Benjamin COMBES

p. 069

p. 086

p. 087
Elleck COMBS
Willaim COMBES
Nathaniel COMBES

p. 088
Abraham COMBES

p. 089
Lawrence COMBS

p. 093

p. 094

1840 Queens Co, NY Census Index


p. 104
Wellett COMBS [Willet?]


p. 007
William COMBS


p. 145
Samuel COMBS
Abraham Jr. COMBS

p. 156
Lawrence COMB

p. 157
Lettela COMBS
Daniel COMBS

p. 162
Alexander COMBS

p. 163
Stephen COMBS

p. 166
Margaret COMBS

p. 167
Abraham COMBS

p. 170

p. 171

p. 183
Benjamin COMBS

p. 186
Benjamin COMBS
Daniel COMBS

p. 188

p. 189
Stephen COMBS

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives