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South Carolina was formed from North Carolina in 1682, with "proprietary" original counties of Berkeley, Colleton and Craven. Early records were maintained, not by the counties, but centrally and by Anglican parish. Combs &c. Research of South Carolina has been minimal thus far, and from whence the following Combs came to South Carolina remains unknown at this time. Later Combs to South Carolina, those appearing in the records of South Carolina for the first time closer to the era of the Revolutionary War, may have come primarily from Virginia, possibly Maryland, and generally by way of North Carolina, and some may have had Tory backgrounds.

Miscellaneous Counties

Abbeville District

1787 Abbeville District Tax List

COMBER, Bennet (Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789)

Note: Undocumented source!

The above Bennet COMBER was probably Bennett Combs of Pendleton Dist SC in 1790

26 Apr 1815 - 11 Dec 1843 ROBERTSON, William - Box 82, 2023. Will dated April 26, 1815 in Abbeville Dist. Rec. July 3, 1815. Exrs: Wm ROBINSON Jr., Thos. WILSON. Wit: Thos. MOORE, Mathew, Thomas WILSON. Wife, Elizabeth ROBERTSON. Chn: Thos., Wm., Jas., Elijah Reuben, Betsy, Sally ROBERTSON. Set.t Jan. 6, 1844. 7 legatees, Jas., Thos. ROBINSON [sic], Reuben and wife Sally, Peter PHILIPS and wife Elizabeth in Pickens Dist. Elijah ROBINSON in Alabama, Wm. ROBINSON dead had 4 chn.

Reuben ROBINSON dead 5 chn. and wid. Lindy in Alabama. Thos. P., Adam C. ROBERTSON heirs of Reuben ROBERTSON decd. On Dec. 11, 1843 Sarah, Mary, Wm. ROBERTSON heirs of Wm. ROBERTSON decd. of Alabama, Tuskaloosa Co. "do appoint Wm. MOORE of said Co. our Atty. to receive from Jas. ROBERTSON the legacy bequeathed unto the said Wm. ROBERTSON from the will of Wm. ROBERTSON of S.C." Mahala Combs (late Mahala ROBERTSON) Wm. ROBERTSON of Tuscaloosa Co. appointed John S. MOORE of Fayette Co. Alabama their Atty. to receive their share of Wm. ROBERTSON's est. in Abbeville Dist., she being a dtr. of Reuben ROBERTSON decd. and gr. dtr. of said Wm. ROBERTSON. Daniel SWINDLE and Jersha Caroline SWINDLE his wife, late Jerusha Caroline ROBERTSON of Walker Co. Ala. appointed John S. MOORE their Atty., she being a dtr. of Reuben ROBERTSON decd. and gr. dtr. Wm ROBERTSON decd. On Dec. 11, 1842 Wm. MOORE made gdn of Thos. Perry ROBERTSON, Adam Crane ROBERTSON minors under 21 chn. of Reuben ROBERTSON decd. (Written Robison, Robertson). (Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds as on file in the Abbevill, South Carolina, Courthouse, Compiled by Willie Pauline Young, Liberty, South Carolina. Copyright 1950, Reprented 1977 by Southern Historical Press. ISBN No.89308-036-5, page 282, 283)

Fairfield District

1778- 1799 (Fairfield County Will Book 1, p. 36) Ephraim MABRY'S Estate. Mary MABRY having obtained a citation administer on the est. of her late husband Ephraim MABRY, dec'd., agreeable to the substance of his will, proved by two evidences to the original will which was lost during the late troubles, Daniel Mabry made oath that agreeable to an order made at last court he had left a copy of said citation with each of the legatees named in that will. Letters of Administratin granted to sd. Mabry with the substance of the will annexed.

To all to whom…Greeting. Know ye that sometime in September or October 1778, Ephraim MABRY of the said (Camden) District made his will in the presence of Phillip Combs and Elizabeth DUKE which was lost during the late troubles, but the substance thereof having been set down in writing and proved by the said Phillip Combs and Elizabeth DUKE, and due notice thereof having been served on each of the legatees and nearest of kin…we do grant Letters of Administration with a copy of such paper writint thereto annexed…unto Mary Mabry sole executrix named in such will. Aug. 14, 1799. (p. 37) Substance of Ephraim MABRY'S will…Son Joel Mabry…To James Thomas…To Daniel Mabry, Cicely Mabry, Margaret H-----ey Mabry, Adam Poole Mabry, Mary Mabry, Elizabeth Mabry and Ephraim Mabry…My wife Mary Mabry my only executrix…


State of Georgia,

Wilkes County

Personally appeared before me, Sampson HARRIS, J. P., Phillip Combs and Elizabeth DUKE and deposeth and saith that sometime in the month of September or October 1778 they was at the house of Ephraim MABRY in Camden District, S. C. and witnessed his will, the contents as above as near as they can recollect…Sworn to before me May 14, 1789.
/s/ Sn HARRIS, J. P.
/s/ Phillip (X) Combs
/s/ Elizabeth (X) DUKE

(The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. I, No. 1, Winter 1973)

Fairfield Co, Camden Dist, SC was not organized until 1785 - from Camden District which was formerly Craven. It was inland -unlike the St. Thomas & St. Denis Parish area of Old Berkeley County, and probably reached by way of North Carolina as versus the coast. According to Mabry Researchers (not yet documented), Ephraim MABRY above was b Brunswick County, VA; m Mary POOLE; d 1789 Fairfield Co SC, s/o Hincha MABRY, s/o George & Martha BRADLEY Mabry, whose children also included George MABRY who married Sarah WILLIAMSON; lived in Edgecombe and Halifax Cos NC; moved about 1765 to Rowan County; moved to Pittsylvania Co VA (later Henry Co); moved in 1796 to Knox Co, TN where he died in 1801. The children of George & Sarah WILLIAMSON Mabry included: Sarah MABRY who m in 1772 in Guilford Co NC, John Combs of Washington Co VA & Jefferson Co TN. (Mabry Family Website) It is believed that the above Phillip Combs of Fairfield SC & Wilkes Co GA may have been a brother or father to John, and both were probably close kin to the Phillip Combs (1 or 2) of Amelia & Lunenburg Cos VA, and the following RW Soldier John Combs of Amelia VA; Fairfield SC; and Wilkes Co GA:

John Combs, born 9/7/1764, Amelia Co, Va. served in S. C. Militia, placed on pension roll of 1832, Wilkes Co Georgia. He lived in the Fairfield Dist., S. C. when he enlisted 1779 or 1780. He served under Captain Manis LISLE'S Co., Col. HOPKINS S. C. Regiment, stationed near Orangeburg at Four Holes Bridge. In 1783 he removed to Wilkes County, Ga to live. (RW Pension File S31626, "Abstracts of some Revolutionary War Pensions" By Jeannette Holland Austin)

Georgetown District

1790 (Prince Georges Parish) COOMBS: Richard Fielding - 1 white male of 16 and upwards incl H/H
NOTE: There is no other person listed in this household, no slaves. (Heads of Families-South Carolina, 1790 Census, p. 53) See Also Richard Fielding Combs of Green Co KY (No known relationship; not known if same full name is significant)

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