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Jamaica Township became part of Queens Co, NY upon its formation in 1683 (an original county). The early Combs of Jamaica were closely related to the early Combs of Hempstead, Queens Co (present-day Nassau Co), most, if not all, apparently having descended from Richard COMBS I of Hempstead, probably b bef 1648, EN; apparently d 1685-1698, probably in Hempstead, Queens Co, NY; m by 1672??, probably in Hempstead, Elizabeth, b by 1658, d. 11 Mar-May 1706 (??), probably in Hempstead, and probably the 1686 Jamaican Richard Combs listed below.

Primary Source: Extractions from a partial 1961-dated, rough draft of an unpublished 1925 Manuscript provided by Combs Researcher Hannah Friedlander and titled "Combes Genealogy" by George Davison Aylesworth Combes (1889-1941), Assisted by Clinton de Raisnes Combs (1886-1953), compiled ante 1925, Edited by Winifred Lovering Holman, S.B., F.A.S.G.; hereinafter GDAC, 1925.

1676 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Richard COMES voted at a town meeting on a question re parsonage lands

(GDAC, 1925. No Ref.)

Notes: GDAC offers no explanation as to whether this was Richard COMBS I of Hempstead or a different Richard COMBS (unlikely?) According to Josiah H. Combs' Combes Genealogy, there was also a Richard COMBS (sp. unknown) in Jamaica in 1712, but GDAC, 1925, makes no mention of same. According to the ms., probably written by Editor Winifred L. Holman, it was GDAC's cousin, Clinton de Raines Combes (CdeRC) who discovered this record, adding that no reference was offered, and "…why Jamaica? In his own text, G.D.A.C. makes no mention of this."

It seems unlikely that this could be a second Richard COMBS of Queens Co, Long Island, NY, and may indicate that Richard I of Hempstead owned land in both townships, particularly given that later Combs records for Jamaica were believed by GDAC to have been descendants of Richard I (Except see 1683 and 1723 below).

1683 "…Francis COMES appears as grantee and as a grantor in several land transactions in Newtown [Sufolk Co, NY?] and Jamaica townships."

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Melinda Combs from George D. A. Combes, but not from the 1925 Manuscript) See also 1723 below.

19 Mar 1686 Francis Combes (sic.) appears in the following deed.

Film # 0017873 Index to deeds of Queens Co, NY (1684 - 1701) Book 81? (not sure couldn't read it good) pg. 219 or 218

Peter Stringham of Jamaica for and in consideration of 5 acres of meadow in the further East Neck have exchanged granted bargained and made over unto Daniell Denton Senr. of Jamaica a parcell of meadow at the neck called the Haw tree within the bounds of Jamaica and bounded on the front with the hither causee and to run from the end of the causee to Theodorus Polhemus fence and so westerly as the fence runs to the Haw tree great creake and bounded with the great creeke and northerly by a ditch that runs betwixt Francis Combes his meadow, and Peter Stringhams and from that ditch where it emptys itself into a small creeke to run northward to the creeke neare the boyling spring in John Hunts meadows the great haw tree creeke being the west bounds from North to South December 24 - 1686 Peter Stringham (L. S.) William White Anne Stringham (L. S.) Peter White Acknowledged before me - Daniell Whitehead Entered March 19, 1686 Will Nicolls, Register


8 June 1718 Queens Co, NY Deeds? Richard COMES and Mary, his wife, of Cow Neck in Hempstead, sold land in Jamaica, to Francis NICOLLS of same

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: Possibly Queens Co, NY deeds)

Notes: This record documents that Richard of Hempstead owned land in Jamaica, but GDAC notes that the Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas at Jamaica include references to both a Richard COMES and a Richard COMES Sr., between 1724-1728. It is not yet known how Richard came to acquire this land. Was he descended somehow from Francis of Newtown rather than Richard of Hempstead? (See 1683 and 1723)

8 Dec 1718 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. "A description of Richard's [COMES] attempt to obey this order is given by him in an affidavit dated 8 Dec. 1718, for he had risked his life, and finally "quit the field." Those concerned were later tried and fined, and when they appeared they called "one COMBS a notorious fellow" etc. The Justices replied that COOMES the deputy, had not been appointed by them but "we do not know that COOMES has mis-behaved himself in that office".

