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As is the case with all Combs Research Family Reports, when a source is not specifically referenced herein, the source can be found via a "hot link" to the applicable Combs County of Record, Revolutionary War Pension Files, Bible Records, etc.

Nicholas "Danger" Combs, Sr., one of the "eight," (John, Sr., Mason, Sr., John of Richmond, Archdale of Old Rappa), a.k.a. Nicholson Combs, was born 1761-1764, probably in Frederick Co, VA; died 1857-1859 in Perry Co, KY; married bef 1781,* Nancy GRIGSBY (sister of Thomas GRIGSBY), born ca 1753 in VA, died Jan 1850, Perry Co, KY.

*Nicholas was most definitely "precocious," both as a Tory in Surry Co, NC, and as a young groom when he married Nancy GRIGSBY, his elder by at least 7 years (if not more). There is a question, however, as to how precocious Nicholas was. If the 1772 birth year for their eldest daughter, Elitia, is correct, he would have been, at most, only twelve at the time of her birth, in which case, it seems more likely that she was the d/o Nancy by an earlier relationship or marriage than the d/o Nicholas.

Important! Despite two references in the Dickey Diary to Nicholas "Danger" Combs having been born ca 1736-1738 and having died in 1837 or 1838, all other records and references appear to document that both his birth and his death were at least 20 years later. Not only does this twenty year (full generation) shift wreck havoc on all earlier theories that Nicholas "Danger" was a son of Mason Combs, Sr., but also means that he was instead "one of the eight," a son of John Combs, Sr. (s/o Mason Combs, Sr.), and both the Revolutionary Tory and the Revolutionary Patriot of Surry Co, NC; Rockingham and Shenandoah Cos, VA; Sullivan Co, TN; and Perry Co, KY.

Our special thanks to Combs Researchers Jim Jackson, Martin Grant Hall, George Baumbach, Sue Elfving and the many, many others who provided both the records and the insight resulting in the following greatly amended Combs Research Report for Nicholas "Danger" and Nicholas GRIGSBY Combs and their family.

While this report is still a Work-in-Progress (remains very incomplete), we are ever closer to reaching our ultimate goal of Building a Documented Genealogy for Nicholas Combs and his Descendants, using deeds, estate records, tax lists, census, and cemetery records; Revolutionary War Pension Files; etc.; plus all possibly relevant facts culled from the J. J. Dickey Diary, as referenced below. See also Josiah H. Combs' Combes Genealogy (which, although it incorrectly identifies Nicholas, is nevertheless a valuable source in regard to his children and other Combs relationships).

Known Issue of Nicholas and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.
A Chronology of His Life
Revolutionary War Pension Files (pertaining to Nicholas)

Known Issue of Nicholas and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.

Note: Due to the size of the report for Nicholas, Sr. himself, we have temporarily removed some additional data abt his children and all entries for his grandchildren, all of which can also be found in the applicable hot-linked Combs County of Record.

The 1898 Dickey Diary interview of Margaret Combs Lewis, d/o Nicholas Combs, Jr. (s/o Nicholas & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.) and Elizabeth Combs (d/o RW John & Margaret Combs): "My grandfather had only five children, viz. Nicholas, Jeremiah and Semund [Samuel]. Rebecca married a WILLIAMS and Licia [Elitia] married a SMITH."

  1. Elitia Combs (#1 Nicholas), a.k.a. Alicia, Licia, Elisha, &c.; born 20 Jun 1772, probably in Virginia; died 11 Mar 1858, Troublesome Creek, Perry Co, KY; married bef 1799, Rev. Richard SMITH, born 15 May 1771, died 28 Nov 1836, Troublesome Creek, Perry Co, KY; both buried at Old Smith Graveyard on Troublesome Creek.

