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Benton County was established in 1835-6 from Humphreys County, gained land from Decatur and exchanged land with Henry in 1895.

24 Oct 1836 Benton Co, Tennessee Minute Book Pg 19. An inventory and amount of sale of the Estate of William Combs, Deceased.

Articles soldTo whom soldAmount
3 bedsteads & furnitureMary Combs$20.00
1 Lot kitchen wareMary Combs$ 5.10
28 head hogsMary Combs$25.00
1 saddle mareMary Combs$30.00
2 cowsMary Combs$15.00
6 sheepMary Combs$ 5.00
1 set plows & gursMary Combs$ 2.00
2 Bee gumsMary Combs$2.00
1 Lot of TobaccoMary Combs$.50
1 hand sawMary Combs$ .25
12 head gearMary Combs$1.00
1 PadlockMary Combs$ .25
1 Yoke oxenMarvin SAYLES$14.00
1 Gray MareCharlie SARRATT$51.25
1 Sorrell coltWilliam SWINDLE$20.25
1 Sorrell coltJames COOPER$16.12
1 Crosscut sawMatthew WILLIAMS$ 7.12
1 saddleWilliam NOTHINGTON$18.00
1 rawhideJames SHIRLEY$ 1.37 1/2
3 plain potsJames COOPER$ 1.03 1/2
1 steel trapJonathan SMITH$1.50
1 spreadWilliam MATIN$.37 1/2
1 lot ironJames SHIRLEY$1.43 1/2
1 WagonS. H? DAVIDSON$27.00
1 gunThos HUBBS$9.62 1/2
1 plowJames WILLEY$1.00
1 set B.S. ToolsWilliam CAMP$37.25
1 squareJames S. SAYLES$.62 1/2
1 lot ironJames COOPER$.25
1 lot bricksJames SAYLES$6.25

Pg 20

The whole amount of sale of William Combs. Died 24th day of October 1836.
$333.09 1/2

Octobert 1836 Received of James WYLY.. $ 2.51

$ .75

$ 5.00

$ 1.25

Amount of shop accounts $71.01

We Mary Combs administrator and James S. SAYLES administrator of Estate of William Combs, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true inventory of the amounts of sales of the Estate of William Combs, Deceased. Also notes accounts and cash. That has come to our hands as yet. January 20th 1839

Mary Combs
State of Tennesse. Benton County. We the committee appointed by the Honorable Court. At the October Term of 1836. to set apart a sufficient quantity of provisions to save the widow and family of William Combs, Deceased.
We do find, fix, set apart the following provisions-
Twelve Hundred weight of pork. Or Sixty Dollars. Twenty Five Barrels of corn $36.00. Sixteen dollars for sugar & coffee, four bushels of salt or three dollars. Two sides of leather or six dollars and fifty cents. Fifty lbs of picked cotton or eight dollars. one hundred pounds of soap or six dollars. Three bushels of oats or $1.21 1/2. $2.50 for potatoes 150 lbs of flour. or $4.50, $3.50 for whisky, spice, pepper, ginger, the milk of the two cows or $5.00. Nothing on hand but 12 barrels of corn October 24th 1836.

James WYLY
Healloway KAY

(Extracted from "Benton County Tennessee Administration-Guardian-Clerk-Trustees-Probate of Deeds-Records of Wills-Scholastic Population 1836-1855" by WPA Records, Mountain Press by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick)

Notes: The above William Combs has not been identified as yet; however, see also Humphreys County, Tennessee. Also note apparent presence of blacksmith tools (See Combs Occupations and see 1850 below.)

1840 Benton Co, Tennessee Census

L. D. Combs 1001-0001

Mary Combs 0-13201

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "1840 Census Tennessee Benton County" by Sistler)

1843- 1850 "Benton County Tennessee Administration-Guardian-Clerk-Trustees-Probate of Deeds-Records of Wills-Scholastic Population 1836-1855

We the commissioner of said district do certify this to be Axmt report of the scholastic report for the year ending (Note: The number following the parent or guardian is number of children over 6 and under 21):

July 1st 1843
Mary Combs 7

July 1st 1844 3rd District
L. D. Combs 7*
Mary Combs 6

*DK Note: I believe this should actually be a "1" not a "7"

1845 3rd District
L. D. Combs 1
Mary Combs 6

No Combs listed

1847 District 3
L. D. Combs 2
Mary Combs 4

District 5
O. G. Combs 2

1848 District 3
Mary COMAS 4

1850 District 3
Mary Combs 4
Dickson Combs 3

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from “Benton County Tennessee Administration-Guardian-Clerk-Trustees-Probate of Deeds-Records of Wills-Scholastic Population 1836-1855” by WPA Records, Mountain Press)


5 Jan 1848 Agreement Between ELIZABETH BROUGHTON and ORISON G. COMBS

Be it remembered that on this 5th January 1848, it is agreed between Elizabeth Broughton and Orison G. Combs, that Combs on his part agrees to furnish Elizabeth with a tract of land somewhere in the neighborhood, to contain at least twenty-five acres, and to make her a title to the same during her natural life, with a comfortable house to dwell in, with other necessary outhouses sufficient for her necessity and comfort, to which must be attached a sufficient well of water or other water sufficient for herself and what family she may have. He is also to furnish her with a negro woman or girl to wait upon or serve her. Combs also binds himself to furnish her with a sufficiency of meal, meat, sugar, coffee, and all other necessaries of life, which is to be set apart by David Brewer and D. P. Hudson each year and furnished by Combs for her own use during her lifetime, year after year, the lands and dwellings to be furnished by Combs in a reasonable time, giving him an opportunity to purchase and sink a well, and not to extend longer than four months. And Elizabeth Broughton, on her part, binds herself to convey on Orison G. Combs her life estate in the following negroes, to wit, Moses, aged about 3 years; Lucy, aged about 34 years, and her infant child Eliza, aged 14 years; Lewis, aged about 11 years; and John, Sam and Ann, about seven years of age, which slaves were willed to her by her husband, John Broughton, in his lifetime. Elizabeth further agrees that Combs have the use and benefit of her wagon which is now in the possession of Combs. And Elizabeth further agrees to dismiss her bill of attachment lately filed in the Clerk’s Office. They bind themselves each to the other in the sum of one thousand dollars.

Test: D. P. Hudson Elizabeth (X) Broughton D. Brewer Orison G. Combs J. W. Utley

Agreement was acknowledged in open court on the 8th January 1848, and registered on the 18th day of January 1848.

Sep 1849 Benton County, Tennessee. Died: Combs, Narcissa, 18 years, born TN, Cause: white swelling. (Extracted by Researcher Jean JLWLRob from "TN Mortality Schedules" by Sistler, and from 1850-1880 Mortality Schedules, CD, extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton, which lists Narcissa as female, age 78).

Note: Neither Narcissa, nor her spouse (presuming she was 78 and a widow?) have been identified as yet.

1850 Benton Co, TN Census,

p. 589

216 Combs, L. D. 30 TN
Nancy 30 TN
James 12
Nicholas 10
Mary 8
Susan 5
Laban 4
William 2
Teperance 3/12

Note: Based on earlier census records, the head of household is probably Labourn D. Combs (although could be Lorenzo Dow). Naming patterns would indicate that this family may be kin to the Nicholas and/or Henry Combs families of Perry Co, KY. (Henry Combs, Jr. married Temperance "Tempie" Proffit DAVIS), but also see Temperance LITTLE who m 1853, Greene Co, Tennessee, William Combs; and Tempie Combs of the 1828 Rocky River Baptist Church, Warren County, Tennessee list.

217 Combs, Mary 48 TN
Catharine 26 TN
Jane 19
Arbella 17
Lamira 14

Notes: Widow of William, d 1836? (Note youngest child b ca 1836). Possibly mother of L. D. above? Kin to Orison below?

p. 596

263 Combs, Orison C. 40 NC
Misourie 30 NC
William 13
James 10
Frances 8
Eliza 6
Susan 2
BROUGHTON, Elizabeth 60

(1850 Census - Tennessee, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint. Notes: Census Index lists as Orison G. Census Index also includes a Susan Combs on p. 99 (the above are listed in Index as on p. 95), who is not found in Sistler)

Notes: Orison G. [sic] & Missouri BROUGHTON Combs married in 1837 in Caswell Co, North Carolina. Missouri was the d/o John & Elizabeth BROUGHTON, John having died in Caswell County in 1839. Also note Agrrement Between Elizabeth BROUGHTON and Orison G. Combs dated 5 Jan 1848,

Index to Early Tennessee Wills and Administrations
Byron Sistler & Associates, Nashville, TN, 1990

1857 (Benton Co, Tennessee Will Book 1:160) Mary Combs

1858 (Benton Co, Tennessee Will Book1:238) James Combs

1858 (Benton Co, Tennessee Will Book1:250) James H. Combs

Note: These records not yet researched.

1860 Benton Co, TN Census

Dist 3, Camden

p. -/52; June 26, 1860

376/376 SOMERS John 29 M W Farmer 400 229 TN
Mary 34 M W TN
Combs, Catherine 35 F W TN

Note: Is this daughter of William and Mary (widow in 1850 census)

379/379 WISEMAN A. C. 26 M W Farmer 500 80 TN
Jane 26 F W TN
William 3 M W TN
Willis 6/12 M W TN
Combs, Arabella 22 F W TN

Note: Are these (Jane and Arabella) daughters of William and Mary (widow in 1850 census), although ages seem to be understated.

Dist 5, Camden

C-512 line 28 (2nd sheet)

Pg 352/82; July 13, 1860

584/584 Combs, Orison G 50 m Farmer 1000 9595 NC
Missoury 40 F VA
William 22 M Farmer NC
James 20 M Farmer NC
Francis 17 F NC (sch)
Elisa 15 F NC (sch)
Susan 11 F NC (sch)
Artimasy 4 F NC

Submitted by Combs Researcher Rebecca Combs Rhoades

1920 Benton Co, TN Census

T 625 Roll 1728

Camden, Dist. 5

January 5 & 6 1920

Page 180

88 Odle, Robert L Head O F M W 32 M TN TN TN Mail Carrier RFD
Allis B Wife F W 28 M TN TN TN
Robert L Son M W 5 S TN TN TN
James B. Son M W 3y5m TN TN TN
Kenneth D Son M W 4m TN TN TN
Combs, James H father in law M W 78 Wd TN TN TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

Benton 1823-1957 Marriages

pg. 2 Wiseman, A.C. to Jane E Combs
May 18, 1856 by J.F. Presson JP

pg 4 Hawley A. To Eliza J Combs
Dec 19, 1865 by R.W. Ayres MG

Note: Eliza was the Daughter of Orison Combs

pg 8 Hudson, Fleix G to Frances R Combs
Nov 14, 1867 by WA Steele JP

pg 17 John Dancer to Francis E Combs
July 5, 1844

pg 18 Berry Dolton to Mary Cardine Combs
Aug 5, 1845

pg 27 John Prince to Nancey Combs
Sept 15, 1853

pg 33 James H Combs to Martha E Hirant
Dec 18, 1856

Submitted by Combs Researcher Rebecca Combs Rhoades

Cemetery Records Book Benton County TN

Rushings Creek Cemetery

Combs, Missouri Shoals (Broughton) Wife of O G Combs
July 26, 1819 to June 9, 1902

Orison G Combs
Feb 14, 1810 to July 26, 1870

Submitted by Combs Researcher Rebecca Combs Rhoades