(GDAC, 1925. Ref:

GDAC Notes: A Church fight ensued in Jamaica for nearly forty years, waged by the non-conformists and the Church of England. Most of the documents are well printed in O'Callaghan, op. cit., 3:200, et. seq., so will not be repeated here. Briefly: Jamaica was settled by the puritan faction. The third "Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreighn Parts" was chartered, 16 June 1701. Jamaica had maintained its own church, the minister was called by the Town and a tax levied by the freeholders for his support. The Act for the settlement of the ministry was passed in 1693, but the English society contended that only a minister of the Church of England could lawfully be inducted into a town church, supported by taxation. The Governor of the Province of New York upheld the claim of the society and thus arose the controversy between the two faction. Finally the Governor appointed Church of England men as officials, who selected a new constable. This constable then delegated Richard COMBES as his deputy, with the order to proceed with the collection of the minister's rate…"

14 Mar 1718 [1718/1719?]. Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Baptised: Richard, John, Solomon, Mary, Elizabeth and Phebe COMBS, children of Richard and Mary COMBS."

(GDAC, 1925. Ladd's 1914 History of Grace Church, Jamaica, p. 272.)

Notes: GDAC identifies this family as that of Richard COMBS II, s/o Richard I. Richard II was not on the 1698 Hempstead Census, and is believed to have been the Richard who was early in Monmouth Co, NJ before returning to Hempstead.

1723 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Deed. "… boundary includes "Francis COMES Children."

(GDAC, 1925)

Notes: GDAC does not further identify the above other than to imply that this reference was to the children of Francis COMBS, d 1700, Newtown, Suffolk Co, NY.

1724 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Richard COMBES, and Mary, his wife, no residence cited, sold land to Isaac HICKS, in trust for the Town of Jamaica, whereon to erect a jail.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: Possibly Queens Co, NY deeds)

21 Feb. 1726-27 Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas at Jamaica, Queens Co, NY Records, 3:426. Richard COMES et als, entered protest against a vote of the freeholders of Jamaica.

(GDAC, 1925)

8 May 1726 Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Baptised: Mary COMES, d/o Richard

(GDAC, 1925).

19 Sep 1730 Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Baptised: Thomas COMES, s/o Richard

(GDAC, 1925).

19 May 1731 Court of Common Pleas for Queens Co, NY. Mr. [Richard?] COMES ordered to find good security suiting the Court to make the three negro children appear at next session in order to prove title to them; Court assigned Mr. CLOWES(?) to the said children, whose names are diamon, Lora and Rachell.

(GDAC, 1925)

22 Sep 1731 Court of Common Pleas for Queens Co, NY. Lucretia MATISSE and Richard COMES junr sworn. Diamon MATISSE sworn per petitioner and Mary BLAGGE sworn, idem. Jury withdrawn; returned and called over; order: who do they find for; reply: for the petitioner. 06d. damages and 03d. costs and so say they all.

(GDAC, 1925)

Notes: According to GDAC, Lucretia MARISE [sic], a free negro woman and her daus., Helena, Rachel and Sarah, were baptized 11 Sep 1731, Jamaica. Implied in these records is that Richard COMES, either Jr. or Sr., was claiming title to negro slaves (or harboring them?), but GDAC also mentions that a 1755 Hempstead Record of a John COMBS with slave, Nan, was "the only instance there that a member of the Combes family owned a slave."

6 Feb 1734 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY Records, 3:259 William STEAD, of Jamaica, house carpenter, sold to William CREED, cordwainer, and to Joseph SMITH, gentleman, both of same, for £26, land there" (which he bought of Richard COMES deceasd……" Wit: Benjamin HINCHMAN and William CREED (?); ack. 7 Feb. 1734 and recd. 18 Feb. 1734.

(GDAC, 1925)

1734 Jamaica Student Lists of Edward WILLET, a schoolmaster, 1734-1741.
Solomon COMES
Martha COMES

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NYGBR Vol. 109 (1978)-pg. 3)

Note: These school lists are an "addition" to the ms., and appear on a page 31a, which appears to be an insert, is titled "Add to: RICHARD3 COMBES, Richard2, Richard1 of Hempstead," and includes the comment, "It is a possibility that Richard3 probably had more than the two children shown in the draft by W.L.H." In Mar 1718, several children of Richard & Mary COMBS were baptised at Grace Church, Jamaica, including a Solomon and a Mary COMES, who would have been at least 16 years of age by 1734. This is the only year in which Solomon is listed, perhaps because he left school due to age?

1735 Jamaica Student Lists of Edward WILLET, a schoolmaster, 1734-1741.
Martha COMES

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NYGBR Vol. 109 (1978)-pg. 3)

1736 Jamaica Student Lists of Edward WILLET, a schoolmaster, 1734-1741.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NYGBR Vol. 109 (1978)-pg. 3)

Notes: This is the last year in which Mary is listed.

