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As is the case with all Combs Research Family Reports, when a source is not specifically referenced herein, the source can be found via a “hot link” to the applicable Combs County of Record, Revolutionary War Pension Files, Bible Records, etc.

Mason Combs, one of the “eight” (John Combs, Sr., Mason Combs, Sr., John Combs of Richmond, Archdale Combs of Old Rappa), b pre-1765, probably in Frederick Co, VA; d 1822, Perry Co, KY; m 29 Jan 1793, Wythe Co, VA, Jane RICHARDSON (a.k.a. Jennie RICHASON), b 1761-1764, d aft 1830, of Perry Co, KY.

Documenting Mason “8” Combs
Known and Possible Issue of Mason “8” Combs
A Tentative Chronology of the Life of Mason “8” Combs

Documenting Mason “8” Combs

Mason “8” is documented as “one of the eight” s/o John Combs, Sr. based primarily on Dickey Diary Interviews, in conjunction with various public records (as noted herein).

According to the 1898 Jackson, Breathitt Co, KY, interview of his son, Napoleon Bonaparte Combs: “My father was Mason Combs. My mother was Jennie RICHESON or RICHARDSON. He and seven brothers came. William Combs, my uncle, went to Fayette County. He was at my mother's after my father died [1822, Perry Co, KY] and wanted to take me to his home to raise. My father had 11 children, 5 girls and 6 boys. I am the youngest. The girls were born first. Willie, the youngest daughter, was born in Kentucky. There are seven children, at least, born after the CombsES came to Kentucky, and the youngest was born in 1808… Stephen JETT told me that he stayed all night at my father's when he moved to Kentucky. My father took up all the land that he could in his own name, and then he took some up in his daughter, Willie's, name. He owned six miles up Carr, also up and down the North Fork. He had land in Tennessee. He left his land on the Holston. He said there were Indians in Kentucky, and if he could not live here, he would have his own land to which to go back. He never sold it. He had plenty here and did not need it…”

According to the 1898 Hazard, Perry Co, KY Dickey Diary Interview of Elijah Combs CORNETT (s/o Robert B. and Louisa Combs Cornett): “I was born Perry Co, Ky., March 22, 1822… Mason and [his brother] George Combs died with the fever the same year about the time I was born…”

Elijah's statement that Mason died in 1822 is confirmed by the Jun 1822 Perry Co, KY Court minutes which order that Robert BRASHEARS be appointed guardian of Talton Combs, Clinton Combs, Bonapart Combs and Marsingil Martin Combs (children) of Mason Combs decd who together with Robert HICKS his security into and acknowledge bond in the place of $1,000 dollars conditioned as the law directs. Note, however, that Mason's brother, George Combs, did not die until 1826-7.

Note: Robert BRASHEAR was the s/o Samuel and Margaret AKIN Brashear (1788 Sullivan Co, TN Militia). Robert HICKS was the second husband of Winnifred Combs, widow of Samuel SUMNER and d/o William and Seth STACY Combs, Sr.

According to the 1898, Hazard, Perry Co, Ky. Dickey Diary Interview of John S. Combs (s/o Jeremiah & Syntha SUMNER Combs): “There was a large company came together: Mason, George, Nicholas, W, Jeremiah, Byron, Elijah Combs. There was one other who made it. Yes, Henry was his name. Mason was the oldest…. Mason Combs, my uncle, had children as follows; Martin, lived on Carr's Fork, Preston lived in Breathitt on the Middle Fork, Cyry Combs [h]is son; Washington lived below mouth of Carr on North Fork; Talton Combs, at the mouth of Carr; Clinton still lives on mouth of Carr, very old; Bonaparte lived at Booneville [Owsley Co]… John S. Combs' brother, Andrew, adds: … Old Mason Combs married a terrible women. Martin Combs was his son, on Carr; also Preston on Middle Fork and Bony at Booneville…”

The 1898 Dickey Diary Interview of William M. Combs (s/o Matthew & Frankie BROWN Combs), includes the statement that he (William M.) had married “Jane Combs, daughter of Washington and grandaughter of Mason Combs, one of the original COMBES.”

The Dickey Diary Interview of John D. WHITE (date, location and his name not yet known) includes the statement: “…Mason Combs was the original Combs in the mountains. he setteled on a high hill below the mouth of Carr's Fork, on opposite side. Mace's Creek was named for him and is really Mason's Creek. His brother's Danger [Nicholas] Combs and Gen. Elijah Combs came later. He laid out a patent about the mouth of Mace's Creek making his beginning corner a “mill seat” upon which a mill was never built until two years ago by one of the HALLS…”

Although the Dickey Diary Interviews and the 1822 Perry record account for all of Mason's six sons and his youngest daughter, Wilmoth “Willie”, they do not reveal the names of his four other daughters. The following deed, however, documents all six sons and four of his five daughters (The Combes Genealogy… lists a fifth daughter, Tabitha with no source and no further information, who is not named below):

4/10/1848-4/12/1848 (Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2) Perry Co., Ky., commissioners deed by Robert S. BRASHEARS and Jeremiah C. Combs, per a Perry Co. Circuit Court Order decree. wherein the heirs of Mason Combs decd. sell to Washington Combs, for $190, a 50a tract by patent.. The heirs are listed as: Washington Combs, Preston Combs, Tarlton Combs, Hardin Combs and Nancy his wife (late Nancy Combs), William Combs Jr. and wife Wilmoth (late Wilmoth Combs), William Combs Sr. and wife Sally (late Sally Combs), John Combs and wife Rebecca (late Rebecca Combs), who are 21 years of age, Robert S. BRASHEARS guardian for Masingill Combs, Clinton Combs, and Bonapart Combs, the infant heirs of Mason Combs decd. (Combs Researcher Sue Elfving)

It appears that this record, although dated 1848, includes an earlier record (the list of heirs), which must have been dated after Tarlton Combs had come of age, but before his three younger brothers had come of age. Tarlton was born 1803-1804 per 1850-1870 Perry Co, KY census records, thus 18-19 years of age when his father died. Of his three younger brothers, Massingill Martin was b 1805-1809; Clinton abt 1810; and Napoleon Bonaparte abt 1811. Based on these birth years, the earliest that the record of the list of heirs could have been dated would have been about 1826, and the latest, abt 1830 (Note that Jane was still alive in Jun 1830 (Perry census), yet not listed above). Also note that if Napoleon's Dickey Diary interview is correct, if there was a fifth daughter, she was either omitted erroneously from the list of heirs or deceased by 1830. An 1835 court minute record includes a list of 11 males (see chronology below), each of whom received a $19.50 distribution from the estate of Mason Combs. This list included the six documented sons (Preston, Washington, Massengill, Clinton, Tarlton, and Bonapart), the four documented sons-in-law (Hardin, John C, William D, and William B Combs), and a fifth male named Jesse Stacy providing additional confirmation of a fifth daughter. This court record never listed any of the daughters by name but each of the 11 named males received an equal share.

Issue of Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs
(both documented and under research as noted)

  1. Nancy Combs (Mason), born abt 1793, probably in Wythe Co, VA; d aft 1860, of Owsley Co, KY; married 25 Aug 1814, Clay Co, KY, Hardin Combs (son of John “8” & Margaret Combs), b 1794/5, Kentucky, d Jun 1860, Owsley Co, KY.
    • Nancy's ancestry is documented by Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848. She is listed as Mason's daughter in The Combes Genealogy… as married in 1814 to Hardin “Sooner Cat” Combs. Nancy was apparently of age at the time of her marriage (Mason Combs was the bondsman, but no parent listed), thus born bef 1794. Although the 1850 and 1860 Owsley census enumerations list her age as 55 and 65, she was presumably born in 1793 (the year of her parents' marriage, thus their eldest child?). She would have been the daughter born 1785-1794 (adj. to 1793-4 based on their marriage date) in the 1810 Clay census; and in 1820, she and Hardin were both listed as b 1775-1794 (Clay). In 1830, 2 females are in Hardin's Clay Co, KY household, one born 1780-1790 and the other 1800-1810 [sic]. In 1840, Hardin and wife are both listed as b 1790-1800. The 1850 and 1860 Owsley both list Nancy's birth state as Kentucky, but she was likely born in Wythe Co, Virginia based on her father's presence on the 1793 Wythe tax list.
  2. Rebecca “Becca” Combs (Mason), b 1795-1799, probably in Grayson Co, Virginia; died after 27 Aug 1856; m 17 Dec 1813, Clay Co, KY, John Combs (s/o of John “8” Combs & Margaret?), b 1793, KY, VA, or TN; m (2) after 1835 James FRANCIS. First husband John Combs m (2) 2 Jan 1837, Clay Co, KY, Elizabeth (HUNT?) Williams, b. ca 1803, NC or KY; d after 1860, of Owsley Co, KY.
    • Rebecca's ancestry is documented by both Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848 and her marriage record which lists her as the d/o Mason Combs. She was born 1795-1800 according to the 1810 Clay Co, KY Census; and 1790-1800 on the 1830 Perry (she and her husband have not been identified in 1820). Although originally thought to have died between 1833 and 1837 (based on birth of son, John, and remarriage of husband)); Rebecca Francis signed an Aug. 27 1856 Perry Co. deed as one of the heirs (grantors) of Mason Combs. The only Rebecca Francis in Perry Co. in 1850 was the wife (age 51) of one James Francis. Their household included a Wiley Combs, age 16, whose ancestry has not been determined but who may have been a son of John and Rebecca. It now appears John and Rebecca divorced and he then remarried Elizabeth (HUNT?) Williams.
    • Her birth state is based on her father's known residence in 1795, and her brother, Napoleon's statement that of his sisters, only the youngest, Wilmouth, was born in KY (All known children of John “Jack” Combs who lived to 1880 listed both parents as b in KY, but this seems unlikely, at least in his case). Also note that although her marriage to a John Combs who was the s/o a John Combs has been documented, specifically which John Combs, s/o John, is not yet documented (She is listed in The Combes Genealogy… as having married “John, son of John Combs of the “eight”” in 1813, but without a source). The 1835 court record listed John C. Combs as one of the 11 males receiving an equal distribution from the estate of Mason Combs decd.
  3. Sarah “Sallie” Combs (Mason), b 1797-1798, probably in Grayson Co, Virginia; d aft 1825; m 13 Dec 1817, Clay Co, KY, William D. Combs, Sr., b bef 1797; d between 1840 and 1850.
    • Sarah's ancestry and marriage are documented by both Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848, which lists her as the wife of William Combs, Sr., and her marriage record which lists her as the d/o Mason Combs and wife of W. H. or W. M. Combs; however, Perry Co. court and land records show her husband was William D. Combs, and their children are identified in land records as heirs of Sally D Combs (see below records in chronology). William Combs' ancestry has not yet been determined, and The Combes Genealogy… identifies neither William, nor their children. John Combs was the bondsman, but not known which (her brother-in-law?). She was born 1795-1800 per the 1810 Clay census, and after Dec 1796 per her marriage record (no consent), but has not been specifically identified thereafter. Her husband William D. Combs (age 60, born circa 1790) is found in the 1850 census living alone and next door to his daughter-in-law Reen Combs aka Serena/Lurena Combs, widow of Jackson D. Combs. William D. Combs was also styled as William Combs Sr., probably because he was older than William Combs Jr. who married Sally's sister Wilmouth. At this time, three children have been identified as heirs (children) of Sally D. Combs: Jackson D. Combs, Elsey D. Combs, and Polly Stacy. One entry for William Combs in the 1830 Perry Co. census shows 5 children and the 1840 census shows 6 children. Jackson D. Combs appears to have been the eldest child and son, having been born circa 1816/7 and dying at the age of 33 in Aug. 1849 per his Perry Co. 1850 Mortality census death record. Heir (son?) Elsey D. Combs was born circa 1826/28 (per the 1850 & 1860 census).
