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As is the case with all Combs Research Family Reports, when a source is not specifically referenced herein, the source can be found via a "hot link" to the applicable Combs County of Record, Revolutionary War Pension Files, Bible Records, etc.

Elitia Combs (#1 Nicholas, John, Mason, Archdale), a.k.a. Alicia, Licia, Elisha, &c.; born 20 Jun 1772, Virginia or Tennessee; died 11 Mar 1858, Troublesome Creek, Perry Co, KY; married bef 1796, probably in Sullivan Co, TN, Rev. Richard SMITH, born 15 May 1771, died 28 Nov 1836, Troublesome Creek, Perry Co, KY; both buried at Old Smith Graveyard on Troublesome Creek.

Note: Elitia's name was not either Nancy or Melissa (Dickey Diary Interviews). Her "real" given name was probably Alicia, but because she, and so many around her, were illiterate, they and others spelled her name in a variety of ways. Combs Research has chosen the spelling used by her children for her headstone, and for Elitia Creek, which was probably named after her.

Forward by Sue Elfving

This report, by no means, represents a thorough and documented report on Richard Smith and his wife Elitia Combs and their family, nor does it represent any original research. The SMITHS have been heavily researched throughout the years. SMITH historian David R. Smith, President of the Knott County Historical & Genealogical Society & Library, Inc. provided me with several generations of descendants, and I have used the code DRS to represent him as the source where applicable. Researchers new to their Combs and SMITH lineages would benefit from reviewing the Nicholas “8” & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr. Report in conjunction with their reading of this report. Also note that there were other SMITH Families, some of whom were likely related to Richard SMITH. The William B. SMITH family always carried the initial "B" in their names and are relatively easy to recognize.

Important Records Relating to Richard SMITH and Elitia Combs

Record #1 Deed listing heirs of Richard SMITH
Perry Co., Ky. Deed Bk B, p. 446-7. 12/12/1838-3/28/1848

12 Dec 1836-28 Mar 1848 (Perry Co, KY Records) Commonwealth of Kentucky, Perry County, towit:
I, Jesse Combs, Clerk of the County Court for the county aforsaid, do certify that this deed of conveyance from the heirs of Richard SMITH, deceased, and his widow, Elisha SMITH, to William SMITH, was this day produced to me in my office and acknowledged by Lorenzo Dow SMITH; Samuel SMITH and Lisha SMITH on the 12th day of December, 1836, to be their acts and deeds for the Purpose therein mentioned, and was also proven to be the act and deed of the said Joshua SMITH, John CAMPBELL, Zachariah FUGATE, Thoams SMITH, James SMITH, Isaac SMITH, George Combs, Thomas GRIGSBY, Nicholas SMITH, Martin FUGATE, by the oaths of John GRIGSBY, and William GRIGSBY on the 14 day of June 1847, and acknowledged by JOHN STACY and wife Cinthy STACY, and Kizey GRIGSBY on the 24th day of September 1847, to be their act and deed, and acknowledged by Mary FUGATE on the 26th day of September 1847, to be her act and deed, and acknowledged by Nancy SMITH on the 28the day of March, 1848, to be her act and deed, and the said Kizey GRIGSBY, Mary FUGITE, Nancy SMITH and Cinthy STACY being examined by me privatly and apart from their said husbands, declared that they did freely and willingley seal and deliver the said writing and wishes not to retract it and acknowledged the said writing, again shown and expained to them to be their act and deed and consenteth that the same may be recorded, thereupon, the said deed together with this certificate, hath been duly admitted to record in my office. Given under my hand this 28th day of March, 1848.

(Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews who adds: The estate settlement record for Richard SMITH details the land description of the 50 acres of land etc. and states "the undersigned heirs and widow of Richard SMITH deceased, hath this day granted, bargained and sold unto the said William SMITH all rights, title, etc.… That record follows, signed by the heirs of Richard Smith):
Lourenza D. SMITH
Samuel SMITH (his mark)
Alisha SMITH (her mark)
Joshua SMITH
Zachariah FUGIT
Thomas SMITH
Isaac SMITH [m Cinthia STACY]
Cinthia SMITH (her mark) [Cinthia STACY Smith]
George Combs (his mark) [m Nancy SMITH]
Thomas GRIGSBY (his mark)
John STACY [married Cynthia SMITH]
(Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews who adds: Cinthia STACY Smith and John STACY were brother and sister)

A second abstraction of Deed Bk B, p. 446-7 (exactly the same except for minor spelling differences) reads:

Heirs of Richard SMITH, decd. To William SMITH, for $200, 50a on Lot's Creek.
Lorenzo D SMITH, Samuel SMITH, Alisha SMITH, Patsy CAMPBELL, Zachariah FUGIT, Thomas SMITH, James SMITH, Isaac SMITH, Cinthy SMITH, George Combs, Thomas GRIGSBY, Betsy FUGATE, Kizy GRIGSBY, John STACY, Nancy SMITH.
Examination paragraph:
Lorenza D. SMITH, Samuel SMITH, Lisha SMITH 12/12/1838
Joshua SMITH, John CAMPBELL, Zachariah FUGATE, Thomas SMITH, James SMITH, Isaac SMITH, George Combs, Thomas GRIGSBY, Nicholas SMITH, Martin FUGATE
John and Cinthy STACY, Kizey GRIGSBY 9/24/1847
Nancy SMITH 3/28/1848

SE Note: This record shows that Kizey was married to Thomas GRIGSBY a.k.a. "Thomas RITCHIE."

Record #2 1836 Nuncupative will of Richard SMITH
Perry Co, Ky., DBB:113

Nuncupative will of Richard SMITH who died 28 Nov. 1836. He leaves personal property and land to his wife, Elica [sic] during her natural life, then the land to go to his son Lorenzo Dow SMITH. He leaves personal property, after the death of his wife, to his two youngest daughters Elizabeth and Cyntha. He names youngest son Isaac SMITH as being under the age of 20. He mentions grandson Nicholas HICKS to receive a cow now in the possession of James SMITH and the calf to go to Elcany HICKS. Witnesses were William SMITH, and Samuel SMITH. Dated: 11/28/1836.

Record #3 Deed from Lorenzo D. SMITH, wife Sarah, and Elisha SMITH to Joshua SMITH.

Perry Co, KY DBB:422-3. Lorenzo D. SMITH and wife Sarah, and Elisha [sic] SMITH, widow of Richard SMITH to Joshua SMITH. 8/5/1847-11/15/1849.

Record #4 Deed from Lorenzy D SMITH to Nancy Combs

Perry Co, KY DBC:78-9 6/29/1850-6/29/1850. Lorenzy D SMITH of Perry County to Nancy Combs, wife of George Combs and the heirs of her body that she had by George Combs, 200a on Coots Branch in Perry Co.

Record #5 William SMITH and Nelly Combs Floyd Co., Ky. marriage bond..

Floyd Co., Ky. Marriage Bond dated 4/20/1816 for William SMITH and Nelly Combs, by William SMITH and Nicholas Combs for a marriage shortly to be had between William SMITH & Nelly Combs.

This is to certify that I have given my concent [sic] for my daughter Nelly Combs to join with William SMITH in matrimony. Given under my hand this 19th day of April 1816. (S) Sarey Combs. Attest: Jeremiah Combs and Nicholas Combs. (Source: Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky 1800-1826 by Charles C. Wells, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1983, on microfilm, pp. 147, 299). The marriage also took place on 4/20/1816.

Record #6 Graveyard Inscriptions from the SMITH Cemetery, adjacent to the old Primitive Baptist Church, in Ary, Perry Co., Ky.

One tall rather attractive marker. Elder Richard SMITH, Mar 5, 1771, Nov 28, 1836 - "A member of the primitive Baptist Church 45 years his toils are past His work is done. He fought the fight, the victory won. On the other side - Elitia SMITH His Wife June 20 1772, Mar. 11 1858 "A member of the primitive Baptist Church 45 years. In life she exhibited all the graces of a Christian. In death her spirit returned to God who gave it."

Isaac SMITH b. Dec 18 1820, d. May 21 1878 "Primitive Baptist" [son of Elder Richard]
Sitha SMITH His Wife b. Mar 13 1828 d. Feb 4 1886

John STACY Father b Oct 1824 d Mar 12 1812 buried next to:
Syntha STACY Mother b 1 Mar 1824 d 3 Feb 1892 [Syntha SMITH, d/o Elder Richard]

Record #7 Perry Co., Ky. Vital Statistics Death Rec (abs from original on microfilm)

Elifsa SMITH, age 86, female, b. TN, resided Troublesome, d. 3/11/1858, of old age, parents were Nancy GRIGSBY.

These inscriptions copied from visit to cemetery by Sue Elfving & Philo Lund.

The following inscription for same cemetery taken from Ky. Cem Records, v1, Ky DAR, 196):345

Joshua SMITH, Oct 24, 1818-Aug. 11, 1885; Amy SMITH, d. July 2, 1874 (same stone)

Elder Richard SMITH, Primitive Baptist Minister, is known to have been a resident of Sullivan Co., Virginia/Tennessee as early as 1793 where we find him listed (#35) in the Sullivan Co., Vir., S.W. Territory Company of Capt. Andrew BEATY, under the command of Col. Gilbert CHRISTIAN from 9/1/1793 to 12/31/1793. (American Militia In the Frontier Wars 1790-1796, Murtie June Clark, Gen. Publ. Co., Inc., 1990, p. 113). He is also listed (#29) with Moses SMITH (a name found later in Clay Co., Ky.) in the Washington Dist. Militia Hawkins Co. TN Mtd. Inf. Regt. Commanded by Stokely DONALDSON, Esq., in Lt. Thomas MITCHELL'S detachment for the protection of Gen. ROBINSON and the inhabitants of the SW Territory (p. 163). He in listed with 1 white poll in the 1797 Sullivan Co., Tenn. tax list. The William SMITH listed in the 1796 Sullivan Co. tax list may have been his father since this entry shows two white poles with no Richard listed. Richard's presence in Sullivan as early as 1793 indicates that it was possible he met and married Elitia Combs in Sullivan Co. and that several of their older children were born there as well.

Richard SMITH was born 5 Mar. 1771 in Virginia and died 28 Nov., 1836 (Record #6). His birth and death dates are taken from his cemetery marker, and his nuncupative will confirms his date of death (Record #2).