1737 Jamaica Student Lists of Edward WILLET, a schoolmaster, 1734-1741.
Richard COMES

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NYGBR Vol. 109 (1978)-pg. 3)

Note: The 14 Mar 1718 Grace Church, Jamaica, baptisms of children of Richard & Mary COMES also included a Richard COMES, but he would have been at least 19 years of age by this time, so unlikely that this was him, particularly if he is also the Richard COMES who was Edward WILLET'S student in 1740 and 1741.

1739 Jamaica Student Lists of Edward WILLET, a schoolmaster, 1734-1741.
Martha COMES

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NYGBR Vol. 109 (1978)-pg. 3)

1740 and 1741 Jamaica Student Lists of Edward WILLET, a schoolmaster, 1734-1741.
Richard COMES
Thomas COMES

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NYGBR Vol. 109 (1978)-pg. 3)

13 Oct 1740 Queens Co, NY. Richard COMES [sp.?] was hanged for felony and burglary and the Court ordered the money and stolen goods returned to Benjamin HINCHMAN of Jamaica.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: Onderdonk's 1865 Queens County of Olden Times)

Notes: According to GDAC, "This item apparently copied from a newspaper. Onerdonk gives it a short paragraph. The minutes of the court proceedings of this era are lost, although Thompson in his 1843 History of Long Island states that he saw these records and mentions the matter as a curiosity." GDAC identifies this Richard COMBS as Richard3 (Richard2, Richard1) who was baptised at Grace Church, Jamaica, on 14 Mar 1718. He also refers to his having had a wife, Charity who was living in 1730 (perhaps a record from the missing pages?).

23 June 1753 New York State Marriage Bond, i 65. Mary COMES and Benjamin CARPENTER (Early Combs &c. Marriages of NY)

Notes: Mary named in 1770 will of her father, John COMBS d 1770, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY.

1761 Petition for the charter of Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Signers included John and Gilbert COMES [sp.?]

(GDAC, 1925)

GDAC Notes: John COMES II (John2, Richard1) and son, Gilbert.

10 Dec 1766 New York State Marriage Bond, x 197 Gilbert COMES and Ann BRAINE (Early Combs &c. Marriages of New York)

Notes: Gilbert named in 1769 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY will of his father, John COMBS. Ann was the d/o Thomas BRAINE, d testate New York (New York City?) 1768, naming d/o Nanny, w/o Gilbert COMBS.

28 Jun 1767 New York Gazette (Newspaper) Notice. "20s Reward - Run away from John COMBES, Jamaica, a negro man Primus, well set, had on a blue frieze Coat, lether breeches and blue stockings."

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: Onderdonk's 1865 "Queens County of Olden Times", pg. 38)

9 Jan 1769 - 9 Oct 1770 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Will of John COOMES -- In the name of God, Amen. I, John COOMES, of Jamaica, in Queens County, innkeeper. January 9, 1769. All debts to be paid out of movable estate. I leave to my son Gilbert æ50. To my three daughters, Keziah, Sarah, and Anne, each æ50. My executors are to sell personal property, "and so much of my land lying back of Justice Samuel SMITH'S as my wife shall think proper." I leave all the rest of my personal estate to my wife Keziah and my three daughters. If two of my three daughters shall marry during the widowhood of my wife, then my wife is to have the use of æ300. After the death of my wife I leave the rest of my estate to my children, Gilbert, Keziah, Sarah Anne [sic], Mary, wife of Benjamin CARPENTER, and Elizabeth, wife of Henry DAWSON. I leave to my unmarried daughters the use of my house and lands on the south side of the main street in Jamaica so long as they remain unmarried, and then to be sold, and the money to my six children. I leave to my grandson, John CARPENTER, æ10. And whereas I am bound for Benjamin CARPENTER to Thomas TRUXTON for æ200, and to Capt. John LEAKE, of New York, for æ500; if he does not pay the same, it is to be taken out of his wife's share. I make my daughter Keziah and my sons-in-law, Henry DAWSON and Joseph ROBINSON, executors. Witnesses, John HINCHMAN, Aaron Van NOSTRAND, Robert HINCHMAN. Proved, October 9, 1770.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Abstracts of Wills Vol VII 1766-1771, The New York Historical Society Collections, 1898, p. 330)

Notes: According to GDAC, "Although not in Book of Corrections, ROBINSON was not a son-in-law. W.L.H." John's widow was Keziah BEDELL, d/o Jeremiah BEDELL of Hempstead, d testate 1773.