  4. (Tabitha?) Combs (Mason), b 1795-1798, probably in Grayson Co, Virginia; d date unknown and may have married Jesse Stacy.
    • According to Napoleon Bonaparte's Dickey Diary Interview, he had five sisters, with Wilmouth the youngest. The 1810 Clay Co, KY census includes two daughters born 1801-1810; however, if the “fifth” daughter was older than Wilmouth, she was b pre-1799. Tabitha as the given name is undocumented, taken from The Combes Genealogy… which includes no additional information. She may have been deceased prior to 1830 (Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848), and possibly before 1820 since she does not appear in her parents' Clay County household (although she could have married prior to that time). Recent research of Perry Co. court and land records show that Jesse Stacy was included in the list of the heirs of Mason Combs. In 1835 per a court minute book entry, he receives the same distribution amount ($19.50) from the estate as do all the other documented sons and sons-in-laws (see below chronology). Seven children are living in Jesse's household per the 1830 Perry Co. census. It is not known if the older female in his 1830 household was Tabitha or perhaps a second wife. Jesse Stacy does not appear in the 1850 Perry Co. census. In 1855, Gilbert Combs and his wife Louisa sold their interest in the estate of Jesse Stacy deceased and also sold their parts in the widow's dower and any land yet to be laid off. This transaction suggests that Jesse left a widow who received a dower's part; however, no name of a widow or wife has been located in any record at this time. On 10 April 1861 one Reen Combs (aka Lurena aka Serena and sometimes styled Stacy), the widow of Jackson D Combs, sold land that Jesse STACY lived on in his lifetime suggesting that she could possibly have been a daughter of Jesse.
    • Jesse Stacy is believed to have been the son of Benjamin Stacy and Barbara Combs (d/o of Soldier John "8" Combs) whose daughter Nancy married Preston Combs, son of Mason and Jane Combs. Jesse Stacy and his brother-in-law Washington Combs obtained land patents on the same day in 1838.
  5. Wilmouth “Willie” Combs (Mason), b 1795-1799, KY; m 15 Jun 1820, Clay Co, KY, William Combs, Jr. aka William B Combs (s/o of John), b c1797. Willie Combs died sometime after 1861. William B Combs aka Jr. died 23 July 1857 per his Morgan Co, KY death record that states he was stabbed to death in a drunken row and was the son of John Combs who has not yet been identified.
    • Wilmoth's ancestry and birth state are documented by both the Dickey Diary Interview of her brother, Napoleon Bonaparte Combs (and, as he noted, several East KY land entries in her name); Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848, which identifies her husband as William Combs, Jr. and Breathitt Co, KY DB1:88-89, dated 6/12/1861, which identifies Willie Combs as the widow and relict of William B Combs. The Combes Genealogy… includes her marriage, but does not identify her spouse. She was born between 1795-1805 per the 1810 Clay Co, KY census; and the 1850 Montgomery Co census and the 1860 Morgan Co census. (They were probably on the 1820 Clay and the 1830 Perry Co, KY census enumerations, but not known which family). She and her husband are of record in Breathitt County but later moved to Montgomery County by 1849 and can be found on the 1850 Montgomery Co, KY census, both born abt 1805. She has, however, been assigned a birth year range of 1795-1799 based on (a) no marriage consent; (b) her having been the youngest of the daughters and born before any of the sons according to the Dickey diary interview of her brother, Napoleon (which may, of course, be incorrect); and (c) 1850 and 1860 census records. Her brother-in-law, Hardin Combs, Sr., was their bondsman.
    • 12 June 1861 (BC-KY DB1:88-89) Willey Combs widow and relict of William B Combs Deceased of the County of Morgan sell to Curtis JETT of Breathitt, land in Breathitt on the middle fork of the Ky. River described as set out in a deed of William B Combs to Eli Porter which deed is recorded in Breathitt County in Deed Book 1:149-150).
  6. Washington Combs (Mason), b 1799-1800, Kentucky; d aft 1880, of Perry Co, KY, m 25 Dec 1826, Perry Co, KY, Sally (WHITAKER?), b 1799/1800, Kentucky, d 1870-1880, of Perry Co, KY.
    • Washington's ancestry is documented by both Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848 and Dickey Diary Interviews. He was b 1795-1800 according to the 1810 Clay Co, KY Census; 1795-1802 per the 1820 Clay Co, KY census; 1800-1810 per the 1830 Perry; 1790-1800 per the 1840 Perry; abt 1796 per the 1850 Perry; abt 1797 per the 1860 Perry; abt 1795 per the 1870 Perry; abt 1790 per the 1880 Perry. He has been assigned a birth range of 1799-1800 based on his having been younger than Wilmouth (according to the Dickey Diary interview of his brother, Napoleon). According to The Combes Genealogy…, he was a.k.a. “Luke” (no source located for nickname) and his wife was neè WHITTAKER (her surname not yet documented).