There is continuing discussion regarding Elitia's date of birth and whether she was the daughter of Nicholas Combs or the step-daughter. If she was born 20 June 1772 as inscribed on her cemetery marker (Record #6), then she was likely a step-daughter as we now know that Nicholas "Danger" Combs was born 1761-1764 (see "Danger" Nicholas “8” Combs Research Report). If an error has occurred with the inscription, as can often be the case with refurbished cemetery markers, etc., then she may have been born about 1780 as suggested by her 1850 Perry Co, KY census record. If the latter is true, then she could be the daughter of Nicholas Combs who was enumerated as the head of his household in 1782 in Shenandoah Co, VA. Andrew Combs did refer to Elitia as his aunt in his interview with Rev. DICKEY. But Old Danger Nick never defined her as a daughter in any deed transaction as his did with his other four children.

Please note; however, that she died on 11 Mar. 1858 at the age of 86 per her KVS death record which only lists her mother Nancy GRIGSBY as parent and does not name Nicholas Combs. Her age at the time of death confirms a 1772 year of birth.

If one looks at the beginning and ending dates of birth for her children which spanned from possibly as early as 1795 to 1823-25, a range of thirty (30) years, she likely was born later than 1772; otherwise, her last child Elizabeth was born when she was 52 or 53 years of age. If she had children for 30 years, one might think she married early and began having babies when she was quite young. There probably is no way to resolve the age issue.

To my knowledge, there is no suggestion that Elitia was not the mother of all of Richard's children. Their eldest child was named William, which may have been after his grandfather William SMITH (per SMITH researchers and DRS). The second child was named Thomas, a GRIGSBY name, likely from her mother Nancy GRIGSBY Combs' line.

Richard and Elitia had fourteen children that lived to maturity. It is quite remarkable to have fourteen children but to have all of them live to maturity in those early times is nothing short of a miracle. Richard and Elitia must have had some spectacular genes. One might assume they took special care of their children when they were young. They were: William, Thomas, Martha, Nancy, James, Nicholas, Samuel, Kesiah, Mary, Lorenzo Dow, Joshua, Isaac, Cynthia, and Elizabeth. Thirteen children are clearly documented in one deed (Record #1). William, the eldest, is not proven by record, and the identity of the parent of grandson Nicholas HICKS has yet to be solved.

Richard mentioned a grandson Nicholas HICKS in his will (record #1), but I have no information as to who this grandson may have been. A grandson named HICKS suggest he was the son of a daughter. No record has been found of a daughter marrying a HICKS. More research is required to identify this grandson.

It is interesting to note that only two (William and Nancy) of Richard and Elitia's 14 children intermarried with the Combs families, certainly a departure from the pattern of Elitia's relatives.


1807 Richard SMITH, among several other SMITHS, is on the Clay Co, KY. tax list. He is still in Clay Co. per the 1810 census.

1 Dec. 1815 Clay Co., Ky. Richard SMITH, #41, 50 acres on the north fork of the Ky. River including his improvements (abs Clay COBB:pp?).

1820 Clay Co., Ky. census shows both a Richard and William SMITH.

1821. Both Richard SMITH and William SMITH (b. by 1800) appear on this first tax list for Perry Co., Ky. Richard is shown with 80 acres on the N. Fk of the Ky. R. William SMITH is shown with no acreage. By 1823, there are two (2) William SMITHS. The second may be William B. SMITH. One is shown with 60a on the N. Fork entered in the name of JOHNSON and the other shows no land. I have done no further tracking of the SMITHS in the Perry Co. tax list.

1830 Perry Co, KY Census. Richard SMITH not found.

Children of Richard SMITH and Elitia Combs Smith

William SMITH (b between 1791-1795, d 1876)

William SMITH, the eldest known child, was born between 1791-1795 in Tennessee (perhaps Sullivan Co.) per his census records. There was certainly confusion about his age in the three census records. Since he married in 1816 without the consent of an older adult, I suspect he was at least 21 in 1816 and therefore born by 1795. It is known his father Richard was in Sullivan by a 1793 per a militia record. In 2 of 3 census records William stated he was born in Tenn. He married 20 April 1816 in Floyd Co, Ky, Milly (a. k. a. "Nelly") Combs. (Record #5).

Both William and Milly were buried in the SMITH family cemetery at Smithsboro, but all the graves were removed to the Carr Memorial Cemetery in Littcarr, Knott Co., Ky., when the dam was constructed and Carr Lake formed. William SMITH died 1876 and Milly SMITH died 1875 per their cemetery markers in the Carr Memorial Cemetery (S=Carr Memorial Cemtery transcriptions by Homer BANKS)

We do not actually have a record that defines William SMITH as a son of Richard SMITH, although the Perry Co, KY court records might provide such a record. William did purchase land from the heirs; however, this deed (Record #1) does not define him as an heir. He has always been listed by the Smith researchers as a son, and he is defined as a son of Richard SMITH in The Combes Genealogy…. A definitive record would certainly be icing on the cake.

Milly (a.k.a. "Millie, Nelly") Combs is reputed to have been the daughter of one John Combs, but that lineage has yet to be proven by any records (research in progress). The Combs Genealogy states she was a daughter of RW John Combs by his first wife, but there is no corroborating evidence from any of the Dickey Diary interviews or from public records. Consent was given by her mother Sarey Combs for her 1816 Floyd Co, KY marriage to William SMITH. Four (4) days earlier RW John Combs gave consent for his daughter Elizabeth to marry Nicholas Combs (s/o Nicholas and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr.). William SMITH was also bondsman for this marriage. It seems strange that, if she were the daughter of John Combs, he would not have provided the consent for her as he did for Elizabeth since these two marriages were taking place about the same time. In those days, trips to the courthouse were not an everyday occurrence, and people had to make their trips worthwhile taking care of multiple errands. So why was the consent given by her mother? Was Sarey Combs a widow? Her identity and Milly's lineage are still very large mysteries. (See John Combs III and note that Sarah may have been in William and Milly's 1830 Perry Co, KY Census household)

The 1816 Floyd Co. marriage record defines William SMITH'S intended as "Nelly" but all other records, census and deeds, show her name to be Milly. Given the difficulty of reading old writing, an "M" could easily be confused with an "N." Coincidentally, or not, on the same day (4/16/1816), Nicholas Combs and William SMITH entered into a bond for a marriage between Nicholas Combs and Elizabeth Combs, with consent for Elizabeth to marry given by her father John Combs dated 4/15/1816 (Source=Floyd Co. Annals, p. 150). Margaret Combs Lewis, a daughter of the above Elizabeth Combs, makes no mention of Milly in her interview with DICKEY. Margaret was quite clear about many relationships .

It does seem likely from these records that Milly was associated with the group of Combs living in that part of Floyd Co. which later became Perry Co., Ky. Jeremiah "Long Jerry" Combs, another reputed son of John Combs (per The Combes Genealogy…), also lived in Floyd during this time.

SE Note: It is possible that "Nelly" of the marriage record was a first wife. William SMITH'S first known child is John SMITH, b. ca 1821; therefore, there was certainly time for him to have married and his wife to have died and then remarry. Or he and Milly might have had a child or two who died in infancy.

William and Milly Combs Smith lived in Letcher Co., KY on Carrs Fk. In the 1844 Letcher Co. tax list, William is shown with 150 acres on Carrs Fork valued at $550, and 350a in Perry Co. on Lotts Creek valued at $600. He also owned 5 horses, 32 cattle, and had 8 children between the ages of 5 to 16. His total taxable property was $1330. In 1846 William has 1350a on Carrs Fk., and in 1848 he has 2100a on Carrs Fk with his taxable property valued at $2080 including 6 horses, 24 cattle.

1855 Letcher Co., Ky. tax list. Wm SMITH Sr. is listed with 0 males tithable over 21.

1858 Letcher Co., Ky. tax list. William SMITH Sr. with one male tithable. This is the last year that I tracked the SMITHS on the Letcher Co. tax list.

1850 Letcher Co., Ky. census. Wm SMITH, age 50, b. VA, Millie SMITH age 48, b. KY #99
Ch: Jerry 18, Thos 14, Nancy 13

1860 Letcher Co., Ky. census. Wm SMITH, age 67, b. Tenn, Milly SMITH age 65, b. VA #542
Listed: Thomas SMITH 23, Jackson Combs 26, Mary Combs 27, James Combs 3

SE Note: I do not know the identity of the Jackson Combs above. Perhaps of some significance, Wm and Milly SMITH are living next door in 1860 to Matilda WATTS Combs, the widow of Mason Combs, another reputed but not documented son of John Combs III and reputed brother to Milly Combs Smith.

1870 Letcher Co., Ky. census. William SMITH, age 79, b. Tenn., Milly age 76, b. Tenn., p.5 #30/30
Listed: Matilda 12, Shepherd [?] 12, Thomas 9.

Children of William SMITH and Milly Combs

John SMITH (b ca 1821) md. Willie Combs (d/o Jeremiah "Long Jerry" Combs)

William "Med" SMITH (9/23/1825-1/9/1897 (DSR)) md. Martha ASHLEY (3/19/1831-6/16/1918)
[Buried Carr Memorial Cem]

Richard SMITH (b ca 1826) md. Polly KELLY

Sarah SMITH (1827-5/15/1903 (DSR)) md. George Washington KELLY

Alexander SMITH (b ca 1828) md. Mary ASHLEY

Jeremiah "Jake" SMITH (b ca 1832) md. 26 Oct. 1854. Elizabeth STACY (d/o Shadrach STACY & Sarah Combs, d/o of Long Jerry Combs)

Matilda SMITH (1/12/1835-4/23/1909) [Buried Carr Memorial Cem] md. 1 Jehu CODY 17 Feb. 1850 Letcher Co., Ky. (LMB1:33) Jehu was the s/o of Thomas CODY SR of Russell/Scott Cos., VA and Perry Co., Ky. and his wife Mary BAYS, and a grandson of William CODY of Surry Co., NC & Russell/Scott Cos., VA., and his wife Sinai STACY. SE Note: William CODY was one of those "thievin and murdering Tories." Jehu is documented as a son of Thomas CODY Sr. and Mary BAYS by Scott Co., VA deed. Matilda SMITH Cody md 2nd Emery KINSER 9 Apr 1872 (her junior by sev. years) (S=Letcher Co. MB3:245)

Ed. Note: The Combes Genealogy… refers to Emery KINSER as Amos KINSER, and states that Matilda also "... had a natural son by Wash(ington) KELLEY: Dr. Elihu, m. first, Millie ISON, second, Mattie PETREY."

