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The first Southern Jeremiah Combs may have been named, as so many were, after the itinerant Preacher, Jeremiah Lambert, who ranged far and wide in the South, particularly in southwestern Virginia, Kentucky, and East Tennessee. Unfortunately, however, we know neither the ancestry nor the descendants of the first Jeremiah Combs, although he was presumably a descendant of Mason Combs, Sr. of Stafford and Frederick Cos, VA and Surry Co, NC.

Jeremiah Combs I, a.k.a. "The Tory" is found in only one set of records, in the Estate File of Tory William RIDGE of Surry Co, NC, late h/o Winnifred Combs (d/o Mason Combs, Sr., m second, in 1784, Nathaniel ALLEN). William RIDGE was also father of a natural daughter who m Biram Combs one of "the eight" sons of John and Nancy Combs, Sr. (s/o Mason Combs, Sr.). After the Revolutionary War, as part of a law suit, numerous depositions were taken, many of which included mention of Jeremiah Combs I, all of which identified him as having been a Tory during the war, and a number of them including the fact(?) that Abiram (a.k.a. Biram) and Jeremiah Combs had murdered RW patriot Francis BRADLEY of Mecklenburg Co, NC during the Revolution, and said to have been found out as a result of having both BRADLEY'S gun and sleeve buttons from his jacket in their possession. The murder of BRADLEY was said to have occurred during their return to the Yadkin from the Aug 1780 Battle of Hanging Rock (at which Tory William RIDGE died), but which some historians declare took place in November of 1780.

Regardless of the when's, where's and what's of their activities, Jeremiah Combs I was presumably a minimum of 14 years of age in 1780 (thus born bef 1767). Whether he was a son of Mason Combs, Sr., or one of his sons (Mason, Jr., William Sr. and John, Sr.) remains unknown, but given that he has never been found in later records, he is possibly the Combs of Surry Co, NC who died ca 1780, according to the 1802 Davidson Co TN deposition of Hannah BALDWIN of Davidson Co TN (wife of Zenos?), which included the statement that: "I understood that two of the Combs'S had joined the Tory party & after their return, one of them got killed by the Whigs & further this deponant sayeth not…"

Thus far, none of the other Combs mentioned in the Ridge depositions seem to have gone missing other than Jeremiah, and it's probably a good bet that his death is the explanation for a surfeit of Jeremiah Combs born shortly thereafter:

Jeremiah C. Combs II, a.k.a. "Chunky" (s/o Nicholas "8" and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.), b ca 1780, North Carolina or Virginia; d testate by 1854 (10 Jan 1853, Walker's Branch?), Perry Co, KY; m (1) Syntha SUMNER (d/ Samuel & Winnifred Combs Sumner (Hicks)), b 1785-1791, d ca 1840(?), Perry Co, KY; married (2) ca 1840, Sarah GRIGSBY, b ca 1825, Kentucky; d aft 1880 (Perry Co, KY Census); m (2) 10 Jun 1854, Perry Co, KY, Hiram C. WOOTEN. Jeremiah also had a son, Jeremiah, by Matilda Combs.

Jeremiah C. "Chunky" appears on the 1810 Clay Co, KY Census, probably the one (of two on that census) on p. 155, the 1820 Clay and 1830-50 Perry Co, KY Census.

Jeremiah L. Combs III a.k.a. "Long" (son of John Combs according to The Combes Genealogy…), b 1782-3 (in Kentucky? North Carolina?); d 1843, Perry Co, KY; m (1) Nancy (Combs, SUMNER or SMITH?); b 1784-1791, d ???; m (2) 6 Sep 1835, Perry Co, KY, Sally WHITELY (Cox), b abt 1810, Virginia, d aft 1860 (Perry Co, KY Census).

Jeremiah L. "Long" is on both the 1810 and Floyd Co, KY Census on the same page as John Combs (b pre-1765) who may have been John Combs, Sr., father of "the eight"), and the 1830 and 1840 Perry Co, KY census.) The records of Perry Co, KY document his many children.

Jeremiah C. Combs IV a.k.a. "Curly" (s/o ????), b ca 1788, Virginia, d aft 1850 (Perry Co, KY Census), m 29 May 1810, Clay Co, KY, Elizabeth Combs (d/o Henry "8" & Rachael CLEMENTS Combs, Sr. according to Dickey Diary Interviews)

Jeremiah IV was taxed in Clay Co, KY beginning in 1809 and appeared on the census in Jun 1810 in Clay Co, Kentucky (>probably(?) the same who was listed on p. 152 adjacent to (his father-in-law) Henry Combs, Sr.) and again in 1820. He appeared on the census in 1830 to 1850 in Perry Co, KY, but is missing from the 1860 and probably deceased. He was also known as Jeremiah Combs, Jr. (the youngest of the three Jeremiah's of East KY). The 1833 Perry Co, KY tax list includes Jeremiah C Combs with 50a on Troublesome entered in the name of H. Combs. On 1 June 1833 (Perry Co, KY DBB:6) Jeremiah Combs Curly of Perry Co. deeded to Christopher SIZEMORE for $100, 50a on Troublesome.

Jeremiah Combs V of Madison AR (son of Mason & Dorothy Combs (Jr.?)), b 1788, Virginia; d Feb 1867, Madison Co, AR; m 1810, Warren Co, TN, Charity RHOADS, b 1796-1799, North Carolina, d 1860, Madison Co, AR. This Jeremiah resided with his father in Hawkins Co, TN in the 1790s.

The above are the only known early Jeremiah Combs, although there are at least two more later Jeremiah Combs (other than descendants of the above four), including:

Jeremiah COMBS, b ca 1806 in Grayson Co, VA (on the Surry Co, NC line), d 1882, Boone Co, WV, s/o Zedekiah and Elizabeth JOHNSON Combs

Jeremiah COMBS, born 24 Jun 1821, Jessamine Co, KY; d May 1899, Jessamine Co, KY; s/o Edward and Sophia HICKS Combs, both born in Fayette Co, KY.