Wilkes County was est. in 1777 from original, unorganized territory (at the far northeastern end of the state). Greene was est. from Oglethorpe, Washington, and Wilkes in 1786. Elbert was est. from Wilkes in 1790. In 1793, Oglethorpe was est. from Clarke and Wilkes; and Warren from Columbia, Richmond, and Wilkes. Lincoln was est. from Wilkes in 1796. In 1825, Taliaferro was est. from Greene, Hancock, Oglethorpe and Wilkes.

About the Early Combs Families of Wilkes
Earliest Combs of Wilkes (pre-1821)
Later Combs &c. Families of Wilkes Co, GA (1821-????)
Plats and Warrants of Wilkes County, Georgia
Combs in Wilkes Co, GA Cemeteries

Notes: This Combs County is still very much Under Construction, and that we are still in need of census records beginning with the year 1820, for both Wilkes and surrounding Combs Counties. Also note that this report includes records from other GA Counties.

Except where otherwise noted, all Wilkes Co, GA Deeds were extracted by Combs Researcher S.C. Hefner from Wilkes Co, Georgia, Deed Books A-W, 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer, 1996.

Early Records… refers to Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes Co, Grace Gillam Davidson, Vol. 1, JW Burke Co, Macon GA, 1932. All entries from this source were extracted by Combs Researcher S. C. Hefner.

"D. K." refers to Combs Researcher Danny Knight.

Deed Book refers to Wilkes Co, Georgia, Deed Book A-W: 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer, 1996.

Most, if not all, of the early Combs to Wilkes Co GA are believed to be descendants of the John Combs who patented land in Prince George (later Amelia Co VA), who may himself have been earlier from Essex Co, VA. It also appears that the Combs of Amelia Co, VA may have been later in Halifax and/or Lunenburg Cos VA; Guilford Co, North Carolina, and Fairfield, South Carolina prior to arriving in Wilkes Co GA. Moreover, at least some of their close relatives went to SW VA (Abingdon, Washington Co, VA) and later to Jefferson & Grainger Cos, Tennessee.

According to the Carlton Combs Letter, his grandfather, John COMBS (m Sarah MABRY, 1772, Guilford Co, North Carolina, Phillip COMBS, bondsman), had two brothers who went to GA. John & Sarah MABRY Combs named their eldest son, Phillip (after his father?), their second son George Mabry (after her father?), and their third son, Sterling. Among the earliest Combs to Wilkes Co GA are Phillip COMBS, Sr. (b pre 1746, probably in Amelia Co, VA); John COMBS (the Rev. Soldier, b 1764, Amelia Co, VA), and one Sterling Combs. According to Adaline Evans Winn, b 1860, the Combs-HAMMOCK intermarriages began in Amelia Co, VA.

Special Addenda from Combs-Hammock-Evans Researcher Danny Knight[DK]:

According to Adaline Evans Wynn, in Southern Lineages: Records of 13 Families, on p. 98 (paraphrased): Elizabeth Combs HAMMOCK [wife of William EVANS, Jr.]'s mother was a COMBS. Elizabeth had a sister Nancy HAMMOCK who married Robert LEVERETT. She also had a brother Robert HAMMOCK who married Nancy COMBS

[DK: daughter of Philip as per estate returns].

Other brothers were William, Benjamin and John HAMMOCK. Elizabeth Combs HAMMOCK was born c. 1777 and married William EVANS by 1797. She writes: "Children of Elizabeth HAMMOCK and Wiliam EVANS were told by their parents that the COMBS family lived at some point on the Potomac River, where they owned a ferry; that Elizabeth HAMMOCK inherited an interest in this place from her mother (COMBS) and that William G. and James EVANS, son and son-in-law [James EVANS md. Mary EVANS] of Elizabeth HAMMOCK Evans, sent her brother, Benjamin HAMMOCK, to Virginia to claim their inheritance, but through lack of attention to business, the trip was fruitless."

DK: It is now known that Elizabeth Combs HAMMOCK was the daughter of Benedict HAMMOCK II and Mary (COMBS?) Hammock.

No evidence has ever been located to prove that Mary HAMMOCK, wife of Benedict HAMMOCK II, was a COMBS, although the family tradition recorded by Adeline Evans Wynn (b. 1860) is a very strong secondary source, and given even more credence when added to the 1762 Amelia Co, VA record of Benedict HAMMOCK I tithing a Phillip Combs whom we believe was probably Phillip Combs, Sr. later of Amelia Co, VA. This means that Philip COMBS was born by c. 1746. He evidently died c. 1836, Wilkes Co, GA (perhaps earlier than that). It would seem that his daughter Nancy was probably married by 11 Oct., 1783, to Robert HAMMOCK, for Robert HAMMOCK and Nancy HAMMOCK were purchasers at the estate of Hugh HAMMOCK on that date in Wilkes County (although this could be a different Nancy). In any case, their daughter Martha "Patsy" HAMMOCK, wife of John COMBS, was born c. 1794 in Wilkes Co, GA, placing Nancy's birthdate somewhere between c. 1766 and 1776. Finding Philip COMBS in the household of Benedict HAMMOCK, Jr., in 1762, certainly seems to add fuel to the case that Mary HAMMOCK, wife of Benedict, Jr., was nee Mary COMBS. It would suggest as well that she was a close relative, perhaps sister, of Philip COMBS.

See Also DAR Lineages of Addie EVANS Winn, Vol. 95, and Julia EVANS Bozeman, Vol. 70.

Chronology of Wilkes Co, GA Records (ca 1780-1820)

ca 1780 (Georgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American Revolution, p. 143)
4th Georgia Battalion. James COMBS, private

Notes: James Combs is shown in the Third Company of a Militia in Wilkes County. (from We Have This Heritage by Robert Marion Willingham, Jr., extracted by Katherine C. Bray)

This James Combs may not have been of Wilkes Co, GA; however, see also James Combs of 1787-1788 and James Combs of 1793 Wilkes GA below.