  7. Preston Combs (Mason), b 1800-1801, Kentucky; d 7 Oct 1877, Breathitt Co, KY; m (1) bef 1823, Nancy STACY (d/o Benjamin STACY, Jr. & Barbara Combs), b 1799-1805, KY, d 1860-1870, of Breathitt Co, KY; m (2) bef 1870, Sarah UNKNOWN, b 1828-1830, KY, d aft 1880, of Breathitt Co, KY.
    • Preston's ancestry is documented by both Perry Co, KY DBB:381-2, dated 4/10/1848-4/12/1848 and Dickey Diary Interviews. He was b 1795-1800 according to the 1810 Clay Co, KY census; 1802-1804 per the 1820 Clay Co, KY census; 1800-1810 per the 1830 Perry and the 1840 Breathitt; abt 1804 per the 1850 Breathitt; abt 1800 per the 1860 Breathitt; abt 1805 per the 1870 Breathitt; and was age 21 (or married?) by Jun 1822. The Combes Genealogy… adds only that he married Nancy ----. According to Oral Stacy Family History, Nancy was neè STACY, and the d/o Benjamin and Barbara Combs Stacy, Jr. (however, at least one Breathitt Co, KY record also lists her as neè Combs).*
  8. Tarleton “Talt” Combs (Mason), b 1803-1804, KY; d 1870-1880, of Perry Co, KY; m 25 Dec 1826, Perry Co, KY, Elizabeth ISON (d/o George ISON), b 1805-1810, KY; d aft 1880, of Perry Co, KY.
    • Tarlton's ancestry is documented by 1822 & 1848 Perry Co, KY records and Dickey Diary Interviews. Tarlton was born 1795-1800 per the 1810 Clay Co, KY Census; 1805-1810 per the 1820 Clay; 1800-1810 per the 1830 and 1840 Perry; 1804 per the 1850 Perry; 1803 per the 1860 Perry; 1804 per the 1870 Perry and post-1801 per 1822 Perry records. The Perry Co, KY Groom's Index and the 1934 Perry Co, KY death certificate of his son, Ira, document his marriage. See also The Combes Genealogy…
  9. Massingill Martin “Mart” Combs (Mason), born 1805-1809, Kentucky; d aft 1880, of Perry Co, KY; m (1) 14 Feb 1825, Perry Co, KY, Elizabeth “Betts” Combs (d/o Jeremiah L. “Long” Combs, Sr.), b 1801-1810, KY; d 1860-1870, of Perry Co, KY; m (2) 1870-1880, Polly (KELLEY?), b ca 1825, d aft 1880, of Perry Co, KY.
    • Massingill's ancestry is documented by 1822 & 1848 Perry Co, KY records and Dickey Diary Interviews. He was b 1801-1810 per the 1810 Clay census; b 1805-1810 per the 1820 Clay; 1800-1810 per both the 1830 and 1840 Perry Census enumerations; abt 1810 per the 1850; abt 1806 per the 1860; abt 1810 per both the 1870 and the 1880 (all Perry). Based on the Clay census, his birth year has been estimated at 1805-1809. He married (1) Elizabeth “Betts” Combs, d/o Jeremiah “Long” Combs; and (2) Polly KELLEY (According to The Combes Genealogy…, she was neè KELLY (not researched). His and Elizabeth's marriage and her ancestry are documented by the Perry Co, KY Groom's Index; her father's Perry County estate records; and the 1935 Perry County death certificate of their son, Bonaparte S.
  10. Clinton “Grizzler” Combs (Mason), abt 1810, Clay Co, KY; d aft 1897, of Perry Co, KY; m (1) 1837, Perry Co, Ky, Elizabeth “Betsy” Combs, b abt 1810, KY; d 1853-1859, Perry Co, KY; m (2) Louanna BAKER, b 1839/40, KY; d aft 1880, Perry Co, KY.
  11. Napoleon Bonaparte “Boney” Combs (Mason), b abt 1811, Clay Co, KY; d aft 1900, of Booneville, Owsley Co, KY; m 24 Dec 1833, Perry Co, KY, Susan ISON (d/o George ISON), b 1814-1816, present-day Perry Co, KY, d aft 1870, of Owsley Co, KY. He and his wife Susan are buried in the Campbell aka Congleton Cemetery in Owsley Co.
    • Napoleon's ancestry is documented by 1822 & 1848 Perry Co, KY records and Dickey Diary Interviews, including his own. Based on his Dickey Diary interview, he was born in 1808, the youngest child of Mason, Sr.; however, the 1850 Breathitt Co, KY census lists him as age 40; the 1860 Owsley lists him as 50; the 1870 Owsley as 60 and the 1880 Owsley as 68. His Dickey Diary interview also states that he was too young to vote for Andrew Jackson in his first election, but did vote for him in his second election. Jackson ran for election in 1828 and 1832, thus to be eligible to vote for him (age 21 or more) for his first term, birth year would have had to be pre-1808; and to be eligible to vote for him the second time, birth year would have to have been pre-1812 (b 1808-1811). He appears to have not yet been born according to the 1810 Clay, was b 1811-1820 per the 1820 Clay, and 1811-1815 per the 1830 Perry, thus his birth year has been estimated at abt 1811.His marriage is also documented by his Dickey Diary Interview as well as the 1913 Breathitt Co, KY death certificate of his daughter, Jane, wife of Wiley Combs. Napoleon apparently also fathered a child bef 1838 by one Emilia (a.k.a. Amelia? Millie?) Combs (Perry Co, KY Records), both the mother's identity and that of the child remain unknown. See also The Combes Genealogy…

