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Humphreys County was established in 1809 from Stewart Co, TN and expanded due to acquisition of Indian lands over subsequent years. Benton Co, TN was est. from Humphreys in 1835-6, and it appears that some of the Combs of Humphreys were the same who were later in Benton Co, TN.

1812 Humphreys Co, TN Tax Lists

Laburn COMBS

(Index to Early Tennessee Taxpayers, Sistler and Associates, Nashville, TN)

1814 War of 1812. COMBS, Laburn, Pvt, TN Militia, No Commander named, Mounted Infantry (Tennesseans of the War of 1812, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Samuel Sistler, Byron Sistler & associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1992)

Note: This may be the Laborem COMBS found on the above 1812 tax list and the 1820 Humphries County, Tennessee census who may have been the Laban COMBS who m 10 Nov 1795 in Pittsylvania Co. Va, Peggy HARRIS (See below)

1820 Humphreys Co, TN Census

P. 2 (should follow p. 14, originals microfilmed out of order)

RIEVES, Jordin
2mu10, 2m10-15, 1m26-44,
3fu10, 1f16-26, 1f26-44

P. 06

COMBER, Thomas

RIDGE, Thomas
20110 - 10010

JORDAN, Burton
1 m<10, 1 m10-15, 1 m16-18, 1 m16-24, 1 m26-44
4 f<10, 2 f10-15, 1 f26-44

REAVES, Elizabeth
1 m<10
1fu10, 1f10-16, 1f26-44 (b1775-1794)

P. 11

COMBES, Labourn
000101 - 11001


REAVES, Jordan Senr
1 m16-18; 2 m16-26; 1 m>45; 2 f16-26; 1 f>45

Census Records re-verified by researcher George Baumbach (01/03/02) from microfilm of census record. Entry reads as Thomas COMBER. Bentley Index showed Thomas COMBES as Thomas COMBER, but AIC as COMBES)

Notes: The above Thomas Combs has been tentatively identified as the son of Thomas RIDGE (and wife Elizabeth Belcher - name from family tradition) a.k.a. Thomas Ridge McGEE and half-brother to William RIDGE, Sr., h/o Winnifred Combs, d/o Mason Combs, Sr. of Surry Co, NC (See Estate file of William RIDGE). According to his RW Pension File, Thomas Ridge McGEE (aka RIDGE aka MAGEE) was born 17 Feb 1749 in what later became Randolph Co, NC (Granville, Orange, Rowan, Guilford), He was living with his half-brother, William RIDGE [h/o Winnifred Combs] in Surry Co, NC prior to the war, but was residing in Pittsylvania Co, VA when he first enlisted in Baltimore Co, MD. In his RW pension application he stated that he later enlisted in Burke Co, NC & that after his service he returned to VA "for a short time" then moved to Stokes Co, NC (Stokes org from Surry in 1789) where he married & lived for several years. He moved to TN about 1793 [See 1804 Davidson Co, TN and 1820 Hickman Co, TN], and in 1823 he moved to Humphreys Co, TN where he filed for his pension on 28 Oct 1833 (RW Pension File No. S4194, White's Abstracts).

Elizabeth REAVES was likely a daughter of Thomas RIDGE McGEE. A marriage bond for Elizabeth RIDGE to Jonathan REAVES was executed on 1807 January 30 in Davidson Co, TN. A Burton Jordan was listed immediately between Thomas Ridge and Elizabeth Reaves, yet his identity and relationship is unclear. However, Thomas and Elizabeth Belcher RIDGE named a son Burton Jordan RIDGE. Also note the presence of Jordan Reaves Jr and Sr.

Notes: Thomas McGee RIDGE'S reference to Pittsylvania Co VA and see 1795 marriage there of one Labon [sic] Combs and Margaret "Peggy" HARRIS. Neither the above Thomas Combs, nor the younger Thomas RIDGE, is found on the 1830 Humphreys Co, Tennessee Census. Thomas Ridge and Elizabeth Belcher had moved to Jackson Co., AL, prior to moving on to Marion Co., TN.