1783 (Rev War Pension File S31626) Revolutionary Soldier John COMBS, b 1764, Amelia Co, VA, enlisted Fairfield Dist, South Carolina in 1779/80, removed to Wilkes Co GA in 1783

circa 1783 from Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1983. Phillip COMBS - “He served under Colonel Winn and was in the battles at Orangeburg and Four Holes (where he served as a lieutenant). He was with Major John Pearson in the battle at Edisto. He and his son were in the militia during 1781 and 1782.”

Sources: Audited Accounts in the South Carolina Archives, "Columbia State," January 4, 1904 - Feb. 1904.

1784 (Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia: 1756-1909. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Vidalia, Georgia: Georgia Genealogical Reprints, 1970.) Philip COMBS (Wilkes Co. Book EEE p. 281) 300 acres

1784 - 1788 (Early Records…, p. 285, Wilkes County Deeds) Moses HARRIS and wife Elizabeth to Thomas EIDSON, 100 acres on a branch of Fishing Creek, originally granted 1784 to Philip COMBS. 11 Dec., 1788. Thomas TALBOT, John and Shelton EIDSON, Test.

DK Note: EIDSONS are my ancestors. Philip Combs is supposed to have md. Elizabeth EIDSON, daughter of Thomas EIDSON. I am currently in doubt as to whether Philip Combs, Sr. or Philip Combs, Jr. is supposed to have md. Elizabeth EIDSON.

29 Apr 1784 (Early Records…, p. 41) (Wilkes Co GA Est. Records) Andrew CANNADY, dec. Appraisal by William COMB and John WRAY

Combs Notes: Who is this William COMBS? Another son of Phillip COMBS, Sr.? A grandson? See Also Benjamin RAY of Surry Co, NC & Russell Co, VA, and the family of William COMBS, Jr. of Russell Co, VA

1785 (Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia: 1756-1909. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Vidalia, Georgia: Georgia Genealogical Reprints, 1970.)

John COMBS (Wilkes Co, Book III, p. 87) 366 acres
Philip COMBS (Wilkes Co, Book FFF p. 319) 200 acres

c1785 (Early Records…, p. 27)
Wilkes Co, GA, Tax Digest, Capt. KARR'S District. Received by Absolem BEDELL, Esq.
Robert LEVERETTT, 1 poll, 250 acres, Wilkes Co, GA
[skip 15]
John COMBS, 1 poll, 366 acres, Wilkes County
John COMBS, trustee for Amos RICHARDSON, 150 acres, Wilkes County
[also includes]
John MEADOR tithed self and James MEADOR
Jonas MEADOR tithes Meshack TURNER 1 poll each, no acres
Meshack TURNER tithes 7, 12 slaves, 600 A Wilkes Co, GA

Combs Notes: This may have been Rev. Soldier Amos RICHARDSON whose Pension Declaration stated he was b in 1764 in Loudoun Co, VA, later lived "on the headwaters of the Holston River in NC which is now in TN," afterwards lived in Bedford Co, VA for 1 year, then to Union District SC for 5 years, and finally to Elbert Co GA (Wilkes Co until 1790) where he applied on 19 Sep 1832 (RW Pension File S31932) See Also Jane RICHARDSON m Mace [Mason] Combs 29 Jan 1793, Wythe Co, VA. See Also early Combs-MEADOR relationships in Old Rappa. Co, VA. See Also Amos RICHARDSON, MEADORS and others on Anderson/Campbell Co TN Tax Lists.

DK Note: Robert LEVERETT m Nancy HAMMOCK, d/o Benedict & Mary (Combs?) Hammock I

c1785 (Early Records…, p. 37, Wilkes County Tax Digest)
Capt. WILSON'S District.
Henry LEVERETT, 1 poll, 200 acres, Wilkes County
Robert HAMMOCK, 1 poll, 200 acres, Wilkes County
Philip COMBS, 1 poll, 950 acres, Wilkes County
[skip 4]
John RUSSELL, 1 poll, 300 acres, Wilkes County
[skip 2]
Abraham HAMMON, 1 poll, 200 acres, Wilkes County
William HAMMOCK, Jr., 1 poll, 200 acres, Wilkes County
William HAMMOCK, Sr., 4 polls, 6 slaves, 400 acres, Wilkes County
[skip 2]
William BENTLEY, 1 poll, 400 acres, Wilkes Co.

DK Notes: John RUSSELL'S daughter, Milly, married John Combs (See Below). Robert HAMMOCK (s/o Benedict & Mary Combs Hammock II) m Nancy Combs (d/o Phillip Combs [Sr.?]) Abraham HAMMON md. Charity HAMMOCK (d/o William HAMMOCK, Sr.). Abraham HAMMONS was a Rev Soldier and later moved to Vermillion Co IN. William HAMMOCK, Sr m. Betty Ann HAMES and d. c. 1808 in Wilkes County. He was brother of Benedict HAMMOCK II and son of Benedict HAMMOCK I. He is father of Wm. HAMMOCK, Jr., who moved to KY c1808; Charity HAMMOCK Hammon. He is uncle of Robert HAMMOCK who md. Nancy Combs. Christian HAMMOCK, d/o Benedict HAMMOCK I, md. John BENTLEY in Amelia Co, VA, and evidently moved with brother HAMMOCKS into Pitt Co, NC. Wm. BENTLEY may be her son.

Ed Notes: RW Soldier John HAMMOCK, b ca 1755, filed 18 Apr 1818 in Grainger Co TN for his RW Pension, declaring that he resided in Pittsylvania Co, VA when he enlisted. A William WILLIAMS, clergyman, witnessed his affidavit (RW Pension File S2601, White) Several children of John & Sarah MABRY Combs resided in Grainger Co TN. (Grainger Co TN Census Records for John HAMMOCK yet to be checked). RW Soldier William HAMMOCK, born 15 Jun 1760, Amelia Co, VA, applied for his pension 17 Dec 1832, Union Co, KY, and declared that he resided in Anson Co, NC when he enlisted and that after the RW he moved to Georgia, then Kentucky (RW Pension File S15442, White). RW Soldier Abraham HAMMAN [sic], b 1753-1754, New Jersey, applied for his RW Pension 13 Nov 1832, Vermillion Co, IN, declaring that he lived in Rockingham Co, VA at enlistment, and that after the RW, he moved to Wilkes Co GA where he m Charity ----- 3 Mar 1783 or 1784. He died 2 Mar 1844, and his widow applied 31 Mar 1846, Vermillion Co IN, aged 83, naming children (not necessarily all): Anne 2nd dau b 8 Jun 1787 & m Nicholas CARTER; Ruth, wife of Geo. PHENICE, Nancy, Eve, John, William, Jeremiah, Abraham, George & Isaac. (RW Pension File W1008, White) See also Combs-Hammond Families.

15 Nov 1785 (Early Records…, p. 250, Wilkes County Deeds)
Richard AYCOCK and wife Mary to John WINGFIELD, 100 acres on both sides of Rocky Creek, being a mill seat, adj. Robert HAMMOCK, Philip and John COMBS. 15 Nov., 1785. John FREEMAN, John THURMOND, Test.

DK Notes: Robert HAMMOCK (s/o Benedict & Mary Combs Hammock II) m Nancy Combs, d/o Philip

1787-1788 (The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia. 1985, pp. 127-128)
"Those who sustained damage from Indians Jan. 1787 - July 1788." Combs, Jas.

Notes: This James Combs may not have been of Wilkes Co, GA; however, see also James Combs of 1780 above and James Combs of 1793 Wilkes GA below

1787 (Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia: 1756-1909. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Vidalia, Georgia: Georgia Genealogical Reprints, 1970.)

Jno COMBS (Wilkes Co Book PPP p. 63) 200 acres

Note: According to later various land deeds, this 200 acres was probably adjacent HENDRICK on the South branch of Rocky Creek.

Philip COMBS (Wilkes County PPP p. 109) 200 acres

22 Nov 1788 (Deed Book, p. 86 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book FF, 1789) Jeremiah KENDALL of Washington Co, Ga., to John WINGFIELD of Wilkes Co, Ga., for F21, 70 acres in Wilkes Co, on Fishing Creek, adj. S. by Moses HARRIS and at the time of the survey by KENDALL, N. by Phillip COMBS, W. by vacant & Bedford BROWN, granted to KENDALL, 1 Dec 1787. (signed) Jeremiah KENDALL. Wit: James NELSON, Jr., Bedford BROWN. Ack. before David HILLHOUSE, J.P., J. PANNILL, J.P. Regd. 24 Aug 1789.

Notes: See Combs-Kendalls of Stafford Co, VA and Fayette Co, PA, including a different Jeremiah KENDALL.

11 Dec 1788 (Deed Book, p. 76 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book EE, 1788-1790) Moses HARRIS and Elizabeth, his wife, to Thomas EIDSON, all of Wilkes Co, for 200, 200 acres, on a branch of Fishing Creek, adj. Benjamin PETTUS, on the line of the grant, all the remainder of a grant to Phillip COMBS, 22 Oct 1784, COMBS sold to HARRIS by deed. (signed) Moses HARRIS, Elizabeth HARRIS. Wit: Thomas TALBOTT, John EIDSON, Shelton EIDSON. Proved 2 Mar 1789 by witnesses, John TALBOT, A.S.J.P.

14 May 1789 (The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. I, No. 1, Winter 1973) (Fairfield County Records) State of Georgia, Wilkes County. Personally appeared before me, Sampson HARRIS, J. P., Phillip COMBS and Elizabeth DUKE and deposeth and saith that sometime in the month of September or October 1778 they was at the house of Ephraim MABRY in Camden District, S. C. [Fairfield Co] and witnessed his will, the contents as above as near as they can recollect...Sworn to before me May 14, 1789. /s/ Sn HARRIS, J. P. /s/ Phillip (X) COMBS /s/ Elizabeth (X) DUKE ----------

Note: See Fairfield Co, South Carolina for additional records.

2 Apr - 2 Nov 1789 (Deed Book, p. 36 of Wilkes GA Deed Book BB, 1787-1791) 2 Apr 1789, Francis SMITH to Hickerson COSBY, both of Wilkes Co, for L50, 100 acres, Rockey Creek of Little River, adj. George GRESHEM, John COMBS & Richard REVEAR, granted 6 Oct. 1784 to Samuel SMITH. (signed) Francis SMITH. Wit: D. TERRELL, L. COSBY, J.P., Thomas WOOTTEN, J.P. Regd. 2 Nov 1789.

October 9, 1789 (The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia, 1985, pp. 173-175) Wilkes County Militia - Combs, Jno.

19 Nov 1789 (Some Georgia Co. Records, Volume 2, Compiled by The Rev. Silas Lucas Jr., Published by Southern Historical Press 1977, pp. 313-314.) Jesse DODD of Lincon Co, SC [sic, not Lincoln Co, GA?] to John COMBES of Wilkes Co, for 100 pds. sterling, 287 1/2 acres on Little Beaverdam of Shoulderbone, adj. Jonas MOORE, orig. granted to John MCFARLAND of Wilkes Co, on bounty 13 Sep 1784 and conveyed to said DODD. Signed Jes. DODD. Wit.: Wm. COCHRAN J. P. Reg. 23 Nov 1789.

9 April 1790 (Some Georgia County Records Vol 2 . Compiled by The Rev. Silas Lucas Jr., Published by Southern Historical Press 1977, pp. 691-2, extracted by Katherine C. Bray) John COMBS and Hannah COMBS of Wilkes Co. to Walter HAMMITT of the county aforesaid, for 70 pds. paid by said Walter HAMILTON [sic], 287 1/2 acres on water of Shoulderbone Creek. Signed: John COMBS, Hannah (x) COMBS. Wit: David PEOPLES, Saml. ALEXANDER, Wm. DEVEREUX, Wm. FPATRICK J.P. Reg. 20 Jan 1793. SW: FITZPATRICK

Notes: See also John Combs & William HAMMETT of Greene Co GA. Question: Which John Combs was the above? (No idea whom the Walter HAMMETT a.k.a. HAMILTON was.) According to a DAR application, John Combs married Hannah WHITAKER and had the following children: Johnathan, Bud, Polly, David, Sally, Betsie, Patsy, and Nathan. However, this application contains one obvious error -- the John Combs who fought in the Revolution did not die in Greene County in 1806 as so stated -- He applied for a pension in 1834.