    Elitia is documented as a daughter of Nicholas by the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret Combs Lewis and others; however, there is some question, due to her age, and death record as to whether she might have been Nicholas' step-daughter, rather than daughter. Although Elitia's tombstone states she was b 20 Jun 1772, she may, however, be the Elisha whom the 1850 Perry Co, KY census lists as born 1780, the 1840 as b 1770-1780; and in the HH of Richard SMITH: the 1830 Perry as b 1770-1780, the 1820 Clay as b 1776-1794, and the 1810 Clay as b 1784-1794. (See her Combs Research Report).

  2. Jeremiah C. Combs (#1 Nicholas); a.k.a. "Chunky Jerry;" born ca 1780 in North Carolina or Virginia, died Jan 1853, Perry Co, KY; married (1) bef 1807, Synthia SUMNER (daughter of Samuel SUMNER and Winnifred Combs (Hicks), b 1785-1791, Tennessee, d ca 1840, Perry Co, KY(?); m (2) ca 1840, Sarah "Sally" GRIGSBY, b ca 1825, KY; d aft 1880; m (2) 10 Jun 1854, Perry Co, KY, Hiram C. WOOTEN. Jeremiah also had a (natural?) son, Jeremiah, by Matilda Combs.

    Jeremiah is documented as a son of Nicholas by Dickey Diary Interviews and his own declaration in his father's Revolutionary War Pension File. Jeremiah died testate naming children from three relationships/marriages (1853 Perry Co, KY DBC:261). He is also found in the records of Clay Co, KY, and possibly Floyd (Due to a proliferation of Jeremiah Combs, note that it has not always been easy to segregate records -- See also Early Jeremiah Combs of the Southern Frontier). His first marriage is documented by the Dickey Diary Interview of his son, Andrew S., and his second by death certificates of his children (1925 Perry Co, KY, Wade Combs; and 1945 Powell Co, KY, Harrison H. Combs. The Combes Genealogy, General Table, p. 133, erroneously lists Jeremiah's first wife as Nancy [sic] SUMNER, and states that Matilda Combs, mother of his son, Jeremiah C. Combs, Jr. was the d/o George and Lydia HARRELL Combs

  3. Nicholas Combs (#1 Nicholas), a.k.a. "Nicholson," a.k.a. "Birdeye" a.k.a. "Squire;" born ca 1793, Tennessee; d 1885, Perry Co, KY; married 20 Apr 1816, Floyd Co, KY, his first cousin, Elizabeth Combs (daughter of RW John & Margaret Combs), born 1795-1798, Kentucky, d 1860-1870, Perry Co, KY.

    Nicholas, Jr. is documented as a son of Nicholas, Sr. by the Dickey Diary Interview of his daughter, Margaret Combs Lewis, and others; as well as by the Revolutionary War Pension File of his father. See also the records of Clay, Floyd and Perry Cos, KY. His nickname, Birdeye, is only found in Dickey Diary, but Squire (also Dickey Diary) may be further confirmed by his use of the word, Esquire, after his name in RW pension file of his father. Nicholson as a name is seen in the Dickey Diary, but also in at least one early Clay Co, KY tax list. See Also Martin Grant Hall's The Search for Nicholas "Danger" Combs for extensive census, land and tax information and analysis.

  4. Rebecca Combs (#1 Nicholas), born abt 1795-1800, Kentucky or Tennessee; d aft 1860, of Perry Co, KY; m 17 Jul 1809, Clay Co, KY, John WILLIAMS, born abt 1782, North Carolina, died 1850-1860, of Perry Co, KY.

    Rebecca is documented as a daughter of Nicholas by (a) her marriage record; and (b) the Dickey Diary Interviews of her niece, Margaret Combs Lewis, and nephew, John S. Combs. See also the records of Clay and Perry Cos, KY.

  5. Samuel Combs (#1 Nicholas), born abt 1799, in Tennessee, married 13 Dec 1819, Clay Co, KY, Nancy CORNETT (d/o William and Mary EVERAGE Cornett), born abt 1803, Tennessee.

    Samuel's ancestry is documented by the Dickey Diary Interview of his niece, Margaret Combs Lewis (where his name is incorrectly written as Simeund). On 3 Jun 1850, Elijah “8” Combs, Sr. (paternal uncle of Samuel) gave a deposition on behalf of the Rev. War Pension application of William and Mary EVERAGE Cornett, declaring that Nancy CORNETT, d/o William and Mary EVERAGE Cornett, had married Samuel Combs; and on 30 May 1853, Samuel Combs, age 54, of Owsley Co KY, declared he had married Nancy CORNETT. See also the records of Perry and Breathitt Cos, KY.

Nicholas & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs I - A Documented Chronology

(Based on Dickey Diary Interviews, Revolutionary War Pension Files (pertaining to Nicholas), and applicable Combs Counties of Record as noted below).

aft 1759 in (probably) Frederick Co, VA. Born: Nicholas, s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.

Nicholas was probably born in Frederick Co, VA since land records place his father in that county in 1758, and his grandfather, Mason Combs, Sr., was already there by 1751. That he was born after 1759 is documented by his 1783 Shenandoah Co, VA sworn declaration that he was under 21 in 1781 or 1782. The 1810 Clay Co, KY Census lists him as born pre-1765, and the 1820 as born pre-1774; the 1830 and 1840 Perry Co, KY Census Enumerations list him as born 1760-1770, and the 1850 as b ca 1764. According to his Revolutionary War Pension File, he was born 1759-1760 (85 or 86 in Nov 1845); and/or pre-1765 ("being smartly over 90 years of age" in Dec 1855).

He was apparently deceased by Jul 1859 (missing from 1860 Census and Mortality Schedule), and at the time of his death (1856-1859), was over 100 years of age according to the Dickey Diary Interviews of two of his grandchildren, Margaret "Peggy" Combs Lewis and John S. Combs. Although both their interviews indicate that Nicholas d in 1838, it has been subsequently documented that other dates in the interview of Margaret Combs Lewis were "off" by twenty years (see 1857-1858 below), which, if also true of the death date of Nicholas, would likewise move his year of birth to 1757 or 1858.

Note: See Also Martin Grant Hall's The Search for Nicholas "Danger" Combs, which also includes extensive census, tax and land data and analyses.

1772-1781 (probably) Frederick, Shenandoah, Augusta or Rockingham Co, VA. Married: Nicholas Combs, Sr. and Nancy GRIGSBY.

Nicholas' marriage is documented by the 1898, Hazard Perry Co, KY Dickey Diary Interview of his grandson, Andrew who stated: "… My grandfather married Nancy GRIGSBY… Thomas GRIGSBY… brother of my grandmother…" The pre-1773 date for the marriage is based on Nicholas having been father of Elitia Combs, w/o Richard SMITH, as stated by Margaret Combs Lewis in the Dickey Diary; however, see also discrepancies re Elitia's age, which may advance the marriage date to as late as 1781 (1780 birth of his son, Jeremiah).

Frederick, Shenandoah, Augusta or Rockingham as the marriage location would appear to be most likely based on the fact that (a) Nicholas' father appears to have still been living in Frederick (or its successor, Dunsmore-Shenandoah) for most of that time; and (b) Nancy GRIGSBY probably resided in that part of Augusta Co, VA which became Rockingham in 1778.*

*In 1839, Nicholas' wife, Nancy, then age 87 (b ca 1752), of Perry Co, KY, declared that "she attended the wedding of Michael and Letty RORK and that she resided near them at that time." (Pension file of RW Michael ROARK). Although the wedding year of Michael and Letty is not stated, their son, James, was born in 1767 (Goodspeeds' History of Franklin Co, MO), and in 1832, Michael ROARK declared that he enlisted in 1781 in Rockingham Co, VA (adjacent to that part of Frederick which became Dunmore Co in 1772, and renamed Shenandoah in 1777). Michael ROARK'S wife, Letitia, was neè GRIGSBY according to her grandchildren, and although any relationship to Nancy remains unknown, that one existed is likely since their daughter, Sarah ROARK, had married bef 1798, Nicholas' brother, Elijah Combs, Sr.

