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As is the case with all Combs Research Family Reports, when a source is not specifically referenced herein, the source can be found via a "hot link" to the applicable Combs County of Record, Revolutionary War Pension Files, Bible Records, etc.

George Combs, one of the “eight” (John Combs, Sr., Mason Combs, Sr., John Combs of Richmond, Archdale Combs of Old Rappa), b pre-1774, Virginia; d 1826-7, Perry Co, KY; m bef 1804, Lydia 'Lydy' HARRELL (d/o John), b 1775-1780, Virginia, d aft 1857, (of) Perry Co, KY.

George is documented as a s/o John Combs, Sr. by the Dickey Diary Interviews, which identify him as "one of the eight" Combs brothers of East Kentucky; as well as other implied records (as noted), and as the h/o Lydia HARRELL (a.k.a. HERALD), the marriage further documented by the 1815 Hawkins Co, TN will of her father, John.

The 1898 Dickey Diary Interview of John S. Combs lists George as "one of the eight" (sons of John Combs, Sr.), adds the information that his children included "Claiborne lived in Owsley, [and] Byron dead;" and states that "Old George married a HERALD."

The interview of Elijah Combs CORNETT, b 22 Mar 1822, includes the statement that "Mason and George Combs died with the fever the same year about the time I was born;" a statement repeated in The Combes Genealogy… (p. 70) with the additional information that George died in a typhoid epidemic; however, this is disproved by Perry Co, KY records that document that, although Mason Combs (George's brother) died ca 1822, George didn't die until 1826-7.

According to The Combes Genealogy…, p. 70, George "settled above Hazard, on the site of what is now Lothair [Perry Co, KY]. His house stood on Cedar Point, just above the highway. He was a carpenter and a sley [sic] maker. Not much information about George has come down to us. He had five children: Biram, Caliborne [Claiborne], Elizabeth, Lydia and Matilda.

"Biram (b. 1813-14) married Maria MESSER, and lived on Carr's Fork; Claiborne (b. 1804-05) married Sarah -----, and lived on Turkey Creek, Breathitt County; Lydia (b. 1806­07) married Moses, "Chunky Jerry" Combs' son, and lived near the mouth of Carr's Fork, and later, on Troublesome Fork. Two of Lydia's sons, "Cedar-Head" Sam and Felix, built the "Tunnel Mill", on Troublesome. Elizabeth married Zach. MORGAN; Matilda was unmarried..."

Note: Of George's three daughters, only Elizabeth has been fully documented thus far (see below).

George was taxed 1807-1811, 1813-14, and 1817-1820 in Clay Co, Kentucky.

The 1810 Clay Co, KY Census, p. 152, line 16, incorrectly lists both George and Lydia as born 1784-1794 (definitely too young - see below), with one male in the household b 1801-1810 (Claiborne?) and 2 females born 1801-1810 (Lydia and Matilda?).

The 1820 Clay Co, KY Census, p. 125, shows:

1 male (George) b pre-1774
1 female (Lydia) b 1775-1794
1 male b 1794-1802 (Claiborne?)
1 female b 1805-1810 (Lydia?)
1 male under 10 (Biram?)
3 females under 10 (Matilda, Elizabeth and ?)

In 1820-1, Perry Co, KY was established from Clay (and Floyd), and George is found on the tax lists of that county (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from microfilm copies):

1821George Combs Sr.100a1wm>216 horses7 blacksN. Fork
1822George Combs Sr.100a1wm>216 horses7 blacksN. Fork
"George Combs Jr.0a1wm>21--
1823George Combs100a1wm>215 horses6 blacksN. Fork
"George Combs Jr.0a1wm>21--
1824George Combs100a1wm>214 horses4 blacks N. Fork
"George Combs Jr.0a1wm>21---
1825George Combs Sr.100a1wm>213 horses5 blacksN. Fork (land ent in his name)
"Clabourn Combs[First year on tax roll]0a1wm>211 horse--
1826George Combs100a1wm>215 horses4 blacks N. Fork Ky.
"George Combs0a1 wm-
1827George Combs[George's estate]100a0 wm0 horsesN. Fork
"George Combs0a1wm>211wm>21
1828Cabourn [Clabourn] Combsson George Combs dec
150a 1wm>212 horses5 blacksN. Fork
"Liddia [Combs]0a0 wm>214 horses1 blacks-
"George Combs0a1wm>21---
1833Lydia Combs50a0wm>212 horses3 blacks N. Fork
1834Lydia Combs0a1wm>212 horses2 blacksN. Fork

SE Note: Based on the tax lists, George Combs, Sr. d 1826-1827 (see below). A Biram Combs was on tax beginning in 1822 with no land, and 1 horse, listed as being on Carr Fork (apparently not Biram, s/o George and Lydia, since the latter not born until 1812-1813?). Also Note: Although the tax lists were alphabetized, they were not alphabetized within given name. The second George Combs was never listed close to George Combs Senior, so he must have been George Combs, son of Henry “8” Combs, Sr.

3/11/1822 (Perry Co, KY DBA:22). George and Claiborne Combs witnessed a deed from Justus BOLLING to Daniel FRIER. (Abstracted from Perry Co, KY Deed Books microfilm by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who adds: This was the first mention of both George and Claiborn in the deed books that I have found.)

10/10/1829 (Perry Co, KY Order Book A:21) On motion of Jeremiah Combs guardian of orphan children of George Combs decd. Motion mentions others to settle with the administrator and administratrix of George Combs decd. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Perry Co., Ky. Court Order Book A (Perry Co. Gen Soc , v17#1, 4/1995)

12/14/1829 (PC-OBA:23) Clabourn Combs and Lydia Combs, admtr and admtx of George Combs decd. (Extracted from Perry Co., Ky. Court Order Book A (Perry Co. Gen Soc , v17#1, 4/1995 by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who adds: Typically, the eldest son and widow are named administrators, etc.

In 1830, Lidia Combs is listed on p. 341, line 4 of the Perry Co KY Census:

1 female 50-60 (Lydia b 1771-1780)
1 male b 1801-1810 (not Claiborne who is on 1830 Clay)
1 male b 1810-1815 (Biram, b 1812-1813?)
1 female b 1810-1815 (Matilda, b 1810-1815?)
2 females b 1815-1820 (Elizabeth b ca 1822-3?)
1 female b 1825-1830 (??)

Note: There may be a second family in this HH

1/19/1835-1/19/1835 (Perry Co, KY DBB:63) Biram Combs of Perry Co. to Jeremiah Combs of Perry Co., for $250, all of my part of my father's estate, both real and personal - all that is now due from the administrator and administratrix which may hereafter become due for the land and negroes sold and my part of my mother's dower at her death - my part of my father's George Combs, decd. estate. Biram X Combs. Wit: Jesse Combs, Moses Combs (Abstracted from Perry Co, KY Deed Books microfilm by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who notes that Lydia appears to still be alive in 1835.)

1/19/1853-2/7/1853 (Perry Co, KY DBC:261) Will of Jeremiah C Combs. Names his four youngest children: Rity, Lusany, Harreson and Wade Combs. Names wife Sally. Names son Jeremiah. Names children: Andrew, Moses, John, Nicholas, Nancy, Elizy, Polly Ana, Sitha, and the heirs of Darcus DAVIDSON. Names his son Jeremiah, the son of Matilda, and bequeath's all his interest in George Combs's decd.'s estate to Jeremiah Combs. Executors: John S Combs, Nicholas Combs, Andrew Combs (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Perry Co, KY Deed Books microfilm)

9/10/1858 - 9/10/1858 (Perry Co, KY DBC:467) Samuel Combs and wife Eliza of Perry Co. to Washington MORGAN. Eliza, the mother of G.W. MORGAN is conveying all her interest in the property of her mother Lydia Combs, the wife of said George Combs including slaves, and land. Her mother has three slaves from her dower's share of George Combs' estate. Samuel Combs. Eliza Combs (Abstracted from Perry Co, KY Deed Books microfilm by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who adds that Zachariah MORGAN defined as first husband of Eliza in Perry Co, KY DBC:469).

Note: The above record also documents that Lydia HARRELL Combs was still alive. See 1850 Perry Co, KY Census notes re the possibility that Lydia married (2) John HACKER.

Known & Possible Issue of George & Lydia HARRELL Combs

  1. Claiborne Combs (George) was born between 1801 and 1805 in Kentucky. He was taxed in 1830 in Clay Co, Kentucky (missing from 1829), and appeared on the census of that county the same year, as well as in 1840. He is listed on the Owsley Co, Kentucky census in 1850 through 1880, and died in that county in 1885. He married ca 1826, his first cousin, Sarah "Sally" Combs (daughter of John “8” & Margaret Combs of Perry KY) in 1826. Sarah "Sally" Combs of Owsley KY was born between 1797 and 1799 in Kentucky, d aft 1880 (census). She was the widow of James HUNDLEY, whom she had married in 1810 in Lincoln Co, KY.
  2. Claiborne's ancestry is documented by the Dickey Diary Interview of John S. Combs. The Combes Genealogy… includes Claiborne and Sarah, but does not identify her as the s/o RW John Combs. See 1850 Owsley Co, KY census notes for more in regard to this family.