Thomas SMITH (b ca 1836) md. Louraina FRANCIS

Viny/Nancy SMITH (S=DSR)

Ed. Note: According to The Combes Genealogy…, Vina SMITH, d/o William and Millie Combs Smith, m. Shadrack Combs (ancestry not stated). Neither have been located in census records as yet. Also note that Vina may have been Malvina or Melvina.


Thomas SMITH (b ca 1798-1801, d after 1880)

Thomas SMITH, the second child, was born between 1798-1801, also in Tennessee and probably in Sullivan Co. He married Sarah CLEMONS on 25 July 1826 in Perry Co., Ky. Thomas is documented as the son of Richard SMITH by a Perry Co., Ky. deed listing the heirs (Record #1). In 1880 Thomas states that both his mother and father were born in NC.

Thos. SMITH married 25 Dec. 1821 in Perry Co., Ky. (S=abs PC MBA:2)
Thomas SMITH married 25 Jul. 1826 in Perry Co., Ky (S=abs PC MBA:14). SE Note: This is the marriage cited by the Smith researchers.

Census records prove his wife's name was Sarah. The Combs Genealogy and SMITH researchers list her as a CLEMONS.

DSR lists their children as: Richard, Wiliam, Lute, Aggie, and Matilda

1850 Breathitt Co, KY Census
161-161, SMITH, Thomas, 52, M, Farmer & Stonemason, 200, VA
Sarah, 44, F, KY
Benjm., 23, M, KY
Martha, 22, F, KY
Mary, 20, F
Richd., 17, M
Matilda, 14, F
Elias, 11, M
Lewis, 9, M
Aggy, 5, F
ALLEN, George, 18, M, Farmer

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Thos SMITH, age 59, b. Ky., Sally 56, b. Ky., hh#379/377
Ch: Lewis 18, Agga 16

1880 Perry Co., Ky. census. Thomas SMITH, age 79, b. TN NC NC, Sarah age 73, b. KY VA VA
#278/285, Ed 82, p. 34, line 1
HH Incl: Lewis SMITH 40, Sally ROBERTS 13.
Note. Thomas states his mother and father were born in NC.


Martha SMITH (a.k.a. "Patsy, Dinah") (b ca 1800)

Martha SMITH, was born 1800, probably in Tennessee if her date of birth is accurate, and she married 11 Oct 1817 John C. "Jack" CAMPBELL in Clay Co., Ky. (S=DRS). Martha is a documented daughter of Richard SMITH by deed listing the heirs (Record #1). In this deed, Martha is listed as Patsy CAMPBELL and John CAMPBELL is also listed. DSR's data cites data from the desc. of Adam CAMPBELL.

1850 Breathitt Co, KY Census: 219-219
CAMPBELL, Jackson, 58, M, Farmer, 200, VA
Patsy, 50, F, KY
John, 18, M, Farmer
Susannah, 15, F
Katherine, 12, F
Lewis, 10, M
Judah, 8, F
Polly, 5, F


Nancy SMITH (b ca 1802)

Nancy SMITH was born circa 1802 in Tennessee, probably in Sullivan Co., and was married first to J.P. MARTIN (per The Combes Genealogy…), and secondly George Combs (s/o Henry “8” and Rachel CLEMENTS Combs, Sr.). Her marriage to George Combs is documented by a deed from her brother Lorenza SMITH to her identifying her as the wife of George Combs (Record #4). Nancy is further proven as a daughter of Richard SMITH by deed (see Record #1) where both Nancy SMITH and George Combs are listed. It is not known if all of George Combs' children were by Nancy. The deed from her brother Lorenzo to her and the children begat by George Combs suggests that George might have some children by another woman and therefore do not share in the rights to the 200a on Coots Branch (Record #4).

No Perry Co. marriage record has been found for a J. or J.P. MARTIN.

25 Dec. 1821 George Combs married in Perry Co., Ky. (absPC-MBA:2)

1850 Perry Co, KY census. George Combs 52, b. TN, Nancy age 48, b. KY p.418/838, hh#61/64
Ch: Francis 19, Mathew 17, James 15, Nicholas 13, Rachel 11, Jace 9, Lorenso 7

Ed Note: See also 1860 Perry Co, KY Census, and note that above Jace (1850) has also been transcribed as Isaac(?), name having been difficult to determine.


James SMITH (b ca 1805, d. bef 7/3/1860)

James SMITH was born circa 1805 in either Tennessee or in Kentucky, in what became Clay Co. when that county was formed from Lincoln and Knox Cos. He is a documented son of Richard SMITH by deed listing the heirs (Record #1). He married 25 Nov. 1822 Rhoda OWENS in Perry Co., Ky. The Combes Genealogy… lists her as a d/o of Reece OWENS. The 1850 and 1860 census records document his wife's name as Roda. James must have died prior to the 7/3/1860 census record listing Roda SMITH with dau. Louisa in the household of James and Nancy NAPIER.

The abstracts of the Perry Co., Ky. Marriage Book A:4 show James SMITH marrying a Hannah FUGIT on the same date. This conflict needs to be resolved.

Their children per DRS and census records: Nicholas, William, Francis "Frankie", John, Isaac, Rebecca, and Louisa. DRS lists an Elcany but no John.

SE Note: Richard SMITH'S will mentioned a grandson Nicholas HICKS to receive a cow in the possession of James SMITH. I wonder if this Nicholas (see 1850 census) is a SMITH and if he is James' son.