Aug 1780 Surry Co, NC. Nicholas and his father, John Combs, Sr., were both in Surry Co, NC by the time his uncle, William RIDGE (h/o Winnifred Combs) died at Hanging Rock in Aug 1780.

According to the 1804 Greene Co, TN deposition of James Martin LEWIS, "…in the latter part of the summer or fall of 1780 Wm T LEWIS [of Surry Co, NC] was robed by one John GOINS* and one Nicholas Combs and a great many of his papers destroyed and he supposed the Bill of Sail that he had got of WM RIDGE for said two negrows SALL and NAN among the rest…that his Overseer had gathered up the papers that day scattered on the floor after the after the Robbers had went of[f] and had put them in bundles and taken them to said LEWIS'S fathers in Wilkes County [NC] …" (William Ridge Estate File).

The 1804 Hawkins Co, TN deposition of Isabel BACON includes the statement that "…in the Spring of the year 1780 Wm T. LEWIS had a Bill of Sail of Wm RIDGE… and that in the same year 1780 the said Wm T. LEWIS was robbed by one John GOWINS and one Nicholas Combs. GOWINS a Brother in Law to WM RIDGE and Combs a nephew to said RIDGE and that the[y] had destroyed a great many of his papers and he supposed the said Bill of Sail…that the Robbers had Torn and scattered said LEWIS'S papers over the floor of his House and that said LEWIS bundled said papers up in a bundle and taken them to Major LEWIS'S in Wilkes County…his fathers Major LEWIS of Wilkes County…" (ibid.)

Note that the above also documents that Nicholas Combs was not a son of Mason Combs, Sr. (as posited by The Combes Genealogy…), but a grandson (nephew of William and Winnifred Combs Ridge). Also note that the above-referenced Major William T. LEWIS was the same who was Nicholas' commanding officer according to his pension file.

It is likely that Nicholas' "conversion" from Tory to Patriot took place in the same manner as that of the "half-hung" Tory, William Combs (probably uncle or cousin to Nicholas) of Surry Co, NC in 1778-9; i.e., Nicholas was caught 'red-handed' and offered the opportunity to "take the oath" and enlist (clearly a preferred option to that of being being hung). Moreover, the above and other depositions indicate that Nicholas was still a Tory as late as August of 1780, and Nicholas' own Revolutionary War pension declarations indicate that he enlisted only four-five months later:

Nov-Dec 1780 Surry Co, NC. According to Nicholas' own declarations in his Revolutionary War Pension File, he enlisted in Surry Co, NC (Fort Shelby per John HACKER) abt 10 months' before the end of the War (see next) in the company of William Terrell LEWIS, Regiment of Col. Martin ARMSTRONG. This is further confirmed by the Dickey Diary Interview of his grandson, John S. Combs, who stated: "…Nicholas Combs, my grandfather, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Several of his brothers were in the same war. I can't tell which ones were in the war, they may all have been in it…"

19 Oct 1781 Shenandoah Co, VA According to Nicholas' RW pension declaration he was in Shenandoah when Cornwallis was defeated. He also states that he was discharged in North Carolina shortly thereafter, but either this is in error (there does seem to be some confusion abt his discharge) or he immediately removed from Surry County as by:

1782 Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists. Both Nicholas and his brother, William, are listed, Nicholas with one white poll and two horses.

Nov 1782 Both Nicholas and his brother, William, and their maternal grandmother, Wilmouth (GEORGE) Harding are charged with non-payment of taxes. Nicholas later proves to the Shenandoah court that he was underage at the time.

1783 Shenandoah Co, VA. Nicholas is missing from the Personal Property Tax List, but included on the List of Inhabitants (State Enumeration) with 3 white souls (wife Nancy, daughter, Elitia, and son, Jeremiah C.?). His absence from the PPTL may indicate that he was in Rockingham Co, VA this year (see below).

Note: Josiah H. Combs' The Combes Genealogy… states that "if this Nicholas is identical with 'Danger Nick', the census data would indicate that there was only one child in the family at the time…however, it is known that 'Danger' had at least two children at the time: Nancy (or Alicia) and 'Chunky Jerry', three or four years old." He ascribed this to carelessness; however, according to author Harry M. Strickler in Massanutten, Settled by the Pennsylvania Pilgrim, 1726, The First White Settlement in the Shenandoah Valley (Bookmark Press, Knightstown, IN 46148, 1978), discrepancies occurred in the Shenandoah lists in that some of the enumerators did not include the head of household in the 'white souls' figure (See also 1785 List of Inhabitants).

1784. Shenandoah Co, VA Personal Property Tax List. Nicholas is listed with one white poll, one horse and two head of cattle. He may have also been the same enumerated on the 1784 Rockingham Co, VA List of Inhabitants (State Enumeration) in 1784 with 6 white souls, 2 dwellings, and 2 other buildings (not yet researched).

Note: Also in Rockingham were RW Michael & Letitia GRIGSBY Roark whose daughter, Sarah, married Nicholas' brother, Elijah Combs, although not in the same district. A John and Benjamin GRIGSBEE [sic] were also on Michael ROARK'S list as well as John KITE (RW soldier later also of East TN).

1785 Shenandoah Co, VA. Again, Nicholas is missing from the Personal Property Tax List, but this time is included in the Shenandoah Co, VA List of Inhabitants (State Enumeration) -- in the same district as, and adjacent to, the "Powell Valley" Combs (from Monmouth Co, NJ),listed with 4 white polls, 1 dwelling and no out buildings (His brother, William, is in another district, with the HARDINGS).

Note: Nicholas is keeping "strange bedfellows" this year; i.e., he is at Powell's Fort with the New Jersey Combs, not with Stafford Families (See Shenandoah Co for additional detail). The Combes Genealogy… states only, "Another Virginia census, 1785, shows that Nicholas had moved farther up the South Fork of the Shenandoah, or rather into what is now called (Powell's) Fort Valley, on the present Passage Creek… extreme eastern edge of the present Shenandoah County, about ten miles from Woodstock… listed with families known to have been living in this locality at the time…" He makes no mention of Nicholas' proximity to this apparently unconnected Combs family, some of whom were also later in Sullivan Co, TN at the same time as Nicholas. This is the last record found of Nicholas in Shenandoah.

1786-1795 No Record. Nicholas Combs has not only disappeared from the Shenandoah Co, VA tax lists, but is nowhere to be found in any VA County Personal Property tax lists in 1787. Nor has he been located on extant NC, KY (then VA) or TN (then VA & NC) tax lists (which include numerous "burnt counties").

1796-7 Sullivan Co, TN. Nicholas Combs is listed on the 1796 Sullivan Co, TN tax list -- with a possible second Nicholas Combs, each with 140 acres and one white poll, and one with a single black poll. It is considered highly probable, however, that this was a duplicate entry for one (not two) Nicholas Combs, as it is significant that the 1797 Sullivan Co, TN tax list includes only one Nicholas Combs, and although there is a later Nicholas Combs on the 1812 Sullivan Co, TN tax list, he was a "non-resident" land owner with 140 acres, confirming Dickey Diary statements about the Combs of East Kentucky having property back in Tennessee that they did not sell when they moved to KY. Nicholas' grandson, Andrew Combs, for example, stated in 1898: "… My grandfather lived at the Long Islands of Holston River [Sullivan Co, TN], a good while. He and my father [Jeremiah] went there several times… I have been at the Long Islands of Holston myself… They went back to Tennessee… There is a island in the river a mile or two long, just below Bluntsville…"

1804 (and probably earlier) Floyd Co, KY. Nicholas had entered 400 acres, land that would become part of Clay Co, KY when it was established. This early entry also confirms Andrew Combs' Dickey Diary Interview when he stated: "… My Grandfather Nicholas Combs came first. He built a cabin and left his wife and went back for provisions etc… My grandfather was detained on his first trip back to Long Island of Holston and he feared his wife would starve or die before he could get back but when he came up to the point of the mouth of Carr, he helloed and she answered him. His heart leaped with joy at the response. the deer were all about the cabin but she did not know how to shoot. The women were not marksmen. I knew my mother to kill bear and deer. the old CombsES were property plenty. They owned slaves…" Andrew's brother, John S. Combs also confirmed Nicholas' early arrival in Kentucky, stating that Nicholas "… came to Kentucky early in the settlement of Kentucky. He lived and died near where L.D. Combs now lives in Perry County…" Nicholas' granddaughter, Margaret Combs Lewis added: "Nicholas Combs, one of the original eight brothers who settled in Perry County from Holston River, Virginia… My father, Nicholas Combs, told me that when grandfather first came to Perry he went to Carr to get some wheat to sow from old William CORNETT…" (Kentucky land entries confirm that William CORNETT had entered land in then-Floyd County in 1803. Moreover, Thomas CODY (s/o William and Sinai STACY Cody) refers in his deposition on behalf of the Rev. War Pension Application of William CORNETT to he and his father having come upon the CORNETTS during a hunting trip in 1804, and to having been at the wedding of William and Mary EVERAGE Cornett in Sullivan Co, TN in 1796. At the time (1804), the CODYS were living adjacent to Nicholas' paternal uncle, William, and his wife, Seth STACY (sister to Sinai STACY Cody) in Russell Co, VA on Crabtree Branch of Moccassin Creek, North Fork of the Holston River.

1807 Clay Co, KY. The land of Nicholas was in that part of Floyd which became Clay, and Nicholas is listed on that county's first tax list in 1807, continuously until the formation of Perry Co, KY from Clay in 1820-1821 (Two Jeremiah Combs are also listed on this census, one probably Nicholas' son, but see also Floyd Co, KY and Early Jeremiah Combs of the Southern Frontier.

1810 Clay Co, KY census. Nicholas appears with both he and his wife listed as born pre-1765, on the same census page as John, Shade, Mason and William Combs, as well as Robert HICKS (h/o Winnifred Combs Hicks Sumner), and John WILLIAMS (m Nicholas' daughter, Rebecca). Two young males, one under 10 and the other under 16, are also in Nicholas' household. One was probably his sons, Nicholas, Jr. (b ca 1793), and Samuel (b 1799).

1820 Clay Co, KY. Nicholas again appears on the Clay Co, KY census, this time as "Nicholson" Combs, with he and wife each listed as b pre-1775 (eldest category), and no others in their household. They are listed on the same census page as Henry Combs, Jr. (s/o Nicholas' brother, Henry, Sr.), Elijah Combs, Sr., and Nicholas' sons, Nicholas, Jr. and Samuel (and probably the Jeremiah also on that page).

1824 Perry Co, KY. Nicholas resided in that part of Clay Co, KY which had become Perry in 1820-21, and in 1824, Nicholas Combs, Sr. deeded land in that county to four of his known children, Nicholas, Jr., Jeremiah, and Samuel Combs, and Rebecca, wife of John WILLIAMS.

7 Nov 1825 Perry Co, KY. Nicholas Combs and Henry Combs (Sr.), both of Perry Co, KY, jointly declare that they are the brothers of Rev. War. Pension Applicant, John Combs, also of Perry Co, KY.

1830-40 Perry Co, KY. Nicholas is listed on the Perry Co, KY census as age 60-69 (b 1760-1770); and Nancy as age 70-79 (b 1750-60). In the 1830s are yet more deed transactions, and in 1840, Nicholas is listed on the Perry Co, KY census as age 70-80, and Nancy as 80-90.

Jan 1842 Perry Co, KY Deed Book B, page 270. Nicholas Combs, Sr. deeds land on Ball's Fork / Troublesome Creek, to James RITCHIE, "His X Mark".

14 Nov 1845 Perry Co, KY. Rev. War Pension Applicant Nicholas Combs of Perry Co, KY declares that he is 85 or 86 years of age (b 1759-1760).