  3. Lydia "Letha" Combs (George) was born in 1806/7 in Kentucky.She was also known as Lette Combs. She married her first cousin once removed, Moses Adam "Mose" Combs (son of Jeremiah C. "Chunky" Combs and Syntha SUMNER) on 10 Feb 1829 in Perry Co, Kentucky (Groom's Index and Vital Statistics). They are on the 1830 through 1850 Perry Co, Kentucky census. Moses Adam "Mose" Combs of Perry KY was born about 1806 in Kentucky. He died after 1853. He also had children by Nancy CAMPBELL (See 1850 Perry Co KY Census Notes).
  4. Lydia is undocumented, named only in The Combes Genealogy….

  5. Matilda "Tildy" Combs (George) was born between 1810 and 1815 in Kentucky, and died after 1880, assuming she has been correctly identified in Perry Co, Kentucky Census records.
  6. Matilda's ancestry remains "sort of" undocumented as she is named only in The Combes Genealogy… which also states that Matilda had a son, Jeremiah "Tight," by (her first cousin?), Jeremiah C. "Chunky" Combs (s/o Nicholas “8” and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.); and sons, George and Hiram, by her first cousin, Clinton "Grizzler" Combs (s/o Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs). Jeremiah C. had a son Jeremiah by a Matilda according to his 1853 Perry Co, KY will, and was also the guardian of the children of George and Lydia, but how is it known that Matilda, mother of Jeremiah, Jr., has been correctly identified?

    The 1850 Perry Co, KY Census lists a Matilda Combs, age 40, b KY, with George, age 17, and Jackson [sic], age 7 (Was Jackson actually in error for Jeremiah, or was the latter the same who was residing in the 1850 Perry Co, KY HH of his father, and his last wife, Sallie GRIGSBY?) Matilda also appeared on the census in 1860 in Perry Co, Kentucky, as Matilda Combs, farmer, age 45 [sic], b KY. She is missing in 1870, but back in 1880, if she is the Tilda Combs, age 70, in the 1880 Perry Co, KY census HH of Jeremiah Combs (her son by Jeremiah C. "Chunky?"), age 38. See also Two Hiram and Mary Combs of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR.

  7. Biram Combs (George) was born in 1812/13 in Kentucky. He married Mariah MESSER of Perry KY in 1836 in Perry Co, Kentucky (Perry Co, KY Groom's Index and Vital Statistics and 1933 Casey Co, KY death cert. of son, Clayborn), and is listed on the census in 1840 through 1860 in Perry Co, Kentucky, but is missing from the 1870, and presumably deceased(?). Mariah MESSER was born between 1815 and 1818 in Kentucky, and is also missing in 1870.
  8. Biram's ancestry is documented by Perry Co, KY records and the Dickey Diary Interview of John S. Combs. See also The Combes Genealogy…

  9. Eliza Combs (George) born ca 1819, Kentucky; m (1) 1836, Perry Co, KY, Zachariah MORGAN; m (2) bef 1850, Samuel Combs, b ca 1820, KY.

Note: The Combes Genealogy…, conflicts itself on this family, stating on p. 70 that Eliza, d/o George & Lydia, m Zachariah MORGAN (with no mention of Samuel Combs), omits her from the General Table under George Combs, but on p. 139 of the General Table states that Samuel "Black Sam" Combs (s/o Nicholas "Bird-Eye" Combs, Jr. and Elizabeth Combs), m Elizabeth "Lisa" Combs, termed "dau. of old George". The children listed in the General Table for Samuel "Black Sam" and Elizabeth were taken from the 1850 Perry Co, KY census, but were mistakenly identified as Washington, Morgan, Nicholas and Granville Combs, when in fact, they are enumerated as Washington, Nicholas and Granville MORGAN [sic]. It is possible that Nicholas and Granville were actually neè Combs, but whether they were Combs or MORGANS, this family is not found on the 1860 Perry Co, KY Census. Nor were the Samuel Combs and Liza MORGAN who were recorded in Perry Co, KY as the parents of Nicholas Combs, b 15 May 1859. The 1860 Perry Co, KY census includes only one Samuel Combs family that "might" have been that of "Black Sam" and Elizabeth, but that household includes no MORGAN children, and no Nicholas or Granville, and the children's ages in this household "overlap" those of the 1850 census. The 1860 Elizabeth was also neè Combs according to the 1915 Perry Co, KY death certificate of their son, Elhannon (research in progress). Also note that no MORGANS are found on the 1840 Perry Co, KY Census.

To Be Continued…