1790-1795 (The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia, copyright 1985, pp. 164-165) Wilkes County - headrights and bounty grant 1790 - 1795 Combs, Philip

28 Apr 1790 (They Went Thataway, Charles Hughes Hamlin, GPC, Baltimore, 1974, p. 83, Wilkes GA DBEE:139) POA. Martin ELAM of Wilkes GA to Francis BARNES of Charlotte Co, VA, to sell 500 A on Great Bluestone Creek in Charlotte, part of tract William ELAM lived on and deeded by him to said Martin ELAM, adjoining lands of Almon and Edward ELAM; John SIMS and Frederick SIMS, witnesses.

Notes: John SIMS m Mildred WINGFIELD by 1793, and after his death she m next Sterling Combs (See Below) who may have been a son of Philip Combs Sr. who was probably b in Amelia Co, VA where in 1737 Martin ELAM is found on same tax list with one John Combs and in 1750, one John Combs (probably the same?) m a Frances ELAM, and was deceased by 1762. In 1787, no Martin ELAM is found in Amelia Co, VA, but instead in Charlotte Co, VA where we have another Combs Connection, that of the RW William Combs of Wilkes Co, North Carolina, Charlotte Co, VA; and Sullivan Co TN.

15 Aug 1792-17 Mar 1798 (Deed Book, p. 528, p. 148 of Wilkes GA Deed Book QQ, 1797-1798) 15 Aug 1792, John RUSSELL to John COMBS, both of Wilkes Co, for L50, 100 acres, part of 200 acres on Rocky Creek, adj. David CRESWELL & John HAMMOCK, granted to said John RUSSELL, 13 Oct 1785. (signed) Jno. RUSSELL. Wit: Rob. CRESWELL, Bedf. BROWN. Proved by Bedford BROWN, 17 Mar 1798, Evans LONG, J.P. Rec. 17 Mar 1798.

Notes: John RUSSELL'S daughter, Millie, m John Combs (1808 Wilkes)

26 Jul 1790-26 Aug 1795 (p. 70 of Wilkes GA Deed Book NN, 1795-1796)
26 July 1790, Robert HAMMOCK, exor. of Benedick HAMMOCK of Wilkes Co, to the heirs of Benjamin HENDRICKS, decd., for L100, 200 acres on both sides of Rockey Creek, on N. side of creek, adj. MURRAY, crossing branch, THORNTON, WEBSTER, crossing two branches, GRESHEM, crossing creek, COMBS, MANSON, crossing branch, all the tract granted to Benedick HAMMOCK, 2 Feb 1786. (signed) Robert (X) HAMMOCK. Wit: D. CRESWELL, J.P., Hickn. COSBY, Henry LEVERITT. Received of the estate of Benjamin HENDRICKS before & since his death, L100, 26 Jul 1790. Regd. 26 Aug. 1795.

20 Feb 1791 (p. 75 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book NN, 1795-1796) David CRESWELL & George GRESHEM being called on by Judeth HENDRICKS, admrx. of Benj. HENDRICKS, decd., & Anderson HENDRICKS, Wm. HENDRICKS, & William SMALLWOOD, husband of Mary HENDRICKS, children who are of age, & also by John TALBOTT, Esq., guardian of Thomas, Elizabeth, Moses, Micajah, Benja., & John, children of said Benja. HENDRICKS, who are under age. To lay off the third part of the real estate of said Benjamin on our viewing the 200 acres in Wilkes Co. Understanding that there were 350 acres more claimed by said Benja. in Elbert Co, Ga. The parties consulting their own interest & the convenience of the widow, mutually agreed that the widow, Judeth HENDRICKS, should take in lieu of her third of all lands of said Benja., 100 acres, including plantation where she lives, adj. original grant near a branch, down branch to Rocky Creek, down creek to George GRESHAM, John COMBS, TALBOT, TALBOT & RICHARDSON. The 200 acres granted to Benidick HAMMOCK. Mutual allotment the said parties together with us has subscribed their names to such, 20 Feb. 1791. (signed) D. CRESWELL, George GRESHAM, Judeth HENRICKS, Wm. (X) HENDRICKS, William SMALLWOOD, John TALBOTT. Regd. 28 Aug. 1795.

23 Nov 1792-15 Dec 1795 (p. 462 - p. 11 of Wilkes GA Deed Book OO, 1795-1797) 23 Nov 1792, John COMBS to John TALBOT, for (pound sign), 150 acres in Wilkes Co. on S. branch of Rocky Creek, in old line of Combs' grant, off dividing line, in old grant on HENDRICK, with old line, part of 200 acres granted to said John COMBS, 31 Dec 1787. (signed) John COMBS Wit: Elizabeth WALKER, Thomas EIDSON, John EIDSON. Proved in Wilkes Co. by John EIDSON, 15 Dec 1795, D. CRESWELL, J.P. Regd. 25 Jul 1796.

1793 (Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia: 1756-1909. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Vidalia, Georgia: Georgia Genealogical Reprints, 1970.)

Philip COMBS (Wilkes Co, CCCC, p. 31) 200 acres

25 Feb 1794-8 Jul 1796 (p. 459 - p. 365 of Deed Book NN, 1795-1796) 25 Feb 1794, John TALBOT to Robert HARRIS, for 5 shillings, 150 acres in Wilkes Co. on S. branches of Rocky Creek, in old line, off dividing lines in old line adj. HENDRICK, with old line, part of 200 acres granted to John COMBS, 31 Dec (illegible) & by him sold to said John TALBOT, rec. in Wilkes Co. (signed) John TALBOT. Wit: Jno. TALBOT, Junr., Matt TALBOT, Junr., Williston TALBOT. Proved by Mathew TALBOT, 15 Dec 1795, D. CRESWELL, J.P. Regd. 8 Jul 1796.

1793 Wilkes County Militia
(The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia, copyright 1985, pp. 173-175)

Combs, Jas.
Combs, Jno.
Combs, Philip

Notes: Is this James Combs of 1803? Of 1780?

14 Jun 1791 (Early Records…, p. 77, Wilkes County Deeds) John COMBS to John COOPER, 218 acres on waters of Rocky Creek adj. Dr. RUSTON, John CARTER, Gabriel JONES, Benj. HOLMES, Daniel TERONDET and Parks KING. 14 June, 1791. Test: Gabriel JONES, Will CUNNINGHAM.