24 Sep 1770. Grace Church Cemetery, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. Buried: John COMBES [sp.?], aged sixty-five.

(GDAC, 1925)

GDAC Notes: John COMBES III (Richard2, Richard1), married, probably in Hempstead, about 1730, Keziah BEDELL, who died in Jamaica, in August 1781, daughter of Jeremiah BEDELL. John is often mentioned in the records of Jamaica, where he was an Innkeeper, and also interested in horse racing; some of the earliest recorded races on Long Island were held at his Inn.

14 Mar 1771-9 Sep 1771 In the name of God, Amen. I, William SHERLOCK, of Jamaica, in Queens County, March 14, 1771. I leave to my wife Mary her choice of my best bed and its furniture, and my silver Tankard and 6 large and 6 small silver spoons; Also cupboard, chairs, dining table, and one mahogany table, and a cow and a negro man so long as she remains my widow. All the rest of my estate to be sold by my executors. From the proceeds I leave to my wife the interest on 1/2, and she is to have two Looking Glasses, and my horse and riding chair and a negro wench, and she is to have æ100 at her disposal. I leave to Ann COMES, wife of John COMES, æ30. I make Samuel DOUGHTY and Henry DAWSON, executors. Witnesses, Sarah COMES, Rem REMSEN, Garrett DORLAND.

Codicil, March 20, 1771.--I leave to my wife Mary after the legacies are paid all the rest for her and her heirs and assigns for ever. Witnesses, Johanes LOTT, Martin JOHNSON. Proved, September 9, 1771.

(NY Wills, Vol. 7, 1766-1771, New York Historical Society Collection, p. 69)

Notes: According to GDAC, 1925, William SHERLOCK "probably" m Mary COMBS, d/o Richard COMBS II of Hempstead. Sarah, one of the wits. and Elizabeth, wife of Henry DAWSON, Surrogate for Queens Co., were both daus. of John COMBES II per GDAC. Ann, wife of John, not identified by GDAC, but possibly the Ann, widow of John, who m John HYLTON bef 1782 (see below)?

8 Mar 1773 Keziah COMBES and Henry DAWSON, co-executors, offered for sale a large dwelling house, with six fireplaces, late property of John COMBES, deceased, in Jamaica, with fifty acres of land; on which are two barns, two cribs, etc., it would be convenient for a store or tavern, also two pleasure sleighs, a riding chair, etc.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: Onderdonk, op. cit., 45.)

1 Jun 1773 NY Marriage License and 4 Jun 1773 Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY Marriage Record. Sarah COMES and William BAYLEY (BAILEY)

(GDAC, 1925; and Early Combs &c. Marriages of NY)

7 Jul 1777 Indenture. "Between Henry DAWSON Exucutor [sic] and Keziah COMES executrix to the Last Will … of John COMES late of Jamaica in Queens county on the Island Nassau in the Province of New York Innkeeper deceased which said Keziah COMES is a daughter of the said John COMES and legatee under his said Last Will … Keziah COMES the widow and relict of the said John COMES Deceased," William BAILEY of New York City, merchant, and Sarah his wife, Ann COMES, Elizabeth, wife of Henry DAWSON, Benjamin CARPENTER of Jamaica, Butcher and Mary his wife and Ann comes the widow and relict of Gilbert COMES late of Jamaica decd., "who was the only son and a Legatee," the said Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary, being daughters and legatees of the said John comes, all of the first part, and Richard DEANE of New York City, distiller, of the other part, whereas the said John COMES, decd., in his life time and at the time of his death was possessed of an Estate in fee simple of a messuage and land near the Main street in the township of Jamaica, bounded north, west and south by highways or streets and east by the land of James LEWIS and John SMITH, consisting of twenty acres, and whereas the said decd., by his last will of 9 Jan 1769, provided this property be divided amongst the legatees but the executors have found it needful to sell the same before the time appointed in said will, therefore this indenture witnesseth that the parties of the first part, for £700, convey to the said Richard DEANE, the party of the second part, by warranty deed, the said property. Kezia COMES signs by mark, the rest append their names. [cut off] John-C. KNAPP and John NEWTON, ack. 30 July 1777; recd. 2 May 1778. [cut off] Queens Co. Deed, Liber(?) E:218)

(GDAC, 1925. Transcription of Editor Winifred Lovering Holman)

25 Aug 1781 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY "a payment was made by Phillip SKINNER for the funeral [cut off] of Mrs. COMBES."

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: Jamaica Church Recds.)