A Tentative Chronology of the Life of
Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs

pre-1765 (probably) Frederick Co, VA. Born: Mason, s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.

1782 Surry Co, NC. Mason “8” may have been one of the three tithables in his father's household (although, if so, he was not there in 1784, with his father leaving Surry shortly thereafter, but possibly coming back there to live for a short while following Mason, Sr.'s death. Mason himself was never recorded in Surry Co, NC so far as is known (keeping in mind, always, that he and his uncle, Mason Combs, Jr., are sometimes indistinguishable in records).

1788 Surry Co, NC. Mason may have been the same who was charged with desertion (military) in 1788 in Surry Co, NC along with a John Combs (Or, this Mason Combs may have also been his uncle, Mason Combs, Jr., and/or the charge may have been a false one if John and Mason were across the state line in Montgomery Co, VA - see next)

1788 Montgomery Co, VA. Mason Combs was probably security for marriage bond of his brother, Henry, to Rachael CLEMENTS (Again, this could have been his uncle, but more likely him).

1792-1793 Wythe Co, VA. Tax Lists. Mason was probably the Mose Combs on the 1792-1793 Wythe Co, VA tax lists (created from Montgomery in 1790-1)

1790-1793 (date to be added) Wythe Co., VA. Entry Book 1, p.44, Mason Combs enters 150 acres on Little Reed Island of New River, adjacent his own land and to extend up creek on the south side. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Mary B. Kegley's Early Adventures On The Western Waters, v. III, part. 1, 1995, p. 78)

29 Jan 1793 Wythe County, VA. Marriage License. Groom: Mace Combs, Bride Jane RICHESON, Minister Daniel LOCKETT.

1794-1795. Grayson Co, VA. Mason was probably the Mason Combs on the 1794 and 1795 Grayson Co, VA tax lists (Grayson from Wythe in 1794).

Mason may have also been next in both Russell Co, VA and Sullivan Co, TN, or he may have been in Kentucky (research in progress).

1807-1809 Clay Co, KY Tax Lists. Mason Combs.

1810 Clay Co, KY Tax List and Census, p. 153: Mason Combs 42001-22101

1 m b pre-1765 [Mason]
1 f b pre-1765 [Jane]
1 f 16-25 b 1785-1794 (adj. to 1793-1794) [Nancy?]
2 f b 1795-1800 [Sarah and Rebecca?]
2 m b 1795-1800 [Washington and Preston?]
2 f b 1801-1810 [Wilmouth out of order and (Tabitha?)?]
2 m b 1801-1810 [Tarlton and Massingill Martin?]

1811, 1813, 1814, 1817-1819 Clay Co, KY Tax Lists. Mason Combs.

1820 Clay Co, KY Tax List Mason Combs

1820 Clay Co, KY Census, p. 125, line 08: Mason Combs 221201 00001
1 m b bef 1774 [Mason, adj. to pre-1765]
1 f b bef 1774 [Jane, adj. to pre-1765]
1 m b 1795- 1802 [Washington?]
1 m 16-18 1802-1804 [Preston?]
2 m 10-15 b 1805-1810 [Tarlton and Massingill?]
2 m b 1811-1820 [Clinton and Napoleon?]

by Jun 1822 Perry Co, KY. Mason Combs died (Court Minutes, Deed and Dickey Diary Interviews)

10 June 1822 (Perry Co., Ky. Court Order Book A:2). Robert BRASHEARS appointed guardian to Talton COMBS, Clinton COMBS, Bonapart COMBS, and Massingil Martin COMBS of Mason COMBS dec'd. Robert HICKS his security. (Abstracted by Combs researcher Sue Elfving from original book.)