6 Jan 1792 (Extracted from The Story of Wilkes County by Combs Researcher Katherine C. Bray) "Travis McKINNEY did give his consent for his daughter Mary to marry (Starlings) COMBS. Thomas E. COMBS signed by mark."

Notes: According to Gone from Georgia, also extracted by Katherine, “Sterling Thomas COMBS son of John COMBS (Rev Soldier) born in VA 1769 died 15 June 1847. Sterling's wife died and left him with two daughters Mary (Polly) and Nancy. He married Mildred WINGFIELD Sims and was appointed guardian of the SIMS children in 1807 [See Below]. Sterling's oldest daughter Polly married John Wesley PENTECOST (son of William PENTECOST, Rev. Soldier) in Jackson Co, GA. This marriage took place in Jackson County in 1818.” (See below for documentation of much of this; however, what is source for Sterling's middle name of Thomas? Was he named after a Sterling THOMAS? Also note that Thomas E. was probably Thomas Eudaly Combs. After whom was he named? His relationship to the other Combs of Wilkes?

1795 (Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia: 1756-1909. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Vidalia, Georgia: Georgia Genealogical Reprints, 1970.)

Philip COMBS (Book KKKK, p. 940) 250 acres

18 Mar 1796 (The journal of Methodist Circuit Preacher Francis ASBURY, extracted by Katherine C. Bray) The journal includes mention of Asbury's travels through Wilkes Co, GA, including going to Fishing Creek, indicating that perhaps there was a preaching appointment. He wrote of crossing Little River from Columbia County into Wilkes and preaching at Combs Meeting House. This entry was made on 18 Mar 1796 after which Combs Meeting House was never mentioned again.

K.C.B. Note: If the location of this meeting house was on Fishing Creek it was probably on the property of Phillip Combs. See 1784 above

4 Sep 1797-28 Nov 1798 (Deed Book, p. 121 of Wilkes GA "Deed Book RR, 1798-1805") 4 Sep 1797 John Combs and Milley, his wife, to John BAILEY, all of Wilkes Co, for $160, on branches of Dry Fork of Rocky Creek, 125 acres, adj. PINKSTON, RIDLEY, & GADDY. On road from Washington to Scotts Ferry through the survey, adj. CARTER, granted to John B. RUSTON. (signed) John COMBS, Milley (X) COMBS. Test: John RIDLEY, George (X) MORELAND, John BAILEY, Junr., Evans LONG, J.P. Rec. 28 Nov. 1798.

Notes: John COMBS m Milly RUSSELL, d/o John (See below). Is this the same John Combs who in 1790 had wife, Hannah?

24 Dec 1798 (Deed Book, p. 302 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book RR, 1798-1805) Phillip COMBS to John BOLTON, both of Wilkes Co, for $250, 61 acres on Fishing Creek, adj. BROWN, to & along creek. (signed) Phillip (x) COMBS. Test: John REODY, Danl. PRICE, J.P., Evans LONG, J.P. Rec. 31 July 1799.

24 Dec 1798 (Deed Book, p. 224 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book RR, 1798-1805) Phillip COMBS to Thomas EIDSON, both of Wilkes Co, for $120, 63 1/2 acres on Fishing Creek waters, down creek. (signed) Phillip (x) COMBS. Wit: Danl. PRICE, J.P., Evans LONG, J.P. Rec. 5 Apr 1799.

25 Dec 1798 (Deed Book, p. 530 of Deed Book RR, 1798-1805) David CRESWELL of Wilkes Co, to Starling COMBS, for $500, 122 1/2 acres, adj. SILVEY. (signed) D. CRESWELL. Wit: John COMBS, Valentine GUGES. Proved by John COMBS, 6 Oct. 1800, Edward BUTLER, J.P. Rec 8 Jan 1801.

6 Sep 1790 (or 1799)(Deed Book, p. 121 of Deed Book TT, 1802-1803) Sterling COMBS to John PARKES, both of Wilkes Co, for $970, 122 1/2 acres. (signed) Sterling COMBS. Wit: Danl. PRICE, J. P., Price BIRD, John COMBS. Rec. 12 May 1803.

6 Sep 1799 (Deed Book, p. 149 of Deed Book SS, 1801-1802) Sterling COMBS to John PARKER, both of Wilkes Co, for $970, 122 1/2 acres, adj. LILERY. (signed) Sterling (X) COMBS. Wit: Danl. PRICE, J.P., Price BIRD, John COMBS. Rec. 8 Oct 1801.

1798-1800 (Early Records…, p. 102, book HH, p. 144, 16 Nov 1798) "A list of debts due the Estate of Jno. TALBOT for Black Smith's work done from the 22d August 1798 to the 31st day Demr. following." Names mentioned in order of appearance: Daniel PRICE, James COMBS, Abner WEBSTER, Faddy JARRETT, Philip Combs Senr., Massa THOMAS, James BREWER, Philip Combs Junr., Nathan BLACKBURN, Gedion ANDERSON, William HUCKABY, Wiley WHATELY, Richard WOODRUFF, Thomas GRESHEM, John CAIN, Thomas EIDSON, Shelton EIDSON, Benjamin GRESHEM, William RUSSELL, James JACK, Phillimon BYRD, William ANDERSON, William McCLURE, Williamson BIRD, Owen HOLLODAY, Benjamin HOLENS, William CATO, William MURREY, John COMBS, George WALKER, Elizabeth MURRAY, Patrick JACK, Thompson COLEMAN, Evans LONG, Williamson BYRD Jr., Solomon THORNTON, John BAILEY, John WALLACE, Matthew TALBOT, Christopher BROOKS, David CRESWELL, Charles WALKER, Charles ANDERSON, Jacob FEVER, Robert WALKER, William TRIPLETT, Abraham SILVERY, John EIDSON, Nathl. DURKEE, Abraham SIMONS, Joseph NICHOLSON, Samuel WILKEY, Conrod MOLER, Sherrod LIGGIN, Thomas T. BENNETT, and Thomas TALBOT. SW: HOLLIDAY

