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Stephen Combs of Loudoun Co, VA & Lincoln Co, KY, is believed to have been the son of Joseph and Elizabeth HARRISON Combs of Loudoun VA; and grandson of Joseph Combs I of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA (neither relationship documented yet). Stephen Combs is first found in the records of Loudoun Co, VA in 1773 when tithed by Capt. Joseph Combs. He married 20 Apr 1775, Loudoun Co, VA, Barbara ALLEN, ancestry unknown. Both are believed to have died in KY.

(Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co, VA) Personal Acct. Book, Rev. David Griffith. Stephen Combs married Barbara ALLEN 20 Apr 1775.
(Combs Researcher J. Reynolds)

According to Alpheus Harlan's History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and Particularly of the Descendants of George and Michael Harlan, who settled in Chester County, Pa, Gateway Press, 1988,.(hereinafter Harlan), p. 101: Stephen Combs "…was a farmer and mechanic, and remained there in that county [Loudoun] at least until after their first child was b., when they removed to North Carolina. In 1794 they had settled in Lincoln Co., Ky. "

In 1775, Stephen Combs was listed on a Loudoun Co, VA list of tithables, tithing himself and one negro by name of Nan. (Combs Family File, Thomas Balch Library of Leesburg, VA). Stephen Combs was still listed on the tithables of Loudoun County on 30 Apr 1787, Tax List B (1787 Census of VA, Loudoun County, Nettie Schreiner-Yantis)

No record has been found of Stephen Combs in North Carolina thus far and it is not known why Harlan believed he and Barbara resided in North Carolina prior to removing to Lincoln Co, KY - possibly a search of 1850 and 1880 census records of their children and grandchildren would elicit that the record for Sarah, the eldest(?), shows Virginia, and that at least one child shows a North Carolina birth location? However, if the Stephen Combs who was in Loudoun Co, VA in 1787, was the same who is found in 1790 in Lincoln Co, KY, then the window for residency in North Carolina is narrow:

2 Jun 1790 (Lincoln Co, KY Tax List) Combs, Stephen (1st Census of Kentucky, Heineman)

Stephen Combs died, according to Harlan, in 1807/8, but if that is so, then who was the Stephen Combs listed on the 1809 Washington Co KY tax list (See Daniel McKINNEY below) and on the 1810 Lincoln Co, KY census:

1810 Lincoln Co, KY Census
Combs, William, Lincoln, Page 112: 10100-1001000
Comes, Richard, Lincoln Page 112: 40010-1121000
Combs, John, Lincoln, Page 113: 22110-1130100
Combs, Stepen, Lincoln, Page 113: 12101-0100100
(Census CD)

No further records have been located thus far for either Stephen or Barbara ALLEN Combs, but research is still in progress, and according to Harlan, pages 256-257:

"The Combs family -- Among the earliest pioneers into Kentucky, from North Carolina, were Stephen Combs and his wife Barbara ALLEN. From the best information obtainable, Stephen Combs and wife had gone from Loudoun Co., Va., into North Carolina, and from there into Lincoln Co., Ky. At that time Lincoln was one of the few counties into which the state was divided. His going into Lincoln, was prior to the birth of his youngest child, or in 1793. There is but little that could be found about Stephen Combs. His birth is given as that of 1750, but of the wife Barbara, no date was given the compiler. It is presumed that they died in that part of Lincoln that afterwards became Monroe Co., and were buried in Tompkinsville Burying Grounds."

Issue of Stephen and Barbara ALLEN Combs

Harlan (pp. 256-7) names the children of Stephen and Barbara ALLEN Combs as follows, but documentation for the relationships has not yet been located:

(Letta; Alethia)
Jane (Wilcher)
(Effa, Hetha)
Stephen A.

i Sarah, b. 1775, (possibly Loudoun Co) VA; d 1840, McDonough Co, IL; m. Jacob HARLAN, son of John and Jemima WRIGHT Harlan, born 1773, Berkeley Co, VA; died 1839, McDonough Co, IL

(Lincoln Co, KY Marriage Records) Sally Combs to Jacob HARLAN March 27, 1798. Consent of Stephen Combs for his daughter, March 26, 1798. Wit: John VARDIMAN and William MENIFEE. Surety: Elijah WRIGHT. (M058)
(Barren Co, KY Census, p. 47) 1810 Harlin, Jacob: 22010-3101000 (Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1810)

See Also Combs Researcher Judy Reynold's Jacob & Sarah Combs Harlan

ii Nancy, m. 1 Jan 1800, Lincoln Co, KY, Aaron HARLAN, son of John and Jemima WRIGHT Harlan (Harlan)

01 Jan 1800 (Lincoln Co KY Marriage Bonds/Consents) Bond of Aaron HARLAN to marry Nancy Combs, with Jacob HARLAN as surety, January 1, 1800. Consent of Stephen Combs for his daughter, December 27, 1799, witnessed by JOHN CLARK and JOSEPH DAVIES. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Rhoda Fone from Lincoln County Kentucky Records, Volume I, by Michael L. Cook, C.G.) Search Word: DAVIS
(Barren Co, KY Census, p. 50) 1810 Harlin, Aron: 21010-320100 (Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1810)

iii William No More information; however, a William Combs also appears on 1809 Washington Co KY tax list with a Stephen Combs & Daniel McKINNEY, husband of Hettie Combs.

iv Elizabeth, m. James REED a physician

(Barren Co, KY Census, p. 47) 1810 Reed, James: 10100-1001000 (Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1810)
(Barren Co, KY Census, p. 52) 1810 Reed, James: 23001-2221100 (Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1810)

Notes: No marriage record found as yet.

v Angelletta [Letta, Alethia?] m. John Lipsey

Angelletta Combs born about 1785 in Virginia died in 1850 in Hensely, Johnson Co., Indiana Married 14 June 1804 to John Lipsey born about 1785 and died between 1830 and 1840 in Wayne Co., Kentuck. Information for Addie Ruth Green.

Also give marriage date as 4 Jan 1804.

CENSUS: 1840 Indiana, Morgan County. Listed as Letticia Lipsey.

Will probated in Johnson Co., Indiana in 1850

Will of Angeletta Lipsey: I, Angelletta Lipsey, being very ague and infirm and believing I cannot live long by reason of desease and age, do herby make and authorize to be Published on my last will and testemant the following. VIZ that in my desease that my body be commited to its follow earth in a plain coffin without pomp, show , or parade. Secondly, that funeral expenses be paid out of my real estate, and that some be sold in 12 months credit with approved security in ne payments of the same and when fully paid to be deeded infor simple by my Executor to the Purchases being 40 Acres of plain only being and lying in the Hensley Township and County of Johnson and state of Indiana, that the hundred and fifty dollars be equally devided between my four sons, William Lipsey, Raney Lipsey, John Lipsey, and Asa Lipsey as soon as collected by my Executor, the balance after paying funeral expenses to be divided equaly between my four daughters. VIZ Jerusha Bartlett, Rebecca Jane White, Hethier Ann Zook, and Mary Roberts, with the exception of one dollar, to be paid by my Executor to the heirs, VIZ Nancy Francis and Elizabeth True and the Heirs of Levesa Eller. Third, it is my will and wish that the proceeds in sale of all my personal property be equally divided between my 4 first name daughters, provided the same said heirs can agree on the division with sale. Fourth: it is my wish and will that on my decease, that Raney Lipsey and Aaron Zook take immediate charge of all my estate, both Real and Personal and act as my executors, and in all things carry out in the most full and simple manner my will and wish or expressed in the forgoing will.

signed , sealed and delivered in the Presence of
E.H. Salisbury, and William Long.
X       Angeletta Lipsey, her mark.

Be it remembered that on the 26 day of September 1850, Personally appeared before me, Jacob Sibat, Clerk of the Probate Count of said County, William Long, one of the Subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will, and being by me duly sworn an oath says, that he as one of the subscribing witnesses was present at the execution of the last of the last will and testament of Angelletta Lipsey, deceased. hereinto annexed that he saw the said testator subscribe her name to the Said will and heard declare the same to the last will and testament and that at that time doing so the said testator was lawful age and sound mind and memory and not under any restraint of coercion whatever and that be signed the same in her presence and at her request in the presence of the other subscribing witnesses.

William Long
Sworn and subscribed before me the day and date above written. Jacob Siebert.

vi Jane, m ____ WILCHER

13 Feb 1809 (Lincoln Co KY Marriage Bonds/Consents) Bond of JOHN WILSON to marry Jane Combs, with John Combs as surety, February 13, 1809. Consent of Stephen Combs and Barbary Combs for their daughter, same date, witnessed by John Combs and Benjamin WARREN. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Rhoda Fone from Lincoln County Kentucky Records, Volume I, by Michael L. Cook, C.G.)

Notes: The inclusion of Stephen's wife, Barbara ALLEN, in this record documents that Stephen and Barbara ALLEN Combs of Loudoun Co VA were the same as of Lincoln Co KY. According to both Harlan and Combs, one of Stephen Combs' children was named Jane and "married "a WILCHER." A marriage CD also lists this surname as WILCHER (source not known). The 1810 Lincoln Co KY census includes John WILSHIR/WELSHER (transcribed both ways), and no John WILSON (which is meaningless since the name too common to trace to other counties without more information). Also note that we have not identified this John Combs (there were two in Lincoln Co KY by 1810). Was he RW John Combs or the "other" John Combs? What is the significance, if any, of the fact that one John Combs of Lincoln Co, KY, presumably the same who was RW John Combs of Shenandoah Co, VA, had a daughter named Barbara?

vii John

viii Hettie, a.k.a. Hetha and Effa, was not included by Harlan, but if it is determined that Harlan was in error abt the death year of Stephen Combs having been bef 1810, then Hettie (perhaps a nickname for Hetheland? See also the children of John & Sarah LUTTRELL Combs, Jr. of Stafford & Fauquier Cos VA) may have also been a daughter of Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs:

07 Dec 1811 (Franklin Co KY Marriage Bonds)
We Daniel F. McKINNEY and Stephen Combs are held and firmly bound to the Commonweath of Kentucky in the ______ sum of One Hundred pounds to the true performance we bind Our selves our heirs _____ Given under Our hands and Seals, this 7th day December 1811. The Conditions of this Obligation is such that wheras this above bound Daniel F. McKINNEY hath this day obtained a license to marry Effa Combs of this County now if there is no lawfull cause to Obstruct the Said marrage, then this Obligation to be void else to remain in full force and Vestage.
Daniel MESSINGER Daniel F. McKINNEY (seal)
Stephen Combs (seal)
(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Loren Gardner who adds: The signature of Daniel McKINNEY appears to be his, Stephen Combs' however, looks identical to the writing of the clerk. In all other records Effa is listed as Hetha or Hettie)

Daniel McKINNEY appears on the 1808 Washington Co KY tax list with a William Combs, and on the 1808 and 1809 Washington Co KY tax lists with a William and Stephen Combs. (ibid.)

ix Margaret

x Mary

xi Stephen [A.?], born 28 Jan 1794, Lincoln Co, Ky., d. 6 Aug 1869, Sullivan Co., Ind.; m. (1) Susan BARBER; (2) Mary ALLEN; (3) Cynthia SPIVA. (Harlan)

(Monroe Co, KY Census 1820, p. 205) Stephen Combs (record not obtained yet)

Question: Is Stephen Combs of the 1830 Cooper Co, MO census the same as above? What were his movements? What is the documentation for these spouses? How are his children known? Also note the following records:

27 Jul 1822 (Cooper Co MO) Stephen Combs married Synthey WRIGHT (Record not yet obtained, only source at present is a Marriage CD)

Combs, Stephen & Cynthia; soldier served in Col BOZEL'S or BONSAL'S Company, KY Mil. (WO-28243, Index to War of 1812 Pensions Files, Vol 1, Virgil D. White)

A twelfth child is listed by Josiah H. Combs who adds that his source was Combs-Kendall Researcher James Logan Kendall:

xii. Claytor, m Jael, dau of Wm. RANSDELL. One of their children, Joseph Allen Combs, who married Nancy RANSDELL, Mahala HEWLETT, Lucy Townsend BARNETT.

(Mercer Co, KY Marriage Records) Combs, Clater & RANSDELL, Jackeer; Marriage date : Aug 9, 1796. (M007)
(Mercer Co, KY Tax List ) 1800. Combs, Clator (Second Census of KY, 1800, Clift, GPC 1993 reprint)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

To Be Continued…

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