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As is the case with all Combs Research Family Reports, when a source is not specifically referenced herein, the source can be found via a "hot link" to the applicable Combs County of Record, Revolutionary War Pension Files, Bible Records, etc.

William Combs, one of the "eight," (John, Sr., Mason, Sr., John of Richmond, Archdale of Old Rappa), a.k.a. "Old Buckery,", was born Sep 1757, probably in Frederick Co, VA; died 8 Mar 1840, Fayette Co, KY (According to The Combes Genealogy…, he m a Nell CLOUD, source not given, no more information).

Known and Possible Issue
A Tentative Chronology of His Life
Rev. War Pension Files

Known Issue of William Combs

  1. Wilmoth Combs (William), b ???? VA; d after 20 Oct. 1842; m 6 Aug 1798, Lincoln Co, KY, Henry BANTA, b 31 May 1771; d before 3 Feb 1841.
    • No more is known of this couple. Their marriage record indicates that William Combs consented to the marriage "for his daughter." The will of her husband (dated Nov. 1840) refers to a colt left to Wilmouth by her father. William Combs RW pension file states he died in 1840. Since Henry BANTA referred to the gift as a colt, the gift must have been recent. Wilmouth appears to have possibly remarried Enoch M. SMITH per their 20 Oct. 1842 Madison Co, KY, marriage record wherein she is styled as Mrs. Wilmouth BANTA. In an 1841 Madison Co, KY, recorded document, Wilmouth states she gifted personal property to her HEATHERLY daughters and two granddaughters. Some researchers have posited this document as a will; however, the record states the property had been sold per a court order which may have necessitated an official record of her gift. No further information is known about Wilmouth at this time. There is an Enoch M. Smith, age 77, blacksmith, in the 1850 Lincoln Co, KY, census. He appears to have no wife. Perhaps Wilmouth died between 1842 and 1850 if he is the one she married. Henry BANTA and Wilmouth raised a large family of eleven children, all of whom lived to adulthood. See the Henry BANTA and Wilmouth Combs Family Report for more information.
    • Also see Ralph J. Turner's site Rock Creek Experiment where you will find many descendents of Henry and Wilmouth Combs BANTA as well as other BANTA Ancestry.
  2. Lettice Combs (William), b ????; d ????; m 3 Jul 1798, Lincoln Co, KY, Ebenezer BLACKISTON
    • No more is known of this couple. Almost nothing is known about this couple. Ebenezer may have died by 1820 when Letty BLACKSTONE appears in the census under her own name.Their marriage record indicates that William Combs consented to the marriage "for his daughter." Ebenezer BLACKISTON was the surety for the marriage of Benjamin STACY and Barbara Combs (d/o of John "8" Combs). There is an entry for one Letty BLACKSTONE in the 1820 Lincoln Co, KY census. She is shown with 1 male (under 10), 1 male (16-26), 1 female (16-26), 1 female (26-45), and 1 female (over 45). This census record suggests that her husband may have died. According to a Genforum by Saunders researcher Marta Lytle Reiner, Ebenezer's daughter Elizabeth, b. 14 April 1799, Lincoln Co., Ky., married Moses SAUNDERS on 5 Oct. 1825 in Fleming Co., KY. Moses SAUNDERS Jr. is found on the 1830 Fleming Co, KY, census (as is one Will Coombs) with a young family. He and Elizabeth are also found on the 1850 Fleming Co, KY census.
  3. Mary "Polly" Combs (William), b 1777-1790, probably Shenandoah Co, VA; d 3 May 1842, Cooper Co, Missouri; married 5 Apr 1803 in Lincoln Co, Kentucky, Henry DUNCAN (s/o Charles), born in 1777 in Culpeper Co, Virginia, died 8 Dec 1852, Cooper Co, Missouri.
    • Their marriage record indicates that William signed for consent of his daughter. In 1820, Henry and Polly are listed on the Bath Co, KY census adjacent to William Combs.

Possible Issue of William Combs

  1. Richard Combs (William), b 1777-1784, d ????; married ????.
    • Included here due to (a) the Richard Combs on the 1810 Lincoln Co, KY census; and (b) he may be the same whom The Combes Genealogy… includes (no source), about whom is written only: "Richard. Had William Wallace [Combs] (m. Mary ARNOLD); William Wallace had Charles Butler [Combs] (m. Nannie HARRIS): Charles Butler had Robert Wallace [Combs] (m. Beulah BRANDENBURG); Robert Wallace had Mary Emaline [Combs] (m. Samuel Boone BERRYMAN); Mary Emaline had John Floyd [BERRYMAN] (m. Marilyn GARNETT)." (p. 177)
    • Although The Combes Genealogy… includes Richard on p. 177 of the General Table, on p. 96 the contradictory statement is made that "Among the eight brothers, William had no sons… "
  2. William Combs, Jr.? (William), b 1777-1784, d ????; married 23 Dec 1805, Nancy DAVIS (d/o Thomas & Elizabeth).
    • Notes: If Richard is to be listed speculatively as a child of William, then this William Combs (Jr.?) should probably also be added as both were on the same page in the 1810 Lincoln Co, KY Census. Who was this William Combs, b bef 1784 (no consent, thus at least 21 years of age?)? Also note, however, that he may have been a s/o either RW John Combs or Stephen and Barbara ALLEN Combs. No more is known of him after 1810 (Could he be one of the "extra" William Combs of Clay Co, KY?). Also Note: Both Harlan and The Combes Genealogy… list a son, William, for Stephen and Barbara Combs Allen, but with no additional information. Also to be considered is that the above Nancy might have been the "stray" Nancy Combs found in the records of Floyd Co, KY marrying a James BATES (she was an adult, perhaps a widow?)?

  3. Margaret Combs (William), b bef 1807, d ????; m 13 Jan 1820, Madison Co, KY, James B. HEATHERLY. The Combes Genealogy…
    • Margaret is undocumented and tentatively included here only because she is listed in The Combes Genealogy… (no source). Margaret is undocumented although she is listed in The Combes Genealogy… (no source given). However, William's daughter Wilmouth BANTA had one daughter named Margaret BANTA who married Thomas HEATHERLY, and James B. HEATHERLY is found living near the BANTAS in Madison Co., Ky. Wilmouth may have had a second daughter married to a HEATHERLY per an 1841 record wherein she refers to her HEATHERLY daughters. Given the close association with the HEATHERLY family, it seems reasonable to place Margaret as a daughter of William Combs. James B. HEATHERLY is listed in the 1820 Madison Co., Ky., census with an apparent wife, 3 young males, and 3 young females in the household.
  4. Nancy Combs (William), b bef 1780(?); d ????; m 13 Nov 1800, Lincoln Co, KY, William JONES.
    • Nancy is undocumented and included here for "clues only" due to the fact that one William JONES witnessed the 1798 Lincoln Co, KY consent signed by William Combs for the marriage of his daughter, Wilmoth, to Henry BANTA. No more information and an incomplete marriage record.

William Combs - A Tentatively Documented Chronology

Sep 1757. (probably Frederick Co) Virginia. Born: William Combs, s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr., "father of the eight."

William is documented as a s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. by the Rev. War. Pension applications of his brothers, John Combs and Nicholas Combs and the 1855 Perry Co, KY death record of their brother, Elijah Combs, Sr. His birth month and year are as declared by himself in his Rev. War. Pension, and the location based on his father having probably resided in Frederick County at this time.

1776-1778. Shenandoah Co, VA (re-named from Dunmore, which was created from Frederick). William's Rev. War Pension declaration includes the statement that he enlisted in Stovers Town [now Strasbourg, Shenandoah Co, VA], Continental Line, as an orderly sergeant, serving two years under Capt. Richard CAMPBELL, 8th Virginia Regiment of Col. MULENBURG and Col. Abram BOWMAN.

1778 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is found in court records involving a dispute with William SETTLE.

1782 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll, no black, two horses and five head of cattle (his brother, Nicholas, is also taxed in Shenandoah this year). On 28 Nov 1782, William, his brother, Nicholas, and their grandmother, Wilmouth GEORGE Harding, are all charged with failure to pay their tithes. On this same date, William is listed as a garnishee (debtor) of (his father), John Combs, Sr.

1783 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll, no black, same horses and cattle, and also listed on a state enumeration which lists a total of five "white souls" in his household, probably a wife and three children(?), thus married bef 1780 (No marriage record found. Source for marriage to a Mill or Nell CLOUD not known). In Mar of this year, William is the defendant in a suit by Samuel PORTER. On the same date, he is appointed a Constable in the place of John ALLENSWORTH.

1784 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll, no black, same horses, but down to three head of cattle.

1785 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll, one slave over 16, two horses and four head of cattle. He is termed a "constable." The state enumeration this year lists William with six "white souls" in his household (a newborn child?) and one dwelling, no outbuildings.

1786 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll, no black, one horse and three head of cattle. That same year he sits on a jury in a law suit between Solomon and Gilbert Combs (documenting that no relationship existed between William and that family). This same year, he sits on a jury in a case involving Zur, Solomon and Gilbert Combs, the "Passage Creek" Combs of New Jersey, documenting the lack of close relationship.

1787 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll (himself), no white polls of age 16-21, 1 black over 16, four horses and four head of cattle.

1788 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll (himself), no blacks, four horses.

1789 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll (himself), and four horses.

1790 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll (himself), and three horses.

1791 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with two white polls (himself and whom???), and six horses.

1792 Shenandoah Co, VA. William is listed on personal property tax lists with one white poll and eight horses. This is William's last appearance on tax lists of Shenandoah Co, VA.

1795. Lincoln Co, KY. William and Stephen Combs both appear on this list. The latter is known to have been Stephen Combs, h/o Barbara ALLEN and formerly of Loudoun Co, VA, s/o Joseph & (Elizabeth HARRISON?) Combs II. It is not known if they resided near each other, or if they were related (research in progress).

27 Sep 1797 Lincoln Co, KY. William entered 500 acres on White Oak Creek in Lincoln Co, KY. 1810 records indicate that this land became part of Casey Co, KY upon its formation in 1806-7.

02 Jul 1798 Lincoln Co KY. William signs consent for marriage of his daughter, Lettice, to Ebenezer BLACKISTON.

6 Aug 1798 Lincoln Co, KY. William signs his consent for marriage of his daughter, Wilmoth, to Henry BANTA.

6 Aug 1800 Lincoln Co, KY. William and his brother, John, both listed on tax list, as is Ebenezer BLACKSTON [sic].

5 Apr 1803 Lincoln Co, KY. William signs his consent for marriage of his daughter, Polly, to Henry DUNCAN.

In 1806-7, Casey Co, KY was established from Lincoln, and the White Creek land of William Combs apparently became part of that county:

6/11//1810 Washington Co, KY DBC:459. Indenture between Mathew and wife Francis WALTON of Washington County and William Combs of Casey Co, KY 1200 a in Casey on Rolling Fork and White Oak Creek for 137f. No witnesses. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Washington Co., Kentucky Deed Abstracts 1803-1811, v.2, comp. Faye Sea Sanders, 1992, p. 82)

Note: Rolling Fork and White Oak intersect in present-day Boyle Co, KY (est. in 1842 from Mercer and Lincoln), but White Oak itself meanders back and forth across the county line between present-day Lincoln and Boyle, but with the head of the creek in present-day Casey County (northeast corner), and just south of North Rolling Fork, which is in present-day Boyle.

1810 Casey Co, KY. The William Combs who is listed on p. 39 of this census appears to have been William:

1 male b pre-1765 (William?)
1 female b pre-1765 (wife?)
1 male b 1785-1794
1 female b 1785-1794
2 male b 1795-1800
1 female b 1795-1800
1 male b 1801-1810
1 female b 1801-1810

If this is RW William Combs, note that he may still have as many as seven children left at home; or (more likely?) a second family in his census household (a married son or daughter?).

17 Jun 1818 Bath Co KY. William, a resident of the county, applied for his Rev. War Pension, stating he was aged 61 and upwards and in indigent circumstances (only indigents were eligible for pensions under the 1818 act).

29 Jun 1819. Bath Co, KY. Certificate issued to William COOMBES [sic] of Bath Co., KY, sergeant in the regiment of Col. MUHLENBURG in the Virginia line two years, placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $8 per month from 17 June 1818 under the Act of 1818.

1820 Bath Co KY Census. William and wife are listed as both over 45 years of age (born pre-1775). No others were in his household, but in the next household were his son-in-law and daughter, Henry and Mary "Polly Combs Duncan.

18 Sep 1820 Bath Co., KY. William, still a resident of bath, aged 63, declared that he was a school master, but unable to procure a living that way, that he owned one bay mare, one cow and calf valued at $62.00, that his wife was abt age 61, and no children with him (presumably he meant living with him).

1822 Fayette Co, KY. William Combs of Fayette went to Perry Co, KY this year following the death of his brother, Mason Combs. According to the 1898 Dickey Diary Interview of Napoleon Bonaparte Combs (s/o Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs), b 1808, "…William Combs, my uncle, went to Fayette County. He was at my mother's after my father died and wanted to take me to his home to raise." Other Dickey Diary Interviews also refer to William as having been of Fayette County: (a) Andrew Combs: "I saw my uncle William often. He used to come from about Lexington [Fayette Co, KY] to see us… They called William Combs of Fayette, "Old Buckery". They said he was doing well. He was a farmer. I have been to his house in Fayette…" (b) Elijah Combs CORNETT: [referred to] "William Combs of Fayette." (c) John S. Combs, b 1819, does not specify Fayette County, but does state: "…Uncle Wm moved to the Bluegrass before I was born…"

Also Note: Thus far, it does not appear that William ever lived in Clay Co, KY (where most of his brothers, including, later, his brother, John, of Lincoln Co, KY, resided). Although there are several William Combs off and on the tax lists of that county, but William does not appear to have been one of them.

1827-1834 William Combs appears in the Fleming Co. tax lists (some years missing in this span).

1830 Census. Will Coombs appears in the Fleming Co. census with a household consisting of 1 male (under 5), 1 male (15-20), 1 male (70-80), 1 female (20-30), and 1 female (60-70). He is in the same area as Moses SAUNDERS Jr. who married William granddaughter Elizabeth BLACKISTON in 1825 in Fleming Co.

1830 Fayette or Fleming Co, KY. Which was William? Although the 1898 Dickey Diary Interviews are clear as to where William lived, note that there were William Combs on the census of each county, and that William appears to have definitely resided in that county (see next) Census Records needed!

06 Dec 1832 Flemingsburgh, Fleming Co., KY. William Combs deposed that he served with William DODSON in 8th VA Rifle Regt. (RW Pension File S30994, Dodson's of Northfarnum Parish, Vol. II, Silas Lucas, Sherrill Williams, Easley, SC, 1988)

Also Note: According to Dodson's…, this entire deposition was marked out. See Shenandoah Co, VA re Dodson connection to RW Gilbert Combs of that county; however, Gilbert's service was in New Jersey, not Virginia. The above William DODSON was not identified by Dodsons…

1835 Fleming Co, KY. William Combs appears on the Federal Pension Roll as a resident of this county, the only William Combs who was a pensioner in the state of Kentucky.

8 Mar 1840. Madison Co, KY???? Died: William Combs (Rev War Pension file, which does not state location, which other researchers, including The Combes Genealogy…, have listed as Madison Co, KY, sources unknown).

Important! According to Josiah H. Combs' The Combes Genealogy…, p. 124, "William ("Old Buckery"), lived in Perry, Breathitt, old Lincoln, Bath and Madison. Married Nell CLOUD, (61 years old in 1820), probably in old Shenandoah [Co VA], William 63 in Sept., 1820. Died in Madison Co., [KY?] 1840." Seeking check of estate records in Madison Co, KY in 1840 for the above William Combs, including name of the administrator of his estate. Someone claimed his final pension check and it may be the only clue we have as to his descendants (plus it 'may' forge a link between him and the MILLION-Combs families of that county).

The Madison Co, KY, will (dated 25 Nov. 1840, probated 3 Feb. 1841) of William's son-in-law Henry BANTA refers to a colt gifted to his wife Wilmouth by her father. Since the gift refers to a young horse (colt), the gift must have been relatively recent.

Revolutionary War Pension File of William Combs

17 Jun 1818 Bath Co KY. William COMBES (or Combs) applied for his pension 17 Jun 1818, Bath Co., KY. William COMBES stated he was a Continental soldier, and that he enlisted. in Stovers Town [present-day Strasburg, Shenandoah Co], Va., in the beginning of 1776 for two years and served as orderly sergeant under Capt. Richard CAMPBELL in the 8th VA Regiment of Col. MULENBURG and Col. Abram BOWMAN. They started from Woodstock [Shenandoah Co], VA., and went down by Williamsburg to Suffolk and Norfolk and all through that county and then to Charleston [SC] and was there when the first attack was commenced on Sullivan Island, and then to Sunbury [GA? NC?], and in the winter of the same yar they returned to Virginia and marched to Philadelphia. He resides in Bath Co., Ky. He received his discharge from Gen. SCOTT at Valley Forge [PA], but has lost it. He is aged 61 and upwards and is in indigent circumstances.

18 Sep 1820 Bath Co KY. William Combs of said county, aged 63, declares he served in the 8th VA Regt. of Col. MUHLENBURG and Lt. Col. Abram BOWMAN, in Capt. Richard CAMPBELLS Company. He is a school master and is unable to procure a living that way. He owns one bay mare and one cow and calf valued at $62.00. He has a wife aged about 61, but no children with him.

The administrator of William Combs was paid pension to 8 Mar 1840, the date of his death (county not stated?).

William COOMBES of Bath Co., KY, sergeant in the regiment of Col. MUHLENBURG in the Virginia line two years, was placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $8 per month from 17 June 1818 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 12382 was issued 29 June 1819.

A query letter in his pension file states that he enlisted from Shenandoah Co., VA and married Miss CLOUD. Another query letter in file states a VA RW soldier William Combs from Chesterfield Co., VA; b 1745 & died in Fleming County, KY
(S35859, Reel 618, Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Volume 1, Patrick Wardell, p. 228; VA Revolutionary Pensions Applications, Vol. 21, Abstracted & Compiled by John Frederick Dorman, Washington, D. C. 1975, pp. 64-65, Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files, transcribed by Virgil D. White)

Notes: (1) The reference to Chesterfield Co VA is to another RW William Combs who was of Wilkes Co NC, Charlotte Co VA & Sullivan Co TN (where he died), and who did not, so far as is known, ever serve in Virginia. (2) The reference to Miss CLOUD was apparently to this William Combs; (3) The town of Stover is in Augusta Co VA, but Stovers Town is present-day Strasburg, Shenandoah Co VA); (4) Pension applications under the 1818 act were approved only if the applicant was proved indigent.

Revolutionary War Pension File of Bean SMALLWOOD

A Revolutionary Veteran William Combs who appears to be William Combs of Bath made an affidavit in Fleming Co KY for a fellow-company member, Bean SMALLWOOD, an abstract of whose own pension file follows:

Bean (also Beane, a.k.a. Baine) SMALLWOOD was born 16 Jan 1759, St. Mary's Co, MD, enlisted in 1776 from Frederick Co VA, where he resided at the time, in the 8th Virginia Regiment. About five years after the Revolutionary War [ca 1788?], he removed to Russell Co VA, and in 1794 removed to Kentucky where he was pensioned at Bath County in 1818. One William Combs made an affidavit in his support at Fleming Co KY, declaring that he had enlisted in 1776 in the 8th VA Regiment and served in the same unit with Bean SMALLWOOD. The latter died 10 Nov 1834. He had been married on 10 Jan 1780 in Frederick Co VA, to Elizabeth REMEND by Rev. Isaiah MARKS. His widow was pensioned in Bath Co KY in 1839, age 76. Large family of children including family of children including James (b.12.1781, decd in 1839) & Ann who made affidavit there 1839 age 37; Lydia FANNING affidavit age 73 Floyd Co., VA 1839 she sister of soldiers wife & she was at the soldiers wedding. (Rev War Pension File F-W8738, Reel 2202, Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Volume 5, Patrick Wardell, p. 89)

The 1782 Frederick Co VA Tax Lists include a Bean SMALLWOOD (3 whites, 0 blacks) on the list of George NOBLE. No Combs were listed in Frederick Co VA that year on any list; however, Bean SMALLWOOD'S name is immediately below that of a Rebecca ROMINE (4 white souls, 0 black) who was probably a.k.a. REMEND(?), and only two names above that of Lucy [NEVILLE] Calmes, widow of William CALMES, brother of Marquis CALMES, the latter h/o Elizabeth "Betty" Combs, d/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr.

No research has been conducted yet in reference Combs-SMALLWOOD connections, but the 1820 US Census Index for Surry Co NC lists Elijah SMALLWOOD, p. 734, and Bird Combs on p. 740. Other SMALLWOOD entries of possible interest in the 1820 census include several Jeremiahs and Elijahs in the counties of Frederick, Loudoun and Montgomery Co, VA, and one SMALLWOOD in Lawrence Co, TN. The 1787 Tax List of Russell Co, VA does not include Bean [a.k.a. Bain] SMALLWOOD; however, he is listed on the 1790 Russell Co, VA tax list, Upper District, as are John , Meshek [a.k.a. Mason?], William and William Combs, Jr. Bean SMALLWOOD does not appear on the 1800 index to Kentucky Tax Lists (Second Census of KY, 1800, Clift, GPC Reprint, 1993). A Bayne SMALLWOOD is on the 1800 Charles Co, MD Census, and a Bean SMALLWOOD is on the indices of both the 1810 and 1820 Loudoun Co VA Census Enumerations.

Revolutionary War Pension Application of William DODSON

14 Jan 1833. Nelson Co KY. William DODSON, aged 74 years, resident of Nelson Co KY. RW Pension Declaration. Nelson Co KY, 14 Jan 1833: William DODSON, born 29 Mar 1758 in Shenandoah Co., VA, on the Shenandoah River, he entered service as a pvt. in 8th VA Rifle Regt. abt Feb 1776 for a term of 2 years as a resident of Shenandoah Co VA, was discharged at "Valey forge" by Gen. SCOTT, was commanded by Col. MUHLENBURG and BOWMAN in the Company of Capt. Richard CAMPBELL. He volunteered for service, and upon enlistment they started from Stovers Town [DNFP: now Strasburg, Shenandoah Co, VA] and went to Williamsburgh and from there to Suffolk and Norfolk, then to Tarboro and Hillsboro, through NC to Camblin? [dnfp: Camden?] to Charleston and Savannah to Sanbery? [Combs: Sunbury?] and were stationed and Genl. Lee was commander. We returned to the north and wintered at Valley Forge; in engagement at Brandywine and German Town. He received a discharge from Gen. SCOTT, but it is lost. Since the Revolutionary War he has lived in Shenandoah Co., VA, and moved from there to Kentucky and has lived in Nelson Co. since that time. Thomas DUNCAN and Thomas LINTHICUM in his neighborhood can testify to his service in the Revolution. s/William [X] DODSON. Thomas DUNCAN and Thomas LINTHICUM, residents of Nelson Co., KY attested to the veracity of his statement. Also in the file was the deposition of James HARREL, dated 17 Jun 1833, Nelson Co., KY, confirming… added that William DODSON enlisted under Lt. Matthias HITE.

To Be Continued…