24 Feb 1800 (Early Records…, p. 101) Accounts of estate of John TALBOT, [s] Matthew TALBOT, 24 Feb 1800. Names mentioned in order of appearance: David TERREL, John CHANDLER, Jacob TEVER, John E. SMITH, B. KELLY, Col. I. GRAVES, William GATHWRIGHT, Mathews, H. BURDITT, Dr. Joel ABBOT, Felix GILBERT, thomas HENDRICKS, I. PARKS, I. H. FOSTER, Henry BRANCH, Judith BRANCH, John WINGFIELD, Abraham SIMONS, Dr. Gilbert HAY, Stephen HEARD for estate of Francis THORP, Benj. TALBOT, Phebe CRISWELL, William TRIPLETT for his wife Mary, H. BURDITT, Elizh. RUSSEL, Thos. CARR, Moses HENDRICKS, William HUCKABY, Evans LONG, Joseph PRATHER, James HUCKABY, Nathan BLACKBURN, Joseph BAILEY, Bartholemew BELL, Abraham HAMMONDS, John MILLIGAN, Charles ANDERSON, Joshua ELDER, I. H. FOSTER, Abram SIMONS, John WINGFIELD, John EIDSON, Joseph GATRILL, James COMBS, Andrew WOLFE, George GRESHEM Jr., William MARTIN, Benjamin HOLMES, James BROWN, John HUNTON, Matthew TALBOT Sen., David DIXON, Wm. PRINCE, John GOLDING, Henry BRANCH, Abraham SIMONS, Thomson COLEMAN, Richard WOODRUFF, Josiah WHITNEY for John WALLACE, Green BAILEY, Benjamin HOLADAY, Willm. PRINCE, James LEVINS, William THOMAS, John BAILEY, John FLING (FLIM?), Humphry BURNDITT, Abraham SILVRY, Robert HARRIS, Philip HUCKABY, Stephen HAMBURGER, Joshua ELDER, Thomas GRISHAM, Solomon THORNTON, Isaac HAMMOND, Felix GILBERT, Phillip COMBS, James BYAS, James JACK, William CATO, John LAMBERT, Green BAILEY, Christopher BROOKS, Jesse RUSSEL, William RUSSEL, John RUSSEL, Goodwin RUSSEL, Williamson BIRD, and Jno. BIRD. SW: HOLLIDAY

15 Nov 1800 (Deed Book, p. 639, p. 515 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book RR, 1798-1805) John COMBS to Robert JACKSON, for $100, 50 acres, part of tract of said Combs on Rocky Creek waters of Wilkes Co, adj. Robert HARRIS, TALBOT, GRESHAM, & others. (signed) John COMBS. Wit: Richard WOODROOF, Enoch COMBS, Solomon THORNTON, J.P. Rec. 3 Jan 1801.

14 Mar 1801 (Deed Book, p. 653, p. 63 of Wilkes Co, GA Deed Book SS, 1801-1802) John HAMMOCK & Anna, his wife, of Lincoln Co, Ga., to Richard WOODROOF of Wilkes Co, Ga., for $600, 200 acres in Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek waters, granted to Benedick HAMMOCK, adj. N.E. by John RUSSELL, S.W. by Philip Combs, Senr., S.W. by MANSON'S old survey, beginning at Green BAILEY'S land, along old line to John SIMS, along Green BAILEY'S line. (signed) John HAMMOCK, Anna (x) HAMMOCK. Wit: Wm. EVANS, J.P., Wm. QUIN. Rec. 7 Apr 1801.

Note: John Combs married Patsy HAMMOCK 31 Dec 1811. Also note that John SIMS married Mildred WINGFIELD who, after his death, married next Sterling Combs.

13 Jun 1803 (Early Records…, p. 309) Georgia Lottery of 1803, List made 13 June, 1803, of those entitled to draw, in order shown:
Enoch Combs, 2 draws
Philip Combs, Jr., 2 draws
Philip Combs, Sr., 2 draws
[skip 23]
John C. EVAN, 2 draws
Philip J. STARK, 2 draws

DK Notes: John C. EVANS was John Clement EVANS; Philip J. STARK m Anne EVANS, d/o William & Susannah CLEMENTS Evans, Sr.

1803 (Early Recordsc, p. 303)
Land Lottery Registrants:
James Combs, 2 draws
John Combs, 2 draws
Jacob THRASH, Jr., 2 draws
John EIDSON, 2 draws
[skip 23]
Peter STROZIER Sr; Peter Jr Jothn.; Rueben;
[skip 10]
Elisha, William, Mark SMALLWOOD

Notes: STROZIERS were on Kettle Creek at one point; this is same general area. One Philip Combs m. Eliz. EIDSON. [DK]; See Also RW Bean [a.k.a. Bun, Bayne] SMALLWOOD & William Combs of Frederick/Shenandoah Cos VA; Russell Co, VA; and Bath Co, KY; and Elijah SMALLWOOD of Surry Co, NC.

4 Dec 1803 (Cherokee Nation Intruder's List, p. 13) "Philepe COMES, Wm WILLSON Jun have permission to pass into the Cherokee Nation to work for Col. ORE...& return 15th of Febr next."

20 Feb 1804 (Cherokee Nation Intruder's List, p. 21) ".....Thomas FARLEY, Phillip & Jno. COMBS have permission to pass to the Chikamago Salt Petre Cave to work for Colonel Ore...."

Ed Combs note: James Ore was commissioned Lt. Colonel 4 Oct 1796 by TN Gov. John Sevier. Colonel Ore advertised salt petre for sale in the 2 May 1796 issue of The Knoxville Gazette. Salt petre is used in the manufacture of gun powder. After some research in Dalton GA (near Chickamaga), I find that this cave is not in GA but in TN. It seems that James Ore "lay claim" to this cave prior to TN becoming a state. The cave is near the community of Haletown, TN just off I-24 going west from Chattanooga. The accessibility to this cave is now inundated by Nickajack Lake, part of the TVA system. One elderly gentlemen who had been to this cave told me that the cave was used until the TVA took over (the CSA used it during the Civil War). It would have been a tough trip to make from near the SC/GA border to the point where AL/GA/TN join.....they would have to cross the Appalachian Mountain ridge and the foothills on each side, traveling through Indian territory.

1805 (from 1805 Georgia Land Lottery, transcribed and indexed by Virginia S. Wood and Ralph V. Wood, Cambridge: The Greenwood Press, 1964, extracted by S. C. Hefner, p. 71.)

Enoch COMBS, serial #1818, blank, blank, Wilkes Co.
James COMBS, serial #1783, blank, blank, Wilkes Co.
John COMBS, serial #1401, blank, blank, Oglethorpe Co.
John COMBS, serial #1784, blank, blank, Wilkes Co.
Philip COMBS, Sr., serial #1820, blank, blank, Wilkes Co.
Philip COMBS, Jr., serial #1819, PRIZE, blank, Wilkes Co.
Sterling COMBS, serial #1254, blank, PRIZE, Lincoln Co.

4 Mar 1806 (Early Records…, p. 172, Wilkes County Court Records) Henry P. SIMS, decd. John WINGFIELD appointed administrator, Sterling COMBS, security.

1807 (The Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. Published by Georgia Genealogical Reprints. 1968, p. 44.) Enock COMBS was granted Lot 87 in Parks's Militia District, District #12 in Wilkinson County.

c04 Mar 1807 (Early Records…, p. 150) Petition of Mildred COMBS, admx. of John SIMS, deceased, to sell 404 acres on Rocky Creek.

c04 Mar 1807 (Early Records…, p. 178) Also, William SIMS chooses Sterling COMBS guardian as he is appointed guardian of Zilnot (?) and Emily SIMS, orphans of John SIMS. John WINGFIELD and Thomas TERRELL, security.

5 Aug 1807 (Early Records…, p. 150, Wilkes County Court Records) William SIMS chooses Sterling COMBS guardian, and he is appointed guardian of Fedrick [nb: Frederick?] and Emily SIMS, all orphans of John SIMS, dec.

Combs Notes: John SIMS m Mildred WINGFIELD by 1793, and after his death she m next Sterling Combs, widower of Mary McKINNEY (see 1794 above). The ancestry of John SIMS is not yet known; however, see also other SIMS records this report.

10 Dec 1807 - 1816 (Early Records…, p. 282, Wilkes County Estate Records) John RUSSELL, deceased. Warrant of appraisement, 10 Dec., 1807. Nathaniel BLACKBURN and George MORELAND, administrators. Returns paid Jesse RUSSELL 1808, paid John COMBS and Mark RUSSELL $28.00 each in 1809. Receipts of Elizabeth JONES, 1816, wife of Gabriel JONES in full of her legacy "he being my father." Receipt of Jesse RUSSELL, of John Combs in right of his wife Milly, of Mark RUSSELL, of Rachel RUNNELS all in full their leagacies 1816. Receipt of Seaton GRANTLAND of Milledgeville [Baldwin Co GA], Dec., 1812, for advertising sale of land in Laurens County [SC?]. Account of Mrs. Elizabeth RUSSELL to Jesse RUSSELL for rent of his plantation and househ, 1807. His receipt to Nathaniel BLACKBURN, 1808. Elizabeth RUSSELL debtor to William TRIPLETT. Paid Russell SHORTER per son Mark by her requestion $19.00 in 1805. Paid Richard CARGHAM (?) $10.00 1806. Paid Abraham RUDDELL for coffin 23 Dec., 1807. William TRIPLETT paid by Nathaniel BLACKBURN, administrator.

27-28 Apr 1808 (Early Records…, p. 118, Wilkes County Estate Inventory) John RUSSELL, deceased. Inventory 27 Apr., 1808. 28 Apr., 1808. Sale at house of John COMBS.

Notes: We have a minimum of three Mildred/Emelia (Amelia? Emily?)/Pamelia "Milly" Combs, all in need of “undangling”. And which John Combs is this?

26 Jun 1808 (Early Records…, p. 329, Wilkes County Marriage Records) Thomas COMBS married Judy JOHNSON.

Question: Which Thomas Combs? See Also Thomas Combs who m Polly JOHNSON in 1816. Was Judy JOHNSON the same as Judith JOHNSON, d/o Joseph & Sarah JOHNSON of Surry Co, NC and Wilkes Co GA?

1810 (Wilkes Co GA Book YY:367, extracted by Katherine C. Bray) Phillip Combs, Sr. deeded land to son Enoch COMBS

1810 (Wilkes Co GA Book YY:230, extracted by Katherine C. Bray) Phillip Combs, Sr. deeded land to son Phillip Combs, Jr.

13 Apr 1811 (Wilkes Co, Vol. YY [1809-1813], p. 307, recorded 20 Jul 1811; Abstracted by Ann H. Auburg)

Wilkes Co, Georgia. 13 April 1811 Indenture between Phillip COMBS, Sr., Robert JACKSON and wife, Martha, Robert HAMMOCK and wife, Nancy, of the one part, and Robert HARRIS, all of Wilkes Co, Georgia. $1,000.00 , 200 acre tract on Hickory Creek, beginning at a pine running N 65 degrees E 70 [unit of measure not stated] to black oak; thence N 22 degrees W 22.75 to dogwood; thence S 65 degrees W 31 to hickory; thence N 30 degrees W 47 to red oak; thence S 60 degrees W [distance illegible] to buckeye, thence to a pine thence S 65 degrees W 30 to a red oak; thence N 25 degrees E 35 to the beginning. Witnesses: Eugenia Kain and Wm. W____?, J.P. Phillip Combs, Sr, Robert Jackson, Martha Jackson, Robert Hammock, Nancy Combs each signed with their marks.

31 Dec 1811 (Deed Book, p. 333, Wilkes County Marriage Records) John COMBS married Patsy HAMMOCK.

DK Note: This John Combs' parentage is uncertain. His wife is Martha "Patsy" HAMMOCK, daughter of Robert & Nancy Combs Hammock (the latter d/o Phillip Combs). Robert HAMMOCK is son of Benedict & Mary [Combs?] Hammock, Jr.