20 Nov 1845 Perry Co, KY Deed Book B, page 385. Nicholas Combs, Sr. deeds land to [his son], Nicholas Combs, Jr. 40 acres on North Fork, KY River for $40; County Clerk signs on 23 March 1846 [?]

10 Apr 1847 Perry Co, KY Deed Book B, page 412. Nicholas Combs, Sr. & "his wife, Nancy" deed land to Nicholas [their son] Nicholas Combs, Jr . "His X Mark" and "Her X mark". "I, Jesse Combs, clk of the county court for the county ------, do certify that this deed from Nicholas Combs, Sr. and his wife, Nancy Combs, to Nicholas Combs, Jr.

28 August 1849 Perry Co, KY Deed Book B, page 459. Nicholas Combs, Sr. & his wife, Nancy, deed land to Nicholas RITCHIE. "In witness thereof, the said Nicholas Combs, Sr., together with Nancy Combs, his wife,….". "His X mark" and "Her X Mark (S)".

Note: The above two records are of particular importance since they confirms that Nicholas Sr. was same who m Nancy GRIGSBY.

Jan 1850 Perry Co, KY Deeds. Nicholas Combs, Jr & Betsy Combs, his wife, who hereby relinquishes her right of dower in and to the lands conveyed in this deed…."

Note: This record is also of particular importance since it confirms that Nicholas Jr. was same who m m Elizabeth "Betsey" Combs.

Jan 1850 in Perry Co, KY, Nancy [GRIGSBY] Combs, married, age 96 [b ca 1754], born VA, died of a cold after a 30 day illness. (US Census Mortality Schedule, 1850, Perry Co, KY)

1850 Perry Co KY Census. District 2, HH#22: Nicholas Combs, age 86 [b 1762-63], Farmer, 4000 b VA. In the adjacent household (HH#21) are his son, Nicholas, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth, and in #19, his son, Jeremiah.

Note: The $4,000 value is also confirmed by Andrew Combs' Dickey Diary Interview statement that: "…the old CombsES were property plenty. They owned slaves… My grandfather was the richest of all the CombsES. All had negros and a great deal of property…"

1853 Perry Co, KY Deed Book C, page 200. Nicholas Combs, Sr. deeds land to James RICHIE, for $50 "His X Mark".

Sep 1856 Perry Co, KY. Nicholas is still alive as of Sep 1856, based on correspondence in his RW Pension file.

1857-Jun 1859 Perry Co, KY(?). Died: Nicholas Combs, Sr. Although the Dickey Diary Interviews of John S. Combs and Margaret Combs Lewis state that their grandfather d ca 1838, he is documented as having been alive at least until 1856, and apparently deceased bef Jul 1859 (1860 Perry Co, KY Census and Mortality Schedule).

According to the Dickey Diary Interview of John S. Combs: "My grandfather Nicholas Combs lived to be 101 or 2 or 3 years old. He is buried near L. D. Combs. I was grown when he died. I was married, just married, had no children (He looked at his Bible. J.J.D.) was Feb. 28,1838. My father had two brothers, one sister…"

Margaret Combs Lewis' interview states that "my grandfather, Nicholas Combs, died in 1837 or 1838;" however, her interview also states that she was born in 1820 or 1822 and that she was "nearly grown" when Nicholas died; however, the 1850 Perry, 1860 Clay, and 1880-1910 Leslie Co, KY census enumerations document that Margaret was born ca 1841 (1840 or 1842?). If her age being "off" by twenty years affected the dates in the remainder of her interview, then Nicholas d in 1857 or 1858 - a full twenty years later, with Margaret having been 16-18 years of age at the time; i.e., "nearly grown."

This still does not explain John S. Combs' statement; but when these two Dickey Diary Interviews are considered as part of the whole - not only of the Dickey Diary Interviews, but numerous other public records, it becomes clear that Danger Nicholas Combs, RW Nicholas Combs and Nicholas Combs "of the eight" were one and the same.