Note: GDAC identifies Mrs. COMBES as Keziah BEDELL, widow of John COMBS d 1773.

29 Jul - 20 Aug 1782 - Page 62.--In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN HYLTON, of the City of New York, being weak in body. My executors as soon as conveniently after my decease to sell all my real and personal estate, except such parts hereinafter mentioned, and immediately to pay my just debts. I leave to my son Ralph my negro boy named Harry. Unto my son Thomas my gold watch; unto my sister, Mary HYLTON, for her attention to me during my illness, my negro girl called Mary. Whereas I stand seized in right of my late wife, Ann HYLTON, of part of the estate of John COMBS, late of Jamaica, on Long Island [Queens Co, NY], deceased, I do give all my right in said estate, as also æ40 to be divided equally between Sarah and Mariam COMBS, daughters of my late wife, Ann HYLTON. Also, unto them, all the wearing apparel of my late wife in equal shares. The remainder of my estate unto my two sons, Ralph and Thomas HYLTON, in equal shares, payable when twentyone. My executors to apply such parts of my estate as they shall think requisite to the bringing up of my sons, charging each with the sums so advanced them as part of their portions of my estate. I make my son Ralph, my friends, Thomas BRAINE and Stephen SKINNER, executors. Dated May 18, 1782. Witnesses, Sally BYVANCK, Edward LAIGHT, Mary HYLTON.

Codicil. I appoint my sister, Mary HYLTON, joint executrix with my son and friends above named. Unto my said sister Mary, in token of her tenderness and care of me during my illness, æ50, to be paid out of the monies due me by virtue of a certain bond or obligation from Robert RANDOLPH and Daniel L. HYLTON, of Virginia. Dated July 29, 1782. Witnesses, Edward LAIGHT, of City of New York, merchant, Catherine SKINNER, Margaret GAUTIER, of the City of New York, widow. Proved, August 20, 1782.

(Extracted by Combs Ressearcher Debi Houser from Abstracts of Wills, Vol Vol X 1780-1782, The New York Historical Society Collections, 1899, abstracts of wills on file in the Surrogates Office, City of New York)

2 Feb 1783. Grace Church, Jamaica Co, NY. Baptised: Gilbert DAWSON, s/o Henry and Elizabeth.

(GDAC, 1925).

GDAC Notes: Elizabeth, d/o John & Keziah BEDELL Combes of Jamaica, m by 1769, Henry DAWSON, Surrogate of Queens Co, NY.

1790 Queens Co, NY Census

(See Queens Co, NY)

23 Aug 1793. Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. "Payment was made to Benjamin CARPENTER for the cost of Keziah COMBS [sp.?] funeral

(GDAC, 1925).

GDAC Notes: Keziah, d/o John & Keziah BEDELL Combs, and sister-in-law of Benjamin CARPENTER.

18 Jun 1798 Grace Church Cemetery, Jamaica. Died: Mary CARPENTER, aged 63

(GDAC, 1925).

GDAC Notes (paraphrased): Mary COMES d/o John & Keziah BEDELL Combs, m (license) 23 Jun 1753, Benjamin CARPENTER, d 27 Dec 1794, aged 63 [sic], intestate, buried 28 Dec. 1794, Grace Church Cemetery, son of Joseph CARPENTER. In 1795, letters of Administration were granted to Benjamin, the son, on his fathers estate. Children, all born Jamaica: (1) Sarah, bapt. 23 Dec 1755, d. Sep 1832, aged 76, bur. said Ch.; m. ----- LUMAN; (2) Nathaniel, b. 1760; (3) James; (4) Hannah; (5) Elizabeth, b. 1764, d 31 Dec 1801, aged 37; m. ----- SERVEN; (6) Benjamin; m. Lydia CHANDLER, who d 20 Mar 1813, aged 59; he was admitted by Letter to the Church of Goshen, NY and his wife by profession, 12 Jun 1785 [Ed. Note: Omitted from this listing is son, John, named in the will of his maternal grandfather, John COMBS.]

25 Jan 1804 Burial Records of Grace Church, Jamaica, Queens Co, NY. "The funeral of Mr. COMES was paid for by Capt. John DAWSON

(GDAC, 1925).

Notes: Not identified by GDAC. Was this Daniel, d intestate per 1805 Queens Co, NY record?

1800 Queens Co, NY Census

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1810 Queens Co, NY Census

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War of 1812 Service

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1820 Queens Co, NY Census Index

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1830 Queens Co, NY Census Index

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1840 Queens Co, NY Census Index

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