1850 Perry Co., Ky. census. James SMITH, age 45, b. TN, Roda age 46, b. VA, hh#108/116
Ch: Nicholas 21, William 16, Frances 14, John 11, Isaac 9, Rebecca 5, Louisa 4/12

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Roda SMITH, age 56 b. Ky., p. 53 [widow of James SMITH], living in the household of James (35) and Nancy (33) NAPIER.


Nicholas SMITH (b ca 1805-6)

Nicholas SMITH was born ca 1806 in Kentucky, in what became Clay Co. when that county was formed. Nicholas married first Arta JOHNSON, the daughter of Thomas JOHNSON and his wife Philadelphia a.k.a. "Delphia" CARTER (documented d/o of Henry CARTER of Wilkes Co., NC). It is believed that the Nancy in the 1850 and 1860 census records was a second wife. Nicholas SMITH is included in a list of the children of Thomas and Delphia JOHNSON wherein their son George Washington JOHNSON paid each child $200 for the property that had been patented by Thomas JOHNSON. More research is required to determine the identity of Nancy his second wife.

1850 Letcher Co., Ky. census. Nicholas SMITH age 44, b. unk, Nancy age 42 #136/136
Ch: Simeon 15,Wm 13, Mary 11, Missa 9, Milly 7, Sarah 5, Nancy 3

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Nick SMITH age 55, b. Ky., Nancy age 53, b. Ky., hh#221/219
Listed: Wm SMITH 22, Massa SMITH 18, Milly 15, Andrew 9, Sipha 6

5 Aug. 1830 in Perry Co., Nicholas SMITH married. (S=abs PC MBA:25)


Samuel SMITH (1809-1863)

Samuel SMITH was born 5 Jan. 1809 in Clay Co., Ky. He married 6 Nov. 1832 in Perry Co., Ky., to Nancy JONES. Samuel is a documented son of Richard SMITH by a deed naming the heirs (Record #1). He would have been born in Clay Co. since that is where his father resided in 1809-10. The census record proves his wife's name was Nancy, and birth records for three children list her as JONES. In 1850 he was living next door to brother-in-law George Combs and five doors from brother Lorenzo D SMITH.

6 Nov. 1832, Samuel SMITH married in Perry Co., Ky. (S=absPC MBA:33)
30 Mar. 1852 Christian SMITH born in PC, d/o Samuel SMITH & Nancy JONES (S=PC KVS)
14 April 1854 male, born dead, s/o Samuel SMITH & Nancy JONES (S=PC KVS)
30 July 1858 Armintha SMITH born in PC, d/o Samuel SMITH and Nancy JONES (S=PC KVS)

Their children per DRS: William, Daniel, Isaac, Samuel Jr., John, Newton, Sceattie, Emiline, Arminda. According to DRS: Daniel married Martha Combs, d/o of Moses Combs: Newton married Elizabeth, d/o Alexander Combs; and Sceattie md. Rev. Hite Combs (s/o of Moses Combs).

Ed Note: Daniel SMITH m 6 Apr 1864, Perry Co, KY, Martha Combs (CAMPBELL), d/o Moses Combs (s/o Jeremiah C. "Chunky" and Synthia SUMNER Combs) by Nancy CAMPBELL (See 1850 Perry Co, KY Census Notes). According to The Combes Genealogy…, Elizabeth Combs, wife of Newton SMITH, was the d/o Alexander & Mary BRASHEAR Combs (of Perry Co, KY). See also 1921 Knott Co, KY death certificate of Seatia Combs, d/o Samuel SMITH and Nancy JONES, both b KY. Hiram Hite Combs (CAMPBELL) was also a child of Moses Combs by Nancy CAMPBELL.

1850 Perry Co., Ky. census. Samuel SMITH, age 41 b KY, Nancy age 39, b unk hh#62/65
Children listed: Minerva 17, William 15, Daniel 11, Isaac 9, Seattie 7, John 5, Samuel 3, Newton 1

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Saml SMITH, age 50, b. KY, Nancy 48 b. Ky, hh#208/206 p. 33
Danl 20, Isaac 18, Seatta 16, John 14, Saml 12, Newton 10, Emmaline 6,
Mande 5 [Arminda b. 7/30/1855 PC KVS]


Kesiah "Kizzie" SMITH (c1812-1892)

Kesiah SMITH a.k.a. "Kizzie, Kizey, and Colley," was born 1812 in Clay Co., Ky., she married Thomas GRIGSBY a.k.a. Thomas RITCHIE in Perry Co., Ky. on 8 Aug. 1830. The reason for her husband going by two different surnames in unknown. He is GRIGSBY in the deed listing Richard SMITH'S heirs but is RITCHIE in his census records. She is listed in the deed (Record #1) as Keziah GRIGSBY with Thomas GRIGSBY; however, the 1850 and 1860 census records list Thomas RITCHIE.

Kesiah is a documented daughter of Richard SMITH by Perry Co. deed listing the heirs (Record #1).

Thomas RITCHIE was the son of Alexander Crockett RITCHIE and his wife Susan "Betsey" GRIGSBY Ritchie per Smith researcher David R. SMITH who also states that Susan was the daughter of Benjamin GRIGSBY and his wife Nancy Combs of Virginia and North Carolina (Seeking Source).

On 8/8/1830 Thomas GRIGSBY married in Perry Co., Ky. (S=absPC-KVS)

1850 Perry Co., Ky. census. Thomas RICHIE age 45, b. Ky., Kesiah age 38, b. Ky., hh#140/150
Ch: John 19, Benjamin 16, Armelda 14, James 13, Samuel 10, Elizabeth 8, Joshua 6, William 4,
Thomas 1.

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Thomas RICHIE age 60, b. Ky., Kissa age 50, b. Ky., hh#379/377 p. 58
Ch: Benj 25, Saml 20, Josh 16, Wm 14, Thos 12, Sorena 10

1880 Perry Co., Ky. census. Kissey RICHIE, age 70, mother, b KY KY KY, #288/295 ED 82, p. 35
Living in the hh of John RICHIE 48 and wife Sinthy 40.


Mary "Polly" SMITH (b 1814)

Mary SMITH was born in Feb. 1814 in Clay Co., Ky. She married Zachariah FUGATE in 1832. She is a documented daughter of Richard SMITH by a Perry Co., Ky. deed listing the heirs (Record #1) where her husband Zachariah FUGATE is listed. The birth record of her daughter Hanah also proves this marriage. The date of the marriage is from SMITH researchers, source not given.

12/10/1855, a daughter Hanah FUGATE, was born to Zachariah FUGATE and his wife Mary SMITH.

1850 Perry Co, KY census. Zachariah FUGATE, age 33, b. Ky., Polly age 35, b. Ky., hh#70/74
Ch: Mary 16, John 12, Gabriel 12, Martha 11, Daniel 8, Zachariah 5, Martin 3, Minerva 1

1860 Perry Co, KY. census. Zachariah FUGATE, age 42, b. Ky, Polly age 42, hh#330/328
Ch: John 22, Danl 18, Z 16, Manerva 14, Martin 12, Hannah 10, Alex 8, Ams 6

1900 Perry Co., Ky. census. Polly FUGATE, mother, b.Feb. 1814, 86, widow, 11ch/8 living
Living in hh of Anse FUGATE b. 1854, ae 46, md 11 yr, & wife Ellen #72/75, ED 95, p. 5


Lorenzo Dow "Anze" SMITH (b 1816)

Lorenzo Dow SMITH was born 10 Nov. 1816 in Clay Co, KY. He married first Sarah FUGATE, and secondly Frankie STACY. In 1850 Lorenzo was living next door to John STACY and his sister Cynthia SMITH Stacy.

According to DRS Lorenzo and Sarah had two children: Zachariah who died young and Polly.

1850 Perry Co., KY census. Lorenzo D. SMITH, age 33, b. Ky., Sarah age 36, Lettie age 11, hh#67/70.

1860 Perry Co, KY. census. Ans SMITH, age 45, b. Ky., Sally 45, b. Ky., hh#331/329
Betty JOHNSON 40, Wes JOHNSON 8, George_____ 6, Anna UNIS 18, Elijah UNIS 16
Note: The identity of the non-Smiths are unknown.

1880 Perry Co., Ky. census. Lorenza SMITH age 60, b KY KY KY, #150/155, Ed 82, p. 19
Living in hh of John and Lilly FUGATE and next door to Frankey STACY, age 43, to whom he was later married. His age was understated in the 1880 census.

7 Oct 1881 Lorenzo married Frankie STACY in Perry Co. (absPC-MBD)

Ed Note: The Combes Genealogy… states that "Lorenzo Dow ("Anse"), m. a Combs, then a STACEY" (no source).


Joshua SMITH (1818-1885)

Joshua SMITH was born 24 Oct. 1818 in Clay Co, KY. He died 11 Aug. 1885. He married Amy HOLLIDAY. I have found no marriage record for him in Perry Co, Ky. Perhaps they married after the 1850 census (8/24/1850) when he is found living by himself and sometime before the birth of a male child in 1852 (see below). The two birth records below do document his wife was a HOLIDAY, named Mary or Amy or both. Joshua and Amy SMITH are buried in the Old SMITH Cemetery at Ary, Ky. (Record #6)

Joshua is a documented son of Richard SMITH by Perry Co. deed listing the heirs (Record #1).

1850 Perry Co., KY census. Joshua SMITH, age 31, farmer, hh#55/58, nxt to HOLLIDAYS

1860 Perry Co, KY census. Joshua SMITH, age 41, b. Ky., Anna, age 28 b. Ky., hh#321/319
Ch: John 6, Richard 5, Nancy COUNTS/Combs age 58 b. KY

Ed Note: Sue Elfving transcribes as Counts or Combs; Debi Kendrick as Combs. If Combs, she may have been Joshua's sister, Nancy, w/o George Combs (See 1860 Perry Co, KY Census Notes)

1870 Perry Co., Ky. census. .Joshua SMITH, age 50, b. Ky., Aim 35 b. Ky., $72/72 p. 576
Ch: John 17, Richard 15, Larkin 8, Mineay 6, Praty 1, Heney 6/12 (female)

1880 Perry Co., Ky. census. Joshua SMITH, age 61, b. KY KY KY, wife Jamm [sp?], Ed. 82, p. 19
Ch: John 26 (divorced), Richard 23, Larkin 18, Mind 16, Prudy 13, Harvy 10, Joannis 5 (granddaughter)

Note: According to DSR, Prudence, Irvine, and Joan were the children of John SMITH

On 11/13/1852, a male, unnamed was born in Perry Co., Ky. to Joshua SMITH and Mary HOLIDAY. (Source=PC KVS)

On 11/5/1859, Alsey SMITH, age 18, died of Cramps, the d/o of Joshua SMITH and Amy SMITH. Alsey was born in Perry County, resided in Perry, and died in Perry. (Source=PC KVS)

SE Note: This death for Alsey SMITH may have been abstracted incorrectly with respect to her age since it appears Joshua did not marry until after the 1850 census. This record needs to be rechecked.