1830 Humphreys Co, TN Census

(partial entries by line number)

P. 301
ADAMS, Rebecca
RIDGE, Thos. 0000000000001-001 (Thomas RIDGE a.k.a Thomas McGEE)
McLOAD, Solomon

P. 310
01 BROWN, Ezekiel
02 COMER [sic], Nancy 0-000100001
03 BURCHAM, John
04 COMBS, Nancy 0001-00310001
05 DUKE, Allen 210001-02001
06 COMBS, Edward 200001-01001
07 POWERS, John
08 HOWS, Joseph
09MILLER, Mary
10 LEGGATT, William
11 INMAN, Slaughter
12 PETERS, Henry
13 JOURDAN, Birton
14 GARNER, Rebecca
15 HALL, Reden A.
16 COLE, Thos.
17 YEATS, James 0001-001-012011

P. 323
01 OSBOURN, Thos
02 SANDERS, John
05 BRIGHT, Caleb 0000100001-00100001
06 BRIGHT, Samuel
07 MILLER, Samuel
08 SMITH, Jeremiah 00210001-2001001
10 EDWARDS, Labon 1000001-11011
11 WYLY? James 0100010001-2000001
12 BALDEN, William [BALDWIN?]
13 COMBS, Wm. 010001-12001
14 COATS, Barton 000000001-0
15 COMBS, Labon 1000000001-10001
16 PATTERSON, Joseph 00000001-00010001
17 WEST, Samuel
18 STROUD, Eli
19 SALES, James [SAYLES?]
20 CAMP, J. D.
21 GORDON, L. B.
22 LEWIS, Simpson
23 FOX, D.
24 PATTERSON, William
25 WILLSON, Abel
26 HICKS, Jacob
27 HICKS, Lewis

p. 324
01 HICKS, Elisha 001121-2001001
02 SMITH, Robert 000000001-000001001
03 ANDERSON, John 22001-1010001

Notes: This county has not been actively researched; however:

  1. Re the families on p. 310: Allen DUKE m Berthina COMBS, 31 Aug 1820, Maury Co, TN (See also Combs-Duke in Fairfield Co, SC and Wilkes Co, GA with connections to the John & Sarah MABRY Combs Family and see below).
  2. Re the families on p. 323: This appears to have become part of Benton Co, TN where in 1836, James S. SAYLES and Mary COMBS were the administrators of the estate of William COMBS, deceased.

See Also Combs-Hicks in Clay Co, KY and see Combs-Bright on 1781 Montgomery Co, VA Militia List as well as in Warren Co, TN.

1840 Humphreys Co, TN Census

District 02

p. ??
REAVES, Timothy Jr., 1m20-30, 1f15-20, 1f40-50
REAVES, Timothy Sr., 1m10-15, 1m15-20. 1m20-30, 1m50-60, 1f5-10, 1f10-15, 1f15-20, 1f40-50
McELYEA, Daniel
SHAVER, Michael
REAVES, Jonathan 1mu5 1m20-30 1fu5, 1f20-30
REAVES, James 1m5-10, 1m10-15, 1m20-30, 1m60-70, 1f5-10, 2f20-30, 1f50-60

Notes: Michael SHAVER/SCHAEFER may be kin to the SHIVERS/SHAVER family of Davidson Co, TN, where an older Michael SHAVER lived in 1783- d. 1791 Zigler's Station. William RIDGE married Telpha SHIVERS 21 March 1815 Davidson Co., TN. William is a possible son of Thomas RIDGE, aka Thomas RIDGE McGEE, half-brother of William RIDGE, Tory, and wife Winnifred COMBS. Jonathan REAVES in the 1840 census is too young to be the Jonathan REAVES who married Elizabeth RIDGE.

District 07

P. 35

1850 Humphreys Co, TN Census


Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives