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As is the case with all Combs Research Family Reports, when a source is not specifically referenced herein, the source can be found via a "hot link" to the applicable Combs County of Record, Revolutionary War Pension Files, Bible Records, etc.

John Combs, one of the "eight" (John, Sr., Mason, Sr., John of Richmond, Archdale of Old Rappa), was born 7 Feb 1761 in Virginia (probably in Frederick County); died 27 Apr 1848, Washington Co, KY; m 1782-1784, probably in Surry Co, NC, Margaret UNKNOWN, b abt 1770, Virginia; d bef 1840.

Known Issue of John & Margaret Combs
Documenting John - the Dickey Diary Interviews
Documenting John - his RW Pension File
RW Pension File of Thomas STAPLETON (excerpted)
Will and Estate Records of John Combs
A Tentative Chronology of John's Life

Important! This report has been a Work-in-Progress, and much progress has been made during the past year - including documenting that Revolutionary War Pensioner John Combs of Kentucky was "one of the eight" sons of John Combs, Sr. See also Combs Researcher Hazel White's One John Combs); and John Combs III, the "other" elderly John Combs of early East Kentucky who was confused with this John Combs in Josiah H. Combs' Combes Genealogy (which, although it incorrectly identifies John, is nevertheless a valuable source in regard to his children and another Combs relationships). Also Note: Due to the size of the report on John alone, that we have temporarily removed some additional data abt his children and all individual entries for his grandchildren.

Known Issue of John & Margaret Combs

  1. Barbara Combs (#1 John); born 1782-1784, probably in Surry Co, NC; died bef 1840, (of) Perry Co, KY; m 24 Dec 1798, Lincoln Co KY, Benjamin STACY Jr. (s/o Benjamin & Ann Combs Stacy, Sr.), Jr. born ca 1763 in Frederick Co, VA; d 10 Mar 1856, Breathitt Co KY.

    • Barbara was not named as a daughter by Margaret Combs Lewis, but her marriage consent was signed by her father, John Combs, and surety was Ebenezer BLACKISTON who had married 3 Jul 1798, Lincoln Co, KY, Lettice, d/o William Combs (believed to have been John's brother, RW William "8" Combs). In 1810, Benjamin & Barbara Combs Stacy, Jr. are on the Casey Co KY Census, listed on the same page as Joseph and Nancy GOODE. In 1820, they are listed on the Clay Co, KY Census, on the same page as Barbara's brother, Hardin. In 1830, they are listed on the Perry Co KY Census. Barbara was deceased by 1840 (Perry Co, KY Census), and in 1850, Benjamin was in Breathitt Co, KY, in the household of their daughter, Nancy STACY, w/o Preston Combs (s/o Mason "8" & Jane "Jennie" RICHARDSON Combs). Records in the above Combs Counties document Barbara and her family.
  2. Nancy Combs (#1 John); born 1786-1796, died Jan 1876, Washington Co, KY; married 2 Dec 1807, Lincoln Co, KY, to Joseph GOODE (son of Benjamin and Elizabeth CAMDEN Good), born 5 Jul 1788, Amherst Co, VA; died 1876, Washington Co, KY.

    • Nancy is documented by the Dickey Diary interview of Margaret Combs Lewis, the pension file and estate records of her father, and the records of the above-noted Combs Counties. John Combs, 81, pensioner, is listed in the 1840 Washington Co, KY household of Jos. GOOD.
  3. Benjamin Combs (#1 John), born between 1787 and 1793 in (possibly Sullivan Co) Tennessee; died 6 Nov 1858, Breathitt Co, Kentucky; m (1) 04 Apr 1816, Clay Co, KY, Jane BROWN, b 1798-1802, TN; d bef 1842, probably in Breathitt Co, KY; m (2) bef 1842, Martha "Patsy" JOHNSON (who had m (1) 1 Jan 1817, Floyd Co, KY, Thomas TERRY), b 1798-1802 in TN or NC; d aft 1880, of Breathitt Co, KY. The first record we have for Benjamin is in Lincoln Co, KY, when, on 1 Nov. 1810, he witnessed the consent of John Combs for his daughter Sally to marry James HUNDLEY. The following day he was surety for their marriage bond. If Benjamin was a surety in 1810, he would have been at least 21 years of age giving him a date of birth prior to 1790. Benjamin is listed on the 1817, 1818 and 1829 Clay Co, KY Tax Lists. He has not yet been located on the 1820 Census. He is listed on the 1830 census in Perry Co, Kentucky. He is listed on the census in 1840 and 1850 in Breathitt Co, KY.

    • Benjamin is named as a son of John (1761) in the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis.
  4. Polly Combs (#1 John) was born between 1788 and 1796; d aft 1810; m 10 May 1809, Lincoln Co, KY, Sanders RUSSELL, b bef 1788.

    • Polly is not named in the Dickey Diary Interviews; however, John Combs gave his consent for his daughter's marriage, witnessed by William MORRISON (See Sullivan Co TN re MORRISON), with Joseph GOOD (h/o Nancy Combs) as surety. Sanders RUSSELL is listed on the 1820 Lincoln Co KY Census (This family is now being actively researched by Combs Research)
  5. John "Jack" Combs (#1 John), born abt 1792 in (probably) Tennessee , died aft 1853, of Owsley Co, KY; married (1) 13 Dec 1813, Clay Co, KY, Becca [Rebecca] Combs (d/o Mason "8" and Jane RICHARDSON Combs), b 1791-1794, (possibly) in Kentucky; d bef 1837, (of) Clay Co, KY; married (2) 2 Jan 1837, Clay Co, KY, Elizabeth HUNT (widow of John WILLIAMS), b ca 1803, North Carolina or Kentucky.

    • John "Jack" is documented as the s/o RW John "8" Combs by both the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis, and the Revolutionary War Pension File of his father. He may have been the John Combs, Jr. shown on the 1808 Lincoln Co., Ky. tax list with 174 acres on Knob Lick Creek surveyed in the name of Ephraim RUSSELL. He was probably the John Combs, Jr. who appears on the 1813 Clay Co KY tax list for the first time (abt 21 years of age) as is a John Combs (Sr.?). The marriage record of John and Becca Combs lists the groom as John Combs, Jr., s/o John Combs, and the bride as Becca Combs, d/o Mason Combs. (Was the inclusion of his father's name in the marriage record a parental consent or declaration that he was of age?) In 1814, both John, Jr. and John Sr. are on the Clay Co KY tax list, and two John Combs are listed on the 1816. They also appear on the 1818 and 1819 (as does a third John Combs who is also labeled a Jr. in 1819). The 1820 Clay Co tax list includes only one John Combs as does the 1820 Clay Co KY Census (b 1775-1784). Neither John "Jack" nor John (1761) are found in Floyd County either, and it appears that the John Combs b pre-1765 in that county in 1820 is the same who died that year (a.k.a. "John father of the 8"). In 1830, John is listed on the Perry Co, KY census, and in 1840 in Clay again. In 1850, he is listed on the Owsley Co KY Census (created from Breathitt, Clay and Estill in 1843). John married 2nd Elizabeth WILLIAMS who, according to the research of Margaret Turner published in the Clay County (Ky) Ancestral News, was the d/o John (Jonathan?) HUNT, and widow of John WILLIAMS. Although a number of John's children still alive in 1880 indicated their parents were both born in KY, Tennessee seems more likely, particularly given John's 1853 affidavit on behalf of Sarah JOHNSON Stapleton. He has been found on no 1860 census, and was presumably deceased by that time. Recent research indicates that John and his first wife Becca Combs, aka Rebecca, d/o Mason Combs, may have divorced. It has been assumed she died in the 1830s and then he remarried to Elizabeth WILLIAMS. Although no divorce record has been located, a Perry Co., Ky., indenture, dated 26 Aug. 1856, between the Heirs of Mason Combs decd. and Tarlton Combs included the name of one Rebecca FRANCIS. The only Rebecca FRANCIS in the 1850 Perry Co. census records was Rebecca, age 51, wife of James FRANCIS, age 70, and there was a Wiley Combs, age 16, in their household.
  6. Hardin Combs (#1 John), born ca1795, Kentucky or Virginia, died Jun 1860, Owsley Co, KY; married 25 Aug 1814, Clay Co KY, Nancy Combs, born ca 1795, Kentucky or Virginia, d aft 1860, of Owsley Co, KY.

    • Hardin is documented by the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis. He appears in the 1820-1840 Clay Co, KY census, and the 1850 Owsley Co, KY census. according to The Combes Genealogy… (research in progress), Nancy Combs was the d/o Mason "8" & Jane RICHARDSON Combs.
  7. Elizabeth Combs (#1 John), born 1795-1798, Kentucky; died aft 1880, (of) Perry Co, KY; married 5 Jun 1816, Floyd Co, KY, Nicholas Combs (son of Nicholas & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.), born ca 1793, TN; died 1885, Perry Co, KY.

    • Elizabeth is documented by the Dickey Diary Interview of her daughter, Margaret Combs Lewis. She and Nicholas appear in the 1820 Clay Co, KY Census and the 1830-1880 Perry Co, KY Census records.
  8. Sarah "Sally" Combs (#1 John), born ca 1798, (probably Lincoln Co) Kentucky; died 1880, Owsley Co, KY; married (1) 2 Dec 1810, Lincoln Co, KY, James HUNDLEY, born ?; died bef 1825, possibly in Perry Co, KY; (2) bef 1831, Claiborne Combs (s/o George "8" & Lydia HARRELL Combs), born ca1798, Virginia; d 1885 Owsley Co, KY.

    • Sally Combs Hundley Combs' ancestry is proven by the RW Pension File of her father, John Combs, and the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret LEWIS Combs. See 1850 Owsley Co KY Census notes re her marriage to Claiborn and her family. Sally's brother Benjamin Combs witnessed her father's consent to her marriage and was surety for the marriage.
  9. Margaret Combs (#1 John), born abt 1807 ; died ?; never married, but known issue included at least one child, Hysekiah,b 1823-1825, Kentucky.

    • Margaret is documented by the RW Pension File of her father, which includes declaration that she was the mother of the above Hezekiah, and the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis who states that Margaret never married. According to The Combs Genealogy, Hezekiah was by a Nicholas Combs (that source is not clear in regard to several possible Nicholas and Margaret Combs Combs marriages - research in progress).
  10. Dicie Combs (#1 John), born ca 1800, KY, died aft 1850 in Illinois?; married Unknown SPENCER.

    • Dicey is documented by the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis. No marriage record has been located for Dicey or (aka Laodicia?) Combs Spencer; and her husband's first name remains unknown, but she appears to be Dicey SPENCER of the 1850 Fulton Co, IL Census

Documenting John Combs, Sr.

Dickey Diary Interviews

According to the Dr. John J. Dickey Diary interview of Margaret Combs Lewis, Hyden [Leslie Co], KY, May 30, 1898 (Corrected Feb 1999)

I was born in Perry County, Kentucky in 1820 or 1822. (1)

My father was Nicholas Combs. He was a son of Nicholas Combs, one of the original eight brothers who settled in Perry County from Holston River, Virginia.

My grandfather John Combs, my mother's father, was a Revolutionary soldier, I am certain of that. One of his brothers was also a soldier in the Revolutionary War. I think it was Washington. (2) was nearly grown when my grandfather, Nicholas Combs, died in 1837 or 1838. He settled near where L. D. Combs now lives and there lived and died. My father, Nicholas Combs, told me that when grandfather first came to Perry he went to Carr to get some wheat to sow from old William CORNETT. He had no wheat but half a bushel of rye which my grandfather brought home. My grandfather sowed it and when the grain was in the milk they washed it and cooked it, so scarce was bread stuff.

My grandfather, Nicholas Combs,* had only five children, viz. Nicholas, Jeremiah and Semund [sic]. Rebecca married a WILLIAMS and Licia married a SMITH. (3)

Granville and Lorenzo Combs are my brothers and still live below Hazard [Perry Co, KY]

My mother was Elizabeth Combs, daughter of John Combs and one of the original eight Combs in Perry. He first settled in Lincoln County near Danville and later came to Perry and settled on Carr's Fork. He moved to Owsley County and lived a number of years and then went to Lincoln or Boyle County where two of his daughters lived and there died. (4) These daughters never came to the mountains. They married before their father moved to the mountains. One of them married Joseph GOOD, two of their sons from about Danville were in Perry once buying cattle. (5) They were prosperous men. Another daughter married James HUNDLEY and they removed to Perry with my grandfather, John Combs. They had two sons, Harry HUNDLEY and Samuel HUNDLEY. Harry HUNDLEY married a sister of Judge Josiah Combs of Perry. Kenneth HUNDLEY, son of Sam, married Miss MATTINGLY, sister of Judge Josiah Combs' wife. (6) My grandfather, John Combs, had a daughter named Dicie who married a SPENCER and removed to Illinois. This SPENCER was related to the SPENCERS on Grapevine. Another daughter, Margaret died single. My grandfather, John Combs, had sons: Hardin, Benjamin and John, called Jack. Hardin lived and died in Breathitt on Middle Fork at the mouth of Buck Creek. My sister married his son, Hardin. She still lives there. (7) Benjamin lived and died on Turkey Creek, Breathitt County. Jack lived in Owsley on Cow Creek. I think the Combs came from North Carolina to Holston River. Meredith Combs of Clay County is a son of my uncle John or Jack Combs.

1. Margaret Combs Lewis was actually born ca 1841 - a full twenty years later than is noted above, an error which has long been a problem for researchers, but one which is documented by the records of both Perry and Leslie Cos, KY.

2. No one other than Margaret has ever referred to one of the brothers as Washington. Could George have perhaps been a George Washington?

3. Semund was actually Samuel; Rebecca Combs m 1809, Clay Co, KY, John WILLIAMS; Elitia (a.k.a. Alicia, Licia, Lisha, Elisha) Combs m Rev. Richard SMITH.

4. According to his Washington Co, KY estate records, John d in that county on 27 Apr 1848, not in Lincoln or Boyle. It is not known when he lived in Owsley, but his estate records state that he resided in Clay ca 1838. Since he had children in all three of these counties, he probably moved from child to child during his later years.

5. Nancy Combs m 2 Dec 1807, Lincoln Co, KY, Joseph GOODE.

6. Sarah "Sallie" Combs m (1) 2 Dec 1810, Lincoln Co, KY, James HUNDLEY. Judge Josiah H. Combs was the s/o Jesse & Polly BOLLING Combs, and gs/o Elijah "8" & Sarah ROARK Combs, Sr.

7. Margaret's sister, Dicey, m Hardin Combs, Jr., s/o Hardin & Nancy Combs Combs, Sr.

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RW Pension File of John Combs

Note: The following transcription of John Combs' pension statement was graciously provided Combs Researcher Jim Jackson (See Jimmie's Home Page for even more East KY Combs Connections)

State of Kentucky

Perry County, and Circuit Sct.

On this thirteenth day of May 1825, personally appeared in open court before the Honorable Joseph (?) Circuit Judge, being a court of record for the 15th Judicial District, in the county of Perry, John Combs, age 64 years the 7th of February last who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provisions made by the Acts of Congress of the 18th of March, 1818 and the 1st May, 1820, that he the said, John Combs enlisted for the term of three years on the first day of January, 1777, as he verily believes after the Battle of Trenton in the state of New Jersey, fought between the forces commanded by Gen. George WASHINGTON and the Hessians. That he enlisted as APO in Fredrick County, in the state of Virginia, in the company commanded by Capt. Jonathan LANGDON, in the 12th Ridgemont [12th Regiment] commanded by Col. James WOOD, in the law of the state of Virginia or on the Continental Establishment, that he continued to serve in the said company until two years and four months at the end of which time in consequence of sickness he was discharged by Gen. Charles SCOTT, former Gov. of Kentucky, who then commanded the corps to which he belonged in the state of New Jersey, near Brunswick, the name of the county is forgotten, which discharge he has long since mislaid so that he cannot find it; that he relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension except the present, that his name is not on the roll of any state except the Virginia Roll - and that the following reasons are assigned for not making earlier an appointment for a pension - That until lately he had been informed and believed that it was necessary for him to move by some person whom he has served with the services he had before (In consequence of his discharge being lost) and that for several years he had depended on a brother, William Combs, who has for many years (?) from him about 70 miles to attend the court appointment, 20 miles from court house, when he [John Combs] has recognized said made oath to the fact. He has here disclosed as his brother knew of his enlistment and time of actual service, himself being an Ensign in the 8th Virginia Regulars on continental establishment, but he has always been unable to secure his attendance at the Court of Perry and at the present time being informed that his own oath was all that the law requiring is his name, can be found, he has concluded to offer this petition and schedule and in pursuance of the Act of Congress of the 1st of May, 1820. I do sallomly sware that I was a resident citizen of this United States on the 18th of March, 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift sale or in any manner disposed of any of my property or any past item of within, intent thinking to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress entittled "An act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War", passed the 18th day of March, 1818, and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or security contracts or debts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Perry County Sct.

On the 15th day of March, 1837, before me the undersigned Justice of the Peace for the said county of Perry, personally appeared, John Combs, who on his oath declared that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Capt. Jonathan LANGLIN and he thinks Ensign Slaughter HAFTERN and the company of Capt. Benjamin CASEY - Field Officers, Col. James WOOD, Lieut. Col. NEVILLE, Gen. SCOTT, and Maj. Jonathan CLARK, that there was some other Major before Maj. CLARK but not recollect his name all of the service of the United States, that his name was placed on the Pension Roll of the state of Kentucky, that he recieved a certificate of that fact under the signature and seal of the Secretary of War, which certificate on or about the month of August, 1834, was as he believes taken out of his house in the said county of Perry by some mischevious hands to prevent him from drawing his money as he has not been able to find it since and as further evidence that it was taken as above, there was taken from his house at the same time, thirty-six dollars in round silver, a part of his former draw

John His X Mark Combs

Sworn and subscribed before me the day and year aforesaid Alexander PATRICK Senr. J.P.P.C.

Note: The above is John's affidavit only, and does not include all pages from his file. We are still in the midst of transcribing copies of original papers; thus are also using some abstracts that disagree with each other - only temporarily, and briefly, however, later statements included following additional information:

(1) According to Virgil D. White's Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, John Combs, S35851, in 1825 had a wife Margaret aged about 55 & children, John, Sally aged 27, a widow with 3 children, to wit; Samuel 9 or 10, Harvey 7 & Thomas aged 1 yr, his daughter Margret aged 18 also had a child Hyskiah aged 1 yr, in 1825 a Jesse Combs was Clerk of the Perry County Circuit Court, his brothers mentioned in 1825 were Henry, Nicholas & William Combs. He was still living in 1837

(2) From John Frederick Dorman's VA Revolutionary Pensions Applications, Vol. 21, Washington, D. C. 1975, pp. 65-66:

In 1818 he owned one horse and four cows valued at $75. Since 1818 he has sold two cows to his son John Combs for the payment of a debt owed to Samuel GIVEN and now owns two head of cattle and two yearlings valued at $20, and about ten head of sheep valued at $8. He is a farmer.

He received wounds in his neck and leg in the war.

His daughter, Margaret, aged about 18, lives with him with her infant child Hyskiah, about 1 year. His daughter, Sally, a widow, about 27, lives with him, with her children, Samuel, about 9 or 10, Harvey, about 7, and Thomas, about 1. [Certified by Jesse Combs, Clerk of the Perry Circuit Court.]

17 Nov 1825. Perry Co., Ky. Henry Combs and Nicholas Combs of said county declare John Combs, their brother, enlisted as a private for three years in Shenandoah County, not Frederick County as stated by their brother, in Virginia in the latter part of 1776 or first of 1777 in the company of Capt. Johnathan LANGDON. Shortly afterward Capt. LANGDON marched to join the army of Gen. WASHINGTON near Brunswick and the company was attached to the regiment of Col. WOOD. He remained about two years and four months and was discharged in consequence of bad health. He remained in very bad health some months after he got home. [See also Nicholas' file which mentions his two brothers, John and William, both Revolutionary War Pensioners from Kentucky].

04 Sep 1827. Robt. B. LETCHER writes from Lancaster [Garrard Co.], KY., for a duplicate of John Combs' pension papers. "He has come one hundred miles to get them, and I have looked a whole day without success. He lives in Perry County, Ky."

15 March 1837. Perry Co., KY. John (X) Combs declares he belonged to the company of Capt. Jonathan LANGTON and Ens. SLAUGHTER and afterward to the company of Capt. Benj. CASEY. The field officers were Col. James WOOD, Lt. Col. NEVILL, Gen. SCOTT & Maj. Jonathan CLARK. There was some other major before Maj. CLARK. His pension certificate was about Aug. 1834 taken out of his house by some mischievous hand to prevent him from drawing his money, with $36 in round silver.

John Combs of Perry Co., Ky., private in the company of Capt. LANGSTON in the regiment of Col. WOOD for three years from April 1777 to 1778 [sic] was placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $8 per month from 19 Nov. 1825 under the Acts of 1818, 1820 and 1825. Certificate 195554 was issued 13 Jan 1826.

Note: In 1835, John Combs of Perry Co, KY, appeared on the Revolutionary War Pension Rolls, and in 1840's Washington Co, KY Census, in the household of Joseph GOOD (his son-in-law) was listed John Combs, Revolutionary War Pensioner.

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1853 Owsley Co, KY Affidavit of John "Jack" Combs
on behalf of Sarah JOHNSON, widow of Revolutionary Soldier Thomas STAPLETON
(transcribed and made available by Combs Researcher Jim Jackson)

State of Kentucky

County of Owsley, SCT:

On this fourteenth day of march A.D. 1853 personally appeared before me, Abel PENNINGTON, Judge of the County Court in and for the County & State aforesaid, John Combs a resident of Owsley County & State aforesaid, who being by me duly sworn declares and saith that from the very best information he is able to get he is now aged sixty seven years. That he knows and has known Sally STAPLETON since he was a small boy. That she was then the reported wife of Thomas STAPLETON and has always been so reported and considered. That when he first knew the said Thomas STAPLETON & Sally STAPLETON they resided at what was then called the Long Island on Holstein River in what is now the State of Tennessee. That he never knew of said Thomas & Sally STAPLETON having but two children, that the oldest was by the name of Edward STAPLETON. That the said Edward STAPLETON is older than the affiant and he supposes the said Edward to be sixty eight years old. That the other child is by the name of William STAPLETON. That the age of the said William is about sixty five years. That he feels confident of this from his own age, as he is a little older than the said William STAPLETON. That Thomas STAPLETON & Sally STAPLETON were always refuted and considered as husband and wife. That he knew the said Thomas & Sally STAPLETON in the State of Kentucky upwards of thirty years ago. That he has frequently heard his father & mother say that the said Thomas STAPLETON married Sally JOHNSON (now Sally STAPLETON) at the forks of the river Yadkin in the State of North Carolina but does not now recollect the time they said they were married. That the said Thomas STAPLETON & Sally STAPLETON once lived a short time in the same house with his father and mother during the time they lived at Long Island. That my best recollection is that they lived in the same house about four months. That the said Thomas STAPLETON has been dead about sixteen or seventeen years. That Sally STAPLETON still remains a widow and is commonly reputed and known as the widow of Thomas STAPLETON.

John Combs (His X Mark)

John Combs further saith that Sally STAPLETON is the identical person who was the wife of Thomas STAPLETON now deceased and who was the wife of the said Thomas when he first knew her and that she is the identical person who has applied for pension in the in the right of her husband and is the identical person who remained the widow of Thomas STAPLETON and is the identical person alluded to in the declaration of Robert BAKER, which is hereto annexed.

John Combs (His X Mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year aforesaid. And I certify that the said John Combs is a person to me well known and that he is entitled to full faith and credit when on oath and that from his general appearance and my personal knowledge I believe him to be a person of the age stated in his affidavit. Abel PENNINGTON, P.J.O.C.C.

(Extracted from the Revolutionary War Pension File of Thomas STAPLETON, transcribed and made available by Combs Researcher Jim Jackson)

Notes: John "Jack" Combs was b in 1792 in Tennessee (Census), and by 1798, his family was in Lincoln Co, KY. Whether they were also in Russell Co, VA is not yet known (but thought highly probable). In regard to John's statement that RW John Combs & his wife, Margaret, knew where Thomas STAPLETON married, this seems to further confirms that Margaret was John's wife of long-standing. Also note that the Surry Co, NC land of Mason Combs, Sr., grandfather of RW John, was on the Yadkin River. grandfather. Thomas STAPLETON'S own declaration states that he was a resident of Rowan Co, NC in Jun 1780 when he enlisted in Capt. Thomas COWIN'S [COWAN?] Company, Regiment of Col. LACK (LOCK?), and that they were "marched to the forks of Adkin [Yadkin River, Surry and Rowan Cos, NC], thence to Charlotte, and there joined other troops stationed at that place and was employed in guarding British prisoners there in the bull pen taken at the hanging rock…" [Battle of Hanging Rock, Aug 1780, where Tory William RIDGE, h/o Winnifred Combs (d/o Mason Combs, Sr.) was killed] He states that he was discharged after Hanging Rock, and a short time thereafter (Fall or Spring) volunteered again in Rowan County, this time in the Volunteer Cavalry Company of Capt. James PIERSON, and was marched "from the forks of Adkin to the shallow ford of big Adkin, crossed and marched in a direction for the Moravian Towers in pursuit of a company of about 300 tories commanded by a Capt [Morgan] BRIANT and between the shallow ford and the Moravian Towers the mounted troop had a smart scrimage with the tories and the tories were routed and fled, were persued and 5 or 6 killed. We lost one man only. Thence we marched to the Moravian Towers, thence we reconnoitered the country round about in pursuit of tories and then was marched to the three forks of the Adkin and was discharged having served in this tour only six weeks." Although STAPLETON does not refer to his time in Tennessee, he does note that he was a "citizen of Russell County, Virginia again entered into the revolutionary service against the indians as he believes in 1781 or 1782…" [then Washington Co, VA] company commanded by Capt. William DORTIN [DORTON] and Lt. Richard LANG… "and was marched to Bushes Station on Clinch River and was employed in building Orsburns [OSBURN] Station, in defense of the frontier. From thence was marched in pursuit of the indians to Glade Hollow [Upper Russell], thence to New Guardian thence to L. Guardian thence to the Maiden Forks of Clinch River [Tennessee], a frontier of fifty miles and was employed in reconnoitering and defending the frontier against the depredations of the indians two years and was then discharged…"

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Will and Estate Records of Revolutionary Soldier John Combs

(Extracted from abstracts/transcriptions provided by Combs Researcher Hazel M. White to Combs Research, and transcription of Researcher Birchell Coswell from original copy provided by Hazel M. White, and submitted to the KY GenWeb Archives)

2 Nov 1845-15 May 1848. Washington Co, KY Will Book H:249-250 (Probate Will Book H:361-2. Will of John Combs. In the name of God Amen I John Combs of the County of Washington and State of Kentucky being weak in body and mindful of the uncertainty of human life though of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

Item 1. It is my will that my body be buried in a Christian manner. Item 2. As to debts thank God I have none and having lived with my soninlaw and daughter, Joseph and Nancy GOODE, I claim nothing in the way of accounts nor otherwise. It is my further wish and desire that they have each and every item of property that I own after defraying the expenses of my burial. I also appoint my son in law Joseph GOODE my Executor. Given under my hand this 2nd day of November 1845

John his + mark Combs.
In Presence of James L. PANKEY, Loyd KEY.

Washington County Sct

At a County Court began and held for Washington County at the Court house in Springfield on Monday the 15th day of May 1848. This Last Will and Testament of John Combs deceased was returned to Court and proven by the oath of Loyd KEY one of the subscribing Witnesses thereto and thereupon. Ordered to be recorded which is accordingly done in Will Book H page 249. Given under my hand this 15th day of May 1848. WB BOOKER CWC

CERTIFICATE FOR PROBATE: Estate of John Combs, Deceased, 15 May 1848. State of Kentucky. Washington County Sct. At a County Court began and held for Washington County at the Court House in Springfield on Monday the 15th day of May 1848 --
On the motion of Joseph GOODE the Executor named in the last will and Testament of John Combs Decd- he having taken the oaths prescribed by Law and Executed and Acknowledged bond in the penalty of two hundred Dollars with Loyd KEY his security conditioned according to Law a Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form of Law --
Washington County Set. I William B BOOKER Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify that the above is a true copy from the records in my office in the case of the probating of the Will of John Combs Decd. In Testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand & caused the seal of my office to be affixed at Springfield this the 6th day of February 1850 and the 58th year of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. WB Booker CWC

POWER OF ATTORNEY. State of Kentucky} Washington County} Sct. Be it known that on the 19th day of June 1848 before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County, personally appeared Joseph C. GOODE above named and acknowledged the foregoing Power of Attorney to be his act and deed. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year last above mentioned. Robert S. MITCHELL J.P.

State of Kentucky} Washington County} SS. I William B. BOOKER Clerk of the County Court of the County and State aforesaid do certify that Robert S. Mitchell is a Justice of the Peace in and for said County -- duly Commissioned and sworn, that his Commission was dated on the 30th day of Septer 1836 and continues during life or good behaviour and that his signature above written is genuine. Sworn under my hand and the Seal of the aforesaid County this 19th day of June 1848. WB BOOKER Clerk of the county court for the county court [sic] of Washington County

State of Kentucky} Washington County} SS. Be it known that on the 19th day of June 1848 before one Robert S. MITCHELL a Justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared James P. OHARA the attorney named in the foregoing Power of Attorney and made oath that he has no interest whatever in the money he is authorised to receive by virtue of of the foregoing Power of Attorney either by any pledge, sale, assignment, transfer or mortgage and that he does not know or believe that the same has been so disposed of to any person whatever. Sworn and Subscribed the day and year last above written James P. OHARA before me Atty Robert S. MITCHELL, J.P.

State of Kentucky Washington County, S.S. I, William B. BOOKER Clerk of the Court of said County held in Springfield in and for said county, do certify that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited to said Court that John Combs was a Pensioner of the United States, at the rate of eight Dollars per Month was a resident in the County Washington in the State of Kentucky and died in the County of Washington in the State of Kentucky on the 27th day of Apr 1848, that he left no widow. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal of office at Springfield this 19th day of June 1848. WB BOOKER _______. Clerk of the Court of Washington County State of Kentucky
Washington County, S.S. Be it known that before me Robert S. MITCHELL a Justice of the Peace in and for said county, duly authorised by Law. to administer Oaths personally appeared Joseph C. GOOD and made oath in due form of Law that he is the administrator of John Combs Deceased. The identical person who was a pensioner, and is now dead, and to whom a Certificate of Pension was issued which is herewith surrendered that the deceased Pensioner resided in Washington County in the State of Kentucky for the space of 10 years and previous thereto he resided in Clay County Kentucky. Sworn to and subscribed this day of June} 1848 before me Robert S. MITCHELL JP } Joseph his + mark C GOOD. Witness John M. SMITH } [S 35,851]

Know all Men by these presents that I Joseph C. GOOD of Washington County in the State of Kentucky, administrator of John Combs deceased, who was a Revolutionay [sic] Pensioner of the United States do hereby Constitute and appoint James P. OHARA of Mackville Washington County and State of Kentucky my true and Lawful attorney for me and in my name to receive from the agent of the United States for paying pensions in Louisville in the State of Kentucky, the balance of said pension from the 4th day of March 1848 to the 27th day of June 1848. Witness my hand and seal this 19th day of June 1848. Joseph C. his + mark GOOD. Sealed and delivered in the presence of} 2 Witnesses: John M. SMITH } C.A. ROWLEY } mark

Louisville, Kentucky, July 27, 1848
Received of N. LANE, Agent for paying Pensions, Fifteen Dollars, twenty Cents, being for 1 month' 23 days Pension, due to John Combs from the 4th day of March 1848 to the 27 day of Apl 1848 for which I have signed duplicate receipts. $15.20 Jas. P. OHARA Atty

Appraisement of the Estate of John Combs dec was Witnessed to Court and ordered to be Recorded which is accordingly done in Will Book H, Page 361, etc. (?) Given under my hand this 17th day of October 1848. W.B. BOOKER CWC

[Washington County Will Book H, p.362] Inventory and Appraisement. A True Inventory and Appraisement of all the personal Estate of John Combs deceased which was produced to us by Joseph GOOD his administrator.
Mrs. Nancy GOOD one Bed and furniture $3.00
Alexander GOOD to one mares saddle 3.00
Mrs. Nancy GOOD to one Cow and Calf 7.00
William HALL to one bay Horse 25.00

We do certify that the foregoing Inventory Contains all the personal Estate of John Combs decd which hath come to our hands this 1st June 1848. Joseph Good, Administrator.
We do certify that the foregoing appraisement was Truly and Justly made of the personal property of John Combs deceased which was produced to us by his administrator to the best of our Judgement all of which we respectfully Report to the Washington County Court. Given under our hands this 1st day of June 1848. William HALL, Andrew YOUNG, William DRURY

Joseph GOOD Executor of the Estate of John Combs decd proceeded to produce to the appraisers named in the order the following property of the Decedent June 1st 1948 --
one Bed and Bed Clothing 3.50
one mares Saddle 3.00
one Cow and Calf 8.00
one bay Horse 30.00

We do hereby certify that in pursuance of an order of the Washington County Court that we did appraise the personalty etc belonging to the Estate of John Combs deceased and that the above List is a True Inventory of the property Schudled to to [sic] us by the Executor of that Estate -- Given this day of Sept 1848 --[362]. William his + mark HALL Andrew YOUNG, William DRURY

I do hereby state that the above is a true List of the personal Estate of John Combs that has come to my hands or knowledge as his Executor Sept 18, 1848. Joseph GOODE [bc: note that Joseph appears to have signed here, whereas earlier he made his mark]

Washington County Sct. At a County Court Continued and held for Washington County at the Court House in Springfield on Tuesday the 17th day of October 1948. This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John Combs decd was Returned to Court and ordered to be Recorded which is accordingly done in Will Book H, page 362 -- Given under my hand this 17th day of October 1848 --W.B. BOOKER CWC

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A (Tentative) Chronology of John's Life

07 Feb 1761 (Frederick Co VA?) Born: John Combs, s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. The assigned birth county of VA is not fully documented; however, the 1880 Owsley Co, KY Census record of his daughter, Sarah Combs Hundley Combs documents his (and her mother's) Virginia births, and it appears that his father was in Frederick Co, VA throughout most of the 1750s and 1760s.

17 Jan 1777- ca May 1779 (Shenandoah Co VA) Military Service: Note that John Combs 1st stated he enlisted in Frederick County, but that his file was amended by the declarations of his brothers, Henry and Nicholas, who claimed his enlistment was in Shenandoah Co VA instead. Confusion may have arisen from the fact that, in 1772, Dunmore Co was established from part of Frederick, then renamed Shenandoah in 1777.

ca Apr 1779 - 1780 Surry Co, NC. John's fathers and his brothers, Nicholas and Biram, are found of record in this county in 1780

1782 Surry Co, NC. John was probably one of his father's tithables this year (age 16-21).

1784 Surry Co, NC. John is tithed for the first time in his own right (age 23). John probably married Margaret between 1782-1784, most likely in this county.

1785-1792. Residence Unknown. It is not known where John Combs resided during these years. Most of his family appears to have left Surry by 1786, and although his father and brothers, Henry and Mason, are found in Montgomery Co VA, John appears not to have been in that county (unless he and his father's records have been confused). Likewise, he has not been found in Shenandoah Co VA (where brothers, William and Nicholas had been residing). He may have been in North Carolina, possibly Wilkes or even Buncombe (not researched); and/or he may have been in East Tennessee, possibly even the John Combs of the 1788 Sullivan Co, TN militia list (although given his war injuries, this may be unlikely). There were also multiple John Combs in Russell Co VA and Washington Co TN, but at this point, determining which was he would still be speculative.

1792 Long Island, Sullivan Co, TN. John Combs may have been in East TN much earlier than 1792, but was definitely a resident of this area by this time or shortly thereafter based on the 1853 Affidavit of his son, John "Jack," on behalf of RW Thomas STAPLETON. John appears to have left Sullivan Co TN prior to 1796 when his name is absent from the Sullivan Co TN Tax List (presuming he was living in that County; and/or that tax list is complete). Or he may have removed (back?) to Russell Co VA.

24 Dec 1798 Lincoln Co KY. Although she was not mentioned as a daughter in any of the Dickey Diary interviews, John Combs appears to have been the same who consented to the marriage of his daughter, Barbara Combs to Benjamin STACY (Jr.) on this date (the latter s/o Benjamin & Ann Combs Stacy, Sr., and also a gs/o Mason Combs, Sr.).

1800 Lincoln Co KY Tax Lists. One John Combs was on the 8/16/1800 Lincoln Co KY tax list, and another on the 8/23/1800 list. Which might have been RW John Combs has not yet been determined, and it will be important to document the identity of the second John Combs.

02 Dec 1807 Lincoln Co KY. Nancy Combs, d/o John Combs, married Joseph GOOD.

10 May 1809 Lincoln Co, KY. Polly Combs, d/o John Combs, m Sanders RUSSELL (presumed to have been RW John's daughter, even though not mentioned in Dickey Diary Interviews, due to his close association with Joseph GOOD).

Jun 1810 Lincoln Co KY Census. Two John Combs appear on the 1810 Lincoln Co, KY Census, p. 113, one born 1765-1784 (as was his wife) and the other, older John Combs as follows:

John Combs b pre-1765 [b 1761]
1 female b 1765-1784 [Margaret, b ca 1770]
3 males 1785-1794 [Benjamin, John "Jack" and Hardin?]
1 female 1785-1794 [Dicey?]
1 male 1795-1800 [??]
2 females 1795-1800 [Elizabeth and Sarah?]
1 male 1800-1810 [??}
2 females 1800-1810 [Margaret?]

24 Nov 1810 Lincoln Co, KY. John consented to marriage of daughter Sarah "Sallie" to James HUNDLEY.

17 Dec 1813Clay Co KY. John Combs, Jr., s/o John Combs, m Becca (Rebecca) Combs, d/o Mason (& Jane RICHARDSON) Combs. Given that John Jack was b ca 1792, he would have been abt 21 years of age this year, and both may have been the same two John Combs who were on the 1813 Clay Co, KY tax list (although it is still not known if John, Sr.'s appearance in the marriage record of John, Jr. indicates a parental consent or declaration of majority).

1814 Clay Co KY. Two John Combs were listed on the Clay Co KY tax list - one John Combs, Sr., and one John Combs, Jr. This is also the year that John Sr.'s son, Hardin, married Nancy Combs, and that his son, Benjamin, married Jane BROWN.

1815 Clay Co, KY. John Combs, Sr. and John Combs, Jr. are both listed on Clay Co, KY tax list.

05 Jun 1816Floyd Co KY. Elizabeth Combs, d/o John Combs, married Squire Nicholas "Birdeye" Combs, s/o Nicholas "8" & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.. This does not, of course, necessarily indicate residency in the county by the father of either the bride or the groom, and the groom's parents were definitely in Clay Co KY. Note also that this same year, John's son, Hardin, patented land on Carr's Fork of Floyd Co KY, and in 1817, one Jeremiah Combs did the same. In Mar 1818, one Jeremiah Combs was appointed "…surveyor of the road from John Combs to the ford in place of Jas. JONES, deceased." It is not known which John Combs this was, but presumably one who lived near to both Hardin & Jeremiah Combs (See also Early Jeremiah Combs of the Southern Frontier).

1816 & 1817 Clay Co, KY. Two John Combs (with no suffixes) are on the Clay Co, KY tax list.

1818 Clay Co KY. Three John Combs on the tax list - John Combs, John Combs, Sr., and John Combs, Jr.

1819 Clay Co KY. Again, three John Combs, but this year, two are listed as John Jr. and one as John Sr.

1820 US Census. (1) In Floyd Co KY, the one John Combs was the right age, but had no family in his household, and is considered the likeliest candidate for the John Combs, deceased, whose estate Elijah Combs administered in Dec of that year (probably John Combs, Sr., "father of the eight"). (2) In Clay Co KY, the number of John Combs on the tax list had decreased from 3 to 1 in 1820, and the census showed only 1 John Combs, born 1775-1794. According to his granddaughter, Margaret Combs Lewis' Dickey Diary Interview, John Combs moved around a lot, thus he and his family were either gone from Clay County, or "hidden" in the household of another - perhaps one of his children? The 1820 census lists 14 John Combs in the state of Kentucky alone - and they are not nearly all identified yet (more to come on this subject…).

1825 Perry Co KY. His pension application indicates an affidavit in 1818, but that affidavit is not in his file. The earliest paper in his file is in 1825 when he was a resident of Perry County (est. from Clay and Floyd in 1820-1821).

1830 Perry Co KY Census. Includes numerous John Combs; however, two are adjacent to each other on page 357; i.e., John Combs the younger, b 1790-1800, with wife the same age, two sons and four daughters; and John Combs the elder, with only himself and wife in HH, 60-70 years old (b 1760-1770) and his wife the same. This would appear to be John Combs (1761) listed adjacent to his son, John "Jack."

1835 Perry Co, KY. John Combs, Revolutionary Pensioner, listed on Federal Rolls.

1837 Perry Co, KY. John Combs of Perry filed an affidavit in respect to his pension.

1838 Clay Co, KY. According to his Washington Co, KY estate records, John resided in Clay County ten years before his death (granddaughter, Margaret, also mentions him having lived in Owsley).

1840 (Washington Co, KY Census, Page #102) According to DAR Records, in 1840, Revolutionary Soldier John Combs (1761) was residing in the Washington County, KY household of his son-in-law, Joseph GOOD.

Note: This census record still needed John Combs is listed as a pensioner, age 81, in the household of Jos. GOOD in the 1840 Washington Co., Ky. census.

02 Nov 1845 Washington Co, KY. Will of John Combs, resident of that county.

15 May 1848 Washington County KY. Probate of Will of John Combs.

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