Isaac SMITH (1820-1878)

Isaac SMITH was born 18 Dec. 1820 in Ky. He died 21 May 1878 in Perry Co., Ky. He and his wife are buried in the cemetery in Ary, Perry Co., adjacent to the Primitive Baptist Church where his parents are also buried (Record #6). Isaac married Sitha/Sytha STACY on 2 Jan. 1843 in Perry Co., Ky. Isaac was a Baptist preacher. This family is documented by STACY researcher Barbara STACY Mathews.

Their children per BSM, The Stacy Journal, v3#4:6:
Catherine, Shade, Eliza, Samuel, Sally, Polly A, Rachel, James, and Talbert

On 12/5/1852, Samuel SMITH was born to Isaac SMITH and Sytha STACY (S=PC KVS)
On 8/15/1855, Rachel SMITH was born to Isaac SMITH and Sithey STACY (S=PC KVS)

1850 Perry Co., Ky. census. Isaac SMITH age 29, Sythia age 25, Catharine 5, Shade 2 hh#60/63
Isaac was living five doors from his brother Joshua, and next door to brother-in-law George Combs, husband of sister Nancy SMITH.

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Isaac SMITH, age 38, b. Ky., Sitha age 36 hh#394/392 p. 60
Ch: Wm 24, Shad 16, Katharine 14, Elizer 10, Saml 6, Rachel 4, Sally 2, Polly A ?/12


Synthia SMITH (1824-1892)

Synthia SMITH was born 1 Mar. 1824 in Perry Co., Ky. She married 7 Mar. 1844 John STACY in Perry Co., Ky. John STACY was a brother to Sitha STACY who married Synthia's brother Isaac SMITH. Synthia is a documented daughter of Richard SMITH by his nuncupative will (Record #2) and a Perry Co. deed listing the heirs (Record #1) This family is documented by STACY researcher Barbara STACY Mathews. John and Syntha SMITH Stacy are buried in the SMITH cemetery (Record #6).

Their children per The Stacy Journal, v3#4:5
James, Isaac, Manford, George W, William Barlow, Shadrach L, Joseph, Granville, Seatta, Nancy, Anna,
Tina, Robert.

7 Mar. 1844, John STACY married in Perry Co., Ky. (S=absPC MBS:52)

On 8/4/1859, a son Granville STACY was born to John STACY and Sinthy SMITH (S=PC KVS)
On 8/9/1859, Isaac STACY, age 14, farmer, single, son of John and Sithy STACY, died from snakebite in Perry Co. where he also resided (S=PC KVS).

1850 Perry Co., Ky. census. John STACY, age 26, b. KY, Cynthia, age 25, b. Ky., hh#68/71
Ch: James, Isaac, Manfred


Elizabeth "Betsy" SMITH (b ca 1823-4)

Elizabeth "Betsy" SMITH was born ca 1823-4 in Perry Co., Ky. She married 8 Oct. 1840 Martin FUGATE (abs PC-MBA:48). Her marriage is further confirmed by at least two birth records of her children (see below), and the Perry Co. deed listing the heirs (Record #1).

Elizabeth is a documented daughter of Richard SMITH per his nuncupative will (see record #2) where she is listed as one of his two youngest daughters and also by the deed listing all his heirs (see record #1) which lists her as Betsy FUGATE and also includes Martin FUGATE .

On 6/30/1852, a son Henry FUGIT was born to Martin FUGIT and Elizabeth SMITH (S=PC KVS)
On 8/?/1858, a son Talbut FUGIT was born to Martin FUGIT and Elizabeth SMITH (S=PC KVS)

1850 Perry Co., Ky. census. Martin FUGATE age 30 or 36, b. TN, Elizabeth, age 25, b. KY
CH: Polly 9, Levi 6, Charles 4, Henry 1

Living next door to John STACY and Cynthia SMITH Stacy, and Zachariah FUGATE and wife Polly SMITH Fugate.

1860 Perry Co., Ky. census. Martin FUGATE age 36, b. TN, Betty age 36 b. Ky., hh#329/327
Ch: Polly 18, Lea? 16 (female), Charle 14, Handley 10, Heina 10, Wilson 8, Sol 5

1870 Perry Co., Ky. census. Martin FUGET 53, b. KY, Betsey age 45 b. Ky. #68/68 P. 576
Ch: Levi 24, Heney 20, Henley 16, Wils 12, Talbert 9, Henry 7, Gabriel 5, Moreils [sp?] 4

1880 Perry Co., Ky. census. Martin FUGATE age 58, b. TN VA VA, Elizabeth , wf age 53, b. KY VA VA
Ch: Willson 25, Henry 19, Gabriel, Marcilla J 14, Zachariah 9 Ed 82:21, #163/160

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