Undated, but c. 1812-1816 (Early Records…, p. 321, Wilkes County Records) Officers in Col. Thomas WOODEN'TS Regiment John COMBS, 174th District. SW: WOOTTEN, WOOTEN

Notes: See also DAR Lineage, Volume 157, of Mary Combs Bradley, granddaughter of John M. Combs (1822-1897) and Martha WOOTEN (d 1848), whom she states m 1845, with Martha having been the great-granddaughter of RW Thomas WOOTEN (1754- 1808, Oglethorpe Co, GA)

1813-1814 (Early Records…, p. 171, Wilkes County Records) William SIMS, guardian of Emily P. SIMS. Paid Mrs. COMBS board in 1813. William SIMS, guardian of Frederick SIMS, minor, paid Mrs. COMBS and William G. GRIMES for board 4 July, 1814.

27 Jul 1814-04 May 1818 (Early Records…, p. 93, Wilkes County Wills) James COMBS. To wife Milly all property for support of children. Two eldest sons Thomas and John to support themselves. Sons William, James and Francis to be bound out to a trade. Wife Milly and Thomas W. SIMS, Exrs. Signed 27 July, 1817. Probated May 4, 1818. Test: John BOLTON, Demcy C. OWENS, Polly COX, Test.

Notes: This is possibly James Combs, s/o Philip Combs (d ca 1836), and father to the James Combs, deceased who was husband of Pamelia/Permelia who claimed shares in the estate of Phillip Combs, Sr. in 1838, the latter of Putnam Co GA by 1830, and who d testate in Georgia c1843 (See Below). Also note that although James Combs decrees that sons Thomas & John are to support themselves that John is listed as a minor as late as 1819 - five years after James Combs signed his will. Presumably then, John was at least 14 in 1814, but still under 21 in 1819, thus b 1798-1800

10 Dec 1815 (Early Records…, p. 329, Wilkes County Marriage Records) Philip COMBS married Lucy SMALLWOOD.

Notes: Which Phillip Combs is this? Combs Researcher S.C. Hefner adds that another Wilkes Co, GA marriage book published source indicates this marriage took place in Sep, not Dec. Question: Which Philip Combs? See Also Rev Soldiers Bean SMALLWOOD & William Combs of Frederick & Russell Cos VA; and Bath Co KY.

4 Mar 1816 (Early Records…, p. 329, Wilkes County Marriage Records) Thomas COMBS married Polly JOHNSON.

Combs Question: Which Thomas Combs? See Also Thomas Combs who m Judy JOHNSON in 1808.

1819 (Early Records…, p. 332, Georgia Land Lottery Registrants)
Capt. Benajah KILLGORE'S District:
Thomas E. Combs, 1 draw [Probably Thomas Eudaly Combs? See Below]
John, minor son of Jas., 1 draw
Mildred, wid. of Jas., 1 draw
James, orph. of, 1 draw

Combs Notes: Neither James Combs' eldest son, Thomas (assuming he is not Thomas E. above), nor younger sons, William & Francis, are listed above.

1819 (Early Records…, 330, Georgia Land Lottery)
Capt.Anderson BATES' District.
Anderson BATES, 2 draws [Possibly same who m Jane Combs this same year?]
Philip Combs, 1 draw [s/o RW Phillip Combs below?]
Philip COMBS, Rev. Sold. and invalid, 1 draw
Zachariah COMBS, minor, 1 draw [Whose son?]
John COMBS, Rev. Sol. and indigent, 1 draw [RW born in 1764 in Amelia VA?]
William COMBS, minor, 1 draw [Whose son? Orphan of James, d c1818?]
Thomas EIDSON, son of John; James EIDSON; John EIDSON; orphans of John EIDSON.

4 Jul 1819 (Early Records…, p. 326, Wilkes County Marriage Records) Jane COMBS married Anderson BATES.

Combs Question: Ancestry of Jane Combs? According to descendant Miriam Yelverton, they are buried near Plains in Sumter Co, GA

19 Dec 1819 (Early Records…, p. 330, Wilkes County Marriage Records) Zachariah COMBS married Mary ROSE

Combs Notes: Zachariah Combs not found on 1820 Census Index. In whose household? Whose son? Also note that he was a minor for the Lottery, but married same year (if same Zachariah). Is there a consent for this marriage?

1820 US Census (Index)

p. 164
HAMMOCK, William

p. 165
SLATEN, Sarah [d/o Wm & Susannah CLEMENTS Evans & widow of SLATEN [DK], m William COMBS in Wilkes GA in 1823]

p. 166
MOBARY, Robert W. [Mabry, Mayberry?]
ORR, Christopher [See Also Wilson & Agnes Combs Orr of Carlton Combs Letter]
PINKSTON, Greenberry [Same who m Ann COMBS in Wilkes GA in 1827?]
POPE, John

p. 170
HAMMACK, Margarret

p. 174
EVANS, William

p. 176
ORR, John

p. 182
COMBS, Milly [widow of James Combs? Of John Combs?]
[males] 1 (under 10), 1 (10-16), 1 (16-18), 1 (16-26)
[females] 1 (under 10), 2 (10-16), 1 (16-26)

p. 183
ORR, Philip

p. 186
COMBS, Phillip [males] 1 (under 10), 1 (26-45)
[females] 1 (under 10), 1 (16-26), 1 (45+)

p. 189
BATES, Anderson [h/o Jane COMBS or See Below]
Combs, Thomas [m Polly JOHNSON in 1816?]
COMBS, John [males] 2 (under 10), 1 (16-18), 1 (under 26), 2 (26-45), 1 (45+)
[females] 1 (10-16), 1 (16-26), 1 (26-45)
COMBS, Thomas [males] 1 (under 10), 1 (26-45)
[females] 2 (under 10), 1 (16-26), 1 (26-45)

p. 190
Combs, Sarah [widow of ????? COMBS?]
COMBS, Enoch [males] 2 (10-16), 1 (45+)
[females] 3 (10-16), 2 (16-26), 1 (45+)
COMBS, Phillip Jr. [males] 1 (26-45)
[females] 2 (under 10), 1 (16-26), 1 (26-45)

p. 191
ROSE, Henry

p. 192

p. 194
COMBS, Phillip J.
[males] 2 (under 10), 1 (10-16)
[females] 1 (under 10), 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45)

p. 197
BATES, Anderson [see above]

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