10 March 1823 (PC-KY COBA:21). Ordered that Stephen HOGG be and is appointed a commissioner to assist in laying off the dower of Jane COMBS her late husband dec'd in the land of Mason COMBS. (Abstracted by Combs researcher Sue Elfving from original book.)

11 Sep 1826 (PC-KY COBA:114). Road order: Taton [sic] COMBS, Robert BRASHEARS, Jefse STACY appointed to view the road from Jane COMBS… (Abstracted by Combs researcher Sue Elfving from original book.)

SE NOTE: 1835 court records regarding the estate of Mason COMBS deceased show Jesse STACY to be an heir [as a son-law].

9 Oct 1826 (PC-KY COBA: 116-117). Elijah COMBS Jane COMBS the administrators of the Estate of Mason COMBS dec'd…appointed by the court to make sale of personal estate…[followed by sale list and sold to all on credit]. Some of the purchasing entries were: Jefse STACY & Jefse COMBS, Biram COMBS & Jefse COMBS, Jeremiah COMBS & Biram COMBS. The widow's portion was $281. The heirs received $51.11 in the settlement. (Abstracted by Combs researcher Sue Elfving from original book.)

1830 Perry Co, KY Census, p. 341, line 12
Jane [RICHARDSON] Combs: 00011-000000001
1 f b 1761-1770 [Jane adj. to 1761-1764]
1 m b 1801-1810 [Clinton?]
1 m 1811-1815 [Napoleon Bonaparte?]

1835 (PC-KY Old Minute and Docket Book, p. 89, no cover).
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Wm. D. COMBS satisfied by payment of $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Wm. B. COMBS satisfied by payment of $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Preston COMBS satisfied by payment of $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Washington COMBS satisfied by payment of $19.50

1835 (PC-KY Old Minute and Docket Book,p. 111, no cover)
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Massengill COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Clinton COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Tarlton COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Wm. D. COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Jefse STACY - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Bonepart COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. John C. COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Washington COMBS - Debt $19.50
Mason COMBS Admr. vs. Hardin COMBS - Debt $19.50

SE NOTE: The above list of suits by the administrator of the estate of Mason COMBS against the children and heirs of Mason COMBS deceased shows eleven (11) heirs which corresponds to the exact number of children (6 sons, 5 daughters) Mason was known to have had. The new information in this list is the identification of Jesse STACY as an heir indicating he was married to a daughter of Mason. This daughter was said to be named Tabitha by The Combes Genealogy… but no documentation has been found. At this time no record has been found to document the given name of Jesse Stacy's wife. Jesse STACY was a son of Benjamin STACY and Barbara COMBS, d/o of RW Soldier John COMBS. Mason's son Preston COMBS married Nancy STACY, d/o of Benjamin STACY and Barbara COMBS. The above list also clearly identifies the two William COMBS who were sons-in-law as William D. COMBS and William B. COMBS. Other records have been unclear and confusing about the initials. Mason's youngest daughter Wilmouth was married to a William COMBS Jr. and they were enumerated in the 1850 Montgomery Co., Ky. census. Mason's daughter Sarah was married to William COMBS Sr. who was sometimes styled with the initial "M" or "H." One William D. COMBS, age 60, and living by himself in the 1850 Perry Co. census (hh #13) in District 2 which indicates he was the one married to Sarah who must have been deceased by 1850. Since the son-in-law William COMBS Sr. was William D. COMBS, then the William COMBS Jr. who married Wilmoth was William B. COMBS.

27 Aug 1856 (PCKY DBD:438-9). Indenture dated 27 Aug. 1856 between Heirs of Mason Combs Deceased and Tarlton Combs...for $25 each in hand paid...all that tract of land it being the part that was laid off to Jane Combs, widow of Mason Combs, deceased by commissioner...100 acres on the North Fork of the river…signed
Hardin Combs (Seal) Martin x Combs (Seal)
Nancy x Combs (Seal) William x Combs (Seal)
Bony x Combs (Seal)
Rebecca x FRANCIS (Seal)
Henry FIELDS for Sally (Seal) Combs Heirs
Washington x Combs (Seal)
Preston x Combs (Seal)
Acknowledged by H. FIELDS 30 March 1861 Owsley County, Ky. certified.